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Prophet Ibrahim And His Sacrifice

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu My brothers my sisters in Islam Welcome to the seal of the Quran and welcome to the land these beautiful months of Ramadan Alhamdulillah we have with us Surah Maryam now I must apologize to you once again yesterday was really really unwell and

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I've been suffering from a an illness called anemia which makes me extremely tired so on top of that when we fast makes me extremely tired so if in the middle of this subsidy, you hear me You hear me fall off fall asleep than this you know, to the screen. Punch me out and Sharla and I'm sure I'll wake up in Sharla depending on how strong you punch, okay, that the locket or umbrella We have with us with a seal of of this beautiful part of the Quran which talks about Ibrahim alayhis salam Rafi Rahim Allah will mentioned a little bit about Musa al Salaam right after that we'll mention a little bit about his smile, the son of Abraham, Islam right after that will have the reliable mentioned

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Idris and then with that inshallah we will stop probably around about first I believe verse number 58. Or so Subramaniam insha Allah. So let's take what Allah subhanho wa Taala robina has to tell us regarding Ibrahim. And you know, the beauty of this surah is Allah tells us a little bit about different prophets of God. And it is all about these prophets of God having a conversation with a family member, and incident that happened to them in their life, something or the other that carries great lessons for us. muslimeen. And today, our, our put on the spot and he's going to tell us about the story of Abraham, Melissa Ceylon with his father, and father was, was Amazon and other was a, a

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idol maker. Yeah, he used to make idols out of stones carved them out of wood, he would also make make idols out of clay. And he was the main guy who set up most of the idols in that village. And, you know, whenever people wanted a special idol, they would go to him and they and you know, this is we was can you imagine being born into the house of the head priest? Or, you know, the main disbeliever? Can you imagine, it's a bit like being born to I don't know, the king of a country, you're the prince of a country, or you are you're born into the main proponent of a alternative view other than Islam. So you have a really big challenge, a big challenge, because not only are you then

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brought up upon that, upon the disbelief, but a certain type of behavior is expected from you a certain type of morality a code of conduct is expected from such a human being. Because any What is the use of you being born into a particular family that you then go against what your father is upon, especially if your father is very polarized on one issue, then to find the son totally against that is very odd. And so, you know, Ibrahim was born into this family. What a test already Yeah, already been born into a family of disbelief. Whereas how many of us will hamdulillah are blessed to have parents that are righteous and pious, and that encouraged us to do good whether it's Ibrahim

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was born into a house that were the enemies of God. So let's take this, this, these verses, so verse number 42 4041, and onwards, what Corfield kita and remind in the book, meaning dementia, the story of Abraham, of the friend of Allah, Ibrahim Allah subhanaw taala. In Nauvoo, Casa de Pon nebia he was in Sham, and he was born into this family and he was indeed as a deep a truthful person, maybe and a prophet of God. And so the words deep has been used to mention him. What does that mean? So that means the one who knows the truth and attests to it. So abubaker was called said because he knew the truth which is Mohammed says Salaam and then he attested to the truthfulness of Mohammed

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Salah even before two people told him

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you know, Abu Bakar was known to not to have said that if Mohammed said it and it's true, sort of Salah right? He didn't even wait to hear what Mohammed says him said. He just said did the Prophet says something? Yes, that is true. Because a prophecy doesn't lie. This is the prophets of Salaam. So this also here Abu Bakar is a testament to the truthfulness of Mohammed Salah whatever comes from the word from the mouth of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, this is why he was acidic. And we know that Allah Azza de la Marche, why because they know the truth, and then they attest to his truthfulness. Or they know if it's an or if it's in the sooner that they attest to his truthfulness, even before

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they hear what it is. And that is what they are. And that's why in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that in Allah

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Armando verily those who believe magnetic anomaly will be with those that Allah has has blessed minister dipping firstly mentioned him then the dean with the prophets, then alum innocence was detained and with the those who are so deep, then Shahada, then the martyrs was solid pain and the righteous ones will have to not rely on a beautiful group that is, so here in these verses, Allah mentions the appeal before the martyrs Did you notice? Allah mentioned to him for the martyrs meaningless? He will have greater joy than the martyrs? The question is, who are this is the thing. And it is for this reason why a Saudi Rahim Allah says, Allah said the porn and the lemma therefore

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carry the same legacy of inheritors of the prophets of God. Therefore, there has to be code before that, because the prophets of Goddess of the moon, they left behind the sin, Allah have trusted that said, and then they attest to his truthfulness of the other set the tone as well, along with the prophets of God. So therefore, we find that Allah has a greater honor than the Mujahid that has died the cause of Allah. And if you think about it, why should knowledge not have greater pleasure than Jihad? Because at the end of the day, what tells you the greatness of the other does? l tell you the greatness of jihad, that does Jihad tell you the greatness of a it is a love that has the greatness

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of jihad. So how can the one that tells you the greatness of something else be lesser? Is it the scholar who calls the wijaya that the Mujahideen calls a scholar? It's the scholar who calls the vj to his battle. And so as a result, the scholars must be greater That is why my brothers and sisters love, the greater Jihad you can fight today is gaining knowledge is becoming a scholar of Islam. And that is exactly what you and I should strive to do. Learn the deen learn in detail, learn it in specifics, learn it very well, until you become an island who is the island The one whose knowledge is more than his ignorance, who is an island, the one who continuously spends his whole life gaining

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knowledge about Allah subhanho wa Taala, and then preaching it to others. This is the island, who is the island, the one who acts upon the knowledge that he has. So these are all the definitions I've been given by scholars about who allameh are. And that is exactly what we should try and be be comfortable with the thing in Hokkaido de panavia. Verily, he was a truthful person, as a deep and an obedient prophet of God. If he when he said to his father, yeah, avati. So here, Allah is gonna teach us how prophets of God despite the fact that they may be enemies of God, they are extremely gentle with their parents. But here, Allah is going to tell us about the levels of speaking now,

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this is critical. And I want to point this out to you. When my patient comes to me, and I'm an emergency specialist in Australia, when my patients come to me and says, I smoke and I want to convince him not to smoke, right? I want to convince my patients not to take drugs, not to smoke not to harm themselves in some way or the other. How do I do it? How do I do it? Well, we are taught to speak in different levels, you don't go straight to the highest level, you start at the lowest level, have you considered the harms of smoking? Have you considered what could happen to you in 10 years time? Where do you think you will be? If you continue smoking in 10 years time? What is so

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good about smoking? And what is so bad about smoking? Right? So this is level one, level two is, for example, a bit more harder than that?

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Have you considered the harm, that you're causing to yourself? The problems that you're causing the heart problems, the cancer that could that could be erupting in your body? Have you considered how many other people like your children through passive smoking, who you might be actually affecting their heart and their heart system and then giving them heart attacks a lot earlier than they meant to be? Have you considered that? Have you considered

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you know, direct, this is almost direct, right? level three, last one, I think you need to really stop smoking, if you don't do that you're gonna die. That's level three, you don't say direct in your face. This is gonna This is what's gonna happen. Take it. Yeah, this is level three, don't go to level three. Level Three is, is when you have exhausted level one, level two, right? So there's different levels. And so here, Allah is going to teach us how Abraham went to his father with different levels. This is very important when you speak and give advice, you must follow level one, then two, then three, don't jump straight away to level three, because then you will actually make

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your doubt counterproductive. Okay? And why? You know, why scratch your skin off when all you have to do is just, you know, throw the dirt off right, and he approach each problem with an appropriate solution. Don't approach each problem with the maximum solution or the maximum difficulty or maximum

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hardship right? approach each problem with the appropriate solution that is called justice. So don't do something beyond what is required do something at the level that it is required. Okay? So Allah says, If Allah Abraham will finally be here when he said to his father, at my dear father Lima, taboo, why do you worship mala? Yes, man, Walla, Walla, yovani and kashaya that which does not hear that which does not see that which does not help you with anything, okay, level one. So you're worshipping this. So why do you smoke? Why do you take drugs? Why do you worship other than Allah? The one who cannot answer you, the one who doesn't listen to you, the one who can't even help you,

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you know, so level one, okay, level one conversation. Then he said, your ability in Nicaragua or the middle Elmi bilabial,

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ticka salata, we announced a bit more harder, a bit more harder meaning now you're going to say that you know what, you're a little bit wrong, you actually are wrong, you got to realize that you're wrong. And the proof of that is that knowledge has come to me and I know more than you Okay, so you ever to my father in need. Verily, I have caught the journey it has come to me, mainly from the knowledge Mathematica that which has not come to you for a better name. So So follow me.

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I will guide you Serato Silvia to the straight path now. Can you imagine the sun saying this to the Father, and especially a father, who is now well established in his disbelief is now the main guy, the whole whole tribe that makes the idols? So can you imagine how difficult that Satan would be? Now the next level? The next level of level three, level four is going to go? Yeah, but de la Budi shaitan. Direct, to not worship shaitan it's not like, why did you notice level one was why are you doing it? Now? It is, do not do it. You know? So yeah, Abba de la Budi shaitan. level higher. Or my father do not watch the shaitan in Russia, Tanaka lira man, I'll see ya. Verily, verily. shaitan is

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to the man to Allah azza wa jal. I'll see ya a disobedient slave. And finally, even harder than that, don't worship sighted. Now, because you continue to worship later. I'm afraid you're gonna go to either you're gonna be punished. So last last level, your ability, again, starting of apathy, apathy, apathy, you can say Abbey, which is my father, but apathy means my beloved father. So Abraham maintains his composure, his respect, even though his advice is getting harder and harder and harder. Yeah. Because he's not changing. You see? He's told them why. And then there's a changing. He's trying to make him think not changing. That he's told them look, I've got knowledge,

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you should listen to me not listening. Now I was told him you really want to be treated still like Who the hell are you? Then the next level is like, man, if you let them listen to Dad, I'm really afraid you're gonna, you're going to really get it from Allah. So the last one is your ability on my father in a powerful, verily, I'm afraid I am a woman or a man, that the punishment from the Lord Most High, the Most Merciful, Allah will touch you for the Quran, Allah shaytani Walia, then you will indeed become a helper of shaitaan. Yep. And that is a last thing that he says to his father. Because that is the height, you know of your advice. You can't go beyond that. Beyond beyond that is

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to hate. You know, you can't do that to your dad. So did you notice how Ibrahim

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went levels and levels, and this is the hikma that we need in our guys, we need to get everyone and speak to them at their level, we have to start at the lowest level go to the highest what was the thing that's important, as I was doing other things as well, that was wrong. He was not only doing the idols, he was doing other things that were wrong as well, right? Because gopher leads to other sins as well, doesn't it? But Abraham didn't focus on that he focused on the main evil, because he focused on Main evil that will solve the problem. That's why when you want to give power to somebody, ask yourself, Am I focusing on the most important problem? Or am I focusing on other

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things, we have to really focus on the most important problem that that is there. So if your friend doesn't pray, he also doesn't give the cut. And he hasn't gone for hygiene, which one are you going to concentrate on focus on the prayer because without the presence that and hygiene, and without that, you know, any other X ray bother about it. So focus on the center. And that is the way of prioritizing so prioritize. Start at the lowest level, be gentle before your heart. But do also remember you should go hard as well. Don't say okay, I told him why and why he didn't pay attention. No. You have to continue on, continue on, continue on until you might even have to be quite direct.

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You might have to do that, even to your parents be direct, because Abraham was showing how to do it. But even with direct advice

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You can be gentle, because you can easily start off that vise with a soft kind word, my beloved father, so you can hug him, you can be you can sit next to your mom, give her a kiss in her hand, Mom, I really need to speak to you about something, Mom, you gotta stop doing Viva mom, you've got to stop doing it once you've got to level two or three already says that earlier on, say mom. So let's say your mom does leave or for example, you have to be loved. We know a lot of people have this problem. So start with the lowest level. Mom, want to have a chat with you. Have you really thought about how we have spent a lot of the time in Ramadan. perhapses other things that we could

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have done, instead of sitting together and discussing about other people and the issues that they have? Do you think we could have spent this time talking about Allah His messenger? So that's level one.

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You know, I was reading the other day in the book that anyone who does Riba, then they really might be in danger of losing their faith. There's their fasting, and an authentic hadith. The Prophet son passed by a few people that were making labor and then he gave them a bucket, and he said, vomit in it. And the vomited. And these people are fasting, the vomited, and what came up was blood and meat. And then he said, this is the meat and the blood of the people even eating since the morning to enviva. And they will just have an imagine, imagine as less of the Sahaba how more important is it for us to not deliver that level three, we must stop river in the month of Ramadan to do Heba is a

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deception of the shaitaan and how many sins are we earning? We could be invalidating our facts, ma'am, let's not make it even then level four. We carry on this way that our fasting is invalid and Allah will not accept our fast I am sure of that. We have to stop right now. Do any labor which was good to the people who have done it but to speak, speak good about them and never to return back to the baggage level four. Do you see that? So I've started the same advice and started gentle and then I went off to the highest do not go to the highest straightaway start at the gentle inshallah.

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What do you say? What is the father say in response? Wha

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to Abraham, Abraham, I use are you routed? Are you seeking other gods other than your gods or Ibrahim? Meaning these are the same gods that that other type to bring up Abraham upon? So are you looking for other gods? Let ylim tanta, hey, if you don't stop larger

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and larger man, that means I will most definitely stone you or punish him when he hit you. And here he says that will mostly do it with a lot of things. First is love love.

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Which is the larger the lab lab is that key. Then our German nada, no known of

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it as well. Or joumana. Okay, our joke, he could have said a joke. But he said joumana

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Okay, so that's the low known attack key, which means most definitely, so he has definitely said that he has is totally intolerant of Ibrahim doesn't want to hear his advice anymore, and most definitely punishing you. And he did that with the alarm at front and also the noon and also the curb which is you so directing it at you This is the third front of the teeth third form of definiteness that you must differentiate so therefore,

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you know any other speech to him was too tough. He's made up his mind heart is closed. What more can you say? So what does the prime say? Why? He continues and he says why journey, Malaya and and go away from me immediately go away from it immediately or journeymen go far away from immediately What did you say? Or Solomonic okay Peace be upon you that. So he ends his conversation with respect, started with respect he ends up respect Solomonic May peace be upon you. So I start with euro locker Robbie, I will most definitely ask Allah for forgiveness for you. And this was a mistake. We Brian wanted supersalon but Allah quotes in making this mistake, because at the end of the day, he thought

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that that that he could he could still make the Toba tutorial on him after his father. But obviously Allah forbade him from making Toba for his father, because his father had already made up his mind to not worship anyone but his own idols. So I started rugby, in the haka, and I'll be happy. Verily with me, he is very gentle and kind with me, Allah is very gentle and kind and inshallah will answer my door. But Allah corrected him because it was inappropriate to be made for a mistake, who does not want to change then He continued, why does he look home and I will do is to leave and go away. So as you look up, so I will definitely leave you and go away warmer to their own. I mean, don't let that

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which you worship other than Allah will be and I will call upon Allah as a as an akuna with why you're a bishop here.

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So that perhaps I will not be a rejected from the door of my Lord. Yeah, so that my doors are not rejected and they are accepted by Allah subhana wa tada akuna Vito Illa be Shafi in a beautiful Yeah. So he's already said I'm going to leave you, I'll do exactly what you're saying, but I am going to carry on my path. So he's made his path very clear. This is really critical, because it shows that he's not from his family. And that's why brothers and sisters if you haven't made him at all, in one sense of the other even to leave one part of the city that is more evil and going to the better part of the city or going around the masjid or moving cities or moving countries, going from

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a bad country to a better country. And if we are doing the opposite, which is we're doing going for holidays, not from our place to just another simple place like a wilderness. No, we're doing holidays to Las Vegas or doing holidays to Hawaii or we're doing holidays to Gold Coast in Australia which is full of fitna. This is inappropriate, he is leaving a place of fitna going to a lesser place of fitna and lesser Hara, or better, better good, whereas our holidays these days we look we seek our places of fit and that is incorrect is going as the whole principle of hegira to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So therefore, Ibrahim makhija from his family filamentous Allah whom that when he

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did f dissolve him and he stayed away from them, what Maria, Nila and what they worship other than Allah will have an Allah who is half away. Then we gave him a gift, and the Heba we gave him was his heart.

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And we gave him his How can you poke his heart was his son from from his heart kamya, who the grandson of Prophet Ibrahim on his first lap. So did you see, when Allah gave him Allah gave him the reward after he did his deed, not just his desire to do so. So you might be intending to go to a better place or to do his euro, to Muslim country, for example, but you have yet to do it. That's why the agenda is yet to come do it, then expect the reward to come do the action you cannot simply do something in your heart and expect the reward to come it will not happen until you do the deed. Right? Well, cool. And john and Abby and from the blessings of Allah is we made both of them which

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is your book and his heart, his heart, the sun, and then they are probably more be made both of them may be a prophet of God, what will happen level Mira Medina, and we bless them from our mercy was homeless and I said the pain at the end we gave them Lisa said, a tongue that speaks only the truth, Ali and the highest of words are Shama blessings of Allah, upon the progeny of Ibrahim, when Abraham was righteous looked after his progeny. So if you want a lot to look after your children, make them into righteous scholars and allamah because no more can be made into prophets of God but they can still be made into Alabama JD and into philanthropists and into hard our workers if you want that to

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happen, it can only happen if you repent to Allah become righteous, if you become righteous inshallah, Allah will look after your children, make them better inshallah. Yeah, and that's what I pray for. I look at my children and I look at my seven kids, and my five girls, two boys, and I say Mashallah, my children, I have to be good for you. If I am good, Allah will make you good, if I am bad law will overlook your health overlook you and and let you go, go and destroy yourself. Like, what perfil kita Musa and remember in the book Musa Alayhi, Salatu was solid.

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And most of course, was meticulous, he was the chosen one. So it's not more or less, more or less is the one who has last year for the door of his last move loss is the one upon whom the the the floss has done so upon whom Allah chooses, that is McCloskey. devere Moosa was Alisha, Tesla was lost, meaning he was chosen in Hokkaido, la song What? Ghana Sudan, Libya, and he was also the messenger and a prophet from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What are they know? And what and you know, when I hear about Muslims and Islam being Mukhlas, you know, he was bookless throughout his life. Allah chose him at his, at his birth, told him to be thrown into the Nile saved him to the tyrant, the tyrant

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then paid the mother to look after the son, then, then, you know, taught him everything they knew, and looked after him so Subhanallah You know, when we think about this,

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how Allah chose musasa salaam is really amazing. With the fact that Moosa had a big stutter, he had a stutter, and so it's panela masalas with a celeb ne was with Allah subhanho wa Taala McCullough son, chosen despite his despite that

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Problem of speaking. And that just shows you doesn't matter what disability you have, Allah can choose you to whether you're blind is to be a scholar of Islam, you are deaf, you can still be a recycler of the poor and Allah can choose you or no kind of mu claassen Wakanda Rasulullah Nabi

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Where are we, I think have misplaced? Yes, what complicate Alamosa indelicato kluson wacana Rasulullah NaVi and he was a real soul and a prophet of God, when are they

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unable to recall the map from the mountain of thought, which is a beautiful mountain and a holy sacred mountain, in Egypt, in, in Medina, I'm sorry, which is in in Sham. And we call them out from this from this journey with Toad

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during a manner and the right side of this mountain of thought.

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And we brought him closer to our safety will have the law who will mattina and we blessed him from our mercy of our who Haruna via his brother, as a prophet, Prophet as well. So he was a messenger. But Harun was a prophet of God, what perfil kita is my and remind in the book is my aunt who has a smile. His smile is a son of Abraham and his daughter Ceylon from his wife hijab, who was a slave go to the to the prime minister said that he married her, and then hydrolysis lamphead is smiling from smile came, lots of prophets of God will hamdulillah and we know from the story that last last messenger, Ibrahim has left her job on the plains of barren plains of Makkah. And then from the

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barren plains of McDowell hamdulillah hotjar said, Did Allah order you to do this? He said, Yes, Allah ordered me to do this to leave hajra here to leave Ibrahim and hajat here to smile and Haji here so that he just said then Allah will never leave us alone. So as you know, hajia kept on running and running. Because Ibrahim was smile was thirsty, then suddenly isms and water came out. And that was a sign of debacle of her job. And it ran to the salon from that the tribal Joe home took, took the accommodation in Makkah, and will hamdulillah the bird circled around and the animals came and will have their landmark and became a place of dwelling. from them spine started to grow.

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He married a lady from the travel journal. Then Abraham came to visit him once from from Egypt, did not find a smile found that the wife was not very cooperative and kind and told a smile to change his his doorknob, so he understood that there was a command from his father to divorce his wife, he divorced his wife, and then he married the second one. And we have the law. This time, Abraham came again and found his wife to be very gentle and kind and told him to keep his donor humble. And so he kept the donor. And so we'll have the donor meaning the thing that protects his household, so a wife was meant to be the protector of your household, right? So it's almost like the lock that protects

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others from looking inside your house. And that is why you know he was resembled to the doormat or the door doorknob.

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the third time Brian came back to Makkah, then his mind had grown up. And this time they both decided the father and son to build a house full of lasagna. And so they built a house for Allah subhana wa kalambaka. Before all of this, and before they were sent off to Makkah, Allah last messenger tells us the story. Allah subhanaw taala tells the story of Israel when he was going to be slaughtered, right. And that story is going to come up in sha Allah.

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And it's going to come up in sha Allah in the Quran. And the story is where Abraham is told to slaughter his son in his dream. And we know that the when he does that is my response in a very positive way, even though he was only 10 years old. Also the volume I mentioned, he was pre puberty. And so his mother dressed him up, took him his father took him on that fateful day and tried to stop him by by cutting in here the neck. Then he looked at his eyes, then felt sorry, then he told him to turn over when he turned over, he was gonna slaughter him from his neck. And at that point, Allah called out and said, You have indeed answered and be truthful that Allah replaced the slaughter of

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smile with another another a lamp from Jana, and the lamb from gender is mentioned in an Israeli art narration from the from the but for the Bible, and then we'll have the Rila Allah subhanho wa Taala then made that sooner for the rest of the people. And that is why we'll handle that today. We slaughter sheep as a sign of a love for love, that we are slaughtering our love of anything else, even our children.

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The dounia and we're going to replace it with the love of Allah subhanaw taala that is my, so it's my righteous servant of God. And Allah mentions him in the Quran wattana yet what Allah who, and he is to order his people with Salatu was Salam and Zakat and to get the socket can and rob him of the and he was a beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala because he was a beautiful son. He was patient when he was young. He was a helper of his dad, they both built the house of Allah. And so, beloved to Allah subhana wa Jalla wa

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Salatu was a cattle can under a beam or D and we should also therefore do the same we should be ordering our people are our families with salah and Zakat, especially when the Ramadan encourage them to pray make them get up so therefore fudger time you've woken up to pray and you haven't woken up your families and you're doing something wrong, because Allah says that his mind needs to order his family to pray so therefore we should be knocking on the door and saying father time Come on guys, is it not time to remember Allah you know, start off gentle and then go harder until you if you have to even then then sprinkle water on their faces. And that is something which that profits

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is so loud and encouraged if people do not wake up because they're in such deep slump okay Allahumma Salatu was a catio cananda Robbie Murthy what could kill Peter Idris and remember in the book Idris and who was Idris? This was a prophet of God after Adam, Alicia slab, the grandson of Abraham a little bit of advice Priscilla from the sun called Seth. Seth had a son called Idris and Idris was a prophet of God, then from many of the grandchildren of Idris came mohalla supercilium. So therefore, it ranges between otherwise known as the Prophet Seth, which was his prophet, son. And then no, Alicia de la was the after 10 generations and notice with Islam was the next human being next

00:32:04--> 00:32:47

prophet of God. And that was the grandson of Idris Idris was a very well spoken man, very knowledgeable. Some even the mystics, Sophie's and Bahais and others that take Idris as the first philosopher. But that was not the case, what the results would have been used to do was he divided his week into seven days, seven days into four and three, four days for personal a better three days for calling people to Islam. So therefore, that's what he did. And in those personal days used to worship Allah, it is not reported your story, which is reported in the fear of even Cathedral that Islam was lifted up by an angel to the fourth heaven. And it was in the fourth heaven that the Angel

00:32:47--> 00:32:59

of Death took the soul of Idris. Priscilla we also know in Israel Mirage, the prophecy submit Idris in the fourth Heaven, yeah, he met him in the fourth heaven. So we know that it reads was a is a righteous

00:33:01--> 00:33:43

prophet of God. And he was born in Babylon. And when he saw the people in Babylon in Iraq, in lots of misguidance, he told him and those people who believed in him to leave Babylon, so they made hegira and they went to Egypt. Yeah, and that's where that's where Finally, Prophet Idris was was there when he was buried when apparently he was not buried, and apparently, his body was lifted up to the fourth Heaven, or Louboutin alum, and that is the meaning of a lower funnel mechanically. So let's take the story everybody This was perfect Kitab Idris, remember and the book is in the lobby again. It was a deep lobby. Yeah. And Civic is very important to civic they're for knowledge

00:33:43--> 00:34:10

brothers and sisters and they test us and the a testament to the truthfulness of that knowledge is what will make you a great person inshallah, what a foreigner who mccannon ID and we raised him up to high status, high station, what does it mean? Well, low tide Island, it means that he was lifted up to the fourth heavens, where he, his soul was taken by, by this angel of death. So botanique Alia is the fourth heaven Allah Allah, Allah?

00:34:11--> 00:34:57

Allah, Allah Allahu Allah, they are the ones who Allah has blessed me and Naveen for the prophets of God Melville the Yeti Adam for the children of other women Herman Amano, and the ones that we carried on upon the ship of no Mindo reality Ibrahim from the progeny of Ibrahim, what is my aim and the project is my main man had a knowledge the vein and from the ones that we have had guided and we had chosen either to rally him Iron Man, when the verses have been recited to him, Harpo sujeto kiya they used to frustrate and cry to Allah because he man would go up and because there will be afraid of a lot and this is a such a point of such that 12 different places have such that the

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

two others optional

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

At least 12 are all optional to others extra according to some other elements. And so these 14 places have such that it is optional for you to do such that when you recite you don't have to but it is encouraged, recommended for you to research the Sol hamdulillah. here Allah xojo tells us that all of these prophets all came preaching the same thing. And all of them were from righteous people and all of them left behind a legacy of sin. And rissalah they left a legacy of speaking the truth and and attested to the truthfulness what they came with, and the messenger ship. And so here is encouraging us to listen to the prophets of God and to be with them to do what they do.

00:35:41--> 00:36:09

That is all we're gonna take today. It is a time for us to ponder reflect upon the story of Ibrahim smile Musa Idris Allah Himself of salah and to take the lessons from the life as it applies to us in our life. Insha Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala make us righteous, and May Allah Subhana Allah make us like righteous like the father Ibrahim, who because of his righteousness, Allah Joseph's progeny to be prophets of God and righteous people in the dunya and

00:36:10--> 00:36:15

thank you once again. We're going to stop here inshallah until tomorrow said I want equal work with a lawyer