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Al-Qasas 68-88 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 79-83


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding facade and arrogance during virtual virtual events, as it is a sign of weakness and weakness. They also emphasize the importance of being considerate of others' feelings and not just highlighting one's wealth or wealth. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding the idea of being a sign of weakness and considerate of others' feelings.
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For holiday gala comi fie zenity marching out on a Latina UD Dune and Hyatt adonia those people who want the life of this world who desire the life of this world, what did they say?

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Yeah later Nana oil for only that we also had Miss lemma Oto qarun similar to a cartoon was given

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yeah later, what does it mean? Or if only or would that oh I wish Lennar for us meaning we also had missler equal to ma ooh to cartoon were called carbon was

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what we wish we also had what carbon was given in the hula hellsten. Aleem, indeed, he is surely a possessor of a great share, house, a great fortune. What do we see over here, that the people who desire dunia who desire the life of this world,

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they're the ones who got very, very impressed by the wealth of God. They greatly admired it. And they also desired

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who people who love dunya people whose aim is the year

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this kind of behavior is something that is disliked, that you start staring at other people's possessions and things. You start looking at them, and you start wishing you also had it. And because you don't have it, at that moment, he when you start crying, you start wishing

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there are people who start crying at that time, even that, oh, in their heart, they're crying. If they have so much, and I don't have, they're so lucky, and I'm still struggling, they have so much gold, I only have one goal set.

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And that also is you know, something that my mother gave that she used. And look, she chose her as herself. And it's brand new. It's the latest design, look at her clothes, look at what I wear at my wedding.

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And what happens people start crying, tears start falling out at that time,

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who suffers from this? The one whose aim is the dunya he gets very impressed by the wealth of others. And he starts to feel that he is very, very deprived. But on the other hand, what happens to those people who have knowledge, work Carl and levena.

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And those people who had been given knowledge they said, what kind of knowledge is this? knowledge of the knowledge of the

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knowledge of the fact that Allah is the one who gives a book is lacunae a shadow of doubt. So those people who have this knowledge they said welcome What do you What's wrong with you? Waiter come is Karamazov an expression of reprimand that What are you saying? So Well, the law higher on the reward of Allah is much better. The reward that Allah has, that is much better lemon, Amana for the one who believes what Amina sila Han, and who does righteous deeds. you aspire for the wealth of our own? That's nothing. What Allah has, what Allah can give is much better, but who gets it? The one who believes and the one who does righteous deeds will Are you law call her and none will be granted it

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in law sovereign except for those people who are patient. Those people who do suffer, they will be able to get the job of a law which is far greater, far more superior than what Karen has. What do we see over here a clear difference in the reaction of

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those people with knowledge. And those people without knowledge

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that people with knowledge of the the they don't get to impressed by the outward appearance of people. They don't get impressed by the wealth of others. They don't get impressed by the beauty, the possessions of others. They know that what is of this dunya is only of dystonia.

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What is far better is the reward that a loss panatela has.

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This is why their goal is different. They're not dying for the things of this dunya they're struggling to achieve what the reward that Allah has to give. When a person's goal becomes the things of this dunya then what happens he lives a life of sadness. He lives a life of ingratitude, of self pity, of anger, of frustration, that I don't have this much and they have so much and I have made so much to offer and still I don't have I given to the Commonwealth did not increase. They start thinking like this.

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But on the other hand when a person's goal is

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Aha, then he doesn't get lost in dystonia. He doesn't give any importance to the dunya he sees something's like Okay, fine. hamdulillah Mashallah, let's move on, move on to what is far better? Who can do this? The one who has suffered, well, are you locked in the sovereign and what the sovereign mean? that a person is patient in every state, in every situation,

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that if he sees people who are wealthier than him, he doesn't fall prey to self pity.

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If he sees people who are lesser than them, he doesn't fall prey to arrogance and pride. No, he has trouble whether you call her Elizabeth,

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such as the people who end up reserving their work that Allah has to offer.

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So what happened to Karen then, for herself, nabby he, so he calls to swallow him Wahby Daddy, and also his home, what about the earth, Allah causes the earth to swallow him. And not just him, but also his home hofner hossenfelder cos and husk is to cave in to sink in. So the earth, it's watered him and also his home. And at that time, from a Canada home, and I think he did not have any fear any group in Sedona who that could help him. He was so proud of his wealth, that for him, Roger r la comida zenity. But none of those people could save him. His entire entourage none of them could save him. From Air Canada whom in fear Athenian sorona who no one could help him, no one could take him

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out, as the earth was swallowing him in mendola. He besides Allah, one that can I mean, and winterstein, and he could not even defend himself.

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When deciding this is different in dasara, is to help oneself to defend oneself. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, while a man was dragging his lower garment, he was swallowed up by the earth. And he will remain sinking down into the earth until the Day of Resurrection. Pride, showing off wealth is something that Allah hates. he dislikes it.

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Just imagine a person is dragging his lower Garmin to show off that I have so much clothes and I don't care. Because in the Arabs of a person wore a garment beneath his feet, that it's dragging behind him that show that he was extremely wealthy, and he didn't care much. Because he had so much wealth, even if something happens with that clot. So what he has another one, he has many more. And if it gets dirty, so what he doesn't have to clean it, his servants will clean it. So what does it reflect extreme arrogance showing off. So imagine he was walking like this, and he was swallowed up by the earth and he will keep sinking until the Day of Resurrection. So we have to be extremely

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careful, because sometimes we're wearing some nice clothes, we go to a wedding, we're dressed up, and we start comparing ourselves with others. Okay, yes, my outfit is the latest one, my outfit is the best one, my material is the best one. Look at them, they don't even know how to dress up. They don't even know how to match their makeup. They don't even know what kind of jewelry to wear. We start comparing ourselves with others, and we start feeling proud.

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This pride is something that a lot dislikes, that a person shows off his well. And he begins to belittle others, he begins to look down on others. This is what is disliked by Allah. And if a person does that, then look at what happened to

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his wealth, his servants, his people, his entourage, nothing of it was there to avail him. Nothing was there to help him. And he could not even help himself. He could not even defend himself.

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There's a great lesson in this.

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What is it? What is the lesson that we learned from this story from this incident? Think about it. Many, many lessons.

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as powerful as we may think we are as wealthy as we may think we are. There's someone who is more powerful above us. There's someone who was mightier than us. There's someone who was wealthier than us more resourceful than us. What else do we learn

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that knowledge, it makes a person grateful. Knowledge gives the ability to a person to distinguish between right and wrong. And knowledge is not about, you know, knowing the translation very well and getting 100% on your tests, and understanding the theory and everything. No knowledge is about what

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it's about action. It's about action. It's about getting it so that a person can apply the knowledge so that a person can really use the knowledge. So people with this kind of knowledge, they're able to distinguish between what is the correct way of reacting and what is the wrong way of reacting.

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We should be satisfied with whatever Allah has given us and we should be grateful to Allah for that.

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qarun he began showing off. Look what happened to him.

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The people who wanted the life of this dunya What happened to them?

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They're looking at qarun admiring his wealth and wishing Oh my God, we wish also we had that. But what happened? Right before them Kaduna, swallowed up by the earth.

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We also had Latina tomando McKenna, who bill MC. And those people who had wished for his position the previous day, as baja he became,

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who alladhina de Mundo McKenna, who does not know, what does it mean to wish to desire to aspire for? So those people who wished for who aspired for McKenna, who is placed whose place the place of qarun when Bill MC just yesterday,

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just the day before, those people who are wishing to be in the place of our own, when they said that we also had Miss Lama Oto qarun What happened then?

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Yoku Luna, they were saying, where you can? Or Allahu Yep, so the risk of leishmania shadowman everybody, or how Allah extends provision to whom He wills of his servants were coded. And he also restricted

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Lola and Mandela, who are Elena, Lucha Sabina, if not that Allah had conferred favor on us, he would have caused it to swallow us as well.

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This is a huge favor of Allah that He saved us, the earth could also have swallowed us.

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So what happened? The people who wish to be in the place of carbon just yesterday, they began seeing weaker and weaker and has been understood in a number of ways. It is that that wake up and some say that it's one word. Others say that no, it's a miracle. It's a combination of several words. Some have broken it down into further way. And separately, and others have said that it's combination of just wake up. And and,

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and others have said that it's a combination of way. And so I'm just telling you that there is different ways of understanding it. But one way is that waker is for their job. And and, indeed, as if to say that, oh, it's amazing, that how Allah we have sort of respond, that how Allah extends the provision. So we can know together is what

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it's a word that expresses amazement.

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So how it's amazing how Allah extends the provision for whomever He wills of his servants that look around he had so much and on the other hand, way up there, and also restricts he gives it in measured quantities to whomever he works. They understood at that point, that it's Allah who gives.

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Its Allah who gifts and it's in his authority, his control he can give to whomever He wills how much ever he wills

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Lola, Amanda la Marlena, the hustle Filipina. This is a huge favor of a lot that he protected us. We want it to be the place of our own.

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Imagine if we were in his place. Allah has saved us waker know who Oh, amazing. Indeed he lay off the healthcare field on the disbelievers they're never successful.

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Why is the set was caru? Not from the calm of Masada center?

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Was he not from the Bani Israel? So why is it satellite you have little calf your own? How was he a calf? What is

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he denied Allah blessings. COVID remember is also used for ingratitude.

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And COVID is not just in one's Akita, but it's also sometimes in one's actions. So he was a capital how in his actions, he was a disbeliever in his actions, that he was a show off. He never acknowledged that whatever he had was because of Allah soprano data. Instead of using the blessings he abused the people

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instead of spending on the people he showed up before them

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and remember I mentioned to you that masala Salah told qarun to give the cat and he refused. And what do we learn that a person who refuses to give us a cat his Islam is doubtful his Islam is not acceptable which is why Evo Boko dinar no he waged war against all those tribes who refuse to pay this okay.

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So wake up, no lay of your home capital, the disbelievers they're never successful, no matter how much wealth they may possess.

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tilka Darrell, that is the home of the hereafter Niger aloha that we assign we make for who little Edina for those people who lay you the dune or Lou when Phil early whenever said that Norfolk said they do not desire any or lose any exaltation in the earth nor any corruption. Well, there are people to the token and the consequence the Praiseworthy one is for who

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For those people who have Taqwa,

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tilaka Darrell, that is the home of the Hereafter, which one?

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the one that was mentioned earlier, that alladhina artillerymen. What did they say that so well builiding hyaluron.

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So that is the home of the hereafter whose news has reached you, you have heard about it, you know about its qualities, but who is it given to

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Niger Aloha, we assign it for those people who lay you the donor or the one fill out they will emphasize

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they do not desire any or low in the earth nor any facade. What do we learn in this ayah

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that one is the home of dystonia and the other is the home of the hereafter.

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Just as the the person who wants to make a home in the dunya, he has to fulfill certain requirements, he has to give a certain amount of money, isn't it?

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Only then he can have a house in his name.

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Similarly, if a person wants to have a house in the Hereafter, in general, there are certain requirements that he must fulfill

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and what are they that he must eliminate two things from his life

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amongst other conditions of Eman or masala. One more is that a person must eliminate these two things from his life which do things iRULU emphasize

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that he should eliminate or aloof or aloof from himself. What is our little island? Well,

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to be Hi,

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sir Alou is arrogance, that a person considers himself superior, he thinks himself is very great. He thinks of himself as very high. He thinks he is richer. He thinks he is more beautiful.

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He thinks he's more smart, more intelligent. He thinks that he is better compared to others, his choice is greater, his art is greater, his selection is better.

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And because of that, he's always looking down on others. He's always belittling others. He's always finding faults in the choice of others in the work of others, in what other people are doing, because he considers himself to be the best

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So if a person wants to get to gender, what does he need to do? remove a little from his life, he needs to become humble. He needs to keep his feet on the ground. He needs to realize that he's a servant of Allah.

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That whatever he has is from Allah, not because of his own accomplishments.

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And if a person removes this URL from his life, then he will be able to listen to what other people are saying to him even

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what happened when qarun was advised. What did he say? What did he say?

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I have whatever I have, because of me because of my knowledge in IoT to Allah amendment or Indy, right. He didn't say thank you for your advice. You know, it makes sense. Whatever you're saying, beautiful words of advice, no, nothing like that. When a person thinks too great of himself, he cannot listen to others.

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He cannot accept what other people are telling him.

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He cannot tolerate. If other people say anything harsh to him.

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He gets upset. He gets very angry. How dare you say this? No, dare you say that? I'm so upset. Now. I'm so moody. Now. I'm so angry. Now.

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If a person is humble, then what will happen? whatever other people are saying they're saying

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their business, let them say whatever they want to

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say what was mentioned earlier as well, right? submit is needed to remove or do from your life.

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So now you redo an earlier one fill early will emphasize and what is sad, corruption where a person does not care about others. He's only concerned about himself. He's incident towards others, he commits injustice as against them. And if you look, both of them are connected, or aloof, it leads to facade. If a person is too arrogant, what will he do? He will not care about the needs of others.

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If a person is selfish, will he be concerned about other people at all? Will he be concerned about other people's feelings? No.

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You know, sometimes when people have something they like to wear the light to show it off and they go everywhere wearing it.

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forgetting that the players that are going to it's quite possible that there are other people who don't have as much as you. And if they see you sitting in that car, if they see you wearing that bag, if you see you, you know with those clothes, they might feel bad. You understand. You have to be very careful where you're going, who you're going in front of and dress up appropriately.

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If you're walking amongst people who are poor, if you're going to people who are not that

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Well off, don't wear your designer stuff. Don't wear your extremely expensive stuff. Alhamdulillah you have it, you're grateful you're not wearing it out of pride. You understand you're not wearing it out of pride. But you should be considerate about the feelings of others.

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When a person has overlooked that, no, it's me my stuff, I can do whatever I want, who's saying I'm arrogant? I'm not being arrogant, they should accept, then what does it lead to facade, both of them are connected.

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So that you do not allow one fail early will emphasize that when a person removes these two things from his life, only then he will be worthy of entering the home of the hereafter.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever has an atom's worth of cuboid in his heart will not enter Paradise.

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an atom's worth of gibberish. How dare they say this to me? How dare she dress up better than me? How dare she had the same thing as me?

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atoms weight of kibble in the heart, that person will not enter Paradise, because you're nice for who?

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People who are humble, who give others their rights.

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If you look at the surah, who is mentioned in this order,

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fit our own. Herman musasa. Right. If you look at the example of her own, what does that reflect? And that of our own

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arrogance and facade, riilu and facade? And if you look at the example of musasa, what does that reflect humidity and this law, helping other people,

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that if you look at fit our own, and hemmin and qarun, what are they concerned about showing off preserving their wealth, preserving their honor, preserving their position,

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and because of that, they don't care about others.

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And we see on the other hand, musar, escena, he's so humble that he called himself puppies. before Allah.

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He's so humble that he goes and helps other people. He does Islam.

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Even when he's exhausted, even when he's tired, he's concerned about helping other people. These two girls are standing. Is there a problem? This old man, he needs help. He's been beaten up by the other, he needs help. And we see that musar Lister, it wasn't that he was raised in poverty. No. He also was raised in the palace of Iran. He was exposed to a lot of wealth, a lot of luxury. But what was the difference? He had.

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He had the alien and the alien in the true sense of because we see the Koran according to some narrations. He had a lot of knowledge as well, he read the Torah. He was literally on the totem later on.

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And we also see that if not the Torah, he was literate of the religion. But what was the difference? musala salaam he had knowledge in the true Center. This is why his behavior was different.

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We listened to the recitation and then we'll continue

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homey feeling in a T. Ball.

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Oh no in

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between now, we won't call and let me know

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To learn.

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and CEO boo,

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boo boo.

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did you understand

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that anytime we realize we feel a blessing of Allah something that we have something that other people may not have something that's exclusively with us something that you know is beautifying us, it could be in the form of clothes, it can be the form of jewelry, it could be the form of anything. At that time, we have to attribute it to Allah that Allah is the one who gave it to us.

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Because if that is not done, then it might lead to arrogance, it might lead to or aloof, it might lead to facade. And that is the root of our problem.

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What else do we learn

00:27:11--> 00:27:17

everything that we have, we should learn how to share it with others instead of showing off to others.

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One is that you have something and you share it with the other. And the other is that you just talk about it with in front of the other person who just bring it in front of the other person. And you just showing it to them again and again. It's different,

00:27:31--> 00:28:03

that this knowledge also is a huge blessing of Allah. Now that Al Hamdulillah, you're almost reaching the completion of 20 years, we have to understand we have to think about it that this knowledge is adjust the knowledge of the text or is it something that has made our thinking different? Is it something that has made our perspective on life different our outlook on life different our behavior with other people different? Because if it has not truly changed us if it has not affected us, then this is not true and

00:28:04--> 00:28:05

true elements what

00:28:06--> 00:28:07

what translates into

00:28:09--> 00:28:21

a person just thinks Yes, I've studied the Quran, I know the translation, and you don't know and I know that you don't know. This is what arrogance. When a person is truly grateful for a blessing. He's humble.

00:28:23--> 00:28:57

That whenever we have a blessing of Allah in whatever form, we must be very careful. We must be very considerate of other people's feelings. That whenever we have something, if we have a blessing, it's only natural that it's going to be visible. Other people are going to come to notice that there are going to come to see it. Mr. Malik, he would wear a new dress to his much as every single day whenever he would teach. quite obvious, this is why people reported that. But we have to be very careful how we presented before other how we come before other people, how we show it to other people.

00:28:58--> 00:29:01

So we have to be extremely considerate of other people's feelings.

00:29:03--> 00:29:27

Many times if we have wealth and we think oh I have to fulfill my needs, and there's no limit to what our needs are. And because of that we exceed the bounds of transgression, and excessiveness and Islam. So we have to be very careful that whatever Allah has given us, we have to make sure that we are using it to fulfill our needs. And at the same time, we're concerned about giving the rights of other people sharing the wealth with others as well.

00:29:28--> 00:29:41

That's amazing. That cartoon he wanted aloof, which is why he's showing off all of his wealth. People advised him he said, Oh, can you advise me, let me show you whatever I had. He went and showed of all of his wealth and look at the punishment

00:29:42--> 00:29:56

that he was swallowed in by the earth disappeared from the surface of the earth. What utter humiliation he wanted to rise high. Elaborate him low, very, very low, lower than the rest of the people even

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

arrogance it comes out

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In the behavior of person in the type of things that a person talks about, in how a person carries himself and how a person looks down and others, this is how it's reflected.

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If a person is asked, Are you arrogant? Nobody will admit that. But how do you figure out what you need to reflect your behavior? You need to reflect on yourself that how do you react when other people say something nasty to you?

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Do you get extremely angry? How dare they say this to me?

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How do you look at other people when you're dressed up? Do you look down on them? How do you view other people when they're not talking? The way you're talking? When they're not dressed the way you're dressed when they're not sitting in a good car, when they're not wearing the best shoes? How do we look at other people? This is what reflects arrogance.

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We listen to the presentation

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man who washes

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