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Rahim Salam aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh help

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I'm bootable

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Can everybody hear me? You said hello.

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I was Uncle side my main

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final how many

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okay Spinarak man Rahima from Nairobi Alameen wa salatu salam ala Asha from Russian inside Nam humming already he also French minor Salam Alaikum once again everybody hope you're well and you had a blessed week

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Alhamdulillah we are on lecture number 20 We start from scratch. So from the left have been through a number of weeks now together and I just love it for being on this journey. And before we begin as usual, we begin with any questions. And mashallah a sister, I think

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it was sent me a WhatsApp message, also very, very important question. And I don't have an answer to the question. And the question was, how do I know if Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with me is Allah if Allah is happy with me, and ultimately, you know, my love protectors will only know that

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the moment we die,

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even, you know, up until the Day of Judgment, when our final account is settled with Allah subhanaw taala no one knows our destination. And that is the scary part of life, the scary part of you know, any day any moment, we can die and we don't know the status and our position with Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala looks at the heart, he looks at every action, every thought that we have every emotion. And ultimately it is only all of the can judge.

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We can't even judge our own position a little on other people's position. And so it's a beautiful question because it is the fact that we ask a question like that, and being concerned about my position with Allah is in itself an indication of Eman, it's a hint that there is something there. And so we know from the visa Salam, there is only through Allah's mercy that we will enter Jannah but at the same time, there are certain hints there are certain indications that perhaps we are on the right track and we hope for that

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you look at your relationship with Allah in terms of your Ibadah how do you engage with Allah through Ibadah salah is a good a good litmus test.

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It is the perhaps the number one

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test that you can do to gauge the level of your iman that if you are you know persistent on your Salah, you take care of your Salah you care about you know you, you are continuous on your Salah, then your email handle you taking care of it. If you neglect your Salah then your Eman is negligent. If you have completely left solar, you don't perform any solar admin Suhana it says a lot about the level of your iman, if solar is a burden, but you still come then Alhamdulillah it shows that you acknowledge the importance of Salah you acknowledge Allah's commandment upon you. But we haven't tasted the sweetness of Eman we don't we don't love you know, worshipping Allah, we do it out of

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obligation, it becomes a chore. It's like washing the dishes. You know, taking out the trash, Salah becomes like that. In the end, we still obey Allah, but it's not where it should be. As for those of hamdulillah at that point, we they feel comfort and ease and happiness in the Salah. And hamdullah there's goodness in that. And also, you know, don't don't also, uh, be too hard on yourselves. There's some people that you know, we go through the motions our every, every every day, but if for some reason, you know, you go to a place and there's no Salah happening and there's no masjid and you you're unable to then you actually feel the absence in your life. You know, sometimes we are

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Ebeid has become a routine, and the minute you are taken out of that situation, and you know, no one is fasting. No one is making Salah and Hugo, you begin to feel the deeper connection. And I think we all feel that in Ramadan. For example, our sisters and I'll make it easy when they are in the hide,

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even in the Salah, when they are unable to make salah or unable to fast without any blame on them. Of course, they feel that absence. And so that is an indication of, of connection with Allah, those how much and how important Ibadah is to you. And of course then how you engage with the creation outside and to think very clearly. What would people say about me, is also an indication if how you how Allah subhanaw taala views you on the earth you know, there is truth in what not that we we do things for people to say good things or bad things about us. But there is truth in collective judgment. You know, there's truth in what people say we know the very famous Hadith we Janaza passed

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by and the Sahaba

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spoke very well of the man who passed away and what a good man he was. And they praised him, and then the businesses, whichever, whichever, whatever, but like what you said is going to be true, you've passed judgment on this man. And all the good things you said will be, you know, it will count in his favor. And suddenly someone's janazah was brought by and some people said negative things about him and then a business it's and so it will be true for this man as well. And so again, look at the quality of your relationships.

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Look at the how you interact with the people that are important to you, your family members, your parents, your children, your spouse, those things along and if Alhamdulillah those things are in order that my basics of Ibadan are in order. I enjoy doing my Ibadah I do more than the basics. I give more charity than the basics, I try to recite a little bit more Quran And Alhamdulillah the people around me, you know, they can say at least I'm a decent person, my colleagues can say look, he was an honest guy, no one can point the finger that you know, I was dishonest or I was I took the right hander, these are all good indications that you inshallah on the right track. Also. Another

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point is how do you respond to things that Allah, the tests Allah put puts in front of you and Allah tease us with, with blessing or with hardship, both, you know, Allah tastes, good people with blessings, and it is good people with hardship. And it is bad people with blessings and bad people the hardship, and how you respond to that is an indication of your iman. So if, for example, Allah has given you a promotion, is given you some financial benefit, he's given you a new blessing. And that increases you in generosity, it increases your sugar, and a Hamdulillah, then you are on a path of goodness, you know, the blessings make you better. Or if Allah tested you with some sickness or

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some calamity, and it makes you more devout in your worship, there are hamdullah that was actually a blessing, that calamity was a blessing, that that we even went to Africa for for sickness or, or hardship, but that is a blessing. And conversely, Allah has given you good things. And it take you took you further away from Allah, He gave you, you know, a new

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wealth and that wealth made you

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you know, what edited it made you more sinful, you did you took from that wealth and you bought haram things, then that was Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, may Allah protect not, you know, Allah basically giving you things that leads you further astray, which is very, very scary and dangerous. And so every single person, I think there is no answer. It is the it is for everyone to assess daily. What is my situation with Allah? What is my situation with my ibadah? My situation with my relatives, my family, my colleagues? Do I owe anybody anything of financial hack that I've taken? Do I owe anyone that have I harmed anyone's honor? And the Sahaba my love, you know, almost

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almost please with him. They took this Maha Sabha, they took the self introspection, they they asked this question about themselves daily, and, and we know we will deviate. And so then whenever things went wrong, they would make a point of doing something good. So very famously, St. Ramadan would say whenever he committed a sin, you would immediately follow it up by doing some extraordinary act of good deed or extra charity, something to wipe out that sin. And that is Hamdulillah. To keep yourself always to check, you know, the pulse of your email, may Allah grant us Iman that continues to increase. And when we pass away, we will be in the best state of humanity or ultimately takes us.

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You know, we never know how we're going to end We only hope and make the offer the best. I mean, we continue with our series Alhamdulillah. We spoke last week about the prophecies in the Quran. We spoke about the scientific miracles of the Quran, we spoke about the miracles of the Quran. From a literature perspective, we went through a number of ideas that show it's impossible that the enemies of Islam could have authored the Quran. So all these things, and we go right back to the beginning and each other we have to conclude the series today on the miracles of the Quran.

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It the beginning question we asked is this a man made book is this book was this book authored by, by people or by Mohamed Salah Salem. And I hope that in this discussion thus far, we prove without a shadow of a doubt that it's impossible. The Quran was formulated in a Biden thesis

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that you could have produced the greatest work of art in Arabic language, and he was unlimited never wrote anything in his life. He never read anything in his life, that it is scientifically accurate, in you know, dozens and dozens of places that it is from the prophecies in the Quran, you know, came through exactly as the Quran had mentioned that the context of the Quran, how it relates to the East Harlem, you know, it is it's very clear that visa Salam is not the primary focus of the Quran. And it's impossible with an episode of written those verses about himself in that manner. But ultimately, the Quran objective is to be a book of guidance. That is what the Quran is. Therefore,

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the Quran is there to guide every single person in their life that I can pick it up, you know, as a father or

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are, you know someone at my age and I and I'm going through some hardship and I open the Quran, and I'll find guidance in there and it will show me what to do when I'm unsure. It will give guidance to someone, as a child, it will give guidance to somebody on the disability, everyone will pick up this book, and it will guide them society would be in trouble, and it will give guidance. And so tonight we're going to talk about simple evidences that prove that the Quran could not be from Allah and the guidance and the message of the Quran, which no other book can can claim to have the title. So let's look at some simple things that make the Quran a miracle.

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It is the book that has the most believers, right? It's the book that has the most believers more than one, one and a half billion people around the world. We update that point. More than one and a half billion people around the world believe in this book. Now, someone might say hold on, the Christian faith is bigger. And indeed the Christian faith is bigger. And so it would say well, then it should be at least it's the second most belief book of the Bible. Now the Bible, unlike the Quran has multiple versions, there is a Bible for the Catholics, there is a Bible for the Protestants. There's a Bible for the Coptics there's a Bible For me, these Bibles are different. Yes, there's a

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lot of things that are the same. But these are different versions, you know, you'd find different in what we would say, a desert or chapters, or Surahs, in the Bible, and other Bible wouldn't would have more or less. So you can't say it's the same book. It is different, different versions of the book, whereas the Quran has only one version. And there's no six or group in Islam, that claims to be following a different book. And so without a doubt, it is the book with the most followers. And that in itself, if you were to say so and so as the most likes on Facebook or on Twitter, or whatever that counts for something, if this is the book, that it is the most believed book on earth,

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there is strength in that that in itself tells you something amazing that it transcends culture, it transcends race, it transcends time. Look, the Quran has been there for one and a half 1000 years and it is still the most belief book on the face of the earth.

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The Quran is the only book that is being read every single second of every single day. And we know this because at every place on Earth right now. The sun is rising, the sun is sitting the sun is you know at noon, somewhere in the world it is Fajr somewhere in the world is muffled somewhere in the world it is acid and that means somebody is performing sada right now somebody on Earth is performing salah, and while they perform sada they are definitely reciting Surah Fatiha. And again, that's another medical the fact that Allah calls of all the chapters in the Quran, the sub Yama, Thani Allah all Surah Fatiha, the seven verses that are continuously being written, the seven verses

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that are basically being read nonstop is Surah Fatiha and that is why the Quran is the only book that is being recited nonstop. In fact, the Quran is name is the recitation. And it's amazing again Subhan Allah, what book can you claim to be read all the time?

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It is undoubtedly the most memorized book. And this is something which you can just taste in your own personal sphere. How many? How far? Do you know how many? How far do I know? We are in a society that is limited. Everyone that we meet, can read. A book has read a book or owns a book has gone through 12 years of at least 12 years of schooling, and maybe even further, some have gone all the way to study become PhDs professors even ask the professor, Have you memorized any book cover to cover for Batum you won't find anyone having memorized any book verbatim. You won't find it. Yet you will find many, many who fourth year in Cape Town in the middle of in the bottom of Africa. Not even

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in the heartland of Islam. Yet we have countless hundreds of people have memorized the Quran cover to cover it is the only book on earth that is memorized like this. And again, as Allah has said in the Quran, that the Quran he has Allah has made it easy to be remembered, and in that it will not be changed or corrupted. This is a miracle that you cannot compare. You can't explain why this book of all the millions and millions of books in all the different languages it is only this book that is memorized cover to cover. The the Jews love the scriptures. The Hindus love the scriptures. The Christians love the Bible. But nobody memorizes the book like the Muslims memorize the Quran, there

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is something special about this book.

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In fact, to say that it is a book that is read and not even the language is not understood. And this is maybe a fault of us as Muslims, we should understand the Quran. But most HuFa most people who memorize the Quran in South Africa, they don't even understand a word of what they're reciting. They don't understand it. And that is, you know, it is almost ridiculous in how amazing that is that you've memorized a 600 page book and you can't understand what it is that you recite

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No. And that in itself is a miracle. Because you will not find in your immediate sphere of people, you will not find anyone that can't speak French picking up a French book and reading it once a year. I mean the way you you and I do at least for Ramadan, once a year we try to do Hatha Have you found anyone taking up a book of Chinese and it's Look, I don't understand a word of what I'm reciting. But I read this book every year, or even other faiths, they you know, they don't pick up the Bible in the original form and recite those verses, it is Subhanallah it is only the Quran, when people were Muslim still feel the affinity to the Arabic of the Quran, the original text. And yes,

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of course, we still need to obviously recite and understand the English, but or our language, but in itself to read a book that you don't understand, that is something unique to the Quran. As I mentioned before, it is universal, that same Quran that your grandmother ate when you were a child is the Quran that you read in your teenage years, the Quran that you read in your difficult times in your times of comfort. This is the book that has given And subhanAllah anyone that has as has some level of attachment with the Quran, you will read a verse that you've read, you know, countless times, and then it will make sense to you in a certain situation in your life. You know, for

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example, is the verse in Surah Yunus, which so many of the scholars have said, you know, we read the verse where Allah says that, that we take the our lives as easy and comfort like a garden, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it is flattened, and it is completely barren. As if though you can't believe that just yesterday, things were so hunky dory, how the world has changed. And, you know, when when we went through that COVID pandemic, and you know, planes were stopped, people couldn't get out of their homes, you couldn't imagine that how quickly Allah can change the situation. And it really gives life to these verses, you know, we read these verses, and then times appear, and then

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you find the meaning in the Quran span a lot the universal appeal of the Quran across time of this the span of your life, across your you before you get married. These verses in it when you get married, and you have a wife, and you have a kid and you have kids, when you get sick when you when you have money, the Quran speaks to you in all times of your life. And that is exactly what a from Allah is meant to do. Allah supposed to be relevant in your life, at any point at every time in your life, they must be relevant. And that is what the Quran does, unlike any other book.

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You know, the point of I think we mentioned this, there are many faiths, and people who are faithful to the religion, and they love the religion and they love the sacred books. But there is definitely an added love that Allah has placed in the hearts of Muslims for the Quran, that you don't see in other faiths. You don't see in other faiths, the Holy Scripture being placed on the top shelf that when you want to take it you need to first perform before you can take it you first need to perform voodoo and and be in a state of cleanliness and dress properly. You won't if the Quran is being read, you know you wouldn't have the music being played next to it or doing some haram it's you

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know, this is the Quran is the words of Allah. And that haber that aura that comes with the Quran. It's not about us, you know, because there are many people who have faith, but that extra order that Muslims have for the Quran, that is from Allah subhanaw taala and the majesty that Allah has placed, these are his words to something within our you take our DNA, recognize that these are the words of our Lord. The fact that you know you can hear the Quran, not understand what is being recited, but it will bring you to tears you'll just feel yourself crying by the majesty and the melodious nature of the Quran. These things are that love that you have is a symbol of Allah subhanaw taala has

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know, blessings within the Quran. We know that very famous Hadith where Allah spank dialysis, that when he loves an individual a person,

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that person will experience love for the people around him. without you knowing why like maybe you know, some, some person passes away that you didn't even know that person very well. But you feel an emptiness, that person's loss. Why do I feel bad that he died? Because Allah loved that person like when a visa Salam when someone speaks ill of the Navi Salam? You know, it hurts us when someone speaks ill of the Sahaba it offends us. We never meet the NABI Salam we never meet the Sahaba but we feel this affinity and attachment because Allah Allah's love is upon those people and those objects when we see maybe like, you know, subhanAllah Palestine Mala grant, the people of Palestine

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Liberation, we we've never been to Palestine. We

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are not linked in any financial way to the place that we feel a connection with that land with the land of Makkah, you know Subhanallah the aunties the uncles that, you know, before TV was was was available, they would have this longing I want to go

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To the will go back to LA I want to go to Makkah, I'm saving my whole life, why you've never seen the place you've never

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have had any connection with it. But it's that love that Allah has. And automatically a person of Eman loves the Quran, the Haram, that the Gambia and this love is very unique to Islam it is not replicated

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in other belief systems and so this one Allah is something within our fitrah which comes from Allah subhanaw taala and that is also something deeper that inshallah is a miracle that is unique to the Quran. So hamdulillah we've been through

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the basic the miracles of the Quran, but ultimately, as I mentioned, the purpose of the Quran is to give guidance, it is to guide humanity it is to put you on track in your life. And this is what the Quran is supposed to do. It's a book of guidance. Allah subhanaw taala begins the Quran, Islamic radical Kitab la VaporFi without limiting, Allah says in this book, it begins of the Surah Fatiha first, the second verse of the of the second surah that in this book, there is no doubt lead it is a guide for the people who want guidance people have of righteousness, if you want to be guided, this is going to be your your manual, this is going to be the book of your of your life. And if you go

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through and of course you can spend your life learning the Quran, studying the Quran, and it will the more you learn it, the more guidance you will get. But if we will go to through some of the verses and some of the effects weren't one just needs to look at Arabia, the Arabs before the Quran. So if the Quran was if someone were to ask, is the Quran a force for good or for bad? Was the world a better place? Once the Quran was revealed? You just need to look at Arabia before the Quran. And we won't go through the full speech yet. We know that the prophets or lambs cousin Jaffa or the Allah and when he spoke to the king of Abyssinia, and he explained to the king of Abyssinia was a

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Christian man, what was life like for them before Islam before the coming of the Quran, and he spoke about how they lived in immorality in darkness, they worshiped stones. They ate good things they killed people with the without any concern. People's lives meant nothing women were exploited. They committed all kinds of shameful deeds, they walked around naked, they were completely in darkness. And then Allah sent them the Quran. And almost overnight, the same people who are burying their own daughters alive, we're now caring for one another. We're looking after the orphans who were up at night praying, fasting in the date, this kind of of change in the hearts of people were the worst of

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the worst to become the best of the best. The power of the Quran in transforming a society in bringing civilization to a people was so backwards. They were nothing they were almost like basically like animals and in the Quran change the trajectory completely. If you look at a bit of if you know bit of history 1400 years ago, 1500 is the atoms of Arabia, Saudi Arabia, they were so primitive and backwards, that no, none of the civilized world came to even conquer them. They weren't even worth having been conquered. The Quran is revealed 23 years later the person have passed away within a span of 10 years. Is this the Muslims become the dominant civilization on

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earth? Today? No, you know, anthropologist, no sociologist can explain how a society that was so illiterate and so backwards, I mean, killing your own children is as low as you can possibly become the leaders in terms of, of science and technology within one generation. How is that possible? And the you know, it is without a doubt, you could literally say it is the hand of God, it's the hand of Allah's partner in a manner which which is mentioned, coming, coming unto that society and changing the course from going one way to guiding them. And that just shows you the power of the Quran. And again, for us, Pamela, it also gives us hope, that no matter how bad our situation is, how bad

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things are, your personal life, how bad things are on a global space, the answer is all within the Quran. The guidance is there from Allah and the assistance is the and the more SubhanAllah. You attach yourself to the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala will make easy the challenges that you have in your life.

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When we look at

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the Quran in terms of ultimately it's a book of theology, it is meant to connect you with your Creator. And, you know, with as detailed as Islam was is and I think we spoke about a lot of these things in the earlier part of our lecture. The theology of Islam is very, very simple, that if anyone wishes to understand Islam, you pick up the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala makes it very clear what this religion is about who he is and what is your purpose in life in black and white. You don't have to

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study a PhD in theology. You don't have to spend years and years in a madrasa learning very simply Allah's practice. Praise be to Allah Who is the Lord of all creation, but he is the creator and sustainer of all things. He is the Most Merciful. He is the most Entirely Merciful, that he is one Kulu Allah He is one Allah, Allahu Allah was summit will allow Had Allah summit he is one, He is eternal, he has no beginning. He has no children. He was not born with me Aquila, when I heard that he there is nothing equivalent to him. And there is nothing that he that he depends on. And he is independent of His creation, very simple, that he is close by either Santa K by the need for

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inequality. But if you want to engage with your Creator, you don't have to go through any

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medium or go through any person or any object. You can speak to your Creator directly. And this is a beautiful thing. Ultimately, if you were to ask yourself, well, what is the ultimate theme of the Quran? The Quran speaks about so many things. But what is the crux of it? The crux is it is to bring you bring me closer to my Creator, that through the Quran, you have a direct access to the Lord of the universe. I mean, it's panela. As I spoke, I think before about, you know, we see these pictures from this new telescope, the James Webb telescope, and you see the enormity of the universe, how big the universities and then you realize how small you are, and how insignificant, you know our planet

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is and how insignificant we as people are on this planet, and how little our lives or you know, the 6070 years of your life is is nothing compared to the billions and billions of years that this universe has has existed in the context of the universe. Honestly, your problems, my problems are nothing yet. Allah subhanaw taala says what he does, like a baby and me finding a crib, that if my servants, my worshipers invoke me, they speak to me, I am close to them, eg without the ADA and that I respond to the call when they call upon me, I'm close to them, I'm near, I listened to them and I respond to them.

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That Allah subhanaw taala the Quran is there to increase you in making your life better. And there's nothing, no better way of enhancing you as a as a person than to feel connected to your Creator and to know that your Creator is merciful. You see, there's no other way of us knowing our Creator. There's no technology that can see Allah or communicate with Allah. The only link between us and Allah is the book of Allah is the Creator is the Quran. And so when Allah tells you about himself, it is a manual to explain who he is, when he says cutterbar, a bookmark NFC Rama, that he has made compulsory upon himself mercy. And so when you take this verse, that you know you're starting a new

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venture in your life, you're going to do something and Allah says to you, I have made mercy upon myself compulsory, that whatever I do is merciful. I will always be merciful to you so long as you know, we obey His commands and live a life as he instructed, he will always be merciful and even if we commit sin, when he will, if we return to Him, then He will return to us call the IWC woman, Asha became an usher or rahmati was kalasha. Allah says that only a few a selected

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people or a group will taste the punishment of Allah, Allah Subhan Allah say that his punishment is restricted to a few. But his mercy encompasses everyone and everything, that his mercy is in everything and in in with everybody. Even the police, even the worst of the worst, has a share of Allah's mercy, but his punishment is only limited to a select to that which he selects. And so it tells you I mean, if you ask what is the purpose of the Quran, it gives you great hope that you have a load that is merciful, that loves you that wants you to succeed. And that is what the Quran wants to do. And we can go on not be Imani Nila or fool Raman. Allah says, say that informed my servants

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I'm the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. And I think we've been through most of these verses. Another important thing about the Quran. And this is what it's supposed to do. It's not a book of science, even though a lot of science is in the book of prophecies. It's not there to dazzle you. The Quran is job as we said, Allah never calls the miracle of the Quran. Marchesa medical is called the module, Allah calls it an iron assign. It is not meant to amaze you or to put you in Oh, it's meant to guide you. That's what the purpose of the Quran is. It's a book of guidance. It's a book to make your life better. And so what better way

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to guide a person to act in your life than to actually tell you what your life is all about. If you were to pick up I mean, if you were to assess how important a book is, you know, there are books that we read, For entertainment, you know, it just passes the time span. I hope that people still eat books for entertainment. I don't think people do that anymore. I think it's one of the better forms of entertainment is to read a book. But some books are just there for entertainment. Some books are just the

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To in some books are good, they educate you, you learn something new about the creation. This book educates you about the Creator. And it tells you what you need to do in your life. And this idea is one of the most important is to you and me Wilma holofil General insight Illa Allah says that the reason why you have been created, I have not created Jin men, except that you should serve and worship Allah alone. And this is what your life comes down to worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala alone and as Namib Rahim when he was asked about what his life is all about, and who is Lord is now Abraham's statement. This is what Islam is all about. As I think we've mentioned this before, and

00:30:45--> 00:31:23

Abraham said, that, my Lord Allah the Hala Knievel weddin, the One who created me and guided me that is the one that my Creator is my Lord will lead you to m&a screen, he is the one that feeds me every day, and he gives me drink everyday, well in America for issuing and when I become sick, only he can kill me, while letting me you meet you. Nice to meet you again. And he's ultimately the one that's going to cause me to die none of us can escape Allah, ultimately we are going to die and Allah will cause us to die. So my Yohane but he will bring us back a second time in resurrection, one or the other Morrow and yellow Pharaoh the Hata, hottie at yo yo Medina. And he says, I hope and against

00:31:23--> 00:32:02

Allah back to our question that we saw there. Now we will MCS and I hope that he will forgive me, my sins on the day of karma Subhanallah I think it's a good place to India. If maybe Ibrahim is saying, I hope that I ultimately when I meet Allah, my account will be good. And if there's any deficiencies, he will forgive me and intervene to Jana. Even Ibrahim says, Look, I can't guarantee myself all I have is the hope in Allah's mercy. In spite Allah, all of us can say that Allah is pleased with us. But what we can say is that we have tremendous hope in Allah subhanaw taala in a beautiful Hadith, there'll be so someone says that if any of us, you know, we have a sort of a

00:32:02--> 00:32:42

prolonged death, you know, not a sudden death, we have a deathbed or, you know, we get closer and closer. It is important that of the last things that you think about is to have good thoughts of Allah to feel that no matter how negligent we were, how bad our life was, how many sins we made. Ultimately, what must tip the scales in your heart is you must feel confident in Allah's mercy not in yourself or in your deeds, but you feel confident that I hope in Allah's mercy, so think well of Allah. And that is what nobody really missing. I can't vouch for myself, but I have a lot of hope in Allah's mercy so Hamdulillah I think we can conclude the end we'll perhaps end of the series, the

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section of the series next week. Ultimately, as we said, the Quran as we go through these verses should soften the art and it should make you a better person. And if it does that, if it makes you a better person, then that is exactly what the Quran is meant to do. It's an Allah grant us that the Quran be the light of our hearts might be our companion in the dunya and we ask era and might be a huge fo as a witness for us on the Day of Qiyamah mean what hamdulillah have any questions

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the entire cycle ahead shukran so much for your time. We hope you all the best and that Mubarak week it was Allah say no Mohammed Yusuf Islam scene from Nairobi. planimetric not so much. I said I'm wanting to get to