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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of the previous week's operation and the need for peace in the city, as well as the history of the Islamic community and the legal war with Jewish tribes. They emphasize the importance of showing mercy and not wasting time in the kitchen, as well as preparing for upcoming events and collaborations with the Muslim community. They also mention the importance of forgiveness and staying true to Islam, as well as social media and initiatives for promoting diversity and diversity through media collaborations.
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ni*ani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam Allah.

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Muhammad Ali, he was a marine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala was Merciful, the most kinda Chateau La ilaha illa Allah be a witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah. We send our love our greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions, and all those who follow him soon until the end of time, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us to always be on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to grant us to be erected next to him on the day of the AMA, and to design in general with him in general Philadelphia. I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this walk of Juma to forgive all

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our sins of last week, and May Allah guide us in the week to come and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us to reach the month of Ramadan, and obtain the full benefit of the month of Ramadan. This would be the best Ramadan of our lives, and they'd be many, many more to come. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Today is the finale of our series. The data is on the Battle of the trench, the Battle of zap. And we spoke over the last couple of weeks the events of the HAZOP meaning the Confederation with the alliances of all the different tribes and the Jews of Arabia joined up against the people of Medina, the Muslims of Medina, and we said how they were about to

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invade Medina, but it was through the strategic planning of the prophets of Salaam with segmental fatties, he suggests suggestion where trench was dug and was able to enter Medina. We said the siege continued for about a month. And when the Azov the Confederates, out of the frustration, they came up with a brilliant idea, they managed to get a tribe inside of Medina is really important for this lecture. We see there were three Jewish tribes originally in Medina, two of them were expelled because they broke the Alliance, the last remaining tribe in Medina, they were with the Muslims. And then during the battle, they flipped in the middle of the war, who flipped and in fact, they were

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going to be the ones who will attack the Muslims from inside Medina, while allowing that hazard to enter Medina from the outside. And of course, the idea was not just to kill the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in this Harbor, it was in fact to massacre every man, woman and child. In fact, the very first attack they did was on the fortress housing, the ladies, there was a fortress with a mural and children were put in. This was the first area the new curator tried to attack but they were stopped.

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So when things were at its dire moment, we said the Sahaba even were at the lowest point and even though Allah mentions us in the Quran, that we knew was shaken to your call, and you began to have thoughts of Allah and your eyes went wild and your heart was in your throat. Allah says, I tested you to the brink, that Allah subhana wa tada was in basically a few few days completely destroyed that hazard with one man, a loss caused one person to create doubt between them, between the Jews between the between the crush, and eventually, none of them could cooperate. And they broke the Alliance completely each one separated from one another. And the night before the attack just before

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moving on to the intimate era, a lawsuit a cold wind that blew out the fires that threw over the tents. And eventually they realized this entire campaign was a complete flop. So they packed up the stuff and they left. So we said we ended up with that we pray for the alarm, he sneaked out to spy and see what the Abu sufian was doing. When he got the he saw that Abu sufian had said to the people we leaving, we're going to Makkah, when he came back to this was Friday evening, Friday night, Saturday Alhamdulillah when the sun rose, that hazard had disappeared all across the trench, all the enemies were gone. And the Muslim said one without this was the biggest enemy that the Muslims ever

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faced. And in fact, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would never face really an imminent enemy the size, and yet listing 10 six Sahaba actually died in this battle. The biggest enemy was least amount of casualties to the Muslims. And that's why we say when Allah when we praise Allah, the Prophet says after this saga kawada that he allow us he gave the promise I will help you and allow us to fulfill his promise when I said and he supported his servant. Well as you know who and he strengthened his soldiers who has ever had any defeated Azov Oba himself Allah subhanaw taala right now battle is not yet done. The Prophet peace be upon him. Goes now help me everyone and haven't

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been they've been guarding the trench for almost more than a month. Everyone now is going home to the families the ladies are exiting the the fortress, the prophet peace be upon him goes to almost home cinema, our mother house, he puts down a shield he's about to take off his his armor and

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To take a bath, and the knock comes on the door. And lo and behold, who's at the door a man dressed in fine armor with a turban? This is Judy Lally salatu salam. So the video says to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have you and the believers put the weapons down already, because we have the angels have not yet put our weapons down. The command from Allah is that the battle is not done yet we not yet finished, we still have to deal with the blucora remember the manipulators inside Medina and when they betrayed and they flipped, that has outlived him, now they stuck in Medina all alone in the fortress. So, the message from Judo from Allah subhanaw taala was the battle is not done, you

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need to still with him first before before we can you know before this we can celebrate victory. So the Prophet peace upon him put on his own got his armor ready, he went to the masjid De Soto without so this was after the war time, he gave another without give the other man is given outside of the walk, people understood this is like the the crowd everyone come to the masjid. So obviously the Sahaba had scattered all around Medina, they were all now relaxing, they all know recovering. And those who came to the masjid, the Prophet peace reporting said to them, everyone gets use your weapons ready, because we will perform a sada at bonagura we will perform a service order at Baruch

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river, everyone go towards Bhanu kurata. Now, there was something and this is a side note, but it's something it's a good tangent. The message obviously took took a while for everyone to understand. So over few hours, everyone was going towards bankura. So those who went early got to blucora time and they performed Sora. And Sahaba only got the news later. And while they were on the way to buy nuclear Eva, the walkthrough was about to go to battery. So now he got nothing to do with the battle, but it's something we learned from so now there was a few left to opinions, some said look, it's almost well rip, we need to make us. So we need to stop and like I said here in the road. The

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other group said no, the command was make SATA acid and by no coryza whether it's in the water, not in Nova, the point is we obey the commands of the prophets of Allah. So the Sahaba were kind of divided. They didn't fight to argue so those who said we're gonna stay they stayed and made us and that was it. No, we're gonna continue, they continued. And they went all the way to a new corridor and they made a mockery. When the Prophet peace upon him was informed about this. If the law is difference of opinion, the prophet said by both is fine, no issues No problem, that he didn't say this one was right and that was wrong. This is what we learned from this is both we're both using

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evidence, the ones that the Prophet said we need to make a study that's the evidence. The other group said, well Allah says in the Quran, you need to make sure that it's locked. So both have evidences both are correct. No one is no one curses the other one no one attacks the other one. This just shows you our Deen when we have differences and multiple opinions and having the lights good. Everyone is fine. Everyone is permissible. This is a classic example to show that the our Deen allows for differences of opinion and our Deen accommodate different views.

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On that note, we know that there was an incident in Durban we emerged it was attacked, looks like by other Muslims allow them we don't know the full details Muslims killing Muslims Allah Allah. It might be criminal it might be for other reasons. It might be that one group of Muslims following one type of understanding of Islam for another killed another group of Muslims because they have practiced a different type of Islam Sunni Shia fighting Allah Allah we don't know when we don't want to speculate. All we say is we condemn all of this that's behind Allah. We live in safety and security and peacefully with people right next door that don't accept the law. But don't accept that

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assume they don't accept the Quran. And we give them a hug as the Sharia says we live peacefully we respect them, we honor them. If they're our neighbors, we treat them with kindness. If they're not Muslims, we given that that treatment, if we marry a non Muslim woman, we need to give her all the rights and so how much so for another group of people that face the people that eat halal, that recite the same person like you that follow the same profit as you that believes in the same Allah? Yes, we have some major differences of opinion and those who, those of you who know me, but have series I've done on Shiism, and we we differ in a very clear and explicit in that that there are

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certain things we cannot reconcile on, but we still does not does this does not mean that we ended up fighting or cursing or disrespecting. We say this is our opinion. That is your opinion. We respect you. You have the right to practice as you want in this country and we have the right we don't change the rules of Allah. But at the same time, we as an oma have the sickness that when we can't get our way and we our opinion cannot be, you know the only opinion then we treat that side with hatred. We treat that side with with anger and Subhanallah you'd find with an idiot

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You know an issue like do I have to solder or the mold of the vessel celeb? These are small things that this unite as versus the man loves the prophet SAW Selim, right when we want to hate each other on that. This is the trappings of shaytaan. It takes our little differences, and we forget the 90% that we unite on the 90% that we unite on. That's why we have billions of people, almost 2 billion people. But there's no, there's no under this distinctiveness anymore, because of these differences in Sahaba. They understood you, you have some evidences and you practice it, I'm not going to take your opinion, but at the same time we're gonna curse you.

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We we are have this mindset that either you follow me or you my enemy, right? Either you with me or you're against me, Islam doesn't work that way. They are multiple views. And it's big enough to accommodate different opinions when hamdulillah. So this is just a side note that happened during this battle.

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So there are all the Sahaba reached by neuqua reached the fortress of Monaco and they beseech they surround the fortress of blucora. And obviously the situation is very bad now for the Jewish tribe. They are completely basically outnumbered.

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They hold out but they realize it won't be long before they'll have to sit in the end, panic is this fortress fold with panic. One of the things you video said that obviously so the question, if the angels and jabril are they fighting? Why do we even have to fight the video alone can just like spit on them and they will be destroyed. Angels don't come down and they when angels come down and they fight fully then they destroy a city like the people have never lived. Here they said we just coming to shake them to put fear in their hearts, like the fighting you people need to do. So how about you guys need to do the fighting? We just yet support support for you.

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So the bazooka within the fortress panic is going What should we do? What's going to happen? And they discuss amongst themselves. And they say that look, they only have three options available to themselves.

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They either gonna go out fighting, or they're going to come out fight fight to the death, or they all embrace Islam. And if you embrace Islam, Hamas is no everything is forgiven, everything is pardoned. We are brothers in Islam and everything is all they even said, let us kill our own family members so that they are family members. They don't know what's going to happen to them. So they will rather kill our women and children ourselves, then the Muslims. Right? This is what they thought would be what's going to happen.

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And none of them obviously they didn't choose any of these options. So the the Prophet peace be upon him, told them, You need to surrender unconditionally you need to open the gate surrender. So they sent an ambassador to speak to the prophets of Allah. And he said to me, he said to the Prophet, peace be upon him. Give us what you gave the other Jewish tribes that the other two Jewish tribes broke the Alliance they betrayed they tried to assassinate the Prophet peace upon him. The punishment was just leave Medina, take your family, take your stuff, go whatever your camels can carry and leave. So the minute the minute grader says, give us that option, we will leave Medina we

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will take whatever our camels can carry, and that will be it. For the Prophet said no. So is it fine, keep the camels and keep the wealth, but let us go with our families. So the Prophet says no, you need to sit in fully.

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So continue this debate continues.

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Now as we said, there were some tribes within Medina. They called the originally before Islam, the Medina Medina, two Arab tribes, aos and hazaragi. Now the US was united with this Jewish tribe. So the Jewish, the Jews, and also our allies, they help one another. So that also is sympathetic towards who, so they use it, send us one of the house and it's the Sahaba so happy now it's a Muslim. Abu his name was Abu Baba, Abu Baba, those of you who went to Medina, you'd know that there's a pillar in Medina called the pillar of Abu Abu Baba, why? we'll understand why. So the Jew said, Send us Abu Baba, we want to talk to him. So Abu Baba comes to the lucara. And as we said he

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was sympathetic to them. And he said, Look, it's bad, but you guys need to say he's a Muslim. Obviously. He says, look, you need to surrender. You know what you guys did you guilty of the crime. And there is no

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The matter is up to the Prophet peace be upon him. He's got the final say. But then he made a motion that look if you sit in that it's gonna be he did this with his hand made a motion like, Look, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, it looks like you guys are going to be executed. Now by saying this, this only encourages them to further keep the keep the siege going. So in Abu Baba lift theory, he says before I even moved, I realized what I did was wrong, that I had actually betrayed the prophets of Salaam and it betrayed a lot that I had. my sympathies for these people means I gave away some information I shouldn't. So he leaves the fortress. He doesn't even go to the prophets of Salaam he

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runs to the masjid

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and he talks

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himself up to a pillar and he says, I will not leave this pillar until Allah forgives me. I will not leave this pillar until Allah forgives me. So time goes by and the Prophet peace for instance well with Abu Baba is taking so long so they said oh he they found that this is tied up in the masjid. And whatever happened to the province if he told me out of May, Allah forgiven him, but now he said what law he's not going to leave until Allah Himself forgives me. Now he stuck. Now I have no we have to wait for a lot to decide his fate. And I would say they would ask his wife untie me salata makes Allah and then you tie yourself up back at the pillar. And he stood like this for about a week

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until a lot of real verses in the Quran about him that Allah has forgiven him but there are people Allah says, who did good deeds but they mix it up with sin, but Allah will pardon as it is hoped Allah will forgive them. They sins, has rapacity, the great scholar of Islam said this ayah gives me the most hope that Allah speaks about people that do good but mix it with bad sins, Allah, Allah says, Allah says perhaps when whenever Allah says I, perhaps it is hoped, he will do it in sha Allah He will forgive you the sins you've done, on account of the good deeds you've done. So Allah revealed these verses and Abu Baba Alhamdulillah Allah is still there. If you go to Medina, anyone

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going to Medina Amara Hijaz waste the pallava Buddha Baba Allah's mercy came on him on that point. So getting back to the bundle kurata they still haven't opened the doors, they still haven't exited the fortress.

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the Prophet receives basically a revelation as as in terms of what Allah decrees, Allah has an law basically once a judgment to be done on these people. And it's quite clear, this is quite severe. The problem doesn't say what it is, but it is quite severe. What's going to happen to them. And they obviously they sympathetic, they begin moaning and groaning Rasulullah show mercy to the people show mercy to the the the Banu colada.

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And the Prophet says, fine.

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You want me to show mercy to them?

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Will you be happy? Oh, slice those things? Will you be happy? If one of you decides the fate I won't decide what to do with him, one of you must decide. said yes, let us decide. So now remember, the leader was sad, even more sad that Greg Sahabi was injured in the battle. Right? He was the one who was injured side is the leader. He's and he said he was injured in the battle. He's in the message recovering is with the nurses bleeding. And remember, when he was injured, he was the one that went to the blucora and said, Look, we were brothers before we were friends, how can you do this to us? So they said let's sat beside. Now I want you to understand. And this is a very important side of

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psychology on the side of the line. He's being used in the hospital is basically being treated. So they go and pitch him and it's it's sad. You're being summoned, you need to decide what's going to happen with blucora. And he's too ill to walk so they carry him and he's bleeding. And so the the tribe is tribal people are talking to him. And remember you must be merciful. Whatever you do, whatever you do, you must do it for this, you know, be merciful, Ubuntu kurata, we used to have an alliance with him, we were friends once upon a time I remember them.

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And you get to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And as sad comes, the Prophet says to all the unsired stand up and greet your sales leader. Out of respect, stand up for your leader. Never before did the Prophet do this to any person. In fact, the prophet himself solo salam, when he came to a place that people stood up, he said, No, don't do this. But whoever like the people stand up for him, then you must be prepared to sit in Jannah. But for sad, he said, stand up this is your leader stand up for him. So then sad says to the community, are you going to be happy? My people, once I give a judgement, you can accept it? So they said yes. And then he looks at the Prophet peace upon him and

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he lowers his head in submission. And he says yoshua will you also be happier meaning whatever I decide whether it's good or bad, whether you approve or don't approve, you're not going to hold me accountable. You're giving me the decision. So the prophecies, yes, whatever you decide that we will agree on, there'll be no retribution. And inside basically says, look on my life. Right now. It doesn't matter what your tribe or your family says I need to do what Allah would want. So he ruled according to basically what he believed was a lost decree. And it is in conjunction with what the Jews have in the Torah. So the Jews you find in the Bible in Deuteronomy, and I don't have it on my

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slides, but if you go to the next slide, inshallah, you'll find from the Bible, it says that,

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if you basically come to a town, you come to a city, and you offer them first you offer them peace, they find you at war, you offer the city peace, if they accept the peace, then you take all of them as captive and you force all of them to be slaves. Basically, that is peace.

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If they fight you, then they go against you.

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When, and you defeat them, then you execute all the men, and you make the women and children slaves. And then the reverse continues that there are certain people that are so bad that even if you fight them, even if they want peace, you don't give them peace, you kill every living creature in that city. This isn't the Torah, this is from the Jews a lot. A lot. I mean, this is the original Torah, this was the fabric. But this is still today in the Bible today. This is in the Bible, Deuteronomy 20. So this is the law of the Jews. This is what the law was practice. So Sam decided, and he says, I will make a decision, and you all will be satisfied the juiciest, you make the decision, the

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outside you make the decision, even the prophecies, whatever you want sad news, societies, ID, My ruling, my judgment is all the fighters need to be executed. And the women and children will be taken as President, and the goods will be confiscated. And that's my my decree as a harsh, even for us. It's very, very harsh judgment. This is not easy. This is not the merciful judgment. This is the stick judgment, and the Prophet peace. prmc. sad, sad. This was the decree that Allah desired. And even though this is the decree of Allah, I had given you people the chance, but you have a college degree obviously is always going to come to pass whether from me or from you the option I offered

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the option of peace. You gave me the sad side made this decree and now that's the penalty. So the Jews, this is now the effect and they accepted meaning they accepted. Some people exit the fortress and they said to the profits of Saddam, we will not have those that broke the treaty, we will against our leaders when labor when they broke the treaty, we said no. So he said, you can go free, those of you who are not part of breaking the treaty, go free. Also, as they were lined up, some of the Sahaba came to the Prophet Solomon says, This man has saved my life many years ago, can I take him for me for the profits of sticking in the same man comes back and he says, What's the good you

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take you free me, but my family is taken prisoner. So then he goes back to the Prophet. And he says, Yasser Allah, the man that saved my life, he says he wants his family to go free as well. So the promises made his family go free as well. And so will ever had any day to claim against the Muslim, this was allowed to set them free. As for the remaining people, and we say this is one of the controversial stories of the era, that 500 maybe more of the blue corridor, or the Men of a Certain Age, they were lined up and they were executed. And when the leader of the blucora, the leader, he comes out, and he meets the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The Prophet says to him, why did you not take

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the advice of there was a rabbi, there was an old Rabbi that used to teach them but he ended the rabbi said to him, one day a prophet will come in the city, so follow him and give him my setup. So the Prophet says, Why didn't you follow the rabbi, when you saw everything, to the truth? So he said, we know the truth, this is the leader of the of the of the Jews, he says, we knew the truth, but we would not change our religion, for another religion, we want to stay as Jews and we will we know that you are a prophet, but we will accept the fact we will rather die on this link to accept the truth. And the architect, are you the guy who came up with this entire has up, he was also

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brought out, and he says to the Prophet, I don't regret a single thing that I've done, that I will die like this, even though I know you are, you're a prophet, and I know you are allies with you, but I would rather die and be humiliated like this, then give in any time, you know, you came with these fanciest clothes, and he put it on, and he put holes in it. So he says, so that none of you can even take this close for me when some did, you know, he destroyed this is common is deep seated hatred, like like a breeze, you get to a point where you keep it makes you say, you know, I don't care if this is the truth, I will still do it. That I don't care if this is my mother or my father, whatever

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it is, I will still say my same, my love predictors from this level of hard heartedness, cold heartedness. So the main, they were executed, and the kids the wife, the children will take it as captives and prisoner of war. And this was sads ruling, which was basically agreed upon sagra Ilan, he made it all he said, I want to live here. I'd love to see the binocular punished. He got to see that I mean, he died. And when sad, passed away, concert died and he died on this. Soon after this.

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Prophecy, those famous words, that unsolved death, the throne of Allah shook the throne of Allah, either out of anger for his death, or out of pleasure that he's now coming to Allah. And when they carried his body the Sahaba see the seas. I can't believe how likely is the prophecies No, they are a procession of angels are also carrying his body. So the old Medina takes us to the cemetery is a young man is only 38 years old, but he was the leader of the answer. And when they bury him, the Prophet peace upon him is making a sense of Hannah last panelist, Pamela No. congregation's is Pinilla with

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When he says Allahu Akbar. So the Sahaba said, That's not something you usually do. You never used to say this when you bury other people. So he says, The Prophet No, no, this is scary for us.

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We said Saudis, the guy that the throne of Allah shook when he died, sad is the guy that angels came down to carry him to, to the to to the grave, when he was ready, the prophecies decide, well, it would you, you kept your promise as the leader and allows him to keep his promise with you. But after he was buried the prophets, Allah said what happened. So the Prophet said, also lamb, the earth, just squeeze at once and kept him and let him go. And if anybody would have been exempted from the squeezing of the copper, it would have been sad, but even he even sad, had to experience the smell or protect us from this moment. That really only happened once and that's it, whether it

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be the seat for us, you know, that even someone like sad to experience that squeezing of a cover, may our squeezing only be as short as that may not be prolonged. So, remember, Lazzara had passed away. And he was as we said, the leader of of the of the unsung. So this was the end to the hub. And we said the end of the nuclear arrival, afterwards the prophecies after this now we will never ever again, be on the defensive. But From this day on the offensive will begin and we said from this turning point, within lists of enlisting. 10 years the Muslims were at Jerusalem at Constantinople Istanbul, we're at Afghanistan, we're in Egypt and Islam was speeding. And from this weak position,

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the tide turn, by the grace in the decree of Allah. And for us living in a time when we are very low down. We look from country to country, our oma is being attacked, we are unable to defend ourselves. We are our I mean our lands are bombed, we can't do anything about it. Right? We completely powerless. We learn from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that you take the ASVAB you do what the best you can. And you put your trust and faith in Allah. Allah works on his own timeline and his own timeframe, then he will push you to the limit. And when the limit comes, if you don't break if you remain steadfast, Allah subhanaw taala will send these somehow some way from an angle you can't

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imagine a love of seeing the success. This is the Allah says this is the true belief. We don't talk the talk it's about showing, showing that through a man who pushed to the limit, may Allah subhanaw taala push us to the kind of limit May Allah assistance and guidance on the issue of the blucora Yes, it's reality. We don't sugarcoat it. This is what happened to them. And our Deen is filled with examples of mercy, full of examples of people who committed transgressions and they were forgiven. This is the harshest say chapter in the entire life of the Prophet peace upon him. Again, it wasn't his own decree, many, many latest scholars would have said that if the Sahaba lifted in the prophets

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hands, he would have given a more lenient, lenient judgment, but they gave me too sad. And this was the ruling of side and it coincided with the most with the ruling of Allah, even at better the Prophet peace upon him gave a merciful judgment. And Allah sit down is saying, this was too merciful. You should have been strict but policy that's what you've decreed. We will leave it at that but Allah wanted a stricter judgment to teach people that with with mercy must come punishment as well. And these people that deserve what they've done per the own law, Allah subhanaw taala therefore, offers you know, as we said, this is this is the Sherry and the Dean of a law that we are

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offered mercy to a certain degree but always remember,

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as an intern in Ramadan, we and we change over now the tone the discussion for Ramadan, as merciful as Allah is, he's also Shut up. He is the most swift and most severe in retribution. When it comes to Allah subhanaw taala. We live with that in our mind as we enter Ramadan, and we make any active evader, you are always between this balance between the extreme Mercy of Allah we are lovable, forgive everything besides sin, and the extreme punishment of Allah but Allah will hold account even the smallest, simplest in our eyes will see the sins immaterial insignificant, it Allah will hold us to account We ask Allah for not to hold us to account for the debt which we do but for us and

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forgive our sins that we don't we we know we are falling short in the only thing that we can hope for is that Allah have mercy. So having said that, we enter and we need to discuss a little bit about the month of Ramadan. Got a little bit of time five, five minutes maybe this is the last week but before the month of Ramadan comes. And Siobhan this month is the time to prepare for Ramadan. another month of Shabbat is almost basically done. only have a few days. Thursday probably is the first fasting Wednesday night is the

00:30:00--> 00:30:00

First tarawih,

00:30:03--> 00:30:49

interlink Ramadan, understand and make this something that you we should speak to myself first, take it that this could be possibly your final phenomenon that you will not see next year Ramadan. But if this is your last Ramadan, that if you were told you only have one Ramadan and that's it, make the most of it. That's how we need to go through this month. As the scholars mentioned, we've been fasting for 20 3047 or 60 years. And all those 60 Rama bonds that we've done, how much of the good so we made musala may gave more charity we gave more, more excited mukuro how much of that continued after Ramadan, very few of us continued in that goodness, which means our Ramadan is not as

00:30:49--> 00:31:30

effective as it should be. Our Ramadan is not as effective as it should, because if it was really effective, it would it would remain with you until the next year, but Alhamdulillah you fostered. But these move to achieve in the month of Ramadan, and the amount of bounty that's available. This is a lost sale. This is the month. We know no other month in the year or more people free from Jana and more people into the agenda that the Prophet says only a cursed person, only a really a loser is unable to get forgiveness in Ramadan. Only a really, really really bad person can't get the bonus the benefit of Ramadan.

00:31:32--> 00:32:11

There are three opportunities for all your sins to be forgiven. Those who forced with him and during the day, and hopefully that he would you do that correctly from fudger. To Muslim, all your sins will be forgiven 30 days to have your life forgiven. Or those who stand in the evenings with a man sincerely, you do that throughout the 30 days all your sins will be forgiven. And if that is too much, then whoever catches the light of little cotton and linen cotton will be shifting we never know when it is. If you catch little cotton with proper email and insula, all your sins will be forgiven. So when we think of forgiveness of sins, we always think I need to go on Hajj. No, this

00:32:11--> 00:32:57

month, can wipe out your date this month can remove all those sins this month that comes you can into it one way or the Billa, distant to jahannam. And it can turn your fortune around as this is a video going around. It's as this as Allah says that on this day, this month, the doors have janma closed and the gates of general open. It's like the bank telling you the vault is open. You have one month to go in and take as much as you want. You have one month to go and take as much reward and forgiveness. Whatever you want go It's up to you how much how much time you use how much benefit you do. So they for you, the Prophet peace upon himself. He would forego even halau things he wouldn't

00:32:58--> 00:33:01

sleep during the night because he couldn't allow this time to disappear.

00:33:02--> 00:33:20

So we will foster hamdullah that sort of problem we will stay away from food and drink. So the issue the real challenge is how much of our sin can we get legal, looking at haraam listening to music and music halal haram but listening to music shouldn't happen in the month of Ramadan whether you're forcing or not forcing

00:33:21--> 00:33:58

don't corrupt the day by doing the sunset light whatever you wouldn't do during the day. You don't argue when you're fast. You don't speak bad when you force you don't look at haram when you fast. So don't do that at night. You've got one month, one month to fix your life one month to say yeah Allah, I want to get to the highest level of gender I don't force during the year I don't make that during the year. But now you've got this one month that you can get the that you can get a VIP ticket to the highest level you can be well you can get to you can be on par with the guy who spent the entire year enforcing the entire your entire job. You can get on par with him if you get the

00:33:58--> 00:34:12

full benefit of this month. Now we see even on top of all of that the cherry on the cake is Laila to color which no other oma ever received. No other people ever received a gift as great as late as

00:34:14--> 00:34:34

the night we've you make dua and you make salah and you are in piety on that night, it's 1000 months of EBITDA, how do you understand the 1000 months? I always say take your monthly paycheck. Don't tell me what it is what you earn as a salary 10,025 whatever it might be time times 1003 zeros to the end.

00:34:35--> 00:34:45

So whatever you earn in one month, I was gonna give you 1000 times that whatever reward you can get from a month of ibadah a month of fasting a month of charity a month of Allah.

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

Allah gives you 1000 of that at three years. No other no other received this when the Sahaba said basically how can we compete with people like maybe nukes people who lived 1000 years and they worship Allah 4000 years ago.

00:35:00--> 00:35:48

Can we compete? Allah gave us little what would you do in 12 hours from our mental fudger if you catch that one night, you're going to get a lifetime a lifetime of perfect worship. But it doesn't happen only the last 10 nights. If I cheat the system you can be playful for 20 days and then be serious The last thing that allowed it so you need to enter the month already recorded in your mind. You need to enter the mind saying that look if I slip up now, I'm not gonna have the energy I'm not gonna have that determination to get the this is you My World Cup. This is my new ticket to gender. It's about you just we just have to make that effort and it's only one month it's only one month so

00:35:48--> 00:35:58

my best my biggest advice what deeds can we do? Obviously you're doing the following you're going to be forcing at hamdulillah understand what breaks your force don't do great stuff you know don't do funny stuff.

00:36:00--> 00:36:22

Focus on number one doing the compulsory stuff properly so fast quickly. And you saw that as the two compulsory things try to make your solder perfect Nope, no point but it's really counter goes against you when you force but you negligent on your solar lifter. So try to make your solar as early as possible in JAMA for the

00:36:23--> 00:37:05

earliest possible ngema Juma time just those four or five jumps in Ramadan, I'm going to come early earlier, the photo to focus on net is better than one minute in front of this better than 1000 years of so now we know that so make the funnel perfect, then avoid the sin folk, you know, it's better for you to leave something to make 10,000 items that is sooner that's optional, but the sun is what what what what angers Allah so make an effort to leave some obviously if you're already in the mode of doing the follow up quickly and you and you want to leave the sun, but how much extra can I do? There are certain deeds that you know this that will that is cheap, easy, maximize your rewards

00:37:05--> 00:37:06

number one

00:37:07--> 00:37:41

distribute dates This is the time distribute dates that people break the force and you get the reward you know go to a mosque and donate some dates. We have a date drive basically we will hand out dates in traffic inshallah. Muslim non Muslim, give, I'll give you the route for the new year. We know that if one person breaks is false. So the data you are given, you get an equivalent reward. Now Allah I love that man or some person in the gym is a valley of Allah, he's fasting is like perfect fasting, you get the reward of his fasting, obviously without taking away. So that's a cheap, easy, easy, simple reward.

00:37:42--> 00:38:26

Not a cheap, easy it would if you are able to stand every night from the beginning until the end of thoroughly what the Imam Allah writes for you as if you stood the entire night in Salah. So if you've made all 30 nights in a row If yes, it's two hours a night whatever it might be. But you can say Allah in you know, on account by account I did every single night. 100% Sala, I must get later to call. It was good later to call today. So this is simple. Again, it's just 30 nights is 30 days. The best we can achieve and muster needs to be done in this month. If this was your last to do it if you knew it was your last to do it, I would do it. So by law this little week, while regardless of

00:38:26--> 00:38:39

the ability to get the malegra stability receive the full benefit May we leave the month of Ramadan with no sense of Allah guarantee our place in Jannah through this formal bond mean few announcements

00:38:40--> 00:38:52

Alhamdulillah with the month of Ramadan comes many blessings. It is also the month that the book athletes arrives and from the laboratory 2018 is available it's at the back and then 50 then

00:38:53--> 00:39:32

you know the bucket list is a cookbook but my advice to you and to the sisters use this book after Ramadan Don't waste your time in the kitchen. Don't waste your life Don't waste your time in the kitchen. If you're going to buy takeout whatever this is the math just don't waste time. The sisters for example they spend so much time each day Ramadan also it's a month as well. Don't waste time sitting is this is the time that you spend with ibadah you know and you can't waste time in the kitchen so sisters is good but use it after Ramadan inshallah right then the tarawih survey which are handed up Ronald Islam you know we started this thing where we correlated all the different

00:39:32--> 00:39:51

massage it was reciting we have lovely recyclers from all the you know different parts we are exciting this year was the was exciting this month you could select Masjid in the Muslim views and hamdullah we partnered with the Muslim views so it's in the Muslim views. It's available as well so you can actually have a look to see which machines in war the Quran or the Imams, the

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

our CDC we have our own father who will be reciting and mean our our series for this Ramadan will be Tafseer

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Soraka Soraka fsid so inshallah that will be out of seed for the entire month of Ramadan. So please join us for that. Some other announcements and Hamdulillah, the brothers and the sisters, mother sisters and the brothers, there's a number of initiatives with this budget. And since you attain this method, you are married as well, I know you live outside, but you're 50% down with it as well. So these initiatives with your support in sha Allah, every night, there'll be a soup kitchen. People shouldn't go hungry. You know, even non Muslims shouldn't go hungry during Ramadan. So we there's a soup kitchen that is going every evening. And in the middle of the star. And it's quite a big group

00:40:37--> 00:40:43

of people that come here, a lot of our foreigners that don't have permanent places, you know, youngsters that are not with the mommies.

00:40:44--> 00:41:12

older men are not with the wives. They know how to you know, not not so comfortable. So Alhamdulillah the STAR program is like you know, people from all over the world and they come in, they break the first year, you can contribute to that. We set the date drive in sha Allah, not only do we need dates from you, we need some youngsters to help stand in the traffic and handle the dates. Rusty, I'm already putting your name down the way you are, but your name is already down. inshallah. So it's going to be me and you, you will find two three other people to help us so just the two of us, right?

00:41:13--> 00:41:52

On the 15th of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah. This project started long time ago, we take the orphans, as well think about it, what's it like to be an orphan in the month of Ramadan, Muslim orphans for different orphanages, we should be doing this earlier. But at least in Ramadan, we take them for one day out to play to have some fun. We break Fox with them and give them some essential toiletries stationary. And then they go go home spiral Ah, this is a one month of family and to not have a family. It's difficult. So the orphan program the 15th of Ramadan, it's really being worked on. If you'd like to be part of that if you'd like to support that. speak to how you can support in kind

00:41:52--> 00:42:30

whatever just to be just to attend, select your team, I'd like to speak to them. That's the law. And then of course at the end of the month is the Maharajah where you can go to food for some poor people on the day of eat. But it's more towards the end of Ramadan. And then Friday and fetullah. So failure for any of you are unable to fast permanently, meaning you're not by the health of forcing now. And you will never recover because of your old age or you have a permanent illness. If you're unable to fast and you can never force in the future. Then for every day, you need to feed somebody a meal and the value of that moment between rent. And if you can't go and find someone and the basis

00:42:30--> 00:43:04

to feed someone yourself. Invite them to assess the beast. If you can't then give 10 grand for every day. Maybe your grandparents Your parents are too old. So for the entire month, 10 grand per day with the table collect and we will feed those people on your behalf and towards the end of Ramadan. Figure out which every one of us must pay for every person living in your house. Every child leaves McAuliffe 40 Rand per person in your household must be given so that people can be fit on the day of eat. So just remember that insha Allah does Allah Allah bless us And forgive us mean for some loss later Mohammed Abu Salam

00:43:05--> 00:43:06

Salam aleikum wa