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Muhammad Alshareef
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome. slams Where are you from? We'll start in three minutes three minutes

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yes three minutes in sha Allah

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like a muscle RAM shares in Wichita

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I shouldn't Minnesota or like Messina

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while Sephardic Madame Achmed oligomycin I'm sure my land Dallas Radhika Sudan

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Hi Isha.

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phytoene Alec Muslim

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is in UAE

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morning Viet I need to raise my voice that's what I need to do.

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like Mr. Nam, I'm good.

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Dane and Montreal attic Mr. Ram

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we got her Leah in Brisbane

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said Brisbane or Brisbane

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arguing with Allah that's our topic for today

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Semir and Maryland radical Muslim

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newer in Bangladesh, Radek Muslim I'm good. Have you been less DAF Malik Mr. Nam

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Zoja in Calgary Weligama Salam and it is the top of the hour.

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Take One

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i said I'm Alec what I happen to live in a ghetto tarawih truffles. Welcome to day three. This is day three of our Ramadan therapeutic travels. And the topic for today what we're going to discuss is arguing with Allah subhanaw taala. So

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in the third use of the Quran, we see the story of Nimrod was a

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king, they claim to be God and he are Ibrahim Ali is and I'm argued with him Allah subhanaw taala records their conversation in the Quran.

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So Ibrahim Al Islam told him that God is the one who gives life and death and I'm rude responded by saying, I give life and death. So he brings he goes, I can do that. He's like, I'm a God. So he brings two prisoners, one of them he kills and the other one he allows to go free. And then Ibrahim Allison says for in the lucha de Beacham seminal machinic, that TB Hamad Al Maghrib that Allah brings the sun every day go, Oh my God, God is the one who brings the sun from the east every day. So you bring it from the west for Bolita lady Kaffir. Allah subhanaw taala says he was dumbfounded. He couldn't respond. And

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but Ibrahim alayhis salam so this is a recurring theme that we see in these verses that were reciting these days in Tarawera. And that is asking questions. So the Quran is a book of guidance. And like I said in light, I think I was the first to read truffles that it Kalki tabula rasa Buffy that this is the book they're in no doubt it's a guidance for limited Korean if the Quran is a guidance, and it wasn't revealed just for Muslims because nobody was Muslim at that time. So the Quran is sent as a guidance for people to become Muslim and to stay Muslim. And then I said author, Mr. Cream. So undoubtedly, you will see examples of questions and answers. Some people and this is

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what we're going to talk about today. Some people ask these questions sincerely from the heart they really want to know and other people ask the questions, not from sincerity, but for argumentation. So we start off with the story of Nimrod, which happens and circle back around the third gers, which are reciting today.

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But Ibrahim Ali is Sudan in two verses later.

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Ibrahim Ali is Anam asks hola que for to heal moto. This is again suitable after the story of Nimrod. Allah subhanaw taala mentions that Ibrahim actually wanted to know how do you raise dead? How do you raise the dead or bring life from death? And Allah subhanaw taala says to Abraham, call our men don't you believe? And Ibrahim alayhi salam says Allah Bella wala kill me Obama in calling me he said yes. But so that my heart can be at be content

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So as the story if you've heard it before, as Allah spent, I mentioned in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala commanded Ibrahim to take these birds, slaughter them, mix them up into like a paste, and then put that bird paste on different mountains, and then call the birds to you. And then the birds came to Ibrahim alayhis salam, and they were alive.

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Now that's what a man he said, I'm asking ALLAH SubhanA Dada, how do you raise the dead from the life and I'll actually refer you back to the first Jaws when Allah subhanaw taala says to the angels in Niger in on phenol Otto near Khalifa that I have placed I'm going to place a Khalifa in the earth, vise Geron in the earth. And then the angels are arguing we're making an argument with Allah subhanaw taala. They say

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dijanna ofI Hamming. You've seen Ophelia last week with Dima they said do you play? Would you place there in a creation that causes mischief and spills blood? And the question is, do human beings cause mischief and spill blood? And the answer is yes, they do. And the angels were correct.

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The angels were correct but Allah subhanaw taala says Allah in the Alamo, Allah Tala Mon. So we see these examples, we see these examples of the angels asking Allah subhanaw taala. And once Allah made it clear to them, they submit, we also see the example of Ibrahim Ali's and I'm asking ALLAH, so how does life comes from death? And Allah subhanaw taala, show them and he submits. But there's another way of asking questions.

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And that's kind of our topic for today. Before I give you that, that idea that I'm speaking about, I want to tell you that

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in my years, going around giving lectures, I used to live in the US and then lived in Canada and a lot of different places. And there's two ways that people ask a question, one person asks a question, and they actually want to know the answer to that question. That could be like somebody's like, hey, what's what's, where's such and such a place? where's the where's the restaurant, for example, just example. And then you say, oh, it's down the road and take a left. Okay, great. Thank you. So that's an example of somebody asking a question, and they want the answer. And then they're done. But there's another style of being asked a question. And it happened to me so much in the US,

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when I used to live in the US that I became accustomed preparing for it. And that is a question that is setting you up. So that you're like there's an argument to come after that. So for example,

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somebody would ask me a question like, doesn't Islam encourage gatherings? And then I'll be like, I'm afraid to say yes or no, because I don't know what the next part is. So this person would be like, doesn't Islamic encourage gatherings? And I'm like, okay, maybe, what's your point? And then the person will say, then he'll maybe mentioned some bidet thing and say, See, isn't it allowed to do these things? Because Islam encourages gatherings, you know, so you're being set up? It's a set up to, to a different thing. So the question wasn't intended to learn the question was that the person is trying to make a statement. So I got jaded from that. So sometimes when people ask me a

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question, I think back to those days, and I'm like, Are you setting me up for something? What's your point, stuff like that? So Allah subhanaw taala. This is our verse of the night Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran,

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I was a bit lacking in a SharePoint regime. This is an insert Alia Amman in the third just less paradata says, Who one lady and Xena can keytab I mean,

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most gamma

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model kita. Ocado Dasha, we had

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a few polo beams he was

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fed who when I met that shot behind him the whole good day of all and it fit nothing at all. We need one Ayala mucha we love who in long more was your pointer finger at me up? Oh, Luna.

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Be cool. luminaria the Rabina one. Thank god Oh.

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So this verse is I in number seven in Ali Imran, this is an ally Amman. And so Allah subhanaw taala says in the verse the translation of the meaning is it is he who is sent down to Muhammad the book in it are verses that are precise. Maka, Matt, there are verses that are precise. The meaning is just straight and it's precise. And these are the foundations of the book will Ohama the shabby hat and other verses are unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation from the truth

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They will follow that of witches unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation suitable to them. Well May Allah Mata Wheeler who Allah Allah and no one knows it's true interpretation except Allah, while Rossi Hona fidem. But those who are affirming knowledge say could be we believe in it could illuminate the Robina all of it is from our Lord. Well, now you have that guttural and no one will be reminded, except those of understanding. So this,

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this first tells us that there are two types of verses in the Quran. There are verses that our Mark and Matt like the lesson, the message is absolutely clear. La ilaha illallah for example, it's absolutely clear there is no God but Allah, you don't worship anything except Allah. absolutely clear. And then there will be other things that are not too shabby. What do they mean something like even at the beginning of the surah Elif mean, what does that mean? What does that mean? So that something could be unspecific, something and others are specific. So ALLAH SubhanA data says that there are two types of people, there are those people who follow the unspecific verses. So there

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could be like somebody trying to search for things that are unspecific so that they can follow, you know, a deviant heart, and they can deviate from the truth. And, and they're looking for a path through that. And Allah subhana data says that those who are affirmed in belief, they go back to the muck, and they go back to those things that are firm.

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And then they say, and we believe in all of it, coolamon and Euro, it's all from our Lord, and only people understand will will be reminded about this. So this is the principle as you are learning about Islam as you're learning about your Deen in your life. And in the olden days, you might have been in a village and there's a share, and people had respect and stuff like that. All now's not. times aren't like that, you get things like Google, and Google has like search bias. Google will actually, depending on your opinion, will show you results based on your opinion. And that's almost like this following with a shabby hat. If you've Google's like oh, you're a deviant. Okay, here's

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more deviant results for you. That's how things work in the lie online life. So I want to give you this principle and that is

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whenever somebody's bringing an argument, I want to ask myself the question, is this person

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following what the Quran and Sunnah says and then coming to a conclusion, or did they start with the conclusion and then try to follow it up with searching for Quran and Sunnah, searching for proof to justify what they're saying.

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There's exactly no issues that have become fitna these days are perfect examples of that. issues that have become Finton these days are perfect examples. Some of them are popping in my mind, but they're issues of fitna that could cause some fitna for you people. To give you an example of where somebody starts, they already have a preconceived conclusion. And then they go searching in the Quran and Sunnah and try to find something that is unspecific. And then they try to bring well see this, see what this verse says and see kind of what this weak Hadith says, kind of in order to go on the path that they want to go. So that's how you kind of determine whether somebody is on a truthful

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path or a misinformed path will be based on did they start first with their opinion and then try to justify it? Or did they start with the Quran and Sunnah and follow wherever the Quran and Sunnah went. And by the way, that isn't just about okay, deviant people do that sometimes even good Muslim people. Sometimes they'll get so religious, that even when their you know, their extreme religiosity is in question, you'll see that they can also fall into this trap from ShaVonne, which is they want to follow strictness. And sometimes when they see, maybe Islam made something easy. Maybe there's a facilitation.

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Then they kind of like backtrack. And then they still want to follow the second path. They have a conclusion they want to follow it. Let me give you some examples.

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Give you an example of this. Can a woman lead the prayer? There was a fitna a couple of years ago about can women lead salah or not? And we're talking about like congregation men and women. That's an example of coming to a conclusion first, and then trying to seek out Quran and Sunnah afterwards. So that's the conclusion is their first and then they're trying to come to prominence and afterwards, that's not an informed methodology. I'll give you another example. And that is, let's say, I know this one, this one's tough. But let's say the halal meat issue. And as soon as I say that people like no, don't talk about that. If Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, that the food

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of the people of the book is halal for you and you

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or food is halal for them. That is the foundation. That is the Quran. And that's the reason I'm bringing that up because people will think that oh, these are only deviant people fall into these these problems. But here's another example Quran and Sunnah is showing something and then somebody will follow afterwards. Oh, did I did I scratch your fifth? Nothing? Sorry about that. I said I wasn't gonna mention it, but you know how it goes, Okay. I'm coming to the conclusion inshallah Tada, I want to tell you guys that with all of this asking questions, asking questions, is like your first step in seeking knowledge. The key though, is to be is to be sincere when you ask these

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questions. So for example, there is a situation the prophets of Allah they said, um, you know, said there was some of the Muslims were out in a battle and, or an expedition and somebody was badly injured, and adventure time they're out in the desert, and this person couldn't get water cold water on their wounds. And and so they asked and then the people said to this person, you know what, we don't see any facilitation for you, you're gonna have to shower so he put water on himself, and he died. And so the Prophet said a licen got really angry at this. And the Prophet said, Alana said when you heard about what they had said to this man, he said, Qatar, Lu, Qatar, Allahu Allah, they

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killed him, may Allah kill them severely and for the from the prophets of Allah de Sena. And then the prophets of Allah as Adam said, allah sallallahu either lumea Allah MUFA in NEMA she felt when you saw Al Prophet sallallahu sallam said shouldn't they have asked if they didn't know for verily the medicine for for for illness is asking questions. So if you so if ignorance is an illness is the province of Alana is that um said then the medication the what's it called? What's that?

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What did they call it looking for? An anyways, the medic the medicine is is asking questions and gemera biannual enema formula if not underbara which is a book Subhanallah when I was in Medina University 17 years old, 18 years old and I wanted to start learning how to read an Arabic books and the first book that I asked you know somebody to give me advice he told me this book gemera by Anil Elmo Fabula is it's the explanation of knowledge and the virtue of knowledge and by Ivanovna bottle and he says in our book hosts known Miss ality in this film that asking asking questions is half of knowledge. Asking good questions is half of knowledge.

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No so you guys are saying anecdote I was actually looking for vaccination. The vaccination of ignorance is asking questions that's the word I was looking for. So finally in conclusion, don't be afraid to ask questions and make mistakes and asking great questions is step number one in your path to seeking knowledge? Allah Tala annum and that's my reminder for today Tara we have truffles. I hope inshallah daddy but back in the day, when I was doing Tarot we're truffles you know, they're funny and this and that. But I'm finding that I want to do like funny stuff. That's the way I talk but I'm coming there's some serious issues that need to be addressed. So that's why I hope each

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other totally benefited. I will take questions if you have some questions. If you are done and you need to move on to somewhere else. Welcome we are finished. If you have questions, you're welcome to ask questions.

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question number one. Satish says she has their head about marriage and I find that if you forget it, you're gonna go to hellfire. My daughter was taught to have that like that in a hip school and she's not she now she's hesitant to memorize more crime because she's worried about forgetting and being punished in the hereafter. So Sarah is by virtue of being human as we get older, we will forget. And I don't believe that to be true. So if somebody is memorizing Quran and then later on, you know, they're making mistakes, that's called being human. I think I don't I don't know if there's a hadith, but the concept is forgetting the Quran is neglecting it. Neglecting so it's not forgetting

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this is a person who's seeking Allah subhanaw taala. As you know, forgiveness is seeking Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure by memorizing Quran and then what are they supposed and it might even be from che punch, Aidan's, like, oh, you know what, if you forget this, you're gonna go to El fire so you better not start in the first place. Guaranteed. There's more ignorance in the community. That doesn't make sense. So tell your daughter that that doesn't make sense. And forgetting here means neglecting, neglecting Allah Allah. So the person

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And who neglects the Quran, who turns their back on Quran turns their back on the dean and then goes dead. That's what the punishment is for, not somebody who gets old and starts forgetting.

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Nima frog says sometimes people get annoyed when one asks questions. So Nimona, I would say, I've seen this, you know, there's different cultures, and different cultures have different.

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Different cultures have different attitudes towards asking questions. There's, you know, when I lived in America, there's like some very aggressive questioning. And then in other cultures, it's almost like it's rude to ask questions, like you're saying, sometimes people get annoyed. It's almost like when you ask a question, then they start getting annoyed that, you know, how dare you ask a question. And you know what? It depends. If you're in an

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I don't know move with your culture. For the cultures that get annoyed when people ask questions. My advice to them would be two things. If you're going to ask a question, then be sincere when you're asking it and those cultures where people get annoyed. It's usually a culture where people like to argue for the sake of arguing, and then the people get annoyed because because of argumentation and then on the opposite side, if somebody is answering questions they shouldn't, is hot on actually, to insult people and be annoyed at people when they come and ask your question, or to frown and to turn away as I was actually going to mention that when the people came to move sideways to them, and this

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is inserted buffer as well as ironic Mahmoud Abbas of Malaysia. I get happy when the Malaysians tune in

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when I inserted Bacara, when they came and asked Mussolini CERAM who killed they had there was a murder amongst them. And they said who killed this person? Musa told them to slaughter a cow. They responded by saying Are you mocking us like Are you making fun of us? And most likely is to duck into a house or more salads and I'm says call out the biller and akuna minal Jadine I seek Allah's protection from being one of the ignorant people and if you complete that sentence it is ignorant people make fun of people who ask questions so if somebody if that's their attitude then a lot of it's it's their their own ignorance to be annoyed and make mockery of people ask questions

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okay, let's go this question purpose actually show my last question

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Jamila says, How do you deal with being able to do less than what you actually

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do then what you actually

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want to do?

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I don't know what the full question is. A lot of rephrase it please.

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Can you um so process can we ask Allah subhanaw taala in the way that Abraham and I sent him as that yeah, Allah manifest this dos that I can have a higher Eman or unshakable Eman or is its wording to put? Is it wrong to put such conditions? You know what you can make dua for what you want. If you want to say like, oh, Allah, I give me a sign to increase in my

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increase in my Eman. I remember somebody you know, this is a brother who converted to Islam. And I think he said something like this. He didn't know if she should convert or not. And he said, Oh God, give me a sign. And then some wind started blowing from the, from the window and his page. He had a Quran that he was reading and it said in a few Holika Samoa, it will work the leveleleven Well, full kilometer God filled the verses that say in the alteration of the heavens and the earth. And the you know, the boat that goes on the water, all of these things are signs for us and he was like Subhanallah became Muslim. But I don't know you can you can ask her that. I don't know how it goes.

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Zara's question says what's the length of time between the end of the her and federal prayer? Okay, sir, I guess Yeah. For sironen Federal prayer. So normally you see in in timetables they have this insect time, insect time, which is like to stop eating five minutes before the federal time comes in or something like that well, low item, that's just like a recommendation

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that's just your recommendation. But you don't have to stop then. So what is the time when you hear the then when you hear a lot and when you hear the ad then for federal or its federal time comes in? What I like to do is because sometimes you'll have two calendars if you're in like non Muslim country, if you have two calendars or your following two, I would say stick to one calendar and just go with it your best shot go with that calendar don't start having differences in opinion. Oh, this one is two minutes different than this one's three minutes different

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Just go with one calendar stick to it. And then when that time comes in, stop eating, if you have something in your mouth, okay, swallow it. But if you have like a cup of tea, and I've seen people do this, and I don't believe this is correct, but if somebody has like a cup of tea and the event went, and they're like, let me just finish this tea stuff that Allah they should not do that once that event comes in, they should stop eating and hence the concept of the inSec people are like, Why don't you stop five minutes before just to make sure you know you're not eating anything at that time? I don't I don't agree with the M sack thing. But at the same time, you should not keep eating

00:25:36 --> 00:25:39

after the after the that has gone.

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Boom, boom, all right.

00:25:52 --> 00:25:59

Who am I on says sometimes people think you don't think outside the box when you ask questions. You know, who am I and I was going to

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share with you guys this quote, that when person asks questions, they may look like a fool for a few minutes. And when a person doesn't ask questions, they remain a fool their whole life. So don't worry about seeming foolish. I remember, you know, when I was a little kid one time, and this is like in grade three and the teacher was reading a book to us and she said the word archery. And and so I was like eight years old or something like that. I said, What does archery mean? And all the kids in the class is like you don't know what archery means. And I was a little shy, but it's interesting. I never forgot that question that I asked because I was embarrassed that I didn't know

00:26:44 --> 00:26:56

about a handler that I asked and I learned what archery was at the age of eight years old, so don't worry about it focus on not being looking like a fool your whole life and instead ask your question

00:27:04 --> 00:27:39

show my last question so rewording it how do you deal with feeling guilty about not doing enough or benefiting more than more through a ban on Ramadan when you feel time is running out? So she may Allah the my suggestion would be aim to try to achieve something aim to try to achieve something and when you get it then you know pat yourself on the back Hamdulillah you got it done. If you're finding that what you're aiming to achieve, you know day after day you're not achieving it then maybe you set the bar too high and try to maybe cut it in half. So let's suppose you say I'm going to read one juice every day and then it's not working out okay, you know what, let me finish

00:27:40 --> 00:27:54

half of that so maybe half adjusts every day and focus on you know, aiming for something and getting it done aiming for something getting it done aiming something good and as you get stronger, then you can increase that inshallah Tada right.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:34

If you start to feel bad, you know what comes to mind is the province of RSM he prayed at night and then he stopped praying before Federa and then some people came and they said Pray with us Oh messenger of Allah. And he already prayed and the prophets of Allah is that I'm said whoever follows the Imam until until the Imam finishes then it's written for them pm Allah as if they pray the entire night, which is interesting to your question here because it's that attitude that if you've done your best then inshallah Tada. It's written that you worship of Allah subhanaw taala during this time, so you don't have to like what is the perfect a badda Alana.

00:28:35 --> 00:29:14

This is like a shout out for the Visionaire Ramadan 2020. What I find what satisfies me in Ramadan is when I have prepared my Doha, like the best job that I can make, as we do in Visionaire and then in the last two nights of Ramadan, each of those last 10 Nights, if I have sincerely made that dua that I'm like, I'm good, like I worshiped Allah on this night last night said I'm Allah and that night and I made my dogs and so I don't feel bad of like what you're talking about, like Oh, I didn't do enough and stuff like that I got, I got done what I came to do, I came to make dua to Allah Spano Donna, and I got it done

00:29:20 --> 00:29:21

it's an interesting one

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we've got three more minutes. Zara says what's the difference between Qibla and GABA? I thought you were gonna say keep b can be like a Lebanese dish, but you're saying Qibla and GABA, a tribler Allah and so the Kava is is the the black, the black square structure in Mecca. So that's the cabinet itself, the Qibla wala alum. I think you can also refer to that, but it's talking about the direction so the Qibla

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or when they say the Qibla is the direction people magically will migrate towards right Qibla is the direction of the Kaaba and Kava is the actual house of Allah subhanaw taala

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What are your thoughts on dhikr Quran? Okay, so saloom I don't know the question there is posted What if you know people on WhatsApp, you read Quran you do vicar and then you post that you have finished and report that you've achieved this. I think if you're just talking about

00:30:37 --> 00:30:52

accountability, and I don't know the details of what goes on on WhatsApp, but if you're talking about accountability, and you know, like positive pressure amongst each other and people saying hey, you know what? I said I was gonna read 10 pages of Quran today and I got it done then.

00:30:54 --> 00:30:55

Then I did it

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all barf let me pull here

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Mr. Hasson Altaf Hussain son, I sound like a Muslim. Are you still here with me? Hassan wants to know if Allah created everything who created Allah. So literally Allah is the One whom Allah subhanaw taala has no one created so when you recite Quran Allah had Allah has Samad that Allah is the one put Allah ahead Allah Samad he's self sufficient meaning that

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no know Allah doesn't need anything from anyone.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says let me yell ID while I'm you let that Allah subhanaw taala never gave birth to anyone and he was never given birth to so Allah subhanaw taala is alone in his and no one created Allah subhanaw taala Allah created everything

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Allah Allah me I could local for one

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there is nothing like Unto Allah

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it's Allah Tala hopefully your dad has a good answer for you too

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alright guys, the time is up

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does that mean well Hayden I'd like to keep these things you know on time. I know there's a lot of questions and stuff like that and I appreciate everybody asked me questions. We'll see you guys tomorrow in sha Allah Tala checkout visionary Ramadan is a program that I do in Ramadan. I've done this consistently for myself almost like the last 15 years. And I've taught it online for the last seven years consistently. And in sha Allah Tala this Ramadan. It's an at home experience. It's not lectures, but it's an at home experience of preparing to highs that you care about the most accom for your heart, almost like those guys that come from pain and how sincere and passionate they are.

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In a visionary in sha Allah Tala, we are going to be finding doors out of pleasure and thankfulness to Allah spawn data that have that same power and the students have already started discussing and introducing themselves in our Facebook group and inshallah Tada, we'd love to have you as well. That's it. I'm going to leave signing out I set out on equal

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