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out of alignment shaytani R rajim Bismillah manga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffleboards serene said number one but not only he also had three main brothers and sisters I set out why they can lie over a cat

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and handloader blood amino present to Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah we will witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah when we send our love and greetings salutations. So beloved Debbie Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to spice up your family to his companions in order to follow his sunnah until the end of time. But Allah blesses to be amongst them. I mean, will hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we continue with our series on on Palestine? It's Pamela already. It's been a few weeks, and we can see the Facebook posts or back to memes and jokes, and we are quickly forgetting. And we realize that a ceasefire doesn't mean that things are normal. It just means that

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bombs are not dropping on Gaza. But still, the occupation remains. The people don't guys are still blockaded, they are in the biggest prison in the world. They are still being oppressed, they are still and they still being under siege, most Luxa is still being violated. And the people living in Israel, the Arabs, the Muslims, and Muslims and Christians are treated as second class citizens in an apartheid state. And so we should not forget. And the only reasons panel after the funding of Allah the blessings of Allah that caused the aggressor to agree to the ceasefire was through your and the people around the world. The noise that we made,

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wasn't because they felt bad that they killed so many children. They've killed lots more children in the past doesn't bother them. But because of our voices, this is what caused the aggressor to pause and so we should not we shouldn't stop speaking about it. Now, in the series, we spoke last week about what Allah subhanaw taala advises us in times of difficulty via the Quran and the Sunnah. This is a long story about the situation in peril. How did we get Yes, Pamela, we know that spot a lot of time came and say no, without any fighting, walks into Palestine, took the keys and Jerusalem was in the control of the Muslim ummah. And we had a long, illustrious history of a Muslim civilization in

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that land. It was only interrupted for about under 100 years without of no way. An army from Europe came called the Crusaders, and they conquered Jerusalem and they killed everyone in the city until Salahuddin by the Grace of Allah, they removed them, and it came back to Muslim control. So how is it what happened? Then we've lost Jerusalem again, how did we do? What happened? How did this happen? And for us to understand, it's very important because while I the the two parallel wars happening at the moment, there's one on the ground. And this one in terms of what's happening on social media, in terms of what people are seeing and believing. And you and I are a part of that

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intellectual discussion. So we need to understand the facts. And what it is that we are calling for, what is it that Palestinians want? What is it that we are against, and so to understand this conflict, and why we are where we are, we have to go back 100 years 100 years ago, or so, just more than 100 years, the world was very different. We still had a Khalifa Subhanallah we still had a caliphate. It was a weak Khalifa. But we still had someone that was in charge of the Muslim world by and large, and he was in Constantinople, Istanbul, the Ottoman ruler, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Most of the problems we find in the world today, whether it is Kashmir, whether it is

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apartheid in South Africa, whether it is the genocide in Rwanda, Palestine, it is all because of what happened about 100 years ago, and the way in which Europe manipulated the world. 100 years ago, we still had empires. We had the most powerful empire in the world was the British Empire, which also ruled South Africa. And most of the lands that speak English today was ruled by the British Empire. And we had a German Empire, we I'm not gonna go too much in the history, you should know all these things. Now, this is pre World War One called the Great War. We had the Russian Empire, and we had an Ottoman Empire. And the last is the last Islamic empire that we've had, the last 100 years,

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we've had nothing after the Ottoman Empire. And there was interestingly, if you look at any map in the globe, there was no country called Israel on the map. And something that Israel doesn't want you to know that most of your grandparents who is still alive, Allah grant him a long life. They are older than Israel, anyone older than 70 years is older than the state of Israel. So

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the Ottoman Empire just a little bit about this is relevant to us because this is the seat of the caliphate, from the time of saying the worker or the Alon, from the time of Satan Abubaker until 1924, less than 100 years ago, there was an unbroken line of believers, through ups and downs of the Ummah, invasions destructions. Enemies came and went, but we always had someone who was at least in name, the Khalifa, some was strong, some are weak, we had Khalifa and most of the Muslim lands of the Middle East.

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from Saudi Arabia, Makkah Medina, Jerusalem, Syria, Iraq was all under the control of the Ottoman Empire before World War One. And if we look at ohana, as I said, these are a list of dynasties from this visa. In fact, from the prophets of Salaam, until 1924. We always had a Khalifa, it's been just this last 100 years in 2024 would be 100 year anniversary anniversary sad anniversary, where we've had no Khalifa a time that there'll be some prophesized this time.

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And so, World War One, I won't go too much into the details again, the yesterday I know people not so big fans of history. At that time, we had big empires who ruled lots of parts of the world, like the British Empire ruled a lot of the world German Empire, the ottoman. So these are countries that ruled out of other countries, and a war broke out between them. In Europe, this was a European war between England and France on the one side, and Germany on the other side. So how did the Ottomans get involved in this? How did we, as Muslims get involved in a war between Europeans, long story short, the Ottomans were allied with the Germans, the Ottoman sided with the Germans against England

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and France. And so the Ottomans were on the side of Germany against when we call this the allies. And so, when the British, the British or the at this time, America was very much not involved in the conflict, America before World War One was still pretty much not a superpower yet, and didn't want to involve itself in the politics of Europe. And so when Britain who was the most powerful nation in the world, wanted to find a way to defeat the Germans, they realize the Ottomans were the weak link in the chain because the Ottoman Empire had become very backwards. Technologically, we were behind. We had bad we didn't have the proper machinery. We weren't advanced as we all if someone living in

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Western countries like that today is like that. We need to import everything from some other European country. And so the way in which Britain does things divide and conquer, they looked for a way to destroy the Ottoman Empire from the inside. Now this is why it's important for us. The Khalifa is in Constantinople, Istanbul, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire is technically Al Khalifa. And so they look for a man inside the Muslim ummah, that they could prop up as a counter Khalifa. And they found a panel on the Sharif of Mecca. Now the sheriff's are the owner by the family of Nabil salah. And whichever Hollyford came many Hollyford came in when they gave Makkah and Medina

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that area jazz to the family, the Promised Land, you're the sheriff, you in charge of his area of respect for the family that you as the sheriff, you are in charge of this area. We have a Khalifa above you, but out of another sheriff's rule this area. And so the British contacted this man, the Sharif Hussein and said we will support you against support us against the Ottomans, you rise up the Arabs, you tell the Arabs, why should you be ruled by took a Turkish person, your Arabs, and if you unite with us, and you fight against the Ottomans, you revolt revolt against them, we will give the Arabs a free land all the Arab lands will be yours. And we will make you the Khalifa and socially

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for sign. He sided with the British against the Ottomans. And so inside Saudi Arabia, inside Syria, inside Baghdad, Iraq, you had uprisings against the Ottomans. And so the Ottomans are fighting an enemy on the outside, and an enemy on the inside. And we still have letters between Sharif Hussein. I mean, these things are all documented Sharif Hussein and the British promising him. If you support us, the British we will at the end of the war when we beat the Ottomans. The Arab lands will be yours and you'll be the Khalifa and you will have an Arab nationalism

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while Britain is promising Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia Iraq all these countries to shut him for saying they doing dealings with another group who also wants a land in the Middle East designers. As well design a sweat is the story we will talk about designers a lot what are they we should know about them?

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That long before Islam 2000 years ago, when 500 years before visa Salam, the Jews were expelled from Palestine. We should know this wasn't us. The Romans kicked them out, expelled them from Jerusalem. So they never really lived in Palestine.

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Since the time of their visa since the time of Jesus, the Jews were expelled from Palestine. And they lived as tiny minorities throughout the world. Wherever you go, the Jewish people are a tiny minority in a bigger country. And so wherever they went, most of the time the Jews were persecuted they will foreigners and this is Haram are we against that we are against persecution of any people because of the religion. And so there was an end the persecution in Europe was perhaps the worst the Jews were the most persecuted in the lands of the Europeans. And so there was this intellectual movement that said the Jews will only be free

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See, if we have a country of our own. And we have a Jewish state, which is ruled by Jews with a majority, only then will we be safe from persecution. And Allah in some ways we sympathize with him, we feel that that is correct, they should have a state, and they should have a place where they don't have to be persecuted. In fact, this idea didn't start with His Highness, it started long before them. The first attempt look at this, the first attempt to bring the Jews out of Europe to a place that they were safe, was by the Ottomans, the Ottomans, sided with the Ottomans felt pity for what was happening to the Christians in Europe. And they are and they had a close relationship with

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Jews living in the Ottoman Empire said, bring them out of Europe, to the Middle East, and we will look after them so they could be safe, we feel for them.

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And so

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this movement of before World War One, there was a big movement of nationalism where we are Arabs before Muslims, we are European, we are German. That's why the Nazis rose up. All this idea. And we seeing this happen all over again, throughout the world, very scary. The same trends are happening throughout the world. As I said, in Israel, in India, Donald Trump, all of his movements, racist movements, were rising up throughout the world. And so the Zionist movement is very much a Jewish racist movement that the Jews are superior, and we should have our own land. And most of the rabbis, interestingly, most of the moulana of the Jews rejected Zionism. So there's a part of Judaism. They

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rejected Zionism completely. It was secular, many of them even atheist Jews. So it's quite strange, that many designers don't believe in God, where they believe God promised them a land, this strange kind of belief. And so, and this is a very long I mean, 1897 is not too long ago. And it's amazing. We give them they do what they were able to achieve at 97. It's like 100. And what tended in cities, what they were able to achieve from people that was, throughout the world scattered to form a state. Throughout all these empires, they were able to develop their own state, a very powerful state, a superpower was Pinilla. And so the movement was brewing in Europe that look, the Jews should be

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given a land. And they first looked at a country in your Argentina Subhanallah, there was an offer for them to set up a stake in Argentina, then Uganda, but they rejected all these and said, the only place where Jews would really come together would be in Palestine, and they asked the British Empire, give us a chance and Let us settle in Palestine. Because Britain was in control. The British made a deal with the Zionists. But if we win the Ottomans support us. And if we beat the Ottomans, we'll give you medicine. So they made two deals now want to share you for saying you will be in charge, then they made a deal with the Zionists, you will get Palestine if we win, then they made a

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third deal, which is the real deal between France.

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As you've heard about this, you should know about this treaty, the Sykes pico agreement. What's happening in Syria now people dying is because of this. What's happening Saddam Hussein is because of this. This was an agreement between France and England that when we beat the Ottomans, how are we going to cut up the pie? And they drew the map that we have today of the of the of the Middle East is the map that these two main Middle Eastern men couldn't speak Arabic. They never went to the Middle East. They drew up the pie, how are we going to, you're going to get so they said, so Britain agreed France, you will get Syria. We will take Iraq and Palestine and, and Jordan, the British. So

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they made three deals, lying to different people all the time, the British to get what they wanted. And eventually this, this came out, it was made known to the public. Long story short, Russia eventually broke away. It overthrew its government. And the Russian communists took over and they said, Look, these are what the secular Western governments are doing. While they promising the Arabs, we fight for your liberation. And we tell the Jews, you're going to have a land for your own. Really behind the scenes, they're already dividing how they're going to rule the world. Once they are once they beat the wall.

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When the Sharif Hussein heard about all this, what did he do?

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He still sort of the British, they still promise don't worry, we're still on your side. We will still fight with you. We will still support you. And so he sided with the British to fight against the Ottomans. And it wasn't too long between before the Ottoman Empire collapsed. First Baghdad fell, then Jerusalem then Damascus and eventually even Constantinople span Allah was conquered. And eventually 1924 After World War One, the caliphate of the Muslims in the Muslim empire finished Namo Khalifa now that the war is over, who is going to get what now Britain must honor its deals. It must make a deal over promises it made it must now come through with it. And so from next week, inshallah

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we'll talk about how Britain divided the world. In a room, they decided

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what's going to happen in South Africa. What's gonna happen to Australia? Who's gonna get Syria, new countries were invented, all countries disappeared. Country like pal

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Stein cease to exist there's always a Palestine no more Palestine, a new country is going to rise up. And you know, subhanAllah we end up with this hadith then evisa Salam says, A time will come when the enemies of the world will call one another like a pack of birds or animals and they will take from you and your lands like our animals take from the prey and they will not without without any resistance they'll just take what they want. And the Sahaba CDR rasool Allah will we be in such a weak position because we are few in number we don't have much people so because it no you will be a lot billion Subhanallah second biggest

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religion on earth 57 Muslim countries only the Maldives had the courage to Maldives islands because go for holiday Shall we go to Maldives they kicked out the Israeli ambassador only the Maldives pan of all these 57 countries Masha Allah, only the Maldives had the guts to say leave nonetheless than a visa and said you will be a lot in number two, the Sahaba couldn't understand but then why why will we so weak? And so he said that your priority hobo dunya you will love the dunya and you will have no concern for the Ophira No, no concern, all worried about if we break ties, what's going to happen to our businesses? We're going to speak out what's gonna happen to me so rather I keep quiet.

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So inshallah next week we'll talk about how this divided and how we all we alternate Mulligan on this stuff. Exactly. So let's say no Muhammad, Islam was sitting down I mean, Santa Monica, Florida.