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La ilaha illAllah Nan has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this month of Siobhan or what remains of it and to grant us to reach the month of Ramadan. between us and Ramadan that's 30 days and insha Allah you can attain Jenna. Within that 30 days, no matter where you are in terms of your skills. Anyone can attain complete gender within those 30 days. So May Allah grant us to reach Ramadan, may Allah grant us to obtain the full benefit of Ramadan and Allah subhanaw taala grant that we send our love our greetings and salutations to a beloved Nabil Mohammed salsa lamb to grant us to be upon the Sunnah and to be

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amongst his Omar on the end of time in kiama, amin Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We come to we continue our series on bahara. And we spoke over the past few weeks with regards to the principles of Tara The substances What are pure water impure water nudges. We spoke about the things that nullify your will do last week and we discussed the issue of Voodoo and why we see these controversies. Why do the Sharpies say that if you touch a woman it breaks you will do and the hanafy said No it doesn't. We do these differences come from we said we discuss these issues to show you number one, the beauty of the deen and the flexibility in the deen as the prophet SAW Salah

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mentioned that there are things that Allah subhana wa tada made explicitly clear, and some things are lost behind our data lift, lift open, not because Allah forgot, or Allah is underway, but to make it easy for you that three, four opinions, all of them are acceptable, they're all acceptable. It's not to say one is above the other. And in times of difficulty, when you have the flexibility, we don't chop and change with our knifes, but we take the flexibility in times in times of hardship. So we spoke about Voodoo, and other the areas that you know maybe to to to rehash to make, you make the point clear.

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Particularly since we are Shafi community, we see the wiping of the head, it's something we should try and it's encouraged to wipe the entire head, even though it's the opinion of the Shafi method and perhaps it's even the correct opinion that the entire head is sooner or besides for the front. Without a doubt, this is the way the prophet SAW Selim perform these will do. So try your best and not three times one time wipe over your head and insha Allah this is this is to emulate Mohammed Salah salam, remember, there's no such thing as a chef you will do 100 We will do this only this will do of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So not to go into division. Once again, we move

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forward in sha Allah, to discussing the hustle,

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we see that there are two types of purification. There is a spiritual purification, a physical purification, and a spiritual one, physical purification. What does that mean? They suddenly jassa we had a list of nudges. And if you have some nudges on your clothing, or on the masala, you just remove it with water, or you remove it not even with water with any substance that will remove it dry cleaning whatever it might be scratching it off, if it's dried, then insha Allah that Naja is removed. That's physical purification. When we need to perform certain acts of a vida like sorta like tawaf, like touching the must have, you need to have a spiritual purification. And within the

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spiritual purification, you have minor or the small kind of washing, which is what we spoke about. And then we have the major spiritual purification. So some things if they occur.

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If they occur, you need to purify yourself in a major way, right to be purified and we all know what I'm talking about total muscle. So when does one need muscle? Actually, let's just take a step back when you need to perform we do we said to perform you need to perform we do when anything passes from the front or back passage anything a stone, wind liquid, whatever it might be the front to the back, you need to perform we do that if any Naja exits your body. So if you have a catheter catheter, or you have a colostomy bag, that Nigeria is exiting your body from your stomach, mela Graceffa for those who who have this, this this this this disease then you need to perform we do we

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said losing consciousness and touching the private parts with your hands directly requires we do and we see other areas are more debatable touching a woman

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you know the bleeding these kind of things are debatable. So that's when you need to do so.

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When do you need to perform hustle and there's only four times you need to perform a hustle. Number one,

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the emission of money when money which is semen, which is we spoke about this before our crapola pardon me, money is that substance both for the men and the women that is released at the climax of intercourse. And Allah might have made a list of the the substances how it looks, how it smells, or it feels when it exits your body and they said many is that substance semen or sexual discharge that is released during or after the climax of of intercourse, both for the males and the females, If this occurs,

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If this occurs, if this release of money from one's body, when one needs to perform muscle, now, we will know that money can be released in a number of ways it can be released through intercourse, it can be released while having a dream you sleeping and you wake up this this discharge, some people you know through illness or some Something happened and there was discharge in these cases you still need to prove also understand, whenever money is released from the body, then not money from your pocket, right? Money semen is released from your body when you need to perform a hustle. Number two, when these intercourse between a husband and a wife when goosal is required, and economical login

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and I say this the provinces and inshallah apart for one or two youngsters most of us are mature people here that the provinces have said that there is no higher in the matters of the deen that we don't we don't feel shy to ask these things. Because then Ibiza sunlamp came to teach us the way of life and these are parts of way of life. As a side note, you know, one of the generals of the Roman army once asked one of the Muslim soldiers, your prophet even taught you how to use the bathroom and he said yes, this is our Deen it's comprehensive. So the second area way one needs to perform hustle is as the heartbeat of Ayesha mentions when the two circumcised pass meaning when the two the two

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private parts touch each other. When these penetration, when the husband and wife come together, the minute those areas touch each other, then it also becomes compulsory on the crucial is required for the male and the female, even if there is no release of money, standards. So you can have intercourse without money, the whistle and you can have money without intercourse stole whistle, hey, the other two areas which are a lot more common, well known for the sister in her hide. Once a period I mean says is is finished she has to perform a hustle to perform salah and also for the sister who has just given birth she will go through a period of postnatal bleeding called nivas she

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will also go once this this bleeding has stopped she'll perform a hustle and then she will now be able to perform sada and recite from the Quran again. Right. So these are the required times we need any of these four things happen when you want to perform Salah or touch the most half you need to perform hustle, but there are other times which is required it is not required It is recommended that we perform a hustle a little bit better five times when one performs the hustle recommended a student novel so he went to Nevada. So number one for Juma and this is for the males and the females that Jumeirah both the men and the women perform the hustle not just because you're coming to the

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masjid. Yes, more so because the man is coming to the masjid and he shouldn't disturb people with an odor, but even for the system, and we know that beautiful Hadith that the prophet SAW seldom says that on the day of Juma in the morning, and the husband and the wife, they they both perform hustle and the husband comes to the masjid early and he sits close to the Imam. What's the reward? Every step he takes towards the masjid. It's counted one year of fasting one year of judo 19 Salah how many steps do you take if you walked to the masjid? And this is a Hadith, right? So it's a very simple thing you tell your wife sweetie hustle and you hustle in the morning and then you come to

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the masjid early sit here close to the Imam if there's a gap you said they then every step you took is a year of fasting a year of of that of Salah swallow easy thing, easy shortcut agenda. So the so for the Muslim at least once a week, he performs a hostel a complete body wash. And if you know 1400 years ago, this was something unique. This is not something that in history people used to do to us now once a week is the minimum in the past. This was his final this was like you were a germaphobe or something that you need frequent washing every people people believe they watched more than once or twice a month, then they're going to die. As the professor tells you at least once a week you

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need to hustle and five times a day you take a an evolution.

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When else do you whistle if you are about to enter the state of Iran not required, but it is recommended before the prophets of Salaam entered into Hara, he took a whistle, and then obviously entered in Iran, when one becomes a Muslim, so he physically purified, he's inside. And now as a symbol of that, we said this is a dean of purity. And one of the hallmarks of the dean is that we keep our bodies pure and we eat Pure Food, that is something that stands out for the Muslim ummah. So when you become a Muslim, you take a bath, you take a whistle,

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death, we know that when you die, and Subhanallah perhaps the last thing that you do on this dunya is done, when all of us dies, and that's going to happen to all of us, we're going to pass away, and people are going to come and take our bodies and they're going to wash it, may Allah protect us from Allah, grant us goodness on that time. And if you think about it, you know, just on this pause of the hustle, the, what we call it, when we money the dead person.

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It's as if though, the first part of the judgment for you is by your peers, that if this was a good person, people will rush it, we will sell him, let us make solid on him, the people of the dunya will know he's a good person or a bad person. Right? So that's the first judgment how you interact with before you get to Allah judging you, the people of the dunya will judge you and those people will ultimately be responsible for and that's how Allah made it that you want the dunya you in charge and how you treat people but when you die, Allah puts your face in the hands of someone else. So now they will judge you if you how they bury you how that makes holla on you and the 40 people we

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know the Heidi 30 people have been standing your Genesis Allah then this is an indication that this man inshallah has a personal agenda. So 40 good people standing and Allah mentioned choose your friends with that in mind that who do I want to stand behind when I pass away who must stand in my jam I don't want this person or that person but that good Mashallah brother. Even though he's a different color, even it's a different language, but he fasts and he gives charity, I want to make my general Salah, make him your friend. So when you die, we the bodies whistled because you're about to meet Allah subhanaw taala. And then obviously, the one who performs the hustle. So when you if

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you were to come any right to command, he is the one who washes the body and is the person who does the hustle of the dead body. It is also sooner that he performs afterwards because you came in contact with a dead body and obviously, there is an agenda. So you also perform reversal after you have performed the hustle of the day person. So how do we make the hustle? How do we perform the hustle? What is required in hustle is that every part of the body every exterior part of the body needs to be with the proper substances that the Genova Genova is what you do the Genova we could say it is the the impurity, the spiritual impurity that must be removed through muscle. So we are now

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Juniper, we also removes the Java. So the prophets of Salaam said in a hadith that the Java is under every strand of hay and under every on every patch of skin, meaning every bit of skin on the outside, and every hay on the outside must be weight complete completely with the sun. So this is what's required of guzzle. How do we perform it? Number one, we must have the Nia so if you jump in the pool and you completely wait without any near and that's not useful. So you must form your intention before I am now going to show myself You don't say it was in your heart. You have the intention the Nia and you say the bus mela Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim when again you begin by

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washing your hands we explain this last week why the prophets of Salaam washed his hands. Because of the hands of an adjuster and you dip it in the bowl of water, it becomes that whole water becomes no longer the hood. Obviously we use a tap but we still wash your hands because nobody's awesome did it then you make a stranger.

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If you have any Nigella on your body, right then you remove that first. So you wash any parts of your body you have to remove that first. So now all the Nigella is removed from your body. Now you begin by performing a widow and then you rent your entire body three times on the right and three times on the left and insha Allah needs a few to us to be recited afterwards. And now hamdulillah you have performed a complete a hustle, this is how the hustle is performed. And this is how you will be performed on you when you pass away my last one protect us

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questions that we get some questions here.

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So I bought with soap. All of us not only me, I'm sure all of us do we use soap when we both. Now we said before that you can perform you perform we do with water. Yes. If I put milk in that water, can I slow perform with the water? No. And as we said even though the milk is not impure, but you can only take widow with water that is pure water but

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Now when we hustle we using so to hustle

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Does this count does this so when you perform your whistle when you rinse yourself off yes remove the digester with soap is no problem but when you actually rinse your whole body clean pure water without any soap This is what should be done so you can wash your body but when you rinse it with pure water and that's your your hustle similarly as you perform you do you don't take a bucket of soapy water and perform we do you use plain unchanged water instead, we said the minute the water color or taste changes, you can no longer use it for hosel and we do play we understand that okay. Another question was not in the slides person asked this question came up one of the brothers was

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what if you are continuously

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there, you know a person a lot of people are sick say now he actually asked this question, you know, that final say not only

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continuously discharged, maybe not money, not semen but that pre seminal fluid, he would it would drip out of him. Now it's an awkward thing. He's married to him 20 mother daughter, the prophets of Allah so to ask your father in law, this kind of question, I have this sexual discharge, what should I do it's a bit shy. So you got someone to ask for him. And the professor salon basically mentioned that if someone is what we call die you will have that is always dripping urine was always passing wind and this is a disease or the system is always bleeding. He is always bleeding then what you do in that situation, every Sala every walk you performing you will do so you don't don't become

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confused don't become in doubt just perform the walk comes in before you make sure that you protect your new will do and you make your solder and the next one comes in you do the same so anyone who has this kind of illness May Allah grant you Shiva Allah remove this from you. But this is what you do when you in a situation like that. And we said the golden rule in bahara is certainty is not removed by doubt that the man what you walking in the bathroom and you trapped and something splashed on you. I don't know what is this water? Is this urine water? Is this normal water? What we are certain my clothes is clean. I'm in doubt whether the clothes is now dirty. This is what's the

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doubt the Naja is doubtful. No problem. Don't worry about it. If you're on a journey inshallah it's no problem because there was no certainty

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other way around. You know, your son is your baby son urinated on your clothes. Now you think did was it was his clothes washed or not? I'm not sure I can't smell anything. I can't see anything but I don't know if it was washed. What's the doubt? We were certainly it was dirty Yes. We now we're doubtful if it's clean so now you need to clean it again. Understand certainties not removed by that shortcut. But today that's the conclusion was bahara on huso because you want to talk about something else inshallah.

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something quite important that

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on Tuesday evening, we had our annual Annual General Meeting the AGM for the masjid and as you are the Mussolini's of this Masjid, you are, you know you are part of this Masjid. In fact, this Masjid is really for your service and for your ibadah to be performed India. It's only right that we feed back what we what was mentioned during the AGM. So before I begin, I'd like to mention something called the Moto valleys. The Moto valleys are those who take care of the massager of Allah in particular, and also any other oak of any other community centers, schools, whatever it might be for the service of the community. These people are with our list, but in particular, the modalities of

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massage that are mentioned by Allah in the Quran. So this type of people, Allah mentions them in the Quran and Allah says about them in Mr. Yamamoto masajid Allah that verily the mosques of Allah are maintained by the kind of people that man am and I believe they believe in Allah while Yeoman theory and the last day Why did they come for meetings upon meetings upon meetings, not because they bought to speak time with a wife now they come in because they they want to do something for Allah sake. This is the house of Allah I want to do it for your service here Allah and they believe in the era that Allah is gonna repay them. W interpolate over a karma salah and so beautiful a karma Salah is

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not to perform sada it is to establish Salah they actually bring about Sala in the community. What are the zecca not only do they pay themselves, but they distribute zecca and that's what the function of the budget is. And I'll add to this section in here, which is unique. What am yaksha ilala and they don't fear anyone except Allah subhanho wa Taala it's quite unique that Allah puts that in the Why? Because you know, there's some action on the committee meetings and it's always like that and it requires a person to say we make decisions

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For the sake of a loved one in my home was saying that, you know, when I look at our marriages, why this controversy and why there's so much unhappiness in our marriages, because he says Amen. Usually he has his frustrations, and he takes it out in one of two places. He comes home, and he takes it out on his wife, when he comes home and he keeps it and he takes it out at the budget committee meeting, as we takes out his frustrations. So because because most of us are not anymore in the masjid committee meetings, we take it out at home and say, Look at the old people, our grandparents never shouted at my grandmother because he's busy shouting at the masjid committee, people

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Alhamdulillah. Right. For the sake of your marriages during the Muslim community, right?

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So Alhamdulillah Allah puts us in here and they don't fear anyone besides Allah, because doing committee, community work is always politics in this part of it is going to have meetings again, a big difference of opinion. And our Dean is a dean of shuara. Allah tells us the prophet SAW Selim, when you make a decision, shall we ask them the opinions? Sometimes they'll be so seldom had an opinion, but the majority of the Sahaba had a different opinion. And he would put his own opinion against it if that's the view of the majority I go with you and he's the man Allah speaks to some allow me to sell them. So we are a people of Shura, we're not one man shows, we're not a

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dictatorship, but it requires everyone to participate, then also is for us, that perhaps inshallah they hope Allah, eager and yaku looked at him, and they will be of the rightly guided people. I mean, Allah grant the Hadith all Amata Wallace and all those who service has been so to give some feedback at the AGM we, the previous this is the this is the previous committee that what that did serve. And the time I think a three year tenure came to an end, we say hi to the names of the I'm sure they would not want the names to be mentioned. But they served on the budget committee. And so swana law, you know, when it's a much younger person, I once asked a brother who was also in charge

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of the MSA, and he says, you know, the MSA doesn't do anything. It's just nothing happens. You come to the masjid. And it's the same. So it says, Do you know how much work it takes to keep things just the same, takes a lot of effort just to keep the boat going in one direction. Without any action happening, just having the lights on the water working, making sure the towels are washed and the floor is clean. These things take a lot of work. So I've hunted a lot behind the scenes, a lot of people are doing a lot of work. And we said exactly hi to those outgoing committee. And then of course, a new committee was was elected. Some of them weren't at the meeting, and they were still

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elected. It's another reason why you come to committee meetings, because if you're not there, you're not able to object when we appoint you in positions. Right. So Alhamdulillah

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This is our new committee, and we ask Allah to guide them and to grant them height for the efforts and they sacrifice the dedication Muller granted to make the right decision to serve this house of Allah 100. This measure 1884 established how many committees were the coming and going and you don't want to be the one we in your time, this month, you know stops. So for almost 150 years, one group of putters entities came and they keep this going all the time and all the massage it as well. So Alhamdulillah it's a long legacy, we pass the baton on to a new a new group of people. When asked for the AGM feedback, some negatives, what can we say that

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for the meeting to begin, you require a quarter of 20 people 20 people have to be present for the meeting to begin, we only had 17 and we have to wait for one hour. And then we could begin the meeting meaning only 17 people

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had the concern to come and take care of the face of the budget of a law. It was the motion of Allah only 17 people and again as I said, you receive your Joomla foodbuzz from me and you take your classes from what it was happening in the masjid, this speaks to your dean you should have an input and say that it's not good which leads to improve via the masjid, this is my ibadah This is my my connection to the Sierra, save only 17 people came and this is not a it's not a good not a good reflection. So inshallah next meeting we will improve on that. And once again, when I look at the the brother setting they may be by 3040 years.

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You know most of the people they are in the 60s and 70s sitting at the masjid meeting, same brothers who've been serving for the last 50 years. They are still there. Not by by choice, but because of this no one else. We need young people. We need young people and our kids will not come out of their own. They will never ever say that we go to the masjid meeting or other sitting do nothing they need to be taken. But once you sit there and you listen to the the problems and you realize they suddenly I can do it inspires you to do something more. So bring your kids to the masjid meetings and get them involved and certain areas. There's a shortage of skills last week Alhamdulillah we mentioned

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we had some it audio issues and one brother got up afterwards and he says you know, I'm an old

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to engineer some great skills here in the crowd, so of the areas that we really struggle is number one, project management, a lot of good ideas, and we'll talk about those good ideas. But it requires one person to say, you know, I'm in charge, I will run with the project, I will make sure the posters are done, the phone calls are made, the fund is raised, I'll manage the project, not do it all yourself, but you will be in charge of that area. So we need people of project management ability. And we have a big shortage and need of people in it. And marketing areas. So if you've got skills in that areas, have a word, have a chat with us, let's see where you can fit in legal and tax

00:25:37--> 00:26:19

upon Allah, over the past year to sauce just under 1000 Rand from the budget. You have to fight this to get it back. But we need tax people legal people that help and defend this, we don't have these skills, but you might have the skills to do it. And then accounting skills, obviously everything every Rand and cent must be accounted for correctly in the studio, and in the Acura and we'll talk more But what we also need people with experience in sales and fundraising, everything obviously, we know, we need money to keep the magic going money to keep the nursery school going money to keep the different projects going. A lot of people depend on the organization for welfare, they live in a

00:26:19--> 00:26:58

soup kitchen happening, but funding is needed. And sometimes especially in the climate that we in. We funding is a bit short. We require someone with a team of people that have a good idea. How can we raise funds, how can we make our projects more sustainable. So if you've got expertise or ideas, even an idea, please come forward. They are some good positives that we can feed back on the hamdulillah. This organization isn't just the masjid. There are three properties under this umbrella, this this this Masjid, and the Burano Center, the blue center up there, which was the old nursery school, and in what we call bronto house at wendorf. State, which is the nursery school. And

00:26:58--> 00:27:05

this is an amazing story. I must mention the story about a year ago, two years ago, this building at one dope Street.

00:27:07--> 00:27:46

It was purchased by initially it was purchased by the trustees who bought mountview machine, right the organization that established mountview machine, they purchased this property from the council. And they only had the idea was to build a nursery school. But when the mountview machines a property became available, they decided to build the masjid. And there was no funding for this project. So this property at one dope Street, which was meant to be an essence who stood idle for many, many years. And within about a year ago, it got to such a point where this building almost collapsed. There was a fire, it was peep they were drug addicts and criminals loving in that building. And the

00:27:46--> 00:28:18

council was going to repossess this building. And it was meant to be a nursery school for the area. And hamdulillah we will approach the organization was approached, there was a massive rights date bogey, and Alhamdulillah, the brothers contributed the 100 odd 1000 few 100,000 needed to acquire the building was scraped up. Now that building and hamdulillah the picture doesn't do justice to it. It's now a fully functioning nursery school. So from a building, which the government was going to demolish because it was unsafe, it's now being taught, kids are being taught the alphabet, ABC

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and Subhanallah the value of the building and surprise, it's really remarkable. And it took one or two a lot of people but two or three dedicated people to run this project. And such great something in the scales of goodness, think about it. Those kids are learning Surah Fatiha, every single soldier in the entire life will benefit the people that both were both at school, that they will go on to become doctors and lawyers and engineers, but because they learn to read in that school, every single good deed they do from that knowledge will benefit you forever. For with how long will that take? I mean, how long will the school last maybe 100 more than that hamdulillah and we had many

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other successful initiatives, very good programs. So these are the the positive feedbacks that this organization is moving. And then what I need to highlight is the finances you know, people always want to know what is the what is the committee doing with the money obviously, this is money of our last panel data. And we feed back that Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah nearly 250,000 or so of of the funds raised your donations in the masjid throughout the year goes out for social welfare, feeding people teaching kids free classes and programming this. So even though you physically are not doing it, you will find it entertaining and goes to benefit the community and that's your

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Southern cottage area. And of course a big fun big part of the funds we've raised, went to both the school and also there's a massive increase in expenses. We know water, electricity, cleaning, staff costs, all these things are going up and obviously the most It doesn't get any discount for these things we must be must be paid as well.

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So there is currently a major financial shortage. Some of the brothers who said that for the last 25 years they've been on the committee for 25 years of serving for 25 years they said we've never seen this organization so strapped for cash. Why because obviously we funding a new nursery school, but that's a big need. So if you and your capacity can assist or you know someone that's willing to donate, you've obviously would like to, you know, help the the height and Baraka and continue this for you after they please join us and sister speak to me, or put us in touch with people that can help to be greatly needed because for our future programs, inshallah, we will have our Ramadan 2017,

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a number of programs, one of them one of the highlights of Ramadan for us is we bring the orphans, the orphans, from the different Muslim orphanages, on the 15th of Ramadan, we take them out for the day and bring them for a star. Give them some of this, you know, once a year if we can do something with orphans at least once a year, we've done something for them. So if you want to be part of something like this, you know the prophets of Salama man came and he was you see the arrow sutala My heart is not soft. I hear about kiama and punishment it doesn't do anything that doesn't do anything to my heart Is something wrong results and see the cure for that is rub the heat of an orphan spend

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some time with an orphan it will soften your heart so not if you're not able to contribute have no problem. But join the evening 15th of Ramadan. Join us when we bring the orphans just have a conversation with him and Allah it will soften your heart our publications continue so book athletes and coffee is coming out 2017 the field will be launched next week inshallah we hope to complete Burano house because the school is not yet finished. So if you still would like to contribute to complete the soul needed to more classrooms needed please speak to us

00:31:48--> 00:32:23

there's a big plan and I Posey again, if you've got the skill, it's a great opportunity investment in your Acura. This machine is both quite deliberately to allow for tours to come through with the people go up the stairs and they go down they see the projector for non Muslims in particular, hundreds of non Muslim people will pass this budget every day. They take pictures of the menorah they look at it. They're quite amazed many of them want to come inside. But because this needs to be managed, we need someone with team to say well how are we going to get you know a way for non Muslims to come in here experience the masjid learn about the deen learn about Islam in the culture.

00:32:24--> 00:32:57

What a local guide who wants this can be a form of number one. And number two, it's also a form of upliftment income for the community for the manager as well, if you've got some ideas, so this idea has been the four years just don't have the project manager to actually go and bring it forward. And then of course, a lot of work needed and so one man person really running our whole digital marketing of good programs just needs to get out the Whatsapp, Facebook, our website, a lot of work needed. If you have the skills, you know, our brother here is battling on his own, please speak to us and inshallah it will assist.

00:32:58--> 00:33:11

So inshallah with that we hope that Allah subhanaw taala blesses us in our upcoming events. Malibu Baraka and all our all our endeavors from Allah assist us and guide us now to any any just a few last minute announcements.

00:33:13--> 00:33:50

inshallah sutopo has I'll be in Johannesburg and Durban if you know anyone in Johannesburg and Durban tuxedo sudo bah. Then next week, something really exciting inshallah next week, Sunday, what we did last we did the last night for our 15th of shabang program, instead of teaching you the laws and the rules of Ramadan. I give you a quick bio when we do a quiz. You do the quiz self assessment, I don't mark it, see how well you do and then we go through the answers. So last week last night, we did that and inshallah we'd like to do this again, at the Islamic auditorium. So next week, Sunday 4pm. I know it's the Sunday before Ramadan, but this is a one hour program, you do a quiz for

00:33:50--> 00:34:20

yourself. And then we go through the answers to see if you are ready for Ramadan. We're like I said 30 days and you can intergender 30 days you can intergender so you want to make the most out of your Ramadan. So come and join us in the spring Ramadan course it's completely free. It's at the Islamic auditorium. It's at 4pm in Charlotte next week Sunday. And there's another program on on Saturday at the masjid at three o'clock 2pm also pre Ramadan course. And of course as I said the batteries will be launched next week. zakka heyde

00:34:21--> 00:34:38

insha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah bless us. If you have any questions or concerns please mail me if you'd like to support that's my email with [email protected] please email me directly. I will see your classes on Wednesday the Wednesday coming Sierra class Wednesday inshallah de Lafayette Assalamu alaikum.