Muhammad West – Quranic Reminders #1 – People of the Ditch

Muhammad West
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Are we live in a shakedown? rajim Bismillah Mangalore, HeMan Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Ashraful, we're sending signal Muhammad not only he or SOFIA Jermaine, my beloved brothers and sisters are Sadat, Marty Kamara, him as a lawyer with regard to and hamdulillah Bellarmine appraisement Allah subhanaw taala and a shadow Allah you know have Allah we are witness and testify that there is none worthy of worship besides the last panel data and we send our loving greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family to his companions and others in front of his sunnah until the end of time. Now let's puntata places

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to be set for us from the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this life. May Allah grant us Sophie can success in this month of Ramadan May Allah grant oh you better to be accepted, we will achieve the reward of layer two other all our sins be forgiven, and may we intergender through through those along with our loved ones. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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we are putting our 40 Hadith on hold because it's the month of the Quran and it's good to focus our discussions and all our learnings around the Quran. And insha Allah over the next couple of weeks we will talk about some of the lesser known Quranic stories and parables. So many times we spoke about the stories of the Gambia and in fact, during the tarawih series for those who are following, we're doing the story of Nabi Musa alayhis salam, which is the longest basically the most prominent story of the Gambia in the Quran. And so but there are other little bits of stories yet in the in the Quran that doesn't link exactly to NIV and so in sha Allah we hope in this future tomorrow that we

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have in the month of Ramadan, we will discuss these Quranic reminders with certain parables examples Allah subhanaw taala uses. Yola today,

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I want you to think about a question which I'm sure you've at least thought about, no matter how strong your image is, you thought about this, or you even discussed it with someone who does not believe in Allah. The question is always have you ever wondered why good people suffer in this world? Right now, as we are talking about this, there are a million Muslims in China, the Uyghurs locked up with Allah subhanaw taala. More than a million Rohingya pushed out of the lands, making dua fasting making Salah sounds like the bad people, pious people, only Allah Allah children, with Allah subhanaw taala. And so many more oppressed people sick people starving, going through it, we

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don't have to look for even in this land, the oppression and Allah subhanho wa taala. We know He's almighty, all powerful. With one word couldn't he could solve all the world's problems. So why doesn't he do something? I'm sure this has crossed your mind. Or you've even had a discussion about it. But at the same time, we see how many of the tyrants and dictators and the most evil of people, they love the most luxurious of lives, and they die peacefully in the midst of the ripe old age almost 100 they pass away know what is hon Allah. In fact, one person said he embraced Islam through Hitler. How he said he couldn't think to himself that Hitler off the killing 6 million innocent

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people just got away with it. There has to be more to the story. We cannot imagine that all this injustice and this evil will go unanswered. There must be something there must be retribution. But the story isn't finished. The book ends David Yes, it's a terrible story. But if there's another chapter, a final chapter, then they are then they will be adjusted. And we don't even have to think about the big injustice in our lives. Many of you might have experienced oppression in your work, you have to you are a Muslim, you are doing everything that is right. And so things don't go your way. You don't get the promotion. Someone takes from you and they get away with it's fine Allah, Ya

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Allah I'm the one making dua making Salah that thief that criminal does what he wants and he gets away. Why Allah and Subhan Allah not every story of the stories of the Gambia are the stories of the Sunnah Indian happily ever after yes, many times we'll talk Nabi Musa alayhis salam, I don't want to spoil it I'm sure by now if you don't know how the story of Nabi Musa ins that round, it gets defeated. I'm sure it's not a spoiler, but that hamdulillah the good guys win. But there are other stories where the good guys don't win in this dunya. And one of those stories, which is going to be mentioned in the Surah will recite is the story of the people of the ditch. You heard of the people

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of the ditch, it's mentioned in the Quran as * Oh dude, the people of the ditch. And so

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the story I'm going to summarize a long Hadith in, in Sahih Muslim where there was a kingdom, some land Allah Allah and we it was we don't know whether these were Jews or Christians could have been even South America remember Gambia into every nation and this kingdom, powerful kingdom. They had a minister who was in charge of magic, they had a chief magician, a sorcerer. And as the sorcerer got old, he said to the king, I need an apprentice. I need a young boy that will learn magic from me and will take over my role. And so they looked throughout the kingdom and they found the most brilliant, the smartest young men, and he started learning magic from the magician. And all this student came

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and went from the palette so he was learning the magic. He would pass by a certain area and he saw a little like, oh,

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something and there was just a man living alone in there. And he got into conversation with this man. And this man was actually a person who just worship Allah alone. You know, a monk stayed in seclusion didn't involve himself. They didn't give Dawa. He didn't work. He just worship Allah subhana alone. And so the boy became friends with this monk. And so the monk started to explain to him about Allah and you know, the religion. And so this boy is learning on the one hand, truth from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And on the other hand, is learning the worst of knowledge, the knowledge of magic, which comes from shamans panela, working with jinn. So he has these two conflicting

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information. And the one the one has power, no doubt, magic has power, it can do things. And another side. This is learning information that says this is the rock bottom in the all powerful all power belongs to Allah, even the power of Shavon is given to him by Allah subhanho wa taala. And so, one day, this boy was confused, and he was not sure which one of these two teachers were telling the truth. I'm summarizing the some little bits as well. And this, this beast that comes into the town, and so he picks up a stone and he says, Yeah, Allah, which if you are the truth, and this knowledge is right, then show me and he throws this beast and the animal dies. And so he's convinced that this

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is Allah subhanaw taala is the right way. And so he tells his teacher, that this is what happened. And he's walking through. And so the the teacher told me, she said, you know, my son, now you, you are the teacher, I'm the modied. Now, Allah subhanaw taala has raised you have beyond me. And unfortunately, the what this means with more Eman comes more tests, you're going to be tested. And so he becomes he starts the healing people looking to Anna healing them through himself, people will come to him. And they would ask for for healing, they were blind, they will seek and he would make dua, and he will teach him what Allah to you make dua and a lot of times will kill you. And through

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his Kurama. And maybe he was even in a beat, we don't know. He the people were killed by the Grace of Allah. Eventually, the news reached the king, I'm sorry, showed the news reached the king. And the king called this young man and said, tell me, you're telling the people that you are curing these people through a Lord, I am the only Lord disguised like Iran, I don't know of another god other than me, what god are you talking about? I'm God. And so the voice had no, the Lord, your Lord, and my Lord, and the Lord of everything is Allah subhanaw taala. And so this king then said, you either give up this, what you are believing in what I'm going to execute you. And after many

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times of trying to execute this boy, try to throw him off the mountain, try to drown him in the ocean, trying to cut him up. Nothing worked, couldn't kill this, this boy was protected by Allah subhanaw taala. And so this boy said, Well, this young man said, if you really want to execute me, I will tell you how to do it. On condition, you have to bring the entire city in one area in the arena. And you have to say Bismillah, in the name of Allah, the Lord of this boy, and shoot me with an arrow, there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim, right, that if you shoot me with an arrow, then I will die. And so the king said, great, and we'll find Subhan Allah similar, Allah will use something

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similar with Iran, he will bring all the people to one location to witness the grandeur of Allah, He will be the one that gives the dollar he will spend the money to give the dower and so the king gathers all the people, the boy standing there, obviously is very famous now because he has killed a lot of people. And the king says loudly in the Name of Allah, Lord of this boy, he shoots the arrow and he kills the boy. When he does that the entire city becomes Muslim.

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The idea was you the idea was he's going to matzah himself, to show the greatness of Allah and the weakness of this king. And so the entire city became Muslim. But still it doesn't end I said the story doesn't end happily ever after. When these people embraced Islam. The king said, like I killed this boy, anyone else who embraces this religion is also going to be executed. And those who refuse they will be burned to death and he dug ditches. That's what he called the people of the ditch. He dug the trenches around the city, fold it with fuel, and he said whoever does refuses to leave Islam, they will go in the and the people that refuse the you know, the the king and the army. They

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set up chairs around these huge fires. And they started throwing people in the fire one by ones for burning them. And that's fine, didn't come and save, do anything Allah allowed this to happen. Even a lady comes and she has a newborn baby in her hand and she had a baby is about to throw in and they say last chance you and your child will be burned and she hesitates. And the baby speaks one of the few times but seven times in the Hadith. We are baby speaks of Isa one of them. This baby speaks and says to his mother, or mother, be patient for you on the back. This is the right way. This is Jana. Basically, this is not a fire. This is Jana. And so they fall into the fire and they and they die.

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And that's the end of the Hadith SubhanAllah. Now this hadith came because someone is telling the Sahaba we need to tell him the story. When they were in Makkah and they were being abused and tortured Bedard. We all know the story of Bilal, and there was no way out we just all we can do is make dua, but nothing is happening. And so the prophets Allah is telling the Sahaba that Allah does things on his own time and when he wants to and when he

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wisdom. So Allah revealed the surah and this surah SOTL borouge which many of us know we use our mind we recite it. Read it from the perspective of if you Subhanallah are being oppressed or the oppressed people in China city Nam Allah make it easy for them Allah grant them freedom, or those who have lost everything. You read this and you think, Wait, Allah read this, the steward surah. At the same time, if you are the oppressor, and you're the tyrant, and you've wronged anyone read the surah as well and the surah can be understood in both ways, depending on how you read it. So I would have been actually talking about him Allah's fantasies, what sama till borouge Allah says, I swear

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by the sky filled with Buddha which brought our towers and fortresses but what towers do we see in the sky? Constellation of stars, Allah says isolated by the sky, and all the stars that you see these mighty stars, that sidenote, what have stars at any, they are burning balls of fire, right they are huge furnaces. Allah says I swayed by the sky and these furnaces that are burning in the scope, while yo milma rude and I swear by the promise today, the day that is promised. Now many times Qiyamah is referred to other things. This is one of the few times a year Kiama being the day that is promised. Now when you say I promise you can be a warning, I promise you you're going to see

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or I promise you it will be okay. For the one who's going through a hardship. Allah says, The day that I'm promising you will come to pass it will happen way the scales will be put right? And Allah says what shall he do you want to shoot I swayed by the one who witnesses it by the one who witnesses the witness. And the Masood, the event that was witnessed? Now many times Syria, the witness could be the criminal and then Muhammad is the one the victim or it could be the one who's witnessing is Allah. Allah says I swear by the one who witnesses everything, and the event that was witnessed. Now, instead of using seeing Allah use witness, when do you have witnesses, like in a

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court case? So Allah says, These are witness and they will be event that was witnessed and all of that is being recorded. Because Allah swore by four things he swore by the stars, and by the day of piano that is promised, and he swore by the one witnesses, and the events that were witnessed all the things that happen, all the injustices, I swear by those things. Coup de la is horrible, dude, Allah is cursed and be destroyed. The people of the ditch Allah says they will be destroyed. Those the people of the ditch the king and his army, they are curse they are cursed Allah and it's very few times you find in the Quran, where Allah actually curses are people Allah says Cursed are they a

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naughty naughty Lua code and the fire which they fuel that very hot fire. And again you can read it either the fire which they themselves fool with fuel or the fire ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will fuel now what is the fuel of Jana people? People the criminals it whom are they you have crude how they set Allah says how they the king and the army set around the fire watching the Muslims being burned. Now sitting around the fire is also symbolic of how they're going to sit in the fire. In the day of Kiana well hooba Maya, me Nina shoot again this word shoot Shahida witness and Allah says and they themselves are witness they will be the witness on camera to what they did to the good people. They

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are the show who on the day of karma, Allah will bring the victims to testify. The criminal himself will be the will be testimony. And Allah says Wilma Naka Moomin whom Illa Umino Billa Hill as he said, Hamid and the crime of these people, the crime of the Uyghurs the crime of the Rohingya is the crime of the Palestinians. What was the crime? Why are they being tortured so much, Monica moment they are punished except and human will be legalizing Hamid except that they just believe in Allah, the Lord of all things the Lord the most powerful, the most praised but that was the kind that they believed in Allah. Allah de la Humann Kusama to well ordered. To Him belongs Nala reminds all of you

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that everything happens. Every land, every place, every prison Everything belongs to Allah Allah who somehow it will. He controls everything in the heavens and the earth will Allahu Allah cliche in Shaheed Allah is witnessed over everything four times Now Allah is mentioning this word of witness. Many times we think, yeah Allah we are you listening, it's not that uncommon. I think it's I see. Not only do I see eyewitness better than you are with and I'm keeping record and I'm keeping a count and a scorecard. I know better than even the victim knows about what's happening. So Allah says Allah Cooley che in Shaheed, I be witness, Allah is the witness over everything in Alladhina, Fattah

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and remote meaning when me not to Melania to will father whom either would you hand them one of whom either will heartache that anyone who harms or places persecutes a believing man we believe in woman and does not repent. They continue like this in their life and they die like that. But a formidable Jahannam also promised them remember the promise Allah said they will get the punish the punishment of Jana while Umaga will hurry and they will get a torment that is extremely burning heartache. Usually when Allah use this description. We know Jana is burning, but they are

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evils of burning. Now if you're in the fire and you say that place is burning, then you know that is severe. So this special kind of Jahannam is is for them.

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And then Allah says to them, so Allah is saying to the king, I think about the US How will the people of the the ditch, Allah is the king and his soldiers, they are in the burning. As for the believers in the Medina, amen. And while I'm in Saudi hottie lagoon, Jannetty antigenemia, Tatiana and her that it can also carry that as for the believers, you are in Gardens under which rivers flows, and you will be there forever, and that is the great reward. So Allah is showing you that this is just a momentary thing that you're seeing, you're not seeing the full picture, that the good people, they are the ones the weekers, they will be the ones that are free in Jannah that have no

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boundaries, whereas the oppressors will be in cages in Jannah. The people that have been pushed out of their homes, they are not the one that is homeless, they will have palaces in Jannah. And as for the clients, they will be in the place of Jannah. Allah says this is a moment that he thinks the school will be even, not Allah says Subhan Allah, who's a powerful ayat, Allah says, in bottleshop, because I shouted, Allah says, but she's when you grab someone, Allah says, when I grab, my grabbing is shredded, it is extremely severe. When Allah grabs he does not let go, when he takes it to revolution, there is no turning back. There is no second chances. In now Who who are you by the way

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you read, that he's the one that starts and he repeats what he could mean. You think you die, you're not going to get away from me, you will come I'm going to bring you back to all your accounts. Also. It's some it's the type of punishment you can only hurt someone once in this dunya. Really, you can only sort of burn somebody once, within Kiama Allah will burn you and bring you back and burn you again. And the punishment will continue and continue and continue. So you can't escape in now Who who are you being where you're at? He was the one that started and he will repeat. Well, who will have a fool What do what's panela in the midst of this very serious ayat, Allah says that he is full

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of forgiving, and what would end what would mean full of love. Now how does this 15 When Allah is talking about retribution for the believer, the one who listens to this Allah, the One who is suffering now and whoever is going through any kind of harm, any kind of suffering, whether it's your sickness, know that Allah subhana wa, tada is a way that you're sick, you're lying on your bed, making dua, and your cue is coming. You're being in an abusive relationship. You're, you know, you've been harmed financially, some way. Allah says he's full of love and mercy for you. But whatever is going through your situation, Allah will show you His love and His kindness. And what

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would just a side note here. Maha is love. Hope is love. What's the difference between mawatha and Maha hope is to feel love.

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It's a feeling my word that is when you act with love. Now you can take this to your wives you This is something out of this thing. You can say hope is, I feel love for you. But you can feel something and not act on it. But when you act with love, it becomes my word. It's not an emotion anymore. It's something physical. When your hands do it with love, it's my word. So Allah says when he acts, he acts with love. It's even to the tyrant and oppressor, all the crimes you've done. If you turn back to Allah, you will forgive the genocide that you've done, you'll forgive you, and He will show you love. But you must return back you must return back. Lulu Shin Majeed that Allah is the one that I

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remember this is the this is the surah. If you look at it again, this many of these dual dual do means the one who possesses Bluecore nine, the man who has two horns. So somebody that will Bucha the sky that has lots of stars, the people that had the ditches, Allah says He is the one that has the Majeed Darsh, the mightiest creation, the throne. Now, when you think of a throne, and you think of a king, it means that when He decrees something, it is perfect. When he delays He's held it for a reason. We cannot be wiser than Allah. We might think if I was in charge, I would immediately in the Coronavirus, I would immediately sit over people free and give all the poor people money. Allah says

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He is the Lord that has absolute wisdom. Your wisdom can understand you do not fully comprehend He is the Lord of the perfect throne for Allah Lima. You read he does whatever he wishes, He does what He wills. Then Allah says Allah taka Hadith Junoon the the story of the armies come to you fear I'm gonna with a mood, the story of Iran we all know Fidel and what happened to him and some would be city still standing, you can still see Allah says tails. You can see it in your life, even our life now. They are preserved ballerina capital Theta deep, those who can still deny those who are titans in the world and they see what happened to fit around and they see what happened to some mood and

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they're still doing it. Then they are deluded. They are denying reality to they think they're going to escape Subhanallah wala hoomin wa even more hate and Allah has already encircled them completely. Allah's armies are from all around the

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already ballyhoo a Quran Majeed, this is a perfect Quran the same word Majeed for the arch without any flow. This is a perfect Quran. Philo Hill mafia with a predicted preserved Quran in the highest in the in the summer. So Subhan Allah, the surah to broach, we can spend a lot more talking about it. The point is Allah subhanaw taala reminds that no evil happens in this world, except that there will be retribution, either in this dunya when the after, and in fact of his ways of punishing, he allows the criminals to continue without punishing him in the dunya. So that the entire account happens in the Africa. That's where the believer, Allah sometimes put you through hardship or

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Hadith. You go through a hardship in your family, in your body, in your wealth in everything, so that when you die, you meet Allah, and there's no punishment left is only Rama. There's only mercy there's only Jana May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive our sins without holding us to account. May Allah grant that we live a life that is peaceful, and may we be in security and that which we love Milan artists beyond our means, Mala Graceffa, to those who are ill, and Rama and forgiveness for those who have passed away, Malaga and all of us genital fitteds. I mean, does that blockade was Allah say no Muhammad wa salam listening hamdulillah datamine sidhwani library

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