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Manual human hungry la horrible alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. syedna. Mohammed Mohammed Ali he was a Marine, my beloved brothers and sister in Islam and Mr. Alec Mark Wahlberg cattle

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operation to Allah subhanaw taala the Most Merciful was kind of Allah Allah Allah Allah be witnessed that none has the right to be worshipped besides our last panel data. We send our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious impure family to the Sahaba and all those who follow us soon until the end of time, Allah subhanaw taala grant is to be amongst them. I mean, may Allah bless us in this waft of Juma Allah subhanaw taala forgive our shortcomings, may Allah subhanaw taala granted I will do as I accepted in this holy time of Juma am Allah bless us in these next few weeks to prepare for the month of Ramadan and make this Ramadan, the base Ramadan

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for us, I mean hamdulillah as good to be back after two weeks of absence and we were in the middle of a series A the Battle of the trench, the Battle of Hazzard we we basically left off two weeks ago, and we said that this was the biggest battle in terms of an enemy invading Medina 10,000 people of different tribes, the Croatia Makkah, the Jews have haber had joined up into an Azov, a coalition a confederation and that's why the 33rd surah of the Quran is called Sudoku as a reference to this battle. They came to Medina, and they were about to invade Medina, and we said the objective of this army was to completely massacre everybody in Medina. That's what they wanted to do. Men, women,

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children, everybody, this was a battle of Kufa of this belief against a man, anyone who was a believer is a target. And we said that when they came to me when the news reached this was a clearly the Sahaba and the Prophet peace upon him understood, fighting them open battle was not an option. They just didn't have the numbers. So they said manual fallacy, gave a good suggestion, a very unique suggestion, something which the Arabs had never experienced, was let's fortify Medina, let's build a trench. Let's dig a trench between us and him. We said Medina was naturally fortified on from three sides, basically, they only had one Exposed Area. And that's where they dug the trench.

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So when the the Confederation, the coalition of enemies came to Medina, all of a sudden they found this huge ditch that they couldn't cross over. This was something completely new, something which they had not prepared for. They didn't come with much food then come with much animals. So this was something which which frustrated them, nonetheless, we say to the Muslims,

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they had to patrol this hazard that to patrol this 100, this trench night and day, continuously patrolling and having to make sure that it was there was no room for injury. Because if you don't want to throw any from any corner, the enemies could enter Medina. And this was a very, very tense time I shot on the line tells us that of all the battles of all and then the Muslim is experienced many, many battles. This one felt the most severe that everyone's nerves was, you know, extremely there, the the anxiety the Muslims felt in this battle was most to any other battle, no battle before it, no battle, often at the Prophet peace upon him as haba relief, feel the anxiety, because

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any moment could be annihilation, any moment, they could break the defenses, and that will be it. So the Prophet peace upon him, he commanded the Sahaba to night and day, but terrible throughout the boundaries of the trench, and they would make tech beer, right, so there's no lights, but they would make tech beer, which also gave the enemy an understanding that look, we are always on God, the women and children, everyone left the houses, and the women and children were in a fortress, and they stayed there. And all the men, even the Prophet peace upon him, they were on the front line would be as up and so the during the day, what the Qureshi would do, they would just shoot arrows

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continuously at the Muslims, and the Muslims would be stuck behind the trench. And this week was so bad, that's a normal, you know, he manages to, to move up, you know, obviously ducking under the arrows, the Prophet peace upon him, and he says jasola look at Maverick time, the sunset and the Qureshi. They've caused me to miss us and the Prophet peace currency. They've done the same for me I also under the shower of arrows didn't get an opportunity to make solder and he was very, very upset the Prophet peace be upon him. Very rarely do they make a do are against people. Now he actually makes it a lot and he says my Allah

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put fire in their homes and they cover for causing me to miss the middle solder and Allah mentioned in the Quran. Don't miss the middle solder acid meaning the most important Salah is acid. I don't care that it seems like mercury is the most important Salah acid is actually the most important salah and the Prophet peace in Jihad with arrows over his head. And he's so upset about the arrows. He's upset about being invaded. He's upset that he's Quakers with too much one Sora This is a mouthful.

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But this is Pinilla. If this is something which the Prophet feels bad about in the day of the AMA What about us We must solve for meetings or work or even worse than that movies or whatever Yeah, that we shouldn't miss a single walk for any any reason there's no reason to miss a walk, even jihad, the Salah in jihad. So, but the as intense as this was, you know, and the patrols would go night and they I said since, for example, the Prophet peace upon himself was part of the patrol. So one night, she lived the fortress, she came to see him, she missed him. And she came to find him. And while she meets him, they heard someone coming up towards them. So the profit loss Who is this,

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so sorry about your loss, and even if it costs me a lot, I want to give you I will take your shift, I'll take a double shift. And you can go and I just I always remembered what I did. And the minute the profit patient got into the 20 fell asleep. They were so so so. So tired and exhausted were the Muslims. We also spoke about the miracles during the HAZOP how a famine the this, the Russians were so scarce, what do we eat, he was like, hey, with some depth in some

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oil, that was all they could eat. And the Prophet himself had this boulder strapped to his stomach to keep the hunger and in the medical with a prophet peace upon him basically feed 1000 people from one pot we spoke about that. And the real span of the real amazing medical hub was when we were digging the trench and the Prophet peace be upon him was saying that I see I can I Allah has shown me how we will conquer Yemen, I will conquer Persia, how will conquer Rome and the brothers who are in our class, the Sierra class, we are discussing those conquest vanilla. Imagine from this point of as up seven years later, the Muslims will conquer Rome and I mean the city, City of Palestine,

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Persia, all of that Suhana lights, it's really amazing how the words of the Prophet peace of mind came through. But hamdulillah as bad as things were the train she was holding, and the people of the Qureshi were getting frustrated, a few champions managed to jump over or get through. And once they got over, they fought hand to hand combat. And each time the Muslims were able to repel them. Some of the, you know, we spoke about the battle and say nalli and one of the other champions, there's another interesting fight between a man called nofal he gets across, and he fights with a wave and Allah wham, and dispatches him and with one shot basically like cuts this man in half almost. So the

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other Sahaba says, Wow, what an amazing sword you have. So he says not the sword is the arm. This is amazing, right? So this is fine in Bethel, you can make this kind of comments. So the people of the Amazon are becoming frustrated. And I say, two three weeks go by, and they can't stand being outside. So a new plan is devised by the architect. We said the Jewish leader, he was really the mastermind behind this entire battle. So he had a plan B in place. And his plan was he snuck into Medina because they still remained one Jewish tribe inside Medina. And this Jewish started as an alliance with a prophet peace upon him, he's on the side, they are on the side of the Muslims. And

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they are 45 in one area. So for a city, we can turn the Jews in Medina when we have basically an opening. So he manages who sneaks into Medina. And he gets to the fortress of blucora, the tribe of Bucharest Jewish tribe, and he knocks on the fortress door, and they refuse to let him in. Because they said we know why you yell. We have an alliance with Muhammad. We're not we're not going to change, right? And he continues to bang on the door. And he continues to say, I'm one of you. I'm yahoodi as well. We are like brothers, how can you treat me like this? I just want to talk to you. I'm not here for any reasons or any plans. I just want to talk to you. And then he said basically,

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are you going to leave me out here and I'm gonna die of hunger? Are you going to leave me like this. So out of the sympathies they let him in. And once he was inside, he began to convince them he says, look, we've got 1000s 10,000 fighters out there. And it's just a matter of time before we invade Medina, and I'm coming to you as your brother as your Jewish brother, that when the time when the time comes, and we finished with the Muslims, if you standing with them, then you also going to be you're also going to be executed. So you decide, do what's best for your people. And stand with us. We have one brotherhood, anyway and the leader of the new Corolla. His name is Caleb. He is saying,

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hey, you just bring me bad news. You're just causing mischief. I have a treaty with Mohammed Mohammed has never and of course I didn't say he was a prophet. But they said he's never betrayed as an authority and just before the battle, we confirm this treaty, how can we break out 3d so he he just do it and you know, you you will be saved. So he lost the juice of bunnicula gave in and they agreed to side with with the as up

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as ravenala one is one of the 10 promised and he's the guy that cut the other one in half, right. So basically on the one he was on patrol and he manages

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to notice something up with a new color. So he goes back to the profits also lamp and he tells them to be salsa lamb. Look, I suspect, I suspect the blucora have broken the treaty. And you know I winter like some James one mission and I think that's what's happening. So the Prophet sees and he sees this beautiful words of as obeyed. He says the Prophet says, every prophet of Allah is given a special howdy how it is disciple like the 12 disciples of Jesus called How are you? That every prophet of Allah is given a special disciple and as obeyed is my Howdy. But now he wants to confirm so the Prophet says we need to confirm. This is just suspension of suspicion, we need to confirm we

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buy new Corolla standing. So he selects the leadership of the unsoldered understand this, the Jews were living in Medina, with the Arabs long before the Prophet came to Medina right so the old Jewish people that are inside of Medina and the Jews, they had a friendship before Islam even so the Prophet peace be upon him selected the leaders of the answer. And again, we go into detail here but you should always know this we always know the Moroccan Sahaba Bilal Abu Bakr, Omar, these are all from Mecca of the people of Medina that you should know there are two leaders side both the names are sad, sad, even more sad, and sad even about the both of them are called sad. They are the two

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leaders they are like the Abu Bakr and Omar of Medina. So the prophets takes both the sides and said, Look, go to blucora and find out the story. And he says to them, Listen, if the news is that they have flipped, don't make it public don't cause a panic in Medina, everyone's already demoralized, don't make it worse. But if the news is positive that they are sewn outside, they make it public. So the two sides go to the two sides basically go to the bathroom Corrado, and they begin to speak to them and they said we've never seen the manipulator treat us like this they began swearing at us and cursing us and saying what prophet is this? And what treaty we have no treaty

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with you so confirm that they have flipped sides and you know, exchange of words and the one side says to Sadie Mae Nevada society with wide remember his name sighs even more as this is, his name is very important. The story, he says look sad and modest is a man that gets angry very quickly. He says, Look, this arguing is no cursing each other is no good. This issue is now big. We have a big crisis now. Because it's a matter of time now that the new curator will open the doors that has been will be attacked from inside and outside. There is now a you know the writing's on the wall. Now we need to go back. So they go to the Prophet peace be upon him silently and they tell him that they

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have betrayed us. So this is disaster. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala reference this moment in the Quran, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says that

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when the that when the Israel as Allah Subhana Allah says and when the eyes grew wild, when the Sahaba the eyes began to become panicked when panic sit in, and the hearts reach the throats when you this also augments Sahaba and you were harboring doubts about Allah you began to think some are not and to the end to have thoughts is yes, it's a weakness in Eman doesn't mean that it's this belief, the Sahaba began to now feel shaken. And that when the Allah says and we shook you with a mighty shaking when the enemies came from above you and within you mean all around you now you have enemies, you've done everything you could to stop the to save yourselves. But now it looks like

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there's no way out. And the believers began to feel uneasy.

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So now what do we do? Nothing more you can do and this is a great lesson as in life. You just take the ASVAB you know, Allah throws different things at us. sickness, poverty, calamity, all we can do is do what's in our power and make dua and just wait. Sometimes Allah Subhana brings us out of it. Sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps that taste going to see how long how much patience we have. So now let's pushing the Sahaba to the brink to the edge and to make even worse,

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the balloon courageous to really show where they stood. They sent out that night a person to infiltrate the fortress of the ladies. Right so the first target they said Lisa really demoralized them. Let's attack the women. Once we kill the women and children call us what what what's out? How is that going to make the main field and one of them actually tries to get in? And so Pamela, one of the sisters, she comes out and she's able to fight this man and kill the Jewish man and keep the fortress keep the forces going. So now the Sahaba feel, where do we go from here? What do we do from here? The Prophet peace be upon him is still optimistic and is so positive. And this is when the

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monastic said your prophet is talking to you about conquering Rome and Persia and he sees this in a in a swear word. He says Mohammed has brought us into the situation where we can't even take you know, a crap outside because we're so so scared. And you talk about the Roman Persia What is this? You know, clearly you people have gone into

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saying the Prophet peace was the Enable the Sahaba they have not they doubt the standing with him, but they wondering what are we going to do? And Allah subhana wa tada will show his medical like with one person, he'll fix this whole problem.

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There's a man called named Massoud. Again, you need to know this man. He's the central person in this story, no aim. It'd be the most rude. He he was from the Hata fan track. So he's on the other side of the three C's against the Muslims. He's one of the lead is not with the Jews. He's not one of the kurush. But he knows everybody. He has. He has a friendship with Abu sufian of the kurush. He had made the Jews before so they know him as well. And he had made the Prophet peace be upon him as well. And he says I was on the other side of the potluck. I was there with the fire to invade Medina. And one moment One morning I woke up and I felt the man was in my heart. I felt like I

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wanted to be a Muslim. I came late to fight them. And all of a sudden I felt like I was a Muslim. So then he sneaks into the over the trench and he comes to the Prophet Solomon. He says, look, the prophet knew his name. He's one of the chiefs of Kordofan. So he says, jasola, I want to embrace Islam. And I want to help you solve this battle. So the prophecy is basically you want men, what are you going to do? So he says, I have an idea. But do you allow me to use deception? So in Islam, you're not allowed to betray. If you have a treaty, you made a promise you can't betray, but to use deception and tricks, this is permissible. So the Prophet says, part of warfare is deception. Do

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what you need to do. If you have a plan, go ahead and do it. And he didn't tell the promises of the details of the plan. So it's okay I've got a plan. Now I am goes back across the trench. He speaks to the he saw his tribes, the hockey fan, he speaks to them and he says, Listen, guys, we've been here, look, they were just paid money. Come here. We've been waiting three, four weeks now. Nothing's happening. The Quran I want to fight the Jews. I want to fight. Clearly. They want us to fight and our people must die first. And which side are they going to go on? So he started begins to feel uneasy. Then he goes to the Jews in Medina. And this is open coryza. I've come all the way

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across enemy lines. Because we have an agreement. We used to be friends, right? We friends, and I know that you are siding with with us on the side. But honestly, why is the correlation not sorted fighting it. They're waiting for you to fight first. And if the battle turns sour, and the courage to go back to Makkah, you stuck in Medina, what's going to happen to you? Right? You people will have to pay the price. So you have no guarantees, you guys are taking all the risks, and you have no guarantees. And we don't trust the kurush our tribe, we don't trust the kurush. And you shouldn't trust them either. But I suggest to you, why don't you tell Abu sufian he should give you as

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collateral 70 prisoners, they should take all the big boots, the Chiefs 70 should be held as ransom. So if the Qureshi ran away, you execute them. And I and and if they're honest, they'll give you those 70 men, and then you can fight together. So the yahood the blucora, in Medina said is a good idea. All right, then no, I am goes to Abu sufian. And he says Abu sufian you and I go way back, we're good friends. My sources tell me the blucora the Jews in Medina, they flipped back again to will be with Mohammed. And my sources tell me that as penalty for breaking the treaty initially, Mohammed has demanded the heads of 70 currencies. So they're going to ask you for 70 hostages as a

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ruse as a as a, you know, as a guarantee, but in reality, they coming to execute them and give them to Mohammed so that they can show up the Alliance. So Abu sufian was not sure. But sure enough, the next day, one of the ambassadors of the balloon curator said we are ready to fight, but we want 70 prisoners. So now boo Sofia Anissa Tao, we are worried. We are not going to we don't know which way to go. And so the two parties are now in discussion. No, it goes back to the Jew secretly he says Abu sufian said to me that not only Won't he give you 70 prisoners he won't even give you a camel if you asked they completely cannot be trusted. So now both parties are waiting for the other the juice

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on the inside, they waiting for the Jews to make the first step the juices we want to make a move until you give us 70 prisoners and the correlation of saying we can't go in until you guys make the first attempt. So now this mistrust builds between them. And this continues for a few days. I mean, Abu sufian says, Look, look, let's just finalize send, he sends an ambassador to the new Corolla. And he says Look, tomorrow, we all gonna fight. No more discussion. Tomorrow. We're gonna fight if you really want us. Let's all invade Medina tomorrow. The Jews say today's Friday. We can't fight on a Saturday. It's the sub. And I've also faced What nonsense is this? I've never heard this. It

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sounds like you guys are making up stories now. You guys are just making excuses. We all ready to go. Let's fight tomorrow, Friday.

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The night we find tomorrow, they say don't give us until Sunday. Why do you need to Sunday? This is even more suspicious. So Abu sufian calls for a equals the architect vandals. What is the story about the Sabbath? The Sabbath? You guys can't fight on the on the Saturday. So he says, Yeah, look, according to our Sharia, we're not supposed to work. We're not supposed to fight on a Saturday. But we willing to go these Jews are to silence you know, they are the silent ones. But, you know. So what's the difference between friday saturday is just the day after Friday, and the day before Sunday, just a day in the week. So yeah, he goes to the Jews. And he tries to convince them Guys,

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look, we need to fight, forget the Sabbath. And they said, I wouldn't be like, how can you make us want to forget the Sabbath? Well, rather die, then then leave our Sabbath. So now, the Abu sufian is convinced hallas the Jews are definitely they've betrayed, and they are against us. And the Jews inside are convinced now Abu sufian doesn't want to give the prisoners that this is clearly a sign that they're not gonna, they're not going to, we're not going to do anything. So now it's Friday night. It's Friday night. And as we said Abu sufian was make a decision. Is he going to attack? Is he going to go forward with this battle? Or is he going to is he going to wait. And the Sahaba say

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that night was a very strange night because it became extremely dark. And like winds indeed, Medina is very cold was a night that they said they can always remember there was no night darker and more severe in that night. Also, during the course of this back and forth, remember sad we said sad the scrape so high besides mud, he got shot with an arrow. So he's one of the few people that got injured, and he was bleeding. So this is one of the leaders of the unsought and he's the wound won't close so he makes you do all he sees Ya Allah, allow me just to live I know this wound is fatal, allow me just love to live long enough to punish the blucora that they've done this, they've

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betrayed us they've broken the treaty, just allow me to live long enough so I can see them being punished. And this is a very important point. Because next week, inshallah we'll talk about a very controversial event that happened after the battle. But this event, you must understand what the bonocore eva did understand what they did, and how severe it was. So now it's Friday night, abou pianos make a decision, am I going to fight? Am I going to invade tomorrow or not? The Jews have said inside we're not going to do anything. So you must decide, am I gonna go alone or not? And who they follow the alarm, the Sahaba heard a

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lot of names, but who they thought of the alarm. You should know who he is. He's the he's nickname is the keeper of the secrets of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He had some special properties who you know, he was a different kind of Sahabi for life. I would say the other Sahaba would ask about the good things, you know, what is the base deed I can do to get to Jenna, what are the what's the best reward? I used to ask about the evil. So he would ask about the jail about Kiana all those odd kind of things, who they used to ask those questions for later. So when a friend tells a beautiful story he sees that night was Friday night, and it was dark and the wind was so loud and cold. It was

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like thunder. And we were like demoralize and demote. So they weren't in contact with Nori they had no idea about all this back and forth going on between the Jews, they just waiting when is the invasion going to happen? They saw Abu sufian and they tried getting ready. So they feel like something's up. So the profit PC software they first these many years in the future. He was with this tabea in the people after the Sahaba and the while there was sitting there was an old man, one of these new Muslims say to him, you know, as great as you are as Sahaba if we were the we would have been like better. We would have been braver we would have even carried the promises that we

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wouldn't allow him to walk with Kennedy when our backs so for the forces you guys like really think you're so tough. Let me tell you a story. I was at that night at the HAZOP at the trench when the wind was blowing and was so dark. So the Prophet peace upon him stands up and he says to us, who will go across the trench into a bush ruffians camp, find out the news, like do a reconnaissance mission and come back and I will be with him a companion with him on camera. I will be his companion here right now all this is Sahaba right? And this is what the reward is big right? yet no one stands up, obviously who's gonna volunteer and amongst this great Sahaba they push to such a limit that

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nobody stands up and he asked again the prophesy who's gonna go so I can be his companion piano. No one stands up and the third time no one stands up. So then the prophecies are they stand up. So the first is once he said my name. I couldn't say no, I have to stand up. So they came to prophecy came told where they come, go find out the news. But basically don't make don't fight. Just find information. Don't put yourself in danger. Go and come back. So the first is I didn't want to go. I was like terrified, but because he comes

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wanted me to go, I had to go. And he obviously saying how dark it was and how the wind was blowing, it was just a scary night. So are they thought of the Alliance's, I crossed over the trench. And I entered Abu sufian limbs camp and all around the wind was blowing, the fires were being put out, His face is being covered. So he finds himself in a gathering like, you know, it looks like a like a like a people are sitting together and he sits down with him. So and the wind is blowing. And he sees a man that looks like a boo Sofia. Now. He says I saw Abu sufian and I was about to take my daughter out and shoot him. But I remember the words the Prophet says go and get information and

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don't fight. You know, obviously we shot an arrow, you'd also be killed. So he was about to shoot Abu sufian. But then he lifted. So he sat down. And Abu sufian says guys, listen, I'm gonna make an announcement. So make sure the person sitting next to you is trustworthy. Now what if I sitting in the middle with people all around him? What am I going to do? So he grabs the man to his left? And he says what's your name? And then he grabs him and to the right, what's your name? And then ask him what's his name? Right now one question him. And I didn't ask him. Let me see your face. So no one's to speak to them. And Abu sufian basically says, Listen, guys, it is quite clear. The Jews have

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betrayed us Haha, foreigners want to fight. We can't cross this strange. I don't know what you guys are going to do. Look at the wind's blowing. Our fires have put out camels are dying. I am going to pack up my stuff and I'm going back to Makkah. You can decide what you want to do. It's up to you and he packs up and he leaves and holiday for now scurries back across the trench. And he goes to the end he wants to tell the professor the good news and he finds the professor Salam in Sala and this shows you when things are disaster there's nothing you can do all you can do is was there I knew somebody was sorta just depend with Sabah and Sala so the property is in a static making Sala.

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So they are sitting next to him waiting and it was cold. So how are they versus he took his cloak and he put me inside it. Why the students Allah and when he was done. The Prophet already knew the good news that Allah subhanho wa Taala informed him that look, I have defeated that as a with a wind that wind that blew everything over. So the next morning when the sun rose they found that has all gone Qureshi had left they've gone back to Makkah the father finally left and now they have to deal with the Jews inside Medina. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala remember in our etuc V, which is what has Amala azova when Allah says he defeated that Azerbaijan all by himself, no fighting, no not

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any battles just by himself. He took an impossible situation, a few little words here and there. And he defeated the Herzog completely It's a miracle and when the Prophet says now after this point, we will be on the offensive and we will not be on the defensive again this is the last time we are ever going to be attacked here in Medina and that is true after that the expansions with continued so we'll continue inshallah, the aftermath and the end of the battle of insha Allah just a few announcements

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our class on Wednesdays has come to an end we discuss the life of a bucket on the line will continue perhaps after Ramadan with say normal Dylan although our Hajj class half past six it's going to start from our past six this week coming up for six or hedge classes beginning until the time is incorrect not quarter past seven is from half past six hedge class will continue and it's open to everybody.

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We also announced that the book athletes launching

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the book retreats for this Ramadan Alhamdulillah in america this is one of those good glad tidings Ramadan is coming

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it's it's being launched today at the at the at the convention center and the castle so there's two two cape Islamic expos one of the convention center one of the castle both inshallah you can find the book athletes but it will be available here next week. Also just a comment from me there's a course happening in Durban inshallah. I'll be teaching a course in Durban on Sunday. It's got to do with feminism, Islam and women. You know, why can a men marry four wives and what is the Quran says you can eat your wife. What does this mean? If you'd like to be interested, you can come to Durban but if you can't go all the way to Durban you can register online and get the audios as well. So you

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are welcome to do that as well. So any questions concerns with gmail.com visit our website Grand

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Ladies only tell your wives

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Sunday morning when the fifth or the sixth.

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lady shadow Quran at the Safi most local ministry. And older ladies are welcome started off with Sharon until they were

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in Manchester

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and then also just a reminder that our brother

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family will be leaving on Monday.

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inshallah and we guarantee Salam Salam O

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Allah Addis Ababa shala