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The speakers stress the importance of love, death, and family in resolving issues related to the heart, heart, and emotions. Money issues, family friction, and disputes are also highlighted. The speakers emphasize the need to work hard to earn money and avoid harms in order to achieve a better life. The importance of staying within a lifespan of 60 to 85 years is emphasized. The speakers also stress the importance of avoiding fraud and deception in financial interactions and showing one's face to avoid future disputes and fights.

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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Saramonic morph into Bahia baraka to Islam, Rahim Alhamdulillah Ahmed who want to start you know who want to start Pharaoh who want to study when I was a bit lucky to Adam and surely and phocoena Amin say Dr. Marina

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de la for the mobile Allahumma ugolino Farah Hadiya shadow Allah either in LA Allahu after hula shanique Can I shadow in a you dinner? Have you been able swatting our eternal Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad while earlier he put up in a poor hearing was heavy Ultramarine or other complementary or whom BSN either yummy Dean Allahumma alumna and found out when

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I was in Arizona Subhanak Allahu Mala and Milena Elana antenna indica integral human again of my original Hakuho was at dinner about

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an interesting

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jurist respected listeners brothers sisters, once again a Salam or Aleikum, wa Rahmatullah heeta, Allah barakato, I welcome all of you once again,

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to my daily

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discourse on the topic of family disputes, family conflicts, causes and solutions.

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After a gap a few days, the last time I spoke to you was on

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We were discussing the causes after mentioning the importance of maintaining family ties, the importance of keeping harmony and peace within the family,

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within the family and within the household. And I mentioned many verses of the Quran and many Hadith of the messenger salAllahu alayhi. Salam in this regard. And then after that, I went on to mention and outline the causes of families disputes, causes of family friction, and the solutions because we really need to know brothers and sisters, the solutions. So there'll be practically take something away with us remember, all of this is to improve ourselves. All the talks that we hear all the discourses that we listened to, and all the programs of the ALMA scholars the shoe, all of them are for one purpose in order to become a better human being in this world, so that we have a better

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anchor in the next world.

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That is, what is our objective aim, purpose and goal. So

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we look we're looking at the solutions causes and solutions. And if you remember, in the previous week, I mentioned two causes. So far, two major causes and reasons

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for family disputes and family friction. First one I looked at was having an incorrect intention. And I just discussed that in detail with you. So the solution was to correct our intention, maintaining ties and being good towards people, for the sake of Allah, not for any worldly return or gain or anything like that. And the second cause was that we have diseased hearts, and not purifying our hearts and our souls and on Thursday, I spoke for an hour on the importance of purification of the soul and purification of the heart. And we discussed how that has an impact how not purifying our souls and our hearts and having a diseased heart and having jealousy and hatred and enmity and

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envy, especially envy and jealousy that are talked about in detail has a direct link an impact on our dealings with other people, especially in the family, you know, within the family, household and in family relationship.

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Now we move on to cause number three.

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So far too, if you remember, you should make notes of this brothers and sisters, you should you should make notes of this so that inshallah it's beneficial for us so we can be better human beings in this world so that we have a better aka three causes mentioned so far, correcting of intention. The cause was incorrect intentions when we are good to people and the solution. And the second cause of family disputes was

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diseased hearts, non purified souls and hearts so the solution was to purify our hearts and our souls. Today I move on to brothers and sisters in the next hour or so well, literally less than an hour now before thought

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to cause number three

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cause number three

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He is to do with money. Money Matters.

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Money matters not money matters. But money matters.

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There's a difference between money matters. And money matters. And I'm sure you know what the difference is. Money Matters, I mean, money issues,

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many problems, problems to do with, with money being involved. Unfortunately, we as human beings, we have these diseases, again, connected to the heart of greed, health, and love of the dunya love of the world, which is a spiritual disease. And we are really selfish, human beings. And therefore, because of that, each one of us, we want the dunya we want good for ourselves, we want all the pleasures, we own all the wealth, we want to be rich, we want to gain more and more, even if it is at the expense of other people.

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And that is one of the major reason one of the major causes of family friction and disputes. Because when we have this disease, of love of dunya love of the world, then you know what happens? We don't see them, whether it's our father, whether it's our mother, whether it's our wife, whether it's husband, whether it's children, whether it's relatives, when it's Muslims, non Muslims, whoever, whatever, whenever we just don't see, because we are deeply engrossed in the love of dunya then it doesn't make a difference. If the person next to you is your brother or anyone else. Really, it doesn't make a difference. So this this disease of love of dunya the messenger sallallahu alayhi, WA

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alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith, about dunya, so coolly happy to help but dunya Ritsuka only has he has attained a level of dunya love of the world love of materialistic things, love of material aspects is the root of every evil and evil, prompt friction is an evil. So you can generalize that evil to friction, fights and argumentation. This is a Hadith in concilium, among the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying, that love of dunya love of dunya is the root, root of all evil, and family problems and friction and social unrest. And social conflict is an evil. So love of dunya is a major cause of friction major, and we all know this for a fact.

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Look in the world, you will see that most of the crimes and sins that take place, the root cause is leveled, don't you.

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Love of dunya love of dunya means not just the pleasures of the world, having too much love for the pleasures of the world. And having greed

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look at all most of the you know.

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Murder, killing, theft, robbery.

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You name it. oppression, oppression in the world we see it because of it's because of the level of dunya wars take place in the world. As you all know most of the wars

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that they're not wars of really ideology ascent as such, but they are wars to do with oil and wealth and money and supremacy in the world. Right. So was friction major friction

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on a world level, to all the way to the friction within the home. Connected to love of dunya we need to read it seriously take out this love of dunya from our hearts. It's a spiritual disease we need to we need to remove health, greed and love of dunya dunya remove it and replace that with the love of Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala with the love of his messenger SallAllahu Taala Allahu alayhi wa sallam he was another

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really the opposite of that opposite of love of dunya is love of Allah his Messenger is

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abstinence from the world having no concern of the world. We use the world to the extent of need, we use the world to the extent of need, but then after we don't love the world, this world is too short. You know, there's a tradition

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attributed to reciting his salat wa salam who said that the world is like a bridge. This is attributed to ERISA. So you don't ERISA Jesus peace be upon him. The world is like a bridge. So just cross over it but don't build on it. And this is exactly just like the Hadith

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, golden fade dunya and Nikka Haribo. Now, Albert Seville,

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live and remain in this world as you are a traveler, and not just a traveler the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Bel Air Bureau Serbian, live in this world, as you are not just a traveler, but a passerby, you're just passing you're just passing, you know, when you're when you're driving on M one or M 69, or M six or M 62, M 66, or whatever. And 40 When you stop at a service station,

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that service station is like the dunya we are on our way to our final destination, you start building properties after properties of the property of the service station, you think you're going to live there forever, you don't. And that's how this dunya shouldn't be. Seriously. That's how this dunya should be brothers and sisters, we need to remove this love of dunya and this only comes about constantly, constantly think about death. okviru vichara has Imola that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Remember, abundance death has him in law that he said the thing that breaks your pleasures, the things that don't let you have pleasures, that's death, going to in a hurry to

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come. And Xerocon OBU LFS Ruha are integral to the Kuru Common Era. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that you know what I used to forbid you from visiting graves when now Allah pursue her go and visit graves, because for inner her to the kilchoman Hara, because graves and graveyards go into the darkness in the middle of the night will remind you of your death. You have to remember this world is so short, or as I was saying, in a talkie, just not Yes, yesterday and the day before how to talk. So if somebody's heard me yesterday, and the day before, one in one masjid, and one was just slightly outside, Lester, then I apologize for the repetition. Because, you know, sometimes I

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know that it can bug if you hear something from the same speaker three days in a truck. So I really apologize. But I'm thinking this is another audience.

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This dunya

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this world is our saying, just in the lifespan that we get

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brothers and sisters, you know, the lifespan we get average right now is about 60. Seriously, it's about 60. And that's if you get the full average, if you get the full average, you know what if you're 40, you've got 20 years to go. If you're 50, you've got you might get bit more, you know, but average is like 6065. And I normally say that when you get 30. It's like you're on a log file. You know, when you're going to log film, you go up the boat is going up, up, up up, when you get to 30 You're there, and then you're going backwards, when you're 31 you're not 31 you're 20 920-827-2625 and you might just gotta leap from 25 Straight to zero to death. Seriously, that's how they shoot

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this life is it's not worth it. Imagine, you know next life how long is the next life? Next life next worldly life?

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How many years we're gonna live that

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eternity. Not we're not going to live next in the next world for 10 years. 20 years? 100 years? 200 years? 300 years? 1000 years? 2000 years, 3000 years for eternity. Imagine 6070 years of this life and eternal life of the hereafter. Is there any comparison? None whatsoever.

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Emily dunya aka Audrey Bakar ecoffee Well, I'm a heretic I record Rebekah ecovia

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work for your dunya as long as you need to live in this world, and work for your next life as long as you need to live in the next life.

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So work for this dunya for 6070 years, we need to earn money. I'm not saying we need to we need to have we need to acquire money we need to earn a livelihood we need to, but it's just to catch us by our ultimate aim. An objective is to have a better next life by doing good deeds in this world by avoiding haram activities in this world by avoiding harming anyone in this world, by serving the community by serving humanity by doing good actions in this world, so that the next life which is eternal, eternal life, never ending life becomes blissful, and peaceful and pleasurable for us and there is no sadness and there is no sorrow and there's no grief or no punishment. That's what we

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want. This dunya is just very black. There's too short we say you know we will say that as well. Life is too short. Life's too short we know and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Yetta Carabas Xana Thai will become short on the day of judgment comes. So, really we need to try to remove this level of dunya the messenger SallAllahu and he will say

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limb says in a hadith in the Sanofi mama Tirmidhi,

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no candidate dunya Tadeu and Allahu Jana, her butthole, Mutton Masala, Kathira minha charlatan,

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if the value of the dunya was

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as equal to the value of the wings of a mosquito, in the sight of Allah who SubhanaHu Attallah, he would not give a disbeliever, the one who does not believe in Him, even a drop of water to drink sharp shamatha mine a mouthful of water.

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If Allah valued dunya, he will not even give a small amount of water to someone who just believes in him, but there's no value of it in the sight of Allah, the value is for alcohol, you could have the best mansions in this world, the best cars in this world the best killed in this world the most money, you could be the richest brother or sister, it doesn't really do anything. Because you know what, at the end of the day, the one who has 500,000 pounds, the one has 5000 pounds, both of you are going to the same place in the same graveyard, under the same ground in the same kind of clothing, nothing less, nothing more, you're not going to take nothing with you, you're not going to

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take your car with you, nobody's going to put bury you in your, you know, 60,000 pounds car and they're not going to park that car below the graveyard. I'm not saying you can't buy a car. I'm not saying that. But I'm saying not, we should not have leveled these things.

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We're not going to take, you know, if we thought we'll take our cars with you, maybe it will be worthwhile buying it. You know, there's two things, it would be worthwhile. If somebody gave me you a guarantee, if somebody gave me a guarantee, you know what I guarantee you I have if there was a guarantee that I was going to live in this world for about 300 years 300. Somebody said, without a doubt, or if there was a guarantee from God, say for example,

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let's suppose let's just suppose if there was a guarantee that we will live in this world for 300 years, you know what I would actually strive and struggle a bit in in earning a bit of money and making life a bit good for me. And for my children.

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If there was a guarantee for about 300 years, that would make me you know, really work a bit harder in terms of dunya and trying to you know, spend more time in the dunya, then for the author,

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there's no guarantee you could just go like this, and nothing will take nothing with us brothers and sisters nothing.

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We will not be buried in our graves in our you know, cause

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that's what the pharaohs used to do. You know, if you've been to Egypt.

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And I mentioned this in the talk as well the other day, what did they do? If you've been to Egypt, if you've seen the pyramids, and not just the pyramids, other places, you know what they used to do? They used to bury the pharaohs and their kings and their leaders in their graveyard. In a like a massive room. That's why if you've been in the pyramids, there's a there's a big pyramid, the middle and the small one I went in a couple of years ago, we went to Egypt. And I went into the middle, the middle pyramid.

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And right in the middle of the pyramid, that's literally was a you know, grief, where one of the pharaohs was frowned, Pharaoh was buried, and they are buried in rooms in that room. You know, when the kings used to be or their leaders used to be buried, they would bury them with all the gold or silver, their belongings, fruits and vegetables and bananas and apples and strawberries and everything says the least regarding all that. And they would read you know, write all these good luck messages on the on the walls and pictures and things like that, and then put the coffin in there. And then everybody would go. He used to think, Okay, now all these golden silver this guy is

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going to use is going to study it is going to another one he's going to buy and sell. So that's what needs to gather. So they used to think that, you know, if we don't use all this in this world, we'll take the rest to us and in our grave into the next slide all this gold and silver and all that all the money that we're earning, we'll use some of it in this world if we die, and we can't use most of it, or all of it or even half of it. Fine, we'll take it with us in the next life. We're going to do some business in the next life ACARA will buy and sell some properties there and we'll use our gold silver. That's what they used to think.

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That sounds really twisted and, you know, funny to us. But if that seems funny, then we're more interested because we know for a fact they thought they would take their stuff and their wealth with them. And then they would really, you know, give too much importance to dunya over ACARA we know for a fact that we're going to take nothing with us until we deal with this world as though we're going to live here for

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The love of dunya brothers and sisters, I'm going slightly off track but level of dunya we need to remove. It's a root cause of many evils. But dunya so coolly healthy at the messenger sal Allahu Allah. Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you're a nurse in what are the law he

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first of all run a common hire to dunya

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whether you're running a combi level hook, oh people, Verily the Promise of Allah is hot. It is the truth, the Promise of Allah which means that you will die. And that the next you will you will be raised in the next life after will come, the Day of Judgment will arrive. We all have to die. You know what? There's no difference of opinion between any two people about the

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eventualities of death, occurrence of death.

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We all know death is inevitable. Without a doubt death is inevitable. And also we all know for a fact we are absolutely sure and we know for a fact that we do not know when our death will come.

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Right? We know for a fact. So Allah says in the law he has

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the Promise of Allah is true that our render code will hire to dunya whether you're running a Camilla Hill rule, do not let the dunya the life of Farah Warren Nico will hire to dunya the life of this dunya don't let it deceive you don't live in this world and think you know what? Yes, I'm still young and I've got time. We don't know. Me. I'm attorney Michael Boone Fiamma cathedral meanness, Assa Hathaway for our two things regarding which most people are in deception, health and free time, we think we've got a lot of health and free time. Who knows what guarantees that in a couple of months, somebody could just tell us that we've been diagnosed with cancer. May Allah save us all, I

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mean, Europe, I mean, Europe, but we don't know. It's all in, in, you know, in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala that doesn't guarantee people pass away in their 20s 30s is no guarantee whatsoever. So it's hard that you have don't have the love of dunya in it. You know, because if you have the love of dunya in it, you have the love of the world in it, it will make your this life miserable, and it will make your alcohol miserable. Both seriously both. You know why? Because if if we have if we have the love of dunya extreme love of dunya in this world, then we won't be pleased we won't be at peace because remember love of Dunya doesn't bring about peace in the heart even many, many

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combine everything can buy peace,

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harmony at home. Never many cannot buy that. There are people who are extremely poor, just relaxed in jungles who have so much peace and tranquility in the life that some highly rich people would never even think and imagined and begin to even have that kind of peace and tranquility. And this is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lisa, Rena and Kathy Arab wala kindler, Raina, Raina knifes re real richness is not by having more wealth, in Emelina the real richness is rain and laughs is a richness of the heart, which is being content, which is being at peace.

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A person's monthly yearly income

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is 10k. And another person's is

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100k. But the one who's

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you know, yesterday, his wages is 100k He's still you know, thinking and struggling and his his unrest in the heart and mind and his bills are extra and his pain this and his pain that and he's just he's always you know, under pressure. And no one has got a 10k doesn't even need to count his money who's just relaxing, eating samosas and budgets and relaxed.

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Who's more rich, no doubt that the one who's got 10k is much more rich. It's much richer. It's really in the heart. I'm not saying that doesn't mean that it's you shouldn't know. Sometimes the one has more if the one who has more, but doesn't have love of dunya and that's what I'm going to come to. I'm not trying to say here that don't earn earning the livelihood is, is a thought of obligation, customer holiday for a button battle for either. It's an obligation, but we should not have love of it, use it. Use the world, earning a livelihood, it's important, it's necessary, but we don't have love of it. And this a very beautiful example given by Rumi Rahim Allah about the dunya

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and you must have heard of his example.

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

He says that the dunya is like a boat. When you're in your boat or in a ship. The dunya is like the water around

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On the boat, there's water on the right is water on the left is ahead water behind you water below your water. So that water is good you using our water, as long as the water is around you using it fine handling. But the moment the water starts coming into your boat inside of your boat, then it's going to be disastrous for you, it's going to drown you. Likewise the dunya should be around your heart. Use it live in this world just live in this world use it to get by to the next world. Your ultimate objective is the next one.

00:25:35--> 00:25:49

So dunya is good as long as it's on the sides of your heart like the water was around the boat. As soon as the dunya comes into your heart it will join your heart beautiful example we need to we need to utilize it.

00:25:50--> 00:25:52

Imam even Taymiyah Rahim Allah

00:25:53--> 00:25:58

He gives a very good example another beautiful example of the dunya he says that dunya is like you know what?

00:25:59--> 00:26:01

Make it toilet and your bathroom and your washroom.

00:26:03--> 00:26:08

He says it's like just like a washroom or a bathroom. Toilet.

00:26:09--> 00:26:13

You can't have a house you can't do without a bathroom and a toilet.

00:26:15--> 00:26:15


00:26:16--> 00:26:42

But that's you can't do without it. You can't do with other dunya you need money you need to go to live in this world. Just like human being cannot exist without a toilet you need a toilet when you buy a house, you have to have a toilet. But is that the first thing you go and check when you buy a house? Is that the first thing are the list of your you know, priorities? First thing I want to check out how good the tool is? Is that where you spend most of your time?

00:26:44--> 00:26:45

Definitely not well,

00:26:46--> 00:26:47

not supposed to.

00:26:48--> 00:26:51

Even though some people like spending too much time there more than needed.

00:26:52--> 00:26:53

Which is not good.

00:26:54--> 00:27:07

We should go there. Stay there as long as we need to be there brothers and sisters, this is one of the etiquettes and then depart. Need to leave as soon as possible asap.

00:27:08--> 00:27:34

Don't sit there reading your newspapers and magazines and don't sit there using your mobile phone and texting around. And don't do things that you're not supposed to use are contrary to the etiquette of using the washroom. It's not a nice place to do things like that. Every area that it has a job, the job down there is you know what the job is you do that job and you leave. Okay so there's not a place to chill out basically. Anyway, so

00:27:36--> 00:27:43

and you remember who Tamia Rahim Allah gives a very beautiful example of the dunya he says dunya is like the toilet the washroom.

00:27:45--> 00:27:48

You have to have a washroom, you have to have a toilet.

00:27:49--> 00:28:21

But toilet is not at the top of your priority. It's not at the top of your list of priorities. When you go and buy a house, it's not the first thing you go and check out it's not something that you spend your most your time in. He's just there because of a need. So therefore we need to earn money, we need to get a job, we need to get a good job, we need to get a healthy job, we need to earn money because we need to earn a livelihood we need to feed ourselves, our families and Allah subhanaw taala has actually made it an obligation upon us. Because when halili for you not on battlefury but that earning a livelihood is

00:28:22--> 00:28:59

an obligation after the obligations, but do not live live Sorry, do not let the love of dunya come into the heart. Do not let the love of dunya come within the heart. This is very important do not let it come because as I said we're going to family conflicts and disputes because if love of dunya comes into the heart, then it will make your this life miserable. Because you know what? Like the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said that the even Adam the son of Adam, nothing will nothing will say nothing will fill him.

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Look, if he has one value of love gold who wants another one, and nothing will fill him up. So if we have love of dunya, then nothing will fill us up. And we'll just be and unrest will be will have pressure will just be always agitated. Even if you have a lot of money, we want more and more and more. And this level of dunya will create problems and friction within the household within within the family. Your relationship with other people will deteriorate because of your level of duniya because you will do anything to get your hands on that particular deal or that contract. Wherever you do anything whether it's an expense of other people. And the you know what this this is a

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trait of an animal at the expense of others, you know animals cannibalism, but each one another. They don't care. They want to feel their stomach even if it's an expense of another to the point that the father of the child eat

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Sub its own offspring in within the animals if you know within the animals what happens, the male mates with a female, and then the female has to actually protect its offspring

00:30:13--> 00:30:21

from the male who she mated with, because that, you know, Father so cold

00:30:23--> 00:30:56

is there to attack and eat up the newborn. This is an animal instinct at the expense of other people just wanting to Fill and Fill up one's own stomach, to fill one's own pocket to get pleasure and wealth at the expense of other people exploit other people's vulnerability, exploit other people's weakness. This is an animal instinct. So love of dunya will cause all of this to happen. Any relationship

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you know if there's a husband wife relationship you love of dunya it's gonna cause problems. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy we're selling them said in one Hadith

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and he can build a car in Laguna

00:31:11--> 00:31:23

or Harmon automobilia. See, he is describing a type of wife and a type of woman that a man should marry. So the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned three colleges

00:31:25--> 00:31:31

sweet mouth people. Sorry, sweet, sweet mouth, women marry women was sweet mouths.

00:31:33--> 00:31:47

Not literally, it doesn't mean literally. But who's who speak in a pleasant way. Love a beautiful way of speaking. And actually that is very important in a marriage, especially for a man, both man and a woman. But you have a spouse who's was tongue

00:31:48--> 00:31:58

is full of sweetness. Not someone who's always you know, sour and bitter in the way they converse. And the second

00:31:59--> 00:32:42

one, Dakar Harmon, the one who are prolific and given birth. And then the last quality the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam mentioned was what aroma Bill yessir marry women who are happy and less than content with less, who are sorry, marry women who are happy and content with less. They don't have the level of dunya in the house. Because you know what, if you're gonna marry to a woman and your wife has extreme amount of love of dunya, she'll want a handbag and a pair of shoes every other day of the week. That's how she every time she One Nation, One Nation will not perfume she will not drink this outfit, that outfit she has got 40 pairs of clothes in the closet

00:32:42--> 00:32:50

and still have stomachs not filled Subhan Allah there are people in Africa who have never worn shoes in their lives.

00:32:53--> 00:33:05

They walk bare bare footed, and we have sisters who have 4030 20 pairs of shoes in the ownership that is ridiculous.

00:33:06--> 00:33:32

So this is where the messengers of Allah and you send him saying you have problems because your wife will want more and more from you from the husband is going to cause problems. Likewise, if the if the husband has love of dunya love of the world is going to cause problems can cause friction in the household. Why? Because for him, his work and his job and his level of wealth and his love of money and his car will mean more to him than his children and his wife

00:33:33--> 00:33:52

have you he'd be willing, he'll be willing to do anything to get his hands on another car to get his hands on some other car. And more money. And you know, the extreme this can lead to people have sold their wives and their children in some areas of the world where they actually make their own

00:33:54--> 00:34:00

wives and children commit prostitution and things like that in order to get money.

00:34:01--> 00:34:22

So this love of dunya if the man is has never been here, he'll do anything. Likewise parents and children if you have you know love of dunya parents will be stingy or be greedy will have heard us will have love of dunya the father and the mother that they have more love of dunya than therapy of their own children, more love of dunya more time being exerted and put in

00:34:23--> 00:34:34

acquiring the wealth of the world and having extreme love for it even though you know they have sufficient amounts and not and violating the rights of the children.

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

So, level of dunya will create these problems and fractures within so therefore, the first point here and inshallah we're going to break after that I've got some very important things to discuss, maybe this topic we carry on tomorrow, this this third cause, but after the break I have some very important things to discuss in terms of how love of dunya will and sorry many matters and many issues. How

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

They have an impact within our family setup and how quote friction and disputes are caused. But anyway, this first point was to talk about, we need the cause of love of dunya we really need to remove the love of dunya and love of the world from our hearts, replace it with Zaha will abstinence with love of Allah, Allah subhanho Medina, a love of his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this will come about by thinking about death as much as possible we need to realize that we need to know now we need to understand that we have to die one day and death is very close and this life is very short. If we do that in sha Allah and make dua you know that Oh Allah subhanaw taala remove

00:35:43--> 00:35:51

this level of dunya from from our hearts. Shall I end with this and we'll have a short break and we'll come back after the break to the ceremony kumara

00:35:53--> 00:36:05

Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Nana Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Welcome back, inshallah carrying on with our discussion in the last half an hour or so just before Ramadan, less than half an hour by 20 minutes.

00:36:07--> 00:36:50

We're looking at the third cause of family friction and family disputes. Why do we have a lot of problems at home a lot of friction, a lot of disputes lot of fights and argumentation. We've discussed two causes and looked at the solutions today, we've started with the third cause. And I said the third cause is actually many issues, many matters. And just before the break, I talked about the evil, of love of dunya that many of our problems and majority of our disputes are caused because we have this animal instinct of wanting to violate other people's rights and take the pleasures of this world at the expense of other people and have love of dunya in our hearts. So we

00:36:50--> 00:36:58

need to remove that now talking about moving on to some specific issues connected to many issues.

00:37:01--> 00:37:02

And family

00:37:03--> 00:37:04


00:37:05--> 00:37:07

The first point I want to talk about is

00:37:08--> 00:37:10

the issue of taking a loan.

00:37:11--> 00:37:26

First of all, my dear beloved brothers and sisters, we should really make a habit of not taking a loan. Unless if we really, really, really need to, you know, taking a loan causes much anguish,

00:37:27--> 00:38:17

much depression, with upon your own self and cause a lot of problems within society. I myself come across so many disputes. I mean, I talk about all these things after a lot of experience brothers and sisters, seriously because I have a lot of you know, because I answer a lot of questions and love these kinds of disputes on a daily basis, I have to come across where people are now they're up so to call to so called you know, really good friends, practicing Muslim brothers, who apparently look and act and behave as absolutely practicing Muslim people. But the dispute that they're going through enmity, that issue, and that contract or deed has caused between them isn't is that kind of

00:38:17--> 00:38:32

enmity that you would not even have it with your worst enemy. They actually literally absolutely hate and abhor one another and there's major friction and disputes and sometimes it leads to physical, physical stuff.

00:38:33--> 00:38:38

So therefore, this is the reason why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam HistoryMakers dua

00:38:39--> 00:39:25

he's, he used to seek the protection and the refuge of Allahu subhanho wa Taala from Dane mineralia. Today in Allah Khomeini I will the becoming a relative Dane, who Allah I seek Your protection and refuge in You from being overcome with debt. Therefore, if you don't need to brothers and sisters do not take a loan. And actually this is a fact ruling for kaha, the jurist of the various schools of thought, our classical scholars have stated that, you know, if there's not a need, and actually it's wrong, and it's not desirable to take a loan, it is only permissible to take a loan, if there is a genuine genuine need if you really have a need because, you know, it causes problems. It causes

00:39:25--> 00:39:30

problems. So that's, that's the first thing about gain. And then

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

be very, very careful about these issues. Allah talks about taking a loan in a verse in the Quran, you know, the longest verse in the Quran, Allah talks about the the longest verse in the Quran is not to do about salah it's not about prayer and sacrifice and Hajj. The longest verse in the Quran is called and termed as Aya to Medina. I have to read Medina, Medina is from the word Dane, Dane is means a loan, right? They means a loan

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

Yeah, you know, he that the intimidating in agilely musalman * taboo. We'll get to Boehner concatenate on Bill added

00:40:09--> 00:40:55

an extra welcome Allahu Allahu phallic to William Lily Lydia Allah Hill. will let Aquila Rob Well, I have a husband who che van Kennedy and a hill Haku Sophie and of life and Ola is study and human level of aluminum. While you bill Adela was there she Lucia, he didn't even originally come this is a verse of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about Dane. He's telling us the rules and etiquettes of taking a loan, you're Latina, I'm an O you who believe that intimidating when you take a loan that urgently musalman to a fixed time, but to boo write it down, write it down, write it down on a piece of paper, if Mohammed has to even if it's two pence, even if you're taking two

00:40:55--> 00:41:27

pounds, if Mohammed is borrowing or taking a loan of two pounds from Abdullah that he should write it down. This is what the Quran is telling us that you know Mohammed such and such on this date on this day took a loan of two pounds from Abdullah on and you know, will this money will be repaid on this particular date after one month or after two months or after five months or after one year or one month upon demand. That whenever

00:41:28--> 00:41:28

you know

00:41:30--> 00:42:05

the loan is demanded, one month advance should be given. advance notice should be given everything written down Clear, clear cut crystal clear have witnesses what should you do either to buy item, whether you borrow rocket even with a Shaheed have witnesses, you sign it, the creditor signs it, the debtor signs it and the two witnesses will sign it and make a photocopy give the one to the debtor one to the creditor to one photocopy to the one witness the other photocopy to the other witness. This is what I was saying Be very clear. And I'm going to talk about some of these issues in quite detail tomorrow about you know, determining ownership.

00:42:07--> 00:42:50

But then and loans really create a lot of friction, a lot of problem in our society a lot of problems. People take money, they don't want to give it back. Mahalo, Lavinia illumine the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Quran Allah says we're in Canada or Salatin, Venezuela 2011 A Sarah but under Sadako her lack of income palemoon You don't want if someone's taken a loan from you someone's someone owes you money and adult or Sora when current or Ursula that person is in difficulty. He's in a difficult situation. Things are tight for him. fan of horror thriller means give him respite give him time you know be gentle with him be gentle with him. This is what I see.

00:42:50--> 00:42:52

Especially if you have money be gentle

00:42:53--> 00:43:24

fan of horror thriller my son I forgive them inshallah This is better for you this will Allah subhanahu dalisay but in the Hadith on the other hand, the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam says Nepali will have any volume on the one who has money to pay back, but he's just delaying. He's just delaying. You know, tomorrow next week. My my bank accountant is rolling my credit card or I'm getting money from someone else. Whether you get money from someone else or not. If the time is due you must get him back.

00:43:26--> 00:44:08

You must give it back brother sister. It's a major haram major sin regardless of how much Sinatra tarawih prayers, God Hi, John rafter Almaraz Domina you're going hij every other year and you're going on rabbit haram money every Ramadan and you're doing all the different oh no aphelion recitation of the Quran whatever you're doing, you dress like a Muslim, and you wear the niqab and you have the hijab and you have the beard, but if you are violating the rights of other human beings, then that is a major sin, and that will not be forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala until that person does not forgive you, ever even a penny that we owe to someone in this dunya seriously, we

00:44:08--> 00:44:33

will have to pay that on the Day of Judgment, and not with currency but with our actions with our deeds without armor. And this is why there's a hadith of the messenger SallAllahu and he was celibate he says he said to the Companions of the Allahu Allah, he said as a grown EML mirthless. Do you know who is a Muslim who is a banker person, the Companions Allahu wa rasuluh Acklam O Messenger of Allah, Allah and His Rasul know best we do not really know who a bankrupt a muffler says.

00:44:34--> 00:44:39

They said, Sorry, Elmo flew fina Mala dinner Allah who will.

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

According to us in the dunya we think a bankrupt person is the Sahaba set and this is how we would think as well is the one who doesn't have any money no dinar No, there have no pounds, no dollars, no wealth. If somebody's broke, then he's a bankrupt and messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no, that's not really a bankruptcy. You know who he said? I'll tell you a really a

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

shoot is a bankrupt person, a bankrupt person, a broke person is the one who comes into who comes in the Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala who comes on the Day of Judgment, who will come on the Day of Judgment, with abundance of Salah with Salah in abundance with prayer with fast with zakat Hajj rewards with a lot of recitation of the Quran good deeds whereby if Salawat Allah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all the good deeds lacking but not other Hadith were shut down Kalamata had that but he hit someone who's slow so that someone he consumed somebody else's money and ruefully he needs to give money to someone who's taken a debt to get paid. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

00:45:41--> 00:46:17

sallam said this will be the most bankrupt person because you know what can have to give all that money back with his good actions. And if all his good actions have to go they will have to go and then a time will come he'll have nothing left to pay. Somebody will come and say oh, you know what, you took three pounds from Union Pay my three pounds or you want you said can I just can borrow me three pounds and you didn't give it back to me? And there'll be no good deeds left then what will happen? May Allah save for so this is a scary Hadith then that person will be given the sins of other people sins of other people and then eventually be thrown in the fire of hell. May Allah save

00:46:17--> 00:47:11

us all meal was ever sold me I was ever sold in Europe. Seriously, it's a very very delicate thing we need to think about this brothers and sisters. Allah says in the Quran Yeah, you will Latina Amarula Kuru Amala combiner. Kumble ballpen how you Latina Herman hula Amala combiner con Bilbao 3d in in Turku Illa. Hakuna the jaw rotten. Antara they mean Come Oh you who believe Oh Muslims Yeah, Latina Amman Kulu umbrella combiner crumble bottle do not consume wealth amongst you one another's many did you not take one another's wealth unlawfully in a haram way? Bilbao Phil invalidly intercommunity Jonathan Antara unless if it's a mutual deal based on mutual consent, mutual

00:47:11--> 00:47:59

agreement, only if the other party has agreed to give you that money to only if the other party is at ease. Only if they give their consent and permission and the happiness only then otherwise, all of this in the view of you know, piano, brothers one day you only have one miserable either me, Allah says one day you will have to stand in the presence of the Lord of the Alameen. And we have to give answers for all of this. So we really need to be very careful family conflicts and disputes take place, and family friction one of the major causes is loans. So the first point, do not take loans unnecessarily if you don't need to don't, especially with family members don't and if you have

00:47:59--> 00:48:07

to social conflicts as well don't take loans, if you have to then take it but then be very crystal clear. Pay back on time, paid back on time.

00:48:08--> 00:48:09

Not follow only your Goldman

00:48:11--> 00:48:12

and be very, very careful.

00:48:14--> 00:48:19

From whom you take your money and wealth and give everything given give people that do

00:48:20--> 00:48:37

give people this is justice This is either in Allah who would have been added, either, you know either, either with justice, hi, that really means giving people that do that do right? That creates balance within this within the society

00:48:39--> 00:48:42

that we have, we have these rights that we owe to other people.

00:48:45--> 00:48:49

So be very careful. And likewise,

00:48:51--> 00:48:56

gifts sometimes another point exchanged at the time of marriage and Nikka.

00:48:58--> 00:49:37

This problems because in laws give gold, they give jewelry, they give something to the sun, they give something to the bride that gives them into the groom. Nobody knows who's owns what and what's been given to whom and when and how and if, seriously, problem. Be very clear. When gifts are exchanged. If you want to give someone say, Look, this belongs to you, it's yours forever. I will never take it back from you. And if you say and if you don't want to give it like that you want to just borrow it, then tell them this is for you to borrow. This is you don't own it, make a witness. Things should be clear. Make your dealings clear. And actually I'm going to talk about that point

00:49:37--> 00:49:41

separately. Maybe tomorrow, making our dealings crystal clear.

00:49:44--> 00:49:51

fraud and deception in our dealings in our in our you know business dealings caused a lot of friction within the family

00:49:52--> 00:49:55

and generally in a social on a social level.

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

Deception and fraud

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

which major since the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men are Russian athletes and in the one who cheats us is not one of us.

00:50:10--> 00:50:32

You know, when we buy and sell something, this will cause friction, okay? Because when we buy something, it won't be pure will mix, we'll make something else. There's selling milk with a bit of water in it. Nothing's pure nowadays, we don't live in a pure society. You know, some, some people do this repackaging. I don't know if you've heard of this repackaging

00:50:33--> 00:50:38

of a cup. I don't know how people can do that giving less. This is called the fifth.

00:50:39--> 00:51:18

You know what the three phases and I will talk about this Allahu Akbar, you know, because there's a verse in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala is, you know, the last Surah of the Quran. Sorry, the last Jews of the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah says, where you live, the more puffy Alladhina is a cathedral Allen nastiest of food, or either Curlew or was in New York soon, Allah Hilburn marathon Leoben Alvey Mumia humanness while you're waiting for 15 destruction, Wayne, destruction and punishment of the fire of hell be for those people who commit the sin of the fifth while you will have 15.

00:51:19--> 00:51:41

A Lavina is a cutter who either nursing or stole food. When these these people won't be unto these people who commit the sin of that fief. They will enter the fire of hell. And what is that sin Allah says in the last juice in the last juice of the Quran. Alladhina is a cutter who Allah Nursia stole food.

00:51:42--> 00:51:53

These people when they go and buy and when they have to take things from their family members and relatives and from the shops and from people when they have to take by way of measurement and

00:51:56--> 00:52:19

weight and measurement when they have to take things just steal food. They want to take every single bit of it every inch of it. You know you go and buy silicone you know fill it up fill the bag up prior to the top. So when it's their time to take by measure or by weight, they will make sure yes though food every drop every inch they will take but

00:52:21--> 00:52:43

if the you know if it's if they're on the other side of the fence, whatever Kallu a was a New York soon, when they have to give people by way of measure and wait. Your see rule. They give a bit of less they get they give less. These are all I say they don't fill it up right at the top. They're selling sugar they're selling wheat or selling barley.

00:52:44--> 00:52:58

Whatever the selling, they give less dates they're giving less weather caralluma was an amusing rune. And then Allah says Allah yo Nullah economic rune don't these people realize Don't they know?

00:52:59--> 00:53:30

I don't know Manola don't these people who commit this major sin and the home lover or food that they will be resurrected, they will wake up again in the next world. There's life after death. Leo, many of them don't realize that they'll be resurrected for a great date. You'll make your own NurseLine Rabbil Alameen on a day when whole of mankind will have to stand in the presence of Rabbul aalameen The Lord of the walls.

00:53:32--> 00:53:39

This is what Allah is saying to us. I'm just translating the verses of the Quran. You will make your own Nasrallah Bella either mean

00:53:40--> 00:54:07

fraud, deception, and the Hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man Alicia affiliates I mean, whoever cheats us is not from one of us. You know what happened? The messenger sallallahu alayhi. Salam once went to the market and Medina is so it's a hobby, a person setting some dates. And he saw the dates. There were some nice, fresh, brilliant, beautiful dates right at the top of the basket. He put his hands in it. And at the bottom, the basket was filled with all

00:54:08--> 00:54:17

defected dates and dirty sorry filthy dates or, sorry, the dates that were not to

00:54:18--> 00:54:27

the we're not good dates. So the message is what you're doing, you've got bad dates here and right at the top you just put some good dates, so that you send it

00:54:28--> 00:54:59

and the messenger SallAllahu I even sent him became angry. And then he said this man Rashanna for a Samina This is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim, a Saheeh authenticated Hadith, whoever cheats us is not from us. When so therefore when you sell as well. This issue needs to be if you advertise something has been pure, say it's pure, because your customer will call back. If something's got a defect in it. Tell them it's an obligation. The messenger SallAllahu wasallam hadith of sin in Hebrew manager, minbar Avon

00:55:00--> 00:55:26

member I even let me begin who? LEM Yes, Elfi Mattila he, while I'm terminally ill Mala Iike total annual Sunon have an email, you know Murgia Whoever sells a commodity, an item that has a defect in it, and he does not reveal or disclose that to his customer, he will remain in the anger and the Wrath of Allah and the angels will curse Latin of the angels.

00:55:28--> 00:55:44

You know, the people of Schreiber is salatu salatu wa salam peace be upon him, they were punished, because that's what they used to do. These do do four days to deception. And there are many, many other examples as well. So these things cause friction, friction.

00:55:46--> 00:56:02

This court these things cause disputes and problems buying and selling many examples, giving less wages or as an employer, as employee not working for your full time, full hours, and many, many things in sha Allah time has

00:56:04--> 00:56:45

has completely stopped so I can't really carry on, but there's some other issues that I need to discuss on the same topic, this third cause of family friction, family conflicts and family disputes, connected to money matters. I have a lot of other things to speak about inshallah. Tomorrow, some very important issues within the family about you know, making sure that our ownerships are sorry, we own everything, all the dealings are identified and clarified, etc. So we shall I will carry on with this point with this point tomorrow, which is like a locker for listening today. According to Cody Hado, a staffer Allah wa sallahu wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was

00:56:45--> 00:56:49

happy he was selling was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi Didot

00:56:52--> 00:56:59

Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and hungry Lahinch who want to stay in who want to start a federal who want to study

00:57:01--> 00:57:40

when I would have been lucky to I mean surely and fusina women say Dr. Medina may have had the level for them will be level one are you a little further her deal was shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika wa shadow Anessa you don't know what have you been watching our eternal Mohammed Abdullah who are solo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad for an early point you've been a poor hearing was heavy here Jemaine coulomb into the sun. Dean Allahumma aluminum and found out when found out Turner was in Subhanak Allahumma De La Molina Elana antenna in Hakeem covert

00:57:43--> 00:57:46

the spirit respect respected listeners Dear brothers and sisters

00:57:48--> 00:57:53

Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I welcome all of you once again

00:57:56--> 00:58:02

to our daily discussion and my daily discourse and my daily talk

00:58:03--> 00:58:11

on the topic of family conflicts, family disputes, causes and solutions.

00:58:13--> 00:58:17

For those of you following this program and this discussion

00:58:21--> 00:58:23

you would know that

00:58:24--> 00:58:26

we are discussing

00:58:27--> 00:58:30

cause number three of family disputes.

00:58:33--> 00:58:41

The first major cause of family conflict and disputes within the family was

00:58:42--> 00:58:55

incorrect intentions. And I discussed that in quite detail in the solution to it. The second issue or the second main root cause for many of our disputes was

00:58:57--> 00:59:01

which I discussed and quite detailed was that we have

00:59:02--> 00:59:10

not worked on our hearts and we have diseased hearts. So the solution was the purification of the soul and purification of the heart and then discuss that in detail as well.

00:59:11--> 00:59:59

And then yesterday I moved on to cause number three, which was the issue of wealth and money many matters. And I talked about this in quite detail and inshallah even today we need to discuss this issue this issue in quite depth and detail how many issues and many matters contribute to contribute to many disputes that we find ourselves involved in? How money and wealth contributes to many of the conflicts, and many problems that we find ourselves involved in? How wealth has a direct impact on much of the argumentation and friction that we find within our families.

01:00:00--> 01:00:04

within our social circles and within generally Muslim communities.

01:00:05--> 01:00:39

And the first point that I discussed yesterday that the first thing to do is that we need to really, it goes back to the heart, we need to start working on our hearts. And we need to remove the love of dunya the love of the world, Herbert dunya, ratso Kalahari I think I mentioned this, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the love of the world is a root cause of much evil. So we really need to work on our hearts to remove this love of dunya. And then I want to mention some points regarding these many issues. And that's where we are at right now. And I want to carry on mentioning this in quite detail.

01:00:41--> 01:00:47

Many matters and many issues, brothers and sisters has really a very strong

01:00:50--> 01:01:03

connection with disputes and friction and argumentation and problems. Really, many, you know, as they say, as we said, the Hadith of the IT,

01:01:04--> 01:01:09

many causes much anguish and many problems that we find ourselves in

01:01:11--> 01:01:13

is because and due to due to money.

01:01:17--> 01:01:44

So these money issues, we need to be really, really careful about many issues seriously, we really need to be careful. And I mentioned this yesterday, then more I'm alert you see, more I'm alert means our money dealings, monetary dealings, financial transactions, financial dealings, military dealings, we need to be very careful. Islam is just not about a badass worshipping Allah subhanahu Adalja. Islam is not just about solid

01:01:45--> 01:01:50

and sewn and Zakat and hedge and Amara, Islam is not just about

01:01:51--> 01:02:20

keeping a fast in Ramadan and offering Tarawih prayer. Islam is not just about wearing a soap, having and growing a beard and wearing a hat or wearing a niqab and hijab it is much more than that. It's not it's about those things as well. But beyond that, how we financially deal with our fellow Muslim brothers, sisters, and not just Muslims, even with non Muslims, our monetary dealings, Islam has a great role to play in that.

01:02:22--> 01:02:59

You look at the verse of the Quran and the Hadith of the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam they deal with more amyloid, financial monetary transactions, financial military drug transactions, if we think that Islam has nothing to do with our financial and monetary dealings, the way we deal with people the way we make claims, whether it's any claim, it whether we're buying, whether we're selling, whether it's renting renting property, whether it's loans, whether it's debts, whether it's credit, whether whether working whether wages, whether it being an employer, whether you're an employee, whether you're making claims, you know, the program discussion showed before my this talk

01:03:00--> 01:03:11

was about tax credit and Child Benefit and this and tax, all of that we need to be we need to be very, very careful. We need to know what is 100 And what is haram Islam.

01:03:12--> 01:03:54

We could fast all day long. And we can offer our thorough we pray and do all the issues on our beat. But if we are not acting upon the rules of Islam in terms of our financial monetary dealings, if we are eating haram and eating haram does not only mean eating pork, not just the ingredients that not the e 467. Not just the E four seven ones. Eating haram means even the money that you use to buy halal food, you can be eating vegetables, but if you are using haram money and lawful money to buy those vegetables, those vegetables become haram. So it's not just about e 4962. E 471. Sometimes we get over obsessed about ingredients and we take you know like a packet of chocolate and there's an e

01:03:54--> 01:04:30

963. But what about your income? Did you lie and take this money? Was there any deception involved? Was there false claim claiming was there any fraud? And I mentioned this yesterday the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Minerva Shanna Pele Sammy now the one who cheats us is not from us the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who we claim to love, and we think we love and we think loving is only sending blessings on him sal Allahu Allah said and we must do so try to be as much as we can.

01:04:32--> 01:04:40

But we can send blessings on him all day long. But if we are cheating, that he says that you know what, you're not, you're part of me.

01:04:42--> 01:04:58

Imagine think think about this for a moment. Dear brother system. We need to think about this. We included all of us. Seriously, we need to think about this. Let's think about it for a moment. We are claiming and we want to love the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so you will mursaleen

01:04:59--> 01:05:00

the HA

01:05:00--> 01:05:11

It wouldn't have been the Habibullah bill. I mean, we want to love him. We want to send blessings on him, which we call a solid, a solid Alan Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

01:05:12--> 01:05:31

and we claim we want to love him. So we sit there and we say x amount of times I sent 1000 times Salawat Allah Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, Friday, Thursday, do that, brother, it's very important and you get logged, knows of reward bloats this amazing amount. But

01:05:33--> 01:06:12

if at the same time, if I am sending blessings on the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the reason is that I want to achieve proximity to him, I want to achieve closeness. I want to become close to him, I want him to become my beloved, I want to be beloved to him. I want to attain an acquire and gain and obtain his shefa his intercession on the day of judgment on the day of piano on your will piano, and I want to be close to him. Right? That's my objective. So I am sending blessings on my messenger SallAllahu and he will send them but at the same time, if I am cheating and selling something, I have a shop and use agent or whatever grocery and you know what I'm adding

01:06:12--> 01:06:54

things in and I'm cheating and I'm deceiving my customers. Then. On one hand, I'm saying you know what, your rasool Allah I want to be close to you. I'm sending through Sharif Salah worth I didn't maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but on the other hand, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying, I don't want to know you. Mana Hashanah, Felice Amina the one who cheats, and this cheating was specifically to do with selling. Minerva Shanna Felice, Amina, this is a Hadith, a hadith sahih. What rigorously authenticated in the Saheeh of Imam Muslim Rahim Allah pick up Sahih Muslim, you'll find this hadith. And I mentioned this yesterday, the messenger sallallahu alayhi

01:06:54--> 01:07:31

salam once attended the market place, and he saw a person selling some dates. And at the top of his pile, he had some good dates. And at the bottom of the pile underneath, was some not so good dates, out of date dates, out of date dates, right. So they had gone bad. So the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam placed his hand in that basket, and he said to him Subhanallah What's this, you put all the nice dates at the top, so people just coming by, and all the ones which are not which are out of date, which are not good and which have become bad, and the bottom of the basket.

01:07:32--> 01:08:15

And that he said when he said that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men are Shanna Felice, Amina, whoever cheats us is not one of us. Whoever cheats us is not from us. From a citizen, he doesn't want the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't want a person who cheats to be part of his community. So we need to think about this. Brothers and sisters, we really need to think about this. More, I'm alert financial transactions, very important. fraud, deception, lying, and generally trying to, you know, just get anything and everything in unlawful way at the expense of other people causes problems. Because if we cheat someone and that person will come and see you

01:08:15--> 01:08:28

cheated me, you've got a business deal going on. Nothing, you're not clear cut, and I'm gonna talk about some positions. Time's short. We don't have too much time before after like 45 minutes, but I really want to get on to some very important points that I think in sha Allah would really benefit us.

01:08:30--> 01:08:36

But we need to be really careful. I just mentioned a small incident and then we're going to mention those points.

01:08:37--> 01:08:58

Many of you may or may have heard of the name of one of the great scholars of the subcontinent Indian subcontinent shave at you, man. No learner. Ashraf Ali, a tannery Rahim Allah, may Allah have mercy on him. He was one of the great scholars of the Indian subcontinent as we have scholars of our past from all around the world.

01:09:00--> 01:09:44

Many people, especially from the Asians background in Indian subcontinent, have heard of his name, and the Imam, a chef Maulana Ashraf Ali Ali Thanjavur Rahim Allah. Now, we know about him. And we know a lot of things about him. I've mentioned a small incident about one of his students, somebody who was spiritually connected and related to him, somebody who had studied the path of purification of the heart with him, somebody who had give back to him. This person actually was so considered to be so high spiritually that the shave actually gave him permission, gave him ijazah to go and, you know, take a bite from other people and you know, seriously

01:09:45--> 01:10:00

take permission from other people and teach other people. He gave him a Jazza. So one day, this student who was now in his 40s 50s, and actually a chef himself, came to visit the chef. He came to visit the chef, and he said he came

01:10:00--> 01:10:31

him and the chef so the chef greeted him said, mashallah, when did you come? How did you come? He said, Oh, I came on the train. He came with his young son, who was 13 years of age. So he said, Okay Oh, mashallah, you can buy a train said yeah, I took the train and I came on the train said how much? Yeah, what's the fair nowadays? How much is the ticket train ticket price nowadays? So you said Oh, nowadays is this much is I paid this much, you know, rupees or whatever. And instead, okay, so how many you paid for your son? It was just general chitchat, general conversation. So you said yeah, my son. Yeah, I paid half price ticket for him. So no, you paid half price for him. So you

01:10:31--> 01:10:55

said yeah, I paid the full fare. And my son, I paid half. He said, Why? How is your son, you know, Until what age do you pay half fare? So until the age 12, you pay half fare. And after 13 You have to pay for so you said How old is this to my son's 13. But he got away with it. He looks like 12 is only one year. So I just told them, you know, like give us half fare and his he can get away with 12.

01:10:56--> 01:11:04

So the chef looked at him and he said now hold our water Ellerbee Nihalani. And I'll leave a stone for Allah to Allah and colada to be like.

01:11:05--> 01:11:47

How can you even think and imagine, you have to give half of fare, your son is 13. The price is when you when you're 13, you have to pay full fare. And you think you're a chef, I gave you permission, you think you've reached a high level of spirituality, you do a wellbeing and shut up and tahajjud Salah and fasting and Zakat and this and that and teach and do so much good things. You know what you have not even sloped the fragrance of Islamic spirituality and Sufism, you're nowhere practicing. And he revoked the license that you just had that he gave him and said, You know what you you you've in this instance, you've committed major sins, you've committed the sin of fraud,

01:11:47--> 01:11:57

you've committed the sin of deception, you're a thief, because you committed the sin of theft, because half price you've you've stolen, go and pay that money back and then we'll think about it.

01:11:58--> 01:12:06

This is Islam. This is our deen. This is our religion of Islam. It's not just about wearing along Thoburn amama.

01:12:07--> 01:12:15

If you've got a business, you've got a business, you have to be very careful, no for deception whatsoever in any way, shape, or form.

01:12:16--> 01:12:54

To make a bit of extra money in this world, as I said yesterday, with dunya. This all goes back to the love of dunya. And that's what we need to remove. Yesterday I said you know some of the things love the things that are involved in fraud and deception. Well, I mentioned. So, I mentioned about first of all the point was about Dane, I mentioned that look, we should know in order to avoid family disputes, in order to avoid disputes and just not just family but general social disputes. We really need to be careful I talked about briefly yesterday about taking loans and said look, you know what? Don't take loans unless absolutely necessary. Don't take loans because loans and credits

01:12:54--> 01:13:19

the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy he was a learner himself. You know in a hadith he is the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his daily supplications is to make dua he's you know he's there are we find he's to seek the protection and refuge of ALLAH from mineral Allah today, you know, Allah, please save me from being overcome with debt.

01:13:20--> 01:13:37

And many problems that we find in our societies and within the families. Is that connected to taking a debt and taking a loan? Someone takes a loan they don't pay on time, and I talked about this briefly yesterday. And I mentioned that the longest verse in the Quran Al Karim, Allah Who SubhanaHu a Diana

01:13:39--> 01:13:52

says, the year you Hala Dina ermine will either tell Diane Tombi Dane in either agilely Musa mind* taboo while yak to Beiner Comparativo will add an O you who believe if you take a loan if you take a debt if you take a loan from someone

01:13:54--> 01:14:05

to a fixed time, but to boo write it down. Let us cry well look to Boehner compared to him Bill Adela through either through justice let a scribe write it.

01:14:07--> 01:14:15

Well, I have a character when and you have to come hola hola. Have a liquid, write it down. Be very clear. And then make sure you pay on time.

01:14:16--> 01:14:54

And the one monopoly will have an Ebola mode. The one who has money despite having money and says you know what, I'll pay you next week. Next week. Next week. So many people are involved in this seriously. They have money they don't pay debt on time. It's a major haram. Major, no matter how practicing you think you are as a Muslim, you're no way practicing impossible. If you are not paying debts on time, you're not practicing. Full stop. That person is not practicing. Regardless of how long grown beard he has. He is not practicing. If he doesn't have a genuine reason and he is intentionally deliberately not paying people's money. And he's consuming yo yo Alladhina Herman

01:14:54--> 01:14:59

hula, Kuru and while a combiner crumble Baldoyle Allah says in the Quran, do not consume a new

01:15:00--> 01:15:01

awfully the wealth of people,

01:15:02--> 01:15:34

everything, all the good deeds all the practicing, as I said the Hadith, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this person will be considered to be a morphus. On the Day of Judgment, he'll be considered to be a bankrupt person. The greatest bankrupt person is the one who will come on the Day of Judgment with a lot of salads occurred fasting, this that hatch Amara, going Hodge every three, four years and going, Amara, every and Ramadan, but everything will be happy, you'd have to give it away. Because you know, you owe money to this person, you owe money to that person, you owe money to this person, you owe money to that person. You tell someone that you know what, give us

01:15:34--> 01:15:51

some money, you will invest it in a business, and you deceive people. And you don't want to give you've you've lost the money. You've eaten away the money out, we learn from our will to be learned from now. I cannot emphasize enough the gravity of money issues brothers and sisters.

01:15:52--> 01:16:04

We think we're practicing that. We're not practicing. We must realize that when you're practicing, we are major sinners, if we if our monetary dealings are not good, if you are involved in fraud, and deceptions and things like that.

01:16:06--> 01:16:26

So be very careful about that. And that's why we have all these conflicts and problems and we have people become enemies for life. To people that need a business deal. We can't do a business deal in a cordial and a courteous way. We can't because we have all these issues. We don't have we don't do it in the right way.

01:16:27--> 01:17:06

Look at the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu they were businessmen. Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu Anhu was a businessman Subhanallah I tell you something I remember the story about say you're gonna Al Imam and Imam, Abu Hanifa and not a man been forbid, or on the Allahu anhu, whom we all came to love and follow. We all have a lot of us not all so Musharraf aids in America somehow humbly, right. But many of us we follow Abu Hanifa you know, Imam Abu Hanifa before he became the Imam of the Muslims and the jurist and the Philippi he was a businessman. He used to have a clothes shop, he used to sell cloth and clothes, textile shop, so Navajo Hanifa de la you know, really couldn't do business

01:17:06--> 01:17:50

hamdulillah so there's a story about him that he had a shop and in his shop, there was a one roll of a trough right that had some clothing that had some defects in it, but it wasn't too visible. So he wasn't physically working he owned the shop but he had workers working for him. So he told the workers that you know what, this particular garment or this this cloth or this clothing has some defects in it so make sure that whenever a customer comes you make sure that you tell an inform and disclosed this defect to the customer and say look this is the price if you want to buy it you buy it if you don't no problem.

01:17:52--> 01:17:54

He gave those orders to his workers.

01:17:55--> 01:18:05

So anyway after a few weeks once he came back to the shop and he said yes what's happening and then here is checking on his shop and the workers and how much selling and buying has been done. And then

01:18:07--> 01:18:12

he asked about the that that cloth or that clothing that had a defect in it.

01:18:13--> 01:18:29

So the worker said oh Subhanallah you know what, I forgot? One customer can you bought it but I've you know I forgot I forgot to tell him and disclose to him that he had some kind of a defect in it. There was something wrong with that cloth or that clothing or that garment

01:18:30--> 01:18:50

and then the worker said that but you know what, it's very negligent it's very small anyway, so he won't even realize if you're someone like me and if I own the shop, I would say Masha Allah Baraka Lo Fi commercia Elias chez toot and clever worker who is you know, that's that's how you sell you know, kept things, pass it by

01:18:51--> 01:19:35

mashallah, you're a great person, you probably you, you know, give him high wages and rises, raises pay. Well, Hanifa Radi Allahu Anhu said of stuff for Allah stuff that Allah for my stuff for Allah. How know God love Allah, Allah, Allah love him, How can you even imagine and how can you even do that? He said go throughout the whole city. I remember when Hanifa himself went searching and looking for the customer making announcement after announcement after announcement, who was the customer who came to our shop to buy such and such garment and such as such such clothing? Who is the customer who is the customer went from door to door Subhanallah from door to door until

01:19:35--> 01:20:00

ultimately and finally they found the customer who actually bought that garment and then the mama honey for the Allahu Anhu said to him that dear brother, I'm extremely sorry Please forgive me. We forgot to disclose this defect in the garment to this is how much you bought it for if you want it, by all means keep it but this is the defect. If you don't want it, you can give it back to us and we'll pay you you

01:20:00--> 01:20:01

Money back we refund you

01:20:02--> 01:20:43

Subhan Allah, this is Abu Hanifa and this these were our early predecessors and that's how a Muslim is. And that causes you Allahu Allah gives Baraka, you might think you might lose out a bit of money but seriously ask those brothers and sisters who Alhamdulillah are very careful of not being involved in deception and any fraud or anything like that any cheating and a very clear cut. Allah has asked them to tell you they have so much Barack and blessings in their in their wealth in the provision in the system because Allah gives, ultimately this is again going back to our opinion and our our call and our reliance in Allah subhanho wa taala. Ultimately it's everything's in the hands

01:20:43--> 01:21:08

of Allah. Allah is the one who sends customers Allah is the One who gives Baraka. Allah is the One who withholds and gives, who will man it will who will market he will hold on he gives. It's ultimately in the possession in The Quadra in the power of Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada. So you get blessings and baraka and you won't have fat disputes as well. You don't have a simple life, you will make more friends and enemies,

01:21:09--> 01:21:56

if we are involved in these kinds of dodgy dealings will make enemies and as I said, paying debts on time please, for the sake of Allah do not consume the wealth of other people unlawfully. It's a major sin. It's a major sin. It's a major sin. On the Day of Judgment, we realize how major it is. May Allah save us on Armenia hub, the verse of the Quran coluna Amalia Atana bohlmann India my Karuna feeble Bonnie hem Nowra was a slowness or euro. Allah says those people who consume the wealth of orphaned people, Dolman and his general, those people who consume unlawfully the wealth of others, the old people money and they don't give them Allah says they are taking and consuming in

01:21:56--> 01:22:40

the stomach the fire people put him now which means on the Day of Judgment that we put in the fire of hell was a a Sloan aside era. This wealth is like fire in this dunya and worse as long as our era and they shall soon be entered into the fire of hell. Allah says in the Quran, so many issues rather than sisters be very, very careful. Even a penny that you owe someone, make sure and ensure that that penny goes back. There's a story when someone there was a really pious person who actually passed away somebody saw him in a dream afterwards that he was in Jannah. But he had a small snake on his lips. A small snake I don't know how true the story is, or not I read it somewhere I heard it

01:22:40--> 01:22:50

someone wants. I don't know the authenticity of it right now. So I can't claim that it's absolute authentic. But somebody saw him in a dream. This was very pious person. And

01:22:51--> 01:23:15

they saw that he had a snake. He's in paradise, everything's good because he was very, very pious, but one small form of punishment, which is that he had a small snake on his lips. So the person who saw him in the dream asked him in the room that what's happened, you know, mashallah, how How was everything? He said, Oh, Allah, everything went well, the only one thing that I have, you know, this small snake on my lips, that the stinging me and biting me, is why it's just one thing.

01:23:16--> 01:23:45

You know, a few days ago, before I passed away, I borrowed something from my neighbor. And I haven't I was supposed to give it back to them. And I borrowed it from them, and I haven't given it back to them and I died. So this is the punishment. If you go to my house on this place, in this cupboard on the shelf, you'll actually find, I don't know where it was. And please go and give it back to my neighbor. So the person woke up, the one who saw the dream, he went to his house and actually literally found that particular item on the exact spot where the person in the dream told him.

01:23:46--> 01:24:00

So he went and gave to the neighbor. Then that night, he saw him in the dream again, and the snake had been removed and such as Abdullah brother for helping me out and Hamdulillah that commodity and the item has been returned to its owner, and Allah has now freed me from this punishment.

01:24:01--> 01:24:05

Subhanallah it's not we should not take this lightly. Brothers and sisters,

01:24:07--> 01:24:51

our financial monetary dealings, we need to be very careful. We need to make friends in this world and have friends in the alcara Allah and His Messenger we need them to be our friends. If you want to avoid disputes and fights in this world up for a bit of money just for some extra money and we involve ourselves in deception. It's not time seriously is head for dunya your head book Allah was had FEMA in the nest brokenness. Don't show interest in the dunya Allah will love you This is the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is heard for dunya your book Allah was had femur in the nurse you had brokenness shows abstinence, disinterest in worldly matters, materialistic

01:24:51--> 01:24:59

matters. You have book Allah. Allahu Subhana, who at the Isla, we love you was ahead FEMA in the next book

01:25:00--> 01:25:38

In US and showed disinterest in what people have, people will love you. If you show interest in people's wealth and people's money and then people will think, you know, this guy's just have to one thing if you do not show the interest in people's wealth and people's money and people's, you know, mentary things, people will love you. For the sake of Allah, you want to make friends in this world, then we need to be very careful with our dealings. So, credit and loan issues, be very careful. pay on time, pay on time, pay on time, and be very careful. Make sure everything's written down when you take loans in order to avoid future future disputes.

01:25:39--> 01:25:46

Many rulings and I'll tell you many makes all these disputes actually, before I go into one or two other points.

01:25:47--> 01:26:35

If you look in the books of the Hanafi the Scheffer, America Henneberry especially the Hanafi books, especially students who are listening they will know many things are considered to be makuu. are haram or unlawful or sinful because of they have one phrase one text the ANA her tough li ill Munna Zara, because it results in argumentation and quarrels and disputes. Subhan Allah, the ANA has to fully Elan Munna czar to flee ill Manasa li Yun Illallah Munna, xiety Munna Zara means argumentation, quarrels, disputes, friction fights, right? So that's what Mona's means so many rulings in Islam, and many rulings have been sorry many kinds of dealings, and many monetary

01:26:35--> 01:26:45

transactions and deals have been considered to be unlawful and sinful and mcru are haram by Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the simple fact that they lead

01:26:46--> 01:27:05

to disputes they lead to problems and friction and Islam she abhors friction. This is a reason seems simple Subhanallah this just came to my mind right now. Many of these rulings many monetary rules of Islam have been prescribed for the simple fact

01:27:06--> 01:27:23

that they result in disputes and Islam hates disputes. Like for example hoarding. Hoarding, the car look at the books of Hadith, this hadith and it looks look at the books of fact, it's unlawful to hoard the car you know what hoarding is

01:27:25--> 01:28:09

somebody creating monopoly, somebody who, for example, there's a shortage of a particular commodity item in the market and the person just gathers and holds and keeps everything to himself doesn't sell it to anyone and waits for a time that you know what, when nobody else has this commodity in the market when there's a shortage of this Pathak particular item or this commodity sugar or whatever it may be, then I will sell it at a price that I want and to whom I want, so I will have monopoly I will create a monopoly This is a haram in Islam is haram okay, it's in the Hadith This is haram holding is haram ethika Now the reason is that because it's going to cause friction it's going

01:28:09--> 01:28:13

to cause you know people are going to hate you dislike you and in the community

01:28:14--> 01:28:49

there's a hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam said Allah be bothered by the hell didn't follow up on how literally burden when someone brings some commodity into your town into your village and you go and say sell everything to me and you you deceive him or or for example you live in a city or somebody's you know, bringing wealth and commodity into your own city and you say you know what, oh in my city the prices and you is like this and like that and you deceive this person and you buy everything from him and then you go into the city and you sell it at a price that you want and you're the only sole distributor I'm not saying being sold distributions haram masala, but,

01:28:49--> 01:28:51

you know, to, to to

01:28:55--> 01:28:58

exploit people's vulnerability that's haram in Islam.

01:29:00--> 01:29:14

Seriously, that's haram so when there's a shortage you say now people are desperate. Now even if I sell it for 20 pounds, the item really was market value was 10 pounds of people will definitely need to buy it. Islamic Islamically that's not allowed.

01:29:16--> 01:29:40

Even when we do business, we need to do it with brotherhood with sisterhood with with the objective and aim of helping humanity. This is Islam. This is Islam. That's how the Radi Allahu Anhu. They will do business. You know, in what way? That's how Islam spread. The Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu the companions of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

01:29:41--> 01:29:59

They went too far and distant lands, not to propagate Islam. They went as merchants as businessmen. And there's an incident where there were two companions and Sahaba without their own and they had shops you know, they had their shops across one another. A customer came to one's hobby and