Ali Albarghouthi – Get the Barakah of Ramadan (2)

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the obligation of fasting in the month ofFinancial, stating that it is a way to avoid weight and stay away from one's life. They also mention the importance of fasting in graduating high school and gaining opportunities in the future.
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mo from Allah azza wa jal he is obligated this on a so that whether you feel like it or not, whether you see the benefits or not, you have to participate in Ramadan to receive the baraka as in the Muslims of Ramadan. So, the obligation of fasting in Ramadan is an Emma from Allah as if you approach the month of Ramadan with that mindset, then Ramadan will be very different. It's not that I have to carry this heavy weight of fasting and staying away from my life. It is actually I am blessed with the opportunity to stay away from what I like to get what I like even more which is the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal so the month of Ramadan is this immense Baraka in its days and in its

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nights in what it teaches and what it tells you to stay away from and what commands you to do. It's a month of Baraka

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