Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L013A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Nakamoto who want to slowly or a little slowly Hill Kareem a mother earth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem rubbish roughly 30 were silly Emery slowly letter nearly 70 of Coco de urban and sweetener in

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Lesson number 13 is number 74 to 82

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Translation some, then

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it became hard to lubicon your hearts mean from bardi after velyka that failure So, it can be Java t like the stones

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Oh or I should do more severe, more intense password then in hardness. What in while indeed men from an HR rottie the stones lemma, surely that which yet a third journal? It gushes for men who from it and how the rivers

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were in and indeed minha from it lemma surely that which yes Chicago it splits asunder. Fire would you so it comes out men who from it Allah the water what inland and indeed mean her from it. lemma surely that which Yeah, it falls down. Men from Hershey at fear of law he of a law.

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Woman and not Allahu Allah, be life in in in the least unaware I'm from whatever Dharma loon you will do

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do fewer than delta Maroon, you will desire greedily. And that you know, they will believe lakum for you all

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while while in fact, Canada, it was 30 akun a group mean home from them. Yes, Marina, they here they listen to kanima word or speech. Allah He of Allah.

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So much. Then you have the foreigner who they distort it. They twist it.

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Men from Barbie after ma that are kalu they understood it while home while they you're on the moon they know what either and when local they met and levena those who am I knew they believed or Lou they said Amanda we believe what either and when Tyler he became alone, bearable home some of them Illa two words, but when some of others ALU they said do to have this owner whom you all tell them you will inform them be mad with what fatter head? He opened. Allahu Allah, Allah come upon you. Leo had jukun so that they argue with you be with it in the mirror, or become your Lord of Allah do they're not directly loon you will understand.

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Do what and they're not you're on the moon, they know. And that Indeed, Allah, Allah yarlung he knows, man, whatever you say Runa they keep secret, warmer and whatever. You're in the noon, they reveal women home and from them. Only unit unlettered ones. Love not yarda Muna they know l kita. The book in there except ammonia. false hopes were in and not home they in there except yellow noon. They guess

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for Waylon? So a big wall levena for those who yet to buena. They're right. And kita the book. Be a be him with their hands. Some then yaku Luna they say Heather this men from India

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Near Allahu Allah. Lia shuru so that they barter be he with it. feminine a price talyllyn very small for Waylon so a big wall la home for them mimma from what ketubot it wrote a Wii U their hands were Waylon and a big role for them mimma from what XC boon they earn work on you and they said learn whenever demo center. It will touch us. I know the fire in their except a Yemen days. Mark do the 10 ones number. Oh say a date. It has done your take at the hospital. Did you all take in the near Allahu Allah, or done a promise felon so we'll never use leafa he will go against Allahu Allah or the who his promise and or Deku Luna you all say either upon Allah He, Allah. Man What? Learn not

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Darla moon, you all know? Bella? Yes, why not? Man, whoever cassava he earned, say Adam and evil. What a helper. And it's surrounded, it encompassed, be with him closely to who his sin for Ola iica. So those of us have our companions, and now of the fire, whom they fee her in it. Holly Dune, once with well, eternity, one levena and those who am I knew they believed what I need to ended have slowly heard the righteous deeds. Allah aka those of us have our companions agenda of the paradise home. They see her in it. Holly Dune once well.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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ma ma

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The law

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A la

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una de la

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you girls

Al-Baqarah 74-82 Translation

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