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The host of Islam's series discusses the importance of enregarding the good and evil, and the need for practice in practicing individually. They stress the importance of non- Islam enregarding the Sharia and the negative impact it has on groups. The speakers also emphasize the importance of fulfilling conditions and being a good person for the whole of Islam, including being a good person for the whole of Islam. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new episode on Islam.

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Salam Alaikum dear viewers from around the world. Welcome to the fifth episode. That's episode number five of our new and exciting series nation of goodness. That's right. mm crema booty is back. I'm back. You're back. We're back for this exciting new series if you missed the first four episodes, you don't want to miss them so get on YouTube and check them out on Islam way 71 that's Islam way 71 that's shake creams channel or other one on the law. That's mine. Don't forget to check out mem cream on his website WWE dot nets three W's dot cream abuse to check out his latest thoughts, reflections, and Friday sermons as well. Don't forget to check him out. Also on guidence

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TV he has a live fatawa show titled let's talk about it. You guys this episode. This is episode is so important. We're talking about the virtues of enjoying the good and forbidding evil and why it is important for us to do so individually and the consequences if we don't do it collectively. Shaykh Kareem thank you for being with us again for the fifth episode Islam walakum cizek aloha Ramallah qualicum salam wa sallahu barakatu salaam alaikum Dear viewers, and we're back with the important subject today. The virtues Why should we do it shake Why should I bother my people might ask you what are the virtues of this of doing this number one and number two, why should I bother myself as

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an individual to do so know Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa sallahu wa sharika why shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu ora sola My dear viewers and addressing my brothers and sisters in Islam all over the world. First of all, I think it's worthy to distinguish Malik between enjoining the good forbidding the evil, and calling people to Islam

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is a key because we don't want to disregard the fact that the overwhelming majority of our viewers are living in the West. And they are living in a non Muslim society. So I want to remove the misconception here that right here when I talked about enjoining good and forbidding evil people drinking alcohol before people smoking people committing adultery, you're not going to go around now and start doing this with non Muslim cannot do this. Okay, good. This is important. First of all,

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enjoining good, forbidding evil, or calling people to Allah. We call them mutual terms is two sides of the same, right? a mutual terms it means it's like Islam. Well, when a man is like Islam and a man if I say a Muslim or movement, if I say a Muslim, I could mean a movement. And if I say a moment, I could mean a Muslim, but if I say Muslim moment, I mean two different things. So if I mentioned them in the same context, I mean two different things exactly like Zakah and sadhaka. Again, another two terms are two words that are mutual mutual brothers and sister mean, love one Moshtarak mutual. If I say is a car, I could mean sadaqa Zakah is the 2.5%, which is the mandatory

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portion of your wealth, which is the 2.5% on your savings, provided that you own it for a year and it reaches a minimum amount. And if I say sadhaka, I could mean also the mandatory, but if I say zakka and sadhaka, then I'm saying the Academy in something, so that means something else. We have a firewall, Kali scheifele Islam, this is what Tamia says, either gitana star aka either tharaka is Tana if you mentioned them together, then their meanings are different. And if you mentioned them individually, then their meanings are the same are the same right? are combined. The same exact thing Malik would enjoining, the good forbidding the evil. If I say enjoining, good, forbidding

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evil, you know, the top of the line of evil is shake.

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So I could be calling people to hate. But if I say calling people to hate or calling people to Allah, and enjoying the good and forbidding the evil, then I have basically divided this

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meanings calling people to Allah, then you're talking about non Muslims, Christian Jews, or atheist, people who are not Muslims, then I'm calling them to Islam enjoining good and forbidding evil. This is an act that is to be done around amongst Muslims, this is important that we needed to, to shed light on shake. So in other words, if we saw a non Muslim community, many things that we consider as sinful, we wouldn't address this topic. Instead, his biggest problem is that he's not Muslim. So you want to talk to him about how he did about being Muslim? Well, first of all, I I would, that's a very good question. I'm glad I'm glad you're expounding on this, because it's really important. You

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see Malik, we have an issue in our Sharia, which was debated amongst the scholars of law school, the fundamentals of the religion from the past, are the non Muslim being addressed with the branches of the religion. Salas aka fasting hij. You know, there are evidence for both groups. But now I'm really trying to make this as simple as possible because I know I'm addressing because those who debated this issue, they really debated it in the in light of non Muslims living in a Muslim country, okay. They are the minority, right, in a Muslim country. But now we're talking about another picture the reverse diverse, Muslim minority communities, communities, Muslim minority

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people, being minorities, right? Living in a majority of non Muslim right now. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam given the description of how to go about this hadith Sahih Hadith ignore das or the Allahumma Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Martina Jebel Ravi Allah one when he sent him to Yemen, Yamato in Makati home and Nikita Liukin our limited Oh la la ilaha illa. So here's my ad is a minority going to a country the majority of that winners of the population are Christian and Jews. Now he said to him, what you should do, let be the first thing that you call them to is that he La ilaha illAllah look Rasul Allah wa sallam and this hadith

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he actually says that in home Elijah book, if they answer you, if they accept that from you, if they say la ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, then talk to them about the Salah. He said, then talk to them about the Salah, then talk to them about the Zika then talk to them about the rest of the religion. Right. So again, the issue, but again, I don't want some of the viewers to think I'm walking on the debate that happened amongst the jurists from the past specially allowed or sued, that are non Muslims who are living in a Muslim community, non Muslims who are minority Jews and Christians, of course, Jews and Christians living in a country like Egypt for example, they are the

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minority, are they obliged to follow the branches of the religion? Are they addressed by the branches of the religion or not? You know what both groups they have evidence callooh masala, comfy soccer, Toulon akumina Masoli, this is an evidence for those who say that the non Muslims who are living in a large Muslim community right they are the minority are addressed by the practice of the religion. Pull in Nana and abbatial Miss Luca Muha La Ilaha Illa de creme de la he was tough a few who look why a little machine woe to the Muslims who are those who are Muslim people who do not implement our hate people who are not more headin Allah Dena la you tonight Zika Zika is a branch of

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a religion a branch not the fundamental. So strong proof for so I want to say that both groups once it comes whether the non Muslims minority who are living in a Muslim community or not are addressed by the branches of the religion or not. Beside the hate. Both groups do have evidence but for sure we have a good ground to say that if you are a minority, Muslim minority living in a non Muslim, non Muslim majority communities, the first thing that you have to call people to Islam, Allah Allah Allah, then answering your question medic, if you see a Christian Jew, non Muslim doing

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all these things that are sins in our religion, don't even address it. You're supposed to talk to them about the heat based on Hadith Martina Jabba or the Lacan. They said it is a road map. It's the blueprint. It is the blueprint for us. So, in this episode, we want to talk about the virtues of doing so. And why as an individual, I should do it why should I bother myself with doing

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So can we talk a little bit about the virtues of enjoying the good and forbidding the evil? Well, if we begin by saying, if we're talking about enjoying good and forbidding evil, and our together around one package, one package,

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the best of the virtues of this, that this is the work of the messengers and the prophets. Who did this before you, who call people to Allah to tauheed, who call people to abandon sins, and do righteousness and pi and do righteous deeds and good deeds Who did this? So, if you do it enough that you belong to that caliber of people, right? You're following the footsteps of the messengers and the prophets. Isn't that sufficient?

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Also, you belong to the rank of the believers. When Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about the believers in sola Toba, while Muna while Minato ba Alia OVA, ya una bella rufio and how Nana Mancha and the delever men and women are friends are supporters are helpers of one another how they do it. They enjoy what is good, they forbid what is evil, that you see your brother, you see your sister doing something wrong? You go there using the etiquettes using the steps that you must take which we will explain and shed more light on in that series. In doing so. Look when Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the hypocrites which is the total contrary here to the believers, while munaf Yoku

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navall munakata Babu min look Yeah, moon, moon car

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and the hypocrites males and females, they are like one another, look what they do they enjoy an evil.

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Why and how Luna an evil man

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and they forbid good, the exact opposite of the opposite. So, basically, if you see evil, and if you do not do something about it, you could fall into this category into that category. So this is something that is important act to this Malik at the end of the day. fi asahiyama Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, men there are illa houda if you call people to a path of guidance, a path of guidance, can Allah who miss Lu Drury mentor Dr. hula kusuda he came in oh god him Sharia, he will receive the reward of those who did it.

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So if you find a Muslim brother or a Muslim sister, and you end up basically

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guiding them to pray, advising them to pray, getting them to pray you every time that they pray, or you take a reward for this without them losing the reward. No, you receive similar reward. That's the Hadith. Muslim manda Ilaha the meaning of the Hadith is as follows. If you call people to guidance, and they do it, because of you, every time that they do this act, they receive a similar reward

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like they receive without them losing the reward and that should be enough motivation for all all of us shouldn't. Why why all of us are gonna come end up to be in the skill of the one the profit is in one pair and all of us are in the other side because of this constant because of this

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because a lot of people you know, they come and say I would like to do something for the Messenger of Allah. If you really want to do something for yourself or for yourself do no do what he commanded you to do. Okay because every time that you do what the prophet sallallahu wasallam commanded you to do, you will benefit to the middle middle of your train of thought we're gonna go to a quick break and come back and continue this important topic you guys at home if you want to hear more from

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interesting and very important topic well then stay tuned.

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whispers of Satan

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leading you to a dead

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but there is a way out

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Welcome back you guys so the second segment of Episode Five of human criminal budget, our new series nation of goodness, we're talking about why the virtues the virtues of enjoying the good and forbidding the evil and why should we do that? as individuals, it's important say cream. Thank you for your thoughts and your comments in the first segment, and the second second, we just want to continue and get the people more the virtues give them a good understanding about why they should be doing this noble task jozek Aloha,

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Salaam Alaikum. Dear viewers, Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, wa shadow Anna, Mohammed Abdullah. So in a way the viewers were, we're trying to motivate you, why should you do this act? Because I'm telling you, it's a troubling act. For a lot of us. It's not easy. It's not simple. But sometimes, if you learn about the virtues, why you should do it. Normally it motivates you right, excellent point and that's what we're trying to do. We mentioned number one, that you follow the footsteps of the prophets and the messengers This is very important, because that's what they did. You belong to the rank of the believers and you

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take yourself away from the rank of the hypocrites because hypocrites they enjoy evil the exact opposite. Yeah, but but believers the enjoying good forbid evil based on the verses and sola Titova. And we mentioned about the the rewards that if you get somebody

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to do what you're directing them to do, you will receive a similar reward. As a matter of fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned that this reward is tremendous. Call it Allah La Hira, Fie Katia, Cathy radmin najwa home Ella men MRR. MRR MRR and then Allah specifies a lemon Mr. Ravi sada katene our ma roof in our in vainness. Basically the meaning of the verse in Surah Nisa, there is no benefits in any mumbling that you do in any talk secret talk that you do. Okay? Accept that which you enjoy in South Africa enjoying, tell somebody to give sadaqa charity or enjoying good or you try to fix relationships amongst people, our Islam. Look at this woman your file valey kaptivo amaravati

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la fere sofern t agilon Avi Ma. And if you do this, seek in the reward from Allah sincerity, that what it means marotti law seeking the pleasure of Allah, this is a term fie sebelah all of these are terms which indicate that you must do this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you're not showing off you're not doing this because you're forced to know you're seeking the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah says, No tea, add your NaVi ma This person will review we will reward him with a great reward. Well, and now if you do not need that reward, and the one who is rewarding is Allah Rest assured, it is huge, huge rewards, right? As a matter of fact, when you enjoy and good and

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forbid evil forgot to mention this. We're listening now the virtuous Malik, you then fulfill the condition which qualifies you to the fact that you belong to the best oma remember at the very beginning we said well, don't hire our own nothing. Oh frigidly NASS excellent and amadablam. haka bothered Omar say Malik. Do you remember if you want the beginning of the verse, you must fulfill what the conditions which are mentioned in this verse, you are the best oma the best Omar the Muslims. You are from the best oma ever brought out for mankind. Why? You enjoy what is good, you forbid what is it's all tactical, it's all tied together. It's you're not the best owner because of

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your race because you were born a Muslim? No, because you do these three condition you fulfill these three conditions. This is a very important aspect as well. Allah subhanaw taala braised the people who do this lady Susa min Lil kitabi omoton kar Emma. Yet Luna I Tila he Anna la lumias judoon. You mean una bella. He will do me a favor. Why? Yeah, Muna bill now when

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you see Allah subhanaw taala in our Quran just to show you the fierceness the

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fairness of, of the Quran presenting the history of the Jews and the Christians. Allah mentioned that there is some of them, or the majority of them who did not enjoin good and forbid evil and what they earn as a result of this Alon work toward the law in alladhina cafaro min Danny benissa Isla Allah Allah Sangeeta Udo is apne Maria Valley Kadena. So what can we do? kanuda tena una among can follow. Basically the overall meaning of the verse, Allah Subhana diversas Allah subhanaw taala cursed the disbelievers from the children of Israel, Jews and Christians on the tongue of their messengers and prophets. They are rude and why they would not enjoy and God forbid if that's the

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majority of them. But at the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that out of them also, they were people who would braid the hair at night, people who raise into race in doing goodness, and amongst the things that they would do, they would enjoy and good and forbid evil. Ladies who's our main activity Tabby on metal Halima Malik also Rasul Allah, Allah Solomon's, just to show you that it is an act of worship, enjoying the good and forbidding evil brothers and sisters in Islam is an act of worship is a bad Hadith I'd be very, very early Allah one will have it as a non Muslim,

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the poor of the Muslims, they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and they said Dr. Sewell, Allah, O Messenger of Allah, they had to do foolery. billu

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the wilfy of the Muslims, they got all the rewards, right? You see the Wolfie at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and that's easy. That's a very important benefit out of this. They used to worship Allah like the poop. So the poor became jealous. Yasuo Allah they got old very old they pray like we pray they fast like we fast that goes to the wealthy and the rich and the old man Oh, I don't you shouldn't be doing this law look, but at the same time, they have money to give sada the food they don't. That's what the complaining about. You see that the poor of the Muslims are saying they are complaining about this fact that yet they are fasting why we're fasting. They fast Mondays

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and Thursdays they do that night, they pray all the Salawat but they have wills to give sadaqa if it's unfair their welfare, then also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comforted giving them comfort. And he said, What about this? Anything that you do? Don't get a sadhaka if you smile, don't you get a sadhaka? If you say Subhana Allah don't you get a sadhaka? If you say Alhamdulillah don't you get a sadhaka? If you say Allahu Akbar, don't you get a sadhaka if you say la ilaha illAllah don't you get a sadhaka and if look at this now, if you enjoy in good shape, this is what we're looking for. We're coding the whole hurry for this. And if you enjoy and good and forbid evil, didn't you get a soda?

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There we go. Didn't you get a hustler? Ha, you're directing people to up to Allah subhanaw taala. As a matter of fact, Malik the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentioned the Muslim and Hadith Sahih Hillel sonnet that fit natto Raja Li Fei Li, Li, Li, Li Li any shortcoming that you have once it comes to you dealing with your children, with your wife, with your neighbor with your coworker? Hmm. Sometimes we end up doing saying something that fitness if you flunk that fitness, if you end up saying something or doing something that is unfair to any of those, of course you still have to settle it with them. But guess what took a few ha it will be expanded by enjoying and good and

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forbidding evil. One of the things that will explain that sin for you that you enjoy in good and forbid evil. So all of these

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add to this one I am Solon Allahumma Yun Soto, enjoying and good and forbidding evil qualifies you to receive victory from Allah Subhana Allah.

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In Allah Allah.

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Allah will give victory to anyone he wills to give victory to Indeed Allah is all powerful, all mighty, who are those who are those who qualify to receive your help to be victorious in earth alladhina innokin whom fell out of the car masala

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zeca amaru will now for those whom if we empower an earth they do, they will establish the salah they will pay it as a care and they will enjoy and good and they will forbid evil as a matter of fact and Medina

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mechagnomes love the Acoma salado athletic I see that you deserve it. But in this episode he really clarified to me and crane how it is truly virtuous to enjoying the good and forbid evil in the next episode, can we tie this act of virtuousness into the wisdom behind why this act of worship is obligatory? I think you want to hit the consequences. You want to see okay? Our religion Malik is 30 per heap. If you do this, you get this. I'll give you a lollipop. But if you don't, what are the consequence? Okay, so I think we want to talk about this next episode. Okay, we will tell our thank you for your time in the cream you guys at home you guys don't want to miss you see the first five

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episodes. The Next Episode Episode Number six is talking about the consequences individually and collectively on this on this Muslim oma and individual Muslims. But what happens if we don't enjoy the good and forbid the evil so until next time, you're leaving the care of Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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