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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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operates thanks worshipping to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed that man has the right to be worshipped besides Allah. And we ask Allah to bless us in the what remains of this month of Ramadan, Allah accept all our EBI, that up until this point, and Allah grant us the strength to maintain and to increase you know, the remains of it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all, with the achievement of later the other, may only good and prosperity be recorded for us in our books of decreases Allah reveals them in this end of this month. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to maintain this goodness into the new into after Ramadan into Shabbat and we send our love greetings and

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salutations to be loving to be Mohammed sallallahu sallam, to spice and pure family and all those who follow his student until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be on the sooner in this life and to be in his companionship in the life after death. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we will do we did a series on what the people of Ghana look like. And I see that this was not about what they look like in Ghana, but what they look like on earth. And we had a few lists. A lot lists the qualities Allah lists the qualities of the people of jedna in the Quran, in number of places. And in fact, we haven't completed all of them, we perhaps even going to continue after Ramadan. But

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today, I continue the series, but I'm giving you the conclusion of the series today. Because today I want to talk about what the people of general look like in general. Why? Because it's the end of Ramadan. Because you have suffered in terms of your food, you eat by that at night, it's tiring, let us not be olearia we are we know waking up is not easy for that. dadgad we know it's an effort to make the tartan we know it's difficult, some of you are angry, angry, angry, we know some of you are that. And yes, we say we do it for them, for the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala we hope we reach to that level. But for most of us, we're doing it out of obligation because we have to do it. And on

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top of that, we said that what makes a person a jannetty we look at that list. It wasn't just about the ritual. It wasn't just about salah and fasting and Hajj It was about the kind of human being you are with others, withholding your anger being truthful, avoiding false speech, all these qualities avoiding the sin protecting your private parts, not looking at her arm, these were the things that Allah wants from us. Now you right now, we do it out of obligation, yes, but Allah also already would, and therefore there is a pay out for that. Today, inshallah we're going to look, if you do those things in the dunya, what do you get? What is what is in for you? What do you and I get for

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living a life like this? What does it mean to get to Jenna. So if we look at how Allah protects the people of Jenna, and are already Ward's the people of gender, and this insha Allah should also be a motivation for the last few nights of Ramadan to tip that scales in our favor. It might be the last record that you that you make, it might be that $1 that one ran of charity will clip your scale in your favor. So to look at this, we Allah mentions gender in detail why so that we are hungry for it, so that we push ourselves or wake up off an hour earlier so I can get this. So one of the people of general gets after you've lived the life 6070 years persevering, making that gadget, being a good

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person, what do you and I get at the end? And it begins at the

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the moment we die, which is for us as human beings, the scariest moment. This is when Allah says when the people of Jenna about to die, Allah says to them, Allah in earlier Allah, Allah, Allah in whatever. Now, my earlier and I said, Well, you don't only imagine this old man 6070 with a big beard, five times a day, no budget, no, you can be a wedding in the corporate world. You can be a wedding you still in high school, a person who has those qualities is of the Holy of Allah. So Allah says to you, you've lived that life. Now at the moment of your death. When you're when you're completely alone. Allah says to you law hopefully you don't feel scared now. And don't feel sad.

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Don't feel sad about the stranger coming to an end. Now is only a reward. Now is the good news. Yeah, Allah imagine the Angel of Death comes to you. And either words to you is don't feel scared, Don't feel sad. Come out to Rama. Come out to mercy. The struggle of the dunya is not over. I live in an AMA nor can we have the goon. Allah says lahoma Boucher will hire to do in this life. I give you good news. You live that life, you'll have a good life.

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And in a lot of difficulty, Mattila de la de la has promised you that you live your life according to these things, you will be successful in the dunya and in the hero, you will be victorious. And Allah says he will never ever change his promise. If Allah gives you His Word. It's like that forever. There you go.

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Fulani mala says this is the great success that you have succeeded, you have one at the moment of death. So it already begins. In life you will already be rewarded in life Allah will give Baraka in your sustenance in your children. Allah will make ways easy for you when you live by these codes. You forgive when you pause and you don't back bite, you will find Baraka in other parts of your life. But really the great route starts when you die, but also even as even the famous hadith of what happens when you die. The good believer there's a hadith about the good one. And the bad one will talk about the bad person, but the good person from the moment is about to die, when you know

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it's coming close to the end. The first you will experience of the angels of mercy descending and you will see in the background, beautiful angels of light, they won't come near to you, but you will see them smiling, waiting. And as you float between this life and the next, when the angel of death will come and it's reality you will come you'll either come into our showroom or we will come in this form. Beautiful, not scary, and you will sit peacefully actuated medical note and he will say come on man. Oh, Fatima, come out now leave the studio come out and on the side of the of the buzzer. This only Rama from Allah come out to the love the mercy of Allah. And he will say such

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words to you and me, I mean, that the soul will almost jump out, it will pull itself out, you won't have to drag it out, it will come out. And he will take that soul so carefully in his end, just for a moment. And they will wrap it up in clothing brought from Jenna and the smell that will emanate from the soul will fool the heavens and the earth of the best perfume. And then the angels will will hold upon you they will gang up and say Salaam they want to shake you and you have succeeded in the dunya you pass the test you are going to be successful and along wants to meet you. And so the soul will rise up through the summer depending on the level of goodness that you are until we return to

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Our bodies alongside it won't go into detail. And then when we return to our bodies will say we'll say to our family members, be me. Don't waste time make this Genesis or quickly I want to go to my copper because my copper is an autoimmune reaction Gina, it is a part of Jenna. It's a garden from the gardens of Jenna. And then we are in our graves. Viola even with Hades is that river that when we when we pass away of the rewards the good people, they will interact with the family members that have passed away there'll be some seeds. Whoever takes the responsibility of the caffeine and the hustle, they make him do it in a good beautiful way because the good souls will visit one another.

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So part of the reward is that you will get to meet family and friends that have deceased long for those of us who are all in age, and you've seen many, many beloved ones have passed away to see them again in the youth in their happiness. What are the words wahala What a great feeling the corporate will be a place either of sleep and rest and peace or more than that it will be of Rama and mercy and you will be rewarded with that agenda. And then to add to that reward, Allah will show you like a screen in your cupboard you will see your place inside

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as you're being rewarded in your cupboard you will see the video reward and you will say yeah Allah let kiama begin. Let's see what in the cupboard is small compared to that I'm seeing myself all the joys of Jenga. Now I want to get the all that hard work is for that. Vince Vaughn Allah and Allah lm how long to be as recovered, but unexpectedly we will hear the trumpets. And also yo

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ma Kadena who is woken us up from our slumber will be resurrected. It was it's so easy, just with one word, couldn't you the template will be blown and everyone will be standing on this plane of kiama the most difficult day but on that day of terror which will be difficult and everyone alone will say about them. Who do we even know there are a lot of beam Navara you will be shining your body will be shining a lot of beam looking with happiness and love at the load for a moment. Ooh, Chiquita who Bimini for Sophie srbc when kalibo Lima surah on that day when things will be so difficult. The person who was pious especially the young person who looked after Allah writes in his

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youth, you will get the shade we very few will have shade you will be you will drink from a hand of the visa Salam on that well, and when when the when the time of questioning begins. Uchiyama is a long process, and it's difficult for him for everybody. But Allah says he will predict the good person on that day you'll be resurrected in a beautiful form, you will be in the company that's vanilla, when you are elected, you are in the company of certain people and how sad is it when it is elected and you live to see a center on the right you see a center you in this group of centers, we as when you will be selected, you will see people that are beautiful and you know, the odd now you

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begin to realize I hope I hope I have passed the exam, but the questioning will still come and before the questioning begins. You will see some people given the record in the left hand some people will not want to give the left hand so it will come from behind them.

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mean you after suffering and struggling in the dunya you get the record in the right hand and you say how mcra Okita you will run to your friends. Look at my book, look what's inside it, look how the deeds are, you will find Subhana Allah deeds that you didn't even know you did, you gave one rain and Allah subhanho wa Taala exponentially, you know rewarded you you may do after somebody for the shefa and because of that, that man was cured. And because of that you could look off the skins all of that is new scale of goodness, you gave a charity to some organization to run run to you, but it might have saved the life of someone else as a person's life continues allottee codes in your

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book using tabea. Look at my book, how amazing it is. And when Allah says as for the one who gets his record in his right hand, now we will make an easy questioning before him. Now when we stand before Allah and Allah is going to ask us about that book. Allah says for so for you has Cebu sabya sera, I will make his questioning easy. Allah will cover you know sins, no one will know our sins. Allah Allah expose us, Allah will say, these are the sins but I forgiven them. And we will only look at the good deeds and you will have the pleasure, you will have the law you will have the pleasure that when you see your good deeds put on the scale, how heavy it is. And on the scale of sin, Allah

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wipes them away and they are light. And that moment when the scale of humanity that moment because the moment the scale of goodness outweighs the scale of sin. You know, you've passed the exam. Now you know, and hamdulillah I mean, Jenna, I've made it I've made to Jenna. Yes, you will have to pass by Jana, every single person Allah says, we mean Camilla. That needs none of you except that you must pass over it. Even the greatest will even be unbeatable Allah, part of the reward is to see the punishment that you avoided, every single person even though he has succeeded, he has to cross that bridge, not knowing if I'm going to fall or not not knowing if there was something that has been

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left behind that is someone who has a claim against me. So we'll cross that bridge. But as for the believer, you will move over quickly like lightning and as for the one who wasn't the best, but at least vanilla. Look at this one of the rewards of being a good person to others. You might have been deficient to Allah for you. Some people cross the bridge and they will stumble and about to fall. But the brothers will come back certainly mentioned that a believer will come back onto the bridge over Jana to drag you over Swan Allah to drag you over the edge of the woods of being good to people in the dunya looking after the rights of others. And now when you've crossed over that bridge, Allah

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says that everyone passes over these upon this Allah says every one of you must pass over the this is upon Allah decreed determined can't be avoided, but to manage larina taco, but then the people who have Taqwa remember the purpose of Ramadan, that if you have the stock Well, this is I promise you, I will save you one of the 30 Minute. Juicy Yeah. And you will save those who have Taqwa from it and leave those who don't have Taqwa to fool the email or protect us. Now you've crossed over the Xerox and now Subhanallah we don't know the journey but we know you're not yet in Jenna. Can you imagine the experience now that you've crossed over it? Basically all the horrors of EMI is

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finished. And you with a group of survivors now you look around you and all of those who have come over and if you're in the companies behind the law, meaning you haven't been touched by janome you haven't experienced any of the big punishments is nothing no time to do agenda. Now we are safe well hamdulillah we haven't yet gotten to Jenna but I mean even the relief I'm not going to join them I mentioned that relief I don't know what reward I'm gonna get but i know i soldier on them I know I'm not gonna go with a let enough is a reward. But now it's not done. And now we will continue to work in our lm how long it will be but we work and then we begin to smell this amazing smell. What is the

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smell Yeah. begin to experience the sense of gender and when it will come into view and the gates of gender will be open swana law and now we reach Jenna, what is inside the you live like a gender thing in the dunya now what do you get in the era you stood up for that? You made the door throughout this last few nights of Ramadan you you and I we exerted ourselves we gave an extra money even though it was maybe for another day but we know someone else needed more than me. What do I get in return this is what you get in return. This is what Allah is prepared for you on the day we will get the righteous to the Most Merciful as a group we will not go along the agenda. We're gonna go as

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a group you will recognize in the faces, the gradients and pleasure the faces already show that they are successful. The properties the fragrance of Jenna, its fragrance can be smelled for 40 years already you begin getting the smell and paradise will be brought to them to the righteous people. They will live in the forever So once it's opened, you know when you cross over the threshold now imagine crossing through the gates of Jana gates agenda and you're about to enter it the moment you enter union

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You will never leave it. And you'll be in the forever. As you arrive at the gates of Jenna. Open and you see maybe a little bit inside it, you can only begin to see and hear the sounds of Jenna. Right? And your heart is racing and you get to the door and your angel standing. The angels say to them said

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that you preserve impatience how excellent is the final home the angels once again a delegation of angels to greet you welcoming you like your Intel tells vinylon is always this guy that welcomes you to imagine the angels welcoming you to gender. You are the VIPs and they say What did they say? Because of what you persevered. It wasn't easy. It wasn't that it came cheap. You did the work. Yes, out of Allah's mercy, but you have succeeded and how excellent what is waiting for you is excellent. So you get this welcoming party. And as you enter it Allah will already say from that point on any ill feelings in your heart any sadness, tiredness, you will never ever experience a negative feeling

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even after that we shall remove from the chest, any hatred or sense of injury, no sadness will ever touch you have you cross the threshold, you will begin to be seated on thrones. The first thing is vanilla will be a banquet feast, and there will be seated the people of Jenga on thrones in shade within a year only plays in speech, the sounds of gender what is in the you will only aloft people laughing, you will only hear the birds and the animals of Jenga making the sounds and the rivers flowing and the songs of the whole line. That's the only sound in general only pleasing sounds they will hear at least up a level at ease them up on thrones because you are the dignitaries You are the

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VIPs How big is this agenda that is waiting for you, as all of this was said you

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know, as we said yesterday, that the one of those journals and they will and every single person will have multiple journals. I mean, every single person will have multiple of these gardens. One of these gardens Alesis is much bigger than the seven somehow earth and the earth. One of them is bigger. It's an infinite place every single day is something new to see knew to experience that you will travel just under one of your theories of gender. We know you will travel for hundreds of years just under that one tree the shade of it, even the last man with a beautiful Hades maybe you should google it. The last man who leave Jana beautiful story about the last man who leaves gentlemen long,

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hard if we can't explain it, but he will get when he sees his journal. He will think always teasing him. But Allah says this is what I'm going to give you. Now he's the last man to leave Jana being the worst of the worst. Besides for those who are eternally in Ghana, he the biggest criminals viola, we hope we will leave if we if anyone goes to Ghana, it's hoped that we leave before that man, but when he sees his gender and when he hears about his reward, He will say to Allah and Allah loves behind Allah and the sooner you will say to Allah, Are you mocking me? Yes, I was a bad guy, Allah, but you can show me this agenda and say, I'm gonna get this as a joke. Allah says, I'm not

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teasing you. This really is for you. No matter how much sin you made you come out of Jannah this agenda is for you. He won't believe it. But that's his job now, in general is with

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these weather in general, we have breezes that blow through Gemini, not hot, not cold. But when the when the wind agenda touches you, you are beautified in it. So you're looking, he's talking to your wife, and you look away at something and you look back, she's even more beautiful in a second ago. Every time the wind agenda touches you, you have a makeover. And I think of this eternally. You're just getting more beautiful. Each second of Jenna all the time getting more and more and more. Allah speaks about the lowest things in Jenna, the sand of Jenna is like perfume. The stones of Jenna are jewels. So what about the jewelry of Jenna? What about the real treasures of Jana? If the bricks and

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mortar of Jenna is this beautiful things? Then what about? What about the smallest stuff? What about the palaces agenda? We know that there'll be rivers and there'll be food and so hon Allah, Allah says, that you will have whatever is in your inner soul that you desire to eat, you will eat it without getting you know bloated, you won't feel full, you will eat for the sake of eating. And you can eat without feeling full. And you will eat without getting hungry. And the enemy This is the perhaps the one of the most beautiful ways of describing the food of Jenna. So you get to Jenna. And you'll see something which resembles something of the dunya addicted resembles that and you think

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okay, let me try this before I get to the big stuff. You know, the the main causes food striders that's over here. And when you taste it, it's nicer than anything you've experienced ever. You fasting now, so I wanted to buy food, right? So you think about the thing that you want the most.

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And you will taste it and will taste better than anything that you could have ever experienced. Even it's you know, mind boggling. And then you have a second one because you always have seconds, and it tastes even nicer than the first and the third is even better than the second and so on. It just gets better and better each time you engender. And every day there's something new on the menu, something your mind couldn't even experience and you will just enjoy eating and drinking.

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Behind a lot the clothing of the people of the province of Santa was once gifted by a king. A beautiful quilt something that was so amazing the Sahaba they were mesmerized they were like rubbing is what is this? I've never seen material like this before. And the problem is are you really impressed by this? Well, I the tissue paper of Solomon was a great companion. The thing that cybil if you were to blow his nose agenda, you don't blow your nose, if you would, you would you would basically wipe yourself with is way more precious than this. So what about the clothing of the people of gentlemen, young people, some of some of you, maybe those upstairs you can think of a

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wardrobe right and you open up and you're all these garments and vinyl, I get asked this I give a presentation on gender you meet all these things, any questions? The system boots up, I don't have to wear hijab in Ghana. No, you don't have to wear hijab in general, there's no hijab anymore. There's no halal and haram in the movies just reward whatever you want you get whatever you want to wear whatever you want to drink is for you. There's no limits. There's no Subhan Allah fasting and hi gentlemen, gentlemen, you will have servants behind the law you will have servants just looking at them will be like the most beautiful you so you will take time just looking at the servants which

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Allah has given you looking at it's amazing the servants these will walk around being you stuff behind Allah, they will look like jewelry scattered poles. And we said the sounds of Jenna the palaces of Jenga. The palaces of general be like massive estates, they will basically be worlds upon themselves. You will see your friends Jenna, like a star in the distance. That's how much Jenna and that's Fatima Jenna, we're going to go visit one day right we'll get the one of us that we can go and visit. So behind Allah, the professor explains that you will see each other's mentions like far distant palaces and you will have an opposite is this for the MBA? Is this for the pious people say

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no, these are for the normal Muslims. This is for everybody. The palaces that you will see such amazing things. And on thrones, and we said the highest palace of gentleness agenda has levels Jenna has labeled the highest Gentle, gentle few those and the roof of gentle itself is the throne of Allah. So Jen as the roof is the throne of Allah meaning nothing above that. So behind Allah is even shopping in general. People say gentle Sounds Sounds nice, but it sounds a bit boring. I'm eating and drinking and relaxing is a fun things to do. Yes, mahana lots of fun things to do. Yo Muffy sugar. In fact, even Allah says they will be busy with fun things. They will be busy with amusement.

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They'll be busy with entertainment in general. Once a hobby car Rasulullah solum. I love to form now Jenna, everything is on tech. So there's no need to form. But I like farming. I like gardening Can I form in general for you, you can form if you want, you can form and you can always and you can plant if that's what gives you joy and hamdulillah a brother asked me when I get to Hika Hika. Now maybe for me, hiking is like an adverb of Jana, we have to hike forever in eternity, this man's gender was likely to I can see new things every single day, every single day, there'll be some new place to visit some new mountain range every single moment is something new to explore. A new place to hike,

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even as we said, is a shopping market in general. Not that you need to buy anything but just the experience of shopping and you won't be dragged that shopping market. If you don't want to that's not for you, then you won't have to be dragged to the shopping market. But those who would like to shop, window shop, whatever it might be, they will be a place like this.

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And Savonarola as we said,

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What is amazing about Jenna, which is the entertainment Allah doesn't give all the details. He only mentions the things which we love the most food, drink clothing, those are the beautiful things in the dunya scenery, palaces. He doesn't go into detail all because as it says, whatever your heart desires you will get and more than that your imagination will be exhausted, you won't be able to think at one point that is really interesting for me that different people do want you know one person when he is the food that see so that's what I want. When someone else says it hears about it. That's what I want. My agenda is just a bunch of mountains and other ones gender is just a buffet.

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We'll talk about the whole line for many of you. That's your agenda. But for me the thing that stands out what's amazing. I say this I must have said to you before what you don't have an agenda, you sleep. You don't have sleeping Jenna. Now, for those of you who can relate or those of you who are parents, you know a reward is sleep. If I ask you what is the best thing I can give you just give me a few hours of sleep. Like one thing when I get to Jana, the first like 1000 years I'm just gonna sleep. recover.

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right because it's a it's a blessing to sleep. It's so good to sleep. But in general, you have infinite amount of time, but there's no limit in time. You won't sleep. Why won't you sleep you know when you're not awake. And you don't have enough time to see everything. Sleeping becomes now a burden. I have to sleep I have to take a break. If I didn't need to sleep I will spend the whole time on the beach wave it might be now Jenna. There's so much to do. Even though you have unlimited time. There is no time for sleep, so no one is going to sleep in general.

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It is just continuous pleasure. And you have infinite time, which means you can't get to see everything in general with unlimited time. That's how fun Jenna is. And of course, Jenna will not be Jenna. You can't be on the beach holiday and have the best buffet and have the nicest clothing if you're alone. Part of the reward is companionship, we know are perhaps the greatest reward the second greatest reward, not the greatest. The second greatest is sharing it with someone that you love. Even our father Adam, he was in general, but it was incomplete without our mother. However, he was not fully happy until he had even agenda. So Allah sees the promises, they will be no person no

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personal intergender and be single, you will be partnered up either Alhamdulillah your love story continued, and your wife, your husband, your pies together you suffered in the dunya. And so you will have to be together in Jannah. Even some of you may be the sisters were the relatives Yeah, I thought even I thought this was for in Islam, no to use the report. But in Genesis vahana law, you'd want to be with that spouse, and you will be beautiful. You will be in your your height of beauty. Now we know what the whole in these beautiful companions that are that are the for the men and also for the women as mentioned as well, that when you look at them, they are so perfect, that you will

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just stay out of your mind shuts down when you see them. But remember something to think about these hudl in women, they are the servants of gender. You are the VIP meaning that white foot booth with the cane, what's the agenda, she is higher than that hudl in so when you look at the crow lane, which is amazing. When you look at your wife, Fatima, Allah, she outshines the whole lanes of Angela, why because she's from the dunya she's agenda. She did not work to get the and it will just be enjoyment. And when Subhanallah you visit one another will get to sit and talk about the dunya will laugh about the things that we will but that we fought over in the dunya that we all get how

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silly we were. And then we'll think Yeah, Allah Allah has brought us to this, how we suffered that one Ramadan 2019 I forced myself and now look where I am. You will remember the days of the dunya Subhan Allah, the prophet Allah says, the person who is the most miserable, the most miserable person of the dunya and had the worst life he will be dipped in Jannah for just a second and taken out just to taste from the joy that a level asked him. Have you ever experienced? Have you ever known sadness or sorrow, anything, you also have never known an emotion like sadness. Just feeling generally for one second was so amazing that you forgot what sadness even felt like what hunger felt

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like Subhanallah Well, he that he co founded an office in Bhutan soon. So Allah says, And for that, hurry and work hard for it, make that extra contribution. And Allah says, no soul. And as much as I explained to you, Allah says, no soul knows that the lights would all as it as lift for you. So Allah explains, for example, the hudl in that when she looks down, if you look down, the whole universe will be lighting up. But if her fragrance were to come down everything, the whole universe will swell of a perfume. But Allah sees these things that I explained to you are just the tip of the iceberg. No soul knows the enjoyment of the eyes, which has hidden for them, it would what they did,

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you don't fully know the extent that I have lived for you. The prophets of Salaam as we mentioned the genders or levels, even the man in the lowest level, he won't believe what he gets, and his gender will be perfect for him. But of course they are categories and there'll be no feeling of animosity I want to be on the top level No, you'll be happy with what you have, you will be comfortable to have but of course there are those who worked hard so they get the highest level of gender and they are limitless amounts of levels and absences just between one shade another shade hundreds of levels between just two

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shades so what about every other act of evader but the height of the IDI is of the highest? Because as you said even in general is a bishop school is a Clifton right? We said yeah, we even want to go Bishop labors of gender we'll get the the parking lot of gender, but the ease of Bishops court of gender as well and that gender is gender to fit those, that gender agenda to fill those this gentleman has overseas, he himself planted the seeds, he himself put every detail of agenda himself behind Allah. Can you imagine that? The fact that it's an made by Allah? How can we explain agenda like this, and it is at the highest place of gender. It's in the center of gender on the political

00:29:28--> 00:29:59

agenda. Above that is only the throne of Allah. The closest you can get to Allah is in general feitos and it's not exclusive only for the Gambia than a piece of services. If you ask us for genital photos. If you ask Allah for Jenna, don't change yourself asked for genital photos, when you make evader make you better to attain genital photos. And even if we don't get those two genital videos, if we're not a permanent resident of genital for those that have either always mentioned perhaps my most famous my favorite Hadith we know

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

I always take it back to the first week in general. chiama is a Friday, very difficult day. But I'm the lucky I'm in your intergenic It's Saturday and Jenna has time. It has days and weeks. And that partying throughout that Saturday will be so amazing because there's a feast and a banquet for all the people of Jenna now, and people will start including Jenna as they come out of Jannah. And so you've experienced Jelena for the first week, your whole in your palace, you your gardens, you've began experiencing it. And then on Friday, the first Friday of genda you get the announcement that everyone must come up for the Joomla everybody needs to come to Jenna, for those for Joomla

00:30:36--> 00:31:13

everyone, even those who don't live in fear those needs to come to general filters. And now you get to General theodosia love Joomla Why is it you are this is I thought I'm done with joumana listen to Abyan again. Remember those years of Burano lixia ally was suffering through that guy. Now again, another Joomla I thought I'm done with this. But this is a Joomla you want to attend. Because when we attend the and now all the people of Jen Neff are together in this Masjid in this it's like a valley and yes, the Gambia they will get seats of light but the rest of us will sit on the ground as you're sitting now. And now we are waiting for Allah what's going to happen and you are in general

00:31:13--> 00:31:51

for those not because maybe you don't live there, but you get to see what it's like in general fitness. And now the highlight of Jenga, and you know what, it's what's coming. You spend your life worshipping someone worshipping Allah which you can could not see fasting for the sake of Allah giving only a look and see now you spent your life hoping to reach Allah it's only be fitting that you get to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala now is the great reward as Allah says for you, oh people are rooting for you is Jenna. One moseyed and the extra and the thing better than Jenna and what is better than Jenna is this when Allah subhanho wa Taala, he himself will give the Juma He will say to

00:31:51--> 00:32:25

the people of Ghana, what more do you want people of Ghana? What more can I give you? asked me I want to give you and you will say Allah, I've asked and I've asked and I've asked, my imagination is finished, there's nothing more I can think of, and he will say, ask me more, because I want to give you and then Allah Subhana Allah will say, I will give you Are you happy with Jenna and it was a heavenly will give praise. And she couldn't say we are all happy Allah, we don't want to go back to the dunya Nothing can be better than this. So Allah says, I want to give you even better than this. Number one first thing I give you is my read one my pleasure that you know that I love basically, I

00:32:25--> 00:33:09

love you, and I'm happy with you or people of gender. And above that something which no creation is ever experienced, not even gibreel not even the province of lamb yet in this dunya had not yet experienced. So we only yearning, the voice of Allah, when we look at Allah will only see the lights, a screen a barrier of light, and then that barrier that curtain will be opened. And we get to see Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the height of reward, the height of pleasure, the height of enjoyment, that experience is only for the people of Jannah to get the use to force us to pray, to make dua to giving charity to be good to people. 30 years, 40 years, 60 years, 80 years maybe to

00:33:09--> 00:33:46

live a life like that. And in return, we get these things and more. It's worth it. But it's not easy. It's difficult, but it's worth it. And so Subhan Allah, we pray to Allah, that we reach early, but this is our beginning of our journeys here. But that's our destination. Even if we don't get there as Viola as Ramadan comes to an end and you look at your deeds you might feel is not good enough. Remember your deeds my deeds won't get us to Jenna. It's the mercy of Allah is this insanity I have with Allah. It's the effort I put in and Allah is latifi knows what if you put in one man can finished in hard times easily and other persons struggled struggle struggles, but personal struggles

00:33:46--> 00:34:25

might have more of a relationship with Allah. So don't under so what our deeds might be short, don't underestimate Allah's mercy, his push yourself to the maximum his last three, four days of Ramadan, but when it's over and done, have contentment that Allah so our deeds, and Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted them and Allah will multiply them and you will wipe away any imperfections because this was done only for the sake of Allah you didn't do this for anyone else except for last except us makes a promise our deeds and grant the time to pause quickly. So we can get to be in his company soon in general videos when we sit like this very soon. I mean there's so now just a few announcements,

00:34:25--> 00:34:59

quite a bit of announcements. Firstly, please lost not lost opportunity but now very late. Put your finger on your feet. Especially if India can go after Ramadan but Phaedra has to be done now you have to pay your Phaedra every single person here that is able to pay 40 Rand and for every member of his family that he depends on him 14 and you have to pay this and you cannot give the money to a poor person. You can give cash withdrawal you need to give food so if you want to give you know someone you'd like to give it to them buy some rice or something and give that because it's not going to be okay to give cash has to be in kind then every evening year at

00:35:01--> 00:35:41

Islam, the massage get together from hoppers 90 but of postino suppossed corpus de kamalame like to attend please join coordinate demo Soviet Burano foodora with tomorrow evening, we completed our story of surah Yusuf, this is The Chronicles of the bunny saw it and now we're going to continue the bunnies are for 500 years often abusive the story continues about the children of the BIA for those who would like to give on the day of eat, what a great thing to do to feed people eat well we enjoying we understand the other people that will watch should also enjoy 3000 and apart to feed 200 people so happy that young people you know students that messaged me and said, but Tin Can 1015 of

00:35:41--> 00:36:16

us get together and club together to a pot. Yes, can we join to make the pot even better come and make the acne yourself? Don't worry, we'll show you how to make darkening at the end. You can even make acne it's a free of charge. You get cooking classes for free. Some experts here the guys who made book athletes, they will teach you how to make acne now Noora Noora. Then on that point, the book athlete is available at the back. Last point, most important point each other, each other, so many of you are not from the area. And you'll perhaps make eat soda in your own area we'll handle and we wish you all the best food for eat. And we ask that you have a wonderful day with family and

00:36:16--> 00:36:53

friends. And we thank you for sharing that with us. As for those of us who have EDS in the book up, when we are having the good guy once again in Wall Street when hamdulillah and we support the family like the whole community of the book of gets together. But also we have those of our kids, those who have grown up in this Masjid and spent their whole life in this Masjid but now live outside they would like to also come and the old we don't want to be outside. So this Masjid will have eat sada earlier before the IT guy still in the walk. And then we encourage everyone to also join in solidarity with the industry can you have to eat salads while having dinner you can have it's no

00:36:53--> 00:37:26

problem. In fact, you can have to focus on us as the market Ninja, you would make a chai soda with an avocado salad, and he would be the Imam of ishai in his tribe with his family. So we will honor the tradition of our Marines coming here. A lot of uncles and Auntie's they don't get to see not so many Auntie's uncle's Auntie's. We encourage sisters to come as well. uncles who didn't see each other for many, many years. They only get to see each other on the day of eat, come and meet each other at the masjid. But then also we will go and meet the rest of the hookup community because we're part of a bigger a bigger community and we'll be with them for the eat solid. So our program

00:37:26--> 00:37:54

of course seven is the English lecture. The duckbill will start before that could apart seven just as Sherlock begins we'll make each other we'll have the football then we'll go to the eat get off course. And we'll also enjoy the end. So you have you know Lavanya and Ed well hamdulillah Noora Noora Noora Norwood upon light upon light, what hamdulillah and so May Allah bless all of you and us and make sips and may we all achieve later to quadricycle a hadith as salaam alaikum Salaam wa sallam