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long been

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slaw need how

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many Mina mostly me

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said I'm only gonna have like over a cat smuggled out hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah dear respected beloved brothers and sisters, alumni alumni and fauna on finally my lantana was at nine when Dr. hamre Hamid We ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit as flamethrowers and increases in knowledge. Amenia Blimey.

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There's word in Arabic which is Olara al whare? Well, Aurora is the closest translation in English is piety or righteousness.

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who is the person who has water? Many people think that the person who has water is the person who has a beard, or wearing a thought that is short, or a person with a hijab, or a person that does a lot of a bad that these are all great signs that the beard is a must. The Hijab is a must being kind and performing the Ibaadat are also must, but they do not necessarily indicate that whomsoever have them, immediately we conclude that they are righteous they have what are what are, is to stay in the boundaries of what's halal and haram. What is how do you behave when you are alone? What is applying Islam in your life, in your daily life? What is giving people their rights whare is avoiding

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oppressing others. What is to stop firmly on what Allah has prohibited instantly, you stop when you find out that this is not permitted. This is what

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because the righteous I mean the good and the bad. They both pray.

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The the good and the hypocrite. They also pray and they grow beards. But the person who's always worried about Allah azza wa jal when he's alone, the person who's always thinking about the era, the person who's worried to to upset Allah subhanaw taala. At all times, this is a person who has Well,

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there was a story that

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will probably give shed more light on this on this issue.

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Oh my God, Allah Juan.

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When he was a mirror, meaning

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he was in his court about to judge

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on a person.

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So before he wants to make his judgment, he asked the people sitting around, he said, Does anybody know this guy?

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Does anybody know this person? So one,

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from the crowd, one person from the crowd, he said, Yeah, I'm here. I mean, I know him to be a trustworthy person, a righteous person. So almoradi Allah and ask him three questions. He said,

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Have you ever been his neighbor observing him? When he goes in and out of his house? The man said, No, I wasn't. Then the second question. He said, Did you ever deal with him with Iran and DNR, and you do any kind of business with him? And the man said, No, then I'm gonna ask him, Have you ever traveled with him? Have you ever traveled with him anywhere? So the man said, No, I didn't. Then Omar looked at the man and said, You do not know him. You do not know him. SubhanAllah. So my brothers and sisters, let's look on the three questions that are asked that man.

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Were you his neighbor? Or was he your neighbor by any time of your life or his life? And the man said no. Why? Why did oh my god Allah and the wise? He asked that question, because when someone is your neighbor, when someone is your neighbor, you would know many qualities about them. Would you would you would see if they are applying the

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the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam regarding the neighbors Rasulillah Salam told us that Gibreel Alayhis Salam he kept on recommending me to treat my neighbor with with kindness until I thought that he is going to my neighbor is going to inherit me. Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah. Rasool Allah SallAllahu sallam. Man came through Salah Salem and said, Yeah rasool Allah

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There's a woman so and so isn't careful. My brothers and sisters, this is extremely important Hadith. There's a woman that she prays and she gives them charity and she fasts a lot. She fasts a lot, but ya rasool Allah, she harms her neighbor with her speech. She harms her neighbor with her speech Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said he I think now she's going to hell. Maha Akbar she prays and she fast you know Allah hiya I get so worried because many people these days many people unfortunately they think that the whole deal is only salad and and fasting and and charity and no no no all these a Baghdad they've been prescribed by Allah azza wa jal for us to purify ourselves, for

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us to become better people for us to start treating others with respect and honor the Salah is supposed to purify me it's a must upon every single Muslim. Similarly the fasting of Ramadan that is coming is supposed to make me a better Lala contact the Quran. The main goal of fasting is so we can become more water more righteous. Have more Taqwa. Similarly there's a cat is to purify our money hashes to purify us all completely. All of these a badass if they do not elevate me to become a better person. Subhanallah what's the use? Look at this hadith she prays that means she prays the optional prayer because usually when say somebody prays, this is normal. You're a Muslim, you have

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to pray.

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She fast that means she's doing the optional fast, very fast Monday and Thursday. But ya rasool Allah, she harms her neighbor with her speech. He effing now she's in the Hellfire Allahu Akbar. So he asked him, Are you his neighbor? He said, No, because the neighbor sees the other neighbor. He's always checking up on him. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us, you're not a complete believer. You're not a complete believer. If you're full, and your neighbors hungry, Allahu Akbar. So if I am a neighbor of someone, that means I know many of his qualities. Does he go to the masjid all the time? I see him SubhanAllah. So he asked him, Are you his neighbor? He said, No. He said, let's ask

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the second question, which is extremely important. Then he asked him, Have you ever had any financial dealings with this person? And the man said, No. And we all know, we all know how we can tell the true nature of many people, when we do it, when we deal with them with money. Many people are exposed, and they see their true selves when we deal with them. When the dollar Subhanallah and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He, he gave a severe warning to the merchant who tried to sell his product by making false off Subhanallah severe warning in the Hadith Subhan Allah is the One who lies. So when you deal with people with money, you would know what kind of people are they, if he lent you money, and he

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kept on telling people that he did you a favor, that's not a good person. Subhan Allah, he's ruining that great action that he did, by helping you He ruined it by telling everybody that he helped you. Subhan Allah was supposed to keep it secret and hope that Allah subhanaw taala would accept if the time comes, and you're about to pay back your debt, and he gave you an extension, he was very kind to you, maybe he has forgiven you. Subhanallah then you know that this is a righteous person that is investing with Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah. So dealing with money with people, you will know many things about them after you have any kind of financial transaction. And the third question that also

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that Amara, Allah and ask them, have you traveled with him? Traveling with the person the word travel, as we all know, in Arabic, it's called suffer and the word suffer

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in Arabic, besides the meaning of travel, it also means to expose, to reveal to make clear, right, like we had a

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meet and so on. So we had a meeting, and that meeting as foreign. And the result of that meeting was this and that SubhanAllah. So we have something became clear after that meeting. Similarly, when you travel with somebody, many things will be exposed. You would notice that

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if they are generous, or they stingy, anytime we make it like for example, I'm traveling from here to New York driving and I have somebody with me, and he never put in his hand in his pocket to pay for any lunch or anything. I'm not talking about a poor person or a needy person. I'm talking about the regular person, just an average guy like me and him. He never even offered to pay. So you know, subhanAllah Oh, he was extremely

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always kind of trying to help and trying to

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bring food and SubhanAllah. So you know many things about personal travel. How did he was he concerned about the prayer time? That is something that you know about somebody when you travel with them? How is their hygiene, they they take care of themselves, also that will be exposed when you travel with somebody. So when I'm going to ask him those three questions, were you his neighbor?

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Did you deal with him financially? Have you traveled with him? And when the man said no to all three, than Omar told him, You do not know him? You do not know Him. This is the only way to know somebody really good is to have at least one of these.

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One of these three things that took place between you and them, then you would know much more about them. May Allah subhanaw taala make our inner better than our our outer, our inner is better than our external things that people see. May Allah subhanaw taala strengthen our relationship with Him. May Allah azza wa jal make our last deeds, our best deeds. May Allah keep us alive to witness the month of Ramadan and make us in Ramadan from the people whom all their good Anna are accepted in sha Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff you look at when I told my neck

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning? Mina de carne de now look on it, the more slogging Pina I was finding bonds he was beating I was slaving a lot the one before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't call she me no one would call she I think one downs one BP now one downside being party was all me I was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one Hatfield was the one that good enough.

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Was given all on. I've done a lot hula

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