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AI: Summary © The recent struggles of Muslims during the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the loss of houses and families, injuries, and attacks on opponents. The importance of strong internal health and protecting one's own safety is emphasized. The success of the Islamist movement and the need for strong personnel to prevent attacks is also discussed. The group discusses the loss of nine individuals, including three representatives from the people of Medina and two from the people of the Northern region, and the importance of remaining firm in the fight against enemies. The upcoming conflict between the United States and Iran is expected to result in deaths and destruction of cities, and the importance of protecting people and keeping them safe is emphasized.
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We live in Atlanta rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi mousseline so you know Muhammad Ali he also remain my beloved brothers and sisters a Sadam or they can work with a lawyer with regard to

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen, who prays thanks in worship is to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now should of Allah, Allah we be witnessed that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love for greetings salutations, so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious and pure family to his companions, and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to live a life from the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and to die upon his sunnah and to be resurrected in his companionship in the ACA. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we continue part two of our series on Palestine and as we said last week

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before we talk about solutions and problems and you know, what can we do? What should we do? We ask always whenever there's a problem, we refer back to the Quran and the Sunnah. And we asked, What is Allah subhanaw taala advice. And so when we look at the Quran, the ayat which are relevant to us in this current situation, they're weak. They're being harmed. We're being abused. We're being defeated. There's nothing we can do. We said, Yeah, Allah we're making Salah we're making our reciting the Quran we just fasted the month of Ramadan. Yeah, Allah ways your assistance. When we look at this situation, the most relevant point in the Sierra and the biography of Ghana, Musa Salam

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was after the defeat of the Battle of boyhood, right, they have to be the best of Ambia they have the best of the Ummah, the sahaba. And still they were defeated, they lost to some degree. And after that defeat at all heard, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to many of the ayat and Surah Al Imran were revealed posts are heard. And so this talk in last week's talk was to give us the context of the battle. But more importantly today, we want to talk about those ions. And so it is for us to understand those ions. At a time when we are weak. When we are injured when we are bleeding. Allah revealed the ayat, the Sahaba, when an abyssal Salah was injured and bleeding, Allah revealed those

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these ions. And so this is for us to, to to reflect on. So last week, we began and we mentioned the battle was a year after the Battle of butter, the Muslims want a high, they defeated the Quraysh at butter, and the Kurdish came back to retaliate. And they came with an army to invade Medina, far superior army. And the Muslims only had 700 People Against 3000 3000 plus. And so really, when it's a first to first combat, really, it is full five to one, five, you have to fight for guys, you can think about it, think about a rugby match, one team against four teams at the same time, there's no way you're going to win. And so it's very difficult, these odds are against the Muslims. But

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nonetheless, the Sahaba you know, of the consultation are going to be the best. We consulted them, we went out and they fought, they went to fight the battle. And then Salam, he, we said he developed this very, very ingenious strategy, found a place in Medina at the foot of Mount Hood, which protected them from all angles except one side. And on that exposed area, there was a little hill and he placed 50 Archers there and he said, The Archers, you stay here and make sure that Quraysh don't come from us from behind, because we can't fight from the back end the front, you keep us safe, and then inshallah if you stay there, then everything will go well. And the archers did the

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job initially, and the Muslims were winning the battle, so much so that they even managed to capture the flag of the crash. So much so that they even so the crash came where the wives, the cheerleaders, the Muslims not only defeated the men, the men ran, the women of the coalition were left alone on the battlefield. So you can imagine if the husbands are running, leaving their wives they it shows you how utterly defeated they were. And they completely left the field. And then Subhan Allah, there was a fatal error. There was a fatal error amongst the arches. The Arches did something which is perhaps the most important lesson for us to learn. Allah will now show why we

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lose why we get defeated. It's not about our enemies, some very important point to this year. We have fought the coalition has always fought the coalition defeated them. This Omar forts, the false prophets of enemies and defeated the Messiah and one of them, the Persians made them extinct. The Romans Byzantines, extinct crusaders gone the talks as much as damage they did to us extinct enemy of the enemy, the colonial powers, they're gone this deep Islam still stays Zionists, they'll come, they'll go, enemies will come and they will go. The lesson that we learned through history is that the problems are internal. They'll always be enemies, they will always be those that mean harm to

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Islam externally, though that's part of life, and the enemies can be strong, weak. The most important thing for us is to make sure that we are strong internally. And when we are strong internally, it doesn't matter who we are, who is against us. Allah will support us with Mila and Allah as he says in the Quran. When Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah says, I have fulfilled my promise to you. If that will soon be easy that you defeated them that you beat them off with with Allah's permission.

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Allah says, You Allah's promises you will be victorious if you do your part all Muslims, irrespective of your numbers, irrespective of what weapons you have. So the point is we need to be strong internally, and then things will happen externally. And so the archers when they obeyed Allah's command, the Muslims were victorious. Then they made a mistake. They saw the spoils of war on the ground, they saw the money. And they were told don't leave your position. But they argued and they fought and they did not fought. But they were arguing, quarreling with one another, like we quarrel over everything. Yeah.

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We can't unite on anything. Unfortunately. Difference of opinion on everything. We're going to have Subhanallah when we choose elect a leader, for example, whether it is in the masjid or whether it is wherever there's always going to be a faction that criticizes there's always going to be a group that opposes never can we stand together. And so Allah says Hatha enough a Shinto. You were winning until you became weak, what then as to fill and you started to argue and Quarrel amongst yourself, you almost seems divided and disputed over small things, small things for Han Allah, you have an enemy out there killing your women and children, but you arguing over petty things here,

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not standing united filamin What I'll say to him and then after that you disobeyed Allah and His Rasul, be bad the man or Akuma, to Hepburn, when you saw what you wanted of the dunya. And so after that, after you so look at the things Allah says, you lost your courage, you focused on the dunya and you argued and got divided. And when you did that, that is when the enemy could, could could overtake you, that is when the enemy could overtake you. And not only did the enemy come back, we know that this was before he was a Muslim at the Amman Saifullah later on Allah will make him the greatest general in Islamic history. This time, he wasn't a Muslim. He saw the the mistake of the

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Muslims. And he went and he made a counter attack. We said of the 50 artists only 10 of them remain the same. It was too few hardened when he climbed that mountain killed those 10 Archers that are the Allah on him, and he killed the rest of the archers. So those archers that left, they didn't get the dunya Eva, this is the Listen, you chase after the dunya at the expense of the era. You don't get the dunya or the Africa. But if you chase after the era, Allah will give the dunya for free. It comes without even asking for it. And so they lost the dunya Allah also says he forgave all the Muslims. So Radi Allahu wa Germain, they got the Ark era, it was a lesson for us to learn. There was

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a lesson for us to learn. But the most dangerous thing that's this point taught in one battalion is coming from the from behind, that the Nabisco salon was caught in this in this situation. And if you look at the entire biography of the Nabisco, Salomon, I must mention this point. Yep. Never was he, this exposed so close to being killed that in fact, we know for a moment the the Sahaba believe He died, because one of the companions, one of the Quraysh, when they killed one of the Sahaba he thought this was an abyssal Salam and he screamed, I have killed Muhammad, and many of the Sahaba just collapsed. They just said, No was over. There's no point left to live in this dunya we have

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lost in a piece of Salem, and the prophets of salaam found himself isolated, with only nine defenders. Nine personal Gods around him. Seven of them of seven of these nine were from the people of Medina and two of them were from ashram overshadow the tin based Sahaba two of them, you must know the name sadden taka site and taka and so this nine CDR rasool Allah we need to get off we need to go up the mountain. And the Quraysh is chasing them chasing the enemies. And so you can imagine, like 100 people chasing after the resource alum and his nine defenders and as they would go really like a scene out of Subhanallah you know, a book will, you know, then abyssal Solomon is nine

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defenders are climbing the mountain and behind them is harder than Walid and his battalion. And every time they get to a point one of the nine says Yara Sula, you continue, I will stand and hold it for obviously what this means is like a suicide mission. I'm going to defend this this position as much until I die. And so one by one, each Sahabi would say, Okay, you guys go, I'm going to stand here and hold the fire. I'm going to hold my ground until he died. Eventually it was down to the visa Salam and two defendants palha and sad. These are two of the things that troubles Jana. Saad was Archer, and so going to be Salam. He said, you stand behind me Rasulullah I will shoot my

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arrows. And Todd has said I will go and I will defend with the sword. And on that day, they said Tala was the hero of, of the Battle of Wuhan because he took the blows with his body, arrows and shots that came through he dodged the defeat until his arm became paralyzed completely. He lost his arm on the neighborhood. So they said he was the hero or not one of the defenders, he was blocking the arrows with every part of his body until an arrow came by and he could only dodge it with his face, and so he blocked it with his face panela to hit that if we keep them abusing them, but even then, at least I'll send them was not speed. He got two wounds to his face once. One foot ones are

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one of the colorations

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managed to get a sword that deflected and hit the Abyss also lambs armor that lodged into his cheek, and another Qureshi managed to shoot an arrow that hits into his job and got stuck in his to fight them, he says to wounds on both sides. But as the point got so desperate, we'd look like the Navy SEALs. Saddam was going to be overrun. The Sahaba managed to regroup and they managed to climb the mountain and Alhamdulillah many of the senior Sahaba like saying America has a normal, say 90, they managed to arrive and hold an epistle Salam and protect him. And this is Subhanallah that that moment we, you know, side note to Winona visa Salam got stuck in the face. Now you can imagine

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bleeding the arrow in the one side and he gets hit with a sword on the other side. He says something out of his frustration. It's not usually his character. And he says to the parish, how will you know I'm calling you to Jana? I'm trying to bring you people to Jannah how is it that Allah will ever forgive you for striking the face of your prophet? How can ALLAH forgive you for this? And Allah not now but after the battle Allah says is going to be so Salam Lai Salah come in Amrish eight oh, we are to bother him. Oh, you're in for in Nam, Lottie moon, Allah says, O Muhammad, not for you is the decision who he we should forgive or we should punish. You don't get to say Allah is going to punish

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you on this that

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Allah thinks that you don't have any right to say why I'm going to punish and who am I going to forgive? But they are wrongdoers. Allah said yes, what they did was wrong. But the Mercy of Allah extends to whomever he wants and the punishment of Allah extends whatever he wants, and it's a very powerful lessons panela whenever we eat in the argument over small things, always going to punish you. You're going to Jan Ave Subhan Allah, Allah says you have no right to talk about Allah's mercy and His punishment. This is almost telling us Rasul Salah more about us all we can say Allah, please don't punish me. So we can we should be saying.

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And so, after the battle, the Muslims now retreated Subhanallah after heading having defeated the courage, they retreated, and they were on the mountain cut and bloodied, many of the Sahaba sustaining serious injuries. Many of them had serious wounds, the old life like stole has became paralyzed after that.

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And over 70 of the Sahaba died at the battle level her now 70 Look at bukanlah if we have maybe five, six Jeunesses on one day, so not Naboo cup is perhaps bigger than Medina was. I imagine 70 People in the blue cup die on one day. That's every family love someone, right? Every household, lost a son, a father, every household was crying. They there were so many Sahaba that had died, that they couldn't dig enough graves. So they had to she graves three, four Sahaba in one grave and just a beautiful pointy and masala mela groundlessness when they were to dig the graves, they said yeah rasool Allah who should be putting the gravest. So this is these three Sahaba they're going into

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this grave should we put in first let me say who of them knew the most Quran? The one who knew the most Quran had the most the biggest heartbeat of them, he will go and you'll be the imam in the grave. Even in this run of the hospital Quran or the person who knows the most Quran is honored Allah Spangler grant is to continue after Ramadan to recite the Quran speak to myself first. So after this battle Sahaba obviously hurt. Many families lost someone they love. Even a piece of Salamis injured, barely survived. And I'm sure this harbor should have felt we made a mistake yalla but surely our mistake is not as the mistake they prefer. They want to kill the proposition of them.

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Why are we in this situation? Yalla Where are you Yola what happened? So Allah subhanaw taala revealed some ayat and we take lessons and this is for every person that goes through hardship and every person who is going through difficulty, Allah says to us, I'm happy to answer the Quran. Jana, do you think Allah says to every one of us do you think you'll go to Jana Walla Maya article and it will not come to you methadone. Lavina. Holloman kabilio that you will not be tested and you will not go through the hardships as all the people been before you. Do you look at every single Nabhi they went through hardship every single there was no exception. And every single good person of the

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past went through some kind of difficulty. Masterton will, sir what Daraa Allah said they were afflicted with hardship and suffering was Zulu Hector Yaqoob. And they were shaken and they were tested until a rasool Allah Muhammad was in a de facto Rasulullah in Amman, Omar until a messenger a prophet the prophet that was with the believers. Even he said, Mata Anna Sula, when will Allah's help come? But imagine a time a group of people tested so much that Ambia rosulip of the rule says to Allah, when are you going to help us? How much more can we endure? And Allah's response to him was in the nostril? Lyca Don't worry, my help is close. It's always near. It's already they don't

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worry. Allah is not unaware of what's happening. What we see on social media is only a small glimpse of the real oppression. There are people who suffering never makes it to the internet. There are people

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would just disappear, was sitting locked up, no one knows what's been done to them behind closed doors, Allah knows what's happening to them. And Allah doesn't forget, and Allah subhanaw taala plans and it's always planning and he knows to the best, what's what he's going to do. And Allah says to us in our hardship, and he said to the people have better listen to us as well. Him yes, mem Indium scwoman kerpen pecota Marcela, coma corofin lifou. Allah says so if you have suffered a defeat, if you're going through hardship, then remember they also suffered similar defeats you want some, and you've lost some, they also sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you're still here.

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Subhanallah look at the Zuma 1500 years ago I think of our community in Cape Town, I always take a lot of inspiration from one guru Rahimullah, he must have felt like he actually lost he fought his own life against the Dutch he lost was taken from his family. He couldn't even bring a Quran with him. By his whole country was colonized taken over by the Dutch, you must have thoughts panela Allah my life I'm serving you. I call them and recite Quran locked up in the jail. And then he came here started from scratch, open a masjid with the Dutch now where the British Empire who is a protect, but his legacy is still yours. Subhan Allah, the live use for hon Allah says the victory. So we

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don't have we ask Allah Allah, Allah knows what he's doing. It's just for us to be firm and to remember, and Allah says, that this is how a while till can a young will no doubt we don't have a nurse and Allah says me. So this is how we alternate victory and defeat among the people. And everything he does is with wisdom. And Allah may reveal so that in this in this difficulty, we are talking about minimum shahada and so Allah says he wants earlier and earlier and I'm Allah Allah. Allah says when difficulty comes to you, it's a type of a test to see whether you are really believers who was who still believes in the hardship when things are good. It's easy to believe when

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things are bad, are you still going to be believers? Wait Duffy Domingo shahada, and also Allah was to give some people that he would have been a shahid Walla Walla you can build on him in and then remember, Allah will live a side with openness. Neighbor, the oppressor is not going to win. He only has a leeway. And what says about the oppressor

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Why, what attacks abandon Allah Hafiz Amaya emerald Volume One, do not ever think that Allah is unaware of what the oppressors are doing. Don't think or doesn't know what they're doing, what they're planning in the White House. What they're planning in the strategy meetings, Allah knows what they're doing. Better than we know. In MRU Akira homely Omen Tushar Sufi Hill Asad Allah says I only give them respite until a day will come when they will stay in order and what they have done.

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On that day, they will be running, looking around the eyes will be the hits will be raised and they will be completely shocked at the horror that before in the day of the FTM and the arts will completely be empty. They have no hope now now they will be completely in terror.

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Well under the nurse and Allah says and warned mankind of the day when the punishment will overtake them and the wrongdoers will cry. Right so now these are places all these dictators they will cry. Yeah, Allah Robina ocarina imagining Karim Allah, Allah Greek, give us just five minutes so that we can go back and we can be better. And Allah subhanaw will respond to them. It will be said to them, don't say what you're going to say now. Didn't you say that we will never be rude from remove from this life into the next? Do you think you will stay here forever? Didn't you think that you will last your armies and your empire will last forever? It's not gonna last forever.

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And Allah says to them was second Timothy Masaki. Latina dolla, moo and fuchsia whom whatever you're looking for, and maybe him was Ragnar rockmelon, thats behind Allah. And this is something especially for this government, in Israel. Now. Allah says to them, and didn't you see what happened to oppressors like you in the past? You see what happened to them. They in came and we know of the oppressors in World War Two, the Nazis, what happened to them they lost and you follow the same footsteps Subhanallah meaning the result with the same look around look at all these people. Allah says, You are living you are inheriting the land after them and you follow the same footsteps. You

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are going to get the same reward as they get in the dunya you will be disgraced. And in the akhira there is a severe severe punishment. And the prophets of salaam says again, vainly Allah, this is for all of us. When you ask why there's so many dictators ways Allah will Allah Almighty, He will give respite to the wrongdoers. He gives them a chance until he seizes them and when he takes hold of them, there is no chance of death and there's no escaped worker worker, Erica, Rebecca Al Quran we're here Voluma in the whole Aleem. Chedid and such is the grabbing of Allah when he takes hold of the oppressors and the cities they did wrong. Mainly his his holding his punishment is extremely

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severe, either in this dunya or in the afternoon and there is no escape. There is no escape for them. As for us, for those of us who are weak for those of us who are being not defeated

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We are maybe on our knees but we're not you have never given up in Savannah, this is something in that what is beautiful about the believer. And this particular the people of Palestine, these people have been oppressed have been bombed have been besieged, they've been all the kinds of terrorists against them for 70 years. But they're still they, they're still a lot more. You have the fourth most powerful army in the world. You have nuclear weapons. And I saw this post. Have you ever seen the uniform of the Palestinian army?

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Has anyone seen it? No, because they don't have an army. So we have civilians, children, students, that is mommy's fighting against the fourth most powerful army in the world. And they can't win panela they can't win. This is with all the cards on your side with all the power on your side, and you can't defeat this little tiny group of people. Imagine when things turn and Allah gives him the visa. It was gonna happen. So Allah says, Yeah, you are the nominee. Oh, you will believe it to be true. Have patience. Patient be with us through difficulty, be patient while sabido and endure what does this mean? outdo them so to an endurance, they are struggling to defeat you they are fighting,

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you're fighting? outdo them. You wait, don't give him eventually, you have what they don't have, you have something inside them that they don't have, you know, many of these settlers who come from all over the world, they get paid to love the if you ask them put your life on the line for this, they will leave or go I'll go back to New York, I'm not going to die for this. Palestinians are willing to die. Now when you're fighting an enemy that is willing to die. You can't win. There is a line that you're not willing to cross. And that is SubhanAllah. The lesson that you know, he didn't win either the other one became the Saifullah. When he fought these battles, many of the enemies asked

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him how is it that you are so successful? He basically said to them, I'm bringing you and people who want to die, they want shahada, you fighting to love they fighting to die. So there's no way you can win. No matter what weapon you bring out. There's a line we're willing to cross that you're not willing to cross. And so Allah says, be patient when you're going through, wasabi do and endure, no matter how much no matter what they pummel you with you were going to stand until he can't pummel you anymore. What are we to and remain station what and remain firm and station and prepare it's not just about taqwa, but do everything in your power, what law and ultimately, put your faith in Allah,

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Allah come to flee when Allah is Allah's world, that you will be successful. This is a promise from Allah subhanaw taala. This is a promise from Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says, but after he knew what that has no, so don't lose. Don't lose heart Don't feel sad. What does anyone don't believe want to Mala alone and you are always you will always have the upper hand in contempt, meaning if you're believers, if a true believers, you will know that this is just a bend in the river. You just know that this is one step in the story at the end, we know we will be successful, but it's part of the journey. This is just one bump in the road. The road is unfinished stories done. Allah promises

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you will be successful. In Yong Soo Kula Allah says that if he helps you for Alibaba, if Allah helps you in this none who can overcome you. If you have Allah on your side, no army no bomb, no power can defeat you are in the UK who don't come from Mandela the answer coming by the end if you are bad, and if he abandons you, but if you turn away and ALLAH turns away from you, and who is going to help you what Allah if Allah told me no. And so let the believers put the trust in Allah. We say Allah, we will take your guidance and we take your trust, we will do what you say we need to do. And we believe at the end, you will grant us success. The last idea and this is at the end of butter at the

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end of Ohio, when the Qureshi was about to come back, so the Muslims are all bruised and beaten and hurt the Quraysh. We're thinking, should we fight again? Or should we go back to Makkah, and they said, Look, we haven't said Our job was to was to kill Muhammad, and he's still alive. So let us go and fight a second time. And so now that it is also let me saying guys, who of us is going to go back and face them? They went around to we'll give them around to nominate Sahaba defeated, they know. So the Sahaba of course of people have through Eman, they already Okay, we're gonna go down and fight again. And they will of course I'm gonna fix the hypocrites the cowards. They said

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Alladhina columnists when the people said to them, and NASA called ajar will show him the people have come against you so feel them be scared of them. You're going to die you're going to lose look at all the enemies you've got America you've got nuclear bombs you got Eva, there's no way you're going to win. And that's where the believer women when they hear this talk presider homie, man and the man only increase the man only got stronger will call you and they said to these people, has when Allah when Allah kill Allah is enough for me, no matter what they have, I have Allah. No matter what power they have, I have Allah and Allah is the best if I put my trust in that I have everything

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And subhanAllah. This Yamato Muslimeen is our attitude. We don't just simply making dua is good, it's most important thing. The most important thing is for us to connect our relay

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Shiva Allah, we are part of the ummah. What we do here in South Africa is part of his body, our Eman our Taqwa as part of our do as part of it. And in sha Allah, we obviously didn't take proactive steps, it's not just about dua we obviously have to go and fight the battle we obviously have to go on to the field. And so in coming weeks and days inshallah we'll talk about the next steps and other points in this but these ayat is for us to remember that if we have Allah when Allah whenever when Joaquin if Allah is with us, and He is then there's nothing that can defeat us And sufficient is Allah subhanaw taala as a protector, I mean Mala protect all the oppressed people of the world, may

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Allah make it easy. For those who are going through hardships in this dunya Allah make it easy for those who are sick and those who are suffering. On that note, some a lot of announcements or COVID related spine Allah The first thing is that as you know, unfortunately the numbers are escalating and very likely we are in a third way would be announced we are in a third wave and as that we as the most you are monitoring the situation and swollen I asked can I appeal everyone? Take the precautions especially in the blue cup. Number of families have have been infected mela Grantham Shiva, those who are sick and Mugford some have died Molly Grantham dental fellows, so please take

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the precautions and be strict. I know you want to shake hands, how can that be be careful with that bring your masks. And so we make dua for specific people's pan Amanita Quran, the Mufti of Cape Town, him and his wife are sick, they have been tested positive with COVID. Already his brother himolla passed away because of COVID to make dua, that Allah preserves Manasa the servant of the deen servant of the Ummah, may Allah preserve him and his and his wife and keep them safe and grant them a full recovery. We know under Habiba Lena was in church street, she's an ICU, the family have been called in because of COVID very serious smell and make dua, women to forgive Graceffa Mala

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granted to recover out of the situation. And also Subhanallah our brother uncle has a smile he smiles that the family's positive uncle Hassan and his wife. You don't see them in the masjid. I mean, they're always in the masjid. they've tested positive. And so they also asked to keep the meat now to us mela Grantham. A complete recovery. I mean, just psychologically it was some loss.

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selling handmade to me