Muhammad West – Palestine What Our Non-Muslim Friends Should Know

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and character of Islam, including its importance of showing support for the Islamist movement and avoiding offense towards their religion. They also address the use of negative language and the need for everyone to be acknowledging and expressing their religion. They warn against killing children with a term of Muslim and criticize the actions of the Israeli government and the portrayal of the Israeli population as a enemy. They stress the importance of everyone being a person and not just a culture.
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We live in a shakedown the regime is Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala often with Celine Sadie now Muhammad Ali he also IPS remain Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Always and forever. We'll begin by praising Allah Masha Allah Allahu Allah Allah there is none worthy of worship besides the one and the only the unique ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the creator of the universe, and we send our love and greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to all the Gambia all the prophets throughout time and to the pious and pure families of the Gambia and the followers

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of Allah make them amongst them till the day of Chioma Amin when hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, what are the stubble? hasenhuttl Walla Walla say that good and evil are not the same good will always over will always compel will always defeat evil. It for our ability here as an but when you respond to evil, when you are confronted with evil whether someone says something does something to you, responsibility here acts and respond with a better way. We don't do one wrong with another wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right Allah says when someone does something against you respond in a better way. And then Allah says when you do that, you will find led by Nico Urbina who

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Adela you will find that the one that you have enmity with the one that is fighting with you. Insha Allah, Allah says you might find when you respond to this enemy in a good way, kind of Malian Katana, what do you mean he might become a close friend to you? He might actually soften and open up to you this is the Quran Subhan Allah. Quran says that you should try as best you can. With those who come in and resist you respond in a good way so that they can be some kind of friendship. And Allah says Wilma, Wilma EULA ka Isla Lena sobre, su ma la ka Illa, to have been Adam and Allah says no one can do this. Nobody can respond when you have been harmed with goodness and kindness except a

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person with tremendous amount of patience, tremendous amounts of forbearance, and someone who Allah has given you a great fortune in the sins. Allah has really elevated you someone with a great enlightenment.

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Even Abbas comments on this, and he says, Allah commands the believers to be patient when they feel angry, to be forbearing. When they are confronted when they are harmed. When ignorance is it comes to them they should forgive, and when they are mistreated, and if they do this, Allah will save them from Shaytaan. And Allah will also subdue your enemies and make them become friends make them allies.

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I mentioned this hadith, this idea, because last week, something crazy happened. I gave my put by like any other week usually get about 500 400 views. It went viral 210,000 views and never experienced this before Allah I still don't know why the algorithm what happened with the algorithm, some glitch. And for the first time, many, many non Muslims listened to the hotbar. And they commented, and for the first time, I got an insight into what they're thinking. Now these are people who are also very passionate about Palestine. Of course, they are supportive of Israel, and they put down some comments are hurtful, some comments are

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misguided to England. Some comments were genuinely confused. And from the paradigm.

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We are fight we are on the side of God, we on the side of the good guys. So no matter what they do, they're the good guys, and you are the bad guys. That is the understanding. And when you already when you've already made the conclusion that this is the hero and that is the villain. They whatever the hero does, he's the good guy, no matter how many people Superman beats up. Well, they were bad guys. So today, inshallah this football is to address those open minded people who don't know much about the Islamic side of things, they don't see what we see. And we want to share our paradigm with them. So we can have a dialogue. Of course, there are closed minded people, and there are people

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that are genuinely

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wanting war and conflict and that group, there is nothing that we can do except we resist oppression. So we address so to our to the non Muslims who want to understand or how to enter this dialogue and listening to some of the comments. I want to mention as a Muslim, I want to address your fears. So the first thing that I found very strange was the comments that was made, but your Allah and my god are two different gods. And so therefore I need to support my god against your God. Brother, sister, there's only one God. There's only one Creator. You don't like the term Allah. Let's use the word alcoholic, the creator, the one who made you made me made the Jews made the

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Christians made the sun the moon, the stars, the animals, the ants is the same one. And he is one unique he has no partner. We all agree on that. And so this is not a wall between two rivaling gods is only one God and we are all the crew

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Asians have God and we will return to Him and He will judge our deeds. That is what we all believe whatever religion you follow, and we as Muslims, you will find the comments that we have to support the side because they are at the front line. If this tiny entity of Israel is overpowered by this Muslim armies, they will conquer the world, and they want to rule the world and they want to dominate all religions. That's not our objective. We as a Muslim minority, we've been living in South Africa as a minority amongst non Muslims for 400 years peacefully. We live with most non Muslim neighbors daily, we interact with him. And we live side by side in a very peaceful manner. We

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as Muslims are not looking to conquer the world and overpower all religions. And we don't we don't only say this lip service, we have 1500 years of evidence to prove it. In today, in Jerusalem in Palestine, the oldest churches and the most sacred churches in the world still stand, who watched over them for the last 1500 Muslims, Muslims rolled it until Israel was established in 1948. These churches were under our protection, and it has not been harmed or damaged. The Muslim minorities throughout the world they have not been forced to convert. So there is no agenda or objective that we keep hidden. We look to convert the world and Wallahi like any other people in the world, whether

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you're Palestinian, Israeli, south, African, Malay, whatever, we all want to live in peace. We all want to go to work. Because when we go on holiday, actually, but we all want to go and live peacefully, have raised our kids wake up in the morning safe and sound be healthy. Every person on earth wants that. And we want the same and we want the same for you. Subhanallah we want to see your kids prosper and that you live peacefully. Allah subhanaw taala also the honors and elevates the People of the Book the Christians and the Jews. If you're a Christian and a Jew and you listen to this lecture, I know that you have a very, very high and special place in our religion, that you are

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referred to as Al Kitab. The people of Scripture the people that have a revelation, a legacy, Allah says not all of the Kitab are the same.

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From the Ummah and call in Mattoon yet Luna ayatullah Anna Allah you find Allah says the people that are Jewish and Christian, they are up at night late worshipping and praying to Allah will be a shoo in and they are prostrating worshiping Allah. You mean want to be law, they deeply believe in Allah, the Creator when he said Allah, we mean the creator of the universe, while you are here, and they are believers in the Day of Judgment, we're gonna build my roof and they genuinely want to come on what is good, why, and when Annie mukha and they stand out against what is evil, what you said, your own, I can play it off. And they are very eager to do good to help people to be good to the

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neighbors. Would I recommend a solid analysis these people are good people. This is what our scripture says. And so we can, you should not fear us. And we're not should not see us as an outsider. If you begin with that mindset, that you guys have an agenda, and you guys are an enemy, then all dialogue into the have an open mind that we are not here to harm or kill anybody. We are here. And this is not even a religious thing. This is a humanitarian thing we're talking about. We can even go a step further. And this is more for our, maybe our Jewish friends and neighbors, we can acknowledge your pain in a conflict like this. They are.

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There's two sides to a story very clear. There's one in our perspective, there is one side that is being oppressed, and one side that is a victim. But the other side also has certain points. And being an open mind, even as a Muslim, we have to be acknowledging at least understanding from what side you come from. And so for the bunnies or even for the Jewish people, we can acknowledge your pain, even if we're at war with you. We're currently at war, we can still acknowledge that you have certain points. For example, Allah says that they are people yesterday or yesterday Oh, if I'm gonna fill out that they are people that have been oppressed throughout the land. And without a doubt, the

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Bani Israel, the Jews, the Israelites, have been perhaps the most persecuted minority in the history of mankind, you look at through history being pushed from one country to the next one group of people committing genocide against them. And so we acknowledge that this is a very persecuted group of people. They have always been a minority wherever they've been. They've always been a tiny minority around a very hostile environment. And we therefore have the first people to oppose anti semitism. We understand and believe a day long history is mentioned in our books about no people should be persecuted based on the religion or the culture. We can use that, you know, a Jewish

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school year in Cape Town, there was a death a bomb threat, and we should be the first to speak out against that. We completely condemn that. We condemn any synagogue that is defaced any Jewish person that feels unsafe to practice their religion. This is something against our religion. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not call for this and we stand out against anti semitism as we stand out against Islamophobia. We acknowledge that in the last 100 years, perhaps the greatest calamity to befall a people was the Holocaust. No people was, you know, had a crime committed

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against him, like the Holocaust was committed against the Jewish people, we acknowledge this. And we say that this was a great, a great catastrophe to all of mankind. And we can therefore also acknowledge, we can even go one step further and saying, if the Jews require a homeland where they can practice their religion freely, surely they should be entitled to do so that we can understand that every person, every region should have a place that they can practice freely, and that we can sympathize with your did your dear children, we don't see them as Israeli they children, all the children are a calamity. So now that I've addressed your fears, and I've acknowledged your pain, can

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you recognize our pain? Can you see where we are coming from? Can you understand what how we feel? If you are a Palestinian, I want to put you put yourself in the shoes of a Palestinian, you've been living on this land, your whole life, all your ancestors, as far back as you can, can can mention, have lived on this land, the homes, everything, the plants, the trees that have been there for 500 years, the olive trees, your great great grandparents planted those plantations. And within your generation, from your grandparents to you, you've seen that 80% But 80% of your land was gifted away taken away from you, by people in Europe, that a British government signed it away on paper to

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another third party. Understand how you feel understand if someone came to your house and said 80% of your property must go to someone else who lived here, maybe 5000 years ago? How would you feel about that? Leave that right or wrong about it. Leave your bias? How would you feel? And how would you respond? How do you if you're a Palestinian, you have three options. You're either one of the 6 million Palestinian refugees across the world. So when the State of Israel was established, the land was cleared of the people, villages were removed. This is known we're not this is not it's not propaganda. This is fact that villages were killed when those people go, they will push it out to

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other parts of the world. So now you have 6 million Palestinians living all across the world in refugee camps in certain countries, and they can never return to Palestine. They still have the keys of the homes that they left. And yet if you aren't, is a Jewish person born in Brooklyn or New York, and you feel like you want to go to Israel, you have an entitlement to that land. How is this fair or right? At someone who lived their whole life, their grandparents have lived there for centuries have no right to claim to the land, gets someone who has absolutely no, immediately to the land, they may come and go as they please. That's the one group of Palestinians. The other group are those

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Palestinians who live in the West Bank, these are 3 million Palestinians living under occupation. That's why it's called the occupied West Bank, not the US by the world. Because there's a military and foreign military who controls how you come when you go. When you need to move from your house to your mom's house, you need to show a permit, everything gets checked your home, the army can enter as the police without any warrant you constantly living under surveillance. So you have that option as a Palestinian. And then of course, the worst of the worst is if you find yourself in Gaza, which is completely as we know, blockaded, locked up, not our words. But this is the words of the world

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that it is the most unlivable place on earth. It is literally * on earth. 1 million children live in a land, living that little tiny area where the water is not fit for human consumption with his unemployment of 75%, where electricity is controlled by an external party. So can you acknowledge the pain of the Palestinians? Can you acknowledge that they had not committed the Holocaust? They did not kill any Jews. They did not cause any pilgrims, why are they suffering? Why are they paying the price for European anti semitism? So can you as much as we condemn terrorism? Yes, we condemn any woman that is raped, or any child that was murdered? But then can you also condemn? If a child

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is bombed? And it's a Palestinian child? Can you also condemn that No, God on earth would allow you to starve 1 million children to deprive them of water? Can you also feel that it's wrong to shower bombs, on homes, on schools? And churches on hospitals? Surely something you must say that's not right. And how would you respond? If you were in that situation? How would you respond if you grew up, and you saw that your grandparents told you, you know, our, our village was overrun, our

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our plantations were taken, some of us were killed, some of us were pushed out into into Jordan, for those of us here in Gaza. Our only focus is I need to wake up four o'clock in the morning to get the a truck because if I don't stand in the queue early enough, I'm not gonna have my bread for the day. And you go out and you queue for that breed. You come home, and you find your home has been bombed, your relatives are dead. How would you respond? What is the human response to that? What do you what is that child that 10 year old child growing up? What do you think he's going to do? So while we talk about violence and terrorism, we need to ask what is the root cause and what leads to that?

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And even if you still may

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tend you know what these are? My guys because they follow a religion which I'm closer to, or they look similar to me, then I ask you, what is your solution for the Palestinian people? What should happen to the 5 million Palestinians in the land? Should they really just disappear? Is it they should be completely exterminated? What is your answer? And you can see the rhetoric from the Israeli government. This is not our words. This is the words of the Israeli government, that they have decided what needs to be done, you find the security minister says we are fighting human animals, and we will deal with him accordingly. This is not in their minds, a fight between people,

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it is between a superior race and animals, or you have the Justice ministers panel or the Justice Minister, they are all meaning all gods and all Palestinians are enemies, their mothers should go like them. As who as well, we should kill the mothers, the homes in which they raise those snakes, which equals Palestinian children's, otherwise, more little snakes will be raised.

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What is so horrifying to understand that the entire Palestinian population is an enemy. If you have this mindset of them and us, we are the good guys, you're the bad guys. This is the road the road to genocide. It means you see every Palestinian child as an enemy, every single Palestinian old woman is a terrorist. If that is your mindset, then this is how we get the next holocaust. This is how this is exactly the same thinking of Hitler and the Rwandan genocide, you find Subhanallah, this minister of heritage, he says that there is no such thing as an innocent person in Gaza, when he was talking about do you think we should drop a nuke on Gaza? Is it I think we should do that? Because

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everyone there is complex. These are not, you know, terrorist organizations, we talking about crazy people. These are ministers in the cabinet of a government which you claim to be a Western democracy, democracy. Subhan Allah. So this is an this I mean, I'm not making it up. You can Google these days. So I'll ask any morally guided person, even if you are the biggest supporter of Israel, for whatever reason, surely, you cannot condone these statements. And if you do, you need to check your you need to check your heart, there's something wrong with you. And hatred will make you do crazy things. The most terrible scorecard we have now is we have a competition between our dead

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children versus us. You know, in Seapoint, there was a people put up a picture of all the dead, Israeli children. And I was in a chat group with the Imams and they said, We should take this down, or we should ban these things. My thought was, why do we want to ban the showing of dead children with a term Muslim or Israeli? Have we become so blinded in our hatred, that your pain your children mean nothing? Should it not be that we should have one placard of all the dead children? Because we're lying? None of these children are guilty, whether you Jewish, Muslim, Israeli into whatever, this is something which all sane minded people before this conflict have asked you? Is it okay to

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kill a Palestinian child and say, No, it's okay to kill an Israeli child who said no. Why then when we see this, we want to remove it. The scorecard of death has nothing to do with God, the Creator, the Most Merciful. And so Allah says to us now to our Muslim audience, no matter how angry you feel, no matter how justified your cause, no matter how big of a victim we are, Allah says yeah, you will live in Amman, oh people if you have Iman, who call Wamena de la shahada be truthful to Allah and your testimony to Allah be the priest. Well, I actually met Nicholas Commissioner Andrew Coleman, Allah, Allah Tadeu. Do not let your hatred Yes, you feel angry. Yes, you have a reason to feel

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angry. Yes, you've been victimized. Let not your hatred of another people lead you to commit injustice. Just because you are angry and you've been the victim. It gives Allah does not give you the green like to hurt someone else unjustly. Allah says edeeu Acropolis Taqwa always be just because this will lead you to to Allah what Aquila and always remember Allah be conscious of Allah in Allah habito mataman. And Allah knows what you're doing. Allah knows what you see, Allah knows the plans that you make, Allah knows the bumps that you draw, Allah subhanaw taala is a way, follow justice. Now. And this is the same. So when I say this to our Christian friends and neighbors, you

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talk about the land. In the Bible. The Almighty says, Follow justice and be just completely justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land. If you want to be the person who wants to rule that land must be a people of justice. That's the condition he made. He made a condition that if you want to rule that land, you must be a people of justice. So let us see if we cannot agree on what should happen in Palestine. If we cannot agree on religion, there is at least agree as people as humans, that every person on earth irrespective of the color and the religion, they should live a dignified, peaceful life in security. Every person deserves this, that no person should be oppressed

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by another and that no religion. whatever religion you follow would never allow you to steal the land of your neighbor and no moral justification no matter how much you have been victimized how much you've been hurt. You can never ever deny children of food, water and medicine. Know if Your religion or

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allows you to do that there's something wrong with your religion, and no merciful God would allow you to kill children. If that is what your religion calls for, then there's something wrong with your religion I end off with a few statements of the greatest rabbi in the history of, of the world. His name was Musa Maimonides, the greatest Moses and Moses McCollum Rambam. I'll talk a bit about this man. He says, all the evils that men cause to each other believer it is because of desire or difference of opinions or religion is rooted in England. So who is this man, this man was born in under Lucia, Islamic Spain, and he had spoke Arabic, and he learned is the greatest rabbi in the

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history of Judaism. And he learned and he studied within Islamic Spain, Muslim Spain, eventually the situation changed in Spain, and he came to the Middle East, and he was a practicing doctor while being a rabbi. And you know who he was. He was the chief physician of Salah Codina you'll be the man who will treat Allahu deen and getting ready to fight the Crusaders was a Jewish rabbi, not any rabbi, the greatest Rabbi on Earth, that shows you our people have a long history in that land of living side by side fighting against oppressions. The last quote from Rambam, he says, I will destroy all my enemies by converting them into my friends and I make dua that all people that are

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like minded that have humanity will join us against injustice, whether it be against ourselves or those who look like us who follow our religion. What is wrong is wrong. And may Allah subhanaw taala guide all of us I mean, seriously march tomorrow in sha Allah we call everyone of Cape Town to join the march inshallah tomorrow, it will be a 12 o'clock inshallah we'll see the details was ALLAH said no, Mohammed will be slammed with stunning camera behind me. So now why Comarcal America

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