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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding waste of time and energy in actions and avoid negative consequences. They stress the need to develop a sense of caution and control behavior to avoid waste of time and energy. The importance of worshiping Islam and not giving up on promises is also emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and balancing one's anger, maintaining healthy behavior, and staying in a decent human environment. They also mention the negative impact of actions against others, including false promises and false accusations, and emphasize the need to be aware of one's body and not just know the size of a garden.
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We live in a terminal James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam wa Shafi mousseline Mohammed in while early he was iph mine, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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and ham global admin Oh praise and worship be on to Allah subhana wa tada Chateau La la la la lot of a witness that man has the right to be worshipped besides Allah. We thank him and we glorify Him and we praise him for granting us the opportunity to be here on the walk of Juma in the month of Ramadan, fasting, praying, and as we enter the last 10 nights we can only thank Allah subhanaw taala for his his infinite favors upon us. We pray and we send our love and salutations ingredients, our beloved Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to spice and pure family into his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time, Allah May Allah bless us to be on the student of Nabina

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Muhammad wa sallam want us to be any sooner in this life and in this companionship in general Philadelphia, I mean, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in what remains of Ramadan, and all the good that we have done so far of fasting or standing of charity, everything of good mela except from us. And Allah grant us to achieve Laila to gather all of us when we leave the month of Ramadan free of every single sun, mean Alhamdulillah. We continue with our series, what the people of Ghana look like here on Earth, what the people of general look like how they are described in the Quran, what kind of people that are in this dunya. And we see it's very important to know what the people of

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Ghana are described as because this month is the month when we are at are based on our best behavior. And if we are not yet meeting the mark of the generalities, if we are not having the qualities of those as described in the Quran, as the successful people, then we have a problem. So the last 10 nights of Ramadan, really, if I think about it is perhaps the best You and I are during the and we should have we've been going through a few lists in the Quran that described what the people of success what the people of Jenna do on this dunya we mentioned that Allah specifically said that they are careful with regards to the sada they are conscious with regards to solar, they

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pay this aka they are charitable, that they are true to the word, they avoid the major sins. They they are patient in times of difficulty. They keep the ties of family, these are the people that are successful. They are another few lists with additional things we discussed today. Insha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala in one list also known, he says Who are those who will do good to those that sadly, are all that acerbic, wounded higher on the hierarchy, the ones who hurry towards doing good, the ones who are in this dunya they are focused, very focused in doing good deeds, who are they, what are the qualities, Allah Subhana Allah says,

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in a Latina who may have been mistaken, that they are indeed out of the fear, and the cautiousness towards Allah, the consciousness of Allah, it makes them cautious in the dunya because of how mindful they are about Allah, every action they take. They do it with a sense of caution. They understand that every thing is going to be held accountable. Every decision I make in life, it has meaning these purpose, there is going to be an account, the money I spend the words I use the things I look at the way I walk, every single action is being recorded. swana law and so they are constantly and this is part of taqwa taqwa has two sides. Remember, the purpose of Ramadan was to

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develop taqwa, to devote this whole month. The first thing to praying all of it is to develop taqwa. That's the objective taqwa has two sides. One is fearing Allah, fearing disobeying him, fearing his punishment, fearing losing his Rama, and on the other side, loving him hoping for his reward, hoping to get to Jenna. So the people who do good, they are all conscious of Allah. And you know, Subhanallah We live in a time when we run from one deadline to the next one toss to the next we never get a time just to sit and reflect on anything, on our family, on ourselves on our on our health, anything, the polit whatever it might be. We take we so much of us goes out expanding in

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work, and doing duties to our family that when we just get a free moment, we want to shut down completely. Now our brain goes completely blank and for me Alhamdulillah we have this amazing ability. Women don't have this ability, we have this ability to completely have an empty mind. Women can't understand how is this possible? What are you thinking about you? Certainly What are you thinking? I'm thinking about nothing. It's not possible for a female for us. It's possible, but we therefore never Subhanallah reflect on Allah subhanho wa Taala and reflect on our life and reflect on where we going. And that's where I was wrong that describes the people we will only wake up to

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makabe when we visit the grave is when we actually come alive with our eyes open when we get that terminal illness

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When we get into Panama before, it's a blessing for those who have time to prepare for this, not to be taken all of a sudden, because when you reflect and you're conscious of Allah, you realize what was important and what wasn't important. What was a waste of time, waste of energy, and what really was important so that people have success. What made them successful is they took time regularly to reflect on a lot. It made them cautious. So going forward, you and I should spend maybe, maybe two 115 minutes during the week, maybe on a Juma before we go home we sit in a quiet room, meditation, we just contemplate life, we I am with Allah, what is my situation? Am I guaranteed genda agenda?

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This is what they do. Also, Allah says, Well, let me let me know if you're on mute meaning that they are believers in the signs of Allah and it also means the verses of Allah, meaning you've going you've gone through the whole month reciting the Quran, you've heard by and upon by now many lectures, you've listened to how many audios you listening to something of that should heat our hearts something should affect us. We need to believe when Allah says that the Riba is bad for us, that we start avoiding it, that if we turn away from certain things, it's good for us in the long run. We start obeying and being obedient to Allah. Allah says that this is a quality of the people

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who do good. What are the number of beam law usually, that they don't associate anything in worship with a law now very important to ponder, we said, this is the key crux of life over and over and over again, as you recited the Quran. Now, I hope that it's proven to you that the ultimate theme of the Quran is that none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah, there is no power besides Allah, that there is nothing that can benefit you in the universe. besides Allah every leave moves by the command of Allah, no one will help you know when he no kurama, no. EMA, no chef, no idle, no statue, no Tao is nothing can protect you harm you benefit you. besides Allah. If this is not clear

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enough, this behind Allah, as Allah says, this is the one thing you will not negotiate on. Also, she also means that nothing takes a priority above Allah.

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Our work does not come first. Our family does not come first. Our kids don't come with a lot comes first. And nothing compromises our relationship with Allah. Because our relationship with Allah is first in everything. And so these are all internal things, fearing Allah believing in is is not committing sheep. These are internal things. How do I know if my Eman is intact? This is a very deep question. Yvonne is not just as our belief is, it's not something only in your heart, but rather, the hands, the eyes, the mouth, the body is evidence of what's in the heart. So then Allah says if the heart is okay, this is what they do. And levena Yep, you tune them to Roku boom, watch what you

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let him be him Roger, one of the signs that they are true in a man that they give what they give meaning they give whatever they can, a little or a small meaning charity, your time. Money is actually swannanoa when you work in an organization, when you work in emergency, money is the easiest thing to give. because money is the simplest thing just to get rid of an obligation to give you time to think and sit is difficult. Sitting on committee meetings. Yeah, Allah, Allah, right. But we do these things that is really giving what you love. So Allah says, they give what they give meaning whatever they can, whether it's a little or not, they give why. While the hearts are

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fearful, because they know they will return to the load. They understand. I need to give this back to Allah so that it is going to extinguish Allah's anger on the day of karma. The Prophet says nothing extinguishes the anger of Allah like charity. So they give whatever they can, because this is that barrier that buffer between them and they sins. So give Swan Allah so many times this issue has come up. That sada is on the one side, you're tested in your body and your time which is Allah, and you're tested in your money, which is sort of Zika and South Africa. These are the two components what we're working with sada Zika. And of course beyond that is the charity. So save

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yourselves, I'ma save myself by giving back to him, to the community, beyond your family, now, I apply this to life, outside of Ramadan, outside of Ramadan, you and I need to ask, what do I give to beyond myself and my family, to my community for feasts in the path of Allah? If the answer is nothing, there is nothing I do beyond myself and my family, then it's a problem. Because this is an indication of people of demand that they know they will return to Allah. So I need to leave this earth by doing something good not just for myself, Allah. Allah says they are the ones hula

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hula, well hula has begun. It is those who hasten to do good deeds, and they will outstrip, they compete with one another. They in people who have this mindset, Allah says

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They are the ones who are in the lead in the race of doing good deeds. And when they are their own, they are conscious and fearful of Allah and they are reflective and contemplative. And when they in society they bring benefit to that society, they do good. These are the people Allah sees, he does hope that they are the ones that do the good deeds and that they are in the lead when it comes to being good doers. The next list is a small there's a few many lists today. The next one is v v profound i a very deep i a beer. The word bill is righteousness. Bill means righteousness. It means piety. What is who's a righteous person? How do I know if someone has been inside him? How do I know

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if I'm a pious, righteous but a good person? How do I know that? Allah says laissent bira. It is not piety. And the one who would you have come to maturity with Muslim? Well, that can be Rahman M and Abdullah he will Yeoman one modality one keytab he wouldn't have been what

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would be the wheel kooba Walia. thermowell Masaki Wabi Sabi was Lena Warfield repub

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welcome Sarah to Sokka. We'll move on to be adding either audio or soybean field, you will borrow heinous, heinous acts without even letting a Sadako

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very beautiful and profound I Allah mentions I speak to at the end of the ayah Allah mentions two qualities which is really really deep. Our says that the the list I'm going to read they are people have Taqwa and really for us in Ramadan that really hit us because the objective of Ramadan is to attain the stockwork what is taqwa? This is what that word is almost giving a definition. The people of taqwa they do these things, and Allah went further and he said, they set up. This is a high level of taqwa to be called a Siddiq. A person doesn't mean truthful. A person who is true to his Eman is the highest description you can receive of the enemy. Allah says Medina narrabeen was cdkn or

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shuhada. It was sorry hain Allah describes four types of people in preference, the base of the base of the MBA the Naveen ambia, we can't reach that level. The next best quality often the next best category or the CDT Siddiq, the pseudocode. Those who have truthfulness to the man, and then off to them, or the Shahada, those who die in martyrdom instability, and after them, or should I saw him and the good doers those who are good people, they're good people. So Allah describes the people who do this let's they are subtle, they are to the ascetics. They reach that level of Siddiq, what did they do? Allah says, righteousness beard, is not that you turn your face, east and west, up and

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down. Salatu juku, Allah says, it's not just the rituals. Allah Subhana. Allah is beginning by saying, the ritual that you do for me the fasting, you do the Salah, turning Qibla, and they going around. And that in itself is not just not is not built on its own.

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He begins by saying the ritualistic worship is not the only thing you should be focusing on spotlight in our minds when we think of beard automatically, we think doing as much pmla Yes, of course part of it. But there's more to it than that. Rather, what is true righteousness is the one who number one, he believes in Allah and he's conscious and he believes in the last day and the angels and the books and the prophets, meaning internally, he has his Eman correct, it always begins with a quick man. First thing is a man is complete in terms of the pillars of Eman. Then outwardly, what does he do again, the first thing Allah sees about these people, and he gives wealth, in spite

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of love for it, he gives that which he loves, he wants it he needs it, but he gives it away. This vinyl is a very high level of taqwa. And he gives it to him to relatives, cousins, aunties, uncles, those who are in need, and in the orphans, and the needy, and the person who's traveling you honor these guests, those who ask those who ask and those who don't ask and for the freeing of slaves. So the first thing Allah mentions about these people after the belief being intact, is they give that which they love even though they love it, they needed they want it they give like it could be your time. It could be your money. It could be some form of acid. I love this thing. Yeah Allah but I'm

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giving it to you. Not all of it. As we said what doesn't want all your money? Doesn't want He wants you to part with something that you love. And remember the mbf Allah, they will ask to pot with the things they love the most the children, Ibrahim, leave your son in Mecca, Ibrahim A Salaam slaughter your son for me. This this Allah doesn't teach us like that. The things you love the most. Allah says Will you part for it for a little bit for my sake. Then after that losses will occur Masada they establish Zach sada zeca that they make sure the Sala and these occur is intact on the day of pm

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No questions that will be answered complete. I perform my setup always on time. And I make sure my xhaka is paid on time. So the first thing was about giving. Now I mentioned soccer, meaning soccer is an obligation. We said yes, you will get rewarded for that. But don't expect extra brownie points for baking, playing soccer. That's what you should be giving. If you don't give it you're punished. Rather the people that give what they love being over and above the zurka over and above what you must do, they do the additional Yes, the man who makes Allah and Sokka and hygena Ramadan insha Allah, He will intergender amin, but if you want to reach the level of the Buddha when those who are

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true to the man, they give over and above what is required, even though they love it. They don't look continues to establish sada and that gives aka they fulfill the promises when they promise. No one can point the finger at them that the man gave me his word. And he broke his word with in his business dealings with his personal relationships, no relative no one can point the finger that put so and so contrast him they are truthful. And when they make a promise, they stand by it. You can you will never break your word. This is something and if you ask in your to yourself in the work the business that you're in your social life, if anyone can point the finger at you that you dishonest

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or the some dodginess towards us, viola, Take heed Be very careful with this. So Allah says the people that are truthful in the Imam, when they make a promise they stand by it was solid enough. It was raw, and they are patient in poverty and in hardships and during battle. That they when they are afflicted with calamity, because vanilla, everyone is going to be between the blessings and calamity, your whole life, my life, everyone is going to go between that. So when you're going through blessings, they are the ones that give even though they love it, they cheat. And when they go through hardship, when they are the ones in need. They are patient with Allah when they are in

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poverty. And when they have hardship meaning, ill health, loss of family members struggling in whatever sense it's fine that we are all struggling and everyone has their own hardships. They are patient with Allah, that they know that this is a taste from Allah, and that this thing is the thing that's going to earn me my agenda. But this thing is the thing that ultimately will get me to my agenda. Because this life is only short the status, the suffering that I have will come to an end. But as I am patient during it, Allah subhana wa tada will he would meet. So what is the let's say, let's summarize their number one they believe inside is correct. They believe in the pillars of

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Eman. They make an effort to learn what they are. And they are conscious about that. When they give over and above what they supposed to give in terms of even though they love it. They share it with the community. They make sure that the Pillars of Islam, the sada and the soccer is intact. Number three, that when they give a promise, they always speak the truth. Never ever do. They break the promise deliberately. And they are patient when things don't go the way when they have a bad relationship. We may have a bad situation in a marriage with the kids, when things that go out of their control. And this is what happens when things are out of your control. There's nothing you can

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do. Then they still are patient with Allah, they are still grateful with Allah, they are still good people. Now if you can do that, if you can do that, Allah says Allah He can live in a circle. Those are the ones who have been through the manage to what's in the hot Israel. That now you know, what's inside is that it's real. I don't know what's inside only Allah knows. But this is evidence what eco. They are people who have Taqwa that they have Taqwa.

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And this is what we need to achieve after Ramadan. This is why we have Ramadan to have tacos. So in this Ramadan, you've experienced Salah extrasolar, you've experienced giving extra charity, you've experienced fasting staying away, you experience hunger, staying away from the things you love your wife, you stayed the day inside. So you've learned all these things so that when you go outside of Ramadan, now you can implement that in the rest of your life. When you enjoy Ramadan. No one Subhanallah tells lies. You try not to speak you don't lie you make a promise that you break when you're fasting that continues outside of Ramadan. And if you maintain that in Ramadan has been a

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success for you will hamdulillah then you have that taqwa the last the last one a lot also speaks about again the most

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beautiful, beautiful set of verses a lot begins this is what Sadie or Mr. muroc become

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a deadline with the team. So yeah, Allah. Side note, you want me to go through this 30 days or 29 days of difficulty, and to inculcate these things in my life. Share my wealth makes Allah make all of these things for what I get taqwa. What do I get out of it? Allah says this is what you get out of it. This is what it's in for you. Allah says no rush and hurry and strive and work hard for the month Fira for the forgiveness from your Lord and

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A garden, one garden, just one of the many gardens of Jenga, the smallest garden agenda. Its size is the width of the heavens and the earth. Now, if you study the universe, your mind can't comprehend the size of this universe. Allah sees one garden is bigger than the entire universe that you know. That's just one. And at least we know, Allah sees his little rock, man, everyone, even the lowest guy gets jeganathan at least two of these codons and infinitely more in terms of your daraga in terms of your status. Allah says, work hard, get my mouth filler, my forgiveness is very for you. And agenda, one of which is bigger than the heavens and the earth. Or that little Ducky that I have

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prepared for the people of taqwa Who are these people of taqwa Allah, Allah, Vina Yun Fukunaga, sir rah, rah, you will get the mean and believe with our phenol in natural law, you have seen, once again, interesting begins, they are the ones who spend the money, the time they spend, they give and say what while much during times of ease, and in times of hardship, that he's a generous person, she's a generous Auntie, even when things are good, and when things are bad,

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that you can come to her door, even if things are not so good at home. And it's a place of physical to be at least I can give you a plate of food, I can give you a slice of bread. And when things are good, I give even most vanilla that the man does not fluctuate based on what's in the bank account. The demand does not fluctuate based on moods and temperament, that this is what I do. This is why I am I'm generous. And I'll always be generous. And generosity, as we said, is not measured in how much you give in terms of a quantum, it's relative, that you always give and feel for someone else. What is that someone is always listening you that consciousness, that is always someone that that

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needs it more than me, that's what vanilla is what this conscious is about. So Allah says that they are the ones that spin in his path, in times of ease, and in times of difficulty. And then he sees the curvy Amina leave with our feet. And an important these are two new qualities. Now we haven't come across these two qualities before. They are the ones who swallow. Carry means to swallow the strain, the anger, they swallow the anger, when someone wrongs them harms them. That's something they keep it to themselves, they never lose it. Not what the wives, the kids, the co workers, the customers, the boss, the employees, they keep within themselves, the things that upset them, the

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stirring the anger, very, very difficult quality, that the prophecy is the strength of a man is not measured in the size, basically how much he can lift to our RV resorts. Strength of a man is how we can control his anger. Two o'clock, three o'clock the morning with a child is screaming and you have to wake up and change the nappies. That's the taste of your Eman. When

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the wife or the husband is in a foul mood, you didn't do anything wrong. It's not your fault. And someone comes to you with a terrible attitude. You hold back that anger that you'd never ever lose it, no one should say that's the person that they lose the fuse, they get angry on the rugby field on the sports field. Whenever things go, don't go their way, the strain, the anger will feed any nurses even higher quality above restraining your anger. Just

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a comment quickly on this is just a Filter and Filter at the back and I set up a filter. And this is just for the towel Filter and Filter is at the back. So this is not full filter and we'll talk about that inshallah, at the end of the lecture. So let's see is they are the ones that restrain the anger when they become angry. And when the level above that even above that, will finanace they actually forgive the people that harm them. So it's one thing that if someone attacks you someone is wrong to you that you fight back. overseas, they don't do that. You're a pushover. But you will strain your anger. When you're in the pound seat. You don't take the punch. But it's even big. But keeping it

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inside is one thing like you know, I forgive but I don't forget, right that is not alone wants you to do more than that. When I finally know that they actually pardon and forgive people. I want you to think in your mind of that one person that has wronged you, that one person that you feel in your mind I'm going to claim from this guy on piano. This is the one that has cheated me done me wrong. I hope I'm not on your mind right now.

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But that person, ask Allah to forgive that person and ask Allah to grant that person Jenna. This is what our fee means that I let go because that hatred, that anger eats your Eman that they actually forgive the time that they were you were the victim. You were right. They they you must know what's wrong to you. The daughter in law was wrong to the boss cheat whatever it might be. That guy stole your money. But you are failing you forgive you pardon you pardon for the sake of Allah. This is a higher level of taqwa. Allah says this is the quality

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to these people, they don't get angry and upset and fight and abuse each other. They disagree and dispute even if they argue they do it in a respectful way. swannanoa people argue when it comes to deem the most disrespectful way,

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they will never ever lose the cool in an argument and if they've been wronged then they would I feel, pardon. Remember this is to do are we going to make a loan in NACA foon, to hit with FF one OC Allah, please make a fool of me. All the things I've done against you forget after me is wiped away. It's gone. It's forgotten, didn't exist. Never happened. Allah wants you to do that with every one that is around you. Not only forgive, forget, it's gone. It never happened. never mentioned it, never think about it even make dua for them that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants them beta, what law we will not seen and that is a very beautiful thing. Very rare but Allah says, and I love people who

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are good like this, Allah says I love them. When levena and Allah continues also above that one Latina either alpha fisherton autonomo decorilla faster farolito newbie him

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illallah wa rahmatullah wa homea Moon. Now let's turn to the tables. Because sometimes we are in the right and we are wronged. And sometimes we wrong and we do this and we make the mistake. So Allah says, but when they are the ones that do wrong when they since I live in either fight, or when they are the ones who commit

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means immorality, it has a sexual connotation. Yeah, they do Sins of a fulfill nature and immortal nature or on themselves or any other kind of sin. When they do a sin like that. Because even takuna pious, not perfect, they also commit sin. So even a person who Allah says even a person of taqwa who commits immorality, we commit sin. What does he do after the sun? That Allah says he sins against himself, they will send us an arm Allah, Allah says, they actually harm themselves when they do it, that Allah, they remember they come back to Allah, when they open up the end, remember, yeah, Allah made a mistake. First federal, they remember Allah and they ask of him for his forgiveness. They

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seek forgiveness for the sins didn't obey Him. And Allah says, Who can forgive sins besides a load who can forgive sins except Allah while I'm you sit through

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and they do not persist in what they have done while they know. Allah has attached it to this. So the people of taqwa we listen, we make a mistake, which happens even if it's a big action. My other brother fell into Xena Villa, they stole something major. When they realize and they come back to the senses. They remember Allah, and they stop what they're doing of that sin, and they make you suffer and tober This is the month we swallow. We've stopped those sins, even if it was in our mind, only for Ramadan. Don't go back to it. But now is the time to make use the fart for those sins. We live in a de facto fascist and automorphism de la festa federal is an OBE Romanian law says who can

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forgive besides Allah, no one can forgive like a luck and forgive what you see true and they do not persist on what they do and what they and they are and they know very well what they do. So Allah says, These are the people that say, Oh, Mr Filipina robbed them and that they are the ones who do these things that they compete to get to that gender, one of which that he would have which is like the heavens and the earth. So Subhanallah we've mentioned a few lists now, we mentioned and if we add these lists up, some of them might be easy for you and maybe some of you are hungry, large charity comes easy or hamdulillah some of you die Jude comes easy for you. Some of you.

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Avoiding sins is easy for another person, I can do all that but staying away from fashion is difficult. But another person giving money is my chair. My challenge for another person would be straining the tongue, not speaking level not being in the company of backbiting and fitna or holding grudges against people. That's my challenge. One of these things behind the law you'd find that no one is perfect. And these are the things that we work on. This is what Ramadan teaches and Subhanallah I believe that most of us when you go through the list, you say in Ramadan, I do all those things. I make sure my salads on time, I pay my charity and I give even more. I don't argue a

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fight with anyone when someone comes to me is nasty. I said I'm forcing and forcing I'll get you off the internet now. After he forgives, you don't look at things that are Haram. So in Ramadan, you already you already doing the things of the people who clean we already doing those things. It is about maintaining it after Ramadan. Now let's find our grantees to maintain these qualities because the reward is great Subhan Allah, what is great life is short, and the reward for living on this dunya as a decent human being all of this behind Allah. He said we just live as a decent human being. We love and believe in Allah give these obligations and we take care of the creation around

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us. That's all basically it comes down to it almost says you have an eternity of reward for that some Allah grant us the strength to be on this path is not easy.

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It's not and that's why we ask every single day in the solder. Yeah, like we walk on the path. Remember, these know into the spot and it doesn't expect any of us to achieve the end of it. But so long as we die on the path that we walk the path even if it's steep, we stumble one step forward, two steps back, but we moving in the right direction. We hope to part we die on that path of taqwa. May Allah grant us to be of these people. I mean in the dunya now just some points on Ramadan. Some points to five minutes on Ramadan, inshallah. Ramadan is behind all of these nobody really there's no bonus time like Ramadan. We all know this. And we interlink the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the

00:30:41--> 00:31:17

last 10 nights interesting. When does it begin? It begins from the 21st night begins from Sunday night. So how do you make decaf He said, The 21st night of Ramadan, this is the last 10 years even if the month is 29 days, no problem. It still begins the last 10 nights from the 21st. And in these 10 nights, so in Nine Nights, whatever it might be, is the holiest night of the year, the night of labor to color the night way Allah subhanho wa Taala what's happening on that night is informing the angels of the of the decrees now of course, Allah knows the future. He knows who's gonna get rich, who's not gonna get rich, who's gonna live, who's gonna die, who's gonna get rain, Allah knows

00:31:17--> 00:31:54

everything. And he decrees these things, he determines these things. He makes it known to the angels on a specific night at the end of the end of Ramadan, who the night of destiny, and it's coming up now, in the next 10 days, in the next 1012 days, that night is going to come your destiny, my destiny, your children's destiny, my children's destiny, who is going to be killed, who's gonna die, who's going to get the rain, who's the war is going to continue the wars are gonna continue all of that is in play. And Allah has given us the opportunity to make dua Allah has made this time a booster job time while you fasting. It's Mr. Job and during the nights of Ramadan is Mr. Job The

00:31:54--> 00:32:38

doors are open, whatever you need, whatever you want, whatever I need, whatever I want, now is the time to ask before it is made known. And then on top of that, while this amazing thing happens in the summer, Allah sings down such mercy, salami had applied fudger on the dounia Allah sin said Mother said Armenia, peace, amnesty forgiveness, that it is an open blanket of forgiveness for whoever wants it on that night. It is for them so much so that gibreel himself comes down to the earth, the natural mother eco roofie hubby is nearby him in Santa Monica masala infigen gibreel. He has an office basically by the arch of Allah. In the actual induction machine that he's established,

00:32:38--> 00:33:17

the video is established meaning by the actual Throne of Allah and the seventh heaven above the 71. That's where he is. And he only comes down to this dunya for a very specific task, bringing ye to ambia. Now there's no more why to be given, nobody's finished. Yet, at least once a year, he comes down to the dunya of the Knights of Labor to the end with him the procession of angels, because of the piety because of the Rama that Allah descends on this dunya. And it's an opposite and the only way to access that. So the angels come to experience it. The only way for us to access that is through Nevada is through worship. And the best worship you can do is sorta The best thing you can

00:33:17--> 00:34:00

do is to stand in these nights, every night as much as you can in worship for Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because we don't know which night it's going to be. It can be the odd nights, it can also be the even nights 26th of Ramadan is not a guarantee could happen the 28th the 29th. So don't lose focus off the 27th. And we know that if you worship Allah, on that night, with sincerity when it's one Raka and you are sincere, you shed a tear, maybe you are asking Allah for forgiveness, you are besieging Allah, for whatever you need. And it's sincere that Allah says that he would is all your sins are forgiven. And more. And of course, the true blessing of later to quarter the thing that

00:34:00--> 00:34:46

later to quarter gives, that no other woman received this is a gift that Allah gives this woman only one gift that no other woman received, the food you would have later to quarter is only to us, and that is that he would have 1000 months. And I've explained this before, and it's good for us to remember it again. Allah describes it as 1000 months now you understand the 1000? What does it mean? We said, Take your salary, what you're going to earn, it's almost paid at times 1000. So your monthly salary times 1000. Anyone brave enough to tell me your salary. So even if your salary is 10,000, that's an average salary maybe 10,000 times 1000 is 10 million Rand. Now your boss says work

00:34:46--> 00:34:47

these 10 nights.

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

In these 10 nights you work hard from Margaret Thatcher. And at the end of the 10 nights I give you a check 10 million Rand how seriously would we work how serious

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Would we be in that job, we wouldn't even sleep, we wouldn't use the toilet. We wouldn't look at our phone, we won't log on to Facebook, we won't check to anyone. We will do nothing besides work and he was our camera D and if you don't meet you don't work hard enough you're not gonna get it. And this camera is watching you all the time. You will make sure you're at 100% capacity to receive that what lights through Allah is the one saying this not pie in the sky This is a lie is promising. I will give you that you would have 100 1000 months 1000 months of good deeds. So make the effort myself I speak firstly for myself, make the effort as best you can. It is coming it is coming now. from

00:35:43--> 00:36:13

Sunday night until the end of Ramadan don't lose focus off the 27 years mini massage do the hartham on the 27 like I'm not doing the hard 27 we do the 29th night because people lose focus it begin it already starts at the end of the 27 no later two quads it could be the 28 could be the 29th So focus all your efforts all your energy on these last teammates one excepted later to quarter is enough insha Allah is enough to get that success. I mean in points on Fedora and Vidya

00:36:15--> 00:36:53

Fedora 40 Rand every single person in your household responsible for anyone you have dependents yourself and anyone that is dependent whether they bind is not valid, whether they still in the fetus 14 and inshallah that you need to pay zakat, you have to pay some charity you must pay it and it has to be paid before the morning of eat before the Imam makes either makes the eat sorta but of course the masjid we can't give money over to the poor we need to give food over foodstuffs are calculated must be paid in food. So you have to give it to the masjid a few days before so we can buy the food or sense of weight might be by the food substances and give it over to the poor and

00:36:53--> 00:37:33

very word of the counterfeiter is that Allah wipes away all through this food and wipes away any imperfections in your fasting so you know we know while we fasting we will weak sometimes and we said something we lost out who looked at something Listen to me should never we could Oh, we missed that day up. That's like retrofitted wipes over all those imperfections, those small imperfections. So pay this guy to fit the dominoes out, then fulfill a lot of people asking me this failure is only for someone that will never be able to fast again. Failure is only for someone who is permanently sick or permanently old. If you are seeking Ramadan, and you're going to make it up after Ramadan

00:37:33--> 00:38:08

and you don't pay video, you just make the day you just pay the day in but failure is only for someone who's permanently sick. So 10 grand for failure and 49 for fitrah that's at the bag with the telly and then we will commence with Serato later the emulator program half past nine yet browser shoot program but continue in your own personal capacity, especially the last third of the night in our two hours before so hood this time to make sure that we stand to make dua please make dua for yourselves we do offer the oma make dua for all of us. I mean, and insha Allah Allah spawn grant is all the sexist me or sola satana Mohammed

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Al Hamdulillah me