Replacing Bad Deeds with Good Deeds

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ICNA-MAS Convention 2019


AI: Summary © The concept of good and bad deeds is discussed in Islam, with a focus on transferring knowledge into actions and avoiding bribery. The importance of perfecting deeds in achieving a reward and success is emphasized, along with avoiding sin and bringing rewards to one's life. The need for individuals to take action and avoid mistakes, avoiding sinful actions, and showing good deeds to build successful lives is emphasized. The importance of building wealth and success is emphasized, along with advice on how to do so.
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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Harada he was so happy when Manuela Hobart

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Allah Subhana Allah told us

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wouldn't let me do you want me to stop Fiona and Hussin I want to stuck on the moon

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for you is the appointment of a day you will not remain there after an hour nor will you proceed it

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yeah are you hon sue in the law he helped

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find out that will run Nico Moodle higher to dunya

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run napkin biller you owe

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all mankind indeed the Promise of Allah is truth. So let not the word thy life delude you and be not deceive about Allah by the deceiver, the Satan

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It's been said that the following verses the last verse was revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the last verse was revealed to Nabi SallAllahu Sallam what a woman to Darwin Fe in Allah He

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called Luna

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Casa wallula You're gonna moon and fear a Day when you will be returned to Allah. Then every song will well be compensated for what it earned and they will not be treated unjustly.

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That day when we returned to our Lord yeah well man fear will not only nothing he won't

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be he won't saw him that DUI Benny. Luckily me culinary in Yoma eating shack knowing your knee yo man I am federal man who went by noon

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on that day and these two verses Allah subhanaw taala said people will flee from their family members from their brothers sisters parents, children spouses. Even in the Muslim in Nabi SallAllahu Sallam told us by Mr. Muhammad that Mary Medea will say to a Saudi Saddam son, and he would say in new Lavinia Anki, Elio, mumin, Allah He Shaya. I can help your mother with anything today. Over say Hannah Nebby so Salam told Fatima you have out the mess selenia when machete for in nila oguni Onkyo Malkia muddiman Alicia asked me whatever you want daughter today, because in the Day of Judgment, I can help you with anything.

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Nothing will help you that day or benefit you your wealth your children your family or degree nothing. The only thing will benefit you that day in lemon law having fun being 30 the one who will come to Allah with a sound heart

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the one who will be saved from hellfire and enter agenda

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feminism Z haning audio phenol Jeanette of Akkad

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those who will be saved from hellfire and let to enter Jannah have attained greatest success.

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But how this will happen?

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How what do you think will bring tranquility and safety to you and that day? How you will be saved from hellfire and enter Paradise. Allah answer this and he did not let it for our guessing or no two guesses.

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One was new young man in

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circular numbers he knew

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you can move li Hoon, woman hub fat magazine.

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You can let in house you Fusa whom

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beam can be denied, humbling and sorted out off and there are several verses in the same line. What Allah Subhana Allah said in that day, waiting of deeds on that day will be the truth.

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So those who skill are heavy.

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It is they who will be successful and those who skills are light. The skills of the good deeds are light, either because they didn't know

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offer much or because the skill of the bad deed is so heavy that it made the good deeds so light looks so light like nothing

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those the one who will lose themselves

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by ending up in hellfire. So if this is the case, I would like to say a few words about this concept, hopefully something that you can register in your heart and your mind. And you think about it so often. Because as you heard, in the end of the previous talk is not about information. It's about transferring this ailment, knowledge into actions.

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There are certain interesting principles in Islam in regard to the concept of good deeds and bad deeds. And there's a reason behind that concept behind these principles, I will end my talk with it.

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For example, one of the interesting principles that Islam told us that any good deeds you do, it will be multiplied immediately multiplied to 10 times and up. So the minimum you get for any single good deeds is 10 rewards. You never get one reward for one good deeds. You take 10 for each one, and that's the starting point 1010 to 700 to more than 700

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Men Bill has on a TV show I'm 30

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Devana user in Mithila

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moon, those who come with one good deeds it will be multiplied to 10 and those who come with the sin, it will be count as one not a stain. That's why Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam beheaded in the Abbas where we are and robbed that Allah have made a rule and regarding to the good deeds and bad deeds in the law Ketubah yet what Hassan and he there is a rules how it will be documented in your records. Then it'd be so solemn said that ALLAH SubhanA data said, if you do a good deeds, it will be multiplied 10 to 700 to way more than seven hundreds in our barfing kathira. And if you do one sin, it will be written as one single sin.

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One sunnah be solid sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the Companions Is it too hard to earn 2500 rewards every day 2500 Good deeds,

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any kind of a lot, then it'd be SallAllahu sallam said to them,

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if they're after each and every salah. You see Subhan Allah 10 times Alhamdulillah 10 times Allahu Akbar 10 times he said, That's what 150 With your tongue and 1500 in your skill.

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Five times a day. 10 times Subhan Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, as 150 times 10 That's 1500.

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Then in the result, Salam said, and before you go to sleep, you see SubhanAllah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 34 times that's 100 with your tongue, and 1000 in your skills on the Day of Judgment, that's 2500 just for these two simple tasks. Then he made and beautiful comments all sudden, he said, and who among you commit 2500 sins a day?

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Maybe there is some buzz these days, but I hope not many.

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And I'm not talking yet about praying five daily prayers. I'm not talking about dislike Allah Harris, anima Alikum Alhamdulillah I'm not talking about any other deeds, only these two simple tasks.

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It's amazing

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that some deeds are multiplied to 700. And more, there is people there there is among us people, the default is not 10. The default the 700 in the bizarre sallam said, Whoever perfect his Islam, the multiplication start from 700

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If you perfect your SNAP, it doesn't count anymore. 10 anything it will be 700 and up. How can you multiply that? How can you raise them 10 If you wanted to increase the 10 you look at the time of your good deeds the time, like the prayer in the middle of the night, the prayer, you know, to stand for the truth in a time where people stand up for the truth. They don't speak truth to power. That's a time where the word is higher. And the time of fit and when you hold on to your religion. Your reward is much higher than other days. Ramadan is coming the deeds are hot why? Very

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The reward of it much, much higher than any other time in the year and lay a little cutter and so forth. Taught place.

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I have no doubt in my heart, those who hold to their Islam in a land where Muslim or minority prosecuted were basically been attacked are much higher and reward than those who live in comfort and safety.

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A salah and the mustard is multiplying that a Salah in the house, the formula, also the deed itself, some deeds by nature, they are high and reward it been Omar said, A sadaqa charity start from 700. Any the $10 the $100 $1,000, you donate to Ekena or you donate to one of these organization here it starts from 700 and up

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and your Masjid whatever.

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Also the person, the more loss you have, the more reward you do. And the visa Salam said the best of South Africa is the one that you give when you're still young. You don't you're not afraid of death, nor you're afraid of. And while you're afraid of poverty, because you don't, you're still not very rich, you know, you worry about the future you want to save but you still you get from that money.

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These are things will make your deeds multiplied.

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And by the way, if you look at these things, if you make the opposite of them, it will make your sin greater. I don't believe that the sin can be multiplied. But I do believe that the size of the sin, the severity of the sin, the punishment of the sin can be greater. Based on the time the place, the person the sin of the scholar is built like the sin of the Jahad. The sin of a che Kozani is not like a young men, and so far.

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And that's the way to basically reconsolidated between the YNAB. That is was mentioned by some of the self about is that sins are multiplied, because some of them said a sin and Maccha is 100 time double, for instance,

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the second principle

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it's beautiful, Allah subhanaw taala said in Al Hassan, do you the business say

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good deeds raise bad deeds, but not the opposite.

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Anytime you do bad deeds you follow to the good deeds, it will take care of it. I'll see you at an Hessonite Yasser Allah in Ibiza Salam said follow bad deeds with the good deeds that will erase it take care of it. Ya rasool Allah, I did something terrible. What did you do? What did this man did? Is it your salah I kissed and I touch a woman that I'm not supposed to do that salt with her. She's not hot for me. And maybe someone said go pray to rockers.

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And he recited the verse by the way the man came repenting and regretting is not like Oh, hallelujah, okay, we got it to rock as it's easy. Don't misunderstand the Hadith.

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And you have to balance it based on the size of your sin, the size if you're good deeds, that's why aroma or the Allah and when he show a little bit of objections in a moment of heat and excitement to the Prophet SAW Salem in the incident of Philadelphia. What Omar said Kalfa I'm in Tula, Maryland can Japan I made good deeds like in the size of mountains to erase that sin that he consider something major bake

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but be careful, good deeds, raise the bad deeds when it comes to between you and Allah, not between you and other human beings. You steal somebody's money then you go make hajj and umrah you know, you cheat people and you do sin that harm other people and you say subhanallah before you go to sleep that doesn't erase that sentence. And nothing will erase sins like delete for a neuron to hit the light of Eman and to eat well remove any darkness of any sin or initiative.

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The third principle Allah Subhana Allah Allah said and told us in lemon turbo Milan you know I'm Anna song he had for hola Can you bet Dino love who say to him Hassan,

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worker and along with food Rahim. Those who repent to Allah and change the course of their life, change your lifestyle. What Allah will do to them will replace the bad deeds with good deeds. If it's a million bad. It's a million sin, Allah replace it to make it a million rewards understood and take care of that. Erase that completely from your record. It's interesting how

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Allah subhanaw taala is so generous,

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that in the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will tell the person that all the sins are forgiven and I give it in return for good deeds.

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He said, There is other sin even I don't see it right now marker,

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if you can bring everything is the case can we be replaced? I would like all of them to be replaced. By the way some of the scholar Rahimullah said, Do you see the replacement of the bad deeds to good deeds, it means that as Allah, basically, Allah Subhana Allah will allow you will inspire you to do use, your wealth, your body, the talents that you use to use it in bad deeds, you will start using in good deeds and doing something good, you will be more excited about doing good. Like not the before you excited about doing the Haram now of repentance and you know, changing the course of your life Allah inspires you always to love to do what is right.

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Number five or four which is very, very unique

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in the visa Sallam told us that when you intend to do something good, and you don't do it

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because whatever reason prevented you from doing it you intention there you want to do it. But something happened to prevent it from doing it. You know what, I want to pray in Jamaica, but my car broke down. You take very word as if you exactly prayed in Jamaica and

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you want to go to hedge got sick, your fame one of your family and get sick, you get the reward as if you exactly when to hatch.

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Amazing type What if you intend but you didn't do any effort, just my intention to wake up in the night but I didn't turn on the clock or alarm or anything like that. I never really have you know, I'm never took the means to do it. You will see that the majority of the Forgot said you still get the word accepted for hydrocodone you still get reward for it.

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As for the sin, if you intend to do something haram

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and you lift it for the sake of Allah because you fear Allah, Allah reward you for that fear of him. And if you intend to do something haram, and you didn't do it, because you know what, I'm kind of busy, I'm not gonna do it now. You will not be sinful, you will only be sinful if you said it, or you did it.

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That's when you get sent for it. Unless you take actions. You take the action you will be sending according to the intention of yours and the action that you took.

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But for example, somebody intended to steal a bank or steal a house. He went all the way to the house. He tried to broken you know what the alarm goes off, he ran away. He could he didn't get the sin of the exact stealing but he get the sin of the movement of the trying of breaking the privacy of someone he still gets sent for that. That's why Nabil Salam said Killa homophily. Now,

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the two people who fought one another because he's sending for carrying weapons and fighting his Muslim brother, otherwise, he doesn't take the exact son of a killer or a murderer.

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Number five,

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any sin that you do by mistake, it's forgiven. Out of complete ignorance is forgiven. And acts accidentally it's forgiving.

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It will need to be count against you.

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I didn't want to end with this few seconds left for me by saying this. My message to you today with showing this beautiful principle in Islam and Sharia is not to undermine the dangerous of sins. No. You mistake if you think that what my point is, my point is, is to show you how Maha so much opportunity you have by doing good deeds, how great good deeds are. Go ahead and do as much good deeds as you can. A che Thanh if he convinced you to do a sin,

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he went one thing that he made one cent, but he convince you not to do a good deed he made you lose 10 rewards.

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It's a better deal for the Chapin to make you not to do good deeds than to do a sins.

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He's much smarter than what you do. What do you think? That's why one of the message of my message to you today. You know what, don't ever hold back. If you get an opportunity to do anything good, do it. Don't hesitant the more you do the more you build good deeds, good deeds until you meet Allah subhanaw taala and you see that in a skill on the day of judgment and that moment you will be so proud of yourself. So proud of yourself.

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Don't let it go

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You pass by him a donation box is to go to the master pray to raka say something good says stuff and Allah Subhana Allah hamdulillah Allah Allah Allah don't hold back there is millions of rewards you can earn every day.

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So that's the message I really want every one of us to think about it.

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Allah subhanaw taala promise a great future for all of us and it will end with this verse.

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That is Schumpeter Rahim. Allah said he took the rune.

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This verse has a letter and it should be written with the ink of the ink of the God used to write this verse should be taken from the water of your eyes and how much valuable it is

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to Mao Ravenel kita bollettino Stouffer in

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Furman whom volubly, NFC, I mean, whom do I mean whom Serbia

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on Euro GB in

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the early can well for blue can be,

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then we will give those we have chosen

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from our service,

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the book will give the book to those who have we have chosen Allah chosen how many categories volley Moline FC, wrong himself and among them and those based moderate, and the one who

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Hastin to good deeds. So the three categories you chosen by Allah, there is still honor to all three, the center and the good door and the excellent door.

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All not only that, Allah subhanaw taala in the end of the verse, he said, Jen Yardeni, the phone owner, her heavy wire will GEMA cashmanager Miracle law,

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all of them will intergender

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all of them. That's a great news to all of us, my brothers and sisters.

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I encourage you to take advantage of this conference, this coming Ramadan, every moment of your life, to add more good deeds to your life. Because there's the real winner in the Day of Judgment. May Allah Subhana Allah Genoa yeah come in the lady next Ramadan, Saudi sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, thank you very much and have a great night and enjoy the rest of the weekend.