Mirza Yawar Baig – Living Islam Session #23

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of learning to leave Islam in order to benefit from it is discussed, along with the dangerous and dangerous virus of the vasila. The conversation also touches on the impact of COVID-19 on society, including lockdowns and extreme health struggles. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning and monitoring progress before leaving classes, as it is impossible to achieve goals with microbes. The discussion also touches on the history of Islam's actions and how it has been responding to anything and everything, including the pressure on individuals to take care of their bodies. The speakers encourage people to use their own experiences and learn from their actions to teach others.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala VA mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Steven Cassian tefera mavado

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Americans yesterday,

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such a beautiful morning I decided to

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talk to you out here, rather than sitting inside the room.

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Now let's

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remove this whole

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test of COVID virus that we are all inflicted with We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his, for his mercy and grace.

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This session of leaving Islam once again I we are beginning this these sessions after

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Ramadan, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to benefit from them. And the when the benefit of the other way to benefit from leaving Islam

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Sessions is to leave Islam. Now the way to do that is to add the end of a session to first of all sit in the session with a notebook and take notes. And at the end of each session

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to reflect on what did I learn from this session number one, number two, then to say what do I need to do in order to implement this in my life.

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So it's not just a matter of increasing your awareness and your

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the amount of information please notice I don't use the term knowledge because knowledge is different from information. So including in the maluma or elmen more. So I'm not talking about marijuana I'm talking about. So he's saying you don't sit here with the intention of getting some more information. But sit here with the intention of seriously learning about Islam in order to practice it. So make check your needs before you come to the class before you sit in the class. Check your knee and say why am I sitting in this class I'm sitting in this class because I want to learn just not just learn not just get some information, some facts acquired some hobbies. But I

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want to sit here so that I can

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truly learn something that I intend to put into practice in my life. I want to make some changes in my life, which will enable me to benefit from this class. This is the intention with which you must sit in the class. Any class not only this class any glass

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door so do think about that. First and foremost check your Nia Why are you in this class, there's a famous Hadith where a solo surah Salaam said do not do not acquire, he said do not acquire knowledge for three reasons. One is to argue with the fuqaha to argue with the scholars to is to look good, and learners before the sofa before the fools to look good before the fools. Number three is to attract the eyes of people towards yourself which means to become popular and to have

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you know a lot of followers I think about that just think about May Allah protect us from ourselves may let us think about the reasons why we acquire knowledge today. We go exactly opposite the bodies of

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people seem to acquire knowledge only because they want to argue with somebody they want to acquire knowledge only because they want to look good before whichever bunch of you know people that they live with now or to make money out of out of religious knowledge by becoming more popular and so on and so forth. And teaching for money I mean, teaching Islam for money, this is something which is not the Sunnah of the MBA mussalam It is not something that the great scholars of Islam anybody did. But this has become the norm today. May Allah protect us from ourselves. Otherwise you will answer to a loss of data. So first and foremost thing to do before you enter the class is to check your own

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Nia and to make your net full of a class full of sincerity. And to remove anything else from this near number one. Number two is to come with the intention of learning. So come with a notebook. Take some notes, write things down no matter how good your memory might be. Remember, the shaitaan doesn't want you to remember so he will make you forget. So make sure that you don't fall into the trap of shatter.

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So make sure that you have

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that you have a way of retaining what knowledge you have

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Get here. Third thing is consciously monitor that and say, whatever I learned, how much have I applied in my life? For your information, this is the 23rd session of leaving Islam, as we do one session every week, this has been going on now for 23 weeks, that is roughly for half the year for or for six months. So because 52 weeks is the year 23 is getting close to that. So it's almost half the year. Think about that and say, what is it that I have done? What changes have I brought about in my life as a result of listening to so many lectures about leaving Islam? Now brothers sisters, if we don't do that, then we are really

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you know, you're you're doing a disservice to yourself hunger am Allah reward you for attending the class, we are lost. Count this among your Gmail account is among the zeker ufological. That's what these classes are, these are the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala. But if it just stays that, if it simply stays with,

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you know, with

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the Justice decree of Allah subhanaw taala. I don't like to say just as the court because the court is very important, but you know what I mean.

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And if it doesn't get translated into actually action, then we are not doing justice, to the effort of coming to a class. So please do think about them. Second thing is the topic that I'm going to talk to you today is the topic of the vasila

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which is to images, to seek a way of getting close to Allah subhanaw taala. What is vasila I'm not going to discuss the whole thick of it. But I'm going to talk to you about that. through one of the most famous stories that also Lazzara someone told us about some people of the of the past. But the reason I'm saying that there is vasila is the vasila for door and the dryer is for something which is so which on the face of it is impossible to do that something which is on the face of it completely impossible, totally out of our control, there is no way that we could achieve that. But by law, there were there were these people who were able to achieve that and to relieve their

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suffering. I want you to pay serious attention to this, because today we are living under this tyranny of the microbe right we are living under the tyranny of COVID virus.

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So we have this COVID virus con so we are

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taking various precautions including lockdowns in most countries, which have

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resulted in whatever the COVID virus did or did not do in terms of death and

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and health suffering of people. The lockdowns have resulted in huge suffering, thanks to the complete suspension or breakdown of economic activity. So, people have lost jobs, people are suffering some in some cases, in some countries, people are starving and so on. Of course, it is also brought to the fore the goodness of human beings, because people are in many countries, it is the individual it is individuals, it is NGOs, it is individual people who are doing a lot of work, to bring relief to suffering people far more than their governments are doing. So, this is a good side of it. But obviously, all of this suffering is happening. And we do not have a solution as

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mankind we do not have a solution. But as Muslims, we know that Allah subhanaw taala can solve this, and that no one other than other than Allah console avec la la, la la la la la, there is no one who can give benefit and there is no one who can do any harm except Allah Subhana. Allah.

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This is our creed is what we believe in. And as Muslims, we believe that we have access to a loss of hundreds or hundreds is true. We have access to a lot we know who allies we know how to worship Him, we know how to ask him. And what I'm going to tell you is a story a true story, which was mentioned to us and told us about three people who were in a situation like this not COVID virus situation but in a situation where they were looking at death in the face and death in a very horrible way death by starvation. By not having food and drink, which eventually results in dementia. It eventually results in madness. And eventually a person dies in some extremely extremely harsh and horrible in a

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very harsh and horrible way. Now that is what they were looking at. That is what they were

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Facing and in the face of all that they decided to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala using a vasila. And what was that vasila that was sila was one of their own Amal, it was something that they had done only for the pleasure of Allah with a class with sincerity, they took that action only and only to please Allah subhanaw taala. Now they took the vasila of this action, and they made draw and they said, Oh Allah, this is what I did on such and such a day. And of course, Allah subhanaw taala is witness to that. And they say, Oh Allah, if you like that, if you like what I did, if you accepted that deed, I did this deed only, and only to please you without any other ulterior motive, then

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please save me from this calamity that I'm in. The reason I'm saying this to my brothers and sisters is that you are in a position to make this kind of draw to Allah subhanaw taala, you are in the position to make a draw, where you can take an animal of yours, you can take an action of yours, that you did with complete sincerity, secretly, which nobody knew except yourself, and you have that hour with you. And you use that hour and you say, Oh Allah, this is what I did to please you only, there was no ulterior motive in that, you know, this, my heart was pure. I was doing this sincerely, only and only to please you, or life you accepted this deed, then please remove this Coronavirus

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from us. Brothers and sisters, it is my belief that inshallah Stan, all it needs is one Muslim, to make this. And Allah subhanaw taala has the power to lift this from the whole world. Right? Allah has the power to live this from the whole world, on the law of one single person. Now, question is, are you that person? Am I that person? So, listen to this beautiful story. And I'm sure many of you have heard this story many times before, but I am the lead in the curtain for one minute. Decker and reminders are good for the believers. So let us listen to the story. But the purpose of that is not just the story, the purpose is to reflect in our lives and say, What deed have I done?

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only and only to please Allah subhanaw taala. Without any ulterior motive, my heart is totally pure with this last, what have I done,

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which I can use now and present Allah subhanaw taala and say, Allah, this is what I did for you, if you accepted it, please help me today in this situation, my brother, sisters, final point, if we do not have such a deed, then we still have life, there is a chance to do that, so to do such a deed right now. So let us think about that and say, What deed can I do now, even if I missed my chance, doesn't matter and under lavalife Allah has given me strength, Allah has given me topic. So let me do that deed. Now, think about that. Do something, only to praise Allah subhanaw taala and make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to live this calamity, from the whole world, please notice I'm not saying

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make dua to Allah to save you, by all means Allah will save you inshallah, I ask Allah to save you. But I'm saying you make the for the whole world that is why you exist as a Muslim, in order to benefit all of creation, you exist in order to benefit all of region. So let us fulfill the purpose of our existence, which is leanness for the benefit of all people for the benefit of all creation. And we do that by asking Allah subhanaw taala by representing the whole of humankind, to Allah subhanaw taala and begging Allah subhanaw taala for his mercy and grace, asked Allah subhanaw taala to remove the suffering from the whole world and to free us all from this calamity that we are

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The story is this is narrated by

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Omar Abdullah Noma and this is in say Buhari

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also said that there were three people who were traveling, and they were overtaken by rain. And so they took shelter in a cave in the side of a mountain, next to the mountain, and they went into a cave on the mountainside. Now this is also advice, I think is good advice to tell us what not to do because if you are going to take shelter in a cave in a mountainside, then more than likely, you can become a victim of a landslide. And that's exactly what happened to these people.

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They sheltered from the rain in the cave, and but it was heavy rain and the rain continues.

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And the side of the mountain slid down. So a huge rock slid down the mountain, and blocked this cave. So now imagine, put yourself in that situation, the purpose of all of these things is to put ourselves in that situation, may Allah protect you and me from such a situation. So these people are now three of them are inside escape

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the thing they are safe, they're free from rain. And suddenly, this huge rock slides down and seals the cave. Now, what are they looking at? They are looking as I mentioned, they are looking at death in the face, and a death of a very horrible way, because there is no way for them to escape, they are in the side of a mountain, there's no way they can dig themselves dig their way to a mountain, there is no way they can move that rock, they are as good as dead, but they are not dead. Whatever air is in the cave, that will be there as as long as the air is there, there will be some air to breathe. If the cave is completely hermetically sealed, then even that air will finish after a

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while. And then there will be no air to breathe so they will suffocate. And even if there is air to breathe, then gradually over the days, they will die of thirst and they will die of hunger. And before you die of thirst and hunger in such a situation, you get dementia you lose your mind you become mad. And Allah knows what else imagine in all of those days, they are going to be sitting in that cave, they are going to be urinating and defecating in that in that cave, what kind of horrible situation they have been stuck in the Think about that. The reason I'm describing all of this in

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with in so much detail is so that you can try to to imagine what a terrible terrible situation those three men found themselves in. So, now, this the middle of Muslims hamdulillah. So they knew they knew this is something which is completely and totally beyond their control, there is no way that they can do anything about saving themselves. This is just like we are we are facing Coronavirus and what can I do to save myself? Well, you take some precautions, but you know, what's the guarantee? So therefore, these people now

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one of them said, they said to each other, let us find ourselves, let us think of something good that we did, which you did only for Allah sake. And let us ask make dua to Allah subhanaw taala by referring to those deeds, so that Allah subhanaw taala may relieve us from our difficult. So what the who Allah he was he Allah, Allah mentioned this in the Quran, let's see casilla there was not a human being the vasila is not an any person, the vasila is your own action, because we did the same lesson the struggle that you did in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. So it's our own actions. So they said let's think of something that we did, only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala in

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secret only Allah knows, we did this with this last and we will make dua using this as the reference point.

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So now, first of them.

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He made, he made the law. And he said, Oh Allah, I had my parents who were very old. And I also had small children, for whose sake I used to work as a shepherd. So he was a shepherd. And he had his old parents who lived with him and he also had small children. So he used to he said that he think Allah subhanaw taala he said that I would take my sheep and goats to graze and in the night, when I returned, I used to milk the sheep.

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And I would first give that milk to my parents and only after they had drunk then I would give the milk to my children. So this was his not so in terms of bureau validation, of being dutiful to the parents, which is the number one requirement after

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the head after not doing shirk. The next one is barrel validation, to be dutiful and to can go to your parents. So this man said that this is what I tried to do my life. I always tried to I would take my leadership and even though my children were angry, and so on, so what I wouldn't drink, I was hungry. My children were angry wife was angry. I would not none of us would drink that milk until my parents had had the field.

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He said one day, I had to go quite far away in search of grazing for my sheep. And I did not get back home until very late. And he said that once I got back home and I made the sheep and I brought the milk. I

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discovered that my parents had already gone to sleep.

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They had gone to bed. He said I took this

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That bowl of milk in my hand, and I stood by the bed and the head of the bed. I stood by the bed all night, waiting for them to wake up. I disliked waking them up, I didn't want to wake them up, it would disturb them. And I also did not give them milk to my children who are literally crying with hunger at my feet. I didn't give it to them. I stood there waiting for my

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parents to wake up. And he said, Yeah, you know what happened? They did not wake up until dawn. The whole light past, my children just went to sleep. hungry, I was hungry. I didn't drink. We were waiting for my parents to wake up. Then he said, Oh Allah, if you considered that I had done that. Seeking only your pleasure, then please let there be an opening through which we can see the sky. sola sola Sallam said, so Allah made for them and opening through which they could see the sky. Now, this teaches us two things. Firstly, this teaches us that Alhamdulillah if we have even if we do an action,

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which is which we consider to be completely and totally free from every other motive other than to please Allah subhanaw taala even if I think that my action is full of his last, don't rest and think that that is enough. No, we don't know that. We don't know where Allah subhanaw taala like that action or not, we do not know whether it was acceptable as

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daughters to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala after Salah right now he's taught us that we make after Salah Hello, my name is Allah in Islam to

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talk fairly for

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a while and we make zone after salah and tomorrow Think about this, who did Allah who did a solo citizen of Jesus? He taught his God over the city. What was the nature of

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the Allahu Salah? Was it somebody who was doing his Salah so badly that they are and at least make this law so Allah will accept her so it was no

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law. No Salah was such that people used to look at him in salah and accept Islam.

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This one Incidentally, as we know from the story of Olga Delano, this was the complaint that the Horace had against our city. They said that this man, when you praise Him in public, people look at him and become Muslim. So they said they tried to force him to pray inside his house. Now that didn't work. And that's, that's a beautiful story. I don't want to bring it here.

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Many of you have heard from me But anyway, in in another place, we'll talk about that. But the point I'm making is that here is somebody whose Salah was already within quotes, at least from what we know perfect.

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Yet a solo solo solo document why and said Oh Allah, I have transgressed against myself, please forgive me because there is no one who forgives other than you. Now this is after doing something good. After doing Salah, and after doing Salah have excellent and beautiful quality and Nevis Allah Allah is teaching our workers today for Delano to seek to make a step far and to seek the forgiveness of Allah. Why? Because it is the it is a sign of a wounded. It's a sign of the nature of the slave, that he never considers any of his actions to be worthy of Allah subhanaw taala his acceptance, he does his action, he tries to do it to the best of his ability, but he does it knowing

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that what Allah subhanaw taala geladeira, who

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what is, you know, worthy of Him, I don't say deserve because we don't use this terminology farlis monitor, but what is worthy of Allah subhanaw taala is something which is beyond our ability to do so therefore we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept, we present our action to him with complete humility. And we said Oh Allah, if you liked it, if this was something that you consider to be good, then please accept this. So this is what this man said. So the first thing we understand from this door of this man is that we approach Allah subhanaw taala with complete and total humility, not with arrogance to say, Oh, you know, I did so much of

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what you did and what I did is nothing in comparison to what was the right of Allah, what Allah subhanaw taala deserved, and what Allah subhanaw taala has right was, is something very different. So therefore, we

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you approach it from that angle unreasonable law. Please accept this. We beg you to accept this. Firstly, secondly, see the amendment the other man made was he said, Oh Allah move the rock a little bit so that we can see the sky. Now, this also teaches us that when you make the make a full proper, right,

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Allah subhanaw taala is responding to his da, Allah gave him whatever he asked. So he could have said, Oh Allah remove this rock and free us, right? matter would be over under we would not have the other two would not have made dry. When I underlined the whole story, we learn from all of them. But the point is, that as far as dough is concerned, don't make these drawers which are, you know, kind of deficient, right? Allah is capable of doing everything that you can imagine and can't imagine. Allah subhanaw taala has power and his glory and His Majesty and His treasures and his ability and his strength is beyond comprehension. Right? We cannot comprehend we cannot, we cannot, we cannot

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imagine it. So ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for complete and total relief to ask for bits and pieces. They're very dear brother of mine is

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very, very close. And we go back more than 50 years. And so he told me this wonderful story one day, again, which illustrates distinct, he took his parents for Hajj.

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And in the cause of the hedge. The parents fell sick, and then there was somebody else with them. That person also fell sick. And this friend of mine, he was nursing them through this whole thing. And he said to me, he said, Yeah, I made dry and I said, Oh Allah Do not let me fall sick during this trip. But don't let me fall sick demanded this, this. That's why I never make glass with all of these caveats and all of these reservations and you know, little bit qualifiers. So he said, Don't let me fall sick during this trip. You know why this typically, because I'm looking after my parents and so on. If I also fall sick, what happened? So please do not allow me to fall sick during this

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trip. He says, throughout the trip, I was perfectly fine.

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They fell sick, the parents fell sick, others fell sick. They became okay. I nursed them and I did everything with them. He said we landed in Hyderabad airport, the plane landed, seatbelt sign was switched off. I stood up to open the overhead locker to take the hand baggage and I dropped. He said he collapsed.

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And he was very sick for a number of days thereafter. So he was accepted. He said Oh Allah Do not let me fall sick during the trip, the minute the trip ended, etc. So don't make laws like this or this man made this to answer or law please move this rock so that I can see a bit of the sky. So the rock moved only that much. Now that was no good to them, they can come out from that opening, they can move the rock they can they can cut the hill. So they are still trapped. Only now they can also see a bit of the sky. Then Allah subhanaw taala then Allah Sallam said

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that the second person he made, he said, Oh Allah, I had a cousin of mine, a girl who I loved with great passion. So there was you know, he really sort of, and from the, from the look of it, it seems to have been more just physical passion than anything else. But anyway, because he said I love her with as much passion as a passionate man can love a woman. And he tried. He said, I tried to seduce her, but she refused.

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And till I paid her 100 dinar, she was a poor girl. So she said, Give me 100 gold coins. So he said, I worked hard and until I collected 100 dinar. And then I went to her with that. And she allowed me to have * with her. He said, But before I could do that, as I was about to have * with her, she said, Yeah, Abdullah. He said, Oh slave of Allah. Allah. He said, Fear Allah. She's saying this trip she said, Oh slave of Allah, Fear Allah. Do not do this to me, unless you marry me. Because Zina is haram. fornication is haram. I am poor, I am in need. And so I have been forced to this, but you don't do this to me. Do not

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you know, do not touch me, unless you marry me. And so he said, and so Allah I left her, and I also left the money with her. I didn't take the money. I gave the money to her. And I left her. He said if you consider that I did this only seeking your pleasure. Then please let the rock move a little more. Once again. The do a little more

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completely remove the rock, both of these people could have made it. They didn't make it. So Allah subhanaw taala, shifted the rock a little bit more for the opening to become wider for them. And then the salasar Salim said, the third person, he said, Oh Allah, I employed a laborer, I employed a worker for wages equal to work for UK. So ferok is a certain measure of rice. And when he had finished his job, he came and demanded his wages.

00:30:29 --> 00:30:33

And when I gave it to him, he refused to take it.

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And what was the matter, and so on. We don't know. But the he The man was giving him his wages, but this other job, he refused to take it and he went away. Now this man, the bat, the employer, he said, I kept that rice, and I sold that rice, I set aside a certain part of the field for this band's rise. And he said, I saw that rise and several times with his band into for a couple of years. And he said, I sold it several times. So whatever the yield was, this band said, I didn't use it for myself, I saw the rice and whatever the yield was, I kept it I in the account of this man, who this wages were owed to. And he said that, from that proceeds of the harvest, every time the

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harvest would come, he will keep us at some seat, and he would sell that. And he said, from the money.

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He said, I bought I bought some cows. And I said, I put a shepherd also to take care of those cows, and discontinued and he said, Then one day, after a couple of years, this man turned up. And he said,

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he said to me, that is to the employer, or slave of Allah, Fear Allah, and do not be unjust to me, and give me my due. So this is a must have been an amazing guy, when he was given his due in the first instance, it doesn't take it, then he comes back, and he's threatening the man. But anyway, people are people. So this man comes and he says that, you know, give me my bias. So this guy, this applied, he said to him, he said, I showed him, all of those cows and the shepherd and so on. And I said, all of that belongs to you to take it. So the man was astonished at me, are you supposed to give me one for October? I said, Yeah, that's what happened. Alright, go back to the all of this is

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belong all those cows in the shepherd, everything belongs to you. So take, and this van said that his man took away everything, he did not even leave one single thing back.

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Then he said, Oh Allah, if you consider that what I had done, was for your pleasure alone. And that's why I did it. And please remove this rock and release us from this difficulty. And this is the Hades in

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insane body. Now I've noticed as I remind myself a new philosophy, guide us to that which is pleasing to Him, and away from that which does not please Him, here is a beautiful story of this deal. Now I began by saying what I said, do we have such deeds, because this is the purpose of the story, the sole purpose of stories, let us try to see what is it that I can do in my life, where I can do things, only and only to please Allah purely for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and stockpile them, keep them safely to us when I need them. There are many people around the law, for example, who were dealing in interest based banking, you know, that you were you are actively put

00:33:45 --> 00:34:27

your name in the list of the enemies of Allah because Allah subhanaw taala declared war on anyone who does who deals with interest, but Alhamdulillah you understood the the gravity of what you were doing, and Alhamdulillah you decided to get out of that. So you took steps where you decided to get out of interest based dealings. And you did that only to please Allah subhanaw taala Otherwise, there is no there is no reason the whole world is running on interest. And that is why we are having all of these problems. I began by saying also the other day, and I if I remember correctly, the last of the episodes that I that we did here in living Islam, I said that COVID virus is the result of

00:34:27 --> 00:34:29

accepting a declaration of war from Allah.

00:34:30 --> 00:34:31

So you want to

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

get rid of COVID virus, stop fighting with Allah. Stop having a war with Allah subhanho wa Taala make us the far make Toba turn towards Allah subhanaw taala many people many of many of you have done that. You have come out of interest based dealings only to praise Allah subhanaw taala. Remember that that thing is a vasila for you to use in order to make drugs to be relieved from COVID or for any other difficulty in your life.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

Many of you did not have the sooner fossilized Russell on your faces. But you did that only to please Allah subhanaw taala even though many of you had to face all kinds of

00:35:12 --> 00:35:16

criticism from people, because you wanted to keep a beard, as soon as

00:35:17 --> 00:36:00

you did, that is a vasila for you inshallah, many of you are not wearing hijab, but you did that to please only Allah subhanaw taala it despite having criticism, despite being criticized, by your family, by your friends, but you would still did that. inshallah, this is a vasila for you, in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala in order to make dua to relieve us from this COVID virus, or for any other difficulty that you want. So please let us try to do that. Maybe there are some of you who have done deeds of charity, maybe there are some of you who have, you know, who have prayed to Allah subhanaw taala salatu salam, and remember, it's not a question of how much it's a question of the

00:36:00 --> 00:36:42

quality of it, right? Allah subhanaw taala doesn't look at how much looks at the quality of it. So even if you are giving more or less the quality of it is it being done only to please Allah subhanaw taala without that's why I'm so anti, you know, all of this social media broadcasting of your actions, you know, you give $10 and you tell the world about oh, I am on Facebook and this and that I'm you intend on the hotel, please. Just do things for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala if Allah wants you to become famous, Allah will make you famous, but run away from fame, fame and wealth. A number from the famous Hadith he said, there are the two things that are most destructive

00:36:42 --> 00:36:47

to a person's Deen. The love for fame and the reform is

00:36:48 --> 00:37:31

to do to seek wealth through teaching and learning of Islam and to seek fame through that. These are the two most destructive things for our religion, stay far away from that. Do it sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And if and if Allah wants to take your name and your face and your teaching to the world, let Allah subhanaw taala do that. That is not your job. You don't worry about that. If you the most beautiful thing is for you to teach whoever comes to you quietly by yourself. Stay with that and die with that hamdulillah Allah knows what you're doing Allah is the one to reward. Having no followers, having no students is the best situation for the teacher. Right and

00:37:31 --> 00:38:14

have the LeBron BB, become allergic to fans and become allergic to followers. The followers are the ones that lead you to janam from behind why they push you into because they will to please them, you fall into that trap to please them you will say and do things which will destroy your own data and your own connection with Allah subhanaw taala never do that. stay clean, and stay purely and totally and sincerely work only an only for the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah will feed you, Allah subhanho wa Taala will sustain you. If you think that if unless that people ask questions, or you know, if I don't take money for teaching religion, how will I eat? I say if you are asking that

00:38:14 --> 00:38:43

question, then you are unfit to teach. Because you haven't even sorted out the issue of who is your logic? That itself you don't have you don't even have tawakkol or Allah subhanaw taala and you want to teach people what what do you teach people? What do you want to teach people? Before you teach people you learn yourself? Ask yourself who's Allah? Ask yourself the visa Zaku Timothy no not asked him if he if he is Raja or not asked him that if you are working for his sake, who is supposed to feed you allow somebody else.

00:38:44 --> 00:39:12

And if you think that you're working for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and he will leave you to starve. Then there's something seriously wrong with your image. Something is seriously wrong with your image and you are unfit to teach anybody. So stay out of it. Go make a step by go make Toba stop teaching until you sort out yourself until you have a Corolla until you're freed your heart from all of this, from the shock that you have filled it with La la la, la, la, la, la la.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:16

Teach Islam only and only

00:39:18 --> 00:39:30

not for anybody else. Do not take money for teaching of Islam. Right? Please don't do that. Don't take money for that reason. And you know why you're taking money? Do not take money for the teaching of Islam.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:38

And what will what will show you that that will show you whether you teach or not, whether or not or whether or not you get the money

00:39:39 --> 00:39:54

to even if you're working in a salary job, if you are teaching does not depend on the salary you are teaching, irrespective of whether you get a salary or not inshallah, your Nia has useless. But if that is not the case, and if you say no, I can't teach unless I paid.

00:39:58 --> 00:40:00

So here is this beautiful

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

story of this drama, as well as enable us to do deeds which are pleasing to Him gelato and to help us

00:40:10 --> 00:40:39

to do those deeds with your class and to free our hearts from all forms of contamination of all forms of shirk and to give us a class and to give us sincerity in our actions, and I regret remind you and why myself, let us create some deeds which are only for the sake of Allah, which we can use as it was sila for our class was Salalah alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi erotica hora de la la me. wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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