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You agreed purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to again, give a little love you

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there's a hand somewhere hold the mouse to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need give our time give our well Gibala give ourselves no loss each and every hidden fee de

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que Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of Zika this topic the topic of is the car The car itself is seen as a very important topic around the world especially for the Muslims. Now many of you say why we know about the car we've read all about it two and a half percent for this 5% for this. Well if you know that over 30 places in the Quran, the chi is mentioned by loss of a handle tala in its own sense over 28 places in the Koran so guys mentioned with prayer. We know that all of the Muslims around the world when it comes to Ramadan, especially they look at the car, they have problems in calculating the car. They want to look at what is the

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car obligatory upon them upon their family upon the offspring. To discuss this and more we have with us Sheikh Mohammed Salah a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome to where they come Salaam rahmatullah wa barakato Thank you Jamil and jazak, Allahu Allah, if you can shift when we look at the topic of Zika I mentioned very briefly, the importance of Zika truly, it is an important topic for the Muslim show. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. hamdu lillahi wa kafa wa salam O Allah, I read the Latino stuff. Let's see Mr. Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira. Indeed, as occur is not just an important topic, rather, it is a third pillar of

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the deen in the sound Hadith in which Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said bonyen Islam, Allah funds, or Islam is built on five pillars. The third pillar was to give the care to pay the user care to those who are entitled for it. So he said Salalah Selim, to justify that there is no God to be worshipped, but Allah

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to offer the five daily prayers to give the care to first during the month of Ramadan, and to perform hajj, if you can afford it means

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unfortunately, because vast majority of the oma are either poor, or under poverty line, so not too many people really worry about the third pillar, they rather worry about whether they're entitled to receive the car fund or not. But many of us do not understand that. Things can change overnight, somebody can start a business or inherit some wealth, or, or, or, or get a good job, then by the end of the year, he has what's called NSR. So he's entitled to pay zakat. So since it is a very important topic of our day, everybody must be aware of it. Yes, there are certain things that we will discuss does not concern me because you're not a farmer does not concern me because I'm not a

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businessman or others who are not in the livestock business, but it is very important to have an idea, then if this part concerns you, then you should pay more attention to it. And as we know that business people, particularly successful business people, they tend to have advisors, in public relations, in business, business advisors, in planning etc. So why not have a religious advisor if you have such wealth, which is in millions, many people brag about I cannot even count my wealth. I have heard somebody who is extremely wealthy, a multi millionaire and when he was asked about his wealth, he said I don't know how much is it? Because I cannot count it. You know, what does it mean?

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It signifies it that the person does not pay is the cap, because if you are one of those who pay their regular speaker, you must keep record

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you must understand how much in your wealth is entitled for the care. You cannot say I don't know how much do I own. So, this is very important to bring into light, the importance and the significance of pains occur. Because when we come to give the linguistic definition of the term is occur. You will be amazed Okay, okay. Let's start the beginning. Okay.

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zakkai itself. It's a term which is misused sometimes, unfortunately, sometimes it's even abused by Muslims. Now, what is the car linguistically check? What do we see as this word Socotra?

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every term in our religion has an English speaking definition, which is its origin and an applied definition and apply definition would not differ much than the linguistic definition rather it would be derived from it. The word is literally means, as he had one mm, as you just said, it's greatly misunderstood. When it comes to this occur time people are frightened and scared because I'm going to deduct, yeah, withdraw, withdraw from my account, so money to give it to others to the poor to the needy. So they think it's a decrease, rather, the literate linguistic meaning of their words, okay, it's an increase of Hello. It's gross and fostering in Arabic, they say zeca Zahra when Anna,

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when the visitations or the fruits of the plants grow up, so that he increased in size in quantity. So as the chi literally means an increase, and basically, it provides a similar meaning in its religious or applied meaning. The care is the third pillar of the D, which is a specific amount of money to be taken from the rich and to be given to the poor. So it is the right of the poor, you're not doing anyone any favors. So that myth about me losing money, by giving Zakat, you know, people get scared, and we all calculate those accounts, okay? We try to persuade ourselves unfortunately, that, you know, we've got enough but really, we do have enough, as you know,

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but we get scared, we think, oh, that's it, you know, provision has gone, a loss of control is taking away from us. This is an incorrect way of looking at it. That's why we began by defining the cat literally, because

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only when you get to understand the concept of the cat, you will not hesitate to give a picture, you will not hesitate to tell your accountant, don't worry about it, if there is any confusion, give extra stay in the safe side. Because in one Hadith, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam have slaughtered a sheep. And he knew that he may Allah be pleased with her, distribute upon the poor. Then when he returned home, he asked her, What did she do, she said, it's all gone, except for the arm or the shank. This is the part which Prophet Muhammad used to desire most of the sheep. And of us a lot of them did not worry about what part was safe for him. Rather, he said, Nay, or, rather,

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it's all been saved except for the part which you saved for us. Whatever you gave the poor, this is our saving. It's all been saved. And the part which you saved for us, this is what we're going to eat. They just didn't execute.

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Bell dalkia kulu ha, well Emil have elected. So

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whenever one is about to calculate his account,

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make sure not just remain in the safe side, give it with pleasure. Give it with the light and happiness

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are Isha, the mother of the believers may Allah be pleased with her. Whenever after the prophets demise whenever somebody

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would come to receive a charity from her, she would put the perfume on it. And she would say Madhava manager Museo de la Jana,

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she would welcome the bagger and the pool because she believed that this is a person who came to transfer her load and provision from this life into the hereafter. Welcome to the one who came to carry my provision to the hereafter. So only when we come to understand this concept, in Word, there's a case coming from one would be very happy while he is given this account, and he will treat the poor and those who are entitled for this hacker will treat them with due respect. So from this what I can take shift what you're trying to send out and correct me here is that really the person who's given us a guy he's actually holding on to this for the person who owns it the right guy, the

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person, the person who owns this property. Well, this is how it works.

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The position and the wealth of the rich is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. In it, there is a right of some other people, the poor. So as the care to happen,

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it is the right of the poor in the

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in the in the wealth of the rich people. And that's why I interview Salalah cnmc tomorrow to

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inform them that

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Allah has ordained as a car on them to be taken from the rich of them, and to be given to the poor of them.

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Every time there is a poor person who is struggling to make it, who is hardly surviving, it is simply because there is some rich individual did not pay his view, there is a natural equilibrium that Allah subhanaw taala created in this universe. If everybody carries out what a lot of mighty wanted from him, then everything would be in peace. Everybody will live in happiness. You know, nowadays, when we talk about the ozone, we'll talk about some disturbance in the climate. It is simply because we are creating that we're building up some disturbance over years, by consuming things that we should not be consuming by by the exhausts by the small bite. So same thing, same

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mechanism. When those people are not doing their job and pain, there is a Kegels there's a carrot used by itself is sufficient to cover all the needs of the needy ones. So now got it. This is a really good place to take a break. But just before we do take that break, let's just recap. Basically, this is something that every rich person knows that part of his wealth, to purifies wealth has to be given. This is something that the poor person needs to survive and society would you tell him to shift? At society we live in peace and harmony, everybody will live in an equitable state, if only we the people with the money who passed this nisab give this money? Absolutely true.

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And as we'll go by, we'll find out the hikma of Allah Almighty and his divine wisdom in stating there is a carry in particular wealth, from currency to gold and silver to cattle to livestock, etc. so that it would be taken from the same wealth for innocence if it is a lifestyle to be taken as cattle, sheep, goats, etc. so that the poor when he sees the wealth of the world, the people would not envy them because he has a right in that. So he prays for them with Baraka and a blessing. That's why Allah subhanaw taala said in verse number one or three of surah adobo Holzman Mr. Lim sada cotton Takahiro, whom was a key in Bihar masala holla him in la sala Taka second Allah listen

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carefully Jose Oh Mohammed Salah La Silla Kate This is the right of the poor min myt him from the worsened position, which is the category which will be explained in details over the next few episodes. Take the sadhaka min myt him from the rich sadhaka charity, why

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total hero home or to the key him behind in order to purify them with it and to Sanctify them as well. So does occur, works both ways. It helps the poor and it purifies the richest ones. And also gives him a blessing and an increase in his words. And in himself. Just as you can see, we've come to a good point to take a break we're speaking about Zika the third pillar of Islam. Please stay with us. We're going to go to a short break. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agree purify you well.

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A free home.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time Give, give. Give us Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back to the thick of xicom. Before in the previous segment we're speaking about the decay itself. What does it entail what it does occur what Allah subhanho wa Taala speaking to us about this we are joined by Sheikh Mohammed Salah Salaam when it comes to when he comes back he left in a very poignant point I didn't want to go for a break but a very important point and you're speaking about Allah Subhana Allah telling us that hard to take okay from this other car. Now before we go and look into this detail, the question always comes what is Allah

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subhana wa Taala really telling us

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rulings wise regarding Akasha Bismillah salatu wa salam O Allah and Avi Mustapha muda,

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as the care or almsgiving in Islam is felt the word for his means it is mandatory. So it's not something that's optional that if you if you if you offer it and if you give it then you're a cool guy and if you don't, then there is no blame on you know, it is one of the means of determining the faith, the religious commitment, maintain the Islam of a person or else we find as you mentioned in your intro, that Allah subhanaw taala means mentioned the core in the does occur in the Quran repeatedly, at least 20 times along with the Salah joined together for innocence in slotted buffer in verse number 43 Allah subhanaw taala says, We're LP masala, our heir to Zika and establish the

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prayers and give the the care

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and that's why I will walk the subject says I'm going to fight against any person who makes any distinction between the salah and as a cat. They're joined together in many many verses. So as the cat is a fault in the Hadees, which we mentioned in the beginning of the program, the prophets Allah cinema said Bosnian Islam Allah hunts the third pillar is what is the care and given the mandatory zecca also in verse number 103 of surah t Toba hos min m wyrley him sada cotton toto hiromasa key him we have Wassall Niala him in masala Taka second Ola. So this is a command that you must carry out the mission of taking the care of us from the rich and distribute it upon those who are entitled

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for it or the poor. Okay, now you've you've said two words that you said sublime one, I Allah subhanaw taala says and then at the xikar comes in in other verses. Now I'm glad you brought this up when we bring that together. I'm really glad you You brought this up because many people are confused between the term soda and the cat to the extent that some people are very generous in giving any charity in the beginning of Ramadan to distribute food sweet and candy and an AIDS in the beginning of the Scholastic year, but they don't pay the care when you ask them so well I'm giving enough. I sponsor orphans I build schools they build the massage and go this is all fine and nice.

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But you have to understand that this is all voluntary.

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What's mandatory is as a car so the term sadhaka is a general word which means charity.

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Mutasa is a charitable person,

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Allah Subhana Allah says, In Surah Al Baqarah mezzaluna the name of yonah Mr. Humphrey sevillian a commercially hubbardton and better serve as a nebula akula Shambala to me to have de la vie fully minissha Allah Who is your nanny. So this verse covers in general, every person who gives any charity every charity you give is similar to one who plants or souls one single game of corn, for instance, then it goes up to produce a corn steak carrying in each

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ear of corn 100 more grains. So one grain produces 100. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala gives a parable that one single charity will earn the profit and will foster more profit to be 100 times more, when you buy a fully media share. And Allah gives and multiplies the world forever. He wills more than that, and beyond and beyond that, and Allah is Wesleyan, Allen, he encompasses all the needs of his service, and he is well aware and all known of what we do. So now, our sadhaka covers the voluntary charity, and the mandatory one by one we say is okay, this is referring to the mandatory part, whether in wealth, or Sadako filter, or there's a cap on capital, trades and goods,

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stuff like that.

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If you remember a hadith which you quoted when NW Salalah, Salam appointed Muhammad punishable, and he deployed him to Yemen, and he gave him the map, how to go about preaching Islam, he said, inform them about the oneness of Allah. And if they respond to that, then inform them that Allah Subhana Allah has ordained five daily prayers on them. And if they agree to that, then take them to the next step that inform them Allah Subhana Allah has ordained Zakat on them to be taken from the rich. He did not say that guy said sadhaka. Okay, so the word saw the heart in this Hadees and the world saw the heart of surah October one verse, one or three verse number one or three, refers to the specific

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sort of power which is mandatory.

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So now we're going to have a good clarification, especially for myself to understand where these to fit in. And for our brothers and sisters, now we can look at the rulings again. So you said, for example, that this other car is voluntary, but there's a car now, this is follow this is obligatory upon us. Correct? Okay. So that means

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you may be the most generous person on earth, you may be donating half of your wealth in in good causes. But if you're not paying user care, that will not available on art, again, is the warning, the severe warning that Allah Subhana Allah released against those who do not pay. There's Okay. Let me make it much easier and simpler for you to for everybody to understand. What if somebody prays all night long? The night pray until his feet swim?

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But he doesn't pray the fourth? How good is very familiar that that's actually very familiar. How good is that? That doesn't make any sense, okay. So, we have to understand that there is a care

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you have to be very, very careful with it. When you give any charity x or voluntary charity, which is highly recommended, you will be rewarded for that definitely, it will cause your wealth increase to protect you and your family from calamities, diseases and ailments, etc, all of the virtues of sadhaka, which are not, but when it comes to this occur, in addition to that, it's a must. So what about somebody now? Who, how should we say, he makes sure he does not pay? He says, Look, I don't need to pay, you just spoke about it. But you ask him, you tell him, brother, this is something that's mandatory upon you, but he moves away, he abstains from this. What position is he in terms of

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the Sharia Islamic law? What position does he play? You will? Well you made it easy for me because I was going to explain between explain the difference between two different categories of those who do not pay there's a cap similar to the salary or the price. There is one who denies its mandate. He says, I'm not going to pay, I pay enough for voluntary charity. I don't think that there should be any particular amount of money that's due upon me to give it to the poor such person deny the mandate of this occur. So he denied what Allah stated in the Quran and in the sound traditions of Prophet Mohammed Salah. So he is more than

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more Ted means he turned away from Islam.

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Such people, such as the people who refuse to give this occur right after the demise of the prophet SAW the story very interesting. What happened to

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the softhearted companion? And the best Companion of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam Linda campaign are fighting against them. How about him? Hata was a little confused and he said how can you fight against people who say a shadow La Ilaha Illa mo a shadow under Mohammed Rasulullah and they

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they pray? They pray regularly. So our workers will be allowed Allahu Allah say

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By Allah, low men are only on an icon is a female goat, which is not even one year old.

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Low men are only Anakin can we do aduna Linda via Salalah Salam Nakata to Maria if they stopped paying anything that they used to pay at the time of the prophet SAW Selim since mandatory and it is part of the poor, even if it is as low as Ana can, in another narration, a cannon

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their car is the rope that ties the camel which is very insignificant. So whether it's honor or recall, anything, that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam stated and mandated, any person stops fulfilling this mandate, the initial fight against them and he convinced on what will pop and all the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of man and Ali and others in the 10 heaven.

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Heavenly bound companions. And so they all agreed, and he waged a war against those who stopped paying there's a cat which is known as Robo read

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or against apostates, those who turn away from Islam simply for not paying this occur. This is one category. The second category if somebody says, Well, I know that it's a muslin everything but he's a no miser.

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He's tied up. He doesn't even give me the maturity, the voluntary charity, his family are having trouble with him paying their tuitions and their school supplies and all of that such person is not a cough is not a more thud. He did not deny its mandate. But when we say okay, you're fine because you're miser and you don't want to pay it. It's up to you as long

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Because you believe in it, no, obviously not. In this case, we will have to force him to pay. Not we that's you and mean the state, the Muslim state. It is similar to if you live in the woods, for instance, the say in America, Uncle Sam's tax, if you don't pay it, it will not be only taken, you will be arrested and you will be tried it will be jailed, etc. This is a car that is mandated by lots of panatela. And it is not much in America how much tax you pay. If you're a doctor of innocence, and you make like three $400,000. A, you pay 35 and a half percent. So for each 100,000, that is 35,000 or even more is taken out of your money annually. Even before you get your paycheck.

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In Islam, this is a carrier rate, as we'll get to now is only 2.5%. What is known as Rob Balazs number loss in what it means, for each 1000 you only pay two and half if it is euro dollars, then it's two and half of whatever currency you're dealing with, very low.

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But for the poor, it accumulates and it builds up. It's very, very significant. It can save the life of those who who are struggling to survive, just

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for all your explanations very good lesson for us. That's the guise of something simple, something that we see written as the five pillars and something that we understand is something I've got to look into something good investigate affects all of us. And that's what we're hoping to do in this program of pickup soccer. I hope you join me next time on this episode Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to can give. Love your

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hand somewhere Hold on, to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Give our time give, give, give ourselves a loss each and every hidden D