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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The coronavirus pandemic is causing people to be safe and aware of the virus, as well as to remember who they have missed. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding sin, avoiding errors, and remaining true to Islam. They also discuss various signs that indicate the coming of time, including war, peace, and conflict, and the importance of protecting one's privacy and privacy in the digital age. The segment ends with a discussion of the book of Pedro's ridden journey and the importance of not giving too much priority to others.
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Allahu Allah Shikamaru James Miller men are human how many diambil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more sending Syedna Mohammed Madali he also ah mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. From blah blah blah mean or praise and thanks in worship being to Allah subhanaw taala lord and master of the universe, Shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah will witness that none has the right to worship because Allah soprano data, we send our greetings and love interpretations beloved, every Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is pious and pure family to his companions and also followers from now until the end of time. We

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beseech Allah in this time of hardship, we beseech Allah collectively Allah alleviate as from the tribulation, this test that you have put before us, grant us to be for this this to be averted from us smell lucky, us and our families, our loved ones safe, our health, our risk of sustenance, our bodies, our Eman Muslim foremost our iman was part of that to protect all of us all together. May Allah have mercy on those who are going through hardship and alleviate the suffering may Allah have mercy on those who have passed away. And Allah subhanaw taala bring us through this this better people and made in those soon beat Nilaya along with him that he left. Today is the third of April

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2020 It is the for us here in Cape Town. It is one week into the lockdown that we've experienced. It is the third Jamar has Panama now that the massage would have been have been closing Just on that point many people wouldn't met it Hadith with Rob solicit the person who neglects to does not attend three Jamal's in a row consecutively. Then the severe is as if though he says he's excommunicated from Islam. It's one of those severe things. Please note that we have not missed a Juma for all those of us who would have loved to be in the masjid who would have been in the masjid had it not been for the closure, then of course, this is out of our hands and Allah subhanaw taala Nila will

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give us an even better tomorrow than the one that we have attended. So at home, you're making a thought there is no other doesn't mean when the markets open make these tumors up, in fact, to be certain for us well, Hamdulillah. So it's been three weeks that we've not been able to be together, we've watched as this pandemic spread. It is something which is foremost on all of our minds and Subhanallah, we've seen that this, the number of infections globally has reached 1 million now, this is a big milestone. And the right as we can see is increasing continuously. More than 50,000 people have died. I'm sure you are familiar with the numbers here in South Africa for as 100. Now we've

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been fortunate so far, it has been quieter than expected. And we pray that we are we are being fortunate in this regard. On the other hand, we need to prepare for the worst, as many of the doctors around the world have said you have this period of calm with the hospitals are empty. People are not coming to the hospitals unless it's an emergency. And so you'll find that the hospitals are empty, bracing themselves for one on one all the beloved, protect this influx of sick people. And we hope that South Africa is finally we will be spared this the worst of it. We know that there are many, many people that are not able to, to protect themselves. There many people there are many

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people who have compromised immune system. So those of us who

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you know, we continue making our DUA and we continue taking the precautions we need to do our best and then we leave the meta in Allah's hands. And without a doubt, you know, watching this event, this crisis unfold. This is the greatest test globally for us as people, certainly for the last 5060 years since World War Two. This is the greatest challenge seen countries coming to a halt. And therefore for us, it's something that we need to take, take take very, very seriously. Without without a doubt this is a test it's a tribulation. And today's goodbyes about how do we respond to this? How do we you know, process this and move forward from that into the sixth Surah of the Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gives a number of verses very interesting verses that are so applicable to us. We read these verses time and time again. But now that we in it, we understand. So lots of answers in aisle number 14 of pseudonym. Allah says kool aid them in Atal Kumada bulai attacked Comosa Allah says have you say Have you considered Have you thought if the if a punishment of Allah was to come upon us, or even the salah meaning Kiama itself would to come a rate of light and I want to inquire from Saudi thing, would you then turn to anyone and beseech anyone and ask for assistance from anyone besides Allah the Master of the Universe? Would you go back to anyone? Allah answers and

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says both el that are all now the actual matter their own ad in share with unsewn Amata Shrek when Allah says, surely you will Allah answers that in times of hardship, in times of extreme calamity, you will turn back and ask Allah alone. And this what's beautiful about this idea is always speaking to both the Muslim and non Muslim, the one who comes to check the one who has never ever turned to Allah. Allah says if you neglected me your entire life and now that you see the punishment or even the Tsar, Allah says, You come in and you turn to Me, for He actually former to the owner 11 I only move overseas I promise you I will remove that

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at which you asked me to remove, I will take it away I will remove this virus, inshallah if I choose. So, what unsewn I'm actually going and you will surely forget all those things that you have prioritized all the partners you've made with Allah, you will forget them and hopefully you will come back to Allah. So then Allah subhanaw taala continues and he says, when I got out of Santa Isla macabre Lika, that surely many, many times too many nations before you before us Allah has sent messengers and books for us now whom he was the raw de la Lomita Dharan, Allah says and we seize them, we took hold of them with misfortune, with calamity with hardship with poverty, all kinds of

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misfortune, Allah says there are many countless nations before you that experienced hardship that Allah sent to them. Why? And this is the reason why I was you know, it's a profound reason almost allow me that our own so that they may humble themselves so that they may come back down to earth, so that they may remember Allah subhanaw taala The purpose was never to cause pain, the purpose was never to, to inflict harm, it was meant as as something positive that they may come back to Allah. Then Allah continues, if we do not come back, what is the consequence? Allah says Falola if jobs are home sooner tomorrow, so why then if they did not, did they not come back? Did you not humble

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themselves when the punishment or the tribulation befall them when this hardship came to them, when Allah sent him this hardship they did not come back, well, I can follow boom. And then on the other hand, instead of coming back to Allah, the hearts the hearts became hard and it became sealed was in an oval shape on my candle Yeah. And shape one made it seem that which they were doing as trivial as small they did not realize that reminder Allah sending them a reminder to change their lifestyles. They did not change, they continue as it was. And so Allah says, number one, based on that their hearts became sealed off became hard for them man, so And Allah says, And when they forgot, they did

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not take heed. Mirvac you will be the look take heed of the reminder that we seem to them Subhana look how Allah subhanaw taala punishes Allah says He punishes for Tana, Allah him Allah Bakula che in Allah says, Then I opened up for them all the doors of everything, all kinds of good and money and luxury and enjoyment all of this, I opened it completely for them had either a fighter who will be ma who, until that they enjoy themselves, they were at the height of the immune amusement and happiness has now home button for either home or pretty soon, we seize them at that moment of, of complete, forgetfulness in enjoying the money enjoying the wealth, feeling or pump and powerful.

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Allah says at that point I seize them, meaning was paranoia to claim caused him to die for either movies, and then then to be to become the Spirit. Now this is this this group of is a very, very significant for us. What we learn is a principle that Allah subhanaw taala, that when we, when we forget about him, then when we turn away, when we live a life that is heedless, Allah does not hold us account immediately. Rather, he sends reminders. And sometimes the reminders are small in all of us our lives, we see relatives that pass away, we should be reminded with you know, every time we get sick, we should be reminded of, you know, of our health, about all of our deaths. Every time we

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go past the cemetery. We know this is where we're going to end up we should be reminded by these things, we listen to the hottie we get a lecture. And it reminds us sometimes we don't take heed of the reminder. And then Allah subhanaw taala scenes, bigger reminders for us in South Africa, for example, a year or two ago, we had the drought and the short of you know, what should have been a wake up call for many of us. And really, and sometimes this is really at the mercy of Allah, he seems a global reminder and this will be finalized, we see these one of the biggest events that we've seen in the last 50 6070 years. And this when you see the entire world shutting down, Allah

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says this is a reminder about almost Granger it's a reminder about the purpose of life. It's a reminder for everyone to look at our lives and reassess are we on the right path? Are we are we continue as we were, we'll be going to end up and so it's up to us to see how we respond. And Allah says, when we respond by humbling ourselves and besieging him and turning back to him, he says, I will remove that which is that hardship. Its purpose was to remind you when you when you remember that Allah will remove it, no problem. But if we do not take heed and we in our lives continue as it was we continue enjoying ourselves we continue living the life that we will always doing. Then Allah

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says he will unfortunately he will close our hearts of Spirit He will make us follow Shekhar will make it seem like our lives, our sins are small, and then Allah will open up all the doors of goodness and all the enjoyment and this actually is a worst punishment. So this is shows you the sort of it shows you that a tribulation might actually be a blessing and a a you know the opening of goodness of Baraka or Baraka, the opening of money and wealth and power this method

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Should it be a punishment? So, how we respond and how we come out of it is very important. All of us are being tested, we are sitting in an exam, and this Coronavirus is a test that we are all taking together, how we respond now is really the answer is really the important part for us to do. So how should we, how should we respond to this?

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So, number one, of course, we have to increase anybody as Allah says we did or are we returned back to me make we, we increasingly by that and we'll talk more about that inshallah. Number two, what's important is for us to, to avoid sin, we have to all of us collectively must be you know, I speak to myself first and foremost in my family, we can look at our lives, none of us are perfect, some or some of it even the best of us can improve, and even the worst of us, this opportunity to get close to Allah. And so we should look at our lives and try to avoid the sins that we didn't have the love this this, what was it? What's what's what's wonderful about the situation is Allah has caused many

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of the Haram things that we're doing to automatically be closed down. We can't go out we can't go to places which are haram anymore. Insects Pinilla, we're very proud. And maybe, you know, it's fine. Well, maybe this is the reason why. So Africa at the moment, our our curve is not as high as we expected. One of the reasons could be that's Pamela, we're the only country in the world that completely banned alcohol during this time. So immediately, we see this, of course, it wasn't taken from an Islamic perspective. But as this is pleasing to Allah that a society turns away from something which displeases Allah. And we pray that this is one of the reasons why that these that we

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are not seeing the full effects of this. So Allah has made it easy for us, given back our time, given back our family time that we can increasingly better and avoid, avoid the sins that we we do. There is, of course, an opportunity now that we see an increase in certain sense that we weren't doing before. So now we are at home, of the things that we do

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have the big sense that you could do now of course not following the instructions, putting other people's lives in danger. This is a major sin really to go out against the instructions of the of the government instructions of the people, anyone who does this without a valid reason, then spinal it you're sending. Number two, you see the while our lives our physical lives are limited. Our social life, our digital lives are really getting out of control. And through this past week, I've received so many disturbing messages, you know, fake news, false Hadith, false interpretations of the Quran, distorting the words of ALLAH to conspiracy theories. And so people are falling into,

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into into errors with regards to with regards to social media and the digital, the digital footprint. And we are now actually sending online, even though physically we might not be sending our physical bodies, but online, we're doing many things to haram. So just take these ayat and these Hadith into accounts of number one spreading false information, fake news online, I don't know why some people go through the effort to actually type up something which is false, or record a message that is false, and they see it and cause mess, harm in what they're doing. And others simply receive it without assessing it without verifying it, they amplify it and they pass on Allah says to you and

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me oh you will believe if a fast if a untrusted or an evil person or someone that you cannot trust comes to you with any news thing verified. First verified Allah standing in the Quran is your responsibility. Whether you get a hadith whether you get a lecture, whether you get anything medical related, first verify if it's true or not. least you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful of what you've done. And when you will, when you share that on, you will harm people And subhanAllah you can actually cause people to die by sending out incorrect information. So this is called commands from Allah. It's a major sin, to share false news even without English or

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even, you know, unintentionally, but you did not you did not verify it. The prophets of salaam says to as a hadith which by now I'm sure many of you have heard, many, many scholars are repeating this hadith time and time again. Because what we do is we forward as received folders receive without assisting without testing it without you know, checking it out if it's true or not. The profit is easy enough for someone to be considered a liar. By simply sharing or speaking, everything that he has anything you receive, you just convey it and relate it to without verifying it without assessing it. It is enough for you to become a liar like that. So be very, very careful what you say. Allah

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has given us a golden opportunity to take away many of the Haram that we we interact physically the places we go to the people we see Allah is confined to our homes which are safe. Now the one place which is very dangerous is our cell phones in particular our our TVs, our laptops, shut those things down avoided. Use it only for good things and inshallah immunity don't have much

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Should haram around you see, normal of the allowance is a very profound statement. So profound I felt that even have to I don't really, really update my facebook status. But this, this this this statement from him was so profound that I felt, you know, it's amazing when you find the previous predecessors, they go through similar stuff like us and he says, take a lot of key and caution in times of tribulation. Be very careful because if you say an incorrect word during tribulation during a crisis, it can be as devastating as a sword, something you put out there can cause such a panic or cause such a some other person to believe that someone could die in this industry village and you

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will be held accountable for that. So be very, very careful what you receive and what you share. There is no harm in you notching it, you will not be held accountable for what you do not share. So if you feel it's safe, that I don't want to share things even better for you Rila.

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So that is with regards to fake news and false information we see I've also received lots of people sending me videos or audios about conspiracy theories. That is a great plot that this is part of a great scheme all of this is fake what you see on the news, there isn't such thing as Coronavirus, people have gone so far to say that the entire thing is a made up thing all the governments of the world or the hospitals are in it together. And there's so many theories about about what this is. So analog, you know, you have to verify the information that you're seeing you have to verify it. And if you are seeing something of an Islamic nature, make sure you are either you are yourself an

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expert in that in what you are seeing or you are trusted and if you are seeing things of a dunya nature, so people are telling you, for example, eat this so drink that and it will equal kill Coronavirus all that this thing does not harm you or somebody else you know the Wi Fi or the 5g out there is causing harm, I don't want to get into the 5g conspiracy theory out there. Educate yourself with regards to the dunya. And it's not enough for you to watch a YouTube video to be educated, go and study and learn some of either the dunya sciences or the Islamic sciences before you share these things because you are causing harm in what you're seeing. You're causing harm in what you're saying

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these conspiracy theories panela sometimes people get so caught up in it, that they become detached from reality, and that they actually cause more harm and can actually result in death. So be careful about these conspiracy theories, in terms of tribulation, you know, the Prophet SAW Salem reminds us and He gives us certain guidance with regards to times of tribulation. And he says that in a hadith in piety that the one who remains out of the Tribulation who stays at home the one who sets is better the one who stands the one who stands is better than the one who is walking and running. That if you stay at home, if you stay indoors, you stay avoid the tribulation, it is better for you. And

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anyone who exposes himself to it will get involved in it, whether physically or online, you will be sucked into it and you will be harmed by it. So avoid these things, avoid these discussions and save yourself and look after yourself. And that is what is required of you in times of tribulation. One of the big big themes that I'm getting in terms of these conspiracy theories are these question marks you're getting Hadith. And I add that are being shared and people are asking is this Kiana is this always seeing the coming the end of times? I'm always seeing the end of times. And so part of my lecture today is to talk a little bit about Kiana you know is this Qiyamah how serious is this as

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a as a sign from Allah so don't doubt it is a tribulation it is a reminder from Allah. It is something for us to take note of is serious. It's not something that we should just ignore. It's not every day we see something like this. But is it enough for us to even go to that point because I've seen a video club recirculating that saying that when you know before Kiama arrives * will stop and Amara will stop. And as for HANA logo seen, the Saudi government is closed the Haram there is no more morale, there's no more hygiene. So clearly this is an indication that Kiama is coming. You watch the five minute clip part of a much bigger video clip or part of a much bigger discussion.

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This is not the first time that the hydrogen o'mara has been suspended as you read history, you'll find this happening before. So it's for us to be a little more critical in what we receive. But this happened before Abdullah bin was one of the very, very early conflicts of Islam after the Prophet passed away he settled in, in Kufa, in in Iraq. And he was with his students in his house and then on one of the days a a raid sandstorm, you know, very strange kind of sandstone blew over the city and the entire sky turned read. And one of the person one of the students sitting they jumped up and he said The hour has come this is Kiama look at the sky, you know, the world is coming to an end.

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And he was sitting reclining, he was relaxing. And then he stepped forward. And he said, This is not the end of the world. This is not the last hour. Rather, a few things need to happen before Kiama comes. So let's before we talk about karma, let's understand what we know from the Hadith. What do we know about karma? And then we can assess is this something

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And we should worry about at least Kiama. So Abdullah was ordered on the line then explains to the his, his students that they are science sort of steps that must be reached milestones must be reached before the coming of Kiama the end of the world. And some of those signs up clearly they have come, clearly they have passed, we are beyond them, and others are still to come. So of the signs of Kiama. We know that Qiyamah is close. When the province Salam, when he arrived, he when he was commissioned with his Nova, he told us that me and the editing of tianma is like this and he raised he and he put together his index finger and his middle finger meaning put them together the

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different the difference between those two fingers is me and Kiama Qiyamah and I are very, very close together. In the Quran, Allah says that the moon has flipped and the PSA has come near one of the big signs of the coming of km was that the moon was split in half the time going to be solar. Another big sign of the advent of TMS is the death of Nabisco syndrome, and the end of Revelation, remember this entire, you know, the entire purpose of life from the beginning of every item until the last man was that Allah will send us revelation will send us books, to guide us to turn us back to him. The fact that this entire system of revelation came to an end with the demise of the Nabil

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Salam tells us we are at the end of the story. We are really at the last chapter of mankind. And it's been 1400 years since that happened. Other signs and abuses on you know signs that the prophets have predicted that said before Qiyamah what would happen we would conquer Jerusalem. This happened in the timeless Sahaba that Persia would be conquered that Constantinople Istanbul would be conquered that was the biggest city in the world. And that was conquered about six 700 years ago by the Ottoman Empire. There are also many, many minus signs many of us must have heard this before. There's a whole genre of Islamic knowledge which talks about the minus signs. In a very famous

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Hadith the Prophet Salam comm is asked by GPGPU astronomical solar winds Kiama gonna come and the Prophet says neither you OG video no i we both don't know when he is going to come it is something which is hidden, and only Allah knows the coming of Qiyamah. But Allah has given us hints or signs to remind us or to make us aware of the coming up of pm and there are many, many dozens, many dozens of minus signs that the Prophet Allah has predicted of them. For example, He sees the owl will not be established until the Arabs are the Bedouin people will compete in building very tall buildings as a very explicit sign of Qiyamah. It is also something very relevant to us knowing that in the

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Middle East today, the tallest buildings in the world are the provinces of Ghana says of the signs of Kiana is that lying, particularly in business transactions will become very commonplace it will become the norm and the markets will become very close together, the markets will become very congested and close together. The profits is that our will not come until time, the value of time or the time appears to go very quickly. Meaning a year will pass like just a month so much things would happen within a year that it can seem like it just flew by and all of us can relate to that. The prophets of salaam says from the signs of the hour is that knowledge will diminish that great

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scholars will die ignorance will prevail it will be such a mess scale of ignorance, even though they will be an eating people can look at it, but they will be ignorant of the dean of the dunya you will find fornication. Zina will be open will be prevalent wherever you look for halal and never have we lived in a time with a click of a button we can see everything we can be, you know, anything that you want to see, it's in the palm of your hand literally Subhanallah no nation or group of people in the history of mankind experienced what we are experienced in that. And of course, not all of these things are bad of the things and the resources that you'd find that women increased more than that

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of men. It's not that negative sign of kamma there's some positive signs of the coming of camera like the conquest of Jerusalem. So good things, one of the things also that there will be more women than men up to the point of 50 to one in terms of this hadith, we have not reached that benchmark another a very clear sign of Kiama the promise on says mosques will be beautified will be made very beautiful and the voices will be raised in it will be amplified in it. This could be talking about the microphones and the speakers that we have another sign the prophecies and says that the Muslims will be vast in number they will it'll be you know towards in every corner of the world to find the

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Ummah but the value of the Muslim Omar believe me click the foam in the seat will be pushed down and our lands will be invaded by our enemies and they will take from our resources and take from our lands like birds eating and the Subhan Allah we see it and this is perhaps was more prevalent in the time of colonized colonizers. You know a century or two ago, the prophet speaks about a time when the Riba will become so rampant that even those who don't indulge in it will be exposed to which harm it's smoke, that the time will come close to Kiama. When we will not have a Gemma they will no longer be a unified Ummah and we will not have

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leader. And we know that since the demise of the Ottoman Empire, about 100 years ago, for the first time in our history, we have not had a Khalifa, these are big, big signs that are occurring. There are other signs that are very cryptic, Allah, Allah what they mean, they could be speaking about our time they could be speaking about another time. For example, the resources is close to the time of kamma people will come to the masjid, riding very comfortable settles, and they will dismount at the door of the magic, you know, they will they would travel in a very comfortable form of transportation for this because Allah Anna and the prophets, Allah says that women of that time they

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will be wearing clothing, but there'll be naked again before if we look at the pictures of people the way they dressed up in philosophy, 60 years, we haven't seen the level of nakedness as we see today. The prophecies of this is in the by him in his hand, my life is that I will not be established until the beasts and people will communicate animals. So there's something which perhaps has not yet occurred and the end of a man's work an issue like any spy, will be able to speak to him. So you will have a device we will be able to communicate with his family at home in his absence, could this be a cell phone could this be talking about you know, wireless communication

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Allah annum, this is something which is in the Hadith. So very clear signs which is talking about now. Those are all the minor signs. And there are many, many more minor signs, some of them which have clearly occurred, most of them actually have occurred, we see them being prevalent, and they all feel quite a number of them that have not yet occurred. For example, the

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there will be some great treasure that is found in the Euphrates River, this is something which has just spoken about has not yet occurred. There are a few other minor signs that have not occurred. Then of course, there is the major major signs of Kiama, the 18 big signs when they come to us no doubt the Kiama is basically at hand. And that when these come these things size of Kiama they are like the Hadith speaks about like a pregnant woman on the verge of giving birth. So this is when you see these 10 signs know that the end of the world is is it's a it's a concrete it's a foregone conclusion. And these 10 signs, the promises His Keanna will never occur until you see 10 signs

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number one and this is not an order the sahabi listed them as he remembered them but they're not in the order. So the smoke there will be a smoke that will come the the coming of the gel, the coming of a beast of the earth, the rising of the sun from the waist, the descent of Nabi Isa the return of the Messiah, the release of yet huge, huge, and in three big landslides or three big you know, sinkholes that will occur in the world, one in the east, one in the West, and one in the Middle East. And then there will be the last of the signs is a huge fire that will push the remainder of humanity to a certain to a certain area and once they occur, they will come down like beads. Now if

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we go back to that hadith of of the loving soul, remember we spoke about the Hadith we even Masada, the Allah and was sitting with the students and the sky became an Eid and one of the students jumped up and he said, Yeah, Allah, it's Kiama and Elon Musk was acknowledged. It's not Kiana. And then he went on to explain some of the things that must occur here. So Abdullah Massoud, first began in the speech spoke about that they will be tribulation spoke about they will be a great war in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq with European people. And from that we know many other Hadith tells us that they will be a come a time when the OMA is disunited, they are divided, there will be

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a lot of conflicts happening in the Middle East, and we will not have a leader and so the leader will arise is called Imam Mahdi. And he will, you know, the army of Mr. Homma. He will fight with the Europeans and he will be successful in defeating this great army in the Middle East and a lot of the conflict or the conflict that the Hadith speak about is happening in Syria and in the in the Palestine area. And it's you know, could this will be similar to the conflict we see today. This area has always had battles, it could be something which is now it could be something happening in 50 years, or it could be in 100,000 years, Allahu Allah, Allah knows best. But in this area, there

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will be a great great war called the Malema who the the Great War that will occur in the Middle East and Mr. Mallya will be in charge at that time, the Muslims will win even Maddie will win, but in the gel will be released and the gel will be released and he will remain for 4040 days one day will be like a year one they will be like a month one there'll be like a week and the other remaining days will be normal days. And this will be the biggest weakness there'll be no tribulation was in the job just the worst was the level before mankind the coming of the job and he will remain on the earth and you will cause mischief and havoc and lead people astray Subhan Allah we look at this crisis and

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how people are completely confused. People are in hysteria. Imagine when the gel comes Allah Allah protect us and then following the gel soon after his coming Allah will seem to me is also in serious Panama everything happening so do not want to get easy for that land that is going through so much at the moment. And maybe Isa will be will come down. You will defeat the gel and the Messiah the age of the Messiah will be

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Again, he will rule for 70 years, and it will be the best years, you know, in terms of the history of the world, there'll be no fighting anymore, there'll be no animosity, the whole world will be under one religion, and he will rule the entire world and be inside a system. And it will be peace and prosperity for seven years. And when you do Jamba Juice will be will be released from the area, they will break through the barrier, and they will completely destroy the world and all of humanity will will perish basically, at the hand, except for the very few people that will survive are hiding away, including the SRS from the Messiah and a few of his people will survive. And yet as usual

00:30:34 --> 00:31:11

majority will be killed. But Allah span through a disease basically a small disease, a tiny disease, who will destroy them and kill them. And then nobody Isa will and the remainder of the believers and the people will come out and humanity will begin again, slowly. And then at some point a breeze and this could be the smoke which speaks about in the Quran, one of the signs of Qiyamah a smoke will come and will take the souls of those who have Eman that there is none left. Even in the biblical scriptures. They talk about the rapture, where there's a breeze will come and the believers will be taken away. And then what is left of humanity will just be the worst of the worst. And then Kiama

00:31:11 --> 00:31:48

will only come upon the worst of people. And so the prophets of Islam, I mean a hadith he says the Sahaba that Kiana will not come until people return to idol worship. And one of the Sahaba says, but is it not that Islam will prevail in the Middle East? That is not that Islam will, you know, will remove idol worship and the provinces? Yes, it will happen. But eventually things will occur, that will result in all the believers dying, this breach will come and what will be remaining is only the worst of people, and it's upon them that the Trumpet will be blown. And that would be the that is when Kiana would come so often to be sent off to the believers or taken away through this breeze,

00:31:48 --> 00:32:24

the rest of the signs of Keanna will be experienced by people that will no longer remember Allah will not worship Allah anymore. And so these are basically the steps. So if we look at this virus Subhanallah it is surely one of the big events that we need to take note of it is something for us a personal reminder, is it one of the signs mentioned in the hadith is no sign of the Hadith that speaks about this. But it is the prophet of the genres of the Hadith, you find the resources as we reach closer to Chiara we have more and more of these big tribulations that affect the whole of humanity, they become more frequent. And this is of course, setting the stage for the coming up of

00:32:24 --> 00:32:58

the journey and becoming going to beat yourself releasing a lot of political point is this is not Kiama. We're not quite yet. And however, asking with this Kiama or not, is besides what is important. Does it even matter if this is Kiama? So we have Hadith where men come to the Prophet Salam and he says, the arugula tell me about keyamo winescape family to come. And the prophets Allah says to one of these people, brothers and also said to him, What have you prepared for chiamato? Probably didn't answer him. He says, What are you prepared? Are you ready for karma? If Keong were to come? How much good deeds have you done? How many? How much stiffer Have you made? Are you ready

00:32:58 --> 00:33:34

for it? What changes basically if working in another Hadith, a prophecy to a man or ask them when is Kiana the Prophet says look at the youngest, the smallest child in the group, when that child grows up to become an old man. So look at your children and look at the youngest child that you have. When that baby grows up to being an old man, for you Kiama would have come? Does it matter? Subhanallah if Qiyamah comes in 50 years from now, that gel comes in 10 years in 10 years time. But you die tomorrow I die today. May Allah protect us? What difference does it make we mean the cupboard when for you and for me? Akiyama has come, the nature of the cyst of life remains the same. Ultimately it

00:33:34 --> 00:34:03

is your Salah, it is your fasting, it is being a good person to your family, being a good person, to your neighbors, being good to your community. Those are the things that is ultimately what this life is all about. And also how about understood that's panela what shows you the fifth and the understanding of Sahaba when the prophets and spoke to them about the child? The first question wasn't about how does he look? And what is he going to come from? And what how does he have these powers? The first thing that actually asked him about was how do we make Salah if he's going to destroy time, if one day is going to be like a year? How do we make Salah because they understood

00:34:03 --> 00:34:40

the priority is to worship Allah. And so if this were the end for us, it's something that we should think about you and I should think about this is never ending. This is something that maybe it's not the end of time, but it's the end for me as a disease monger protect could affect me. Do I have my fees in order? So, you know, someone comes to the doctor and says, Oh, come to the chef and says I've just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. You know, kill me I only have a few days to live a few weeks below. What do you advise to give me well, now everyone should put their affairs in order. Any duties anything's you owe to Allah in terms of Salah in terms of fasting in terms of debts in

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

terms of the car. These things must be discharged we need to get right our books and accountable Allah, any deeds we owe to any person, our world and these kinds of things need to be set in order. We need to make Easter far and Toba. We have of course sins on our scales. We can remove them now. Subhanallah we can go to Allah sin free sin

00:35:00 --> 00:35:25

us through Tobin is deferred so long as we still breathing and alive, the doors of Tobin is still available to us. Any person that you have harmed or hurt these kinds of events or reminders, that's fine all I need to pick up the phone and speak to my, my brother, my mother, my whoever it might be an awful mouth OS that no one holds any grudge against me rather sorted out now, before we have to sort this out on the day of Qian Mala protect us.

00:35:26 --> 00:36:01

Once a hobby asked me some quite a bit about that job, and all these things, and the prophets have said to him, you always ask these things. What is the matter with you, and so that in this hobby says, you make a mention of the journal in the morning, and you speak about him so much that describing him, sometimes he seems very important. And other times he seems very insignificant, sometimes we feel like that John is going to jump out of the trees, and other times, you don't give him much priority. We saw how he wants to understand this. And so the problem is currencies, i There are things that I fear for you more important than the job, they are much bigger things I worry

00:36:01 --> 00:36:38

about you about for you then then the jelt and it's about the priorities of life, worrying about the job and the wedding of the signs of Kiama. Sometimes these things are a distraction, they keep us away from what is important in our life. And the robber continues on. He says if the Zhaohua to come while I'm amongst you, then I will contend with him on you'll be of I will sort him out on your behalf. But if he comes while I'm not amongst you, every person must look after himself. And Allah will take care of every Muslim on my behalf. So everyone needs to look after themselves. And again, you look after yourself by taking the same precautions, as you know, as, as we all know, focus on

00:36:38 --> 00:37:17

your salah, give more charity, be a good person, get closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And that is what ultimately counts in times of calamity and abuse of Salam. So if you look at the there's a chapter in every book of Hadith, it's called the Book of tribulations. It speaks about the journeys, which are the science of Kiama. It speaks about any kind of tribulation that the prophet spoke about. It's the night in the chapter of tribulations that the inquiry the prophets of salaam tells you what to do in terms of tribulation, the profit sources, worshiping Allah during a period of widespread turmoil is like making Hegira to me major meaning taking yourself away from the safety

00:37:17 --> 00:37:56

that you need the salvation is through ibadah. So before more Ybarra, and then a resource home says, hastening performing good deeds before you see six major signs all the prophets and speaks about six signs that will come before Kiama dejavu, smoke the beast, the prophet speaks about these things. So he says, hasten to do good deeds while you still can. Because there will come a time when you will be overwhelmed by this tribulation. And so you and I, we still have the ability to do good deeds. And so we need to cash in to as much as we can, especially during these times of tribulation, before it is too late, is a Hadith in theory, maybe a beautiful Hadith from and so relevant to us. And this

00:37:56 --> 00:38:13

is actually in also today. One of the reasons I gave this lecture is because for the past week, I've been inundated with fake news and conspiracy theories that I felt I need to speak about, you know, get people back to perspective. And then just before I spoke, gave this lecture today, a brother sent a beautiful, beautiful

00:38:14 --> 00:38:54

voice note of a hadith that I have never heard before and I checked it out in authentic. It's called the hadith of salvation. In Timothy Sahabi. Akbar writes to the prophets of salaam said, he asked them to be so salaam, what will give us salvation, what will save us what will save us? And so then ivsa Salam responded, and he said, If you want to be saved, do three things. Number one, control your tongue, and by extension, your whatsapp, your Facebook, control your tongue, watch this thing. Number two, let your house be enough for you stick to your homes, let your homes be sufficient for you. And number three, weep over your son's cry to Allah for the sooner that you can do these three

00:38:54 --> 00:39:39

things you can Allah, that's all we need to do now stay at home, watch what we send out into the digital universe and get closer to Allah, do good deeds, and repent for your sins and this will save all of us will save all of us. Lastly, and my you know, very beautiful Hadith, even if this is the inspiring one, even if Kiama were on our doorstep, even if all these fears were to come through. So we are required to be optimistic, and we are required to respond beneficially being hysterical. sending out messages and creating further hysteria really is counterproductive. There's no good in that. It's just a way in which you are trying to control the situation that you cannot control. Li

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

go and focus on what you can control and this hadith, but Anasazi Allah and the Prophet was alums, just to see if the final hour comes. If Kiama is basically arriving, and you have a sapling, a plant in your hand, and it's possible for you to plant it, then he should plant it even if Kiama

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

what's coming? Now someone might say, but if Yama is here, there's no way this plant will even grow to be a tree, we do not worry about the outcome. Do not worry, the hadith is telling you do not worry about things out of your control what America does what the governments of the world are doing, what some scientists are doing, what the rest of humanity is doing, you cannot control that. So don't worry about that. Worry about the things you can control. And no matter how bad your situation is, or how dire the situation is, go back and do something good and something productive, be positive, make you better, and hopefully good. Remember, every Ibadah we do every charity we give

00:40:40 --> 00:41:20

every three we plant objective is not for us to see the result in the dunya, we want to see the result in the archaea. And once we do the good deed, then the matter is in Allah's hands for him to compensate us. And that is what is the purpose of life. So we remind ourselves that this dunya is temporary. We're only going to be here for a few years, and then we're going to pass away and we have to make the most of what we have. Sometimes were tested with ease and comfort. Sometimes were tested with difficulty and hardship. Sometimes it's jobs or family or children's three sometimes big things you know, global calamities, ultimately, salvation is in the Salah, we make the ECFR for our

00:41:20 --> 00:41:59

sins we make the charity we give the company that the kind of freedom your husband, your wife, your son and daughter you are this is that salva salvation is all about that. And yes, life won't give its distance all the time it will be testing only when we enter the doors of Jannah while all tests come to an end, and I pray and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that maybe all of us into the doors of Jannah very soon. And Allah let these difficult days pass very quickly. Allah keep us safe and grant us to be mindful and Allah bring back the ease and comfort so that we can be better people but even Illa Zack Allah He also was in a Muhammad wa he also have Islam saline and hula banana means so

00:41:59 --> 00:42:01

don't want to come with Allah He obrigado


  • Allah’s guidance through tribulation
  • How should we respond
  • Spreading False Information
  • Spreading False Conspiracy Theories
  • In times of tribulation your safety net
  • Is this qiyama
  • Some of the signs that have occurred
  • Minor signs
  • Major signs
  • Does it matter when the world will end
  • If this were the end
  • Prioritise
  • More ibadah
  • Be optimistic toward the end
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