Importance of Al-Aqsa in the Palestinian Conflict

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Manu Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi aji marine

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or other coolamon Tobia homebase son Deen Allahumma aluminum and pharaoh now when I limped in I was in our element Subhanak Allah whom Allah, Allah Marlin tuna in a container alumina Hakeem well

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respected brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah heeta IRA overcut. It's unfortunate that we've come and on this occasion here, that it's a time of sadness is this time of sorrow, it's a time of difficulty and hardship for the Muslim ummah. I want to just talk about in sha Allah to Allah.

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Masjid Al Aqsa and beetle mock this.

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The Imam and the speaker before me mentioned that

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it's not Palestine is not just known for or it's not just blessing because of

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Al Masjid Al Aqsa.

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Rather, the whole land is blessed.

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However, muster the oxide is probably the most important part of Palestine.

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I'm just saying probably, just to put some precaution, it's really mainly it is Masuda oxide. That is our central point focus that is the core of this whole area and the whole conflict as well. It starts from Ilisu

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it starts from Al Masjid Al Aqsa, and it ends with a Masjid Al Aqsa.

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Michigan oxide is a really central part of our DNA, our EMA and our Aveda. Whichever background you are from culturally whichever background from you whether you're from Europe, whether you're from Africa, whether you're from Arabia from north pole, south pole, north cap wherever you're from,

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and whichever religious sort of manhood you are from

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everyone hoes and must you will OXA extremely safe. Mercy Masjid Al Aqsa

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what's the translation of Al Masjid Al Aqsa?

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Can anyone tell me? No, no, I will miss you will Aqua

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Yeah, you are Shabaab. What's the meaning of Massoud Roxa what's the translation? Come on? We have some Arab zeal

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unless you will guide furtherest mosque Subhan Allah the Assad de Lena min and the Masjid Al Haram al Masjid Al Aqsa, Allah the baraka Hola.

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Now, the first point I want to mention here, brothers and sisters,

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is that when we think about LSU doxa what's the first thought that comes into our mind? What's the first thing

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what's the first thing?

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Brothers Sisters?

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The What's the main reason why we think of the Dome of the Rock?

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What's the first what do we think about

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Israel and Miraj.

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This verse handling the SRB D, it's talking about the Salah, the ascension of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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for most Muslims, that's the first and the last thing that comes to the mind

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in relation to Al Masjid Roxa but if you look at

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the Quran and Sunnah, if you look at our teachings,

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mess, you will have missed you the AXA is not only important because of Ali Surah, and El Mirage, that's just one part of the virtues. The importance, the significance of admissible.

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admissible. OXA is really important. It's part of our human is part of our belief. It's part of our deen Islam. The Quran talks about and mercy the lochsa the only miss the masjid besides Masjid Al haram that Allah subhanaw taala himself mentions in the Quran is unmistakable axon, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about an aqua beetle look this. Now the first thing we need to remember here brother and sisters is that what is missing with AXA,

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which is also called beetle knock this you might have heard of the term beetle knock this beetle knock this means the house of sacredness is another name. It was called previously beta knock this but veto mock this slash al Masjid OXA

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what is mercy the Aqsa some

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When people think the Dome of the Rock is most of the lochsa back in the day, people used to think Alcoa to Sahara you know, the Dome of the Rock. And that's why we all have that picture of golden dome.

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Many people thought that was missing the rock side.

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That's not Monsieur de la casa, but it's not it's part of the message Roxa but that's not missing the la casa.

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That dome was actually constructed much later on by the omegas. Marwan Abdul Hakim and his son what he did with Marwan they constructed that golden dome on top of a rock the rock was there and they constructed the dome

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later on people started thinking mostly the Aqua is what's missing the rocks Ah

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come on you guys never seen any map any pictures and he was like no no nothing Well, you know agents who don't speak sorry

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you know right at the front there's a masjid.

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Yes, anybody be you know, with a black dome.

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Have you seen that? Building? They call it Masjid. Altobelli but you shouldn't call it Masjid.

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It's wrong. That's not only must be the locks as well. Because if you say Masjid that means a masjid within a masjid. We don't have a concept of Masjid within a masjid

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the Christians have that in the church you know chapel within you know the church

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that's not that's just a masala what is Merci de la casa Masjid Al Aqsa is the whole square sanctuary complex. The whole entire walled area is the whole of it is Merci de la casa all of it that golden dome is just somewhere in the center of that the front part is just like when they pray Salah and this is so important because we are thinking Muslims think oh you know the Zionists they are they will soon capture Mystery The locks are no brothers and sisters. They've already captured it since 1967 Because it's the outside of that praise they come in there how they want with the boots with their guns on wherever they want to do they inside the masjid already

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and Muslims as well we don't we don't know that the whole area is Mr. de la casa. All the rules of Masjid apply to that entire century. Like for example what?

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What are some of the rules of a masjid sisters?

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What are some of the rules? Does anybody have any rule of a masjid?

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Does anybody know any rule to do the Masjid? Yes.

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Now you don't need to do to enter a masjid You're being too strict which we should have

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Sorry, what your worship Allah but you can worship Allah outside as well. But is there any particular rule?

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No shoes is kind of it's not an absolute compulsory, but it is one of the etiquettes of Masjid that you shouldn't enter with shoes.

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Women in demonstration, for example, are not able to it's not permissible for like to enter the Masjid. Now, if you thinking that this, this whole if we believe and this is what Allah means, and this is in Islamically, this whole sanctuary is mostly the lochsa then you can't like if a woman is on administration, she can't go in that area and and have a picnic.

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Or even men can't you know, like, jump there or have picnics there or you know, you know, not respected as a non Masjid area. So before the Zionist that's that's the narrative they want to give us. They want us to believe that you must see that xi is just that small building at the front and it's okay, that's your mosque outside is not a mosque, and they've been wanting to give that narrative to the Muslims and Muslims have been deceived.

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And that's the focal point first, first responsibility. We need to teach ourselves, our children, our families and everybody, the entire area. walled area is millesimal oxide. It's not even a building. masjid means to pray to make a schedule seminar to messenger haram.

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Allah says what does he say in the Quran? Subhana Ledi a surah br D Laila mineral Masjid Al haram me. He took him by the night from Al Masjid Al haram. What's Masjid Al haram?

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What's most useful haram Come on, no agent speak. What's Masjid Al haram? No, that's the mistake.

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Hello hammock. GABA is not Masjidul Hara.

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GABA is Baitullah. You pray inside the GABA or outside the GABA. Outside the GABA, mostly the Haram is the open space

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around. So it's an open space. Likewise mercy will AXA is open space, the whole space open area, it doesn't necessarily have to be a building.

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So this is the first point, we need to understand this point that mercial AXA is already under occupation. It's not that they will occupied, they've already occupied it. It's under their control. They come in the image how they want.

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So we have this dome of the rock, the rock is there. That's part of Majid lochsa At the front, so you have the center Dome of the Rock here. And then at the front here, the Musala P believe whatever they want to call it. That's where they pray salah, but that's part of the Luxor, but all of it is almost an axon

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and our attachment, it is part of our belief, we should we should

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connect our minds and our hearts and our souls and the souls of our children and our family and our boys and our girls and our brothers and our sisters and our entire communities with this sacred mystery of Islam. It is known as oodle payability

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Withania masjid, they were thoroughly that Harami

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Gulaal tabletting First cabler of the Muslims,

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Fanny al Masjid in second Masjid to be built.

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Which was the first message that was built.

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Masjid Al haram, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once asked about

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a companion asked him he said Ya rasool Allah, Oh, well, you must you will. They are a you must it will they are Owen which was the first ministry to be built. He said unless you do haram. Then the companion asked, which was a second Masjid to be built. He said it must be the lochsa remark this

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and then he was asked how long between the two he said about when the Senate and this is inside al Bukhari for tears. So who built messy the lochsa?

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the narrative, it's not so a man under hood and Solomon and David who made messy Luxa they just reconstructed it. Likewise, SCADA wasn't built originally by Ibrahim has reportedly they just reconstructed it, who built SCADA. them peace be upon him, who constructed most of the lochsa Adam BC peace be upon him 40 years between the two muskets, like Ibrahim and his marine father and son, reconstructed Masjid Al haram Dodon Sorry man, father and son, reconstructed

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Merci de la casa. And it's quite funny that you know, they, they talk about Solomon and Solomon and mountain temple, Solomon, etc, etc. But if you look in the Scriptures afterwards, they believe many of them Jews believe that Solomon Ali Salam, ala Villa actually became an apostate. So on one hand, they're saying our temple of Solomon and the other hand if you look in the last in the Testaments, etc, they say that they he apostate hated and he became an enemy of Allah and he left the religion etc. That's what it's in the Scriptures.

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And the Quran says Wanaka Farah Salima wala kinah Che Guevara your ally Munna necessary. So

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we need to attach ourselves. We need to know it's a first Qibla I said, firstly, welcome to the first couple of parts, second of the masjid who will pay will attain second of the masjid to be built. And thirdly, full Haramain third haram. We should have garba in our massage as well if you've got places at home where you've got, you know the Kaabah picture, and then you've got the green dome, then have some sort of picture of Masood Azhar with it.

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Three things together, not just two, we have three hands. These are three sacred places for all Muslims on planet Earth. Not Kermit Medina and merci de la casa and Jerusalem. Jerusalem is quote unquote a Sharif.

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You've heard about quotes we say I'll put a Sharif they told me this is the name again of for Masjid Al Aqsa.

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being national locks are being the first pillar.

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Before that, if you look at the messages

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Allahu Allah He was sent in his mission. We think about mercy the rocks are being conquered by Alma Radi Allahu Anhu later on, but how central how central mercy the Aqsa is for the Muslims that add that, from the birth the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that when I was born when my mother gave me birth, right on me neuron, a bar at a minha costura Sham, that my mother's when I was born, so light, through which the palaces of Sham This is the whole Palestine area and sharp, they were lit up.

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Although atman Haku Surah Shah, and

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this is in reference to that the message of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from his birth.

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His message was going to reach those lands and farm his birth throughout his life through different different stages. Until he passed away, left this world, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam constantly constantly talked about mercy, the lochsa inculcated the love of Mercy dioxide into the hearts of the Muslims. And the Quran talks about those lands as well. And this is why I would like to say here, that for us as Muslims, a lot of people stand up for what's happening right now, Muslims and non Muslims, and I was mentioning this yesterday as well.

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But this there should be a difference between Muslims or non Muslims, most non Muslims and anyone any decent human being, they are standing up for the Palestinians, right? You go for the demonstrations, demos, whatever you want to call them. You will have you know, Palestinian flags, yes, Free Free Palestine. For us, it's not just a political thing. It should not just be a humanitarian thing. It should also be an Islamic thing, part of our faith, our spirituality, our worship of Allah, our connection with Dean, our Yaqeen, our human our belief, our faith. It's not only a humanitarian thing, not just a political thing. It's not just because an anyone can stand up

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for the people of Gaza and the people of Palestine, any decent human being just have to be human. But for us, there's an added significance. This is connected to our central part of our faith. And this is what distinguishes a Muslim from a non Muslim. It's about Al Aqsa Sharif. And good stuff, Sharif

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first dribbler the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In Morocco, when he was residing in Makkah, he used to face in the direction of El masuleh. Even the Companions remember Salah was not fourth, yet. When it's allowed to compound.

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It's followed by the way pattern press, you know, it's for Norwegians. No, it's for

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five times. Yeah. Inshallah, we'll praying five times, even when you go for the demonstrations. Okay. Hamdulillah.

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When did you become foreign?

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in the, on the occasion of Al Assad and Al Miraj, before that they used to pray voluntarily, there's actually some durations, where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says that he used to offer to the car in the morning and to the car in the evening, just to worship Allah. He worshipped Allah in the Kiva Hara in the cave of throne. And he used to worship Allah used to face is to pray. It was all in the direction of Britain market is not Kaaba. And there's actually one narration where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says God Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam you Saliba, who will be marketed now a beta blocker This will cover to be the ad that the messenger

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SallAllahu Sallam would face in the direction of beetle mark this, but in a way that garba was was also in front of him. He started doing that so you wanted to keep both

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right now if you go to McHale Makara man, you go next to the Kaaba. If you want to do that you have to stand. I don't know if you've been but you have, you know, Hajer a sweat here. And then you have that Maqam Ibrahim decide. Do you know what your Oakley Yamani is, you know that a bit of the other stone that's been exposed, we just touch your hand. If you stand on that direction, if this rocking your money, and then you pray then you've got Kaaba in front of you. And in the same direction, you've got better knock this if you want to do that do that. Yes, your intention should not not be now facing because the rule has changed. Your intention has to be I am facing in the direction of

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triphala which has come about but you could make an intention that this is how the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or they performed Salah. So let me do that as well once in a while. hamdulillah it's great.

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it, but must you can also imagine what is a pillar pillar is a central focus for the Muslims. You turn to your Salah to a scribbler do is to a scribbler, we pray Quran the etiquette is you can pray any direction, but it's no secret that you face in the direction of Puebla. So this is all everybody is to SBC, the lochsa, which is in Palestine, which is in Jerusalem, which is in West Bank, which is in East Jerusalem.

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This is our central sacredness sacred place in Michigan, AXA Sharif.

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So the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Makkah, and the Companions they would face in the direction of the Qibla. That's what it's called Ullo paybill attain. The first scribbler for the Muslims direction towards which they used to face in prayer in worship of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And then, after they migrated to Medina,

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but before that is Ron Mirage took place just before the migration to Medina, but I'll come back to Israel and Mirage, but when they went to Medina because it's connected for about 16 or 17 months, it continued from Medina to also facing the direction of

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Masood Roxa. So in Makkah, defacing the direction of Masjid Al Aqsa, and then when they came to Medina, there's a hadith salaam, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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for selenium and Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam, now a beta will knock this citta Asha also got Ashura. Shahara.

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The companion said that we used to face in the direction of Mercy doxa for 16 or 17 months towards the masjid Roxa in from Medina.

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Now, if you look at the total, how long this is,

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how many years in Makkah towards Mr. doxa?

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Let's see your test your knowledge. How many years?

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When was the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam given prophethood? How old was he? 14? When did he make Hijra? How old? Was he?

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5313 years

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facing in the direction of LSU. The lochsa in Makkah, and then when he went to Medina, for how many months? I said 16 or 17? At 17 months to 13 years? How many? 14 and a half years 14 and a half years of his prophethood how many years was his profited? When did he pass away?

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So from 42, what age 63. How many years is that? 23 out of 23 years? How many years did he face in the direction of Mazel Luxa 14 and a half years and how much left to Aqaba. Nine years, majority of Allah's Messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, the life is facing to His Mercy The doxa more than kava for us he's all kava before him and the Sahaba and he he from his life he spent 14 and a half years facing in the direction of almost in the lochsa and nine and a half years facing in the direction of

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karma from Medina.

00:23:16--> 00:23:24

This shows the love the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had foul mercy to OXA and the land of Mercy de la casa.

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So that's why this

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message and oxide is called Udo rehabilitate the first of the prisoners and then I said it was also what? Third Annual Masjid day, the second Masjid to be constructed to be built. Okay. And then there are a lot of virtues as well constantly the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam is reminding his companions

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he's talking about this numerous I, you know, there's no time for me to go through all the different durations but just to three as an example, about praying, the visiting, going traveling, actually, there's one Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, which a lot of people like to fight and argue about it, because for some reason, but

00:24:09--> 00:24:57

the message is led to Chateau Rehan Illa Illa velocity masajid in Sahih al Bukhari, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Learn to shut do rehab do not specifically tie your luggage and travel specifically to go to any other Masjid. Not to shoot the rehab. Do not go specifically with the intention of gaining more reward to any Masjid Illa karate massage except three mustards so what that means is that it's wrong for me to come from the UK say, Why am I going UK come to the border? Yes. What brings you to Oslo? I'm coming to pray here in some your name of mustard here. Mr. Dasha, you said it Okay, so I don't have a specific budget here. Okay.

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

I am coming soon.

00:25:00--> 00:25:32

actually from UK to offer Salah in Masjid Ayesha with the intention of getting more reward if I'm coming there just because there's a lesson there I want to I want to pray there because I want to study there or teach there, that's fine. But with the intention that if I pray here I get more reward that is haram. That's wrong. It's impermissible. Any Masjid you can't say okay, you know what, I want to go specifically to Turkey to the Blue Mosque or the green Moscow the purple mosque or whatever mosques and we have pink mosques now as well.

00:25:34--> 00:25:36

If you know what pink mosque is, anyway,

00:25:37--> 00:25:41

or is Sophia mosque for example.

00:25:42--> 00:26:19

If you going specially with the intention that you should get more reward than that's wrong, even if Sophia mosque yes, if you want to go there just to visit the mosque, that's fine. The problem is to think that you can the rewards of every prayer is increased in this particular machine or that particular Masjid. That's what this hadith is banning, prohibiting Exactly. Except three misogyny. Al Masjid Al haram warmers GD ha de Waal, merci de la casa. Except Masjid Al haram, my mosque. Hussain this message is that Allah Islam, which messages that

00:26:21--> 00:26:45

some on speak, Masjid never Yes, some sisters are speaking mercy of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I'll miss you the lochsa only three messages you can have that special specific intention. The messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam also said follow Salah till Masjid Al haram Allah lady he made to Elfi solid to offer Salah in Messenger haram. Not inside Kaaba that messenger haram

00:26:47--> 00:26:55

the reward is increased over praying anywhere me itself 100,000 times more reward.

00:26:56--> 00:27:19

And then he said well he must GD Uppsala and if you pray in my Mosque, the Prophet sallallahu listens mosque reward is 1000 times more. Well he must be the beta will knock this hum Sumi at salah. And if you perform in Mozilla Roxa orbital Nepalis 500 times more reward for praying any Salop of performing any salah.

00:27:22--> 00:27:57

The messenger SallAllahu Sallam kept on talking about muscle noxa This one companion came to him she had been Radi Allahu Anhu. He was quite distressed and he was like in a very difficult kind of situation. And he wasn't feeling that great and you know, because of certain issues and he the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam asked him that what's wrong OSHA done and he said, you know, ba aleja kalbi, you know, I'm confining. My heart is very restricted. And you know, I'm not feeling great like nowadays sometimes some people go through. So the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in order to make him happy. What do you say to him? Look, he said to him, and I overshoot should I

00:27:57--> 00:28:29

not give you some glad tidings or should that I'm going through a lot of hardships in life. Imagine someone comes to share Imam brother Aki sister, friend, Auntie Uncle, I'm going through tough times. Inshallah, you know, things will be okay. Chela. You'd get work in Chile to get job in sha Allah. Don't worry, you know, you'll get a house you'll get this you'll get that the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam said, Shall I not tell you something which will make you happy, you know, to make his mood better? Maybe you know, just get him out of his anxiety etc. said yes or messenger of Allah. He said

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you have to have a tell Mark this. A time will come when Beatle book this will be conquered. He's talking about it from his time. The message Salah salams birth coming into this world laid the foundation

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and then he said until when a Docker image and fee in sha Allah OSHA data you and your children will be the Imams of that mosque, be happy and later he did become an EMR and he is buried there shuddered. Ben owes companion Radi Allahu Anhu his grave is in.

00:29:04--> 00:29:05

in Palestine next to Mr. de la casa

00:29:07--> 00:29:13

not just his grave, the graves of many prophets it's a place of prophets and many prophets are very they're etc.

00:29:15--> 00:29:17

Once a female companion may Munna

00:29:19--> 00:29:59

Munna Radi Allahu anha she asked the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, she said O Messenger of Allah, Tina F XR p beta Democritus tell us something about beta like this. Like the Companions also just keep on they maca in Medina, but they're talking about better luck this they're talking about versus Roxa throughout from Mecca to Medina is just constant. And even the Quran and I'm not talking about the lands because that's not my topic. But if you read the Quran, there's hundreds so many places where the Quran directly or indirectly is referring to Palestine, the land the Billa, Lucia, or the Mubaraka or the local does, it's a pleasant land. It's a bless it places, places

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sacredness. Allah talks about the figs of the watin was a tool what is within was a tool he's not talking about just figs and olives, even though it's quite good you know mashallah figs and olives are amazing mashallah, you know, when Allah is taking an oath by figs and olive, this is a side point by the way, when Allah subhanaw taala SitePoint if Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath by something, then it's an amazing thing and I normally say that if any of these foods which are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah in good light, that means they must be good foods. That's why eat a lot of figs and eat a lot of olives. We had some figs this morning 100 Rather than yourself. Allah

00:30:35--> 00:30:52

talks about figs and olives. Dates are mentioned in Hadith, anything which is mentioned in positive light, they are beneficial They're nutritious, unlike cake, unlike biscuits, unlike chocolates, and definitely unlike Coke Cola.

00:30:53--> 00:31:01

So, anyway, what D was a tune is really referring to what Bilodeau sharp

00:31:03--> 00:31:18

what teeny was a tune whirpool is he read her the better dilla Amin Allah takes takes an oath by Olive and fig, ie Palestinian lands and Mount Sinai and by this Bella Bella mean this safe

00:31:19--> 00:31:21

land a city which has Matka

00:31:22--> 00:31:51

so the Quran talks about it numerous places directly indirectly. I mean, there's so many verses, Allah talks about, you know, the, what is today Maria, the heir of Palestine, he talks about the mountains of Palestine, he talks about the honeybee of Palestine is so many verses that talk about these different parts of the whole area. And remember, it's not just most of the lochsa Like I said in the beginning, if you come to Olympus surah and El Mirage

00:31:54--> 00:32:07

the verse and I'm going to just end with this one Subhanallah the Asahi de Laila Minal Masjid Al haram illiteracy the lochsa Yes, this verse is the famous verse first verse of Surah, which Surah

00:32:09--> 00:32:13

consider is, also name is Surah Balu SR II

00:32:16--> 00:32:51

this verse is the first verse of the new Israel Israel eel but who is in surah Okay, so anyway Subhanallah the Asahi Abdi Glory be to Lord who took his servant by the night a surah by the night Leyland again emphasis night in a portion of an eight minute Damasteel ha haram from where Elvis you will Haram al al Masjid Al Aqsa from to the furtherest mosque.

00:32:52--> 00:33:12

Allah the baraka hola that mosque around which we have blessed Lou Rio whom in IR Tina why, so that we show him some of our signs in who was semi overseer. Now this is talking about Alyssa and Mirage. When didn't miss Hara and Mirage take place?

00:33:13--> 00:33:19

The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was were in Makkah, and then he migrated. He did hijra, as I said,

00:33:20--> 00:33:31

to further after 13 years to Madina, Munawwara there are different narrations about when exactly this took place. But most,

00:33:33--> 00:33:51

you know, scholars and Imams and Sahaba and who narration with a sirloin of the Quran of the opinion that it was just a few months, six, seven months before his migration to Medina. He was after, after when, after the death of his beloved wife,

00:33:52--> 00:34:15

which wife Hadiya. Now you know, there's a side a side point here as well. The Messenger of Allah, Allah, Islam suffered in five he suffered in very different different ways. But one of the greatest sadness and suffering that he faced was the death of his beloved wife. That was like a big, big thing for him.

00:34:17--> 00:34:17


00:34:19--> 00:34:33

if your wife passes away someone who has been your companion, your support from day one, when he received revelation, he came back and he said the maroon is a Maloney who was the one who gave him support. Khadija to recover our Radi Allahu Ana.

00:34:34--> 00:34:37

C'mon brothers. You'd be sad if your wife passed away. We'd be happy

00:34:41--> 00:34:44

or husband passed away. Either way.

00:34:46--> 00:34:49

Your life companion your support your pillar.

00:34:50--> 00:34:52

Someone he shared everything with.

00:34:54--> 00:34:57

Just after that Allah subhanaw taala

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

took him to Morocco.

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

John Islam and one of the reasons was that after this distressing

00:35:05--> 00:35:15

part of his life hurdle of his life situation of his life straight after that, Allah subhanaw taala gave him probably the greatest closeness that he received.

00:35:18--> 00:35:22

So this is when Alexandre Mirage took place. Now look at this.

00:35:24--> 00:35:32

There's two words here. We said two words is Tara and Al Miraj, how many words are these?

00:35:33--> 00:35:40

Three, how many? Three toirt And it's surat al Miraj, it's the raw means what?

00:35:41--> 00:35:43

The journey by the night.

00:35:44--> 00:35:49

Okay, and it's actually referring to the first part of the journey.

00:35:51--> 00:36:06

Middle Masjid Al haram, Al Masjid Al Aqsa, Allah took him by night, from Masjidul haram in Makkah to Jerusalem, to Palestine to Jerusalem, to Mercy, the Aqsa Biden. That's the first part of the journey.

00:36:07--> 00:36:18

And this is the only one that's explicitly mentioned in this verse of the Quran. That's why if someone denies this particular part of the journey leaves Islam straight away.

00:36:19--> 00:36:37

Someone does not believe in Allah Surah because as Qatari absolute categorical it's clear in the Quran, they leave Islam straightaway. The second part of the journey is from the to the heavens, which is called Mirror arch. Mirror origin. In Arabic means to climb up

00:36:38--> 00:36:53

Mirage it's actually it's not Mirage, it's me or arch ism Allah is actually referring to literally means like a stairway. It's climbing on Sunday, ascension. So from Mercy doxa

00:36:54--> 00:37:15

to up above. Now that is not categorically clearly mentioned in the Quran, but there are verses alluding to it like in Surah najem and there are numerous mass narrations so still you have to believe in it. mass mass mas Hadith mutawatir Allah talk about mirage. Now these are two parts of the journey. Allah could have taken him straight from Masjid Al haram.

00:37:17--> 00:37:19

But he imagined look what Allah did.

00:37:21--> 00:37:47

Allah could have taken him from where? Straight from Israel haram he never took it from Medina as well because he was gonna go there later anyway. So from messenger haram to measure the Aqsa the only place the only place on planet Mars, no planet. Are you awake? Yes. The only place on planet Earth. The only place where what happened?

00:37:48--> 00:37:54

What happened? All the prophets, every single Prophet prayed together.

00:37:55--> 00:37:57

Not even in Masjid Al haram.

00:37:59--> 00:38:03

And we have to believe look, brothers and sisters, this is important part of a theater.

00:38:04--> 00:38:09

This Mirage and its raw, took place how

00:38:10--> 00:38:18

physically in body not in mind, not in spirit, not in a dream, not in a vision physically.

00:38:20--> 00:38:51

At that time, the Mushrikeen they were having a field day they were laughing they came in Oh yeah, look, he's saying that in the middle of the night he went and he came back because they never even had planes and Conchords on the rockets or anything at that time. So for them it's like beyond there was like Insanity craziness. Like how can someone say this? And that's why somebody came to Oba Casa de Credit Wise Abu Bakr Cordova Casa de that's not his name. His actually his name is not even Abu Bakar His name is Abdullah Hebrew Kochava but he's Konya was overcome the Allahu Anhu but why is it called Siddiq

00:38:52--> 00:39:36

Siddiqui from the word sadaqa. You thought Dakota's deal, to affirm to agree, because he agreed on this. When the messenger Salallahu Alaihe. Salam said to the people that in the middle of the night, I went to Macedon haram from Missoula haram to Mr. de la casa. And then in the upper realms. When he came back some of the machinery cool in the politics the non Muslim start mocking human so one of them said to metal worker or the Allahu Anhu on the street, said Ah, why grinning? Do you know? Now today of course you're going to leave your your make the friend, your companion. Why what's happened? Because he hadn't yet heard of it. He said your friend is saying you know what? In the

00:39:36--> 00:39:43

middle of the night he went to Palestine, he went to measure the rock star and he went into operands and he came back because we're in the middle of the night, all of it in one night.

00:39:46--> 00:39:49

She said Did you really say this? Because yes, he has come on now you can leave him today.

00:39:50--> 00:40:00

said if he said it, I'm the first one to believe in it. I believed about more other things. I talked about gender jahannam. I believed in Allah through him if he has said it. I definitely

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

I believe I'm the first person to believe.

00:40:03--> 00:40:38

And then there's the narration then Oh baccarat Cydia or the Allahu and came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he and he said, O Messenger of Allah, I believe in what you said, but can you just please describe to me, because he's he was he had been there. He used to he used to be a merchant tradesmen. So he's been many times to Palestine. And you know, he says, because I've been there, swiftly Baitul Mochis describe to me better about this. So the messenger, sallAllahu, alayhi salam describing to him, this is what I saw, this is what I saw. Now, how was he to lock this at that time? We don't know. Exactly. There was some sort of buildings structure but not like what

00:40:38--> 00:41:12

we think there wasn't probably a dome, there wasn't a masjid. It was probably just walls, most likely, at that time, just like some walls, because it's not necessarily a building. So he started describing and the message our workers to declare the law and I said yes, almost a year for Allah, you are truthful, you are truthful exactly how it is. And there's another narration where the Mushrikeen of Makkah started mocking and they came to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam and said, O Messenger of Allah. Sorry, they didn't say Oh, Mercy of Allah, but they started saying to him, you know, tell us okay, you said, You've been to Palestine, which will knock this describe

00:41:12--> 00:41:36

the messenger, sallallahu alayhi. Salam, at that time, couldn't remember too much, because it was bit later. And he was saying that, you know, at this time, I can't recall exactly certain things. And then suddenly, he said, Allah subhanaw taala opened up this is after he's been opened up to me the whole image picture Surah of mercy, the lochsa. And it is as though I was seeing and that I was describing to them, and many of them had been in it was exactly as he was describing.

00:41:38--> 00:41:45

sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this is Al Israa. And then El Mirage, le surah. Al Mirage, he went on Buraq.

00:41:47--> 00:41:48

You know, he went on to Barak.

00:41:50--> 00:42:12

Angel Jibreel took him from Masjid Al haram, in the middle of the night. In body, not in vision, not in dream. Not in spirit, not by soul, physically. Look, Allah says Subhana glory which your Lord, like he did this. If it was a dream, Allah wouldn't say Subhan it's no big deal.

00:42:14--> 00:42:39

And then these polytheists they are mocking him, they're saying, Are you saying that you went you went? Why were they doing that? If it was a dream? Would they say that? Would they disagree? No. If it was a dream, what's the big deal? We all see dreams. We all doing Mirage everyday. You know, people like Jana and people are all over in your dreams. Everyone has Mirage and is trying their dreams like yeah, people will Makkah and one day is in misery. Luxa. And one day someone said someone's here some dreams, no big deal.

00:42:40--> 00:43:10

So physically, Allah took him on Al Buraq. Animal Buraq is from the word Bark. Bark means lightning, fast, really fast terrestrial animal speed. lightning speed. It's possible from Allah if Allah made the whole world everything like what's that? It's just certain things, we find it difficult, because we've not seen it. Otherwise, everything's a miracle. You know, sound coming from here today. It's actually for someone who's not seen this, they're probably thinks the same thing. It's like crazy. Like, how can this happen?

00:43:12--> 00:43:39

If you asked somebody 200 years ago and told them what a smartphone was, which is not so smartphone, but anyway, the smartphone 200 years ago, they probably probably die out, you know, like shock. Something like this, where you can talk to the whole world, like millions of people at one go one message, dead? unconscious, like how can that even be possible? This is because they're not used to it. So this is where the everything's kind of a miracle. Anyway, so he took you at night on the Burrup

00:43:40--> 00:43:45

when to meet a knock this slash muscle relaxer, what happened there

00:43:46--> 00:43:47

tied the

00:43:48--> 00:44:03

animal to one of the doors of the wall or whatever, we don't know how it was. Now, from there, he was taken in mirage. A lot of people think that it was from that, you know, the Dome of the Rock that rock it's not necessary.

00:44:04--> 00:44:20

It's not that he was taken from that rock. A lot of people think it is the rock. We don't know it could be anywhere in that vicinity. That's why you don't need to touch the rug and it's not. It's not necessary. It's you know, it's from anywhere. It's the area is blessed, and you perform salada you get rewarded.

00:44:22--> 00:44:29

And he went up. He met when he first went he offered to walk outta here to the masjid, the

00:44:30--> 00:44:41

prayer of greeting. And then he was taken by Jupiter in and he met various prophets. On the sixth heaven he met Prophet Moses. Musa

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

alayhis salatu salam who said he met Adam Ali salaam, who said mother hadn't been able your father whenever you saw a welcome my son, and welcome my pious son my pious prophet. On the sixth one he meant Musa he said, Man

00:45:00--> 00:45:25

haven't built a solid will not be your solid. Welcome my pious brother and my pious prophet. And the seventh one who met Ibrahim Abraham peace be upon him. He said the same thing marhaba and Bill Isola whenever you saw it, and then he saw Gibreel on his real fee Surah t he is original surah and then he was taken in the upper realms above where even Angel Jibreel could not go.

00:45:26--> 00:45:55

Now there's a difference of opinion and it's not a problem, whether he actually saw Allah or not. There's two opinions of even the Sahaba if not Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu is the companion he used to have the opinion that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Khedira he saw his lord with these eyes in this world. The Quran says led to the record of SAR will you trickle up so you can't see Allah with these eyes in this life. He did specialize in his special special ones here. Without this you can't see you need special lenses

00:45:56--> 00:46:13

which is the lenses of the aka which inshallah we should all have say I mean, we will see Allah what the greatest Nirma you know in paradise, the greatest blessing is what? Seeing Allah, that's the greatest blessing. Seeing Allah with with our eyes, that's the greatest blessing.

00:46:15--> 00:46:21

There's two, again, side point two, I'm going to I'm coming to an end anyway, these two amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing

00:46:24--> 00:46:33

bounces of the ocra to this is the greatest. You know what the other one is? I won't test you with this. I'll tell you straight away. The other one is the code.

00:46:35--> 00:46:36


00:46:38--> 00:46:49

Okay, that's also a great one. I mean, is all of them are great anyways, I wouldn't say I mean, you could say that as well. People can have drinking through that with the hand of the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam. But there's one really, really amazing one.

00:46:50--> 00:46:59

The Quran talks about this on many occasions, when you go in Ankara in the next life, and if there's eternal bliss, law, how often are they himolla? Home? Yes.

00:47:01--> 00:47:15

This is a life of no sadness and no sorrow, and no fear. In this world, it's impossible for B for us for anyone regardless of what Security money, wealth, whatever you get,

00:47:16--> 00:47:23

that you don't have depression or anxiety or stress or worry or concern or or and fear

00:47:24--> 00:47:34

in Jana is law hopeful in it him one of whom you have no fear, no sadness, no, just calm peace. tranquil.

00:47:35--> 00:47:40

May Allah grant is it I mean, so seeing Allah

00:47:41--> 00:48:01

did the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam see Allah with his eyes in this world, like when he was taken to the upper and then some said, Look, actually when he did see Allah and it wasn't even this world, because in the upper rungs, it's the next world as for some of the moms, whereas Arshad Adeola, who had had the wife of the messenger SallAllahu sallam, her opinion was that no, he went close to Allah but he did not see him with his eyes.

00:48:03--> 00:48:05

Because you can't see Allah in the eyes of this world.

00:48:06--> 00:48:49

He spoke to Allah Musa spoke to Allah McCollum Allahu Musa crema. And when Musa asked, you know the Quran recited by the brother who recited right at the beginning, he was reciting amazingly, those sutras about you know, when we listen to Quran, brothers and sisters, don't just enjoy the beautiful voice and just don't enjoy, you know, to the tune, try to enjoy and understand and appreciate the meanings. Rob barony under a lake, Allah learn karate. Well, I can do really jabot very nice Takara makhana HuFa sofa Ronnie digelar bahala Jebel Giada who taka Hora Musa Sarika I'm not going to translate for them. Remember, I kept on saying this to you There you go. Oh, well, you know meaning

00:48:50--> 00:48:55

if you know the verses meanings, you know, if you don't, inshallah you can know it another time. So anyway,

00:48:57--> 00:49:06

he met Allah in the upper arms, and this is when the five obligation prayers now look, brothers, sisters, we're talking about Palestine.

00:49:07--> 00:49:08

We've got the big

00:49:10--> 00:49:14

flags. We're demonstrating Free Free Palestine.

00:49:15--> 00:49:20

We're talking about Palestine. We're talking about Mazar lochsa But that's when the five prayers were made obligatory.

00:49:22--> 00:49:37

One of the first things we need to do for a Muslim if we want any sort of liberation is at least five time prayers is a must. That's the basic for every Muslim. If you can't go to Omaha old Mr. Luxa you have to pray 510 prayers.

00:49:39--> 00:49:59

The it just doesn't make sense for anybody to to Islamically do something for Palestine where he does not or she does not pray five times today. That's basic. That's basic. That's like a must for every Muslim and inshallah you know if sometimes aminos we oversleep or something like that we make Toba and or

00:50:00--> 00:50:19

We neglected we make Toba repent and we pray. But we regularly pray or we attend to pray. We try to pray we put in the effort. It's really important. So this is when the five prayers and you know the story that usually how many prayers were made obligatory. 50 and then Musa said, Go back, go back, go back and he came to five, but we get the reward of

00:50:21--> 00:50:25

so this is what happened in surah and mirage of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:50:27--> 00:50:34

and then he came back, and I will end is this just one I don't have longer spoken for how long have I spoken for? Nearly Okay, so I'm just finished with this.

00:50:36--> 00:50:40

You know, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:50:42--> 00:50:44

Just this one one incident is really, really important.

00:50:49--> 00:50:49

In summary,

00:50:50--> 00:51:29

the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he sent he used to send letters. He used to send letters to the various rulers of various parts of the world, quoting them inviting them to Islam. So one of the rulers was Hercules, who was the Roman emperor. He sent him a letter with Delia killaby. Somebody mentioned that Jacobi Radi Allahu Anhu you were saying I think, although that that child had his name was Delia right, masha Allah, we saw a small child right now was called Delia mashallah beautiful name. He was one of the most handsome companions, he's buried in Damascus.

00:51:30--> 00:51:32

from Damascus, there's a place called Meza.

00:51:34--> 00:51:56

It's on the outskirts of Damascus. There's a graveyard there and right in the middle of the graveyard is the grave of Dalia al Kelby or the Allahu taala. No, he also moved to many of them migrated. So algebra in peace be upon him sometimes used to come in a human form in the form of Dr. Kirby because we're very handsome. So with through him, the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam sent a letter to Hercules.

00:51:57--> 00:52:00

Now Hercules was at that time in

00:52:01--> 00:52:44

Palestine in Jerusalem. When he received the letter, he said, Are there any people here who've got a visiting from Arabia from babka? I just want to ask about the person who's claiming to be a prophet. So, there was some people, notably abou Sophia, abou, Sophia, and was that time a non Muslim an enemy of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam at became Radi Allahu Anhu but he was there with his caravan his people, they had these to come, you know, trade because, you know, the Quran says relative schita it was safe. Many of them used to go make the journeys, trade and commerce to Yemen to to Palestine, Sham those lands. So they were there on a business trip. So somebody said, yes,

00:52:44--> 00:53:25

there's some people here. So Hercules called him over and said, look, okay, I've got a letter from somebody who's from your area claiming to be a prophet. I need to ask you some questions about him. Will you answer me the truth? So they said yes, of course. And remember, in those days, even the non Muslims would never lie. He was he was an ape. He was like a defect like nobody would lie, even even if you were if he was regarding your enemy. Unlike today, you know, put bombs and say a bomb hospital and say what somebody else, you know, even if it's your enemy, lying, dishonesty was never in any human being. It was just, it's crazy. People you know, would never lie. a boost of yarn was

00:53:25--> 00:54:01

an enemy of the messengers of Allah Islam, yet. He was truthful, he asked him many questions. He said, Look, who is he? Why is he claiming he claims the Allies wide? Whilst as he said, he says that he's a messenger. And many of the questions long stories ahead, he doesn't say hell Buhari. Is or his followers increasing or decreasing? No, they're constantly increasing, etc, etc. I was a fiance's the look, I was, of course, I had to be honest, I would never lie. But I was trying to find some way of leeway. Like how can I say something which is going to put him off? I don't want him to accept this prophet. He's my enemy. Like we're fighting against him. So one thing occurred to me

00:54:01--> 00:54:24

Yes. He talks about Israel Mirage, I don't have to even lie. I'm gonna tell him that this is why he claims and I'm sure if he listens to this guy, this guy's a magician, like crazy guy. So Oh, yeah. No, I tell you one thing. You know what he claims. He claims that on one night, in the middle of the night, he went flying on a animal from where

00:54:25--> 00:54:33

unless you do haram to hear beta Democritus where he was and then he went in the upper realms, and he came back.

00:54:34--> 00:54:38

He wasn't lying. He thought that Hercules will say

00:54:39--> 00:54:41

forget it is some crazy crazy dude.

00:54:43--> 00:54:50

He said when I said this, he said next to Hercules was sat his religious priest, Christian priest.

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

He said Hercules, actually I know about this night. But what? Tell me so he turned around, he said, You know, one night

00:55:01--> 00:55:34

He i We used to have the duty to lock the door of battle Mark dismissing the lochsa. One night, we locked all the doors, we came to one door, we just can't lock it. I call my friends and you know all other workers. And we tried to shut it and close it even though Kathy had mentioned this story in his seat as well as many others walk it and others. We tried to close it. We just can't. It's like a rocky mountain. This door is just not closing. So we call the engineers and they tried it just couldn't do it. So they said we just have it's too dark right now. Let's see in the morning. We can't do anything tonight. In the morning, we'll come back and see we came back in the morning. And

00:55:34--> 00:56:04

we all saw that there's some people were walking here and there's like actually on the door, there's like a place where some big beast animal was tied up. And you can tell that somebody had come here and there are a lot of people prayed here, etc. And things this door has moved and the rock and things have moved from here, which was impossible for us to do. And then he says he's a Christian priest, that in our books was written that the last prophet that will come will actually come here and all the prophets will pray here and I think this is what happened last night.

00:56:05--> 00:56:48

And he told us to her kidneys and her kidneys accepted it. So anyway, we can carry on talking and talking talking but the bottom line is Masjid Al Aqsa Sharif lmsc doxa Sharif is a blessed Masjid. That's the central part. The core of our deen the core of our religion, the core of our iman the belief our central part of our D. It all starts from us and lochsa It ends with lmsc Luxa and also for our enemies the Zionist The main problem is that Masood Aqsa, everything else they're doing is just on the side, their main core problem is this access sanctuary. This is what they want. They've already got control over it, but they want it fully like you know, this is this is the be all and

00:56:48--> 00:56:58

end all for them. We as Muslims, we can compromise anything on planet Earth but we never compromise most of the locks on Java because our common law currents Allamani Crump