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So that's

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all hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shadowfell available mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallAllahu, ala uncle, he was able to sell them to Stephen cathedra and cathedra Havasu, Mara sisters, think about this.

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I do this with many clients of mine, I think I mentioned this yesterday also which is I asked them to do a SWOT analysis. So, you know, put and see if how they think of Islam and how they think about loss monitor, to see Islam as a strength as a actual material strength as some something special that they have. Or is it something that is you know, okay, this is a religion, I go, I pray, I do whatever, no doubt or something. But other than that application in my own life, especially in terms of

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you issues of this life. Now, I want to distinguish Islam in terms of the ACA esbb This is in our minds and so on, so forth, and we agree, but do we think it has any benefit in this life? Because as I

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say, the MacArthur outlet is to say,

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jump back to inquiry Neova K nama say, duniya K Messiah, hello there. That talk to NYC is a new program. They used to say that until you

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completely and totally we certainly believe that your problems of this life will be solved with Salah

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right problems of this life, you're not going to generally say problems of this life will be solved and can be solved with Salah until you have this complete total belief.

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You will not pray. Now he this is what he has to say. And I believe this is very insightful and correct statement.

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This is where the problem is that we have

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separated the

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loom and the knowledge of the dunya from the knowledge of the ACA or the knowledge of the Kitab of Allah.

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And Allah subhanaw taala did not tell us to do that.

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On the other hand, Allah told us the opposite. When Allah subhanaw taala mentioned people have intelligence, and he described their quality,

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the distinguishing features, the characteristics, and those around it, does it interview Helichrysum, our developer diva Octillery lady we're in a hurry the IRT little BAP Alladhina Yes, kurunegala keyamo for all the while as you know, we waited for Karuna fatalities and our developer. Rama Rama Calaca has a Battilana of Hannukah for him.

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In so terrarium around

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191 and 192. A last round that I said, Truly in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and the night are signs for people of intelligence. People who reflect people who think

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and then I'll describe who are these people, he said these are the people who remember Allah subhanaw taala standing, sitting and lying down. So first quality of the intelligent person or reflective person, wise person is that he recognizes his or her Creator and He knows who Allah is, he recognizes Allah He worships Allah He obeys Allah. And standing sitting lying down refers to the entire aspect of life, the three body positions that a person can have,

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which means that this person does not restrict and relegate Islam and Allah subhanho data to a small part of his life when he's in the masjid or he's praying, at home or wherever. But Allah subhanaw taala the thought that whatever I do must please Allah which is the essence of Taqwa. This thought permeates

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and completely

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fills every aspect of this person's life. So this person decides everything in life on this basis, meaning will my decision please Allah will my speech please Allah will my action please Allah. So this is the basis of his or her decision making.

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And this is the essence of Taqwa.

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And Allah subhana data when we talked about taqwa, when we talk about Allah's murder, I said well, many of you Allah, Allah Who Mahalia were Zuko mean. He threw latency. Omega Takala hippo was Allah subhanaw taala said which means the one who has taqwa,

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Allah subhanaw taala will extract him from all his difficulties and will provide him from

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sources that he enjoyed.

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Way to do and he will provide him from sources that he cannot imagine. So first thing that happened with acquire is that Allah subhanaw taala will solve your difficulties and difficulties

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During this life, write of course also occur, but start begins with does not say that he will solve your difficulties in the ACA Allah said people solve difficulties meaning is a general statement. It refers to this dunya as well as the actual inshallah. So Allah Samantha is saying the first benefit of the coin is that your worldly problems will be solved.

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Right? And Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah will provide you from sources you cannot imagine so let's not say you will get as much as you work for you will have to work hard and so on. So Allah is saying yes, you will also get as much as you will for but because you are a moody person, Allah will put barricade that so you will not at the dawn the novel person will get whatever they work for. Or our laser live in sunny lava inside that is for the whole of mankind that a person can get and will get only what they work for. But for the mata ki especial Allah several years old man he's right as if Allah said I will provide him from sources he cannot imagine. So obviously, we cannot imagine the

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source he didn't work in that source. He didn't work in that area. So Allah is talking here about the concept of baraka and the concept of the miracles that we see in our lives. Right things completely unexpected. Which we, which we I mean, Hamdulillah I, you know, I'm sure all of us have such incidents in our lives where we things happen to us which we could not possibly have expected and there is no explanation for that except that Allah sent it and that Allah smarter did it right. May Allah grant this to all of us inshallah. So, and the reason for that is taqwa is this consciousness that Allah was pleased with me. And that is a sign of the booty Alba is of the person

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who has intelligence has grown on behalf damn over Hold on, while as you know, we have and Allah said, Why at alpha Karuna futile is

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Allah said and these same people who are with again, who are concerned about the pleasure of Allah, they also research they also

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they also are learned in science and technology and so on, so forth. And they, and they do research and they invent things and they they search in the, in the meaning and the way of creation of the heavens of the earth.

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Right I mean, I've, I've been seeing it is my great interest. And when I watched some of these videos were absolutely incredible. The you know the intricacy of life, how Allah subhanaw taala created things with with such precise detail. And with such a balance and we said interdependency, and all of them time like I mean you know it's if we did that if we if we created a gadget like that you were very proud of yourself, but this is the whole world last created the whole world and all kinds of intricate patterns and details which Allah has created and this is the glory and majesty of Allah which must completely in permeate every aspect of our being and fill our hearts. So Allah

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Swatara saying that these are the people who understand this when you understand this, then you see the value of the in your life.

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And then there is out the result of this is Thor Quran Allah,

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the person then because he recognizes Allah subhanaw taala because the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala fills his heart and his heart is illuminated with the neuro philosophy Panatela then this person has complete and total faith and Tawakkol and total reliance. And then Allah said for that person over here at our collaterali for who has Bucha Allah will become sufficient for him. I see that beautiful words is called Anil theory. And these are the ayat of surah Tala two and three. Allah subhanaw taala is saying here the Allah is not you are not saying I will give the person whatever they need. I will give the verse at this point that I give them Jana, Allah saying Allah

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will become sufficient for them. Which means that every single need of this person Allah said I will take care of it. Our biggest need is desire in this life, guidance, right guidance, and our biggest need on in that on the Day of Judgment is MACRA. is forgiveness All right? Insha Allah, Allah says Allah will become provision for you. So obviously for the person for whom Allah has Allah is sufficient. There is no question about the fact that this person will inshallah androgen right and we ask Allah for like themselves and I'm still asking for journalists or fellows. We ask Allah for journalists or for those who Allah we already start without his me China. So it's very important to

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keep this video today. The way we are if you look at ourselves, we are all over the world. We are hurt us and we are beaten up and we are pressed.

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We are like people who are walking around with a with a platinum credit card without spending limits, right. You can literally buy

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are playing with the default.

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But we are begging people for money. We say please, can you give me $5, I want to go have a meal. And the person says, For God's sake, you can buy the whole shop, you've got this credit card with you in your hand, which has no spending limit on it. You can buy the whole shop, you asking me for $5? I mean, what's what's wrong with you? The problem is what's wrong with us is that we don't know how to use a credit card, we just, we just carry it around.

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Right? We don't know what the password is. We don't know how to use it. And so it's a piece of plastic in our hands. Right? In the hands of someone who knows how to use it, that thing can create magic. But in the, in the hands of somebody who has no clue what it is. It's a piece of plastic. Now, this is the problem we have the Islam today for us is a name. It's a few rituals, right? It's some cultural stuff which comes with it. That's it. What else is it? That if that is the that if that is all that Islam is for us, then it's not going to help us? And if it cannot even I always remind myself I said if if my Islam cannot get me a decent meal in this life, how is this Islam

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going to help me in the cover? In the in the grave? How does Islam will help me this kind of quality of my Islam? How will it help me in my grave? How will it help me when I'm standing over alone the other day of judgment? I mean, imagine this isn't over. So we must work on our Islam, we must work on the armor of the action. Right? Knowing is not sufficient action. And unless we act, we will not get the benefit. Because until we act it's a set of instructions. do this do this do this do this do this. Now if you memorize all the rules, do this do this but you don't actually do it. That memorizing of the do it do it do it is not going to help anybody. Right. It's only when you actually

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do that thing, then the benefit comes through. So I remember myself and you let us get into the act into the habit of actually working of applying Islam of acting on Islam of showing applied Islam the benefit of that in our lives inshallah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for higher and baraka and for the topic, to apply Islam and to show the beauty of that in our lives so we can enjoy it we can see it we can praise Allah subhana wa salam ala Nabil Karim Allah Allah he was away maybe