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The speakers discuss the importance of learning and development in achieving wealth and power, as well as the challenges faced by humans in the face of lack of knowledge and fear. They stress the need for continuous learning and development to avoid war and inflation, and emphasize the importance of learning and educating oneself to elevate one's ability to perform in various fields. The speakers also advise against wasting time in public and encourage viewers to use their own experiences to make their own choices and pursue their own successes.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam surefit mousseline syedna Mohammed meanwhile early he also had bH marine. Our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay tell sustainer a shadow Allah, Allah in the law I have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada To Him belongs the best of names to him, all things originate and all things will return. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma to grant this holiest time of the week be accepted from us are either that medicines or last week before given May this tomorrow be a new light a guidance for the week to come. And we send our love our greetings and salutations Darren abhi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his soon until the

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end of time. Allah subhanho wa Taala Grant has to be amongst them on the day of the AMA. I mean well hamdulillah and hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has brought us here to 2017 a new year Alhamdulillah and last week, new faces I see the unfortunate crowd this year for work unfortunately crowd that that's that's early back to work. We spoke last week on the power of knowledge linked to the results

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link to the results of our matriculants and as we know yesterday the results came out in Bara Islamic to those who did well and inshallah for those who didn't do so well an opportunity inshallah to go further. But we spoke about last week, the power of knowledge and the power of learning. We spoke about the ayat in the Quran with regards to knowledge. Something to note, we said we all know this, the very first the very first commandment from Allah subhanho data was that Allah looked at the society that was the Arabs, the jangly Arabs, the worst society you could think of. And Allah began fixing the society with reading. Allah didn't start with sada he didn't start even with

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fighting Shin before you can get to those things is a system of learning that a lot requires from us. And that's where a lot began fixing the society. And it's that's the same place where we will begin to fix our oma through a crop. The only thing in the Quran Do you know the only thing in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, the prophet SAW Selim, Allah give me more. The only ayah in the Quran Allah says in Ephesus Salaam and ask Allah to give you more of RBZ Allah, Allah increase me in knowledge. That's the dua that Allah says to Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we see that it is a tsunami of Allah, a student of Allah in the universe, just as gravity is a law in the universe. Allah says in the Quran, it is a law with Allah, that he will raise the island, the one who has knowledge in whatever field when I speak about knowledge today, I'm not only talking about de knowledge, I'm talking about science, technology, mathematics, all of that. The one who knows, Allah says, will always be superior to the one who doesn't know except with regards to

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the highest caliber, the highest person is the one who has the most consciousness of a lot. And in fact, Allah says, the one with the most knowledge should have the most taqwa in my actual law, I mean, a body and programmer that are the ones that should fear Allah the Most. So Allah, in this universe, if you look at the food chain, the hierarchy Allah made in Sun on top of all of his creations When the angels made sujood. And when did Allah show the favor of Adam above? jabril? How did our show that Adam and I said to Salaam was superior to Julian, when Allah taught Adam, something that God did not know, then Allah said, Now makes you do to Adam, can you understand how

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great Allah sees knowledge, that when his creation has knowledge in his art in the sight of Allah, this is the pinnacle, this is creation has excelled and exceeded, Allah favors this person, or this creation. Knowledge is power. And in the world that we look at, if you were to look at the countries with the strongest countries in the world, you'd find that they have the most libraries, the most universities, they painted, they bring about the newest innovations, they have the best scholars, they have the highest proportion of graduates, the link between knowledge and power, we know this is true. The country that's the most advanced in knowledge will always be the most advanced in

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technology, advanced in military advanced in economics. Let's again this is a student of Allah, He gives even to the non Muslim, the non Muslim will be superior to the Muslim if he's more advanced in terms of knowledge. This is the sooner of a law. And we said our Deen is a Deen based faith. We don't believe blindly in other religions and you'll find this if you don't know

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than in the past the Bible or the Torah, or the scriptures, were exclusive to a select clergy that you lay people can't read and understand. In fact, it's better that you are ignorant. So you're dependent on the clergy. This is different. The beasts of view are those who recite the Quran regularly. Everyone has access to the deen. It doesn't matter who you are.

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You your opinion is as valid as the greatest Island. If it's based on knowledge, you can say, I disagree with you. There's a hadith here, how we submit to the Hadith. This is a Deen based on knowledge that everyone and if you look at the great scholars of Islam, they went from one culture or one race or one area, they went from the ruling class, because even the lowest of persons in terms of birth, if he aspires and takes on the path of knowledge, Allah will elevate him and make him number one, how many of our great scholars began as slaves and they would Allah and kings halifa said that they fit because as Mr. Malik said,

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power, knowledge doesn't go to power when he says to the halifa power comes to knowledge. That's the power that is knowledge is first. And as we sit also from the Sunnah of Allah is that knowledge will not come without effects. No person is born with knowledge. No person is born with anything of that he's learned, no matter who you are, even Mohammed Salah Salem had to go through a struggle to learn knowledge. And therefore if you want to trade this path of knowledge, if you want to fix our oma through knowledge is not going to be easy. laziness.

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You know when we stop learning at 18, or when we stop learning after we graduate from university, we no longer open a book, this automatically our society was slipping to jail or slipping to ignorance. This is the reality and it will not come easy. Allah has made it he's put a price on knowledge that Allah mentioned you can inherit wealth, you can even inherit Kingdom you can be born the son of a king and become a king without lifting a finger. But Allah will never ever give one liter of knowledge to you for free. Nobody will get that for free. No,

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not even the children of Mohammed Salim was born and inherited knowledge from him. That's why Neville says Rama

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ambia that those who inherit from the MBR are those who learn because the MBR all the things the only thing they give the leave when they die is knowledge and if you want to be the A of the Navy SEAL Salaam, you will take from that knowledge that is left behind through struggle and if a tunnel shows you the system or law how he has made it this thing of knowledge and when our oma if you want to again will speaking about the problems in oma, if you want to fix the oma

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when the Sahaba sought to learn about the deen Misaki to educate themselves, Allah granted the mastery of the dunya. Allah showed if you follow this methodology, it works. It's the cure, you follow the route of Accra, you will become masters of the dunya. That same Sahabi that was bidding his daughter alive, he was in the darkness of jail. When Allah opened his mind and taught him knowledge taught him that which he did not know. In 20 years later, he was of the most powerful people on earth, the most advanced people on earth. But we know we have fallen behind. We know that our lands both do I speak about our lands as Omar Muslim lands. And as here in South Africa, we are

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behind the rest of the world, or the advanced world in terms of learning, education and knowledge. And therefore, it should not come as a surprise when we were at the mercy of our enemies. And that we lag behind. When we when we stop reading, and we stop learning. That's when the things go wrong on the big scale. That's when you find your country gets invaded. That's when you find people dying and being killed for no reason. That's when you find turmoil when we stopped eating. There's a link as we said, the problems on the ground, cause the big problems on top. And once we stopped Iqra, that's the first step to going back into jail. And the dangers of lack the lacking of a process of

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learning. Remember, the visa program is teaching us that learning and knowledge is a journey that you will never come to an end. There is no scholar that ever says I've learned enough and I'm done. No, you will always be you should always be I should always be in a process of continuous learning and development. If you are not learning continuously. This goes contrary to the sooner of this Deen. And the sooner Allah in this creation. If you haven't read a book in a few years now, you haven't learned something new in a long, long time, then this is no matter how qualified you are. You could be have a PhD, you could be the professor in something. But if you stop learning, then you

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are regressing and falling behind. And the danger of this

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is that one of the tools of exploitation is to deprive a group of people of learning.

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We look at it today.

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So today, the legacy of apartheid is that a certain elite group of people will have an easier access to education with a message will not have that access to education. And that's why that elite group will remain elite, because the knowledge will come to them first, and what that will come to power, and what the power will come the wealth, and the cycle continues to break that cycle is to be more educated and more advanced and more learned than your enemies. That's the way you defeat your enemy.

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exploitation and the colonial powers and every power that colonizes the group, one of the first things they do is they deprive you of education, going to school and going to university is not a punishment is a blessing. And it's a gift. And when that's taken from you, you as a people, as a community will not rise up and will not grow, you will remain like that in Japan. So of the dangers of stopping the process of stopping to learn of learning is that you become a priest, and liberation is through knowledge. And as we said, a group of people when they regress so much, and shaytan is constantly trying to make us move away from knowledge. So you will stop learning, and then you will

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stop knowing that which is essential, and the world will continue to move on and you will move backwards and backwards and backwards until you get to the level of General. We asked so many times how is it Amen. Amen. rapes his grandmother, a man kills his children. How can this be possible it goes against your fitrah it's because he's, his ignorance has overpowered him. And that's why drugs and hammer,

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drugs and hammer as I say this many times Homer the word Homer is not intoxicant. It means CMR is that which a woman covers are here with Allah mentioned in the Quran, the women should cover the here with the Homer, Homer is that which covers the mind, which inhibits the uncle, which takes away your knowledge. And once that is gone, then you can slip into any kind of jail, you can do anything.

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You can do anything. So shaytaan tries to take away your knowledge, bit by bit on his time on his side, and he lets you slip into jail until you get to the point where people murder one another, go into a church and shoot people go into a Masjid and bombed How is this possible? How do you do this? In the name of Allah? Jen? How do you as I said, you way, way below you, you know, you kill your own children. How is this possible jail? No. And as I said, drugs is a direct ticket to jail. Drugs automatically takes away your uncle. And that's when people do all these things. panela. It shows that shape. One wants to promote ignorance as much as you can. Even if you open a book that's not

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related to the deen, even if it's a book for enjoyment, it's an act of evader, you're exercising your mind, it opens your mind it goes against shape on

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and SubhanAllah. For me, the saddest thing is how many people in like in Africa, for example, kids that are more brilliant than Einstein, that could solve the biggest problems in this dunya. But the potential was never tapped out many of us and we know from our our elders, especially in terms of sports, they will say I could this person could have been the best in terms of cricket or rugby, he didn't get the opportunity. Many people because they don't have the opportunity, or they don't have the world to learn, you don't realize your full potential ally, you could have changed the world, you could have changed the world. But you never gave yourself the chance. You didn't put yourself

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through some struggle to find that gift which Allah has given you, you waste that potential. And it's a loss to the oma, it's a lot, not just yourself, but it's the man and the world. And something I was you know, as I said, it's important to always learn something new assigned to understand something about the brain, the functions of the brain, how it works, you know, the brain is like, it's like a field. And when you learn something new, it's like when you work in a field, you create the path, you know, when you have a field you work on it, it can aid support. Now initially that path is you can only see it, but you when you walk that path many, many times you repeat the ayah

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many times you read that book over and over, that path becomes entrenched. This is how the brain exercises itself. And the more you learn, the quicker your brain is your brain, they say it's like it's elastic, it changes its shape and its structure. The more you study and learn new things, your brain's ability to change and to absorb information, it becomes quicker. You know, for a health purpose. They say if you want to prevent having Alzheimer's later in your life, try to learn a language when you're about 4550 try to learn a new language try to memorize something spamela I know of

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They went, you know, in the 90s, they may be slipped into Alzheimer's, but they never forgot the Quran, they forgot the name. But then even forget the Quran, if someone recites an ayah, they can recite the ayah as well, something amazing spawn Allah. So

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this muscle of use, and I said, there is nothing in the universe that we have found greater than this thing. Yeah, laughing in the universe that we have found superior to this, and to let it to go to waste. by not using its vanilla. It's like the greatest this, you know, the greatest ungratefulness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you don't know the potential of that muscle that Allah has given you. So continuous learning. continuous learning opens all the doors in Sharla, to goodness, and if you want to look how knowledge can transform somebody, and just some things from the seller from our pious predecessors and pious people to show you how knowledge change people. We

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spoke earlier about sort of Abu hanifa. I won't repeat the story. But we say that Allah created in Abu hanifa, the ability to understand that till today, no one has matched him, not even Shafi, Ahmed, Mohammed, no scholar, after Abu hanifa has been able to do what this man did in terms of IQ, and will lie if it wasn't for a chance meeting with somebody, he would not have opened a book in Abu hanifa, we said was a businessman. He didn't start learning like many of the scholars from a young age, he was a man that was in business, he was in his 20s. And usually, if at 20, even today, if you haven't started to learn when you were young, or you haven't, like let's take if you want to be a

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professional sports person, you want to be not just an ordinary person, you want to be the base of the base, you have to start as a childhood 80 by 20. It's almost late as you can feel in your 20s. It's late to begin. Abu hanifa didn't know much about fic. But he bumps into a scholar, and a scholar says to him, I see potential in you leave this business, go and learn something. And he you know, he took that advice. He took that advice. And even when he wants to learn what we learned from Abu hanifa his life he didn't find fit initially, he was looking and searching what suits me. Not all of us are going to be the best in maths or science. There's not one way of doing things you

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Allah has given each of us different talents. And if it took a while to find it, but when he found his liking, he changed the world. And that's why the scholars like Imam Shafi says that every single person in this room should make dua for Abu hanifa because he's made our Deen easy for us. Imagine this man just decided to become a business person. He didn't open a book effect. He didn't say he sat in a lecture. And 20 years later, you're still sitting with a

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swan Allah, that chance moment change the world for billions of people. What do you have, that Allah has given you? Only you know that only you and Allah knows that and through learning, you will discover that another more contemporary example, someone to take inspiration of

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Malik, Chavez, Al Hajj, Malik Chavez, or Malcolm X as we know him, if you look at his life, and we can't go to too much in detail with regards to his life. This was a young black man living in a time. If today we think black people are getting a raw deal in America. You know, in the time before the Civil Rights Movement before the blacks were given the black Americans were given free treatment.

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Things were a lot worse, things were bad. He was born to a big family. His father spoke out against racism. His father was a priest. And this father was killed by the KKK. And his mother had a nervous breakdown. And because his parents were both dead, and went around, they broke the family up him and his brothers were broken up and put into different orphanages.

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By the age of 13, he was so such an angry, you know, hatred, hateful young person, he left school, you decided to go into a life of crime, he left his foster parents, and he couldn't read or write anything. He was completely illiterate. And for the next 10 years or so, he said, I progressed further and further in crime, until when I was about every single crime you can think of. He was involved in those things. Until about the age of 23. He was finally caught and arrested. And he goes to jail. And he says, Can you think what kind of person he was when he went to jail? He had a nickname. They called him the devil. The inmates in jail used to call him the devil because this man

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was so. So you know, in general, so much. There's so so much anger and aggression in him, a person with so little culture and civilization in him. He was like the devil like an animal. He said, I went to jail like that. That's how I went to jail. This our brother Malcolm in jail, he found out there was a religion. There was a religion that said that white people were beliefs in shape on and he said this religion I like is I'm not a Christian. I don't

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Follow Christian religion. And he said this a religion that makes the white man the devil. And he said this religion sounds good to me, I want to learn more. But because he said I couldn't read or write, I first read the dictionary, he had to read the dictionary cover to cover to learn words, when he could read some books. And when he started reading the books of the Nation of Islam, he realized Subhanallah I'm not an idiot, I'm an a very intelligent person. And he went to the library in the prison, and he would take books. And he would say that at eight o'clock, they put the lights off, and I would read, you know, through the, through the bars of myself through moonlight or

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whatever like they was, till two, three o'clock the morning, he said at some, at some point in his life, I was reading more than graduates of universities reading at the universities. I was reading bigger books, as he said, he didn't realize he had this ability and the gift to speak and to teach. And when he came out, we know he revolutionized the people in America. He has a huge impact on the American society. One of the things that we could say was through his hour that our brother Mullah Muhammad Ali embraced Islam through his hour, and Allah subhanaw taala. We blessed brother, Malcolm, that while he was in misguidance, for a long time, Allah guided him to the clinic, Islam. And Allah

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showed him the way and even sees this beautiful line. Remember, a lot of this is through racism. He sees that through Islam and through learning. You unlearn racism, you can unlearn that I'm a white person, and I'm a black person, you you unlearn the hatred, knowledge, removes all these things, and brings unity and brings muhabba and brings goodness in the dunya Rahim Allah, a quote from, obviously someone very close to us, Nelson Mandela. He said, when I close the grapes of wrath, and it's a book, you haven't read the book, you should read it. If you haven't heard of the book, and there's a book called The Grapes of Wrath. When I close that book, I was a different man, it

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transformed me I was the person I was before reading, it was a new person after I read it, it enriched my powers of thinking and discipline, and my relationships, I left prison more informed than when I went in. And the more informed you are, the less arrogant and aggressive you are swannanoa

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doesn't matter where you are, who you are, you can be, as I said, the prisoner in the cell. But if you learn knowledge allows you to elevate you, above anyone else, the man with knowledge is always going to be on top of the food chain. So questions to ask ourselves.

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With regards to knowledge, very first thing Do I know the basics of Islam? Do I know the five pillars of Islam? To understand the six pillars of Eman Can I perform are my basic rituals correctly. And when I say this, the allama mentioned something a little bit raw, the essential knowledge that everybody must know, not everybody has to know the laws of transactions. But if you are in the business world, and you deal with transactions, you need to know about lever, you need to understand what is halal and haram. Because that's what you deal with. If you're a husband, you need to know the rules regarding nikka and divorce. If you are a doctor, you need to know the laws with

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regards to Islam and medicine. So every single person you need to ask yourself, do I know enough of my basic knowledge, because as we know, in the Hadith, Allah is going to ask us about the content of the things specifically will be asked about is about what we learned and didn't learn and how we use that knowledge will be asked to Allah. You acted in a certain capacity, you stood the giving lectures, and yet you were not educated you didn't. You didn't uplift yourself. SubhanAllah How do you answer a law in that? When lost? Have you read a new book? or listen to a new lecture? Or gone for a class, we'll learn something new when loss something just this is between you and yourself, me

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and myself? Do you have a favorite book I asked young people that you have a favorite book. And they say they'll sometimes they'll say the Quran is my favorite book. This is like the you know, the cheat answer. No, seriously, what's the favorite book that you've read? And many people have not readable. They haven't read a single book, young people, a book just that you enjoy. It doesn't have to be a book boy, Islamic book, a book that you enjoy, have a favorite book, know what you like, you don't even know what you like, you don't even know yourself SubhanAllah.

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And if you find yourself asking, you know, you see the news? Why are people you know, rioting or burning universities? Why are bombs going off what's happening in Syria, who you know, if you find yourself always unaware of what's happening in the dunya, then there's also a problem in you, you miss some essential knowledge you need to know about what's happening in the world. You need to know what's going on in the world. This is one of the ways in which one of the ways in which those people exert power, they are always informed. They are always one step ahead, because they know

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Having knowledge is like magic. You know, knowledge is like magic. Because you always one step ahead. You're always in the future when everyone else is trailing behind. This is the power of knowledge. Some brothers, and I get this question a lot. Alhamdulillah madressa 13. And I stopped learning. And when I went through high school, I went through varsity. And now as a young parent, I'm about to get married, and I'm married. I'm a young parent. I'm in my late 20s or 30s. I want to start learning again. Where do I begin? How do I begin my learning from Islamic knowledge and swana law? You know, if you even if you were to go to the Islamic University of Medina, you know, one of

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the centers of Islamic learning, you'll find brothers they that became Muslim literally yesterday. They cannot they don't know the difference from Elif, and ba. Everyone must go through this process. Even Neville Salaam went through this process, how do I start, and the hardest part is beginning. Having that near, I'm going to start and making you're forcing yourself, I want to start learning something, I want to be more knowledgeable for myself. And that was that other doors will open up a lot of the doors will open up but for myself when we get to 2018 we will be the insha Allah, I have learned something new in some field or some with regards to Islam. Yes, definitely. But in other

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areas as well. So begin, just stop, just do something. Make learning a part of your life a habit in your life. Don't be afraid to start from the bottom and some brothers I know. They might be shy to say swala I can't even recite Quran and 5060 I just memorized what I was taught. You know, as a kid, and I can't I've never been able to decide to grant Don't be afraid to ally Allah loves you for having the humility to begin and say I need to start somewhere. Now visa Salaam could not read or write. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah showed that from this meta level guide billions of people so don't be afraid to start from the bottom and try your best to formalize your studies. Most of us

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were not discipline. We're not discipline today, the Hema that is the desire is then tomorrow. The first thing we need is the TV Guide. These movies are coming on inshallah next week, I will almost close this week. I'll close next week. When you've got a buddy a friend, a chef was waiting for you. It becomes formal. This is initially and even the greatest of scholars. The chef is the Imam Abu hanifa the romantics even they did not want to learn at the beginning. Mr. Malik, we said wanted to be a singer, his mother had to encourage him take him everyday to madrasa.

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It's not easy learning is not easy, and that's where Allah elevates the allameh.

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Start and focus on essential knowledge. If you can't recite the Quran, sit with someone that can teach you how to recite the Quran. If you can't perform Salah correctly. In fact, many people don't know they don't know how to perform Salah quickly. They don't know that they're not performing we do incorrectly 5060 years, never known Swan Allah that my ankle was never washed properly. my elbow was never washed properly in terms of Voodoo. When I made sujood My back was open. I never knew that. These things are very important things with regards to Islam. So focus on if you're going to begin learning. Ask someone you share an older uncle, your parents, what are the essentials? Where do I

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begin and focus on things that are easy and simple. Focus on things that you enjoy some things you must know. And you'll say I must know this, but I don't really enjoy it. I must know that. But I want to learn more. Maybe Arabic. Maybe it's the seed, maybe it's chemistry, maybe geography, whatever it may be, but find something that you like, find a field that you like, if you say there's nothing I like that means you haven't explored properly. There is no field that's good for me that's wrong. Allah has given you something, find it and if you are learning Islamic knowledge, avoid controversy. Don't sit if you can't, if you don't know the basics of what is Hadith, what is Suna

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what is halal or haram don't sit in the clause about Chisholm. Those in the clause about the differences of opinion between scholars. If you don't know who Mr. Abu hanifa is an emotion theories don't sit in the closet that's competitive. That is a knowledge that you get the deal with the clear cut easy things don't deal in controversy. Sometimes we jump the gun many brothers I've seen this, especially those who study like in Medina. They come they not knowing Alif butter, but they want to begin with beta and molad and chromazone these are controversial issues. He leave those things start with the basics. When you get the now you can sit and discuss with the scholars with regards to

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differences of opinion. Avoid controversy and something very important brothers sisters are one

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As to become more skeptical with regards to the information we consume. Today our problem is we have too much information. We are exposed to too many things how many how do you get a new into the hadith of this and if you don't forward it to 10 people janam phenol agenda without even ever right Is this a hiding, hiding? I don't know but I'm going to avoid it because I don't want to go to Gen.

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Con Allah the Imam tells a story beautiful began about someone who had a dream who is that someone I don't know. But if the Imam says must be through Sinaloa

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Mr. Malik says, Look to where you take your deen from.

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It's more important to check the Imam or the chef than your doctor that looks at your health, or the mechanic that checks your car out. Or the the man that you invest your money with. You won't give your hard earned money to just anybody. You want to see the certificates, the credentials, you're going to check him every month, what's happening with my investment, but swannanoa we take whatever comes from the member good or bad, we absorb it whatever's on 76 of the tape, we absorb it, we take it. Now we need to be skeptical. And one of the reason one of the reasons is we don't have a baseline knowledge of what is authentic. If you had a basic knowledge, like you have a basic

00:31:11--> 00:31:48

knowledge and geography, if someone came on the radio, I spoke about the world being flat, you know, he's talking nonsense, you put the radio of vinyl or someone can say that there was a great shift. 500 years ago, he had a dream. And from that dream, we expect these lows, you will know this is garbage. Radio off. We don't believe in dreams. We don't believe in these things. So you must have a basic knowledge that is pure and authentic. And you can that is your buffer. Our young kids are young kids. Why do they fall into atheism? Why do they fall into Shiism? deism because they never learned to abubaker was they never learned that the basis lm is the final messenger never learned

00:31:48--> 00:32:05

these things. So it's easy for them to be pushed over when false information comes to them. Mentor my young brothers and sisters. And you can decide if you're young or not. how young you feel. So if you still 70 and you feel I'm still have the youth will hamdulillah there is no cutoff age for that.

00:32:07--> 00:32:44

If you wrote exams you got you're not just metric results, any results. And it didn't go so well. Don't be despondent. I was telling someone yesterday was you know, feeling down that as our our mindset as Muslims, we can feel bad for a minute. But then we say well, now what tomorrow we start new with optimism always Trump's the negative side. Don't let this failure define you. You didn't do wedding material. It doesn't mean now I have to be unemployed for the rest of my life. No. I know personally, and your parents will tell you this. They will people in our classes that didn't do well in school.

00:32:45--> 00:33:25

But they went back and now they've excelled. Even those who did well in school, they peak came later on. But when you you don't know when you will peak. But if you stop the journey today, then that's where you're going to stop. So if you didn't do well, in mitrik, you didn't do well in your exam, even if you must repeat that mistake exam, all the spin one year repeating and spending the next 50 years struggling and battling. If you didn't do too well. Don't let this failure define you. And this goes in everything in your job in your marriage, whatever it might be, then abyssal Salamis mindset no matter how many times you failed and even at failures. Tomorrow we begin a new and Allah

00:33:25--> 00:34:04

will open the door for you. It's not about the destination. It's about the journey. Remember, ultimately to Allah. And Allah looks at the effort and the sincerity. So if you didn't do too well, this is the in this is the like you have chapters in your life. These were the bad chapters. Now the good chapters are going to begin right now the best of your days like it have that mentality. So continue and strive as much as you can. For those who did do well. know now that it's an Amana that Allah has given some the ability and others will struggle. If Allah granted you the ability to do well. Then you have a responsibility to Allah. When you are you are like that wealthy man who always

00:34:04--> 00:34:39

going to ask about what you do with your wealth. The poor man, I wasn't going to ask him, but you will give him that ability. Don't stop, don't cut yourself short. Don't let this also even worse. You know what's worse, a person who does well and achieved one peak in his life, and he could have been so much more. But he This is why he peaked in his life and he stopped that's even worse than the guy who stopped when he failed. At least he had a reason to stop. You failed, he felt bad. But if you did well and you love the next success for the next 50 years behind the law, you've wasted your potential. You've wasted your potential and remember what you learn for yourself. Yes, have a

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

good job ever good profession make your life easy. But you have an Amana to the oma, if you leave this dunya and all you acquired was more houses and more calls and a bigger bank account. But you didn't fix anything in the dunya we didn't help any person in the dunya then what have you really contributed to this dunya you've only lived for yourself which Allah gave and then he took away

00:35:01--> 00:35:43

But if you fix someone's life, you built a Masjid, you told someone something that will remain even after you die. So that is a bigger aspiration, we live for something more as Muslim in and young brothers and sisters, the choices you make Darla mentioned, between the ages of 16 and about 25. The choices you make in this thing, nine years of the most important times in your life, you will choose your profession in that time, if you become a mechanic at 20, you will stay a mechanic probably when you're 50. If you choose to study medicine, now, you'll be a doctor until the day you die, you will choose your spouse in this time, the person you get married to and you probably I mean, you stay

00:35:43--> 00:36:24

with this person that dunya until the after you choose the place you're going to love you choose you the place you're going to the person, the man and woman you're going to be is decided in this 10 years. And unfortunately, and that's why shaytan focuses on our youth to make the wrong choices. miss them up now because of that, it will inhibit the rest of their life. So use this time as best as you can to make the best of your your, your your youth, choose it to the best of your ability and fulfill that potential. Or law IE fulfill that potential. You could Excel more than any of us, you could have something truly special. And you will never know that, like Abu hanifa didn't know that,

00:36:24--> 00:36:33

like Malcolm X didn't know that. Unless you open a book. A book will tell you who you are, find that person who you are, and change the world.

00:36:34--> 00:36:35

The last slide

00:36:36--> 00:37:18

for us that are not so young, we don't have the luxury to study. Formerly, we have a job we have kids, when do we get a chance to study? How do we can't come to classes anymore. The reality you are privileged, if you can take away you know, if you Your life is to be a student hamdulillah You are lucky, lucky, a time will come when you couldn't even open the book that you want to read you just impossible too many commitments. So there are resources online resources I want. And for you to go through those resources and select what you want. Not all of it. Second library you choose the one you want. Even if it's half an hour a day, or one lecture a week Alhamdulillah you're in the process

00:37:18--> 00:37:40

of learning the new or the tollywood. Remember the Hadith we said last week, Anyone? Anyone who takes a path of learning alone makes easy the pathway agenda doesn't mean you must go sit in the room for 20 you know, 20 hours a day, learning once a week in a class going through a shift to the site to him listening to a lecture once a week. That's the path of learning. So you're aligning the path of learning make easy for me the path of gender.

00:37:42--> 00:38:19

So Muslim Central audio, the biggest database on earth of Islamic audio lectures, started by a brother in Cape Town. I envy this man because every time millions of people download lectures every month, and he gets a reward for that final Ah, Muslim Central audio, find a lecture that you like there are certain things I you know, I believe you must. The Sierra I'm always a fan of the Sierra. The biography of NaVi so solemn if you learn the Sierra is an in I've given this as a teach to many people. And some of them are sitting here in the club. Start off with the Sierra. Yes it called the Sierra and the prophets of Salaam. When you are done with that series, you'll be a different person,

00:38:19--> 00:39:00

and you will love learning, you'll say what's the next thing I can learn? You will not be disappointed. I guarantee you you will not be disappointed if I am waiting for the person to come to me and say I've wasted you know, 100 episodes of the Sierra, well isn't anything new. I've learned nothing. I've benefited from our mindset as well. We've got lectures, audios on the you can download those things. There's another organization or co author, with the student guild and co authored student Guild. There's a chef who is a world scholar. In fact, he travels the world from Durban. But he travels the world teaching. And he's explained a boot config called balloon muram. So he says,

00:39:00--> 00:39:10

look, let's take all the headings of solder all the headings of marriage. Let's understand it from the Sahaba and the Prophet as if though you were learning in the time the vehcile salaam

00:39:11--> 00:39:38

you are now beyond madrasa level. You don't have to learn lots of things, memorize this and that time to think time to understand is why does the Sharpies say this? Why does the hierarchy say that you are now beyond the madrasa level. Sign up for 100 then all you're doing is you're buying a USB he'll post to the USB with all the lectures on it. You listen to those lectures. You can choose to write an exam if you want this online exam and you'll get the certification Boomerang that's all your basics.

00:39:39--> 00:40:00

If you want to know more speak to me. I'll go through as well. They have one you know weekend courses so we can't go during the month. Every you know every four months, a course will come the next course is about piano that's coming the 11th of February on piano. One of the pillars of Islam. Do you know what's gonna happen in the cupboard? Do we believe in ghosts Do we believe in

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

people visiting you with after they've passed away what's going to happen on piano? What are the things I was going to ask me about on piano? What's it like in general janam pillar of Islam if you can't answer those questions, you must go to this course. I mean for the student who wants a little bit more,

00:40:17--> 00:40:44

the Islamic online university took the syllabus from Medina University translated into English for basically for free, like 100 bucks or something. And you can be a student register, and you can learn Arabic Tafseer howdy sera aqui, whatever you whatever field you want, go to the online Islamic University, you can be a student at your own time, your own pace. And but if you go through the full course of the four or five years, you can join the MTC

00:40:46--> 00:41:24

and that's open to all of you inshallah. And if you want something more personal, you can join me on Tuesdays, the biography of the Prophet the Sierra will begin not this Tuesday, the Tuesday after from seven o'clock in the evening, and we discuss other issues as well. So please join us in this learning, mala swallow bless you bless me malegra Robin has ignited mallala increasing knowledge element natvia grant as knowledge that is good for us. I see brother taking pictures, no problem. But if you can get this on the website or you can speak to me afterwards, you can get this the notes are available. And you can if you're not you can mail me with [email protected] I will elaborate

00:41:24--> 00:41:27

further Jacqueline masala Sina Mohammed

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa barakato