Protecting Our Future Generations

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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It's my first time here in Australia. We live in these western lands, whether it's Europe, whether it's Australia, New Zealand, America, North America, Canada,

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one of the greatest test and one of the greatest challenges that we face in all these western non Muslim countries

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is the issue and the challenge and the question of our children and our progeny. And our next generation is a really, really important challenge, a really important issue that faces all of us, whether we are older parents, whether we are younger parents, and even if we are not yet married, then sooner or later, hopefully Inshallah, I mean, nowadays, some people don't want to get married as well. So but that's why I have to say, hopefully, Inshallah, you will get married and you will get some children within Allahu taala. But this is a great test. And the test is getting greater and becoming greater and it is becoming more of a challenge.

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We have been commanded by Allah subhanho data in the Quran, not just to protect ourselves

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and protect our own Islamic identity, rather protect the Islamic identity of our progeny, our offspring and our children. The Quran says here you have Medina, Manu, Aleykum and full circle. I adore Rocco manga les data data and another verse, Allah says, Yeah, you're Latina, Armand, who and

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you know, there's an amazing thing between these two verses. Allah says, Yeah, you will Latina, I know Aleykum and full circle, oh, you believe. Don't worry about everybody else. Don't concern yourself about the whole world, this person has become bad and that person's become bad. And this government is corrupt and that government is corrupt. And the Muslims have become bad in Sydney or in Melbourne or people have become corrupt or politicians are bad or that you know, community is bad. And there's so much you know, these people doing this and people doing that. Don't worry about everybody else, how they come and boost goon worry about your own self. And this is where self

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reformation is where it starts from Islam. Sadly, what happens in today's climate is that especially on you know, in the internet world, and social media, etc. People are always criticizing others. Everyone else is bad in the world. Everyone else on planet Earth is bad or there's a corruption or the sin or evil or there's something wrong, except my own self. Every single person thinks about how other people should be reformed, how other people should become better Muslims, but they never worry about themselves.

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And this is what this verse of the Quran is telling us here you have Lavina Amano la command for circle, O you who believe take care of your own self and full circle and full circle, which means the same Infocom is coming in the second verse. I they come and full circle, Lionel Roca mandala data data. If you are guided if you come into the right path, if you correct your own self, if you become a good person, if you become a good Muslim, then the deviation of Allah the strangeness or the deviation of those who are deviated one will not harm you. Don't worry, you won't be questioned about ABCD everyone else on planet Earth, why they were doing wrong. This is the basic meaning of

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the verse of course, there's more commentary to it as well. And there is this concept in Islam of Hammermill maruf. Now here in one car, there's details. But the first step is alikoum and possible if we are worrying about the whole world,

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and we are worrying about

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the rest of the people except our own selves, then that is a great crime and a calamity.

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That's a great crime and a calamity. That's why there's a hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said, Men are the harlequin nurse, but who's the one who says everyone else is destroyed for her logo. He's the most destroyed amongst them.

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And this will happen sometimes we just keep on worrying about other people. Poor volume and sugar and who are you who and are you bidness How admirable is the person who is busy with his own false, engaged with looking at his own false has no time to look at the faults of other people. So this verse is telling us Aleykum and full circle look after your own self. The other verse, yeah, you're Latina Manu, oh and Fusa comb. Ehrlich, Allah added Alikum here.

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Oh, you who believe who who is from the word you know, we acquire, protect yourself protect and fossa gum, same thing yourself. Protect your own self. But then Allah said, We're Alico here he added to Alico because you

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and your family, Earl means your family, and specifically your progeny. Because that's part of you.

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There's a hadith in Bukhari where the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam said to a companion, it was a long story, but he said, and we're maluca Arabic, you belong to your dad and your work belongs to you that you're one. This is why, you know the federal ruling. You can't give the car to your children. Why? Because you want you share everything. You can't give a cut to your parents. So this verse is saying boo and Kusa comb, Polycom protect yourself and your family your progeny, your children, your daughters your son's from nah Ron, punishment of the Hellfire May Allah protect us all. The responsibility is not to just first of all, it's ourselves but then it doesn't stop there.

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That's half of the responsibility. If we are coming for Salah if the parents are coming for Salah if they're offering prayers, if they are on the right path, if they are, you know, on the correct path, but the children have gone off track. The children have maybe even left Islam, maybe have left Islam altogether. Who knows some, you know, some of the, in some of the communities that are examples where the parents, the father, the mother, the parents are practicing Muslims, they're in the verse, The Father is in the first half of the masjid and really heavily involved with

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the masjid and Islamic

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issues and the child has or the son or the daughter has left Islam altogether. May Allah protect us. So this is saying go and full circle, Lee calm now protect yourself and your children. The responsibility is to make sure that we protect the IMA, we protect the identity, the Islamic identity of our children. And that is a really massive, great challenge of this time. It starts from a young age. This is why you know when a child is born Hamdulillah we get so happy and we get Glad Tidings Baraka Hola, hola, como, hooba and Hamdulillah. And we have massive banquets which we should have not a problem hamdulillah in Robben Island. But then what do we do straight away we give the

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other than under a comma in the ear of the newborn. What does that mean that is instilling in to the mind and the heart of this newborn child as soon as they are born? Iman shahada Tohei, the result? That's the concept, before we come into this world, we've already done a struggle a bit of

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Allah said, Well, you know, he asked us before we even though we don't remember,

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am I not sure Lord Calobra Shahina. And then as soon as we come into this world, than and if karma, why instilling into the heart and into the mind of the child, the newborn from a young age,

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Iman and don't lead and shahada and facade, etc.

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From then on, it starts the responsibility of protecting the Islamic identity protecting the emaan that we tried to instill at birth.

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At birth, we said shahada, we said the Alon, I should do Allah, hi, Lola, I should run them into the ears. And then we leave them

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and they leave the path of Islam. It doesn't make sense. It's that's what we did in the beginning, then we need to we need to give them time.

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And we need to protect the identity and the good proper Islamic therapy and upbringing. So this is one of the greatest challenges,

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especially in these western lands and in Western countries and non Muslim countries. And this is why many of our early scholars and even currently scholars have said that in order for Muslims to live in these countries, it's permissible, some said it's not but the main opinion, it is permissible, but there is a strong condition provided provided provided

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the Schult the condition is that a person is sure uncertain and confident that he or she will able to protect their own EMA and Islamic identity and Iman and the Islamic identity of their own children. That's the condition. If someone is not confident on that, then they need to move on to your courage member at him or her and he'll Allah who are solely from the youth recoil note. Whoever leaves the home Mahajan, making Hijra this there's no Hegira from a place to another but Illa who are solely to towards Allah and His Messenger meaning leaving a place or a life of sin, where they are not able to protect their basic Iman and identity being a good Muslim being a good human being.

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And this starts with First of all, I'm just hungry about this

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starts with being a good role model ourselves as parents. A lot of the times parents are really worried and concerned about the children. Sometimes they are only worried and concerned about obedience. That's being selfish. We have this in the UK sometimes, you know, the parents come to the teachers, Islamic teachers, and they're just trembling at home. They're just beating you know, they're swearing at their mother and swearing at the Father. And

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what about the Fajr Salah? They don't worry about Fudger they're not worried about that five part and praise. Just make sure that this son of mine does not swear and chat back and be disrespectful to the mother and father. That's the only Islamic aspect for some people. And then when their children are being disobedient when they are disrespectful. They know all the verses were called out on books that are

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available at Axanar YOLO decrees worship none except Him and be righteous to your parents or midwifery. They know Hassan Hassan parents only know the verses of the Quran and Hadith that talk about the rights of mother and father whom mark your mother will remind you homework, homework homework, some about your mother, your mother, your mother, these are all there, of course. But there are also there are also many verses and there are also many Hadith that talk about the rights of children. It's not one way street, like husband, wife, it's not only husband, it's not only wife, every relationship in Islam is a two way street. And if parents don't do their role and job when

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they, you know, decided to get married when they decided to have children. And then they decided to say the shahada not decided they had to say the shahada, and this was the guidance given to them, the sorry the Adana Niihama but then after that they neglected

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there was no time for the children

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or they were not good role models themselves.

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Then there's no one to blame except our own selves if the children leave the path of Islam

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that's why the Quran says so many places. Like Allah said, what more halacha be Salah It was started Alia, command your children to have a Salah by you yourself Be steadfast.

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And I was saying in a talk yesterday in Sydney, that one of the most effective ways of tarbiyah is basically being a good role model 80% of tarbiyah job is done by being a good role model 80% You don't really have to do much. If a child sees in his home, parents, time of Salah they don't perform well do they pray, they are making dua to Allah, they are begging Allah they are performing jodel reciting the book of Allah, they are reading Sera, they do Tao of the Quran recitation constantly at home, they see how they converse. They see how they talk how their relationship is with their family members. They see the Father Mother how their friendship relationship is with the neighbors with

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their own brothers and sisters and siblings. If they see their parents fighting overtime, then they think that's the norm fighting is no offense to that. So that's that's what we do. We fight. We always argue we swim. Now the Father is saying Don't swear swearing is bad. But then they the child, he is a father swearing and it's being hypocritical. That's what the child they might not say anything, but that's what they think.

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You know, the Father is saying don't he's got a massive cigar in his mouth. Don't smoke is bad in those moments.

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So what's the child going to think you're smoking? Well, I can do it, you can't do it.

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So this, you know, the daily look at all these things. If we for example, at we are at home, and someone comes to our house, and we don't want to meet them,

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can you go 12 That is not at home.

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So the sun will go and open the door. Somebody just told me he's not at home

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they will see that this is line and then we only if we if they are lying. And then we say to them lying is bad for you. Then they've got a role model which lies

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even though we might take it lightly, but it's not likely. So these kinds of things, being a good role model and also giving them time. I know time is short and time is limited and we are very busy. And we have commercial activities and we have a lot of things to do. But honestly, for the sake of Allah, we must we must we must give quality time to our children to our family, even in these busy times that we have at least one meal a day. The family should have one meal a day together, where the husband and the wife and the children are eating and talking and conversing and everyone's gadget smartphone not so smartphone. Mobile phone should be put away switched off

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No gadget, they should at least be a gadget free zone at home. Two hours, at least minimum. This is a gadget free zone, where the father is the first role model my phone switched off on top of the table. Mother normal what's happening with all your says, you know everyone else? Yes, when you cook your food, keep on talking to all your friends. But now put it away full attention. Give each other attention. Talk to one another Converse like we used to do back in the day, some of our, you know, elder brothers will tell us how back in the day people used to actually talk and now no one taught at home everyone. I don't know why people love the people in the phone more than the people that are

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in front of them. What's happened to the humanity? Why do we like and find people in this phone more interesting than physical people in front of us? There is a reason there is a constant. There is a reason why that's another topic. It's sad.

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Because we find the people in front of us more challenging, more irritating these people. You know how some people they like animals more than human beings. They like dogs more than children because it's easy to deal with dogs that listen to you. It's very easy. There's no challenge. Likewise, people in the phone, there's no challenge. You know, if you don't like what they say, switch off, go and finish this person is in front of you dealing with people on a day to day basis. It's difficult. And this is the whole more Arusha situation. So having conversation, giving them time, being involved in their therapy or being involved in what they do in the day to day life, share quality

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time with them. This is really important. This is even I'm not even talking about you know, teaching them about Islam and all of that that comes afterwards. This is right in the beginning. Even if you share time with them going playing sports with them, not not a problem. This is parents go and have a game with them go to the park and sit another I don't know if you'd say football or soccer here we say football, but play whatever you want to play, play games at home. This is a family game Mother Father, Son, Daughter, everyone today's a game time everyone plays together this is also if you do it with the right intention inshallah you get rewarded.

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If you make the right intention, this rewarding this as well. And then making sure finally,

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to give them good Islamic knowledge and Islamic if as much as we can not everyone can memorize the Quran or not everyone can, you know, learn advanced Islamic knowledge but basic Quran recitation, we ourselves should know how to recite the book of Allah subhanaw taala. But our children basic recitation of the book of Allah, basic Hadith, basic fact basic Islamic teaching, education, and also ensuring that if they are acquired, they are acquiring secular education, then secular education must be in an Islamic environment. And that is a whole chapter on topic on its own, which we don't have time to talk for in a job, where we have massive challenges. People have left people

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have they've lost, they've lost their children in those environments, lost them completely, from all angles, and you can understand what I'm talking about it religiously and from all angles.

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We have these examples of children are Muslim from Muslim families, children coming home and someone is a boy has become a girl and someone's girl thinks is a boy. And then someone who thinks is a kangaroo and, and all sorts you had in the UK just in the news that week that there was a

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boy who came to the school dressed as a cat. And the teacher was asking questions, and he was saying meow meow. The teacher said why says look, I feel you just we were told yesterday you know how you feel you are I feel I'm a cat. And that's it. I'm a cat. And if you say that I can't say me out I'm going to report you to you know, this is harassment or this is you know, discrimination.

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This is where this the world is going to. It's all sorts. Just basic, protecting the basic humanity basics common sense which used to be common, which is not no longer common anymore. It used to be common sense. This is a challenge these challenges were not there for our forefathers and our grandparents and our great grandparents, they had challenges but not these challenges. These are huge challenges. And if we do not make sure that we are on top of this, then we will lose our next generation. May Allah protect us. So this is just a message to make sure that we are involved with our next generation and with our children and we are you know active in preserving the Imam and

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Islam and good upbringing and tarbiyah May Allah Subhana Allah grant is the ability to view and make our children the coolness of our eyes we should always recite just to end there's a dua in the Quran.

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Rabbana have Lerner mean as Virgina was the real Tina, are you watching? Bina Imam? It's a beautiful dua. Oh Allah grantors from our spouses,

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make our spouses and our children the coolness of our eyes, and make us the leaders of God fearing people meaning make our children God fearing after every Salah if you can or whenever you can as much as you can. It's a beautiful dua. May Allah make us practice according to those rules.