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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Operating thanks for the loss of ohana data was favored us and blessed us with this walk of Jamaica in the month of Ramadan. Favorite us to be in the Nevada to complete two pillars of Islam fasting and praying, like sip from us and forgive us our shortcomings. And grant Clayton Baraka in the month that these lifts for us and forgive us for our shortcomings. We send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow us sooner until the end of time. May Allah grant is to be on the student of Nabil Mohammed Al Salam in this life. Maybe being in his companionship in the life of

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the death may reside in general Filipinos along the side, I mean, what hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah I hope all of you are doing well and surviving with with a fost

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I can see the energy levels are but low, it's easy for you, you just listen and I do the talking

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Alhamdulillah. So we are on the number 11 of Ramadan and close to the halfway mark. And last week, we said we starting with CDs, what do the people of general look like? And now I'm not talking about who do you have to get me to see for yourself. This is what do they look like in the dunya because Allah subhana wa tada describes certain characteristics and qualities of the people who are successful, there are people in the dunya, they have certain qualities inside of them, that will make them successful, and that will lead them to maybe be amongst them, I mean, and we see the Ramadan is really when you are at your best. This is you and me at our best versions of ourselves.

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And if we compete us today, with the people as described in the Quran, and we don't match up, then there's a problem when we need to really really work harder and may not get meeting the grade. Last week we spoke about the evangel Romano special worshipers of Allah nine categories of people. And we said you don't have to be of all nine, just to quickly run through them. We said one category are those who are humble. They never argue and fight and win even when even they are confronted. They say Salaam Peace be upon you. They respond with any any confrontation. They don't give back confrontation, then we say they are those who worship Allah in the date of the night. They are

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constantly on the gadget. They are those who are steadfast in the way they do them with the money. They never overspend, and they never and they're not stingy, they don't waste and they're not extravagant. There are those who are constantly fearing align his punishment daily, they make dua to Allah save us from the fire of janam. They are those who committed major sins, be criminals, but reformed the life and came right. They are those behind Allah who constantly look at the Ayat of Allah, they constantly learn and implement this in their life. And they are those who are steadfast when it comes to the family. We say these are the bad man, and you don't have to be up online. You

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choose one of them and say, Look, maybe being a, you know, being someone that is good with money, that's maybe not for me. Maybe I can do the tagit. Maybe statute is a bit difficult. I love my sleep, but I can be the family man. So you choose one of those categories. We said there are a few lists in the Quran that gives a whole number of Ayah explaining these pious people. This another two lists we're going to do today and they're very similar. In fact, they're almost identical. A listing ceremony known surah number 23 right at the beginning, Allah lists who are the believers, then in Surah, Surah Surah marriage in the 29th Jews of the Quran, just after Sugata Bara? Bara, these are

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lists as well. And these two lists are almost identical. And these lists now we pay very close attention here. These lists you need to tick every single one of them every single one of the boxes on this list, you must have it to a believer, you must have all of these, all of these qualities and characteristics. If you're deficient in these things, you're not meeting the basic grade. So we begin with the first list is Ramadan. Allah subhanaw taala is called the African woman on successful is the moon as we know in the believers, they are successful, both in the dunya ally sing and in the Akira you will get a life of happiness in the dunya and of course in the alpha is the great success

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who are the Allah Allah is number one and letting own peace on earth he has shown that in the play in the Salah, they are conscious that they have who shoe they are submissive, they are humble. They are focused in this order. One Latina woman he loves women and they are the ones who avert any ill speech they avoid any false or bad speech. That's number two. Number three. What are the you know whom Lisa Cathy hinfo illusion that they are the ones who doesn't say pay the soccer policies they uphold. They do the soccer they administer the soccer one Latina homely food regime happy tune in LA

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As much as the moment I get a man whom for innovator man woman, but man, Eva da da, da, da, da da number for those who protect the chastity, they do not fall into sinful sexual conduct. And the only times that you are allowed to to enjoy yourself sexually is with your wives allowances, or what your right hand positions, but who even wants to beyond that you have transgressed. What are the normally amenity maharat own and they are those who are true to the tests and the promises, the truth, the truthful in the promises and the net. And then Allah concludes when Medina humara, Salah, Saraswati him you have the rune, and there are those who are k fully maintaining the sobre la comunidad de

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soon these people are the ones who will inherit a living the additional fee, the dose, what will they inherit, they will not only need agenda, they will inherit agenda to feed those which is the highest agenda whom fear holiday and there'll be in there forever. Allah grant is to be amongst them. I mean,

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so we'll analyze this list and we'll break them down. That's the first list.

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The ones who perform sada the ones who have wakeful speech, the ones who give this occur, the ones who avoid sinful sexual conduct, the ones who are truthful in the trusts and the promises, the ones who will once again are consistent in the sort of the next list in pseudo marriage. Allah says in Santa Holika, Hulu, Hulu, that indeed mankind Allah created us very impatient. We are impatient with Allah. Why is that muscle chartreuse is that when we give him evil Allah sees when evil touches him, he becomes very upset with Allah will either muscle Halo Manoir, but when Allah gives him good, then he becomes stingy.

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So what is this is the general case of mankind. Whenever he the environment when things are good, when he forgets Allah, and when things are bad, he becomes angry with Allah, why have you done this? Allah says this is the majority of insanity. he worships Allah based on the environment that he's in. Allah says lol mousseline, except the one who makes SATA lettino humara sarathi him. Even those who are consistent in the solidarity, they are always on the SATA one levina vmworld. In

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the end, those who in the money in the wealth, they know the East a portion, which is not the money means goes to someone else that is unknown within their wealth is unknown, right? Not the right for them, right for others. Lisa 11 macroom for the one who asks, meaning the poor person that asks and the one that does not ask he knows in his money, not everything is for me, part of it belongs to the poor. One levina you saw deikun obioma Dean, and the ones who truly believe in the life of this one Latina who may not be Robbie mushfiq hoon, and they are fearful of the punishment of the Lord. In other words, moon and Indeed Allah says the punishment of Allah is something which no one should

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feel safe. Nobody should feel unsafe from the fight fighters of janome Allah protect us when Latina homely Fujian happy Illa Allah as well as you him oma Malika, a man or woman who mean for me Neva hora de Nicola Eco, hula Dune, and they are those who avoid haram sexual conduct, except with their wives or their right hand positions. And even ones beyond that, then they are the ones who have transgressed, Allah continues, and they are the ones Leanna de moi him wrong. Again, it repeats, the one who is true to the trust and the promises, they pay attention to the promises, one levena, whom bisha had that team called moon, and that they are upright when they give testimony. And then Allah

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concludes again, section, one levena, humara Salatin, you have a Loon. And they are the ones who carefully maintain the sada ecoffee jannetty. mocha moon, these people will be in Jannah, they will be in the gardens of Jenna. So when you look at the two lists, they're very similar.

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And now we're going to analyze them bit by bit. And this is a list which is a benchmark for you for me to judge ourselves against. When we look at this list. Both of them they begin and end with the exact same thing, the thing that stands out the most. The most important thing of these two lists as you can see is sort of Allah began the list of tsunami known those who are humbling this Allah and he concluded those who are persistent in Minnesota, and in Surah, Miraj marriage Allah spoke about those who perform the Salah consistently and those who take care of the Salah, both both lists mentioned Salah twice, doesn't mention soccer twice. He doesn't mention it doesn't mention fasting

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in the he doesn't but it mentions Allah two times. So Allah says instead of mean that if you want to be successful, they are the ones who have who sure in the solder, who sure is to be attentive in sauna, it's easy for you to feel you know as what what can happen is physically you can be insulted

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But mentally you somewhere else, that you can be on autopilot. Allah is saying that's not the kind of solder that a true believer has. And yes, there are levels of who shoe and Subhanallah let's be honest, none of us none of us have the label of who should be fitting of Allah subhanaw taala to think we are standing before the Lord and the Master of the Universe. So Allah says a believer, he is in his shoe when he sends you to Allah and it's something to work on. We'll talk about that inshallah. And then Allah he's also at the end of tsunami noon, they are in the solder, you have either when they take care of the solder in Surah marriage, that only the mousseline, aladeen,

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omala, Salatin de imune, wunderino, humara. Salatin, you have to do that they are consistent and they look after and they care about this Allah. And let's talk about sada.

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We know it's Ramadan, time and SubhanAllah. When it comes to Sadat time, we find the Jamaat Hannah's for the word full, and the military before I'm going after Oman, they're not fully anymore. Now, I hope and I pray, and I know in sha Allah, that everyone performs the Salah in the walk, maybe it's late, maybe it's, you know, to do it. And so instead of making it at one o'clock when the Jamaat does it, I make it maybe two o'clock to three o'clock, but before I said, if you are not performing your Salah in the walk, and this is an interesting question for not for us to point anyone out here for every single person to look at his life. This is the beginning of a believer. This is what makes

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you a believer. This is the evidence of your Eman. Eman is in the heart. We don't know who's in Muslim Allah. But look at the quality of your solder and the person who is not consistent of performing solder on time. Big Big problem, major mosquito, it's not an excuse to say work has come. This has come on busy. No solder comes first. So it has to be in the wallet. It has to be in the walk. It has to be in the walk. There is no excuse beyond that there is no excuse to miss a walk.

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This is as the professor says, Listen to this. The very first thing I was asked to believe on the day of karma. So he said these two cues. The one cue is the person those who committed chick. Unfortunately, they in the janome queue and that's it. No more question no nothing further to be discussed. Gemini is haraam because he can be the chick. When as for the one who did not come a chick and hungry law, now he has a chance to get to gender. The very first thing of the ship that Allah will ask of after the heat alerts gonna look at our solder, look at our solder and then abbyson sees if that sort of question you were able to answer Yeah, Allah I performed my solder on

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time it's worked. And you pass that question, then the rest of the questioning will be easy. Then the rest of your questioning on the death kiama will also be easy.

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The question on your money on your family all of those things alone will make it easy. So that is really the indication of interlink Janet will not infringe on the profits overseas. What lies between a man and she uncovered the difference between a believer and this belief is Sala Furman taraka. And whoever I'm not saying the word Cooper, I said the key word is a very dangerous word that this was misusing the key word. He's saying whoever does not abandon Santa Monica nice coffee. The Sahaba Look at this, the this the lemma say the companions of na vehcile salaam. They never ever declared anyone a kafir except if he has rejected Salah he does not perform Salah that person. They

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said by unanimous consent. You can't be a believer and you don't perform your Salah on time in it. So Subhana Allah, if we are people if we are those who have not performed our soldiers on time, but now Ramadan, we see the change. Remember, Ramadan is a taste for what happens afterwards. It's a preparation for life after Ramadan. Ramadan is only a training ground. It's not the real the end is not the Ramadan. The real exam begins on eat. He believes he's also gonna eat because he said free. And what's important for us is are we going to be persistent on our walks on the day of eating? Are we going to perform our Salah image walked off the Ramadan

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if if that's the oh if you have fallen short before and that you keep alive hamdulillah Allah has guided you to taqwa that Allah has given you the keys to Jenna, make this your one goal. I'm going to perform my salah and it's worked. Success Allah says minimal success in the dunya and akhira lies number one in sada and if you want hamdulillah you have those who have always performed your Salah on time and it's worked, but we know the quality of our Salah. Now Allah goes into details about the quality of Salah first thing is it has to be on time. Second thing is it's on time but what's the quality? And the scholars mentioned we can talk so much on SATA that SATA is a barometer to

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determine your relationship with Allah. How I perform sada is an indication how close

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I am with Allah. If Salah is an obligation just to get done with the chores, I need to wash the dishes, clean the floor, I need to make solder. If it's just a to do list, then that's my relationship with Allah and for many of us, myself pretty much included, it is something like that.

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We know the highest level and it's the level of the MBR sada was the enjoyment. How do you get the because your relationship with Allah is good. You love to be in the company of Allah. So therefore when you stand before Allah, you look forward to the next walk. When we get the one day I mean, I know sometimes it seems out so far fetched. We hope to get the one day and it's not something that happens overnight. It's about discipline and discipline. It's a relationship. Now, those of you who've been in love with Allah, Allah doesn't we can't make any analogy to Allah. But those of us who've been in love and or in love and those of you who are married, you're still in love.

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You need to work on that relationship continuously. You need to make time for that relationship. Initially it becomes an egg a drag, but after a while, as the relationship grows, you enjoy spending time together. The same with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you struggle, five minutes and ally Salah in five minutes, it's like Mashallah, this guy is pious, he's making a five minute Salah right in for the rest of the days, maybe half an hour for the day. If we you know, if we struggle to stand before Allah, remember, we're gonna meet Allah one day in person. If we can't stand to be before align the dunya then understand our meeting with Allah is gonna be of the same quality. So this is

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your first my first primary focus. I'm going to make my solder on time. And if I do it on time, let me make it in the earliest of time. Once a hobby comes jasola tell me what's the base deed I can do? He's expecting jihad. He's expecting some big stuff that businesses make Salah in the beginning of his work. And we're only negligent of this we postpone the sada I have a meeting I have this I have that I have a TV program I just want to watch the match Viola Oh, I've got five minutes left and then I rushed to perform I saw all of us have been there done that are doing that. Let us make that near that habit. We make it in our hearts now that I will prioritize sada How can I say Allahu

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Akbar, Allah, the most important thing in my life. But if you come last

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Subhana Allah beginning with the end, Allah says you will get success in that. We believe in things intangible that Allah says I will bring Baraka in your life I will bring success makes Allah your priority. Something to think about Jamaica Muslim, we complain about the oma and we complain about how Muslim nations stand together, and the disunity of the Roma and the evil kings of the world. They're not united. The provinces have linked the unity of the oma to how state the sufu for our insula in gemasolar. If the sufu of gemasolar are not straight, then they won't be unity level cos this unity. Now how sad is it? If we don't even have a gemasolar we don't even attend the gemasolar

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let alone the softness of sleep. So there's no reason there's no it's not a mystery the food that why the oma is with is vanilla. It begins with sada and it ends with sada the prophets of Salaam tells us Allah himself says, the only year of Allah Now again, when we picture a valley we picture a man with a long beard, you know, 6070 years old he must be a pensioner you can do whatever life you don't have pension yet, right? That's the idea.

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Allah says the thing that makes you a valley are the things that I love the most. And the things he loves the most the most is Allah begin with that. And if you are a person who is consistently on your Salah, seek or travel meeting, no meetings, Allah comes first. If I'm if I'm in the middle of nowhere, I'm extra in the parking lot with an ambulance an indication of our email that visit really is Allahu Akbar. So begin with that. He began this ayah four times he mentions it four times, almost random mentions sort of the next thing Allah speaks about

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is about being someone of charity. Money is the perhaps the next big piece of the soul. So do questions on the exam. First question that you can achieve. If you pass that along. The next big question, Sarah, if you pass that along, that becomes easier. Now we all know in the Quran, you've recited it. When levina Yukimura salata, artus zakka they go hand in hand the two together in the Quran, Allah has always joined them. Allah is going to teach you in terms of your time which is sada and also going to teach you in terms of your money which is used aka how you administer your spending your money, so Allah sees the woman on the other ones whom these are Kathy Elune they are

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observant of these occur.

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This is vanilla.

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A lot to give you an analogy you buy us you the shopkeeper and you selling a low for human Are you selling some item for 97 and 50 cents, you selling a product 97 A Box Of Sweets 97 and 50 cents the customer gives you 100 Rand

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You can't say it's okay, I'm going to keep the tool and 50 change. That's not your money that belongs to the customer. Allah is saying, every time I give you money, and there's an excess in it, then that does not belong to you. Zakah is not a charity. It's not something that you decide out of the goodness of your heart to give. It does not belong to you. It is stealing if you do not pay us soccer, and all of us should look at our situations. And at the very least, I've seen that sense of came to our office to talk a little bit about soccer. Zakah is the most misunderstood pillar of Islam. Many of us don't know the implications of soccer. So, if we don't know fully about soccer,

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perhaps the first step is for us to learn the rules of soccer. Am I safe? With regards to my financial affairs? If Allah is gonna take me to task about my money? Have I paid my Zakah first thing and if you pay this I can reply to an office in this video to an opposite the student 50 for every 100 grand you earn 25 grand for every 1000 then you earn right Subhanallah it's very small xhaka is tiny. Look at the taxes you pay to the government like this is you getting Jenna for two and a half percent? You don't get much for your 30% in the dunya. Right? So Allah Subhana Allah says the believer is the one who pays his aka and beyond that one levina v mwalimu hochma loomly says

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that he knows that in his money. These hack I need to take this out for the poor.

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When we spoke about money, we said this money is just a state of mind. It's only an in between how you are born you the billionaire the King of Saudi Arabia was born with nothing you will die with nothing you will enter into a cover the same size as the servant cleaning his palace. Everyone begins the same things the same in between is nothing it's only at least a Latisse the poor person with poverty and it is you and me that have money is Pinilla. You might feel poor, but we in the top 1% 5% 10% in this world, if you have a house over your head, you have food to eat. You have running water in this you safe and secure meaning you don't worry someone's gonna come and bomb you

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tomorrow, then this is of the great near massive economic analysis we will is safe from home and he has money and a place to sleep. It says if Allah has given you all the blessings you need, he needs what hamdulillah so Allah says so, if you have those things, then you are wealthy. If you take if you have a house, you have food, you have a place to sleep you save then you are wealthy and if you are wealthy Alessi stingy with your wealth

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as all of this the poor with this poverty is this thing me and you with that wealth, what do we do with that wealth? Now at the very least pay Yasaka to an opposite, pay that sucker? How do you do it very simply, you take a snapshot of your money your assets, your your bank statements or assets that you own that are not not your house allies excluded your personal use assets excluded the car, excluded the house you live in any assets your bank accounts, you have changed that you earn investments. Look at it day one Ramadan, what is the value the value is 100,002 and a half percent of that that sucker. Basically, every year you start again next year, you look at one Ramadan,

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whatever you want, then to go beyond that you can now purchase your agenda. And just as we talk about that year, Jenna is on its way to be purchased. How much do you want for Jana? You get the Subhanallah the prophecy is even Aditya Allah. Okay, I just need to mention here. The towel collection today is all for the orphan program of tomorrow. So we having the orphans panel, how difficult is it to be an orphan in Ramadan, you know, is very difficult. So 101 night in the year we take the orphans out Hamlet and play a little bit, we give them a nice thought. And we give some hampers and blankets and those kind of stuff. All of this is for the orphan. Now visa system says

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listen to this, whoever sponsors a poor person will widow and orphan is even above that. He looks after one of them consistently. When he says if he made sada and fasting continuously his whole life.

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I mean, who can fast and Sala nonstop to get that reward is to sponsor a poor person. So really lucky. If you're not the person of the masala, not all of us can do that. And perhaps your money is your secret agenda. Perhaps money is the thing that will purchase you your agenda. Allah subhanaw taala says prophecies, whoever gives charity even if it's a date, what does Allah do with it? He takes that date. And he takes it in his right hand into the manual because he's mentioned how he sees both hands of Allah is the right hands. He takes his right hand and he plants it and he thinks it he waters it and it grows and grows. So when you come on kiama that date is a mountain of good

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deeds. A lot does not take it's vanilla. This is the world we live in. If I give someone a range of investment, I expect the returns

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If you don't give me returns, I'm not gonna give you anything. Allah says I guarantee you returns. Everything you do is a part of this alone to Allah, Allah who's going to loan me money. I'm going to give it back to you in the dunya. And even more so in the era. One Rand don't look don't feel short of an Swan I don't think anyone has even put a date in dating the Tao, the date will even count for your gender that will ever look resistance Hades. Whoever looks after a widow, a poor person is like the Mujahideen the cause of Allah. Oh, he's like the one who fasts all day, and standing dadgad all night. So if you don't want to do those things, it's too difficult to do fasting and dadgad. In

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Spanish sponsor a poor person I just looked to analyze something we should all be doing, we can afford it. If you have a DSTV account, a Netflix account, then really before that you should be sponsoring, often 500 Rand is all you need to sponsor an orphan and that within the resources say you will be like this with me in general. You will be like this with me in general. It's really a cheap way of attaining attaining gender. Now, maybe Subhanallah taqwa is high now. But after Ramadan, eat comes the duck was going to disappear, force yourself into David Oda now to go and sponsor an orphan or force yourself into a debit or with some Muslim organization not grant any

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Muslim organization but make that my money is going to buy me my agenda, my money is going to purchase me my agenda inshallah.

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The next category so the first is signer and then charity The next thing Allah spoke about interestingly, he focused on speech. Those who are Alesis when Latina whom Annie, love, we were already doing what they normally do him wrong, those who turn away from ill speech, and we said, this is even higher than saying they don't speak you. Meaning if there's a company and they speaking nonsense, or the speaking harmful speech, they're not even in that company. They're not even in that whatsapp group. They don't even read it. Let alone speak it. Allah is going to test you and me The problem is is two things. If you can guarantee me these two things are safe. You're gonna get Jenna,

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your tongue and your private parts, protect these two things, and you're guaranteed Jenna. So the believer he watches very clearly what he says what he takes what he she is no fake news. No false fatwas, no gossip no slander he does not involve himself in argumentation for without any benefit any beneficial reasons and resources who ever gives up all Ewing even if he's correct even when the happiest you are right you're right you give up all you're not gonna argue over this I get into your place in general now this was this should tell you what is better than fasting in the day and Salah at night. The one who brings people together with his Islam let alone the one who separates look in

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the way we speak in Ramadan we focus very hard in the psalm in the sign I don't want to involve myself in arguing argumentation continue that after Ramadan simple principle and Ibiza teaches you if the gods if this news doesn't you know affect you avoided I don't need to know what with so and so did an anti so and so said even if he said that about me I don't want to know once a scholar a student came to me this shift you know the shift said this about you so the Imam Imam Muhammad I believe said to him the truth or not find anyone better than you to convey this news because you are being the messenger of shape on the role of Satan. Avoid false speech. Look at your WhatsApp groups.

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If the talking in these are appropriate for a Muslim, politely exert yourself but likely exert yourself we can have it doesn't mean you can't have a joke. A clean joke is fine making people laugh, but the speech and hurt somebody who takes away from your Eman or is foul in language. This is not the characteristic of a medieval and then unless is and those who are in the trust and the promises attentive when a Muslim gives his word. He stands by it that he maintains his word all the time. A Muslim should never ever be accused of falsehoods, Pinilla The opposite is true. Today will say I don't want to do business with Islam Pinilla, I'd rather do business with a non Muslim,

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because he's more trustworthy. This is a problem. So harbor would say in the past, in our days, that we wouldn't need to really inspect and investigate the mechanic with a carpenter electrician, whatever it might be. The fact that he was a Muslim told me that if he gave me his word, it will be that he will fix it properly. But if I gave my address tomorrow, I'll find him the dates will be the this is with a Muslim, he will always stand by honesty and Islam goes hand in hand in fact, and I was asked, Can a Muslim do this and that's and be a coward and he says yes, you can but you're a bad Muslim. And he said what about lying so he asked what is a liar? a liar cannot be a Muslim. A moose

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a person a man is something seriously wrong. In fact, you will not intergender if he has the title of cadet is a liar next to him. So if you say

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One that you have to think about it in your business, in your work. Is there anyone that can accuse you of cheating? of lying of scamming is someone in your mind someone pops up in your mind when you have a mosquito problem, fix that, fix it. Ramadan is not about punishment. Ramadan is about reform. It's about fixing. If you can fix it in the dunya fix it if not make Tobin is still far October is difficult. It was anyone that can raise the finger is hurt me or she's hurt me in the speech, your mother no duty no Subhanallah Remember, these claims will be cashed in on the day of karma. Avoid these things. Allah says in Surah madej or Latina humulene Amana tema de Rani repeats the ayah twice

00:30:41--> 00:31:17

in both lists, that they are always truthful and trustworthy when it comes to the promises whether they know whom the Shahada team call imune. And they stand upright for the testimony. And this goes a bit further, it means the believer is always on the side of justice. I will never ever stand with what is unjust. in society, I'm always on the right side of things I will my principles will not be broken, even if it's against myself, even if it's against my family members. When it comes to the truth. I'm on the right side, I will never ever, as he says he does not be witness meaning he doesn't even associate himself with injustice, apply this to your business, apply this to your work.

00:31:17--> 00:31:31

apply this to your social life, your family life many times, many times we arguing and we're on the one side, if you are on the side of the wrong side, giving rather loose facing the dunya then lose yourself in

00:31:32--> 00:32:10

the next category. And Allah as the problem join them, the tongue and the private parts. These are the two things which are the most destructive organs for us. The two things which will lead most people to join them, the tongues and maybe now today they think this was the texting the tongues and the private parts. And different people are tested in different ways. Allah subhanaw taala has made each one of us we have a favorite sin. But we have a favorites. And there's a weakness in all of us. And this is part of the test. And the reason for Ramadan, while you abstain. Allah shows if you can stay away from food and water, which is the essentials of life insurance, you can stay away from

00:32:10--> 00:32:51

what is less than that, which is the harem, you can stay away from looking at her arm, touching her arm falling into her arm. This is part of the training of Ramadan, that if you someone that has a bad habit will have dark secrets, we won't have a look at things we shouldn't be looking at having relationships we shouldn't have. This is the opportunity to move away. So Allah says a believer, the other ones are letting only Fujian half eaten, they protect the private parts. They take key when it comes to this matter of intercourse. Except and the only time you can use this thing you can only enjoy sexual pleasure is through with your wife, your husband, or with your right hand positions.

00:32:51--> 00:33:30

This is something about slavery that is passed. We don't speak about it as something along the lines finished. But whoever else is once more than that. If she's not your wife, she's not your husband. It goes beyond what is hot. Well, everyone's more than that Alesis una echo hula doing that they are the transgressors they are really the enemies of Allah, then this is one of the major major sins, something to work on something to really really work on. And we live in a society you know, and Allah, Allah says that the cinema and cinema is exactly the same at pisos de is exactly the same. Now, we live in a time in an overly sexualized environment. I there's never been a time in history

00:33:30--> 00:34:11

with people walk the way they will and what is accessible is accessible, even if you in your house no Subhan Allah as far as the Allah willing, you know, Imam Shafi Rahim Allah as great as they were, they did not have the ability to pick up a phone, and with a click of a button, see everything you want to see. In fact, you could be in contact with anyone you want to be in contact. In fact, you could have it delivered to your house. That didn't happen in the time of Shafi mahadi. We live in that time. We live in a society that is completely open, and every single day is a jihad, every single day is a test every single day, that he is calling constantly to this thing. And they fear

00:34:11--> 00:34:53

that he would is going to be so much greater a business the time will come. Also hava will require the amount of 50 companions just to remain steadfast in the time. He says the time will come when people walk naked in the road, they will commit Zina open in front of everyone is crazy too. How will this ever happen? Not even animals do this? yet. We see this we live in those times. So therefore, we can go through your life and to stand before Allah on the day of pm and say yeah, Allah, I didn't do too much solder and tagit nzqa I didn't charity. I think the basics what I can say to your Allah, I have never in my life, committed illegal Zina never in my life, and hamdullah

00:34:53--> 00:35:00

that's your ticket to General. That's the thing that will stand that well. I've been confronted by all of these things. I've remembered

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Pure and steadfast, it wasn't easy. I had the opportunity, I could have seen and looked, but I didn't. This behind the law is your opportunity. And but of course, we said, and Allah knows that once you get like an abusive, you alone in the room with a woman, very difficult, in fact, none of us will pass that test. So therefore he says, avoid, don't get into that room, don't even get to know the woman stop bowl that barrier. Now we live in a society with all the barriers have already been put aside, in fact, and so sad for us as parents, that it is the exception to the norm that someone will go through high school and not be sexually active. It's the exception, that if you have

00:35:38--> 00:36:18

a child that always saves themselves to marriage, when hamdulillah you have a family of the only have a law in your house, a child that performs the solder on time and does not commit Zina, not on drugs not taking hammer, while he have the only other law allegedly favored you with a pious child is a pious child. So by law protect us. But if you can, what you and I need to do is build those barriers, we sit with co workers of the opposite six 819 hours of the day, speak all kinds of things, that barrier of professionalism as be the we cannot have platonic friends Islam does not recognize I have a beef of the opposite gender. No, the only beef of opposite gender is your wife or

00:36:18--> 00:36:44

your mother. That's the only best friend that you have that is a woman or the best friend that you have that is a male is your dad, your brothers. That's it your husband, we do not allow these things in Islam. You need to place that in the social clubs, running clubs, you would not know how many couples have stood crying in tears, running clubs, nothing beats running clubs, right? Nothing against jamming and these things happen. In fact, I have a gym membership as well. Don't make use of it. But I'm delighted.

00:36:47--> 00:37:29

It's wasteful expenditure to cancel something. But these places will become too friendly is a muscular is a problem. So you and I need to build those who do produto barriers. In fact, taqwa comes from muthiah comes from building a protective nature protective barrier for yourself. You need to put that buffer in. You need to put that buffer in. And you know Savonarola, when we sort of have a habit of when we fall into a certain type of sin. Maybe when I'm idle, maybe when I'm alone at night, maybe when I'm maybe you should put those barriers in place. Ramadan is the time to make this resolutions, even if we don't get the at least make the resolution now Why? Because you will be

00:37:29--> 00:38:11

rewarded just for the resolution. And just ask Allah Allah, I am addicted to the sin. Yeah, I'm addicted, I can't do it. ask Allah in these times. And Allah will make it easy. Allah will make it easy for smaller protect us and our offspring. Avoid looking avoid racing in the inappropriate. Avoid all these unnecessary. The next thing Allah says, They fear the life after death, meaning they constantly away that after this life that is something more. And that is some major motivation that I need to answer for everything I do on this dunya there are those who believe in the Day of Judgment, and they are fearful of the punishment of the Lord. In other words,

00:38:12--> 00:38:19

Allah says nobody should feel safe of the punishment of jahannam nobody is guaranteed from that nobody else is Nobody.

00:38:21--> 00:39:02

Nobody is guaranteed safety from the play of gentlemen, we can feel that way. in your life. It can go either way until it's over you don't know. And the only way is to constantly make dua protect us alone. Majid Nam NRC fasciola from the face of Jana Aloma gentlemen, aka Shannon, what this means is, yeah, Allah every single night, Allah has exempted these lists of Japanese people, a long list of people should go to Ghana, let's just put these people out of Jannah. So yeah, Allah let us be on that list. If we are under this agenda, at least when we leave Ramadan, we are off that list of jahannam. And if we're not the May we never ever be on the list of janam we should always fear this

00:39:02--> 00:39:41

thing. You know, sometimes we only speak about the love and the mercy of Allah is his mouth, his mouth is more than he's an easiest punishment. But we should also fear Him, fear his punishment, fear and not, you will never, you will never be unjust. You will only give us what we do to us. We should fear that we should fear that. The Prophet also says the believer, he looks at his sin as if though it's a mountain about to fall on him. I think about we all take this internal audit. If we look at all the sins we've done over the years, 3040 5060 7080 years, Mashallah we list all those sins. If they all come down on us, it's like a mountain proficiencies. This is the believer, meaning

00:39:41--> 00:40:00

the believer nothing that he doesn't commit sin. He's scared of his sin and evil. He takes proactive steps to get forgiveness, where as the evildoer, he sees his son like a fly. He just moves it away bats it out of the way of his nose, and he doesn't bother him and he continues on. This is the dangerous person. This is someone that does not trigger

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

And so now Gemma muslimeen This is the month where you have the maximum opportunity for me for you to get freedom from the fires of janam make a special effort to get yourself out of it. At least one night in the cinema on the proficiencies a man who weeps even once or to fear of Allah, then those tears will save him from the fire of Jannah try try very hard, make a schedule maybe early in them before supper where everyone is sleeping. Go in sajida speak to Allah about your sins Allah knows those sins that are these doesn't know SEO Allah degrade them I still even maybe enjoy them in fact I might still even look forward to those things after Ramadan I said wait for me after Ramadan just

00:40:45--> 00:41:25

you know I'll be I'll be back. I'm still hungry for it to Allah but save me save me from this. Take away the love of the sin replace it with a love for you How beautiful will that be? Will you love what is good? Now these are made to do after that my mailhot inclined to what is good and it may hate what you what is what you dislike yeah Allah so at least make dua if you can't overpower it, a loves love will cause you to overpower and if you do these things generally mean you perform your Salah, you pay your soccer, your charitable person, you watch what you speak, you watch what's between your legs, you stand for what is right. What is the reward for you you fear janam Allah the

00:41:25--> 00:42:09

Prophet Allah subhana wa ecoffee jannetty mcra Moon guaranteed for them Jenna and tsunami notices something even greater, he says for the minute they will be successful in the dunya in the era, they will be the very soon they will be the inheritors. I live in a funeral for those who fear hardly do they will abide in general feel those forever. What is general fill those with general fill those is the bishop's coat is the Clifton is the highest place in all of gender. It is the one Jana which Allah Himself decorated with his own hands only for things or must own hands which are meant to be which His Majesty physically was made of the Hadith allow me to made nebby Adam with his own hands,

00:42:09--> 00:42:44

and he made the throne that showed his own hands and he made the pin with his own hands and he made genital for those himself. He didn't get an interior decorator to do it. He himself did it. So who and that is the highest level of gender. Allah says you stick to these nine things, these 789 things, genital theodosis for you, mala grant all of us to achieve gender fulfill those melograno all of us to be in the highest levels of gentlemen, just a few announcements, we remind you that the orphan program is tomorrow if you'd like to contribute please just donate something to the 30 day at the end. We'd like to give some blankets to the orphans and certain parcels the book athletes are

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also available for sale afterwards. And we're doing out of sort of pseudo Yousuf

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on post Ramadan and Claudia Nadeem inshallah will be with us as well tomorrow evening fatale So, please join inshallah Hope to see you later Solomonic Morocco please move forward. A lot of space needed please circle I said. I want to