Muhammad West – Jumuah 18 Jan 2018 Week in Review

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam have been highlighted, including the return of students to school and the positive impact of Islam on people's lives. The importance of learning and practicing principles to avoid negative consequences and achieve success is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for students to consider their potential and make effort to pursue their interests. The importance of avoiding cultural references to Islam and sharia in daily culture is emphasized, as well as the importance of avoiding false accusations and not giving up on one's children. The segment also touches on the "harn't do it" movement and the challenges of managing an organization. The audience is invited to participate in a discussion on "The future" and upcoming events.
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Oh the villa even a sheet on the regime's Villa man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more serene Satan and Muhammad Anwar Ali he will savage mine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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All praise be Unto Allah subhanaw taala Nichelle of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, we have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us and forgive us to have mercy upon us to expiate our sins and we we give thanks and praise to Allah for the rain that he has recently and currently May Allah subhanaw taala purify us and purify the land May Allah grant and spangled we know it's a sunnah during the rainfall some time to make dua is Mr. Jab. So my lake sipto eBUY that that we do right now. We send our love greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to His pious and pure family to his companions and all

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those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be upon the Sunnah of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, may we be an ummah that emulates his example. May we live our life as he lived his life, may we may we be a people that he's proud of, and we stand with him on the day of Kiama and be with him in general Philadelphia, I mean, well, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah it's been a busy week. And in sha Allah, today's Juma, Kuba will speak about a few three issues that occurred during the week that are important for us. I'll mention in sha Allah, the back to school, going, you know, it's a big deal. Our kids going back to school. Some of us are some kids are

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starting university. Some of them are finishing these studies. And just some guidance on that. Then unfortunately, there were some a fitna that is going around. If you know about it, you know you haven't been spayed by it. Unfortunately for you, we'll talk about that if you don't know what Hamdulillah you say from it. And then of course, we had our AGM as well a few days ago. And it's important for you to know who the new AGM who the new elected executive is. And to we'll talk a little bit about that. So let's begin in sha Allah, back to school. We know that Subhan Allah, our religion is one based on knowledge. As I said before, as I said many times, Allah did not even begin

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the essence our religion is the worship of Allah. That's the reason if you read the Quran from the beginning to end from Surah Fatiha to Surah NAS, the issue of Islam is to worship Allah Allah that there is no deity besides him. But yet Allah did not even begin the Quran. With that he began with Accra. He began with knowledge because a people that were that is in darkness of Janelia cannot appreciate Allah. So we first have to start fixing this muscle up here, before everything else will come, right. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that whether it is poverty, whether it is racism, whether it is warfare, whether it is

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you know, sexism, any kind of issue, knowledge and learning is the first step to fixing that problem. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, in Nehemiah, Allah Hamid anybody he lot remember that vividly those people have knowledge and when Allah is mentioned in the ayah, we don't talk just about the sheiks and the moon. And as Allah is saying, people have knowledge of understanding. They are the ones that truly fear Allah, and truly have a connection with Allah, that knowledge will bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And then of the idea which we've mentioned many times, and again, listen to this, and mentioned this to your kids, whether they are starting

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the school, whether they going to university, especially our teenagers, this idea tells you it's a law, a principle with Allah, like you have gravity, like you have certain energies in the law, you can't change it in today. This is a law Allah says Allah says he had a very low Larina Amma no income well let in Daraa jet Allah says I will he will raise up in the ranks, elevate them in the dunya and in the archaea are in this life. And in the next, those who have Iman, and those who have been given knowledge. That knowledge of the EMA knowledge is the greatest blessing you can have. And even someone without Iman, Allah will give him blessings and honor and supposition in the dunya

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because of his knowledge, and that is why we know the countries that have the best educational institutions, the countries that have the best schools are also the ones that are most most prosperous, financially prosperous, powerful, mighty. So Allah subhanaw taala has promised that anyone who embarks on a journey of learning and the more knowledge he acquires even of the dunya sciences, he will get position he will get the Rajat in the dunya you will get success. Knowledge will bring success for our young kids that are going to school they must understand that the answer to the problems of the life and many people are going through tough times that the life that they

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would want to aspire to get to. Allah is giving them the way towards that is through learning and knowledge, the decisions they make now

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will impact their life for the next 3040 years that Allah subhanho wa Taala as promised them success, worldly success. And of course, for us as Muslims, we also want the accurate success. And therefore knowledge is that thing. And I said this many times, knowledge is this very unique blessing Wallah. It's so unique. That is the only blessing that I know of that cannot be received without effort. Think of any blessing, any blessing rain, we didn't make any effort but it came free of charge your health, you make no effort it comes to you seek and you get well, even Iman, many of us here most of us here did not work for our Islam. We were born Muslims, we inherited Islam, you

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inherited wealth, there are people that inherit billions. There are people that inherited countries fighting the king of the son of the king, and certain countries and they just didn't hit it to the country. Allah can give those blessings free of charge. But Wallah he sumo Allah Azza wa Alayhi he will not Allah will never ever pot with one inch of knowledge for free. If you want knowledge, you must work for it. Everyone is born with zero knowledge, not even able to walk with talk, you must learn and it will come through sacrifice, meaning Allah has said, for this blessing of knowledge, you want it you to pay off, the more you wanted, the more you need to give in the sight of Allah

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after Iman, this is the most prized treasure. Allah doesn't look at the our properties and our cars and our titles, those are important to Allah, but the man of knowledge really impresses Allah subhanaw taala. So this is something Yeah, the one that we need to take to our kids, my wife, you know, preserver she was asked to, you know, there was, she comes from a certain area, and she comes from Vandenberg. And the madressa, the the maalim was, was absent. So she went to the classes to fill in teenagers, young teenagers, and she could really see the attitude, you know, Hamdulillah, the in madressa is, is already a great thing. But so he asked them, What do you want to do? What do

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you want to aspire? All of them know that exception? I don't know what I want to do. I don't think there's any benefit. I think I'm going to leave school. The boys had some aspirations, they want to be soccer players. Now Subhanallah they look at their life. And when she got to speak to them, it's a hopelessness feeling that this is all the east to life, that why should I go to school? Why should I work? Why should I aspire to anything they've already given up? This is a system that perhaps failed them and an environment that you know that that further pushes them down. Parents that are not they may be struggling just to you know, going to bed hungry, you can't think about those

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things, you know, education seems like so far out of the reach, yet this is the answer to those things. And it is for us Subhan Allah to not impart knowledge to our children. Information, not information is not important, but to teach them principles, and most importantly, to teach them to be good people. And what that they'll become great people. And this is something which changes society's lives. This is that one thing that can really fix a whole community. Our answer lies in our education system.

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I you know, my kids also started school, and you go into grade one class and you look at all these young boys and girls innocent pure, and you think Alhamdulillah some of them will become doctors and kill people, they'll become, you know, professionals, they're both things, and some of them Subhanallah they will become criminals, some of them will go the way of drugs, some of them will,

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they will, they will they will go negatively, the life will turn up negatively. And we think everyone starts off on the fitrah, pure, pure. And then as we know the Hadith, the Prophet says everyone is born on the fitrah pure they are born on the right path. But the parents and the teachers, your holy Danielle, you're not sit around and make them a Yahoo Dasara meaning we are the ones that fail them. We are the ones that failed him. The big problems of the OMA begins in grade one. That's where we fix them. So to our students, there's not many students here, most of us your OB people, but you have kids. Their responsibility is to know that they've been placed on the dunya

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for a purpose. Allah has honored insaan and given them the greatest position, he did not put anyone here by luck. You are a selected elite creation of Allah. And every single person has been given something by Allah, they are no mistakes in Allah's creation. You are here for a reason. And everyone has been given talents, yes, we are not going to be good at everything. In fact, we will not be good at most things. But there'll be one or two things that you are good at. Your kids need to know that they're special, that they have talents that they don't know about, and only through education, will they find that and it's the responsibility to find the place in the dunya but it

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will only happen through education that they have within them potential. Someone in that grade one class has the capacity Subhanallah to cure AIDS, but

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We as our responsibility to bring that out. And yes, it's the responsibility as well, to make effort and to take ownership of the life. We can provide the environment and for our students, you have to commit that to be committed. We need to teach our kids the importance of that. So have that conversation with your children. They are really, really, as cliche as it sounds, they carry the hopes and the dreams of the Ummah with them. The problems we can't solve today, they have the potential to solve it. And it's only through education and Imani and Allah and belief in Allah, that really that it potential will be actualized. Also to those who are starting school, especially those

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who are going to a new class, but especially those who are at velocity, you know, it's a new place, new friends. Remember, when you choose your friends, Allah, the Prophet says, A man will follow the religion of his friend, look to your friends, and that's the religion that's the life you will have. So each of you should consider the friend he makes. Me personally, the closest friends, I haven't hamdulillah all my friends from high school and they've been good friends, part of the best decision I've made in my life they've supported me in they will guide you if you make mistakes, they'll help you when you're in trouble. But sometimes it is the friends that we have that actually takes us off

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the path. They make us not study not actualize our potential not remember Allah should look very, very carefully in terms of the friends you keep Allah is saying, the Prophet says I'm saying and the prophets and gives a very good analogy. He says, the example of a good friend, and an evil one is like the one who sells musk, the perfume seller, if you're a good friend is like a perfume seller. Meaning if you spend time with that perfume seller, you just sit and have a conversation, either he will give you some of the perfume, which is being in his company, you will start smelling nice, yes, being in the company of someone that is good will benefit you. And this is the example so Salam, the

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example of the one who is a bad friend is like the one who is a blacksmith and it doesn't mean a black. So if you knew blacksmith, see, it's not that you are bad, but it's someone that works with fire. If you spend your time with such a person, you either gonna get burned directly, you might actually get burnt, or at the very least, you'll smell like smoke, you will have the negative impact of that person on your life. So choose your friends wisely. If our kids are starting university, don't let them choose those ones. We're not focusing on dedicated, we're not going to use this opportunity that are now using the freedom for haram, you have an Amana responsibility to speak to

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your kids, especially our teenagers, to our teachers and our parents of halal as we said, the prophet Allah tells you and me that they started in the fitrah, our kids started quickly, Allah gave them to us fixed, if they end up broken, we take responsibility, ability for that, if they don't end up as they should. It's our fault. Partly partly,

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we, as I said before, there's nothing different between my children and the children in the Western countries. Yeah, those kids will grow up to change the world. And our kids will become consumers of those products. Why? It's a failure in our teaching system. It's a failure in us as parents, we need to look towards that. Remember, many of us will not leave behind a great legacy. It's difficult. So promises when you leave this dunya three things really count, the knowledge that you live cesaria are a structure a magazine or some kind of something that benefits us as a structure, or three, or a pious child, perhaps your contribution to the dunya is you've left behind someone that is a

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righteous person, a good person, maybe as a teacher, your contribution will be that someone in my class went on to change the world positively. And you benefit in that as a parent. That is what we need to focus on. That is really our legacy is in our kids. What benefit is it Subhanallah to have a wonderful mansion one day, and wonderful and huge bank accounts. But our kids are disappointments. When we lie on their deathbed, we look at our kids that this was something I need to I need to reflect on. So this is a very important phase this back to school. It begins now. And you know once you fall behind Subhanallah it's hard to catch up. So have that conversation with your kids with a

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small keep them pure and innocent and inspire them and motivate them to dream to want to achieve those teenagers who become a little difficult. Remember, they are young adults. Islam doesn't see this thing as adolescence we don't have in between you're a child and you become an adult. Yes. Now you have to become mature and responsible. It's our job to to put that to put them to give them that perspective. Your Amana, my Amana, then moving on from back to school, and we pray that Allah grants your kids success in the school market success. And another point those who did not make it. Failure is only failure when you give up. If your child didn't get into university. Your child didn't get

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into the school that they wanted. If they give up then they're a failure but to

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Keep trying is not your failure. Failure is only a lesson he teaches you what to do better and will lie. Anyone who's achieved something great. They will tell you this you end product is version 30 Version 50. This is the attempt 100 I failed 100 times before I got it right. So failure is a good powerful lesson, but just don't give up and USP and as ISP and as a parent as teachers, we should ensure our kids don't give up on themselves and they don't give up on Allah, that they should continue to believe that they have something positive to contribute that their life means something and they can't just wasted being coming. Nothing insignificant. That's a loss. That's a tragedy.

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Then Subhanallah we move on to something very controversial. These been a local a fitna speeding on WhatsApp as is the case fitna book, Facebook, and the tabloids. For some of you might there was a waiting. And some of you might be looking very confused. What am I talking about? If you're confusing, you have no idea what I'm talking about. hamdulillah means number one, you're not on Facebook, you don't receive too much gossip. You don't spend your time scattering and you don't Subhanallah you're not involved in these kinds of things, then you say if you don't read gossip, tabloids Alhamdulillah. So for those of us who have seen this, and it's become an issue, so we need

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to address this. And before I even mentioned this, I actually spoke to some of the people involved and I asked him the permission, one person is permission can I just hint at this because I don't want to speak about anything that will hurt anyone's feelings. And I've got the permission to do so. So in a nutshell what happened there was a waiting someone from so from the outside and give you the picture it was on social media, a person married a Muslim girl. And there were certain rituals that were not Islamic. Now the immediately though Hindu rituals and immediately the question came up, have Allah allowed a Muslim girl to marry and non Muslim men have allowed because they will Mr.

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President, was this allowed that they were certain rituals which are shared in nature to be have we condone it? And subhanAllah the, the language became vile and ugly. So let us be clear on this. Firstly, very, very clear. equivocally and it's not one that debates this. There's not a single person that debates this that is haram for a Muslim to marry a non Muslim. The only exception is for a man to marry an animal kita Akita via which is usually a Judeo Christian, but that is also a question mark. But in essence, Allah says, do not marry the pagan women, men, you cannot marry pagan women until they believe and believing slave woman, even a very low class woman in society is better

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than an amazing woman that is not an unbeliever. And similarly, Allah says and do not marry the disbelieving men, oh sisters, don't marry non Muslim, because even a believing slave man is better than a polytheist even though he might please you why? Because those people invite you to the fire. But Allah invites you to Jana and his forgiveness by his permission, and therefore you want a partner who is going to work towards you with you to get to Jana. So the default rule in the Sharia is Muslims can only marry Muslims men and women, then there was an exception that Allah made in certain instances for the Al Kitab women, you can marry them, but even that is a debate question.

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And therefore in the wisdom of some local orama they have not even they personally have not sanctioned a marriage between a Muslim man and I'm a non Muslim woman, a Christian woman in their wisdom. Okay, so this is the default. And we all agree on that. And in reality, this marriage was between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman because the person took his shahada, the person took the shahada, but immediately without verifying people already Subhan Allah

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issued verdicts fact was that this XYZ alum is a caffeine Who is he married and Muslim woman to a non Muslim man without checking you have declared this man Catholic I mean, let's do the whole thing that his wife is haram for him now they must be divorced. No one can inherit from him Salah behind him his battle if you pray behind, you will need to perform your Salah will be left without verification.

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They were the is another issue as well. There were certain rituals pertaining to that waiting now I give you a scenario of different scenario. Loosely Man Marries a revert Christian girl she becomes Muslim 100 into her family is still Christian. They still want to add they said fine, we'll have the Nika but we also want to have a ceremony in the church with the priest for our benefit is this permissible? It is not permissible. So while we are a tolerant religion, and we allow those of other faiths to practice the religion very, very clearly we as Muslims cannot associate ourselves involve ourselves participate in the religious functions activities of another religion, even

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Those functions are good. Because ultimately we have a dean and they have a dean like convener, Camellia Dean, that they have the deities and we have our Allah. But we don't and I say this, we do not ask them to come and make Maghrib Salah with us. And therefore we should not go and participate in the functions of the Church of the temple. Understand. So this is a bit controversial because we do work with, I mean, more relevant to you, you work with non Muslims, you will be invited to weddings, you'll be invited to funerals, you can show your respect, and you can participate, but not in religious ceremonies. So when there's a pray, you need to stand one side. Similarly, when there's

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a DUA, we don't expect them to come and make dua with us. If we make sujood, we don't say make sujood with us, you can stand one side, this is the exact same thing. So there wasn't a religious ceremony of the Hindu faith. And it is

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in the religion, it is something to the dialectical agony. It's a type of worship. And as a Muslim, we cannot, we cannot participate in that we cannot participate in that even if we somebody said, but we want to show our respect. Yes, you want to show you respect. But remember, at the same time, you might show great disrespect to Allah.

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You talk about the medical issues issue, and it's not an issue to fight about. But as we see this holiday from a religious context, the belief that Allah took a son, we say is greatly offensive to Allah. So we can say, you know, may Allah give you a blizzard here in a blizzard life, we can make dua, but I cannot condone a religious belief that is not a part of Islam. And sometimes the symbolism to us will not see what's the big deal. This was because we don't understand the symbolism. Give me Give me if I give you an example, you have an Israeli neighbor, good guy, great guy, wonderful person. But he's celebrating the event of Israel day, the day that Israel was formed,

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and he makes a status in a party, will you attend that party? No, because you will say this thing is so hurtful to me as a Muslim, I can't condone that. I'm not going to harm you or criticize you. You're a good guy with friends. But as for that we are different sides, you are on your side, I'm on my side. You cannot, for example, wear a * and Nazi symbol, you would know we all know this would be offensive. Even if you so I don't believe in it. It is still symbolic. So as Muslims, the prophecies, Whoever imitates a people is one of them. And this means specifically religious symbols. You cannot imitate religious symbols of other other peoples. There's a clear prohibition. You cannot

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we across for example, even for decorative purposes, you can't do it. It's just haram. And when we go to what about cut, so the argument was, this was only culture. Firstly, it's not culture, it's a religious practice. As for culture, yes, the Sharia allows us to incorporate culture in our life, part of our way of life, so long as it's not haram. So you can dress part of your cultural way of dressing so long as it's permissible to dress that way you can eat the fruit of your culture, so long as it's permissible. So for example, because this is on a Sunday, is a cultural thing, right? Alhamdulillah you can keep doing it. You can keep having uses on a Sunday. If you as I make an

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example, you live in the east to use chopsticks when you eat, that's fine, no problem part of your culture. But when it comes to a religious thing, in that slavery to

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use, you will not allow to participate religiously understand this, and anything in culture, which contradicts Islam that you can't participate in. But whatever is good in your culture, and in fact, the prophets of salaam took things from Jaya Helia into Islam. One example, in Janelia, the penalty was if you kill the person accidentally, you have to pay 100 camels as compensation and the Prophet agree that in our Islam will continue with us, this will be maintained in the Sharia. So we is a place for culture in Islam, so long as doesn't contradict Islam.

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Now, on the one side, people make mistakes. And we can say look that was wrong.

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That as a Muslim person, you should not be walking around a fire in terms of a religious ceremony. That is it's an it's a, it's associated a religious act of another community. But the response do we now say these people are Catholic Mushrikeen and those who participate who witnessed it guilty by so they also Mushrikeen Subhan Allah. Now the response is even worse, the sin was a misunderstanding and Allah Allah, that's an issue between him and Allah, but the way we have responded is bad.

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Firstly, there was no verification of information. No one picked up a phone Yes, they will spreading the news to the tabloids and XYZ, but they never picked up the phone and since then, the phone shifts I don't understand what is this? I can't believe that this is true. I want to understand. So Allah says in the Quran, oh, you have Iman, if a liar and evil person and I don't think they can be more a lying medium in social media, a more an authentic medium in social media. If you follow social media believe

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The earth is flat, you believe Subhanallah if you don't do this, you're gonna go to Ghana for a million years, you know, the the fake news that you you believe that, you know, KFC you, you eating donkey meat, Allah all these things come on the social media. So if you receive information from a fast sick, a, an evil person with any news, then verify it less and less. If you don't, you would harm people in your ignorance. And afterwards you become regretful of what you have done, you will harm someone. And if you harm someone unfairly, so verify that information, verify that information. And so I'm like today

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some of us and we will say you know what we do we receive some juicy information. We don't know if it's true or not but what we do, we don't say anything we just forward it and then we think by saying forwarded as received it exonerates you from any of that nonsense. I put forward as receive notes, okay. No, the provinces, it is enough for you to be a liar, just to convey everything you hear. Just to pass it on. I heard so and so said. So I passed on, because majority of what you will hear a lot of will be inaccurate. And when you pass it on, you're not guilty of that.

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It is not for you and for me to pass on information that can harm someone else, when I should have done was to slander people accused of committing Zina, we know that if Allah says in the Quran, it is not befitting for the believers to even talk about this will say that this is something I don't even want to know about. So nothing to do with me. You're giving the check show. And so did that not the phone phone check so and so why are you telling me if you're really concerned about Islam, correction, then phone the people and says brother, I don't think this is XYZ privately, but to pass it on and forwarded on shows that you enjoy the sun. In reality, you enjoy it, or you get a kick out

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of putting people down at something very, very dangerous, then that sun is worse than the sun. That sun is worse than the sun.

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The prophecy is how bad is it for a man to keep saying I heard they said so and so so and so I forwarded messages all the time. Prophet says How bad is something like that? Be careful what you forward. We know that Subhanallah you harm one person on camera you must pay that man back with your good deeds. Or you must take that Manson that man Xena you must take because you've harmed him. Now today you put one thing on social media it will outlive you, you will die and nothing will still be there in cyberspace harming that person the family for years to come decades to come on suitable for that. Allah. Is it worth it?

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Omar audiences beware of fitna, for a word at the time of fitna can be as devastating as a sword. Beware what you say because he can be as dangerous and destructive as a soldier.

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And the Prophet peace upon he mentions this is a beautiful Hadith take this in life, not just in this context, he says, deliver when you receive information you must make judgment deliberate deliberation is from Allah waiting considering discussing is from a sign of Allah, but to act in haste is from Shaytaan. To be reactive quickly, is this a sign of shaitan the prophets or Hassanal boxset. He says, The believer reserves Jad there's a judgment until the matter is proven yet if so, so many people have already based on a photo. They they automatically summed up the entire information concept. They will buy movies of Islam they passed a fatwa, they will also executioner's

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to decree judgment, Adi, everything five minutes panela from a forwarded message forwarded as received and that exonerates them. And even worse than that, it wasn't only humiliating a person, so person made a mistake. You might find someone where you had the biller committing the biggest of sins, He's not permissible for you to make that public. So yes, someone might have made a sin or misunderstanding, we don't know the facts of it. But beyond the spreading of that information, you find learn that people even passing the vertical key so that they walked around the fire, walking around that fire is in place of that God at any so therefore they've come up to check because they

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come with a chip to your coffee and because they are coughing, their wife is haram, the Salah is back to listen, so they're going to join them forever and ever feed directly. Allahu Akbar, they've put themselves in position. Now just look at this. The prophets is whoever declares a Muslim, a kafir that a member is playing with his own Iman because one of them is going to be a coffee of now if that person is genuinely a catheter then okay, you get no reward for that. You don't get any reward for making that Manta fade on the Deaf gamma. But if you were wrong, you have just corrupted your own Iman you have lost your own Iman is it worth it is really worth it going down that road.

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even someone can make the highest act of Cooper

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and still you can make that feed give you know this happened in the Sunnah the prophets of Salaam is sitting there and what are the jabber Loosemore? IW Jabber. Why the mutual side note here? Why even the jabber listen to this? He is the Imam of the Adama meaning on the day of Kiana when Allah calls Imam Behati and I'm sure

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EFY Imam Abu Hanifa Marathi Jabba is the Imam greatest scholar of the Ummah Jebel when it comes to the problem of the winter Syria, and he falls down in sujood. He made Sudduth and a visa Salam Kufa, Sheikh Akbar It's haram should you to anyone besides Allah is Cofer harder the prophet that is one yarraka video and he said, Oh my god, what is this? What are you doing? So why is Yasu Allah I saw that the people of the Jews and the Christians, this is how they honor the priests, they bow before the priests, and you are more befitting of that. So I just felt out of respect, not worship out of respect. So the prophecies don't do that. So it's wrong.

00:30:37 --> 00:31:11

And when he said very controversially, and if you he said, if ever known person is allowed to make sudo to anyone else, humans are only allowed to make sure do to Allah. But if ever one human needs to do to another human, I would have commanded a wife to make to do to her husband, controversial, if you're not on what's Islam, my women around the messenger series, this will be discussed in Sharla. this week or next week. So join understand that hadith, right? So the Prophet says, and then he says, Oh my God, when I die, would you make so due to my comments? He said, No. So he now has the man made even the Prophet did he commit an act of friendship on the on the outside? Yes. But he

00:31:11 --> 00:31:17

didn't mean it that way. And the Prophet corrected him and that was done finishing. This is the greatest scholar of Islam.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:53

We have another example. The new Muslims after the conquest of Makkah, they will on a battle with the Prophet salaam, just a few days after they became Muslim, they can pass a tree that will and what's the name of the tree where people the pagans would hang the swords to to receive blessings from it so now they Muslim let's look we can't hang out swords on the street anymore. So let's say the Rasulullah give us a tree like that so I can put our swords for good luck. So then we got upset. So Solomon, he says, You have asked me now the same thing the bamboo Israel eel asked Nabi Musa, what did they ask they see the NABI Musa give us an idol like the idol worshipers so we can worship

00:31:53 --> 00:32:30

like, like they do. They saw people worshipping idols, so we also want an idol like them. We want a God like them. This is cofrac But this is shrink. Probably didn't say Oh, Kufa come let me chop off your next No, they were new in the deen they didn't understand he explained to them what you've just done now is tantamount to confer you know don't do this. Don't do this because the NEA was never to come and check the NEA was never the to commit Cooper. So while we say that they are lying, we can't do that. We can't show out like why did he mean to do respect we say even as much as you love gonna be so solemn. That level of respect is only preserved for Allah don't do that hops finishing matters

00:32:30 --> 00:32:38

of year. We have a situation where someone wants to show respect in quickly they participate in the ritual incorrectly.

00:32:39 --> 00:33:17

We say to them that this goes beyond what is permissible as for those in the company that will be how do we pass judgment? Allahu Allah Subhan Allah we don't even know what the man why he was there. What is reason what he saw what Subhanallah we don't know. I know personally for me, for example, I get invited to many receptions. And I have stopped going to receptions now, why wedding receptions because you are told come and give a by an alarm. Beautiful, fantastic. But then while you are the other things happen, which is out of your control, singing, dancing in inappropriate dressing. Now, tomorrow, I'm blaming you condone all of this. I didn't condone all of those things. I was a fool by

00:33:17 --> 00:33:53

yawn. Do I walk out? Do I stand up and say oh Muslimeen This is haram. What do we do now in that awkward situation? So because you can't control it best to avoid swannell These are the kinds of things you and I pause by people committing cheating all the time. Did any of you go in there and say stop doing this? No. Are you condoning it? No. Are you careful because you saw it and then stop it? No. So Subhanallah we is the basic EMA and the basic etiquette of a believer. This beautiful Hadith I love this hadith for many reasons we bring it in here. Even if someone commits an act of Cooper

00:33:54 --> 00:33:58

unintentionally, Allah can still forgive Look at this beautiful Hadith.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:38

This goes beyond this discussion. I love this. How do you just wake up? The Prophet says Allah rejoices Allah rejoices. So beautiful Hadith. Allah loves Toba when a servant commits, commits a sin and He makes me he makes so but Allah loves this more. He feels more happiness than a man who's stuck in the desert and he loses his camo and he's about to die. Right the camera ladies will tell you that no camera and we know he's about to die and he knows he's gonna die like he does. He's covered I'm gonna die enough for us. Then all of a sudden as he gave up all hope the camel pops up how happy does he feel? And the promises he's so happy in euphoria, he says, Oh Allah, you are my

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

slave and I am your Lord. He meant to say the opposite right? But out of his euphoria, he said an act of Cooper. Point is Allah does not punish that man for what he did. There was a penalty it's unintentional. He didn't understand what you were saying. Point of things. What I love about this is the how much Allah loves Toba how much hope the ease is not for us we can correct yes, the prophets of salaam peace

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

sooner he corrects in private, and you praise in public. This is a life lesson. Don't collect your wife your kids, publicly collect them in private and praise them publicly how many Hadith you'll find the Bedouin who urinate in the masjid. We don't have his name. They kept it they did. But we know which Sahaba did this as a hobby did that. We don't know the lady who committed Zina, we don't know her name, even the Sahaba took note that when we write information, we don't say the name. We don't say the name. But for us today Subhanallah Remember, you only have one name, you only have one name, if you tarnish that you destroy that you trash that can get something but you can't replace

00:35:40 --> 00:36:20

that. Be very careful. Don't make people take use your good deeds on the day of Kiama a lifetime of good deeds wasted because you couldn't keep yourself away from food as received. So beware of that some Allah Subhana Allah guide us, may Allah want to remove it from this fitness. The next thing and we'll end up Inshallah, on this issue is that hamdulillah as an organization we had our AGM I think it was on Tuesday evening, and something about this this masjid or this movement, the brown Islam movement. This Masjid is 150 years old, one of the oldest massages in in South Africa. In fact, the very first motion that had a minute with him that he loved, and it moved on from just being a

00:36:20 --> 00:36:27

masjid, was a nursery school and many years ago, the movement started with the objective of helping others in the community and SubhanAllah.

00:36:29 --> 00:37:09

Our vision we just saw in the Constitution was to worship Allah through, inter alia, through inter alia, the helping of the creation, that we want to worship Allah one of the ways is by supporting the creation of Allah, whether it is the environment of Allah, whether it's the people, Muslim, non Muslim, this organization's vision, that status vision to support those of the creations of Allah, to gain Allah's love through being a good person in the dunya. So hamdulillah over many, many years, there's been many great, fantastic projects. And, for example, the book it says, you know, was was found, you know, it's from this organization. Many of the first publications that ever started in

00:37:09 --> 00:37:45

this community 50 years ago began, yeah, many classes and there are many stalwarts. You can see there, you know, teary eyed in the Think about the years they've been part of this, the Streisand theory many years ago with the biggest thrill today, it's regarded as the biggest Muslim March 100,000 People I believe, was, you know, orchestrated by the smell suitable this organization or Hamdulillah. It continues to run a nursery school, as I said, many generations of kids, hundreds of them coming through learning Alif Bata, ultimate Salah ABC, this foundational knowledge is to the credit of all those people involved, in addition to the magic, of course, So alhamdulillah is a very

00:37:45 --> 00:38:28

important as it's an organization that has done many, many things and Hamdulillah. It has many objectives it has done to go forward, it has many challenges, it has many problems, it has many areas that were falling short, no one is perfect. And that is why it is only as strong as the people involved in the organization. It's not about the buildings. And it's not about history, either. It's about the people that are there now. And Hamdulillah, we had our you know, our expo, we had our elections, we have a new a new group of people came in and the old people the old group went out. And as I mentioned, Allah says in the Quran, those who are year to be his, his to run his affairs,

00:38:28 --> 00:39:04

this is the house of Allah, these properties and these projects are for the sake of Allah, we are just managing on behalf of Allah subhanaw taala he's ultimately the custodian of these things. So Allah says, Those the mosques of Allah are maintained by those who believe in Allah, and they believe in the last day and they establish Salah and they give Zakah and they don't fear anyone besides Allah, they do what is right even if they're unpopular, Allah says it is hoped and whenever Allah says it is hoped, as a tough senior living facility and says when Allah says it is hoped he means it will be that those are the ones on hidayah Allah will guide them mean. So it's a great

00:39:04 --> 00:39:42

honor to be a moto valley to be part of the magic community to be part of some it's a great honor Allah has given you this title in the Quran. Let's jump the scriptures according to speak for the CEO and CFO of the company, the manager no but the manager of the masjid those who manage this is the Muhtar Wallace of Allah. Alright, it's a great honor. So for those who have been part of this organization, some of them are now retiring from laughter long as we say great to Zack Mallory, would you I'll accept those efforts. You cannot imagine the contribution that you have made Yes, you might your contribution was I'm cleaning the mozzie took you off an hour, but can you count to under

00:39:42 --> 00:39:59

the people making Juma Salah in them as you can you count that that you would on your scale? Can you count a child that you've taught Surah Fatiha, who for the next 70 years will recite that Surah Fatiha in every part of Salah can you really quantify that reward? So this is a great reward and only Allah can reward you for that at a time when people are

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

despondent, people don't want to get involved. It's a great honor. It's a great thing. So we should just go ahead to the old committee that have left. And we now also welcome the new committee, new faces. And we're very proud that there are some young people, we have a nice mix of males and females, some very senior people in our community, people that have had many, you know, and I won't go through the names and the portfolios, but they've done great work. Some people that have run some of the biggest companies, BP, you know, media 24, some very big people that have taken from the time to participate in this in this organization and we wish them well, we ask Allah to keep them on the

00:40:36 --> 00:41:09

straight path. ask Allah to guide them to make the best decisions. If they make the mistakes, we are there to support them and to correct them with wisdom and with love and if they are, what they're doing of goodness that we are there to support them. For those of us who are not on the committee and I'm not on the executive, we give our support, we follow the leadership and we assist where we can and will be part of the solution, not of the problem in sha Allah. Allah blesses organization with many many more years of heightened Baraka I mean, just quick color pew announced designed to make as I said, our what's Islam series women around the mystery coming towards an end none of the

00:41:09 --> 00:41:48

five or six episodes that will be done, and we will discuss controversial issues pertaining to women. So please sign up. And suggestions for classes. Now's the time if you want to class in the masjid or the next series please let me know something that is burning in your heart please let me know we can we can do that. When I see you've got a message from Chef chase my lunch at the masjid. He will also be starting an institution on Sunday mornings for teenagers and young adults to do any Islamic Islamic studies. So that's Sunday morning at the Oba masjid and I'm sure you can speak to Chef directly. Then in this week we have our era era is a very big international Dawa organization

00:41:48 --> 00:42:28

that coming to South Africa in Durban coming to Cape Town Adnan Rashid well known died, he will be giving $1 workshop at Islamia Tuesday and Wednesday in the from nine till the evening or to give dower on Thursday there will be a library exhibit but this is an interesting on Friday. Next week of course eight there'll be a debate between Adnan and I think it's a pasta Rudolph push off from Johannesburg. So they're going to have a debate was the Trinity the in the first three centuries of Christianity This is a live debate. It's open to the public Islamia auditorium, of course eight next week, so please if you'd like to learn something interesting debates always exciting. So please join

00:42:28 --> 00:42:31

in Charlotte Zigler Hi Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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