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When not Oh to be net he'd be sure odium. fusina

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Medina Yeah, the lack of a woman fell into g De La Hoya de murshida Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim. So you're gonna wanna Vienna Mohammed wanna add he was so happy he he my

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brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome to the show Welcome to this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, very interesting theories of the world of gender in this series The evening subhana wa Tada, I will take you in a journey. And we will both experience something that you'd never ever experienced before.

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A world that is unknown to many people, a world that only few people are able to dig down and see the reality of it. In this journey, the evening is what we would explain things that was never explained before. Not to many of you, not to most of the people who will be watching this show.

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For every thought that you have in your mind, that entice you to do something evil, for every bad thought, that holds you back from performing a righteous deed, from every deed from everything that is annexed.

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And from every sound that he hear, from everything, usual touch that you feel

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all of this can be brought back to the world of gin. And all of this can be explained through this tsp subhanho wa Taala. Now when I say the world of gin,

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talking about the actual world, and what can we experience from that, through this years, you will learn how to talk how to deal with them. You will learn how they work, how they eat, what they eat, what they form, where they created form, and every aspect that is needed for you to be exposed to these people ought to be informed about it.

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It has been through a history of mankind

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that people will always ask and question themselves about this unusual phenomena.

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Some people they call

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you false, others they may call aliens, others they call jinn. And this is the world of demons, the world of jinn.

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A lot of things has been written a lot of free texts, try to testify,

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try to explain some of the unusual things that the experience but there is undeniable truth,

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a fact that no one can deny. And this is the fact that was mentioned in the book of the loss upon who was Allah that was revealed 1400 years ago, explaining this panel

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explaining the things that we could not explain before that people wouldn't be able to explain before.

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And in this

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we will be able to understand now. When you go back to the text, and what the amount of Islam wrote about this, you will find that emammal how Domaine said a main statement when he said this callers have an Islam and before them, the students of the Sahaba and the Sahaba themselves. All of them agreed the existence of this world existence of the world of jinn.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala told us a very unique story in the origin story

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of group of jinn

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who are travelling through the land,

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trying to understand the sudden change that happened

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and why they no longer they will no longer have any access to the new use of the heavens. So they flew, searching for the truth, searching the reason and the source of that problem. And then they came to the messenger over law in the long run. He was setting them farming Salatin

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reading the Quran out loud all of the gins. They sat

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They listen to the messenger over law. They listen to this unique thing that our last panel what to add up called on

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that a man from the sons of Adam is reciting beautifully.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala at that particular moment did not tell His Messenger the audience who would watching and listening to him rather loss of Hannah with Allah revealed to him telling him the story of this.

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And for for him I had from the beginning of sorta tenjin to the 14th if you see a detail, information dealing with this, the first ayah being one on last encounter with the address and

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all Mohammed II and no stemma on Nepal, min and Jin.

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Oh, Mohammed say

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there are a number of jinn and the word nefa.

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It means

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less than nine

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or less than 11.

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Enough for there's a small number that cannot exceed 20.

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In this case, a loss of Hannah what the ANA said, What OSHA either you know, stomach enough, I don't mean and gin.

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There are a number of general group of June came to listen, listen to the Koran. And they listened to the recitation and they said a cover call in the Senate or on an agenda. We have her a beautiful unique on on that it's been reciting this Hold on.

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What does it do according to the statement of a loss of control with data and according to the statement of the jinn, it guides to the truth.

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And in this sort of agenda himself is are talking about what they believed before the Koran and before they heard the words of a loss of control with data and before the statement came to them.

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So they came to one another.

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And they start talking and saying, and no corner region meaning in yagoona v journeymen and Jennifer's Mohawk men from the mankind used to come and seek the help of the jinn and the genes increase them cruise the mankind in disbelief and sin.

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And this 14 I will request and recommend for every Muslim to go back and read this ayah you can see that our last panel was Anna mentioned them in the Koran, which would not allow anyone to have any doubts. And how can we have doubts in what Allah soprano what Allah He himself stated in the Quran? No man, no person, no movement with a trace of religious commitment, trace of Amen. Faith in a loss of power with Donna whatever oppose to the statement of a loss of Hannah who

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won a law said this is what this June number origins said. Only thing the only response that is acceptable is for us to say submit now what are

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we hear and we obey the orders of the loss of Hannah who with Anna? Because this is the attitude of a movement. Ally appointing authority as a woman can only move meaning what Nina? Either Mahara sudo, Amman, Annie akuna Luna fear attorney Emery, it was not befitting for men, male or female, if Allah and His Messenger decided the matter for them to have an opinion in it. Therefore

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there should be no men who have the idea or the opinion of jinn do not exist and are handed in the item Alhamdulillah since we all believe in the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, some of the lower it he was sending them, then we will never have any issues of understanding and believing what a last panel what Allah said in your spot on. Now, let's talk about what a loss of turnover what the ATA said about this beam, and how many, we should react to them and to their existence. Anyone

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as a woman who heard this statement should here and with acceptance from Allah subhanho wa Taala now we have three types of jinn.

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types of gins

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in this insha Allah after a very short break of the evening here subhanho wa Taala. We will talk and explain and see what are these three types of genes, the evenness of Hanuman wattana. So we say to me back to the last data in a minute, Solomonic

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conversations, presenting Islam in the form of social service. I'm like all the leaders of the world trust salatu salam was different for

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My name is

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my life and my death.

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Watch little wonders at their best wonder kids next on peace TV.

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Rahim salatu salam ala rasulillah Kareem Welcome back to fears of Adam Qian or the world of jinn. And let us do Sharla continue with the different types of jinn.

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See, from you, you can realize and understand they are very unique. They're different from the human beings. There's only one human tie. Yes, we do have different colored skin. We speak different languages. We are male and female, different genders. We have different sizes short, tall, thin, why? and so on. Before the gene is completely different.

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There are three different times as the messenger over lots of the law herati he was

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the first of the three times is it time flies and gin flies. This is they have a special power and enables them to fly and go places. second type of gin are the genes that have the ability to take shapes, shape of human,

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animal and differently. The third type of gin or the gin that resides underneath

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With us, and the moon in an apples

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now but the question that we may ask ourselves is, which of the two were created first, gin or ends us? Allah subhanho wa Taala it stays and says in the Quran

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informing us that they were created before the mankind, for how long? for 1000 years, 2000 years. Until today, that information is unknown to the sons of Adam and only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that n and those who may allow them to know the knowledge of that. Now, since we repeated the term gin, what does it mean? What does it mean when we say gin? Or that person is possessed by gin? Or he's acting like a gin or you cannot see him? He is invisible like a gin. See the word gin means the one that eyes cannot see. Now

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when we say Jin is because they are unseen to us, we cannot see them and Subhan Allah when Allah is also talking about janeane, Jenna paradise Jana, Allah call in general because all from the same route because the branch of genomic paradise and the trees are so green so thick so big, that the branch won't touch one another one cross each other, that you won't be able to see the person behind that tree. And that's what called g Nyan and seen and also because we never seen Jen also Jenny the fetus

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and human being fearless is something we cannot see we know it exists or we cannot see it. Also like Legion, origin and this is when a person wears shield when the armor that will protect him from the people so his bodies and team and the people cannot see for harm him.

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This is what LG Nan Jin means in the Arabic language Try to understand. Now if you go over this insha Allah says this is the genome that we try to understand and the gene that is unknown to us. What are the nature of gins and where the jinn were created?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala again,

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he created angels from a certain substance.

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He created humans from a different substance and he created jinn from a special substance that is suitable for them.

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Loss of hunter watts Allah as we stated earlier in the Koran, he said he created a phone and not assemble him not busted him a whole lot he said and that assemble is is the purest form of fire in where there's no smoke, no ash flying around. Is that pure form of flame. Allah has created the Djinn from there also another narration but I'm the live and he said he created them for me smokeless fire is free from any mix. In the Hadith and the views of the long running He will send them authentic hadith the messenger over loss on the lower the most of them said

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all your cotton mela acre to me know the angels were created from light. Well hold your cotton Jan Mina and the jeans were created for smokeless fine. Well Holika Adam and Adam Your father was created that which was told to you information that was given to it was straight from a play. He was created from this so this is what what Allah subhana wa tada created the jinn form. Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala create them? What was the purpose of the creation? See a loss of Hannah what the ANA is all wise, all knowing

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when Allah creates, he creates for a purpose. When something happens,

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that happens for hikma for reason for wisdom. We may or may not understand it at this moment, but there is a wisdom behind it.

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Now why did Allah subhanho wa Taala create the jinn Allah created them

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for the same purpose that He created us, when a loss of control with the ANA said one Mahalo to Jin will insert inlandia

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I have not created the gin and the ends, except to worship the to worship Allah subhanho wa Tada. Now, the jinn were created and they were told the purpose of the creation and the half of a loss of handle with Allah upon them is to worship Him alone.

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Not Vinnie Jabba

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messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam them and this is very, very unique story, my advantage of writing behind the messenger overlock, both of them on a mountain. And then all of sudden, the Messenger of a loss as to why Omar

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who was a student of knowledge, he was a student of now, not only student of knowledge, a person was so eager to learn this.

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And that's what he used to be very close to the messenger of a loss on the long run, he was sending them so he can learn everything from him. And he achieved that. So this man, my other job, is writing with the messenger of a loss on the lolani He will send them and the missing your own loss that young, why

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shall I tell you the rights of a law over his servants, not renewed, Yaga said yes, or messenger over

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the messenger on the last and I listened to this because a lot of Muslims do not understand. Letting alone those people who are outside of the fold of Islam.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that we should worship Allah alone. The rights that Allah has over us is to worship Him alone, not to associate anyone with him subhanho wa Tada. No prophet should be worshipped beside Allah subhana wa Tada. But we all should devote our prayers, our,

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towards the last panel with Adam.

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Now the jinn

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off from the creation that Allah created,

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and that Allah has over them is to worship Him alone.

00:22:33--> 00:22:39

And then, and this is a good tidings. This is a bush law. This is a good news for every movement, every Muslim,

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the Messenger of Allah, He kept quiet.

00:22:44--> 00:23:06

And they continue with the journey. And then it'll sort of like turn to wine. And he said, Oh, what shall I not tell you the rights of the servants of the law upon a loss upon or without? Now look, this is so beautiful. Allah created us. He sustained us

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everything that we have, and everything that we will have in the evening subhanho wa Taala. And he gave us the greatest blessing, the greatest number which is not Islam.

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At the top of that, he put rights over himself winningly. And the rights that we have a law is for him, to place us in Paradise, and not to punish us, if we do not associate with disobeyed him. subhanho wa Taala. Now the genes here

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the sole purpose that a lot create them was to be like a human being and to worship him subhanho wa Taala and not to associate anyone else with him. Did they do this? Do they follow the orders and the commandments of the law? Do they listen to the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is absolutely something different from the point. But the point is they were created to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's why Allah created them soprano without

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Allah said in the

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same tone, and this is for all of us, not only for the Jin, after her symptom, unima hottap na komaba that we have Korea for play,

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for foolishness, for no real purpose.

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And we lift we give you everything and we let you go. We're under comme la jolla to your own and that you will not be returned back to us.

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Now there's gin and the ends in this

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are together. A loss of Hannah with the added creators for a purpose not for free.

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volition is not for play, and for us to go back to him, somehow know who what we know from the word of gin also, we will learn

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that when our last panel with Allah created them, he gave them the ability to live as they desire to do obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and worship him Subhanahu wa tada the last panel with Allah, except those who are from the jinn who pray and worship Allah alone soprano what's out. Now, from this, we will go to another step, which is also unique part of this unique journey that we will all will take, and this is the creation of Adam.

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And before this, as far as we know, authentically, the jinn themselves did not have any issues or problems. Yes, it's true.

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Some of the doctrine some of the material some of the information that was given to us or was provided to us, a source other than source of the Quran, the sun indicates that there were jinn who live here and unload and destroy them due to the sins but we do not know that and you shot a law. After this. We will also talk about the beginning of the history of mankind humanity automata smartphone counts profitable as it used to for anyone handling dianobol argument. See shala episode salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah