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Muhammad West
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Paola bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam O Allah should have been more discerning Satana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Mehreen and beloved brothers and sisters Mr Ali Kemal Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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hamdullah Bill Alameen always and forever begin with a praise to thanks of Allah Allah should have Allah Allah Allah will witness at least none worthy of worship besides Allah was in our love greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is pious and pure family, his companions and all those who are following sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them. I mean, I mean when hamdulillah today's topic spotlight is about the issue of hijab, and it is more than just about the hijab. It's about the jihad of the hijab. Allah Subhan Allah says in the Quran, yeah, Bunny Adam. Oh children, Adam, got the answer now Alikum

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Lieberson you worry so article, what Isha Allah says, I have seen down before upon you, oh Children of Adam, clothing so that you may conceal your nakedness your private parts, and as an adornment to beautify you, your clothing. Enter the to win diversity Aqua radical hide, Allah says. But the best of all covering is the covering oneself with Taqwa to have a mindset of Taqwa and modesty. Then he can Minaya Tila Hill along with the Quran, Allah says this is better for you. And it's of the signs and the symbols of Allah is for people who remember and understand.

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I don't know if you are following the news, you should be that our sisters in India are being persecuted in certain states in India, where they are being deprived from getting the education because of hijab. You can't attend university. You can't attend school. You can't be a teacher. If you want to wear hijab, and I think it's important terminologies, many of the men Yeah, we don't maybe know what is hijab, and for all intents and purposes, hijab means Dookie. Hijab is the head covering niqab is the face covering your wing niqab. Now, right niqab is what you cover your face, hijab is what we call in Cape Town, a Dookie or a scarf, the head covering. And of course, Boudicca

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is a much longer kind of way not only covers your head, but it goes all the way down basically, to half of your body. And a buyer, of course, as we know, is the outer garment. Now, we're not talking about the face veil, the face veil, yes is the issue of Estee Lauder, whether women should wait or not, but the Dookie the scarf to prevent our sisters from wearing it, and depriving them of education is a type of persecution. And this is just the next chapter in this ongoing persecution against our our traditions, our models, our religion and against our sisters. In fact, we know that before COVID, Europe was on a warpath against the hijab. France was the first country in the Western

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world in 20 2011, to ban a woman from wearing the niqab and to put restrictions on the veil Subhanallah, a country which is proudly secular, where a woman can wait anything, nothing. The government is dictating what a woman can choose her wardrobe choices, the government is dictating a wardrobe choices. And once France,

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you know, brought in this law, many, many countries and states across Europe, almost every European country institution sets some kind of laws, either banning the hijab, banning the niqab, fining Muslim women from wearing it, or restricting Western women Subhanallah you even have, you know, even things like the volcania lady wants to swim, she has to go to the beach, but she wants to dress modestly. This is also illegal. This is also illegal Subhan Allah in the Western world. And what's amazing, you know, you read up the commentators, they say, in the whole of France, 70 million people. It's only about 2000 Muslim women that weighs the niqab, only 2000 women, but the entire

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parliament, or the politicians or the parties are debating this issue experts here and they debating this issue the whole Europe has conferences to debate this issue,

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deciding for our sisters what they can and can't we, and what the rights will be taken from them if they don't obey. And in all these conferences and debates and discussions, you won't find a single hijab, a woman asked what is it that you want?

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What is it that you want to be? You tell us your opinion in the western world where you have the freedom and the right to do anything you want? Not once do they ask our sisters? What is it that you want? So we must ask a question. Why? Why is Europe and why are these an India as well going down this trajectory? Why would they go to war against a piece of piece of clothing? Would they go to war against covering your head? What is the issue? What's the big deal about it? Because everyone understands and this is for us as Muslims and our sisters when you talk when you look at your Dookie now it's not just the Dookie because

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This is a war of ideologies. This is a war on many, many fronts. And it didn't start now.

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I'm plagiarizing very much from a lecture that Yasir qadhi gave a few days ago, where he said that if you look at this issue, if you look at this issue, the colonizers when they entered Muslim lands, part of the part of the mission, to subjugate its people was to remove its identity, to force you to speak their language like we're doing now, to dress like them to take the names even, and of course, their religion and all of it. And one of the things they detested immensely, was the hijab. So this

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very famous postcolonial writer of Franz Fanon, you as a psychiatrist, he worked for the French army, when France over 100 years colonized Algeria. So he was with the French army, as a psychiatrist, for the French soldiers. And as he got involved, he turned against the French enjoying the resistance against them, and he wrote books against the fridge. And when it came to the issue of hijab, he says, The the generals in Algeria, look at the statement, they said, if you want to destroy the structure of Algeria site, you want to beat these people. Its capacity for the reason you want to stop the resistance. We must first of all, conquer the women. This is not this is the

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generals of the French army. We must go and find them behind the veils where they hide themselves and in the houses where the men keep them out of sight. In our statement, he made the same psychiatrist he wrote the niqab and the hijab, it frustrates the colonizers because they can see they can see us we can't see them. And it is a symbol of resistance against us our way of life. And so if we say is this just about a Dookie? Is it just about the Dookie? a headscarf that the whole world is thrown into a battle. So it's not about the Dookie. It is about one dominant culture, trying to dictate to an inferior culture. What you will weigh and what you will do this. You will

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look like us and you will weigh what we say you can weigh. It is a part of the narrative that you native people don't know how to to weigh clothing when they came to our lands. We were uncivilized because we were naked. Now we uncivilized because we're not naked like James Pinilla. Think about that.

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It is also a type of subjugation and humiliation. We will tell your women and your daughters what do we we will take from them the modesty even if against the will, you know this is from frown, or Allah separate frown you that Behold, have an outcome they killed the boys, the men were stuck in unison, and they leave the women alive, why I left him alive for what to use them and abuse them for the lady, there's something worse than the death. And this is a kind of humiliation, we will take on you're the most intimate area of your women. And there's nothing you can do. It's part of that colonial mindset, the same people that invaded our lands for 300 years that forcefully remove hijab

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with a gun are the same ones telling you now and telling you it's better for you take it off in your name and in the rights for women's rights. The same people you don't think they care about our sisters think that any came after they bumped our lands the year to liberate our women. This is also a battle. And as I said identity on civilization on society, many of the other norms, many of the other cultures are sort of dissolved within this western secularism. Islam still holds its ground. Islam still maintains that identity what it means to be a Muslim, and there is no Subhanallah no, what am I with guns forcing you to dress a certain way forcing you to come to the masjid, you all

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come out of your own free will. And it's something they can't understand. And they hate that we choose our Islam in spite of the continuous bombardment of the ideology, the bombardment of the logos and the symbols, we reject those things. And we continue to wait, what our Sharia tells us to wait, it is also an attack. And this is actually an attack on women and the rights of women. So Subhanallah you know, they will tell you that this is to liberate our sisters, this is to save you from a backward wave. It's not that the hijab is backward, your religion is backward, your culture is backward, your Sharia is backward. That is what is at stake here. That if you want to be a

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liberated, successful woman, if you want to be a powerful woman, get rid of Islam, then you will be an enlightened woman that you must choose between the backwardness of Islam, or the modern modernity of Western civilization. That is the narrative they want. We reject that. We say Islam gives us strength. That hijab used to be power like that psychiatrists said, the hijab is not a symbol of being

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oppressed, rather to the French it's a symbol of resistance. They can't take it off them. They will they will stand against the the mightiest army in the world.

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If you can't take my hijab from me, it is about a country telling our ladies, you don't know what's right for you. You can't even choose your own wardrobe, we will tell you and you will weigh what we tell you to weigh. This is also most importantly, it is attack on religion,

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most of the religions of the world sadly, and basically succumbed to Western secular and this is the dominant religion of the world Western secularism, where religion is something you keep in your house privately or you give it up altogether.

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If you want to be religious, don't bring it in the street. Don't bring it into business. Don't bring it in the public arena in the malls. No. You're only religious in your masjid, when your church and at home? We say no. Allah is the Lord, in my house, in my church, in my masjid, at work at canal walk, that is the same Allah, the Sharia applies to me everywhere. And that law is above any other law that you give me. And my religion is part of my identity first and foremost. And they hate to see religion being practiced. They hate to see once in a while, what threat is there, for me wearing a lady wearing a hijab? In many countries? It's hard. It's illegal for Muncie to have a minaret you

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must it must look like a mosque. Why? How does this hurt you? Because to show any kind of religiosity, that there is a Lord above you above the government above humanity, that there is something greater than you. This goes against the fundamental that they are there they are Rubble, Rubble, Kamala, like hon. Kamala, I am the Lord Most High. And so this sisters, it's not just about the Dookie. It's not just about your scarf. It is about a symbol of resistance against color colonization against subjugation is also a symbol to show Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest, your laws mean nothing. Allahu Akbar. And so this saga also chose to us the hypocrisy. So this is a

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hijab. It brings in politics and World Wars. It shows you the hypocrisy of the Western world. They say, We will save you and liberate your lands. And how do they do that by bombing it two pieces. What did they do to Afghanistan, bombing it two pieces, they will give you the freedom to choose. America came spent trillions, they left the same women that were wearing hijab, not one of them took it off 99% of Afghanistan in the time of American rule, in remove the hijab, they gave the choice, and the overwhelming majority rejected the western lifestyle.

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They say we give you the freedom of beliefs, you can believe whatever you want, you can be an atheist, Satanist, whatever you want. It's free and hamdulillah everyone can do do as you please say what you want, so long as you do and say what we tell you to say. You can't speak out against our ethics. You can't speak out against certain types of marriages, or certain types of gender, or what you want to weigh those things are not acceptable freedom within our dictates of freedom.

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Subhanallah in some countries, they are forcing to allow boys to go to school in skirts, but they won't allow a Muslim girl to wear hijab to school, the same enlightened world. You know what I'm talking about? That people have the right to dress like they want. Except the Muslim woman wants to be a hijab? No, no, you don't have that, right. The feminist wants to tell you you can do and be whatever you want. No one can tell you what to do. So long as you don't wear your hijab, I must tell you can't wear hijab, you no matter what, see, oh, you are a judge how qualified you are in the world. Your hijab is backwards, and you don't have the capacity to know what is right or wrong. Look

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at the just look at understand the Subhanallah they accuse us, of keeping our women backward of depriving them of of being empowered. Yet they are the ones that are preventing our sisters from going to school and university because of the choices in Tyus panela, who is really oppressing women means panela, when you deprive someone of education, when you deprive someone of access to learning, the girls come to university, the doors are locked, take your hijab off or you can't learn now we really ask who is who really cares about our sisters, and the well being of women. And so this shows you clearly where we stand and where they stand. Don't be fooled. And there are many of us that are

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fooled with a Western ideology, that it's it's better for us. We need to get we fall into that narrative that they are our Saviors they are coming to they're coming to save us they are coming to civilize us, like they said 300 years ago to when when they came into our continent. They're not here for us. They're here to export. It's a type of colonization and it's a type of subjugation. And so our sisters, this is not just about a Dookie. It is a type of jihad. Now your hijab is a type of jihad, and it's not one that we can fight as men. You Imams give you a good buzz, you know, academics writing books and papers. It's meaningless. What really counts and stands is when our

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sisters you choose to wear the hijab when you show them that I

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We'll succeed in my so beautiful when you see the top performance academically, our Muslim sisters and she waited hijab, that she takes the prize. I came first in math, so whatever with my hijab on when she walks that boardroom and she dictates that boardroom, but she wears a scarf as well as rookies with

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that my Islam empowers me my hijab gives me strength. I decide what I want to not because my dad told me to do so. Oh my My brothers forced me to do it my husband forced me to, but because my Rob tells me to do it. The you know, the idea that it is my body my choice, it is your body but Allah's law. In fact, it's Allah's body. And all of us that's what it means to be a Muslim. We make Islam we submit to Allah subhanho wa taala, not to the laws of men, not to the dictates of the patriarchy, but to the dictates of the Sharia. Because our upset that so Allah sister sisters, Allah says to our sisters coolin minute Oh, tell the believing women if you have Iman, you have a good naming

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authority when they lower your gaze you be modest within yourself. Well, funnily enough, Raja Hoon, and protect your private parts. What are you up Dina Xena, Tahuna Illa Maha Amina and cover up your body except what is necessary to be shown. And we don't have to reinvent the wheel. We have 1500 years of Obama who understood the Arabic language. What does this mean? And as we said, the vast majority are basically they've all said hands may be uncovered, the face may be uncovered. And in some math hubs, the feet may also be uncovered. They said this is necessary. This is what is required. Everything else is our sisters in public. Everything else needs to be covered. Not because

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the Imam said so not because the MDC said so. But this is what Kamala Allah, your Lord said. So the one who made you and then he says, well, the only other Libnah Bihu Marina allowed to be hidden as panela you find these people and they just want to cause mischief, whether it's deliberate or just purely ignorant. They'll say show me in the Quran where it says the hijab you must wear the hijab? No, it's true. The word hijab doesn't come in the Quran. Allah says, use your homeowner, what is Homer? Homer? Sounds like Homer, right? Sounds like Homer what is Homer? Homer is called Homer because it covers your head, it closes your head, it makes you drunk. So Allah says, oh, ladies,

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take your humor the thing which closes your head, take your headscarf allows you to be hidden and pull it over your front in the past, they would wear the Dookie. This is the non Muslim women, not the Muslim women. They would wear they do keys and it would be in the back and their chests would be open. Allah says no, when you wear your Dookie cover the front part that's better for you. Whether you Widener Xena, Tahuna and don't let your adornments your beauty be shown except to your husband's your father's and then Allah saw the people who are permissible to see other parts of your body. But for anyone else. This is the laws of the Sharia. And as it says this when you make that choice now I

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know in Cape Town, spa, you might say, we might Dookie I don't we might Dookie on my neck half of my head. It's my fashion choice. It's not about colonization, and rejecting Islam and feminism. You might feel that way. Subhanallah and I know that's how you feel. But in reality, this is what is at stake the rest of the world that hamdullah we live in a society where we don't have those issues and might never come here. But understand that decision that you make has a statement. And it's a powerful statement to the people outside of of our religion. But when you show that I am a strong, powerful woman and I wear my hijab proudly and I make my salah in public and I come to the masjid on

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Joomla not because I'm inferior or I'm forced to do so but because this is what I want to do. It tells them something completely different like Rama and we all know Ramadan Subhanallah when we don't Faust when we foster either we don't eat and drink and we say we do this not because anyone is forcing me. They look at us with admiration Subhanallah you do it because you aspire to a higher power. Allah says and look at this is our sisters. Yeah, you wanna be I wanna be Allah this is gonna be say to your wives and your daughters. One is mean to and to all the believing women, you the Nina you net mean jelibean mitula baby Hina take your outer garment your cloak and cover your body with

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it, weigh something and cover your body, that this is better for you. I rathna Subhanallah why also that you may be recognized not that you may be hidden. Allah says this is better sisters. So you might stand out. So that when everyone is in, I don't want to say what wait nothing. And you are standing with your hijab. It shows you making you making a statement with your hijab. Allah says that not so you may be hidden, that you will be obscure that we don't see you that you may stand out. And you may have a sense of dignity, but then and you will not be perfect. And Allah says and this will protect you. This will give you a kind of strength. Now sisters, I want you we're going to

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show a video of what's happening in India, a sister that was coming into her so to give context of the video, she's coming into the University. She's wearing a hijab, and look what's going on. Let's just see and then we'll talk a little bit more about the video. Op place

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The Sisters coming in on a motorbike

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in assignments

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of men trying to force the Hindus also there's a Hindu issue in India as we know persecution against Islam

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so she goes to class, I want to ask you Does that girl look like she needs to be liberated up in an army to protect her from Oklahoma and her father's that she looked like she needs your liberation. And do those men do they look like me to Liberator the way to save her to protect her those thugs? Now Subhanallah I was it sisters? This is a fight that you I can fight and that Muslim that Gemma. Yeah, we are hijab, right? We, we have our own battles to do. But this is your battle.

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And the choice you make. It's really the choice for the it's one of the symbols of Islam. Now, hijab has become like the Kaaba like Maccha like the Quran, a symbol of Sharia, it is a symbol of what it means to be a Muslim, a symbol of there is no other religion. Every other group has basically given in to that pressure of Western Western * secularism, it is only a Muslim that still stand firm. And what's beautiful, they say in the 60s and 70s, when a lot of when the West was more involved in in the countries in the government's. If you look at how universities were even a place like Turkey, it was illegal for lady to go to Turkey, you couldn't go to university wear hijab, in a

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Muslim country. Now you go to the same waste those countries Egypt, Turkey, and the hijab has come back once the pressure was taken off, and the choice was made. Our sisters made the choice that we're doing this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala we're doing this out of our, our iman, our iman, and as one Scott and I concluded this just weeks of the conference where they said the European countries said how can you live in a society where you cover your face, the whole world will collapse Allah since the plague. We everyone that is in niqab and our showed Allah show that even the men will cover the face Allah Allah with his any link between that Allah showed that

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argument that if you cover your face and you cover your head, you can't function in society, there's no place for you in society, you those same people themselves every day of course the way that that that face covering May Allah grant us strength May Allah bring is to this OMA Allah protect our women, our children, the men throughout the Ummah, may Allah grant us to find that we have we return to the days when we have pride to be a Muslim Nila Mala keep us safe. A few announces quite a few announcements Alhamdulillah our series Islam from scratch.

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We talking about the very essence of Islam we ask everyone to log on and to our YouTube if you can't join live on a Thursday evening and of course six it is on our YouTube channel and you can you can watch the content next week. Very wonderful topic about who is Allah when you think of him who is he everyone should really log in. Then in March and others say Feb is the month of love but march in Burano is the month of love. We're doing the row Tunica. And this is a bit different to what we've done. We have certain group sessions we will talk about the thick of marriage, we'll talk about communication your personality types will bring a therapist in. And also if you want, we can have

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one on one counseling sessions. We can draft unica contract as well. And so if you want any further information, you can contact us and for those who are looking to get married, we also make dua for Professor Abraham Arnold's panel has been one year that he passed away sprung out quickly a year has gone one one of our stalwarts in our community in the bootcamp was allowed to guarantee Ingenico fifth dose, the grand team and all the motorhome forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala make it easy upon his family. We also would like to announce that we have our Burano market day so the fifth of March, the first of March Alhamdulillah. The Booker treats for the year is being launched. It's strange, we

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launched a cookbook for Ramadan, but we have our our

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market date Ramadan market day at on the fifth of March it will be at the hub and we will have I think this adultery competition or something like that. So we ask all of you to attend insha Allah and support the evening Allah Zach Lehane was ALLAH Sedna, Muhammad wa, salam, Al Hamdulillah Bella Mia sinuata

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without getting


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