Mirza Yawar Baig – Purpose Of Life #2

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of being aware of one's thoughts and actions to avoid becoming confused and unable to commit a sin. They stress the importance of knowing the meaning of one's knee and the belief that one's thoughts and actions are the cause of one's consciousness. The group makes fun of a young man named Sir-meen and talks about wanting to learn about Islam. They discuss their work and belief in Islam, but the transcript does not provide much context for these talks.
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Allah Allah says in Surah Allah and the ayah

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the Shannon loser of the IRA first Abigail in that case, but the lesson is for us well as Roger said, Does he not know that Allah subhanaw taala is watching?

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So if we live with his consciousness, Allah subhanaw taala is watching me what is the biggest benefit of that the biggest benefit of it is that it will actually become impossible for you or me to commit a sin because how can I commit a sin? knowingly, deliberately when I am aware consciously that Allah subhanaw taala is watching me?

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Even now, Allah Allah in his book, arigato, Salah in Babylonia

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describes Nia very beautifully.

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And those of you who have read it will remember the description where he said Elisa Rania piccoli will frequently acquire of equally Amell of equally while ago.

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He said the awareness of the NEA Why am I doing something awareness of the need, frequently acquire in in all that I speak in all that we speak of equally Amell in all that we do with E. coli a while in all the situations that we find ourselves in in life albireo Coffee whether the thing is visible and public or whether it is hidden and private.

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See the beauty of this Nia now in our lamb Albania we know the head is also lies.

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So now if a person before he before he speaks anything or he does anything,

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if he is questioning himself, what is my knee or why am I saying this?

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And he knows that the knee the the animal depends on the knee, and he's aware that Allah subhanaw taala is watching him.

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Is that person is it possible for him to do anything which is wrong? No. Because the moment he even contemplates and this is very

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beautiful thing he said. He said in his book,

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he said do not even entertain the thought of a sin

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because the thought will lead to the call to the speech and the speech will lead to the action.

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In another place, he said

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the first time the thought comes is from shaitan.

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But if you retain it, then it is from you.

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What can come shagun can whisper in your ear was obvious. But now this was was outcomes. We know it is haram but bizarre it was was not punishable for the thought. So

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let me think about it. That sounds nice. I won't do it. But

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just thinking about a thought

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in that

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you have to kill the thought Perish the thought remove it, throw it away jacket garbage. Because that thought is dangerous. That thought will lead you to actually doing that thing is that don't don't fall into that trap.

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So now you take the definition of the NEA and you say that I am going to be live a life of awareness and that is the reason why Islam.

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Intoxication is haram.

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Any intoxicant is haram whether it is camera whether it is drugs or anything else which makes you lose your consciousness and haram because the supply is haram.

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It's not Haram in the sense you know you don't get beaten for it but you know, it is the idea of

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Islam is to live with the constant awareness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So therefore, if you are taking some food or something which makes you lose your consciousness, naturally This is not permitted.

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So if you live with this awareness now you are living your whole life. You wake up in the morning you thank Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you wake up in the morning and you thank Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gave you another day

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that he gave us the opportunity to live another day to restart my life.

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Every day is the beginning of the rest of our life.

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people celebrate birthdays.

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Every day is a birthday because you're born on that day. reborn on that day your soul was sent back to you.

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So every single day is a birthday and what what do you do on that birthday you take make mahabhava

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make you think about what did my What did I do with my life? How was my yesterday day before yesterday today? How will I live today differently from how I lived yesterday and the day before? How is this today going to be more beneficial for me in July in this dunya will occur.

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So wake up with this awareness of Allah subhanho wa Taala we make Maha Shiva we plan the day with what intention to please Allah Subhana Allah and with the expectation of reward

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Then I go and engage myself in work and activity and what is my whole God? How can I

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present Islam to the world?

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And is how Islam?

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How can I present Islam to the world?

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Some of you have read some of my writings on what I call applied Islam.

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That is the biggest

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issue that we have today.

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Many of us are like walking libraries, we have got books and books and books in our heads.

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But in practice,

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there is a problem sometimes

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applied Islam.

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And that was the application of Islam, which drew people to Islam.

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We talk about the akhlaq of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, what

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is the application of Islam? The famous hadith of Isaiah delana where somebody has to

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please tell us something about the life of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam she said don't you read the Quran? He said yes, I read the Quran he said that was the life of Rasulullah sallallahu was the walking Quran

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is a beautiful story from the era

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of the time of nine when a supervisor Los Alamos going after hockomock when he was going to die

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when he was going to die

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and he

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he was the head of the army and his army was going to dive and that army there were a lot of new Muslims.

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There were a lot of new Muslims. So

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naturally, it was not like you know, the earlier armies of Sahaba were people who had Serbia

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so what happened was that when they went

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at one point they stopped

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and it was time for Salah

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it was time for salah

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and Bill Allah Delano Calderon

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it listen listen

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this heat is

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a narrow Johanna mashatu Haha, this is fine. This is the heart in the house of Allah subhanaw taala

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telling the story from the Sierra de la sala de la Muhammad Osama and the effect of that

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they were going

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and they stopped in one place in Malala. Delano started calling the other

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now, there was a group of young

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young men of the parish and these were the they were from the you know, top of society.

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So, say they started making fun of the ways Malala Delano was calling Gala.

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And one of them was particularly you know loud about this and he was making a lot of fun of Bill and he always called the other and and what is this man and this and this

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now, this was the matter was brought to rosov attention.

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Now remember, this is not

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pre hatanaka this is after hatanaka dasara salon is in the middle of his army, he is the commander he is going to dive

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right so these guys the moment they said

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they said oh we are in trouble ah this is serious.

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So they came

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and said I hear you are making fun of villa.

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So this is the other loving mean this is asking you this who was making the loudest fun

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so they said was this person. So as soon as it was gonna come to us.

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Now that man thought this is the end because he's calling me close. Now you will make a sign to somebody and

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they're got my head.

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But anyway, what does he do he is because he's in the middle of the army. So they all came close and he came right close to him.

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And then

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he says Do you want to learn how to call the other

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and it shocked he say well what

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do you want to learn how to call the other?

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So, he said yes he also

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said then repeat after me

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and this is a long one, but on

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demand repeated

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Illa Illa

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demand repeated,

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he repeated

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he repeated a la

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demand repeated.

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You learn and of course,

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this is not the exact

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he said everything twice and so on. So, he said you learned he said yes, and he said repeat he repeatedly called me and

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then the man said to him,

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see the effect of law? Who's this man? He is one of the big shots of fresh young man

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and he is the man who was making fun of Saison Avila La Jolla.

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After learning the

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masala Salah

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the man says to him, Yasser Allah, I have a request.

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He said what's the request? He says,

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Bill alija mas Dylan Medina. Make me your motion. And

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he said give me the responsibility. Make me your balls in inara

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said you are the mother in law.

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And the writers of the Sierra said the man died at the age of 99 or something like this. And he said every Salah he used to come to the masjid early. He used to make Udo he used to make tough. And then after finishing off, he would make Tauranga salah and then he would go and you would call the other. He did that for every Salah every day for the rest of his life.

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This is applied Islam.

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This is applied Islam

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could have ordered the man to be executed who would have would have been criticized that he would have ordered the man to be beaten up. Nobody could have criticized him he was the

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he could have done that he was an AVI of Allah He was the commander in chief of the army one question. What did you do?

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The way he responded to a man who was hostile to Islam was such

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that it completely turn the heart of the man towards

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purpose we have been created is to worship Allah Subhana Allah. How do we do that? By practicing Islam 100%

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the morning begins with that we go to work it begins with that in the workplace, how do we work? We work with the consciousness that Allah subhanho wa Taala is watching us. So we do the best possible job that we have been asked to do.

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We take time off for Salah, but we do not come to the masjid from the workplace and in Zaragoza where we do not recite Surah Al Baqarah in the first ayah and circle algebra in the second Ayah some people take 45 minutes for God and 45 minutes for ourselves and they take three minutes for fudger and they take two minutes for Mabry when they take three minutes monisha because that they are paying on the road. Yeah. But your answer is during the work time so Marla you asking What are you doing?

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Masha, Allah, Masha, Allah.

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We don't do that. We work with honesty and sincerity. Why to please Allah, not for the boss,

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not for the work to be done to present a picture of Islam to the world and so who is a Muslim here is the Muslim

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the best employer

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