Making Wudu With A Handful Of Water

Waleed Basyouni


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This is basically not much

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less than one.

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So if you want to do, you're going to go. So remember we said

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that I'm going to make even the sinner, which is not only the logic, even the sinner, which is washing the hands is sin and the beginning is not must. But let's say that you do like this

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or you go

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into debt, then you do like this.

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And you do like this.

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Even the Muslim Allah

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is not according to the majority.

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And you do,

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To like this right back into your brain,

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like this

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would be much easier to take off

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your feet,

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your water

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would leave your whole entire feet

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to the next line,

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you go like this.

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See how everything is taken care of how big more water just

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then you have that much water left.

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Which is can be a third of the month. So I still have this, you remember, I just did my face once you can do it three times. And the same thing. That's

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you can do the same for free.

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Even if the fish you can do with it.

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We did three times and still have

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your turn.

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You can stop recording.

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Okay, so I'm recording this so you can remember. Okay, so what you're going to do to deceive the trick A lot of people think that they have to pour water, which is going to take a little bit, but you do good.

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Very good.

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Then you're going to do just a little bit

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and your nose in the same time. Very good. Can you pick up your classes? And I'll put for you

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then you do like this?

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You gotta do it three times.

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Out of only one.

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Okay, great. Good.

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And you're happy hand

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and if you still

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need some more to just click there.

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Okay, good. This is

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the wild world.

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Okay, you're

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gonna watch dressing afrikan off. Okay. Let's see. We don't have to take your watch off. No, he did it for me.

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And now

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he had more than half of the water with us, but that's okay.

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So you want to do your feet

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Yo Yo,

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Okay, the same one you don't need to go out don't take a new one. For the

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sake guys, that's how much

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anybody want to try.

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That's all that you don't need to waste so much water and

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is it the sender or the way of the sellers? Both

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there it is.

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Thank you