Ramadaan 2022 #01 – A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

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Are we live in Minnesota and rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Mary and my beloved brothers

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so that was the law you're gonna get to

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hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen Always and it will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah Masha Allah, Allah, Allah, we testify that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family, his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala blesses to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we start a new series Insha Allah, and with 15 days to go for Ramadan, really to put into perspective, this is the big event on your calendar this year. Even if you're getting married this year, even if you're going

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to have a new job in May Allah bless you with all right and Baraka this year. This is the biggest event on your calendar in my calendar. And just to put it into perspective, this dunya this life is a test. We are here for 6070 years, sometimes more, sometimes less. Allah has given us one job to do to worship Him alone. Doesn't matter how much money you make, because Allah is going to take it back. Doesn't matter how much success you have, because it will come to an end. It doesn't matter what you succeed or don't get, eventually you will die as you entered the dunya alone naked with nothing we will all end up like that doesn't matter. And then Allah is going to weigh our deeds, and

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the one whose deeds are more on the good side, we'll enter Jannah where you will never ever feel sadness again. You will never ever worry or feel any kind of unhappiness and the one whose deeds are light and deficient. When either Allah forgives him or Allah condemns him to Janome Allah protect us. Ultimately it comes down to that your life, my life. And if Allah were to take you or me today now, what is the status of our deeds? Are we ready? We don't know Allah, Allah could happen today. It could happen tomorrow. We could have many years we could have a few years. We don't know if our deeds are sufficient. If we have done our job in terms of worshiping Him, have we done enough to

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attain Jana? And so Allah blesses us with bonus months with a bonus that is unlike any other bonus for the year. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that for 11 months of the year we've sinned 1111 months of the year we looked at haram said haram did haram or money is haram.

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But out of His mercy, He allows us to fix it all with one month. In fact, not only will the Ramadan can eat a proper Ramadan fix a year of sin, it can fix a lifetime of sin. It is that bonus that Allah subhanaw taala if you get it right, you can attain your Jannah in that 30 days, you can guarantee your place in Jannah. In that 30 days, every sin that you've done for 70 years can be wiped away within those 30 days if we get it right, if we get it right. And how do we know how many Ramadan is do we have? We don't know how many Ramadan set we have. And if we look at the mini Ramadan that have come and gone, how many of those were actually accepted? Yes, Allah subhanaw taala

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is most gracious and most generous, that he accepts the little that we do. But to get a completely accepted Ramadan is something altogether different. You might get some other Salah except that some of the doors accepted some of the rewards but to get a completely accepted Ramadan. That is something complete that is something spectacular. And that Allah says in the Quran, well Lavina you tuna and as for those who spend my

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terrible Kulu boom, watch those who spin and their hearts palpitate and now Mila Robin Rajon and they are scared to Allah says they are those who do good deeds, but they are fearful.

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And then I showed her the Allah and

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Aisha Radi Allahu Asada, Visa Salam, these people that are spinning and doing good deeds and fasting and are scared are these the ones that commit sin on the side? They drink? And they say obviously, no, no, no, no. These are those. These are the pious people, the good ones they fear is Allah are you going to accept my good deeds? Are you going to accept it? Did I do enough for it to be accepted? Because doing the deed is one thing, but getting accepted from Allah is something completely different? And now I ask a very scary question to myself and to you. Has our Ramadan said we fasted for the last 1020 30 years been accepted? Because obviously this one is acceptable.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah then you can feel that's a big step towards Jana.

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Now, how do I know if Allah has accepted any of the Ramadan that I've done? How do I know that there are certain litmus tests that you can do of those litmus tests? How much of that Ramadan good deeds remain? If you and we all did this, we try to recite more Quran. How much of that recitation became part of our habit afterwards? We made more daju to Motorola Salah how much of our Salah improved after Ramadan if your life changed.

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Even by a little after Ramadan Vinita had a life a lifetime impact on you. It had it had a lasting impact. It wasn't just a fad. It wasn't just a a diet and you know, a quick, quick fix. Yes, Allah will accept even the quick fix, but it didn't achieve that lifelong change in span Allah. I like it and I don't know if it still happens in the past maybe our grandparents, they prepared their life to go on Hajj. And when they went on Hajj only once they never went on multiple owners of Hajj their whole life, they were going to one Hajj and when they came back to Cape Town, they will upgrade to a G and automatically when you Raji your life changed. Now you have to wait Dookie. You had to wake up

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before but now I he cannot wait. He must conduct himself or herself in a manner because this that one week in Makkah, those six days of Hajj transformed my life completely. And it's an indication of acceptance. But we've gone through dozens of Ramadan's it hasn't transformed us permanently it may be transformed as in that month. How much of the sin that we gave up in Ramadan persists with us afterwards. And so it is a scary thought that maybe this gray belt bonus opportunity has come and winked and we didn't take the full benefits. So how do we make if this was our last Ramadan if Allah subhanaw taala said to you and me

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Ramadan 2022 is the last Ramadan I'm gonna give you the last opportunity to get all your sins forgiven to get your place in Jannah secured you're not gonna get the again and how many people are not with us this Ramadan? How many people that we know as passed away this last year or two years? How do we make the most of it and so ultimately it is in the hands of Allah but today inshallah we start the series we have got about three weeks before our three Gemma's before Ramadan comes can we strategically plan our way forward to make the most of this Ramadan and there are certain focus areas we will discuss and so we begin inshallah the pre Ramadan prep, well there's some prep work

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you can do before Ramadan.

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And it begins with number one, as we know our minimal amount of Binya, you're getting the first step is in the heart the NIA must begin and he has not said this so many times that no way to sell them Aladdin is unnecessary or needed. We don't need to decide that. You must just have the NIA from a fake aspect or the foster model you must know I'm forcing tomorrow. But deeper than that the NIA is really your purpose, your intention? What do I want to achieve from the salon Milan and many of us don't take that opportunity think about it. We if someone were to ask why do you fast I fast because I have to fast because the moon was cited and call us versus if someone asked you why you fasting

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said this is the year I'm gonna get my Jana cannula to different year. This is the year all my sins are going to be forgiven. This is the year I fix every aspect of my life. This is the year that when it's done be even the law. I'm ready to meet my Rob. This is the year I will get close to Allah that is a new year and remember that our businesses Allah will reward you and give you based on your Nia so before now and the first night of Ramadan

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make that Nia sincere in your heart make that purpose of this Ramadan insincere in our hearts and like I said, there are so many Hadith within the salah before Ramadan your neighborhood but it was his habit before Ramadan you would give a hoot but and he said to the Sahaba many Hadith you know you said the Soho Sahaba a month is about to come with the doors of Jana are open meaning what the access to Jana is free now. The road to Jana is wide wide open as one Eileen said imagine the banks told you everyone knows got a bond. Everyone knew as a dict we are for the next month leaving the banks wide open. Take what you want of the money. Take what you need of money. It really if anyone

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still has debt at the end of Ramadan at the end of that month. What a loser Are you you just come in and take what you want. Allah it has made Jana wide open forever. Once it is said that our business alum says that there are three opportunities to get all your sins forgiven. Whoever fights with Eman consistently through the month will ever make Salah with EMA and consistent through the month. Okay, even if you can't be consistent from the beginning to the end, then at least capsulated to consider the last 10 Nights some way in that last 10 Nights make an effort. If you are sincere with Allah on those days and those months, those nights, all your sins Pana all the sins, Zina murders, panela

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drugs, whatever it is, Allah is going to forgive all of it, but in the law, and it's part of your Nia is to have that mental audit. What are the sins that I know on my scale? It's not for anyone else is just between you and Allah. And those sins. Yeah, Allah. My Nia is I will get those forgiven through you and through Your mercy. I mean, we know that also, there are businesses that on in this month or in the next month comes the greatest night of the year, the night where your decrees put out where your life, your death, whether you're going to get the promotion, whether you're going to get married, whether you're going to die, Allah is going to decree that within this coming month

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within the month of Ramadan and from a spiritual side

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It is a lifetime of good deeds that even if the person who lived a very mediocre life, think about the savanna, a person who did nothing for the sake of Allah and he comes to Ramadan, he can get all his sins forgiven, and he captures them to call them. He has 80 years of Ibadah 80 years of perfect worship. No nation no OMA got a bonus opportunity like this. And so it's coming up. And we know that the hadith of Isa salaam where he said the reward of a person who gets one accepted Ramadan is even greater than the reward of a person who dies visa vie de la Raza Shaheed Subhan Allah, we don't do die Shaheed that's it straight ticket to Jana. The full benefit of Ramadan is even more than that.

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And so that's why the Prophet peace be upon him said Surely. I mean, he said, I'm into Djibouti was harvested What are you saying I mean to so he said, Gee video made three two hours one of them was the person who gets Ramadan and is unable to get any benefit from it, then he truly is a loser, then that person really is something else. There is not a single person that wants to get benefit in Ramadan except that Allah is giving without any limits. Whoever asks is going to get whatever turns to Allah will be accepted. Whoever makes it repentance will be forgiven. There is no no with Allah and Ramadan, every single person can get it if they want to get it so whatever is as an abuser says,

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Whoever is deprived of the goodness is indeed truly you are deprived. And Allah subhanaw taala and they cut us off from his mercy and so this is the near the NIA is about what I want to achieve from this month. And Allah tells you in the Quran tells me and you in the Quran the reason why the is Ramadan, you hear this and you're gonna hear there is so many times we're going to come out of your ears. Yeah, you already know I'm an alcoholic Musyoka Makuta Valentina mean publikum la quinta tycoon, oh, you believe fasting has been made compulsory for you. Like every other nation before you from Adam until the end of time, Allah has made fasting part of the rituals which he recommends. Why

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so that you may get Taqwa so that at the end of the day, the ultimate goal of Ramadan is that you and I become closer to Allah.

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Doesn't matter what you and I achieved financially. What we achieved in this dunya The only difference between success and failure is the one who has a deeper connection with Allah. How do I get closer to Allah, you can do so many things by the Ramadan, Allah says is that bonus opportunity where his his arms are open to anyone who wants to come to Him. This is where you can attain taqwa in this month, and he says well, what Allah contest Quran in the next year, Allah says also that at the end of Ramadan, you should be more grateful and appreciative for what we have the Eman that we have, I think about this. Now just mention to you all the benefits of Ramadan how your sins can be

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forgiven, your Jana can be given to you, you can be saved from Jahannam we know that Allah indica for winter, whatever that dua, we were going to recite that all your sins are going to be forgiven. How many people would go 6070 years without being a Muslim, and never once experienced Ramadan?

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And you and I Subhan Allah, Allah has given you and me this gift

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of the 100% in South Africa 2% Muslims, what benefit or what you know, it's like you winning the lottery that Allah has given you and me this opportunity, Lala contest Quran that you know, the fact that you've got one extra Ramadan that you got it and your brother will pass the bar grunting Allah Grantham genital for those, they can't come back and get another Ramadan

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that he would have one day of fasting

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in Ramadan. We know from the Hadith, that it is more rewarding fasting one day in Ramadan into force every single day throughout your lifetime if you were to force 100 years sunnah fasting it does not equal one Ramadan one day in Ramadan the reward in one day and we can start doing the math in one day of fasting 70 70,000 years protection from a fire of Jahannam so what is one day of Ramadan fasting we can't begin to imagine and Allah has given you and me that gift. And so it is about truly turning to Allah at the end of the month. So the NIA in sha Allah and when we sit down and the as part of it you know you don't have to say now wait to to I don't know who were saying it to but you

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must have that conversation in your heart yeah Allah allow me to reach Ramadan Yeah, Allah make that dialogue allow us to reach Ramadan and grant us Yeah, Allah let this be the base Ramadan and grant us to achieve every reward in that Ramadan and grant us to have every sin forgiven. Yeah, Allah and at the end of Ramadan, may we be a people of Taqwa. And may we be a people that have sugar and gratitude. Part of the trigger is going to be obviously, about what's happening in the world and all the mistakes is happening. So the first thing is getting that near right. And it's about a mindset, you know, like, like any any big event before you get married, you prepare yourself for that

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wedding. Before you write an exam. There's a mental prep, you don't just walk into the exam. And so Ramadan as well requires at least two weeks of thinking and contemplating thinking, thinking about where did I go wrong?

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Last year, how am I not going to do the same this year? The second thing and we'll probably conclude with this we've got a number of points to discuss next week we'll talk about the finger fasting, what are the rules you need to know the rules of fasting but it's quite long. We'll do that next week, but inshallah to today to conclude of

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these, some people, and all of us who may be guilty of this, we do a lot of good deeds Insha Allah, a lot of charity, a lot of Salah, but it's not accepted, why there is a barrier of sin, there is something which we are doing wrong, which is preventing us from getting Allah's mercy.

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There are some deeds, that Allah only accepts your good deeds contingent on you doing something else that it is sort of hanging in the air until you do that it's not gonna go through. So what kind of sins are we talking about we all sin, but there are special sins that prevent the acceptance of Ramadan, we know in Ramadan, that our responses, whatever does not give a bad speech, false speech, lying a false speech and acting upon it, then Allah is not in need of giving up your food and drinks obviously, even if you fast the most beautiful fasting in terms of take away from food and drink. You don't even think of food it alone, you know, but even smell it but your interaction with people

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is wrong. Then you arguing still in the nights, you're still saying things which are haram, you're still doing verbally, you're doing things which are haram that is going to damage your ability of your Ramadan being accepted. The second point, and this probably came up last night, many of you you know listening to the Hadith about the significance of the 15th of Shabbat even though it's a bit weak, but the meaning is correct, that Allah subhanaw taala will accept the good deeds of everyone and accept the repentance of everyone except two people, one a person committing should anyone commit sin cos there's no there's no benefit to anything that you do. The second one is we family

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members, relatives are not talking to one another. People have cut each other off from one another. You are not willing to forgive your brother so Allah is not going to forgive until that is fixed. So part of that preparation before Ramadan, fix the relationships in your life. Fix that relationship with a brother or sister with a parent with a child. Not for him not for her but for your own sake. Don't let your hatred and your spike for someone costs you Ramadan cost you Jana. It's not your pride and arrogance cause you to lose your Ramadan and so Allah Subhana Allah says wait until these two reconcile before I forgive them you to reconcile so fix this up before Ramadan begins and then

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abbyson also reminds us that shall not tell you is Hadith we repeat sometimes what is better than sunnah fasting, what is better than sunnah salah, what is better than sadaqa sooner? Sadaqa. What is better than all these charities is to reconcile you bring people together because he then says where there is discord, this philosophy is fighting between husband and wife and all that it is the destroyer, the destroyer of good deeds in this this destroyer, it shaves away your religious commitment. It takes away the baraka from your deeds, all that beautiful deeds presented to Allah it is removed because of some evil you're doing with with your family or not, you're not fixing your

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family. So one of the big things that prevents the deeds from being accepted is that our relationships are not the and that's why someone says I've been fasting for 20 years. But yeah, Allah also accepting my fasting, no changes, and I'm sincere, but you haven't spoken to your brother in 20 years. Also, think about that. The other important thing yet one, it's very, very important. Fix your finances and fix my finances. Reba, whether you have a car loan, that is paying a debit to the bank, or warehouse loan that you're paying a debit to the bank, or we have a pension fund that is earning riba This is one of the major sins and it is in the Hadith within reason says a man comes

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crying, begging, begging Allah His clothes are untidy, he's gone all the way to Makkah, maybe, and he's crying to Allah sincerely. And Allah says, Look at this man, how sincere he is. But his food is haram. His money is haram, his clothes is haram, the 40 eat his flesh is haram. How do I accept this man's dua? How can I accept this man's dua? So each and every one of us fix your finances? You cannot stand all you can but you think about it you standing in faraway crying, but your Reba is being earned haram in the background. Riba of the seven major sins that Eva worse as one Hadith, Xena like your mother with your mother, well, you have to be law while you're doing that, making

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Salah making tagit reciting Quran that Riba is accumulating that riba to the bank from the bank is accumulating, fix your finances before Ramadan. These are the things that prevent that from being from being accepted. And lastly, of course, and it's not easy to give up all the sins, one go, and therefore we need to wean ourselves off as even the Sahaba did that they didn't give up all the sins overnight, but they wean themselves off. So if, as we get closer to Ramadan, we all commit our sins, whether big or small, now is the opportunity to start if you

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Not Wingstop for example the sisters begin now if you're looking at going to the Haram make a point I'm not going to look at those things for the sake of at least Ramallah for the sake of Allah this Ramadan with the idea goes forward if we're wasting time talking nonsense about people on social media whatever, now's the time to wean yourself off so that when the Ramadan starts we already we already we're not doing any since May Allah bless us with the best of Ramadan, grant us to achieve Ramadan and for those who are not yet to receive it, may Allah increase them in goodness and forgiveness in the cupboard. I mean I mean to circle the height of the any any announcements in sha

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Allah just reminder that our Islam from scratch continues on Thursdays the sheer number seven went out last night also we have on this Sunday and maybe this is part of your Ramadan preparations if in Ramadan Wallah Ramadan is one of the worst times in terms of counseling. People come so many times after eat with medical issues why you hangry in the day you tired at night you're not intimate with each other and so you just upset with one another. If you find Ramadan is one of those months that always brings about arguing then maybe this thing is for you Sunday this Sunday 10 10:10am Not PM 10am It will be a marriage a marriage understanding workshop between husbands and wives is not by

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means by a psychologist or a mental health professional. They will teach you how to communicate how to argue how to agree how not to disagree how to disagree, it's dramatic people people going to get many Inshallah, if you're interested please sign up and then I think there's an exponential next week as well will give you more information on exactly what's Allah say now Mohammed Ali also have Islam with saline and hamdullah Ramadan, Amin Samadhi commerciali