Muhammad West – Palestine #04 – 100 Years Ago

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The United States' centers of operation closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of life, while the act of worship is the final act after the zodiac signs. The speakers emphasize the importance of preserving history and avoiding harms and loss of life. The British had made three deals with the American Empire, including a promise to stop persecution of the Jews and a double crossed deal with the French Empire. The American community is planning a laughter campaign for Al Hamn't Ali and a laughter campaign for Al Hamn't Ali.
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Are they reliable Shakedown regimes filler, whether of human hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen, WA salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he also appealed to marine or Beloved brothers and sisters AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Always and forever we begin with the praise and thanks so Allah subhanaw taala a shadow Allah, Allah and Allah will witness and testify that he is not worthy of worship because Allah subhanaw taala will say no greetings and salutations and I'd love to interview Hamid salario Salam, whose price and pure family his companions in all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless

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us, and God is to be steadfast on the true love that we will have. It's a loss of love in this life, and to be in his companionship in the era. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we begin on a very sad note that unfortunately, as we know, we are in the midst of a third wave of the COVID 19 pandemic and we make dua for Allah subhanaw taala, ask Allah Subhana Allah to remove from us this endemic Graceffa to those who are ill, and to God,

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to those who have passed away into Grand suburb to those who are left behind in the wake of this pandemic. We unfortunately as well, you had mentioned Islam, to the pm did have a decision to close the masjid, as we find the numbers here locally and increasing and we are seeing a daily increase in the number of infections, particularly amongst the Muslim population. And so as a way in which to ensure that we flatten the curve and save lives, we took a very, very difficult decision was not something that we take lightly, or something which is makes us extremely sad. But we decided to close the masjid at Ronald Islam as well as we you know, many of the other massage around in this

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area in the blue cup have also taken that decision and in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us safe and the graft is still fake. We want to remind everyone and I remind myself, you know, just this week, in one of our classes, we mentioned the sanctity of Joomla and the importance of the masjid and that's the most important act of worship after the Kalama is of course salah and the one who performs his Salah diligently in sha Allah we know from the Hadith that if you are able to answer the question of Salah, the Deaf piano, then in sha Allah the rest of the question it will be easy meaning your your ticket agenda is almost secure. So Salah is the most important act of worship

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and of course the most important form of Salah is that of Juma and so Juma is, is really the Imam the master of all the days of the week is the master of all the walks and to miss Juma without a reason is a major sin and in fact, we know a hadith but if one has three GWAS without valid reason, when he's the man comes into question, that's how serious it is for us to watch to ensure that we keep and uphold the sanctity of Jehovah and therefore it is not something small or something simple. When we close close the masjid with a walk the walk at the same time as we speak about the sanctity of the most you will remember this hadith Surabhi ha Salam as mentioned in even imagine whether the

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resource said he is performing tawaf and he's looking at the camera, and then the resource elapses to the camera, how pure you are Acaba and how pure your fragrances how amazing you are, and how great you are and how great is your sanctity, how sacred you are. The prophecies were saying to the Kaaba, with the resources, and he's saying this aloud that everyone can hear and he says, By the one in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, meaning Wallah, he the prophet is sweet. I swear by Allah, that the sanctity of a single believer, one human being is greater to Allah, then your sanctity, Acaba, the other and the dignity and the importance of a single believer is better is greater than

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that of the Kaaba, and not just him, his wealth, his life, and to assume nothing of good but him and his other basically and to and to ensure that his honor is in tact, is more important to Allah and is more secret to Allah than the Kaaba. Now, despite Allah no one can imagine damaging or harming the Kaaba, no one's Iman would, would feel that I could ever, you know, strike the Kaaba, and so it will bring harm to the Kaaba. So there'll be some saying that a person, a human and Muslim is more sacred than the camera. And so with that in mind, we need to remind ourselves, that the preservation of life and ensuring that nobody becomes ill, and that no one is harmed is more important than the

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sanctity of even the masjid and are therefore as we might not sell something to think about that if Allah subhanaw taala had made it a leeway and option for the one who travels even if you're traveling for the sake of entertainment, you're going from here to Johannesburg first class from Cape Town it cost you nothing I mean, in terms of time, it's no inconvenience. And when you're traveling when Subhanallah you have the option to perform those Salah instead of Juma and you can show your Surah So Allah has made it easy just for a little bit of inconvenience. Allah gives you the allowance. And so what about when we are talking about lives being lost and people being sick

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and having to go to hospital in that situation we will make the correct decision that until the situation calms down and we pay to it does that for now the budget will be closed and of course as we said we'll be monitoring it each week each day in fact, and as soon as the risk has lowered, inshallah we'll return to the to the masjid and also

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A reminder for us that as we took this decision, and many massages are taking a similar decision. Many massages are taking the decision to remain open, the Lama councils across the world and across South Africa are also making the assessments, we do not attack one another, or even if we disagree, we should not name call and we should not, you know, dispute of one another because of a hadith in recent seasons, as reported in Hadith and Muslim, that if a judge or a person makes a ruling, striving to apply his reason, and he is correct, that he does, you know, he applies his reasoning and his and he makes a judgment that is correct, then he gets to rewards. And if the judge striving

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to make the correct decision, but he comes up with the wrong one, he makes a mistake. And Allah will reward you just wondering you would so even even if we get it wrong, then Alhamdulillah we still have the wounded and we say that will rather be on the cautious side, because the saving of life is more important. And for those of us who are very sad, we all said that we're not in the Mercy today. We remember the Hadith from Isa Salah who says that if a servant falls, Ill always want to travel. And he's unable therefore to do a certain act of worship, that was his habit, he is unable to because of sickness or illness or something out of his control, then what he used to do, then Allah

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will record it for him and you get it in any case. So every single person who would have been in the Mercy today I did not mean because of COVID that evening that Allah will give us a DUA and in sha Allah, the Juma Allah gift us is better than the Juma we would have performed with the luck. We continue inshallah from two weeks ago, on our series on Palestine, and we were speaking about 100 years ago, you know, to understand where we are today how it is that there is a nation that didn't exist. So before 1948 There was no country called Israel and all of a sudden, it is a country and it is controlling this area. How did it come about? We need to go back to World War One basically to

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understand what occurred within during before World War One. The Muslim lands in the Middle East was controlled and ruled by the Ottoman caliphate that were the Khalifa. And unfortunately, during the War of World War One, the Khalifa, the Ottoman Empire was fighting alongside Germany against the British Empire, and the British Subhan Allah, they were able to convince the Arabs or the Ottomans or Turks, they were able to convince the adult population in the Middle East, in particular, a man called the Sharif Hussein descendant of the Prophet SAW Salem, who was the ruler of Makkah and Medina, they convinced Sharif Hussein to incite the people, the Arabs to rise up against against the

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Khalifa, with a promise that the Arabs will have independence that you are Arabs, you will be independent, you will have your own nation and you are Sharif Hussein, you will be the Khalifa and so in you know this deal was done with with with the British. And so, the Arabs rose up and they fought and they rebelled against the Ottomans, of course, we can eat from the inside. At the same time, the British had another deal. So the first deal they made and Palestine was promised to the Sharif. Not only Palestine, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, all of the Middle East will go to you or Sharif Hussein and the Arabs, the British also had a secret agreement with the French Empire,

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that when we beat the Ottomans, we will divide the Middle East and between us, the British will take half or a big chunk, and the French will take a big chunk, they will get Syria, basically and Lebanon and all the countries in the sham area besides for Palestine. And so they double crossed the sheriff, even with this became public that you know this this agreement became public, the sheriff still believed the British and continued fighting and working alongside the British against the Khalifa, the British had made a third deal they made a third deal. And this was with the Zionist Federation. And we said this is we're a group of, of Jews, secular Jews, looking to form a homeland

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for the Jews across the world. And so that Zionism basically says that the Jews are a minority in every country, in Europe, all over the world, they are minority, and many times they are being persecuted, which is true, they will be safer if all the Jews of the world were collected in one country, and it was a Jewish state. So this was the idea and they believe that the only nation that made sense was for them to return to to Palestine. This was the the idea of admission that the Jews were expelled from Palestine, even before the prophets of salaam This was after. So 1800 1900 years ago, the Jews were expelled from Palestine, and they scattered all over the world, many of them

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living in the European lands, and they will be persecuted. And so in the late 1800s, at least it this idea of Zionism was formulated as a response to European so Zionism it's important for us to note, Zionism and the call for Jews to be saved for persecution was not because of our persecution wasn't Western is persecuting the Jews. It was Europeans, the same people that are now promoting the pushing for for for for Israel are the people that were persecuting the Jews of Europe. And so, at 97, the Zionist Federation of the world was formed and

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They had looked for ways of acquiring Palestine. Originally, they actually tried to purchase Palestine, they went to the Khalifa of the Ottoman Khalifa. And they asked him, we have money, let us buy Palestine from you, we'd buy it, you know, and then you give it to us. And of course, the Khalifa rejected this idea. And initially, we said, Judaism was a great Zionism. This was a group of secular Jews. It's a very well known saying that the Zionist many of them were not only sick in a video, they were atheists, that they did not even believe in the concept of a God. Yet they believed that asserted or they claim that this land was promised to them by God Almighty, which is of course

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not correct. And when the British government so the British, as we said that they are working with the Arabs and together with the Arabs, they are taking control of the different lands of the Ottomans, eventually the British controls Palestine. So now the British interest Palestine, they beat the Ottomans and now they are in control of Palestine. And so the Zionists and the British are, you know, in discussion, to get Palestine and be it's a homeland for the Jews can be formulated and can be set up in Palestine. And the British Parliament had to decide, are we going to do this or not? Are we going to build a a Jewish state in the middle of Palestine, and you know, strangely, or

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what's amazing, when the British Parliament debated whether we should give the Zionist

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Palestine, though the most vocal person against Zionism, the person who opposes the most, was a man called Edwin Samuel Montague, who was the only Jewish Member of Parliament in Britain. So the only Jew in parliament in Britain was the most vocal opponent of Zionism, and was the most vocal opponents against the setting up of the State of Israel. And we have via his quote, This is what he said in Parliament, he said, I assert that there is no such thing as a Jewish nation, isn't there's no such thing as a Jewish country. The members of my family, for instance, who have been in this country, meaning in Britain, for generations, have no sort or kind of community of view or of desire

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with any Jewish family in another country, beyond the fact that they profess to a greater or lesser degree, the same religion? What are you saying? That to say that all the Jews have one nationality is to say that you me as a Jew, here in England, and the Jews in France have the same nationality? It's not we don't have the same nationality, we have nothing in common. We just have the same religion. And many says, it is no more true to say that a Christian Englishman, and a Christian Frenchman of the same nation, we don't we don't say that all Christians are the same country. So why are you insisting that all Jews belong from one country, and he goes on, and he says, When the Jews

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are told that Palestine is the national homeland, if we say that this country is for the homeland of the Jews, then every country will immediately desire to get rid of Jewish citizens, and you'll find a population in Palestine, driving out its present inhabitants. So he says two things is going to happen if we set up a country and call that a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Number one, all the Jews around the world are going to be expelled, and we already will see an increase in persecution. And remember, this was said in the 1917. So this was 20 years before Nazis and Hitler would come. So he says, By us doing this, it will only increase the persecution of Jews. And also he says, what's

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going to happen to the local people, the people living in Palestine, what's going to happen to them, we give him a country that doesn't belong to us to people that have nothing to do with the land, this is going to expel the local inhabitants. As I said, this is this words of the only Jewish Member of Parliament in Britain before Britain promised Zionist a homeland. Nonetheless, I vote was taken, and those who are in favor of gifting Palestine to the Zionist movement one and so there was the statement called the Balfour Declaration, and something important for us to know is very, very important that this is in 1917. So hello, the war had not even invaded, the Ottoman Empire had not

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yet been defeated. They had not yet surrendered and already Britain is dealing out with the spoils of war. And so in 1917, the Secretary Baleful Arthur Balfour, he made an announcement on behalf of the prime minister and he says, I have much pleasure in conveying to you and this is to load the Rothschilds, who was the Lord Rothschild, who was of course, a very powerful Zionist, are here to listen to him and say I have much pleasure in informing you on behalf of His Majesty's government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionism, aspirations which has been submitted to and approved by the cabinet, the cabinet has approved your request that you will have a homeland,

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His Majesty, views in favor of the establishment in Palestine, a nation a home for the Jewish people, the same a British are going to support the formation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and we will use Britain will use its best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of the subject of we're going to help you in achieving this. But then he says, but it must be understood that nothing shall be done that may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non Jewish community in Palestine.

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other rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. So even the Balfour Declaration and we ask, what right? Did Britain have to give a country which did not belong to them to another group of people, a third party of Jews who lived in Europe remember this was for the Jews living in Europe. And so, we ask what writing Britain has been even in this Declaration, which we reject as you know, an occupier promising land to a third person. In even in this declaration, they say remember, that we are only supporting this initiative, where the understanding that the local people of Palestine will not be prejudiced, they will not be discriminated, the rights will not be

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taken, the religion will not be harmed. Of course, this is not the case. We know what what eventually will become. And so have a look. You know what the Balfour Declaration was public. So even in the middle of the war, the sheriff was betrayed when he found out the British had to deal with the fringe. Now he finds out a third deal is being made with his itis that they will be getting Palestine. And still, the British convinced him, don't worry, this is all propaganda. We support you. We are your side fight for us. You do the killing you and your people fight your own people, you fight the Ottomans. Remember the hot fighting is being done by the by the Arabs, they're the

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ones who are fighting against the Ottomans in the Middle East and Galbally And subhanAllah couldn't believe it, he still continues to support the British and so they're all and so works with a British against the the Ottomans and then Subhanallah within the last year of the of World War One. What a devastating you know blow for the Muslim ummah. President first captures Baghdad when he captures Jerusalem in Damascus and then finally even conquers defeats Constantinople and these are all the capitals of the Muslim lands. And once upon a time Baghdad was the capital of the Ambassade empire. And of course, Damascus was the capital of the Roman Empire and Jerusalem was the capital of the

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human empire. Of course, Constantinople was where the Khalifa was Istanbul and all these within one year within one year's Pinilla enemy forces into these lands, and the Muslim empire succumbs and it was perhaps one of the lowest points in history. And a few years after World War One in 1918. World War One comes to an end. And now the victorious Britain gets to decide the spoils of war. So now of course she has Britain has conquered the whole Middle East, and has made deals with so many different parties, what's going to happen, who's going to get what so the first thing that happens had already said the 1924 the Ottoman caliphate comes to an end and we say that was the last Khalifa

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we had Abdul Majeed the second, a secular government led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, he takes over the government and he abolishes the caliphate. He bends the Alama he makes Turkey a secular country, he Subhanallah basically bans Islam. It's so sad to think that a year ago or just basically a day ago, this was the seat of the Khalifa. After that it not only became a secular country, it became a country we even the other became banned, even reciting the Quran in Arabic became bad. We were not allowed to wear hijab, we're not talking about France, or, you know, some European country entity. So this is a Muslim country that is banning wearing the hijab, SubhanAllah. And so outside for for

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Turkey in particular, it was no longer the Ottoman Empire became the Republic of Turkey, and it became a secular country where Islam itself became persecuted, how terrible for us. Then, of course, as for the Middle East, what became of the Middle East. Firstly, the British decided to honor the agreement with the French and they gave Cydia to France. And so a huge chunk, basically, the middle of the half of the Middle East is given to a foreign power Syria was given not only when we say certainly it's not the city of today, Syria, Lebanon, many countries that new countries without created by by the French, and they divided city up into little pockets, each little community have

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their own little state, of course, ruled by the French. And today, if we look at Syria is a complete catastrophe. Millions have died and displaced what is the root of it. It's because of what the French did, the French ensured that the people of Syria were divided Christian, Jewish, Shia, and they empowered they mature the the worst of the people of Syria, a people that had no power of people that had no authority, they hold that otherwise, they were basically barbarians. The Fringe gave them power and support and military support, so that they would rule on behalf of the fringe. The Fringe, you know, they realized, why should we do the dirty work with us use the old people to

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subjugate the old people. And so today we find the people of Syria fighting against Allah like dictatorship. Where did this come from? The French were the ones that installed the Assad government, and so Subhanallah the seeds of what we see today is because of the doing of colonial powers, as for Britain, what did Britain get? So the French got Syria and for Britain as for Britain, Britain took control of Arabia will be called Saudi Arabia, they took control of Palestine and Jordan took control of Iraq, as for Arabia, they gave the sheriff they said you can have Arabia, but at the same time Subhanallah they had a

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fourth deal, another group that they were financing in Arabia, called the Al Saud. They even started with family. So they supporting the sheriff on one side. And they are the ones also paying the Saudis to rise up the people of Nigeria of Central Arabia. And eventually the Saudis are more successful, and they become more powerful. And the British allow them to basically kick the shiny family out of Arabia, and the Saudis in 1948 of the same year that Israel is home, the the Saudi family, the tribe of even sorrowed, they conquer Arabia, and they call it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom of the Saudi family, Arabia. And so Subhan Allah, that Sharif was a triple

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crossed, you know, so many times over by the British. And so Saudi Arabia becomes an independent country called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As for Iraq, one of the sons of the sheriff was given Iraq you can be the king of Iraq, but you will rule on behalf of Britain and Sherry family rule Iraq for a number of years, eventually the people of Iraq will fit up with a shiny family they have no you know, basically they don't Iraqi water, right? What right as a foreigner have to be our king. And so the military of Iraq in 1958, simultaneous and a couple of years later, rose up against the shadow family and they massacred they executed the entire Shani family that the king, his wives, his

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children, all of them had Allah and the army did the SU the army massacre, the Shetty family, and amongst the Army members are not directly in the room massacring the people, but a young cadet in the army, a man by the name of Saddam Hussein would eventually rise to power and then basically rule Iraq until recently. As for Jordan, so this is Saudi and Iraq. What happened to Saudi in Iraq. As for Palestine and Jordan, machete family was also given a share of Jordan and of all the lands it is only Jordan that until today, the King of Jordan is actually a descendant of the Sheriff of Makkah. And so the Jordans Valhalla is ruled by a man that has nothing really to do with Jordan. It's not

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from Jordan, he in fact, it's called the Hashemite Kingdom, how she means the family gonna be so solid. And so the British imposed upon the people of Jordan, a foreign king, and for him that people are Jordan accepted this and so the only kingdom that the shady family really was able to secure after dividing the entire Muslim Ummah and causing the caliphate to collapse is that they had a small country called Jordan. And as for Palestine, well in terms of Palestine, the British didn't give it to anyone, they kept it and they kept the word to the Zionist allowing the European Jews to to enter Palestine and the Britain maintain control of Palestine. But we'll talk about in detail

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what will eventually be known as the Nakba, the catastrophe for the Palestinian people. We'll talk about that next week. Inshallah, to conclude we just remind ourselves parallel if we look at the seeds of the cases that we are in, and the weakness of this ummah, Allah subhanaw taala remains as the cause of this, Allah says that we're accustomed will be happy like me, I will Latifah, Rocco, that if we want to be successful, if you want success in this dunya and you want to have events think they'd hold firmly all Muslims to the rock of Allah together, all of us stand together, one brothers together against external aggression, and do not be divided, don't fight against one

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another for one getting above the other one, otherwise to collectively we will all will all fail. And Allah reminds us that as we mentioned before, in the Battle of Muhammad, Allah says, He will support us and Allah will fulfill his his promise to us that we will be victorious and will be strong had died as a shield until we start becoming weak within us. And we start fighting with one another. Well, I say to mean by the Morocco Mata hipbone and we start disobeying Allah Indra, so because we wish we want to hurt one another for the sake of the dunya I want to be in control to I want to have one up over my brother and so I stab him in the back when that happens. Allah subhanaw

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taala removes his help and all of us we will all we will all fail and we'll all lose. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us and very important idea to the Sharif and all of us. Yeah, you will have the nominal laughter hidden Katharina Olea mean, do you mean? Allah says Oh, you who believe do not take the unbelievers as allies as supporters above your fellow Muslim brothers side with an external enemy against your Muslim brother Subhan Allah, otherwise all of us again are going to fail. And Allah says would you like to give Allah a solid proof to be an enemy against you? Do you want to stand as an enemy against Allah so Subhanallah we will continue next week as to what happened the

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austere and to make dua for all the poorest people in the world and for all those who are suffering and struggling Allah make it easy. We also want to announce that Al Hamdulillah our youth as part of Youth Day, they have an initiative where they will be selling acne and you can order and it will be delivered. So this is a acne and delivery service and all the proceeds will hamdulillah will be going to Palestine so inshallah even if you're not feeling for any acne tomorrow, you know give the family a break in the kitchen, the wife or whoever does the cooking spamela In sha Allah, Allah your acne and support as we said all the proceeds will be going to Palestine if you'd like to

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order you need to order before tomorrow so you need to order today and it'll be delivered before the word. The contact number is oh seven eight Double 372924078 Double 372924 Please order your acne and support Palestine inshallah just like the honey or Salah say no Muhammad Ali was happier Saddam Hussein, la la la la la mina cinema

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