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Hello Mr. Domino, James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The most high the most great shadow Allah, Allah in the law is a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada. From a low income and to Allah we return. I advise myself and yourselves with a taqwa and the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala we are reminded about the shortness of this dunya but soon all of us will return to Allah subhanaw taala and this momentary place, with all its beauty, and all its ugliness, but all the things that we love, and all the things that we hate, all our hopes and dreams, all our fears and problems will all disappear and we will return to Allah subhanho wa Taala we will be asked

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about what we did this time May Allah forgive us, and Allah guide us. We send our love, our salutations our greetings, Barnaby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our true leader, I will not be we send our love and salutations to his Sahaba and his family. All those who follow him sooner or later be from amongst his oma and followers of his Deen. Allah guide us And forgive us smella help the oma in the difficult times that we're in. Allah help us here in this country of ours and throughout the world. Allah subhanho wa Taala make tomorrow better than today. I mean, well, hamdulillah

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we began a few weeks ago on the chapter of purification, but it would be wrong of me to discuss bahara and discuss Nigeria's what is Nigeria not notice. When we find ourselves in this critical juncture, something which is being discussed in each home with every business, every table, even though sometimes it's very difficult to tell the difference between Naja And fourth, and the leaders that we have today. Marla Spangler protect us.

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So all of us analyzed on our minds, it's something that we are all involved in, we know that this oma locally and abroad is going through it this past week has been a troubling week. And for some of us, maybe our younger brothers and sisters who might not know what's happening, they haven't put on, picked up a newspaper or listen to the radio, or seen the hotter channel. The hotter channel is the news channel, right? That's the worst channel to watch. As the worst thing is to cease the news channel. We know that locally what's been happening. Last week's ran a lot last week, this time thing seemed almost okay. Last week, Thursday, everything was fine. And then we got the news that

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the President has reshuffled his cabinet, it's been 10 changes, plus people have been fired new people are in. And amongst those that are fired, of course, we know is the Minister of Finance. And why why this is significant is that the Minister of Finance is basically in charge of our bank account, the country's bank account, and he's the one that allows approves or does not allow spending. And for a long time, there's been this friction between the Minister of Finance and the president and those who support the president to put through certain expenditures, which are unjustified, which are things we cannot afford as a country. But nonetheless, President got rid of

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the Minister of Finance. And not long after the switch happened last week, Thursday. And since then, there's been a lot of criticism from people with close to the closest people advises the President has criticized him that this was a decision that was not justified, and also the other ministers that were fired. Were not because they were performing poorly. He fired people that were competent and kept the those who are not performing well, he kept them on the cabinet. So purely his own personal interests are put ahead of that of the country. And then of course, as a result, you must have all heard that South Africa has now been graded junk status. What does this mean?

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We know we live in a secular capitalistic world where unfortunately, South Africa, like most countries in the world, they borrow money. They borrow money from the World Bank to build schools and bold things and spend more than they can receive. So the government spends more than it collects in taxes. So it has debt, it owes the world bank money. And as you know, if you have to make a bond, a loan, a Sharia compliant one, obviously, we are, you're tested by your ability to pay back. And if it looks like you're not going to pay back that loan, the bank is going to charge you more. So that's what happened. Our country's ability was downgraded that we are no longer a safe place to

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invest. And therefore number one, the government will have to pay more interest because it unfortunately follows this rebar system is going to pay more interest to the bank. So if it collected 10 grand in taxes, it used to pay one Rand in interest now it must pay to rent in interest.

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Also, because the government can't get enough money to meet its demands, which is going to come from, from me and from you, the taxpayers, we're gonna have to pay more to the government, the government will also what's going to happen we see that end is dropping foreign people who put money in our country and six. So Africa is a good place to put money, they've been worried and they taking the investments out of the country. So what that means is our end goes down. But we need to buy petrol from the Middle East, which means pittsville is going to become more expensive.

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When petrol becomes more expensive, your food is going to become more expensive, everything in this country is going to become more expensive. And if unfortunately, if you are in a, a debt pain thing, you shouldn't be you shouldn't be paying Riba and this is why Allah speaks out against Riba. But if you've got a mortgage, or you call that is financed, your interest rates are gonna go up, you're gonna pay more to the bank. So you'll be taxed more from the government, and you're going to be paying more for everything else. This is what happened. The whole country has suffered because of the actions of one person and he sees it. So people said, How can this happen and people criticized

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him and his own party criticize them? So Monday they had an emergency meeting. The same people that criticize them that emergency meeting, Tuesday morning, as after the meeting, we all expected that they would say the president is now gone is fired. They said no, we made a mistake. The President is in charge. And we all apologize make us math presidents in charge. So the people that are they to keep the president in check. The President is there you've got parliament, parliament is need to make sure the president is performing correctly. This is not a monarchy, you can't just decide what he wants, doesn't own South Africa. He is there and responsible answerable to Parliament and

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parliament is answerable to us. But parliament is not doing the job. They see what he's doing. But they allow it to happen. And that's why we are in this situation. But even worse than that on a global scale. We know this week, the dictator, Allah subhanho wa Taala remove him, Assad, and he's whoever supports him. They have you know, he launched an attack a chemical attack a bomb with guests, city sitting guests, and it killed 78 seats up to 80 people in the sleepy bombed a sleeping neighborhood. And

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almost half the people that killed the children. One man lost 22 people in his family. One man lost 22 people in his family, his kids, his parents is dead.

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These are civilians not one person in this group was you could say a fighter. And when someone drops chemical bombs on the on people, what we see happening in the world when presidents do what they want, and they openly blatantly steal and they openly blatantly bomb and kill the message to the rest of the world. We can do what we want. And no one will hold us to account that we have free rein that evil there is no one to stop us. Keep us in check. This is what one of the big lessons we learn that how bad things have become. I know that today if you look at the news, the one person that stood up someone that was final, Donald Trump actually bombed Assad in response that is the base

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that bombed the people, he bombed that and if our hopes is on Donald Trump, with the monarchy, we are the kings with Saudi Arabia with Malaysia who is Indonesia with Pakistan, we are our leaders to speak out against this when someone like Donald Trump is what we have to put our hopes on. So we realize how weak we've become as a people, we our property, our lives, our land can be taken and there's nothing you and I can do about it. Except make dua that's where we are. It also shows you how quickly the world changes. I said last week, things seem fine. Today these protests and marching the country's rising up. And it wasn't so long ago when Cydia was fine and okay. And now look wait

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is the message is don't ever take for granted what you have, and don't allow things to progress. Allah subhanaw taala does not allow things to happen. And oh innocent. Finally, Allah will for good and for bad. You will change things overnight for good or for bad. If we as oma continued a certain direction, down a certain path. We shouldn't be surprised if within one day, two days one week, things change overnight. This is the reality of the world. How many people said we never thought this could happen. How many people in America said we never thought someone would come and prevent Muslims from entering America. How many people said we never thought a time would come when you know

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people will be you know, children will be bombed with guests thought it's possible that a president can fire and appoint and steal and take blatantly and no one can stop him. How is this possible? How did this happen? It happened gradually because as we always say the woman is asleep. And the shavon is very, very busy, hard at work.

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We also learn from these events. That's vahana law.

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The struggle never ends, that there will always be evil. And there will always always be beliefs. And they'll always be his wish upon the followers and supporters of the beliefs will always be the

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every generation, every time, the struggle will be different, the face of evil will change, but evil itself will always be there. And as Muslims, so as humans, you must decide on which side of the fence you are, you're either helping and supporting, or allowing it by doing nothing or you opposing that evil, there will always be a fear around, and it will always be a Muslim.

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It will always be this struggle will always continue. We thought maybe after party, our struggle has come to an end, no, the struggle will continue. And just like every generation has its challenges. This is our challenge and our generational challenge. And we will be asked what we did, what did you do? How did you allow this to happen? I'm sure 50 to 20 years from now kids in Syria will ask their parents, how did you allow your country to get to where it was, we will be asked the same thing? How did you allow your country to go by the wayside? What did you do?

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And this is our taste. Ultimately, as I said, as I began, this dunya, shoot, we are going to die, all of us are going to die. And we will be questioned about what we did in these times. So what we learn and take from this time. Now one of the points and this is just for me, each one has different points, they extract we take and we see the nature of our leaders that we have today. Political leaders, and we know that there's a lack of leadership, from the political front to the economic front to the Obama is a serious problem with our leaders, all of us we all struggle with that. Which means on an individual basis, you as the leader of your household as a father, are you living up to

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what is expected as the Prophet Allah says, Hulu Kumara, in all of you, all of us are leaders. And if the beast we have a zoom as an Assad's and Donald Trump, those are the best we have panela What does that say about the rest of us. So the prophet SAW since is

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the best. And this now you know, these take these had if we listened to them, we know them. But when we look at it in times like this, we now understand them better. Now the words of the Prophet, you can see, these are not the words of a man. It's the words of a man inspired by law, whenever someone sees the base of your rulers, or those whom you make, do ask for them, you love them. And those rulers love you, and you make dua for them, and they make dua for you. And the worst of the rulers are those who you hate them, and they hate you, and you make against them, and they make do against you. That's the rules we have today. Where we will sit up at night and make dua Allah destroy this

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one, curse this one, remove this one. That's what we do. That's what we making it, these people are getting all these odds against them.

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And we know that they are making out against us as well. So we live in a time with the worst of rulers. And it's been, I don't know, if we've lived to see no, you know, maybe once in our life, to leaders who we love, who love us, and we love them very, we also see the words of the prophets of Salaam coming through when he says, rulers after me after I depart from this dunya the rulers after me will come who do not follow my guidance, they won't rule like I do, and they won't follow my tradition, my sooner. Some of them will be so bad that they are mean with the hearts of Shelton in the bodies that they all share our team in human form. And I say you'll find them on CNN and BBC

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ruling the world. These are the people the prophets are seldom talking about how can you kill

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half a million people? And it doesn't bother you? How can you steal the wealth of a country, it doesn't bother you? What is inside the the worst of hearts, the hearts of the beliefs inside human form. So the prophecies, and these are the words of the prophets are coming through.

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And we also then reflect on through leadership. When we look sometimes you need to see the darkness to realize the lights. A friend of mine, you know, when we complained about having a bad teacher, he would say, don't feel so bad. You can learn a lot from a bad teacher. You learn how not to be a teacher, and you also learn how to recognize a good teacher. So we look at our leaders that we have, and we look back at Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we realize what is through leadership, a man whenever there was an issue, so many points about the leadership of an Elisa Lam, but we just take for example, the events of the last week, one person calls the shots. He fires and he appoints and

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he runs the show like a as as he wants. Look at Mohammed Salam. Whenever there was an issue, affecting the oma first thing he did is he called Matura consultation. This is the man who communicates with the loss of Hannah Watada and you also be loud the slave Sal man, the Persian, the women, the children, what do you think, give me a suggestion, give me advice, and many times he would have an opinion

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Because I would say my opinion is this, but he would see Sahaba had a different opinion. He would go with a battle of butter battle, a battle of ideas out every single these are major national security issues. He asked them what is your advice? I respect your opinion. This is through leadership. A day before he passed away. Rasulullah saw Salam he was too weak to stand. So he sat on his member and he spoke to the Sahaba and he said, Who is the who amongst you? Have I wronged have I cheated? Am I is anyone do I owe a cent oil Rand who is the that I owe some money and who have I beaten or her hurt and he took his shirt off yours My back beat me. This is a lead this is sort of pseudo loss asylum.

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Ask these people now that I'm done. I've ruled you I've laid you is the anyone who has any grievance against me. Only one Sahabi stood up. And they said these two three brands will sense that and he said I wouldn't have mentioned the Dr. Sula, but you're so insistent you're asking over and over and over. If anyone I owe money, please stand up. Now stand up now. So he said I'm only scared that Allah will punish me if I don't stand up. Only one man

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with the promises impasto way. He was the undisputed ruler of half the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai, parts of Jordan, Syria, all under his complete control and authority. When he died. Before he died, he asked about the law and how much money do I have? All he had was seven queens. And he was so sad. He said I should distribute the seven queens. How would I stand before Allah with seven queens that I have? distribute them immediately. Don't worry about me and dying. Don't worry about me give that money away. When he died. I should have said that we didn't even have oil for our lamps. This is hierarchy law. This is the most Beloved of Allah and the

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man who basically ruled off the Middle East. He died like this. When you go to Medina and then we all go there, and you make the era of the puppet of rasulillah salam, you will see that his house was only big enough for three people to live, you know, people lie down. That's how big his house was. The President, then I be the final admission is the most beloved of a lot. This is all these so he owned vanilla. This is true leadership. This is a true leader.

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So why are we going through these things and why is Allah placed tyrants upon us? We can even know the wisdom of Allah, these artists and fit now when we talk about fitna fitna is not backbiting fitness, tribulation, and usually the tribulation we talk about his political tribulation. The fifth line, the time of Sahaba was political fighting. And the fitness at the end of time is the general also political. So the biggest piece and the biggest confusion we go through is tribulation.

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So much this thing is with us how we respond will determine our positioning our hero, it's a test that we can fail or pass. But some guidance from Navy SEALs alum of the life and armor of the son of say normal on the lawn said that the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said oh my god and basically all muslimeen

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you may be afflicted by five things five punishments Allah will sin against you and I love obedience Mallanna causes to happen that should you live to see them I hope that you don't love to see this panel. We are living to see all five reasons to abubaker and Omar, we are five punishments I make dua you never see them. What are these five things they are a pseudo law professors and says, If fornication and adultery and Xena should become widespread, we know that this has never happened, except that new diseases are befalling people, new diseases sexually transmitted diseases begin to appear aids we was 800 years ago. Analog words of a professor so now we see fornication and illegal

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heroin intercourse happening, new diseases will appear number one. Number two Allah smart resources. If people should begin to cheat in the weight weighing out of goods in their businesses, if they are dishonest in their businesses, you should realize that this has never happened, except that Allah brought drought and famine befalling the people and the rulers replace them.

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When you cheat in your businesses, when you cheat in the market, when you take the HAC of your workers and your customers and wherever they are, Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring drought, famine, and oppressive rulers to take your wealth from you.

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We are seeing that number three professor says, If you should withhold your Zakah then realize that this has never happened. Without the rain being stopped from falling all over with all the rain. We're seeing that if you withhold your soccer, almost not going to give the rain and the profit continues and worried not for the animals sick. Allah would never seen the rain again. Only out of mercy for the animals. Although it seems that I'm number four. If people should break the covenant with Allah and His Messenger, they go ahead

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against the Sharia. They don't care about what they drink and dress and the business transactions when they break the agreement with a line that assume, then realize that this has never happened except that Allah sins enemies against them to take the positions by force, take the lands by force, every Muslim country. Without exceptions quantum law is at the mercy of external enemies. never happens unless you break your covenant with the law. And if the leaders processes if the leaders do not rule according to the book of a law, they realize this has never happened without a law making them into groups and they fight one another what two Muslim countries stand as brothers? Which two

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Muslims? Can you think which two Muslim countries support one another?

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not think of them.

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Meaning nanny's ruling by the book of Allah. That's why every single you have the United States of America, the European Union with the Muslim Union, the United Muslim with we don't find this, even massage at all. I'm on a small scale, we don't work together. All five of these things is also making to our Yahuwah my you never see this. We are seeing all five in our times.

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So how do we respond to this? What do we do just as much as bad things happen? As a consequence of our interactions on the ground, we can also fix things. And this deal is something of constant progress now before Salaam started from a much lower, much worse position than us. Now we still have some, not some a lot of benefits. Professor lamb was one man alone in a society that killed his own children. A lot is fix the society. For us. It's so much easier to fix our societies. The heart The code is the from the resources alone. So what must we do amongst the things and I don't have all the solutions but the prophets of Salaam and through the guidance of Allah, we look at some of the

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Abu Bakr Siddiq, you don't find your side note here, you won't find many Hadith Bible vakre Siddiq iwakura the Alon, I can't think of many a hadith which he narrated, you find Abu huraira Ayesha, not too many from Abu Bakar. But look at this hadith from a worker.

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What should we do? When we see problems? Some brothers would say you know what, I just go to my ministry that my masala and I make dua and I keep my own world. Okay, what happens outside I don't have to worry about that. I don't have to concern myself about the big issues. I just have to make my solar on time my family's okay and hamdulillah I answerable for that to Allah is true. But it's not just doesn't stop the worker rhodiola explained this. So basically, this is his he's talking to the Sahaba. Or people, you recite the drama either in this ayah Allah says, Oh, you believe take care of your own selves. And if you follow the guidance, if you follow the guidance, no hurt can

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come you come to you from those who are in error. So if you look after yourself and your guidance, they don't worry, nothing bad is gonna happen to you. So many people took this as an evidence, you know what, I just stick to my own little world and that'll be fine. But couldn't say no, didn't explain further. He says, I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam say, when the people see an oppressor, but they don't try to stop him. Soon, Allah will cause all of them to suffer punishment, because of him, has had a

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lot of things benefits to take from this record. He's saying that just yet, yes, look after your own concerns. But also understand that things that affect the community is your concern. That what happens in the economy, in politics, what happens with in terms of drugs and crime, it might not affect you directly, but it's gonna affect you eventually. So it's your problem, just because your kids and our particular kids are not on drugs. And just because your kids can go to a fancy school, and you have food on the table. It should concern you about those people not having it, why eventually the negative will come to you. Eventually those people will take from you. When you

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neglect them that harm that evil that went on. It's like a cancer you didn't you just be it's like saying, you know, cancer, this is cancer is in this and it's not in my it's in my left and my right, I will leave it eventually that cancer is going to come to your right hand. That's what abubaker is saying.

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That if you and in particularly with the oppressor and the tyrant, if you leave him he's just going to become worse and worse. Also beautifully. When is Abu Bakr giving this paddies when he's the halifa he's not gonna quote a hadith when Ross Wilson is alive. When he's the halifa is saying when you see a tide and an oppressor, keep him in check. He's telling people, if you see me step out of line, keep me in check. Words of a true leader,

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panel da, da da da lawn. So if we leave things to just progress, that's how we get to a position we said How did this happen? It happened not today or yesterday or last week with the past team

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years we've allowed to continue.

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Abu Zubaydah who reports to the prophets of Salaam said, Really among the greatest Jihad that you can fight, we always ask ways this jihad, I wish I could fight Jihad and I can intergender my whole line, just show me the way I will do it. prophecies of the most difficult and the highest and the best of Georgi could do is to say a word of justice, in front of a tyrannical leader, to speak the truth against a tyrant to say something he doesn't like, but it's the truth, to speak out against tyranny is of the greatest forms of jihad. So the opportunity of jihad is the

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dozen jihad is Mini's jihad is a struggle. And I said the struggle is always the so when you see tyranny, you can be a Mujahid speak out against it, on WhatsApp on Facebook, whatever it might be, speak out against it to the tyrant, that's your jihad.

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Professor says Allah does not punish the individual for the sins of a community smart about Sharia. If the community isn't making solar, but you making sure that I wasn't gonna punish you for the community backs, until you see the evil spread amongst themselves, you see this evil spreading? And why do you have the power to do something, you don't do anything, then you also liable? If you allow evil to happen, and you can do something, and you do nothing? Then you are an accomplice. Like any crime, you see someone robbing a bank, and you're watching you don't do anything, you don't even phoned the police, then you're an accomplice to that. So Allah will punish you, may Allah protect us

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for that. So we need to do something. message on giving Mrs. rasulillah salam is we need to do something, we can't sit back and say, well, that's serious problems. That's cailleach has problems. That's the ANC problems. So long as I'm in my house, my business is okay, my kids are fine. For now. No, you will be questioned in the mirror. And in the dunya, eventually, we'll catch up with you. It's because we said, This is what my concern or my worries or my problems, and we are here today, we weren't concerned when the ministers of other departments, social services, or for the poor or education, I don't worry about that, because my kids are in private schools, I don't have to worry

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what's happening in the education department. But eventually it's going to come to you.

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Eventually, it's going to reach you and your kids, and generations to come. And these are important times in our life. What we do in times like this can make things better or worse. May Allah protect us, we could go along the way of Cydia along the way of many other failed countries along the way of Zimbabwe. Or we could come out of this and we know firsthand that these always hope to improve and come out. So what do we do? Feeling bad and feeling concerned and hamdulillah? That's a start. Because if you didn't feel bad to concern, then like the presidents who do as they please without feeling bad or concern, the heart is dead. So the first thing is, as we say this is the lowest form

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of Eman is to have a hatred for all of us what the heart. And if you don't feel concerned, if it doesn't make you feel anything, then there's a problem inside. That's when you really need to be worried. Yeah, Allah save me particularly what's happening inside. So feeling concerned in bed and worried and not sure and ask what should I do Alhamdulillah. That's an indication of your Eman. That is a fitrah inside saying what I see outside is on the right. And something must change if you have that feeling and hamdulillah this man in the heart. So number one thing that we learned from the prophets of Salaam, Nabisco, salaam, he did not change things from the top down from the bottom of

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that's the way things change from the bottom of that he may he built a society on individuals. He basically taught us that everyone is a brick. Together, we built the society up. Each one is part of a puzzle. If one piece of that puzzle is missing, the entire puzzle is incomplete. That as an individual, your actions make things better or worse. If we look at that Hadees we spoke about five sins resulting five punishments. It's the sins of the individual, your how you live your life, how you conduct, how we conduct our business, how we act as leaders as people.

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Every individual has a role to play. And too many times do we hear people saying when you ask this? Well, this is an issue for the Alana. Oh, this is the issue for the president or Palestine is the issue for way, way, way. Saudi with Turkey? Yes, we are the and I was going to ask them about that. But I was going to ask you also Where were you when these things were happening? And what's our response? Every individual has something to do and at all to play. Every individual for the benefit of for the worse. If you see something wrong this is your Akira This is what your dean teaches you. If you see something wrong, change it. If you can change it with your hand if you think if you are

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any parliamentarians here, if you are sitting in Parliament, then you have you have a responsibility to pay if you are sitting in the ANC National Executive Committee

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When you're going to be accountable for this, if not you, are you on Facebook or Twitter, speak out against it, make your voice heard.

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And if you can't do something with your hand, and you can't speak out against it, then we should be making your art. And that's the taste of our man. That's the taste of our Eman. How much would you are we making? Who of us will stand up intelligent and make dua for Syria? Or for Palestine or for ourselves in South Africa? And if we're not able to do that, then that has nothing to do this is the weakest form of your Eman. How wiki Allah, Allah takes us with it. Even if it's difficult to make that near weakness change, we contributing to the problem, we can also fix the problem. We should also remain positive. How many people say well what's my contribution going to do? If I go and I

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make a statement to I do something if I stand up in Parliament I speak alone is 50 other ones that need to speak up. If everyone had that attitude, then nothing would ever come right.

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Today we take great strength from the story of Bilal. He didn't ask well, you know pseudo law if I if I don't if I don't if I you know give in if I give up what's it gonna matter each and it will take strength from below how we stood up against this master. Just one word I had I had you, you can beat me burn me whatever you do, but you're not gonna break me. That's through jihad.

00:31:29--> 00:31:46

That it makes a symbol for the rest of us. Don't ask what your contribution is going to be cyclamen say you know what's my one ran in the towel gonna make to the manager of the boat you know spinal. I put five grand in the we need a million Rand to prove a problem. My five and we'll make make a difference. I might as well buy me a packet of chips. No.

00:31:47--> 00:32:15

You don't worry about the results. You're our job is how we respond. We will be asked about that five Rand, remember this for the appeal. We will be asked about what we said and what we did. The result is in Allah's hands, Allah decides who will do tomorrow, if the rain is going to come if he's not going to come. But our job is when are we going to be asked about so we need to do something and we don't look for others to do something. You know, just something on protests people ask, you know,

00:32:16--> 00:32:23

is it permissible to protest this silly debate to enter into you find someone who might say yes, some say no, this fitna, whatever it might be.

00:32:25--> 00:33:00

Sahaba in the time of an abyssal Salaam, it was it was a criminal offence to be a Muslim publicly here to make Salah privately you couldn't recite the Quran publicly. And one of the first public protests I would say, was of the lion Massoud this Young's the small, scrawny guy, we didn't have a family. The Sahaba said you know the correlation, never heard the Quran if they just hear the Quran. Some of them might become Muslim, but we're not allowed to speak it publicly. Sub the live and master would say let me go do it. And he went to the Haram and he recited from the Quran publicly. Yes, they beat him into a coma. He beat him up Abuja. He was in a coma he was about to die, but at

00:33:00--> 00:33:08

least they heard when you woke up last year the Quran said they heard the Quran so hamdullah tomorrow I'm gonna do the same thing. So I said no, no, no, don't do that.

00:33:09--> 00:33:19

This was a powerful statement says what what difference does it make might not make a difference to Abu jihad, Abu lahab but there are others who will hear others who might be affected.

00:33:20--> 00:33:30

So we take how do we make change? Look at the story of Musa no one of us is as good as Musa and none of our leaders today is as bad as we know.

00:33:32--> 00:34:22

There is no leader as bad as found for your own sake to know the Messiah. And he meant it when he said hon Kumara Musa, I don't know of an Allah other than me, I'm I control everything. He believed it and no one is as as good as Musa. Yet Allah tells me to be Moosa when you go to Freetown, reprimand him nicely, softly. So we use whatever peaceful, wise way of, of protest, not violence. We mostly didn't pick up his stick and he fit around. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not tell the prophets of Salaam go and stab Abu Jamal, Abu lahab No, you protest and you spread the truth in a wise, civilized disciplined manner. within the parameters of the law, we'll use every method we can to

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

show that we are against injustice, we will use every method in our in our public capacity to show we are against this and our private capacity will make the law and will rectify our life. But also when we look at our options, people say well, what can we do? We can maybe put up some black cars and go in the street one day, and then what else can we do? The fact that we don't have the power, or the ability or the strength to make a change shows us that we're in a weak position. We shouldn't stop here. We shouldn't come 2019 and say, well, we have the same political people to vote for the same cooks we have to choose. Why can't we fix our situation? Maybe not today, but plan for 5060

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

years Professor

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Sallam said, Look, we can't make Sora publicly now, but if we had an armor on our side, then we can make solid public in Harlem and he made dua and gave our say Norma became a Muslim. After that the Muslims could stand publicly and make Saldana because they were stronger. Yeah, we were so weak here in Mecca. If only we will work for a new place in Medina was provided. We don't sit back and say, Well, these are options. They bed so there's nothing we're going to do. No. Let's put our heads together, our energies together and say let's fix it. And this is really one of the hallmarks of our forefathers. I said this last week, when they came to a community they were taken from their homes,

00:35:38--> 00:36:14

they came to a brand new community and said, You know what, we've lost everything. But we need a Masjid. We're not going to cry and say Allah what happened to our Masjid here in the blue cup when the slick six let's build a new Masjid? We don't have funds. Okay, we if it takes us 10 years to build that Masjid selaku sisters Alhamdulillah will do it. We need a madrasa. Okay, well, Baldwin, we need halaal certification, so we'll have an organization, we would like a radio station it started up. That's the way of through social work that our forefathers did a lot more than we are doing with a lot less. And it succeeded. There's a lot we can do, maybe not now today. But we need

00:36:14--> 00:36:53

to work for 10 years from now, that in 10 years time in sha Allah, we will have, you know, politicians or parties, we could really support that they are areas that we could have, again, we look at the wood, for example, everything we'd like to say about them, whatever. But in reality, a small tiny percentage can control the world. Why? Because they've they've made the the presence felt. They put pressure on politicians across the world. They're not made with they're not made with any extra superpowers, but they have a collective effort. They work together. As we all know, we have a lot more going for us and if we work together, especially in this country, we can make

00:36:53--> 00:37:33

positive change not for power, but for the for justice inshallah. So we plan long term and I say this, again, avoid violence at all costs. We don't burn things or destroy property. We don't attack or harm may be so solemn many hobbies, you'd find about following the leader that he hits your back, if he takes your wealth obey Him. What's the balance one side, you say we should speak out against the leader? The other side, you say we should follow him? What must we do? Don't throw the sword. And this is the methodology of the Sahaba. And the tambourine when they saw corrupt leaders, Mr. Melvin Hamburg, he stood up against the halifa he opposed him he didn't sign off when the halifa

00:37:33--> 00:38:12

said, say the Quran is the creation of Allah. I said, No, I won't beat me what you want. But he never called for jihad against the halifa. Why? Because, as they say, 1000 years of a tyrant ruling is better than one day of anarchy and lawlessness. If all the people in the streets, my lineup, you know, my love protectors were to take out the guns and stuff like that. The army comes in, then what we went from yesterday is so much worse than what happens is so much worse. We have blood in the streets. This is no worse than operation. Then we have a Syria. So we don't be violent, we might be frustrated, we might be angry, we don't become violent. We use every means that the Sharia provides

00:38:12--> 00:38:51

the law provides, and we do so with wisdom. And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, something which I am also learning reciting surah Baja, Allah says, Do not be Moosa, go to Pharaoh and speak to him, Allah you and me to go to Pharaoh and speak to him. I'm a criminal a wanted man, I killed someone, I can't even speak properly. I have nothing. Allah says, Go and remember me and don't become weak in my remembrance, and what are you going to fit around and while you're working, remember ultimately I change things continue you know, ecfr and I will do ours and our Eva that changes in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala how many a great number were defeated by a small

00:38:51--> 00:39:24

number, but the power of Allah subhanaw taala. And if we ever truly are keen that we know that the result is in the hands of Allah, then it shouldn't make us feel despondent that he Li did my part. We're waiting for you to do your part and Allah will forever do what is incumbent on him Allah will always Allah will never leave us in the lurch. We put our faith in Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings. And Allah guide us to make the right choices. May Allah protect us in these days of fitna? May Allah make easy for all the Muslim men in this country and across the world and all the people just a small announcement should come to align all the doors as test here

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Wagner's treatment is proven successful the girl who had cancer or the goal was

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but he's still undergoing chemotherapy so please keep her in your door so all those were made to offer this little girl with cancer and hamdullah treatment as well so Allah May Allah grant Has she found all the ill a lot more of badness is he will best ish fee will enter share but she felt now in order to supplement natural world Kareem are apologizing and espionage Amelia are hamara amin and we remind ourselves about the water please use it sparingly and I will see the class inshallah will start after Isha of the Muslim inshallah of the mother of Salah.

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Tuesday evening Sierra class and our marriage class is concluded Pamela circular for joining us Hello Latina Mohammed Ali Islam Celine hamdulillah Arabella domina Solomonic Mark