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Hussain Kamani
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today's huch Pro Tip relates to the tawaf.

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Now, if you haven't gone to Morocco before, you have no idea what the falafel looks like that the wife is circulating the Kaaba seven times. And on average, this, this dialogue can take somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes on the long side, it usually doesn't take more than 15 minutes. Now, when you're doing pull off, you have to remember, there are two things that are very important. First of all, making sure that your setting is covered the set that is between the navel and the knees for the guys, including navel and knees. And for the women, their entire body minister hands, face and their feet. Now this can be tricky, because while you're in a head, especially if you're lower

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garment for the men is hanging on your hips, your navel area could be exposed. So you want to make sure you lift it up high, or your upper sheet is covering you. For the women. When you're doing the law. If you're surrounded by so many people, sometimes your hair could get exposed. So you want to make sure your hair is covered while you're in thought. The second thing is that while you're doing pull off, many people get a little worried that what if I break my rule, because you need to be in the state of loop while you're performing or throw off. The Prophet said a lot of them said, the life of the house of Allah is similar to prayer in the sense that you need to have although while

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you're doing it,

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so it can just in case you break your Roku. First of all, remember, first note down before you start your software, the blue areas are so you know where to go to in case you do break your Roku. Secondly, if you do break you will do during the life, you need to stop on the ground that you're at, go and do in start that round again. So for example, if I'm on round number five, and I break my will, I need to go to marilou. Come back and start from the beginning of that round again. The third thing is that while you're doing talk in case a lot of time comes in, they start the Salah, stop their prayer, Tunica, and continue on. Now, when you're doing the walk, it's important that you

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realize that this is a very spiritual moment, a very powerful moment, very unique moment, you're walking around the house of Allah. And I like for you to think of it kind of like a detox moment. You know how you take a dirty garment and you throw it into the washing machine of the washing machine does it spin cycle and at the end of it, you pull the grommet out, it's clean. This is your washing machine, you're walking around the cabin, this is cleaning you have your sins and how you benefit from the philosophy. And you take the maximum benefit is by keeping yourself engaged in reading the Quran. It reading the Quran is permissible, sorry, keeping yourself engaged in making

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dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala there are seven rounds, you can choose seven unique laws that you want to make, maybe make law for your parents, for your family, for your kids, for your work for the oma for the Prophet, praise Allah subhana wa Tada, choose whatever seven, two hours you'd like to make. And if they're unique seven laws, in case you lose track of which round you're in, you can always go back to that law. And you'll know that because I just made this do on this round, therefore I am on so and so number of the off random before round number five, whatever it is, so keeping yourself engaged in philosophy. Now the one law that the purpose of allowing it was sort of

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made while he was in philosophy was it enacted in your house into a philosophy that has an alcanada in particular, in the last fourth of the of last fourth of the dialogue between nuclear money and agile as well. So these are protests relating to hedge, as usual, be sure to practice them and convey them all to convey them unto others. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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