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Bismillah R. Rahman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain My beloved brothers in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the creator, the Sustainer, the Most Merciful, the most kind, La ilaha illAllah nun has the right to be worshipped but him, we send our greetings and salutations our love to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those followers soon until the end of time, it will be amongst them. I mean,

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inshallah, today we begin a new series. And last week, we discussed towards the end of the football, the issue of using the issue of the mouth and the nose in Voodoo. We spoke about this as a compulsory Act, or it shouldn't act. And we said, well, Hamdulillah, we've all learned how to perform Voodoo from our grandmothers. And then in madressa, when we were little kids, and Al Hamdulillah, this is something which we all know. But as we can see, if we go a little deeper in discussing the different aspects of these great enjoyment in not just getting the solution, but how the football are understood, and it might help us clarify some of those differences. Why, what is

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meant by hanafy? We do and Sheffield we do, why if I touch a woman, and I'm Anima Shafi, I've said it before my widow, but they are hot gentlemen, Hannah V, and I bumped into someone auto off, my we do is fine. Where do these differences Come come about? As a beginning we say Alhamdulillah, we are former that he and his mother, were not, you know, these former guy by like four routes on your GPS, each of them will lead you to the right destination. Doesn't matter which one you follow, which one you take, the destination is the same, but they differ on knowledge. And with reason and with understanding. And the beauty of of fick is to actually look at how the Imams differed, and it gives

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you comfort. And it gives you a sense of pride to know that our Deen is based on knowledge on reasoning on logic. It's not based on one person or one group of people, whatever they say goes and therefore inshallah, in the series is not to insult anyone's intelligence. We're going to do a few weeks of the book of purification, we will go the very first book, if you open any chapter in fick, the first first book, whether it's 100, free kosha eufic. The beginning is the book of purification, which will discuss Voodoo and hustle and using the bathroom. What nullifies will do when do I need to do so? The idea of the series is to give us an understanding of the way the different modalities

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interact with one another. They evidences the proofs, the debates. And as I said before, when you start the series, you know how to perform will do when you're done. You might have some doubts, I'm not too sure now, what is the correct way of performing? We do because there's so many different opinions and all have strengths. But we begin by discussing purification. And Allah Subhana Allah says in the law you ever been or your hip mutata hearing that truly Allah loves those who returned to him in Toba and repentance and those who purify themselves. Toba is the spiritual purification, the spiritual washing and removing of our sins. And a side note here, one of the things that brings

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rain is Toba, Uncle Sam and a committer. Ah, let me know tells these people that if you make Toba to Allah, Allah will open the skies and seeing the rain. So we all you know, while we save water on the one side, the other way of increasing our supply of water is all of us should maybe take five minutes a day myself included in doing a little bit more ecfr with a Nia Allah purify us spiritually, but also open the doors of rain I mean, and Allah subhanaw taala says and this is another beautiful side note to this ayah letter comfy Abba authors don't stand in that Masjid Eva. Lemons juden Salah duck was the masjid which is based on taqwa mean over the young men. It is better

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it is more preferred and Takuma fee to stand in it fee in this Masjid region main and of course women you have Bona a takaharu that they love to purify themselves while low you have Buddha here in and Allah loves those are purify themselves. What is Allah talking about here? They were a group of monastics in Medina and they were wealthy. They built a Masjid called Masjid there are very lavish, beautiful, comfortable Masjid right next to Majid kooba Masjid kobas the first Masjid built in Islam

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Before machinery nabawi massive Cuba was built. So this machine Why was it built? Why does one group of people build a machine opposite another machine to do what can i division that we have this Gemma and that Gemma. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Don't ever stand in that Masjid built by the monastics. That must be the purpose of it is to crow cause this unity, where as measured Cuba, it's a simple, humble small machine. It was built on the basis of taqwa by men and women who took whatever little savings they have one brick to brick, they bolted on taqwa. Alhamdulillah we look at our massage, the old massage it is something more special. But that magazine was built by aunties

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and uncles and the whole community. 100 years ago, that hamdulillah goodness, a man wrote a 10 million Rand check. That's also good. But there's something more special about a Masjid built on this kind of taqwa, individual taqwa. And the fact that Missouri nabawi in a visa asylum was built like that. So how about one by one they built it brick by brick. So Allah says this mustard, mustard Koopa seems a bit too much for you to stand in the why the people who love to purify themselves. And it's also mentioned that the people of Moses Cuba, used to be of the first people even before Islam, to make a stranger when they went to the toilet. So Allah says, I love people that purify themselves

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physically and obviously spiritually. prophets also learn when he speaks about purification, that cleanliness is half your Eman. So one half is clearly less than the other half is marriage, right?

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So you marry a woman and you clean, your mind is complete. Now, what is meant here is if you are clean and pure,

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and you look at all your active physically pure, your money is pure. Your clothing is pure, pure and halaal. It's vital my entire life will be on Alibaba. If everything you aspire to keep yourself away from physical and spiritual full. This vanilla you will be on the straight path always. And our DMA for one of the parts of a man and one of the C Max emack meaning the hallmarks of our Deen the thing which differentiated Muslims from other religions was the excessive emphasis on purification and cleanliness.

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That when Islam spread to civilized world like the Romans and the Persians, they were shocked to ask pardon Walid your Prophet taught you how to use the toilet? He said yes, of course, as part of life, our babies also lamb came to teach us about how to live as perfect human beings at a time, if you look at the history of bathing. You know, in the olden days, you have these pictures, where when the guy you know, you meet some beautiful lady, he steps back and takes out his handkerchief and he like bows. Why he did that was because he was thinking and his handkerchief had perfume. So he stepped away. And he put his perfume language if this was like two 300 years ago in Europe, in civilized

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high class Europe. This was no this was the norm. Bathing was not a common practice until recent times. You had a religion 1500 years ago, but the Prophet says at least once a week you must borrow yourself completely at least once a week

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and five times a day you need to take a wash we do today we know about auto personal hygiene you need to brush it they say at least twice a day floss and all the prophets of Salaam brushed his teeth five times a day. Even today, this will be extreme we would say that's very hygienic. Imagine 1500 years ago but so behind Allah for a people that maybe didn't pays for years, people who never looked at the clothing, how what they wore urine, whatever it might be, this was the Arab society.

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This new religion came to teach about cleanliness and purification. It is one of the hallmarks of this Deen and one of the things that Allah subhanaw taala loves to such an extent the prophets of Satan says bad odor. If you smell bad, you ate something like garlic and your breath smells are onions and you smell like onions. You made a you know you you made you ate a bowl of someone says and it smelled like onions. Don't come to the masjid because your smell annoys other Mussolini's and annoys even the angels. The province of Salaam was so strict on his personal hygiene that even though his natural odor Sahaba would say when we shook his hand and we would like smell our hand. He

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had a natural perfume. His natural body odor smelled like the best perfume yet he still used perfume. And the one incident in his life, where his breath it didn't smell bad, but his wives dictum. So I've seen your breath doesn't smell nice. It didn't smell bad but they tricked him salsa lamb. Then Ibiza Salam said from now on I'm never eating honey. He made honey haram because

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He was afraid my brief might smell bad. This is how sickening abyssal solemn was on his odor and how he smelled and how he looked upon a loss all Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore, we're going to be so solemn say to the Sahaba, that whoever has like the smallest atoms weight of pride in his heart, he will not come close to the fragrance of Jenna. One companion put up his hand and he said Yasuda wa sallam, but we all like to dress nicely, to look nice and look good and take personal pride in our appearance. Now because that is not what I'm talking about. In fact, Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty and he loves to see his creations, beautify themselves, in the Quran,

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it says, and way your good clothing and adorn yourself in a permissible way. When you come to the masjid. Make yourself beautiful when you stand before Allah. Sometimes this is presciption that part of taqwa is to be in tatters and to look disheveled and to look untidy, is not adequate. is not part of taqwa. Yes, exaggeration and excess and lavish This is haram. But similarly, that kind of grace, that kind of extreme

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thought even we could say, extreme, you know, emphasis to show you humility is haraam as well. So Allah is beautiful. One of his name's Jimmy, he Allah is the one who is beautiful, and he loves beauty, and he loves to see his creations looking beautiful. And the greatest. The greatest form of beauty is hygiene purification. Doesn't matter how beautiful Your clothes are, if it's dirty, there's a stain on it. Oh, no matter how wonderful the person is the race but he smells bad, doesn't matter. So personal hygiene and bahara comes first.

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And if you think about this, the hora when we do this chapter, we begin with water. Why? Because sada is the Minister of Jannah we know that the first thing to believe will be asked on the day of the believer of the towhead. First thing is soda. And if you pass the question of salami, we all pass that, then the rest of our questioning our standing follow will be easy. But if you've got the Salah in your hand, then you've got the key of genuine un meaning you are almost the insha Allah you're gonna go the so sada is the first Salah is the key to Jenna, but you cannot have Salah without purification. And purification is based on water, as if the water is the root to General.

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And therefore Islam classifies all objects and in particular all fluids liquids or liquid substances into three categories. Now, this is the liquid beginning thick Now, every every substance whether it is Coke, milk or juice, whatever it is, three, they're categorized in the Sharia into three buckets. The first bucket is called the hood. The hood means pure,

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a total substance is something which is pure, and it can purify other substances it is clean in itself. And it has the ability of purifying other substances, and the only substance which is truly tahu is water. Nothing else on earth is good, except water is sand. In the case of thorium in extreme situations, sand is a substitute. But in the US oil. Water is the only substance on earth that is taller, pure with the ability to purify. Well, it's not something which is pure, and as the ability to purify meaning it has the ability to remove impurity, then you have the opposite of tug of war, which is not just something which is impure. And it can also make other things impure. And

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we'll talk next week in sha Allah, what substances on nudges are NASA, some of them we know? human excrement, feces, blood, but then we have some gray areas, vomit, vomit. nudges are not alcohol, we know it's haram to drink it, but alcohol also cleans. So it's alcohol nudges are not questions, or last ones are described in the Quran, that in the kuffaar energies. They are nudges. Does it mean then that they saliva is nudges? One brother said Well, my grandmother might not be a Muslim. If she kisses me on my cheek is am I nervous now? Is this nudge as a physical or spiritual nudge? So

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saliva dog we know is not just what about the hair of the dog? What about the saliva of a cat? These things inshallah we discuss next week. So we have Pawar which is something which can purify other things water, the opposite of it is NASA, the only thing which can remove NASA is water. And then we have everything else. So NASA is a list. The who is water, everything else is

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everything else.

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In the bucket called pyre, milk,

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coffee, tea, whatever it might be juice, it is taller. If it's not in the bucket, it's not in the water bucket, our bucket then we call it pi and it is clean. It is a clean substance. If it falls on your clothing or you can if it you know if it comes to the area you're making solar and some multiples Lee, no problem you can perform solar on that spot. It doesn't make that area impure. But it does not have the ability to purify you meaning you can't take we do with milk on the stand. Okay, but getting back to water. So water we said is this unique substance which is taller, it has the ability to purify other objects. And when we talk about water, what water do we mean

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valparai water, sparkling or still water? What what are we talking about? We talking about water as it occurs naturally in nature.

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Whether it comes from the sky in the form of rain, whether it is in the well in the dam, under the ground, whether it is salty in the ocean, all natural occurring water is taller. Sometimes that water might be salty, sometimes it might not be salt might be fresh, but it's taller you can take we do with ocean water, you can take we do with river water, and the most purest of all water is rainwater. It's proven scientifically. And in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, will who will lead the other celeea that he is the one who sins The winds as good tidings before His mercy. And we sit down from the sky. Ma and Barbara we sit down tabular water from the sky. Rainwater is the most

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pure water of all scientifically proven, and in the Quran. Interesting 63 times Allah mentions the word water more than Mohammed savasana 63 times Allah mentions the word water in the Quran and Allah Subhana Allah says, Look at this that

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who under the Holocaust sama what are the vcam but he Allah is the one who created the heavens and the earth in six days. What can our shoe

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and he's our she's thrown is upon water is on in the Quran. So what do we mean? A law created seven heavens like layers one on top of the other. The highest level the seventh summer? Right on top of it is what? know a tree called sea turtle Manta. above sea turtle monta No one is allowed to go not even Djibouti you can go beyond that only one who went beyond that is prophets of Allah. above sea turtle moonta we have the currency the footstool of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Above the courtesy is an ocean of water of English water. And above that ocean is the throne of Abbas pinata meaning the highest thing just under the arch is an ocean of water with Allah subhanaw taala

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and is from this water that Allah says that he was Allah minima equivalency in hi Yah, that from this water, every single living thing in the universe in the same hour was created Allah created life with every every living thing comes from water. And again, this is a scientific fact. Ma if you ask the atom what is Ma Ma is flowing water liquid water today in science. What NASA the astronomers are searching for is life. They're looking for aliens. And how do you look for aliens in the sky? You look for a planet which is not too hot or too cold. A planet which can have flowing water if it's too cold, it's frozen. If it's too hot, it's boiling. So you need flowing water. That's where

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we look for life. This is what the scientists say now we look for a planet which has free flowing water and almost every living creature on earth or in the summer what everything even jabril created part of his creation is from flowing water

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and is a great

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link between water and the Gambia many stories of the Gambia. In the Quran. Water is mentioned. For example, maybe Adam, we know la salatu salam our father meaning us You and me were created from from clay

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not just said. And the story of the creation of Nabhi Adam, is that the angel of death came to the earth. One Angel was seen one after the other. It was it bring bring forth sand from the earth. And one Angel went off to the other and every time the angel wanted to take from the sand. The earth said I seek refuge from Allah Allah protect me and the angel did not take

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The angels if you seek refuge or protection from a law from me that I won't harm you and I will take from you. I mean medical wrote the angel of death that time he wasn't the Angel of Death yet, he sort of he, he went down. And he was given this instruction, take from the sand of the earth and bring it to Allah subhanaw taala. And when the earth said to medical mode, I seek refuge from you with a law from you, with medical most it and I seek refuge from disobeying Allah, I don't want to disobey Allah. So he took from the earth, and he took sand from different parts of the oceans Hadeeth sand from different areas in the earth.

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Some sand was red, some was black, some was white, some was rocky hard, some was soft, some were coarse, and this come in this because this is from this, that our natures are different. You have a brother was very stern, another brother was really soft, brother was brown brother was black, no preference, it was taken from different parts of the earth. And then a law mixed that sent with this Mubarak water and made clay and with his own two hands in a manner which befits the majesty of a law, he fashioned and shaped the item into a statue. And in blue, the soul of Navy item into the statue. Subhan Allah, this is our creation. Now via you, we know and Ibu was afflicted with a great

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taste, a lot took away after Allah had given him decades, 70 years of strength and health, and power and money and family 70 years old had given him basically everything that he wanted. Then Allah began testing him taking away his kids, all his children died. And all these properties were lost, or his friends left him. And his body became so terribly ill that he couldn't move. The only two organs of his body that really were working properly were his heart and his tongue. And when his wife said to him, yeah, are you? Why are you not complaining to Allah? nebia you've said, I've been in this How long have I been struggling like this? Seven years? How many years did Allah give me

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blessing? 70 years, I'm too shy to say to Allah, that after 70 years of blessing, I don't have patience for these seven years.

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the patience of nebia you until until even his wife nebia you know, if you're not happy with us go

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and when things became difficult not for him, but for his wife when his wife was on the verge of breaking. Now maybe you've made the door and he said, Yeah, Allah that I have been touched. Remember our slave you when he said to his Lord valey shaitan has touched me with the space

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and torments and made difficult for me and allows it to him, strike the ground with your foot kick the ground, this a spring of water to wash in and cool and refreshing drink. So Allah broke when you kick the ground, are you spring bubbled up and allows you to wash your body because he's bought, he's his skin was covered with saws. Why? Because people don't want to visit you. If you're ill. When someone is sick internally, we service them. But when someone is sick, and it shows externally, people don't want to come near such a person. So a lot this didn't obey you. But even he saw other than we hit companions yet and abubaker even they said we don't want to visit you anymore. We can't

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look at you like this. So Allah said wash yourself and Drink from this water, some Mubarak water and Allah killed him. We know the story of NaVi smile. Zamzam with a smile. And his mother hotjar, our mother for the mother of the prophets of Salaam, was left in Makkah.

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bhiwadi in Haiti, these are in a valley as the beaver imcs a valley without any vegetation. Nothing lives in this valley. And when she breastfeed the baby smile until she no longer had milk. And she was alone in that valley. And the reason why you began to cry, the baby's becoming dehydrated, she began she went up onto little mountain to look at see Oh, well anyway, we know this is a mountain of sofar. And then she ran to the next side of the mountain, which is mattawa up and down, up and down until she saw gibreel coming to weigh the Kaaba would be both the Kaaba wasn't the he came and he struck the ground again, and this water gushed up. Zamzam and she, what did she do, she was worried

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the water would would dissipate. So she made a dam like a pond. Maybe nobody saw lumps it had the mother of his mind lifted, that Zamzam will not be a well of Zamzam. It would be a river of Zamzam flowing and until today's panel law I was at in Makkah, a few months ago, maybe all eternity again, and I listen to how some zombies made it's amazing that some some

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it's a well and they have three entry points in this well, that different waters come and they mix and if you take water from each stream, record the stream they will not

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That's not Samsung only when they mix together do they become Samsung, and those three waters cannot be mixing synthetically, only in that well does it mix and the water gushes into the well, and the more you extract, the faster the rate at which the water pumps into the well. And when it gets to a certain level, the streams that flow into this well stops. And we know that in Russia at the moment, there's so much excavation land being built buildings being built, it is no source of this water anywhere to be found. And for one, you know spiral of not from the vessel Salah from the time of an obese mile 1000s of years ago, as well has just been continuously pumping to 3 million, 5 million

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people visit the forum, sometimes Ramadan, and the water is pumped out continuously hundreds of 1000s of liters each day, and the more they pump, the force of the flow of the Zamzam. And when they stopped pumping, the float stops, it reaches a level and it doesn't overflow spawn a lot of the miracles of Allah subhanaw taala. other instances of water we know Nabi Musa, for example, split the Red Sea, and that when people were in the in the desert, and they didn't have water, Alesis strike, and 12 Springs came forth for the people of benissa. in Nairobi, Nairobi new people also destroyed with water. Allah subhana wa Tada. The story is either by withholding the water, or sending too much

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water. And it's amazing that when Allah describes Jenna, Jenna literally means a garden. We know there's more to it than trees in the but the standard definition of gender, it is a garden and which rivers flow

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where it's houses built, where you can see the water flowing under and even today, the most expensive properties of properties built close to a water supply the oceans and the rivers and a lot of scribes genda that's the architecture of agenda houses where you can see that it was flowing underneath one or maybe we will we will get the mean. And we know I'll co author is the the river it's one of the rivers of Jannah given to the an abyssal Salaam called alkota.

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The prophets also says that Muslims and in fact all of humanity, we have a common thing we see. And we should respect this. It doesn't belong to anyone. No one owns the water, or the grass or fire. It belongs to everyone that will and maybe we can say energy. It doesn't belong to every anyone but it belongs to everyone. And therefore everyone should use it correctly. Professor says and he compares this dunya to the AF era. It's like you dipping your finger in the ocean. And when that which you pull out of the ocean that drop that is this world. Where's the Acura is the ocean. That's how the professor describes this world and that and that one an outsider is also likened to a river, that a

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person who beads five times if you have a river is promising all Sahaba if you had a river flowing next to your house, and five times a day you went in, you had a swim, you came out what would be left of you in terms of the man who goes and assumes five times a day. And he washes himself five times a day. How dirty would he be? There'll be no deadlifts. Haba would say and he says similarly your sada is like that. So even though you come from soda, and you never asked Allah forgive me, Allah gave you a shower, you got a shower, and it washed away all the sins from fudger. Until now all of it was washed away if they are minuses, Allah forgive us and in the Hadith,

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so this great blessing of water, when all our thoughts withholding it, we seem too much to destroy this thing which gives life when it stopped being used as a punishment. It's something we need to be take very seriously and be concerned first people to be destroyed or destroyed with water that we use to people. So Allah says near the Prophet says is never do a people withhold the Zakah and the charity, the arms and the wealth, except that Allah withholds the water from the sky, you don't give the heck of a lot to him. So he will withhold that water, which brings life.

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And just some interesting facts about water would conclude that of all the water on earth 97% of it is salt water, can't drink, you can't drink that water, the water of the oceans, and only about 1% of all the water in the earth is is fresh, and that your body's up to 70 or more

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percent of your body is made of water. Scientists say that if we were to squeeze you like like orange, 42 liters of water would come out. That's how much water we have yet 1,000,000,001 in seven people on earth do not have access to fresh water panela. So, we begin to understand the importance of the substance which cannot be described except as a miracle. Also interesting fact scientifically proven. Our planet cannot does not create water on its own. All the

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Water on the earth came from external to the earth. But three, 4 billion years ago, water came to this earth from extra extra terrestrial comets or ice things fell from from space hit the Earth. That's how water was, you know, the oceans were populated on earth. And as always, he sent down water as a blessing to us, one of the great blessings and we as custodians of this dunya we need to look after it. So we begin this chapter on purification that Allah began our creation with water and instructed us to purify ourselves with water. Next week insha Allah will talk about the opposite of power, which is nudges and those substances which are majesta and we will begin our discussion on

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the topic of purification we have nilla just a few questions, few side notes, comments that we ask a lot of friends a lot is discovered is no surplus discard this weekend, we ask a lot to except for those who perform the Salah of rain. And also all of us make it fit Allah forgive us our sins. Open up the skies, Uncle Sam Alico Mirada, Allah says, I will open the skies a little bit, but a lot, I'll send you a lot of rain. So a lot we know that rain is in the hands of a low of all our technology and our power and our might ufologists withholds that water has nothing we can do. We are subservient to Allah, forgive us our shortcomings, and bring back the water to us and forgive us our

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sins. I'll see you in our class continues this Tuesday evening. Then the author of the show would be our marriage clause. We come into the end of our marriage clause now. And see it all begins off for six and then off the issue of the from hapa six to mother zero and Aftermath live until ishai. Is our marriage clause. Any comments or questions? I know one or two brothers did email me. I hope to speak to them personally. If not, I will respond over the weekend with [email protected] sokola higher sola satana Mohammed Ali Osaka sama, serene al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

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