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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting for achieving the best out of any hesitant sex act and the need to be realistic and clear about it. They stress the importance of feeding people with permanent sickness and avoiding fasting. The speakers also emphasize the importance of staying in a city for a whole day to avoid unnecessary travel and avoid complications. They end with a discussion of the NIA and the importance of staying in a city for a whole day to avoid unnecessary travel.
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Are the villa administrators on the regime's Villa manga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Mehreen I will have brothers, Sudan, Marathi Kamara who live with regard to hamdulillah Arabella and I mean waiting for it will begin with the praise of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah we will witness of this and unworthy of worship because Allah and we send our love greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is pious is pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala blesses to be amongst them. I mean, when hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah. Last week, we began our series on Ramadan, and we mentioned that really in the context of our lives, one excepted Ramadan is enough to enter you into Jana, one. excepted Ramadan is enough to save you from Jana, those 30 days or 29 days can sit up your eternity SubhanAllah. And we only have a few Ramadan's in our lives. We don't know how many of the past ones have been accepted. We don't know how many we're going to have left. And so we should really make the effort and have the mindset that this could be my last Ramadan and get the most out of it nila, between those 30 days you can earn your genital for those panela Think of it like that. And we said before,

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the way to get the most of Ramadan. Like any big event in your life, whether you're getting married, whether you have some big competition, you have a job interview, you need to prepare for an exam, you need to prepare for it. And therefore a lot of the success of Ramadan happens in the prep before Ramadan we only have about just over a week for Ramadan to begin, and there are certain things that need to be in place for you to make the most of your Ramadan. We mentioned last week, you have to have that nearer and nearer we'll talk a little bit more from the fic aspect. But Nia is also your sincerity, sincerity. As we know many times we mentioned this at one point that Subhan Allah that

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lady she into Jana because she gave a dog some water. That was sincerity, glass of water, nothing really but because the sincerity was there. Allah forgave all her sins and into into Jana. And so the NIA that conversation that you have with Allah, what do I want to achieve in this Ramadan must happen now? You must happen now. And the beautiful thing about a Nia that even if you die before you get there, even if you don't achieve it, Allah rewards based on the NIA and so everyone please, I speak to myself first have a 510 minute 15 minute conversation with your OB and say to Allah Allah Allah, I don't know how many Ramadan's I have left. But this see this is my last opportunity to get

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to Jana. Think about it. We're not yet in Jana. And this is the last chance we get your Allah grant us that that we succeed in it, that may this be the best Ramadan. So that is part of the NIA that we want to get later to cover. And you only get like you are going to get it on that night by chance by luck. You have to work throughout the month to get the to get the full benefit of layer two covered. We also mentioned that part of the preparations for Ramadan is to remove any sin, which prohibits the acceptance of Ramadan, and we mentioned some of them commenting szerik Having animosity with your loved ones having severe issues you're not speaking to one another and cleaning your money

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making sure your money your accounts, paying up any kind of interest if you can, moving away from every interest to huddle kind of financing. It is part of what is required for that Ramadan to be accepted. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not accept deeds that are not done that are not pure. And so the Ramadan must be pure. We gave the example of the IG why do we see the Hajaj the lives transform of the Hajj. Why? Because they had years of perfecting that Nia they come to class every single year for Hajj even another accredited, they save their lifetime they will no this money is the pure money that was going to my heart, my hedge pot, only the best, cleanest, purest money. Now that since that

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yearning, that longing is what really makes the Hajj for them. Beautiful. And so we need to have that same yearning for this Ramadan. The next point in today's lecture inshallah is for you. To get the best out of any act of worship, you need to know the basics of its rules. So before you go on Hajj, you must go to such classes. Before you can get if you really sincerely want the best out of the Ibadah you must know the rules of how to perform Hajj and how to fast now we've been fasting many years and Hamdulillah. And it's always important to understand the rules of fasting, like every Ramadan fasting, like the other acts of worship has certain rules and regulations. And so we do a

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little bit about the pillars and the thick of fasting today. And this is part of your preparation of Ramadan. You want to make sure that every act of worship is done properly. You don't want to enter and do an act of worship and it's not invalid because it was done incorrectly.

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How do you fast fasting implies abstaining, refraining from eating, drinking and

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Any form of sexual intercourse from fajr until mothership with the intention to fast. So a couple of things you mustn't eat drink have six, so have sexual contact from fajr until Mercury with the intention to fast. And each one has implications it also implies that you cannot do things which are similar to eating. So for example, like eating a drip, if you have a drip in your arm that's like eating, this also will invalidate your fast you might not have intercourse but the other forms of intercourse and that will also be

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invalid. Alright, so we see your pillars of fasting, you must refrain from these things very easy with a Nia of fasting. There are those who are exempted from fasting there are those who are allowed not to fast and these are two categories of people. They are those who have a permanent excuse they will never ever be able to fast and those who have a temporary excuse and each one has a different ruling. Allah says that you need to force a Yemen not do that Allah has given you specific days to force 29 or 30 for mankind I mean, c'mon Eden but if you are sick or suffer or you're traveling right that to mean a Yemen Ohara then make up the days that you must so when you are traveling, or

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you are sick and it's Ramadan, you don't have to force Allah says but you Oh ALLAH those days you have skilled to play as we call it. What Alenia T coin, but as for those who struggle who have great difficulty in fasting, failure to calm the skin, then they do a failure by feeding a poor person. So in this Allah subhanaw taala gives you two scenarios. The person who has a permanent sickness. So let's say for example, granny, she's too old too fast. Next year, she's ever going to be older, she will never ever be young enough to pass. So for her, she never will be able to pass. They might be someone who has a permanent sickness. You know, the doctor says, Look, brother, unfortunately, your

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diabetes is so severe, you must eat something during the day. So for this person, Allah grant Shiva, they will never ever be cured. The disease is incurable for now. So for them, what do they do? They don't foster a month of Ramadan. They don't make up the days they pay a feat. Yeah, a penalty. And the failure is you feed one person one meal every day, you must try not so easy. So if you've missed a few days of Ramadan, you need to feed the team meals, whether you take one man and you feed him 30 times or you take 30 People you feed them one time, whether at the beginning of the month, the end of the month, one big meal you do no problem. But that is a debt that is owed to Allah subhana wa

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Tada. And you will find now communications how much is Vidya? In essence, Vidya is not money that you must pay, it's a meal that you must pay. And what am I in Cape Town, we'll calculate how much must this be meal B? Is it a happy meal? Is it a Big Mac meal? Is it a ticker? They will calculate? Look, it should be around 1520, then this is what's an average meal. Okay? Three, two is three, five, what is it, so they will calculate that and you just make sure you feed someone with an equivalent amount. It is always better to feed someone thing to just put the money in with the Taliban in the masjid. And then we feed it for you. No problem, we can do that for you. But there's

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so much more sincerity. When you actually go and buy the ingredients and you make something or you buy someone a meal and you give it 100 That is your failure, far more beautiful in the sight of Allah. That is for the person who can never ever fast. We have those who have a temporary excuse. And for most of us we fall in this bracket. Who are those who have a temporary excuse this, these are the people that are number one, to seek to fast that if they fast, it's going to be detrimental for them. So you have a temporary sickness, you have an infection. You have you know you were you had the flu, whatever it is for a couple of days. And the doctor says you you should not fast you

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must take your antibiotics, no problem.

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Listen to your doctors. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want to burden you. There was a man who performed hygiene attack of Nabil Salaam. And he said I will walk to my car. I'm not gonna ride on my camo and I will walk in the middle of the day, not at night, and I'm not going to wear shoes. And so after a few hours of course he collapsed. So then he says this is not taqwa, hurting yourself injuring your body's Taqwa this is done you putting oppression on yourself, Allah doesn't want this for you. You need to give the hack of your body so if you are too ill to fast Allah says fast when you are ready to fast and that your doctors decide Alhamdulillah is beautiful that you know that

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level of iman is the that how can I eat in the month of Ramadan even if I have the permission from the doctors. My Eman feels bad. But remember this is the LEA allowance from Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah has given you this permission. Don't reject Allah's gift. So if you're too sick too fast, if fasting is going to make you ill, or if you are sick and fasting will delay the cure or make your symptoms worse. Then you recover and then you fast

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And you make up those days, if it's 345 days, you make it up after Ramadan. The other person who has an exemption this, the other temporary exemption Allah gives is for the traveler. So it's complicated.

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When you're your traveler how long you travel, it's very, very important to understand.

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In the Sharia, in Islam, you have two statuses, like you know, on Facebook, married or single, whatever, you have a status Mukim resident or Musashi traveler, you're always one of those. So you can't be it's complicated. You can't be each come. It's either you or Mukim. You are a resident or UI traveler. When you become a traveler, when your status is Mousavi, Allah gives you certain gifts, the Masada gets a few bonuses, number one, he can make the forecast to

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number two, he can substitute Joomla for the word. So if you travel, you don't have to put your money you can make the word number three, if you are fought, if it's Ramadan, you don't have to fast that day. You can make it up after Ramadan. And number four is a health issue. We'll get into that you have an extension on your roof. Now

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the complicated part is knowing when am I a traveler? You become a traveler when you are on a journey of 80 kilometers or more outside of your city.

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And in the destination that you go to so while you're driving while you're flying while you're sailing, of course, you're a traveler. Once you come to a stop somewhere so maybe you're traveling from here. I mean, it's holiday. Some of you might travel to Joburg, Dubai, whatever it is, we say this many, many times. You become a resident of a city when you enter that city, and then the melodica asked you how long are you going to stay in the city at the melodica visa box and they say we are going to stay here for a week. Is it okay if you're staying for more than four days? Then Masha Allah you are now a resident you are now from the people of Joburg, you are now an Emirati we

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give you a visa, you are not a visitor, you are actually a resident. So if you stop anyway on your journey, for four days or more, from the minute you arrive, you are a resident you are no more musasa, your Mukim and therefore all the privileges of to Raka, Salah of fasting of the hoof all of that falls away you need to start you need to fast as it is. But if you're stopping for three days, if you are traveling, then you have the option to fast or not too fast. Remember these are options Allah gives you you're not compelled and people of Taqwa go to the next level and they say, well what is the best thing for me to do? What should I do?

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When it comes to sada it is better for you to do coarser than adhesives we always perform Krasarang on suffer, you always made four into two. So it's always better to casa es for fasting, you decide what is easier. Sometimes fasting is easier. Sometimes fasting is not easier, like how could it be easier? Let's say your travel is five o'clock that afternoon. Now, from Fudger until five o'clock, you will not the Mousavi you are resident right? You didn't travel yet you haven't started your journey. So you have to be fasting. Now you force it from Fudger until five o'clock. If I now break my fast when I'm traveling I need to do the whole day over so you might say you know it's easier. I

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just keep the next two three hours and I complete my fasting and I don't have to do my sculpt. Another person might say oh the menu looks so good on the plane. I want to eat Hollis you it's no problem. It doesn't also mean the journey must be difficult. Whether you're first class, whether you're walking it's the same if you almost have it you decide what is easiest and best for you whether you want to fast or not too fast. And the reward is the best is to choose the easiest. That is the gift from Allah so don't turn away the gift from from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada very very, very, very important point here guys. Near

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your near

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too fast for the day must be the before Fajr with me.

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Your heart if I ask you Fajr time are you going to force today? You must already intend yes I'm gonna fast.

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And that is why to explain this issue of the NIA let's say Ramadan next week. You go to your brother and you say put the Ahmed Salama for Ramadan mubarak for Ramadan. He says to them Ramadan I thought it's tomorrow I got my dates mixed up. But Alhamdulillah I didn't eat yet. I know it's 10 o'clock the morning but I haven't eaten anything from Fudger I packed in my lunch I didn't eat yet. So I'm going to continue fasting was this man's nearly too fast with asthma was intending to fast No. So we say to you last this day. Yes no punishment was a genuine mistake you make up the day. You so fast today but you Oh ALLAH de because this doesn't count. Your Nia wasn't the now this is very important

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when you travel. If you know you're traveling, you must decide before Fajr am I going to fast

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You must make that decision before you before Fajr. I'm going to fast today even I'm traveling, I'm gonna fast. If you change your mind while you're traveling, no problem, then you can break your fast, no problem while you're traveling. But you can't do the opposite. You can't say I'm not fasting, I'm going to eat. Then you get on the plane, and you look at the menu and say, Ah, I'm not so hungry for this. I don't feel like eating and then it's two o'clock, so I might throw fast. Now Now it's too late. You're near wasn't the so always have the near too fast. And if you have the option, you can break your fast. We also know the two people that are exempted from fasting is the

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lady in her head. She cannot fast while it's in a menses and the lady who is in the fast bleeding after after giving birth. But she makes it up she makes it up after after Ramadan. We conclude with this quick question. If I have days owing so maybe last year 2021 Ramadan, I was sick, I didn't force for five days. How long does Allah give me to pay back? The Ramadan? How long? Allah hasn't given a stipulated stipulated time you have this corridor and you just need to make sure you force it before you die. Remember, it's a pillar of Islam. Anytime a pillar is deficient you Islam comes into question. Some scholars have said that it is my crew to let your sculpt go to the next year you

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have one year and you haven't fostered those days. Now it's kind of ugly, so you still owe the day plus you have to pay a video plus you pay a failure. So if you had five days and you have no reason you weren't sick you didn't have chemotherapy for the whole year so you have no absolute no reason to have extended this five days for so long. Now you owe Allah those five days of fasting plus you must pay that video you need to feed five people or five meals for a week we've got a few days before this Ramadan begins any of us have outstanding Ramadan So previous years make an effort inshallah to fast in these next couple of days we even Allah, Allah accept from us and grant us the

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best Ramadan this year. I mean, we have a few announcements in sha Allah.

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They're not recording the slides. I know that Alhamdulillah part of Ramadan preparations here is getting a lot of making the most of the weekend before Ramadan. SubhanAllah. There's another con festivals or a lot of expos, which will also be at these expos. And, of course, the most important book in the month of Ramadan in Cape Town after the Quran and Sunnah of course is the book of treats and that is of course available on sale, sparano Islam, production and of course this all goes to the betterment of our Masjid in in our in a soup kitchen. So inshallah contribute in Allah and Allah is one except from all of us. I mean, just like look at what Allah said no Mohammed what Islam was

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sending Abdullah Abdullah minister, don't forget