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Hassan Al Basri

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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin i beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as Mr. de la What

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are y'all doing?

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survive the first day we lose anybody

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with someone not make make it to tomorrow. Well hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala except from us this fasting that we've done another 29 days and in sha Allah as you say 29 days to Jenna between you and Genesis those 29 days of fasting those 28 days of thoroughly and that's it, inshallah, if you do it well enough, Allah subhanaw taala can go on to Jenna with us Ramadan. So every time we feel a bit, a bit lazy, just 29 days to Jenna 29 days to Gen ninja Allah Alhamdulillah we did our first hero in the series, the heroes of Islam, and yesterday we spoke about wasel Carney, who then avviso salam described as being the leader of the tablet in the leader and the base of people after

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the Sahaba. But we should also coordinate was an unknown man. And there are many great Olia that might be amongst us yet they are obscure and the unknown, the status alone is with a lot. But in every time as well, they are great people, pious people that Allah elevates and people recognize that person as being the leader. Like the greater share female boo hanifa. Allah subhanho wa Taala elevated them and they were known, and they were famous due to the knowledge and the good deeds they did for the sake of a lot and people benefited from that. So we refer back to the time of the tambourine, we said the 13, or those people who made Sahaba, but they never made an abyssal sell

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them who are amongst them if you were living in the time of the game. And you ask yourselves, who is the greatest island in the world at that time? understand the question, if you come here today, are you in Saudi Arabia and you say who is the Imam of the Haram? You say we know Shiatsu. This is the amount of the Haram who is the president of the MDC, we say, in fact, April, Allah, he's the he's the leader. So in the time of the tabea, in who did they recognize as the leader, we speak about this great scholar has an outlaw city around the Ohio law, personnel boiserie. Have you heard of hassanal basri? You've heard of the name? What do we know about him? As I said, he lived in the time

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battalion and is regarded as possibly the greatest adversary of his time known as the greatest NBA. And if we look at his history, though, and this is what I love about these heroes, you look at where they ended up in life. And you look at where they began, a lot of chose from all different kinds of people have different beginnings, and he made greatness out of them. hassanal busti his father was Yasar, who was an emancipated slave of zedi. When Sabbath zaytoven Sabbath, who is even savate for spot price, as we said, I don't know what's in there could be a million Rand in a

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no, that's a difference a not the adopted son of who seldom is even hotter. zedi been sabot

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mufe the man who wrote the Quran, remember who memorize the scribe who memorize the hafeez and say, Now Baku said will you write a must have for us and be in charge of that. So like the greatest half of this oma Zaidi mentor, but he had a slave, not to carry his his luggage and to clean his house. But the slave that he trained and he taught and he freed him, and his name was Yasar. This is the father of personal mastery, the slave Yasar and yes are married a woman which woman Her name was Hira. And she was a domestic worker of Elena. So very humble beginnings. His father is a slave and his mother is basically a maid, and she used to clean the house of masala, Salama wife of Nabina,

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Muhammad Sallallahu, wasallam. And hustler basilea was born to these two humble people, these two humble simple people. And he was born 21 of the hlr meaning about 11 years after the death of Nabisco Salaam in the time of Satan armor of the alarm in the last two years of his philanthropy, and we look back at why hustle bustle was so prolific will speak about how great he was. And Allah try to trace back way the things are going right for him. And it's mentioned in his baby in his infancy that his mother was cleaning the house of him Selena and she had to leave one day and has a little baby hasn't you still the baby was in the house of himself and he began to cry. And Osama

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picked him up this is the wife of NaVi Susannah picked him up and she to calm him down. She brought her brace to Arsenal, varsity and Subhanallah as of a miracle, she actually lactating she gave milk and hassanal varsity drank from her milk. Also, it's mentioned that hassanal bursary when you sell a baby say normally took him and kissed him and made you offer him in the door he made he said yeah, Allah grant this child to grow up to be a man of understanding

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of the dean, and may the people love him, may he become beloved from the people. And both of these doors came through. So they mentioned that because of drinking of Osama smoke and the obscene normal, this is the Baraka that Allah subhanho wa Taala began his life with and this is how he achieved that level of being the Imam of the turban. How did he look like? He was a big tall guy, big guy. If the allama had a rugby match, he would be the lock. Right? He would be the lock. Right and he was a handsome man. Both physically he was handsome. But there was a special kind of handsomeness about him, that people would hear about hustling, bustling, bustling means he comes

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from Basra. He lived most of his life in Basra with Basra in Iraq. So he grew up in Medina when he later on moved to Basra. And this is how he got to be known as Hassan of Basra. And today when the books of any book in Hades have seen thick, they say this is the opinion of Hudson. They don't ask which hasn't. In fact, it's not even Hudson, the son of St. nalli. Hasn't the grandson of Nabisco Salaam. It's understood as Hassan al basri. When they speak about the scholars, they said Hudson's opinion, they mean this hasn't panela he made the name his own basically, and hassanal bursary, so he went to Basra and people would look for him and they would say, How would I know who is hassanal

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bursary? What does he look like? And some scholars, they wrote this, they will tell the students, when you see a man that you think in your mind would look like a prophet and speaks like a prophet, and has the etiquette of the prophet of a prophet. That man is Hassan Obasi, so in our minds, we picture a prophet to be in a certain way. If we will look at certain people, we say nobody can ever be like this.

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But certain people in the etiquette and the caliber, they remind you of how a prophet should be. And Hassan albasini had this quality. In fact, many of his statements, very small and concise, profound statements. people confuse it for Heidi, they would say it's Hadith, or that all the statements of Hassan obesity. So as I said, he lived for 18 years in Medina, studying under the Sahaba learning, and he was a slave, basically the son of a slave. So he didn't go to some fancy darkroom, or university he went to, which is also how he was teaching. And he said in the image list, and he excelled above his peers, even though his peers who have higher lineage and higher status. In fact,

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his parents were not Sahaba. And he competed with young men that probably will work companions, but he said acidity, and Allah granted him to excel. And he then went to Basra when he was 18. At that time, Islam, the oma was going through tremendous expansion. And he signed up being a big, strong man that he was, he fought over 70 battles of jihad. As we think of a scholar, we don't expect that this young man in his youth, he wasn't Mujahid, and his peers would write in jihad. He was in the front line of those Mujahideen because he was a tough guy, people would sit around, they would be behind him, and he would be of the most bravest of those who fought in battle. To the later part of

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his life. He spent his time teaching in Basra, and he became famous, they would say, if you want to know if you go to the scholar, and if you want to go to Heidi, if you go to that scholar, and if you want to learn to go to that scholar, but if you want someone who knows all of it, go to hassanal bursary, so behind Allah, when the Sahaba and the Sahaba was still alive that time and people went to Sahaba first, when they became old, like ns in his 90s. And when you even Sahabi when you become old, you forget, and ns would say, I'm old, I forgot these things. rather go to Hassan, go to Hassan don't come to us now Sahaba we to go to Hassan, He will teach you he remembers he has the knowledge

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now Subhan Allah, they would say you are not a scholar, unless you learn from Hassan Alba sorry, this is how profound this man was. And he had gifts. So besides his knowledge, besides his etiquette, and his his person, he had, he was very eloquent. And they would say there are two people who are most convincing in the speech, two people who always convinced you to do something hacer la city and hijab and use of, you know, a judge, have you ever judge, you will talk about him in the next few weeks how judge was a very strong handed man. So Iraq was a problem. And I take a side note here, Iraq was a problem city, a problem country for the halifa. So he put a strong man in charge a

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man who took no nonsense that if he said something, if you don't listen, use this. He took the sold out. So if hijacked, said something everyone listened to him. And he was a very strict a very severe and harsh person. And he lived in Iraq with Hassan al basri. So they would say the two people who convinced you the best was Hassan al basri and high judge hijab. They say he convinced the men not to be blind anymore how he was. He was standing next to a man and the man was blind and he was waiting. But I just felt you do is not sincere. You're not making profit. So he said, You know, I'm a judge and you know what kind of

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And he says yes. He says, I'm going to come back off the market. If you still blind I'm going to execute you. So the guy started to make videos. He started looking serious nah and Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah accepted that da and he began to see. So this is how I judge coda Metro being blind, not really cured, but, and they will say hospital bus city was even more convincing than had judge not with the sword. But when you spoke about pm and the era, you really felt it five minutes with us and obesity. And you felt it he was even more convincing in his speech. Now Hi, judge. So this is what Hassan obviously was. And there are many little incidences in his life stories of his life that

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showed you his caliber and his qualities. There's a story between Hassan obasa and head judge. So when these two juggernauts locked horns who came out on top so high judge being the governor, he invited some of the scholars and famous people amongst them Arsenal boss ready to show off his new house or palace and hustle and everyone was scared to mention to hijack anything. This guy didn't take any nonsense hassanal busted he was not afraid to speak his mind. And he basically told her judge told the people what he thought and he left her job she wasn't gonna leave it like that. The next day he called us on our bus three meaning to punish him and Asada city obey the order and he

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came to hijack this palace and under way when he entered the door, the God told Hassan obviously you do know that hijack isn't inviting you for to make economic view, right? He's inviting you to punish you. So hasn't was no problem. I have a draft for him. And he made a small law. And when he came in Hassan came in the presence of a judge, he his caliber and his ability. He made her judge smile and her judge spoke to him in a way that high judge actually gave him a gift. And he said, You know Nice to see you thank you for visiting me again. So the gods it's finally what did you do to Hajaj? So he said I made the dryer Allah calm the angle of Hajaj as you call the fire for Ibrahim and Allah

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accepted that to our for him, please the story of hustle and bustle and the slave. The slaves came to us nobody. And since his father was a slave, he understood the CCT. You see how they are treating us very badly. If you speak to the people, they will listen to you. Why don't you give a hoot about about freeing the slaves? And has nobody said inshallah I will. And a year went by and then only he gave the Hooda and the slave said, Why don't you take so long to give this footbaww He said, I made it compulsory on myself that before I advise others to do something, I need to do it first. And I never owned a slave. So I had to save up for a year to buy a slave to set that slave free vein I

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could encourage others to do it. This is Hassan Abbasi, a rich man comes to hustle, bursary, and he says, hey, how can I give you like a slob but I'm gonna give you a gift. So hustle bustle, he said, is Arcola but I only accept money from rich people. So the most some rich guy I have like, you know, eight 1000 dyrham or dinars, like $8 million.

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So it's you know, you are a rich guy, would you like to double your 8000 instead, of course, I'd like to double it so that you're not that rich, rich person doesn't need any more. So when you rich come back to me, and I'll take from you.

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A thief once into the house of hustle bustle now thieves, they usually Rob people's houses to three o'clock in the morning, and most of us are asleep. But when they find themselves in the house of a valley, they find that they are awake, right making magic. And he came in the house. This is true story in 2000 personnel bus city, and he found nothing in this man's house. And he was actually so shocked and upset. He waited for Arsenal bustling to finish the whole shoot and he said, What kind of man are you and look at the outset you loving, I came to rob you, and there's nothing in your house. So he says, You know, I have I'm a wealthy man. And I have something to give you. And it will

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be very valuable to you just make the hatchet with me and I'll give it to you. And at the end of the third shoot and he spoke to him, man was in tears and he says Hollis today I am no longer a thief anymore. This was the power of hustle bustle of his of his statements. Another governor, another governor invited hustle bustle and two other great scholars even serene, and even Shay Bernie. to him. He became the governor and he wanted to you know, basically speak to the scholars. And he says the halifa appointed me here as your governor, what do you have to say to me? So this is a very awkward thing for a scholar, you know, we know what to do and plus the governors were not the best

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of people at that time. So the two scholars they said to him, we gave just a generic advice, Fear Allah and be a good person and allow bless you, and hamdulillah and hassanal bursary said, Oh, yazeed could you here. Remember, when you interact with yazeed you should fear Allah. But when you interact with Allah don't fear yazeed because yazeed can protect you from Allah, but Allah can protect you from yazeed and I'm telling you and he has read that there is an angel about to come to take you from your palace and put you in your cover. This is my advice for you.

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No slap in the face to the governor. And the governor says Zach a lot and he gave each of them like a slob. But for the other two he gave a small slob and for hustle bustle he gave a big one. So the scholar said yes, we gave cheap advice so he could achieve reward as a person you gave proper advice, you got a good reward. And this famous statement that he says are insane, know that you are made up of seconds, each time a second leaves you part of you disappears forever, part of you dies forever. And he said this famous statement that the worst companions are the dyrham and the dinar, these are the worst feelings you could possibly have money. Why? Because it only benefits you when

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you spend it. If you have it is no benefit to you. But when you let go of these two things, either to buy something or to give to charity, then you are then you benefit from them. So these are the two worst worst things that you could have. So there's a great scholar Hassan albasini. He was loved by all the people, Muslims, Sunni, Shia. However, even non Muslims of Basra love this man. Just like Satan, Allah made the dua, may he be loved by the people. There's a hadith whenever someone says when Allah loves someone, he says that you believe Oh God, I love so and so. So you love him. And God will love him. When God will say to the angels I love so and so because Allah loves so and so.

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And when the angels in the summer and the angels on the earth, and even the hearts of the people will begin to love this man. So much so that enduring hassles life, there was political turmoil, and the different factions who would lobby and they said if Hassan joins us, the people would join us, but he remained neutral. And he did not involve himself in the Muslim civil wars, but rather he fought Jihad to show you his caliber when Hassan albasini passed away at the age of 90, on a Friday of June masala, the first of Rajab, they took him to the maqbara and all of Basra wanted to go with and bury him. And the waqt of acid came in. And they said this is the first and only time in the

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history of Basra with a masajid of Basra were empty for the walk of awesome, because people were all at the maqbara beating him there was no more things to give other than there was no imams to lead the solder, because they were all at the mokara to bury this great man, Hassan albasini as a nominee made the DA May he have an understanding of the deenis of the great scholars in our history. And may he be loved by the people and he's loved until today. So this is our great hero where he began. And we ended because he was sincere with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah grant us that inshallah I mean to follow in his footsteps. So getting back to our course. We said yesterday that there's a booklet,

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everybody got your booklet.

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If you don't have your booklet please collect one. So it's a booklet with 300 statements or 300 facts. And we will test you on that there'll be a quiz each night. The quiz isn't going to start tonight, maybe tomorrow, inshallah we're giving you a day or two to go over those 300 questions, and we'll keep a log, we'll see who does best and inshallah at the end, we'll probably give a good price to the winner, but there is a spot price. So tomorrow's personality we're going to discuss Let's see who can guess who is

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his. His paternal grandfather was a halifa. And his maternal grandfather was the last emperor of Persia.

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And he could have been halifa and he had the blood of the prophets of Salaam running through his veins, but he chose to be obscure. And a worshiper. Do you know who we speaking about?

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His grandfather, on his his father's side was a halifa. And his grandfather on his mother's side was the last emperor of Persia, and his great grandfather was Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, who are we speaking about?

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We speaking about Ali Zainuddin, the only surviving son of Hassan he was at Karbala, but he survived Karbala. Everyone else was killed off his family of the males. And he was the only one Ali Zayn labin he survived. And we'll talk about him tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah. Allah subhana wa syedna Mohammed was it was Saddam Hussein al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu, Salam Alikum, Liberia