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The transcript describes a man named Jesus who gives advice on being happy and caring for others, as well as a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried. Jesus emphasizes the importance of being generous with one's partner and not waste money, as well as a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have been buried and a woman who claims to have

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Your risk, while a man Subhanallah, one of my favorite Hadith, a man was walking in a desert in the land. And then he heard the voice coming from the cloud saying, irrigate the garden of so and so

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he heard the noise, sound coming, water, the land of so unsold, and he named the person. So there upon the clouds drifted in a certain direction and start discharging water.

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The man followed the cloud, and until it reached the garden, and he saw the owner of the garden, standing in a center, working with his speed spreading the water when the water is falling, he's making lines this goes this way, this goes that way. And then he said, Yeah, Abdullah must smoke, what's your name? He told him his name. And it was the same name that he heard from the sky.

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He said, Why? Why are you asking me my name? He said I he told him the story. I heard a voice from a cloud which poured down this water saying irrigate the garden and it mentions your name. And I would like to know

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then you Allah subhanho wa Taala send the cloud to your garden to be watered. What is it that you do for Allah, Sahara laka, sahab for Allah subhanaw taala to subjugate for you, the cloud. So the man said, now that you asked me, usually I do not tell anybody. But now that you asked me, I will tell you, I estimate the produce of the garden and distribute 1/3 For myself, and my family 1/3 Back in the garden, and 1/3 to the poor.

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Every single crop every single year 1/3 For myself, 1/3 back in the garden, and 1/3 for the poor Subhanallah and Allah subhanho wa Taala put baraka and he sat me he made the clouds go straight to his his garden. Another good thing of Jude, like we mentioned before Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in she had reported that as soon as Isilon went on an expedition and Makkah, and then he went out along with the Muslims and they fought at her name. And Allah subhanaw taala gave them victory.

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And Rasul Allah says, Allah gave 100 Camel to suffer one even OMA year, he again gave him another 100 camel, and then he gave him one more 100 Cameron.

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So say them, then we'll say he said, that's the one told him by Allah.

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Allah's Messenger gave me what he gave me and my state of mind at that time that he was the most hated person to me. But he continued giving me until now he is the dearest person to my heart. So I'm Allah.

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Let's pause one second.

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So some of us he knew that this man hates him. He gave him 300 cameras 300 cars,

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our time and he knows that he doesn't Imagine if he loves him. He knows that by this he will soften his heart Subhanallah and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we all know his Heckman. So this man he said himself said after this he became the most

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loved one. That's why we discussing after Fisher manners Subhan Allah, it forces when you have great manners, it forces people to love you to care about you to take care of you Subhanallah because they say wow, I'm treating him like this. And I'm doing this to him and this is what he's doing in return. Allahu Akbar. This man has to be very righteous man. Then ignore pay him Rahim Allah. He divided the he said that the Jude Jude because people think that Judas only money is only wealth but Jude could be been NIFS Jude could be with yourself. And takuna dome and Neff Sakura he saw an acre Taboola her feasability Allah subhanho wa Taala even you are ready to give your soul feasability

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Allah this is the jewel within us. This is the highest level of of Jude. Well Jude Berryessa Jude with position you are ready to

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use your position to help so many people around you this guy needs a job this guy needs a favor this guy needs whilst

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you use your you'd use your position to be Jawwad while you would be Raha Subhanallah you would with your comfort.

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So you go out of your comfort zone to help others and to this guy needs to move this guy needs this guy needs. You go out of your comfort zone to help them while Judo been in

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the unknown and Ashraf middleman. And also even if you have some knowledge, a little bit of knowledge, you could help somebody you could teach someone. This is also Jude bill with knowledge.

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And then there is

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a Jude be bastle version. This is something that we can all do here. One, to be Kareem, to be Jawad with always by always smiling, by always being gentle by always being kind, no matter what you're going through, you're always give that charity of of a smile to others, and Subhanallah we have so many stories about how the Arab even before Islam in the Jaya Helia the Quran and the Jude was so any beyond imagination, they used to any sleep hungry to feed the guest and to feed others. And subhanAllah like I mentioned many times before, and I will end with this

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is a major disease.

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The Miser being stingy is a disease. It's a sickness of the heart.

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And I mentioned many many times before, if someone approached you he wants to marry your daughter. He wants to marry your sister. And he's a half as of Kitab Allah and half of the all the six books of Hadith. But he's back he'll tell him Salam aleikum

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from the door turn and close the door from outside.

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Because you know what, he did not benefit anything from the memorization. Oh, this hadith that he memorized that enforce and push and encourage?

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generosity, what did they do to you? Or this ayat that encouraged in fact, what did they do to you? They did not affect you at all. And you'll never heal. I'm talking about the real Bahamian. There's a There's a very famous story about a man who was so buried.

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Very, very, very stingy. And this man, one time he a guest came to his house. So this man, you know, he wants to pretend next to the guest that he's very generous. So he told his son, why don't you go to the market and get us like two pounds of the best of the best meat.

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So the kid went to the market went to the butcher, and he told him I want my father said, Give me the best meat. So the butcher said, I'm gonna give you meat

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softer than butter

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the kid said to himself.

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It's softer than butter. Let me get better. Some butter is cheaper than meat.

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So he went to the place to buy butter. The guy who sells butter he told him I'm gonna give you better sweeter than honey said, You know what? Honey is cheaper in our neighborhood. Let me go get some honey is cheaper than butter. So he went and to get some.

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Some better some honey. He went to the guy. He said I'm gonna give you honey. Just so pure, just like pure water is pure water. We have pure water at home.

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The skin is a good kid, after his father Delica shibden Velyka had a sibling delicate acid. So he said so he came back home. And he has nothing in his hand.

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So the father said What is the need? So I explained to him the story and he got to the water. He said we have one at home. So why should we I go and waste money. said Father said you're a very good kid myself. I know how to raise you raise you very good, but you made one mistake. So what is it? He said you know you went to all these places. And you use your shoes that needs the shoes have you know

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the shoes now as

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he said Baba Don't worry, I took the guest shoe

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I took the guests you think I'm crazy. I need to go with my sure all these trips.

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So Hala. So

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don't go by the last story. Go by the previous stories. And be extremely generous to everybody that you know. Be generous with your smile. Be generous with your Salam when you say salaam go all the way yeah Salam rahmatullah wa barakato go all the way and get the theory hasna that the salah Salem promise three. This is like I said, this is the law.

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It's Thursday night and of the this year and in sha Allah Allah. Please come to measure tomorrow at 630 and get the burqa and be under the protection of Allah azza wa jal may come out of Salat and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the one who said Axel. Akira women are solid and they make a lot of abundance a lot on me and the night of tears on the night of Friday and they are Friday inshallah Imam will be giving the first football and I will be giving the second Zakum Allah Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and iStockphoto Governor