Wahaj Tarin – How you become FEARLESS

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of fear and the loss of the throne, as well as the challenges faced by Muslims during the conflict in Iraq. They emphasize the need for fearless behavior and caution to prevent future conflict. They also touch on the loss of lives, use of rocks, and potential for annihilation, as well as the potential for food shortages and the use of animals as carriers.
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Fear is what holds people back.

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And when there's no fear of Allah in the heart, Allah fills it with the fear of everything else.

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eemaan did something else

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as significant, if not more.

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You see yesterday they were shackled by all types of fears.

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And I read a beautiful statement recently, it's all the success you want is on the other side of fear.

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So you yourselves others, you're stuck in an unhappy job because of fear, you're stuck

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in an in a bad situation because of fear. Fear is what holds people as people that and

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when there is no fear of Allah in the heart, Allah fills it with the fear of everything, everything. Remember that? Remember that? If the heart is not filled with the fear of Allah, Allah fills it with the fear of everything else. So you're afraid of sickness. So you take insurance and you become afraid of losing your job you'd like job security insurance, and you're afraid of your mortgage, you know, so you understand me it's alive. You wake up fear, fear, fear. And then superstitions come you know, you walk under a ladder oh my god what happened? I walked on the radar last walk a few times this one do you get me that was their lives. Our life filled with fear and superstitions and

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shackled by false gods and false ideas and Eman can and release them from

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and release them from it all. And they become what I call super useful for humans. Like you look at the Sahaba and the challenges they faced and the obstacles they conquered. A normal human can do.

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Should I give you some example?

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Hey, I'll give you

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this is the battle of Musa

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has sent these people.

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The first way is a they've been a hadith. And Jaffa be a pilot and

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Abdullah ignore our

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instructions. Listen, Vader's in charge. If he falls, Jaffa will take the reins of Jaffa falls Abdullah Abdullah will take the reins if Abdullah falls then choose a leader from yourselves. War is a scary concept Allah save one on all yada

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now war if two equals of fighting this problematic

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now these Muslims were sent to odds you cannot imagine.

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Like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam sent a few 1000 and although historians differ, but one some is that the 150,000 came out against them.

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One some

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and they went there against Arab tribes but the Roman legions camp instead

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uniform Rome.

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So can you imagine feel like that? Like imagine you're surrounded by 10 people and then a dark alley, it's a problem.

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But these people are facing like, call

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unsurmountable odds and you would think they would go pale.

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You know, nervous, shake.

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Worry, panic

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you won't find it.

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Like it's as though they didn't know fear existed.

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You know, this is the second commander.

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Jafar interview pilot saw the first ones they'd felt.

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So Jafar holds the standard and gallops into the enemy.

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And then he thinks in difficulty the horse might run back. So he jumped off and hamstrung the horse

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and then he's this is heard on Battlefield him saying yeah, how Bethel Jannetty Dr. Abu ha able to nwaba Don't shut up Whoo. Whoo hoo woman either feel rotten valley the tone ensemble

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or Jana la insult In Battlefield you should be scared against all odds and say they got their husband Elgin to walk to rob whoo ha or the beauty and delight of Jana and how close

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Are you are like just beyond this. I am and Jana, do you understand? Like where he should be scared and nervous. But do you see what Eman does

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at my the obstacles of this life nothing nothing. And then he is not the isolated one. So, you know how they struck him?

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His right, his, his right hand got cut. So he held the standard with his left hand. So they cut off his left hand. So he held it like that, and then they stabbed through

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and as he's falling the standards about to fall, so they get it and they say where's abdulai berawa So Abdullah berawa, who was the third commander in charge, he's

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his cousin has just given him a piece of bone with a bit of meat on it, like here have a bite.

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And he's he's having this in the standard camp.

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And for a second he tarried

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you know, for a second like his,

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you know him and then he says this to himself and they hear him. Yeah, enough Soma like Itakura Hina mouth or soul Why are you afraid of death? Allah Dr. Lita Muti Heather Hale will note the portfolio at one time and needed pocket defeated What are you afraid of that this is what you were seeking? And you know what your desire is just in front of you. Then he tells himself like you know,

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or my soul unless you know, you die here you will die somewhere else. So go face your destiny, and he galloped into it and the Prophet sallahu wa alayhi wa sallam is narrating the story to the Sahaba in Medina, like miles away, but my point is difficulties like that to where you would have thought they would break

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it had no effect on

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because of the power of ima

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so Eman gave them the strength to succumb all types of all. And this is just fear, hunger can

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and they overcome acute hunger you know, the stories. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is in the Battle of hundreds.

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And the Sahaba says I saw you know, then it reached a time hunger was so bad that they everyone was tying rocks on their bellies. Do you know why they call a gastric bypass these days? You know where they put a sleeve on the stomach to make a tie

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but they used to put rocks to tie it you know

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become smaller shrinks and then they don't feel hungry. So then they reach the level back you know if you're still working with a rock on your stomach Morales pretty low, like give you an effort was the small call time you know, everyone's Everyone's tired. So

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these ones they started to compare size of rocks, who's got the biggest rock

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and they looked at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the three rocks on his blessed stomach because he's that hungry. Yet they're still working. And not only that, you hear this in the ranks like in the Muslim ranks.

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Hola Houma, Lola and Dana wala dasa Takanawa Del Sol Lena NZD. Home Misaki. In Atlanta, Elena was a bit awkward the manner in La Cocina or wildlife if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have been guided, we wouldn't know sightline we wouldn't know the car. So my golf beat firm when we meet our enemy, and support us and strengthen us. morale is high.

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But what's what's the secret because it's not a fool. knows that equipment knows that situation like they are not in a cinema, you know, and not a small army. At this stage. Muslims have 1400 fighting men 10,000 Plus have come against them.

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You know, annihilation, and in those days, they would come and attack your house and take your women and children and your boys would be their slaves and your women would be their toys. Those days. And, and they can see all that,

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like at the verge of annihilation, but they believe in the confidence in the emaan and the fearlessness at such a level that it has set them free from the shackles that everyone else is shackled by. So the second outcome of Eman is that it sets you free from the chains that shackles all the rest of humankind.

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