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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Islamist movement gained national recognition after Mr. Shafi's death in Egypt and his book "The Hallelujah," which was the best book in the world. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning and not just focusing on logic or reason. The success of Mr. Nolan's method of writing is also discussed, including his views on the world and his actions like traveling to Africa and reciting the Quran. Other topics discussed include the rise of Islam in Europe and the death of Subhanossl Boulevard.
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Are we live in a state on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine, my beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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How y'all doing?

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And to all the listeners over the radio station salaam aleikum to you and I hope you're all doing well and hamdulillah. We continue with our series, the heroes of Islam, when from the left, and over the last two nights, we discussed two of the four modalities. We spoke about Abu hanifa and the Hanafi madhhab. And we spoke about Imam Malik and the Maliki madhhab. Tonight insha Allah, we speak about the Imam that I'm sure is close to most of our hearts. Imam Shafi since we are in sheffey country Alhamdulillah

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his name Abdullah Mohammed even Idris, a chef, so his name isn't Shafi. His name is Mohammed even Idris, a chef, and he was born behind a law in Gaza. The same husband we know today in Palestine, Allah subhanho wa Taala grant assistance from our brothers and sisters in all over the world and in particular, the brothers and sisters in Gaza. This Imam comes from that land, and he was born 150 after hegira. The same year, Abu hanifa passed away. In one narration even says the same day that Abu hanifa passed away. Imam Shafi was born as if the Allah extinguished one star and then brought a new star to life. He's famous teachers, Imam Malik would be his greatest teacher, and he would

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always call as call Imam Malik staff or the master, the master when he would ask him a question. He would say this was the opinion of the master when you speaking about the master, he means Mr. Malik will talk about some of his other teachers as well. amongst his most famous students was already been humble. So you see these Formica hip both on one another, there was no animosity or dislike, rather, they loved each other and learn from one another. And many, many books it will talk about his books in sha Allah and Mr. Shafi of all the Imams, he lived the shortest life only 54 years, and he passed away in Egypt and he's buried in Egypt. Let's talk a bit about him sharing his childhood

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and his life. He was born as we see it in the 150 off the hegira and he was a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he was a Hashimi Ebates family of Navy so seldom, in fact, it's mentioned that one of his great great grandfather's, it's a beautiful story was at the Battle of butter, not as the Muslims as a non Muslim. He was a cousin of Nagisa lamb, and he fought against the prophets of Salaam, and he was taken captive in the Battle of butter. And he was taken captive by a Muslim family of Medina was extremely poor. And he was being he was a rich man, and he was taken care of not as a captive, rather, they looked after him and treated him better than

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themselves. They gave him the best food. And he felt so sad and bad, bad for them. He became Muslim. And he didn't expose that he was a Muslim, he waited for his family to pay the ransom money to free him. When he said, I'm not Muslim. I'm not coming back to Makkah. So this is Mr. Schaeffer, his great great grandfather, and on his mother's side, she was a descendant of say, nalli, of Hassan, and therefore a descendant of Fatima, the descendant of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So he's from the debate. His father died when he was still an infant. So he was an orphan his entire life, he never met his father and his mother, and he struggled, and throughout his life, he lived in

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abject poverty. And this is something that we relate to. That's vital. These heroes were not born with superpowers. They were ordinary people. And sometimes they even added tougher than normal people. But they did extraordinary things. Not much was expected of a young boy living in has to a single mother in poverty, not having anything to his name, yet swannanoa he'll be one of the greatest people on this earth. And we'll see why. He's mother decided to move from Palestine and take him back to his ancestral home of Mecca to let him continue in his lineage. This is where he belongs this week comes from and of course, Makkah and Medina are the centers of Islamic learning.

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And he goes to Makkah, and they she leaves him with a Bedouin tribe in Makkah as the abyssal Salaam was left to the Bedouin tribe. And one of the reasons why the beta ones were the best at the Arabic language, and image Shafi would spend 17 years as a Bedouin to learn the Arabic language and therefore, we might know him in terms of his knowledge being an imam of fic, but rather he was an imam of Arabic language. Firstly, today, when they do you know want to understand the meaning of words, even when I'm shaffir. He says this word means that when he's taken as a hajia, his word is authoritative. And his understanding and his eloquence in poetry exceeded the other imams. So he's

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the most eloquent of the four times because he spent many many years in the bit where the baby ones learning learning from the from them. He couldn't afford stationery. In fact, he couldn't even afford to attend the classes to pay the Imam whatever Slava to whatever he had. It was only because of his lineage that you

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Was elevate, the Imam said no problem. He can be in our class. And he said I couldn't afford the stationery, to write. So I had to write on leaves on leftover pieces of cloth on bones. And because I couldn't carry all these things, he wasn't even 10 years old. I began to just memorize. I began from young to memorize everything I learned because I couldn't carry all of that. So he had a photographic memory at the age of 70. memorize the Quran. We said last night. What is the most famous book in the world after liquid iron at that time? In my Malik's book, the best book of Hadeeth attain he memorized the mathematics motto? It's like memorizing zaharie at 10 years old.

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And he stayed and he loved and he taught I was taught by the Grand Mufti of Makkah, a man by the name of Mr. Muslim, even Khalid al zanghi. He was the Grand Mufti of Iran. And this man took a great liking to this boy, Mr. Michel fury, and he, you know, he saw intelligence in him and brilliance in him. And by the age of 15, they gave him to Ischia to sit in the hot room and get gifts that was, so he had new enough IQ and enough knowledge of Hadith that he was able to give fatwa at the age of 15. But his greatest dream he memorized Mr. Malik's book attain, and his greatest dream was to learn under the number one scholar on the earth was Mr. Malik. We say that that time, everyone knew Mr.

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Malik was the number one scholar in the world. People walked from Spain with questions to Mr. Malik. a side note I didn't mention yesterday, Mr. Malik had four kids, three sons, one daughter, and he said to his son, Subhana, Allah, people come to me from Spain to learn from me, but none of my boys are interested in learning from me. She has children, Allah Subhana Allah and Allah, you know, help us I mean, but his daughter was a scholar, and Allah gives to the sons or the daughters, whoever wants it most. His daughter was a scholar, and she memorized them water from him. And he students would learn sometimes from her spinal law. So my Malik, being the great scholar that he was, you

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couldn't just get into this class like that. There was an application that you put in him and Shafi wanted so badly to be in a mathematics class. He memorized his book, and it's mentioned up until 20. He couldn't get in there until the Grand Mufti of Makkah, and the governor of Mecca, wrote to the governor of Medina, and wrote to Mr. Malik, personally, this is boy, he's brilliant. He's a brilliant student. Won't you take him as one of your students, and we sit him on Malik's personality very strict and stern. The governor of Medina city is an island we'd love to have him when Malik wasn't so convinced he sits on a law using government connections now to get admission into my

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class. Fine, I will give you an interview. Anyone Malik chef, he says I went to my Malik and I read to him the motto I read to him and explain what I understood. He didn't seem too impressed when I read it to him from memory word for word, word for word. Now you mentioned someone that reads your book. He memorized your book. And still he says even Malik didn't seem so impressed and agile as if though I kind of impressed him but he gave nothing away. Just okay. You want to be a scholar? Okay, inshallah you can be in my class, but are we sure he was very impressed. So he stayed with Mr. Malik for almost 10 years till the death of Mr. Malik Eman Shafi was at his side and became his number one

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top student. Even Malik said no scholar more brilliant than Mohammed bin irisa Shafi ever came to me as a student writes for ematic. To say this, it takes a lot, right. It doesn't give away freebies. So he stayed with him and Malik and he became one of his best students. And the motto is transmitted, it wasn't printed. Like we have printing today, students memorize it and then taught it. Even chef is one of the great narrators of him. I'm Alex mawatha. And he said that famous words that there is no book more accurate or more authentic after the Quran than the moussaka of Imam Malik. That's why he calls him my master the master. After image Shafi after the passing of Mr.

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Malik, I'm sure if he was in his 30s, by now he was sort of well known. He was recognized as a competent jurist and a judge, and the government appointed him he took a government job to be the governor of an area called nudge Iran to the south of Saudi between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. But he was just a still fish out of being a student. And this is a message to my brothers who are still studying in Islamic Studies. You can learn many, many years 2030 years and have great aim. But the knowledge of people and dealing with people is a different matter altogether. That's why our great scholars with the experience with dealing with people, it's a different art altogether. Mr. Shafi

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had to learn this the hard way. He spoke the truth and he gave a deal and he spoke against the corruption that was happening in Yemen. And what happened, the governor of Yemen had a plot and there was a conspiracy and he was caught up in the conspiracy. He was a bit naive, and they would ask him questions with a hidden agenda at that time. Like today, jihad is a dangerous topic, you can talk about jihad, but if you say a few things automatically on the radar. At that time, it was spoke too much about debate and we said there was conflict between the government and the supporters of albertan Canada we also wanted to validate and Imam Shafi said if loving it

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debate and remember he is a debate. If loving a debate makes me a heretic, then I'm a heretic. This news reached the government and some rebels of Yemen were taken prisoner. They were executed. And one of the names on the list to be executed was a chef. He was taken prisoner. But the halifa Harun al Rashid said, don't execute him, bring him to Baghdad, I want to speak to him personally. And he was on trial for his life. He mentioned this Imam in chains on trial for his life. But he got a chance to appeal to the Khalifa himself. And the halifa was impressed with his eloquence being a student of a Malik his knowledge, also the great student of Abu hanifa, Mohammed a shibani. He was a

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court a judge in Iraq. And he also came to the halifa and said, I vouch for this man, this is an alum is a great scholar. He's not involved in any rebellious things. He's not working against the government, but he only speaks to Huck and the halifa. Let him go. And in fact, began to like Imam Shafi and asked him stay in Baghdad stay in Iraq, and we'll give you to teach. But this was the infimum Shafi and the government all four imams at a very bad relationship with the government for whatever reasons and emotion Allah said, Never again, what do you think I posted with the government is going to devote himself to teaching and learning and writing. Now in Iraq, he becomes acquainted

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with the mother of Abu hanifa. And he actually stayed sometime in the main street of Abu hanifa. And he got to learn under Mohammed Shivani and the other students, and as we said, yesterday, are the two days to deal with these two big ideas, views that are normally those of logic or reason and opinion. And the literalist, in my Malik being a literalist, by the book, we don't look too deep, what is behind the Hadith we just accept, and we follow him Abu hanifa, needing to use logic and reason to interpret ideas, and these two views were sort of conflicting. Imam Shafi comes from the Maliki school. And at that point, he's a Maliki. He's a traditionalist, and he didn't know much

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about Abu hanifa 's methodology. But he gave himself the opportunity to learn. And he entered into a number of debates with with adapt with a shibani. And he said, I have always beaten people when I debated them, except Muhammad, a shibani. You know, he actually, and we said, The Hanafi scholars were the masters at logic that you even Abu hanifa had the beta of Mr. Malik. Similarly, yeah, his student gives him a hard time. And he begins to, to reason and realize that there is a way to join these two schools, can we not join these two different views. And this was a time when people became very partisan, they stuck to the Imam and my school is the best and we don't want to learn those,

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those people are deviant. This was beginning to happen. See, Mom, Chef, he now immersed himself in Kufa with other ideas. There were other modalities, where there wasn't only four, there were many more, and he starts to learn from the different modalities. And then he went back to Makkah, a more rounded scholar, he experienced a bit of the world now, he had different views. And now he entered he had a job in the harem as a lecturer in the harem, at that time, he was unknown, still, not even in his 40s. Very, very fresh, very new, but he had more experience of the world with many of the teachers in the harem. And it's a beautiful story of him, even humbled when he comes from Iraq to

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Makkah to learn in Makkah. And he says, I came to Makkah with a companion of mine, and we saw the different circles of learning. And I saw this man dressed like a Bedouin Shafi dressed like a Bedouin because he grew up lived with the Bedouins. And they were very few people sitting in his class to three people. And I sat there and he didn't know who this man was, and his companions that you've left the circles of the big shifts of the harem, the Mufti of the harem to sit with us Beethoven, you know, what's, what's the reason? He said, just keep quiet, listen to this man. And he says, well, like once he starts to speak, this man spoke, I couldn't keep up anymore. My mind

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stopped working. And he said, If you miss something from one of the movies of the harem, you can get it again. But if you don't miss you, don't you miss something from this teacher? No one else will be able to teach like him. This was the man shaft right? So in my mind, the amount I mean, I mean, I met he said, When I came there, there was only a few people in his class. When he lived Makkah back to buff dad. His class was the biggest class in the heart. The other classes had to shut down. You, I'm sure his class now he was the star of the harem. Everyone came to the class of a chef. And he became known as the number one fucking in the world. And the halifa actually now gave him sort of he

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was a traveling professor. He will travel to different countries to teach. He comes back to Iraq. And here he wrote many of his famous books, you know, Shafi only left 54 years, but they wrote over 100 books, being the eloquent man that he was, when he wrote you, you open his book, it's a book of law. It's boring stuff, but he wrote it like poetry. This is one of why his method really expanded because of all the four times he was the most prolific of writers. Many, many of his books survived till today and his book rissalah

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Which is basically he puts down the laws of how to derive IQ. He took the ideas of Mr. Malik the ideas of Imam, Abu hanifa. And he joined them. So this man synergize, these two things, he found a middle way between these two modalities. And he found a way of uniting two seemingly opposite views. This was his great strength, but he continued to learn. And he would have the humbleness, the humility, when he learned something new. He told him I met, you know more about it than I do. So if you know what Hadith is authentic, tell me and I don't mind changing my method. And in fact, Imam Shafi had a old mother. And then he traveled to Egypt after some time, and he learned under the

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Egyptian scholars learning new Hadith and new understanding. And he said, I have a new method now. So while he was defended his own opinions, and he came up with his own reasoning, and a different flavor, not Maliki hanafy, even though they say when you read his books, you see the spirit of Abu hanifa, and the spirit of your Malik in it. He had his own views, but he was a big enough man to say, I don't have all the knowledge and if someone comes with a better view, Alhamdulillah and that's my new method. And in fact, he has what they say to mother, Ennis, and to show his wisdom when he was in Baghdad. We know the hanger the shaft is a very interesting thing in fragile Sala

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What do the shafts do? Who knows?

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For the first time you be shocked, or the man forgot to make Who knows? pharmaceutics doesn't know the school is in fashion. This is a Shafi thing. And when he got to Baghdad, he stopped making coolutils

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Shafi you the guy let's say we should make Kunal infigen. So he said, out of respect of the man of the scholar, meaning Abu hanifa, I'm in Hanafi, territory, guru of the Hunan infigen, even the Shafi is don't say to pull it off Salah if you don't make it No problem, but to have respect for the island, and to keep unity in that area. This is more important. Look at his feet and his understanding and his respect for his Imam, Imam Malik and Abu hanifa. And his own view, in his personal life, he had one wife and I said all four imams they never had more than one wife. So let's just as a very happy about that. He had, he had also three sons and one daughter, and many of them

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grew up to be to be pious people. And they were also also well known. You don't get this level of status purely through brilliance. We said this before, they must be a level of piety. And there are many, many reports and alum today we we can't make it doesn't make sense. But he students would say him I'm sure if he tried to recite the Quran, complete from the beginning to the end once every day and twice in Ramadan. twice in Ramadan. Is this possible today the scholars say is this possible? Subhana Allah, Allah Allah every single moment of the day, every free time when he isn't teaching is reciting Quran Subhan Allah takes you about 12 hours or so half the days of reciting Quran and

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that's why these amounts were the way they work. Look at this hadith. Now resorcinol says, Truly Allah will send forth from this community meaning from the oma at the beginning of every 100 years, someone who will revive and renew the religion for them a mujaddid revival sort of indicative

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Imam Shafi came in the second century, and many of the scholars said he's the second revival of the soma, whose do you think is the first we spoke about him before?

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omifin abdulazeez? Yes, so moving Abdulaziz is taken as the first reviver and many scholars would say a chef theory is the second revival of the soma of Ennis madhab, now begins to flourish and prosper. He lived in Egypt and they he passed away. And so on a very sad story of how he died. He began, he's obviously very famous, and he's talking and he's speaking about different, you know, his views. And it was very different now to Mr. Malik's views. And some scholar, some students of Imam Malik were very partisan, and very biased. And they sort of said, How can you go against your teacher? How can you give a fatwa different to your teacher Mr. Malik, so even Shafi basically said,

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If my mom knew what I know, this would be his method. He Mr. Malik said, no one's view is sort of should be accepted unconditionally, except the one in this cabin, meaning maybe Mohammed Salah only his one is really the mother of Mohammed Salim is the only method really, but his students were partisan, and he was in a debate with some Maliki students, and they actually attacked him and he got injured. And he never recovered from that, and he passed away from these injuries. SubhanAllah 54 years old, and East Korea could have gone so much further than that. But Allah subhanho wa Taala took him at a young age, but still he wrote over 100 books and from his legacy, and these names

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Suhana law. How many of them do we know him? No, we even have Janelle Escalante, the man who explained to Heidi aloha Sally, even Kathy sallahu, Deena UB these are all share theory. Scholars even mentioned that maybe Bahati as well was a Sheffield scholar and his mother began to flourish. And it was in many government officials and it became the official madhhab in certain areas like Egypt and in the hijas and in the Ottoman Empire, as we see that

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Hanafi madhhab and this is the reason why the Hanafi madhhab spread, but till today the shafia matter the second largest metal in the world, and Imam Shafi even on his deathbed he wrote this beautiful poem. When he was on his deathbed, he said, I am journeying from this world and departing from my brother's drinking from the cup of death and upon Allah exalted is his remembrance, my arrival and noble Allah I do not know Subhana Allah says, I did not know if my soul is traveling towards Jenna to be welcomed towards Jana to be punished. And though I am a sinner, a criminal, when my heart becomes constricted and said, and my path becomes narrow, I took my hope in a loss, pardon

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and forgiveness as an opening and as an escape. My sin seemed very great to me. But when I compare them to Allah forgiveness, I found almost forgiveness to be much greater, much bigger, and even sheffy died and this is one of the last poems heroes, what hamdulillah and today before the chef race and all the contributions and all the till today, if you go to the summit, University of Medina, with the study, you will take his book rissalah over 1000 years old, not many have done better than him. Some Allah subhanho wa Taala grant him a great place in Ghana and together as the more good we do these imams accrue to the account welcome good enough. We continue with our quiz and

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we see tonight no quiz inshallah prize giving tonight, but we give the answers for the listeners if you're not sure what's happening. Bronwyn Islamia we have as soon as we have a quiz at the end of the lecture, you would write fill out a card, answering the questions and you put the card in we give a quiz book at the beginning of Ramadan with all the questions and then we see who did the best for the week and we give them a prize. So last night's questions we go through the answers. Who was the last prophet to die before that be Mohamed Salah. What's the answer? To take questions?

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Right now VSA didn't die still alive. So nebbia was the last lobby to pass away before in a resource Allah has the stinking questions from my side which cannot be controlled the wind now v Sulayman as a mistake of the on the screen and Abu Sulayman control the wind and in this board was given to NaVi NaVi de la silla to ceram so this is where the answers for the yesterday's quiz no questions tonight because this prize giving for the week so let's see who is stopping the log who's leading and okay stopped in

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the Sally's Mashallah doing very well the bay Mashallah still day xid Israel so forth Israel's keeping it the end Adnan martial law number one so at land for you there's a prize this it's a it's a picnic basket the picnic sit, inshallah please enjoy it after Ramadan

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and there's a prize for you but like we said for those of you who have made a lot of law and this Baraka in your dog, we also have a special lucky draw for people on sand put the names in there so even though they don't get the answers right, they knew it was the job so let's do a lucky draw for those who all answered and everyone has a chance to win a prize two prizes. Let's see.

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And the winner is

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Rehan Sally is here

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is not the as per the rules he loses his prize

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moody Yeah, Mashallah prize price for you. Martial Law and then there's another price.

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It's while again, martial law is my might want to ask are you making it just to do us martial law two weeks in a row is my cycle afraid? So tomorrow we continue tomorrow's hero. Who is tomorrow's hero, young chef he says when he leaves Iraq. I never lift a man more pious, more God fearing better character, better understanding and knowledge in Islam than him. He stood against the halifa and protected the Quran from being changed. We're talking about Mr. Mohammed even humble. We continue tomorrow inshallah. Allah Haile Selassie number hamadryas, ali. Salaam mousseline Alhamdulillah a Solomonic before we get to.

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