Nouman Ali Khan – Islam Brings Colours To The Youth

Nouman Ali Khan
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The first thing I want to share with you is that these were out a lot went out of his way. He went out of his way to stay in the home theater and they are no doubt young people. They are young people. Amanullah be him that believed in their master. A lot highlights their youth. This is important because young people today when we talk about youth, we talk about the problem segment of our society. The youth are doing drugs, the youth are into filth on the internet, the youth are into popular culture, the youth are easily you know, easily swayed, the youth are losing their faith. The youth are confused. The youth talk to each other too much they use the boys are liking the girls too

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much. The youth have a situation in the bazaar. I don't like the youth session at the convention. It's too crazy.

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You hear the word youth, you almost make it synonymous with problem.

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Let's just use and problem, you know.

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And yeah, and it seems like there are the weakest link in our community. Everybody else is okay with their Islam brother, but we really worry about the youth.

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Let me tell you something. In this time of trial, the only people standing up for the truth, the only people with the spine and the courage to not care what anybody else thought and they're gonna stand tall By Allah, we're the youth. So they were the youth. They are not our weakness. Young people are not our weakness. Young people are our strength. They are our strengths and they will find their strength in the Word of Allah. When a young generation goes back to the book of Allah, the world changes the map of the world changes. Let me tell you something, there are law scholars that have spent their entire life reading books. They have spent their lives worshiping Allah, they

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have spent their lives studying Hadith, Sharia fic also lucky data see, they have lived a life of learning and teaching and their their hairs have turned gray to white, and their skins are wrinkled, and they can barely stand straight. And these are some of the most noble, dignified symbols of human in our community, the elders, and especially the older scholars of this oma that are a treasure to this oma. And yet, the scholars of this oma for 14 centuries, are learning about a bunch of young guys who knew nothing except there's one God, to those great scholars. They had these scholars wrote books and articles and papers and reflections on the lives of these not knowledgeable, not

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scholarly, no ijazah in any degree, the young men. That's what happened here. This is the power of the man. We don't glorify credentials. We don't glorify what the appearance, what we glorify what Allah glorifies is the faith you can stand by. If you can stand up to pressure, then these young people can become heroes to scholars, not the other way around. So panela that is what Allah did for those young people.

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of the lessons that I wanted to highlight

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It's so beautiful the way the story is told guys, it's so beautiful. And one of the areas of you know, concentration for myself, is an exploration of a lot of speech in order. How does a lot tell the story? How does the law narrate the events and the way Allah did that for Sultan cough and his herbal cough is absolutely remarkable. This is something that I'll give you. Now, this is again going to be an oral exercise. Those of you who suffered the afternoon session you shall suffer again. Repeat after me. There are going to be four ions of introduction how many I add, for introductory is the first of them is our fifth year to enter golf. This is what you have to

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remember. The first of them is the youth turned for refuge to the cave they had to what? The cave that's the first I went 15 to 11 Gaffey for call robina atina malankara

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me Amina Rashida. The second is the IR right after that. Allah says for da da da da da da him. The second is Allah made them go to sleep. The first IO was what they headed to the cave. The second was they went to sleep a lot Amina Allah avani him. The third eye is some of us not only that Allah has been axonemal me through Amada, then we brought them back to life. So they could they could ask each other how long they stayed. The first one was they went to the cave. The second one was they went to sleep and the third one was they woke up again. Allah woke them up again. And the fourth one and probably the most important one is National nakusoo and a kind of a humble Huck.

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We are telling you their story.

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Already for actual purpose. It's not a story for your entertainment it is story with real purpose. There are four introductory comments in the sutra. These four basically summarize the entire story. I mean, what happens in the story, they go to the cave that was one, they go to sleep that was to a lot woke them up. That was three. And then the story has a real purpose that's for it's done. Finished. The rest of the part of the story. actually go back just like you guys have, you know, in the beginning of a modern chapter in a book, you have bullet points, this chapter covers items. 1234. Yeah. What Ally's gonna do in this surah is he's actually going to take a number of ions and

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elaborate How did they end up running to the cave? So the next few IOD elaborate point number one, the next few ions are going to be what happened? How did Allah put them to sleep? When you call the boom that and Yamini was at Ashima Alberto Carvalho Morocco, they were sleeping you they were you would think they're awake, but they're asleep. Allah will explain what that sleep looks like. In other words, Allah himself and explain point number what to then Allah describes how they woke up.

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And when they woke up What happened? LEAH TESSA lubaina home, they started asking each other questions. I'll give you some lessons from that, because I think is one of the coolest parts of the story. So they wake up. What gallica is now home. Leah, Tasha lubaina home so they could start asking each other. So they wake up now seven guys in a cave, not the most comfortable sleep or they didn't think it would be. But it seems like they got some pretty deep sleep. They have no idea that centuries have gone by. They have no clue. They wake up and they start asking each other color calm in Hong Kong love is one that speaks more among themselves. How long were you? How long were you

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sleeping? How long did you stay? It's really cool that Allah did that because it lies illustrating that one of them is more talkative than the others. Why don't you know you have a bunch of guys that hang out and everything's going peacefully but this one guy he doesn't like conversations to remain peaceful. He introduces a subject that he knows is gonna stir up an argument and then he's gonna sit back and watch everybody eat each other alive.

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Right so he's just gonna just throw it out there you bunch of guys are sitting there at you know having some food or whatever. And he's gonna throw in Yeah, the Warriors totally losing

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and then he's gonna just step back because he knows emotions show up you know? And then everybody and he's not part of this conversation. He just wanted to watch the circus.

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So one among them says he doesn't say How long were we sleeping? He says How long were you guys sleeping?

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So good. come live with them. Then one of them says call a snowman. Oh Baba and we must have slept the whole day No no no part of it no not a whole day come on. Maybe like an afternoon or something but my own and then this got so are a hand that one of them says guys who cares?

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Based on your master knows how much he knows better. How long you stay? Can we leave it alone? Please? Can we just leave it alone? I don't want to know how long we slept. The fact is I'm hungry.

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Guys, can we not discuss whether this was a whole day or half a day? I need chicken. That is the issue. So when he when he literally says father are through a haidakhan bhiwadi Kiko Mojave in El Medina for Jambo scelta Iman, when a bunch of guys get together and hang out, obviously, what is the number one priority food, these amazing heroes of Islam. And Allah goes out of his way to say they were just a bunch of guys hanging out with each other. And then they said, Man, we got to eat something.

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And we need to find the right guy among us who's gonna make the most of this money that we've pulled together, he's gonna go to the right restaurant and order exactly the right amount. Don't give it to this guy. He's only gonna bring four bags of ketchup and nothing else. Give it to the guy that's got the right, because one of the guys knows all the restaurants. There's always a guy that knows all the spots where we going, man. And there's always a guy that when they're all sitting together, and they're all confused about what to order, I'll have some fries. I'll have a soup to shut up. I'll order for everybody. There's always one guy that knows what to do. And they know which one that is

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and say you take the money you need to go because everybody else you have those annoying guys that look at the menu for 30 minutes. I'm thinking Hold on.

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You know, ah, we gotta get this done. We got to keep moving. And then he gives him advice about being subtle. Don't don't draw too much attention to yourself. You know, when you get a lot of Be very careful and soft. Don't make a scene. What did they know that the guy is going to be wearing 300 year old clothes with ancient currency from a camel

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Longer go and walk into the middle of a mall dress like Shakespeare. And

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he's like, I'm trying to not draw attention to myself, you know.

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And he's gonna pass on some shillings at the McDonald's. And then he's gonna be like,

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you know, what did I have may have some chicken, though, has produced, you know, like,

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you understand what's happening here, right? They're supposed to not draw attention, but this is not gonna work out the way they imagined. I wanted to highlight this part of the story because when we think of, you know, this is not and that's this is connected to another piece of this, this study.

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A lot of people believe that this is a Jewish tradition. It has nothing to do with Judaism. This story has nothing to do with Judaism. As a matter of fact, this was a story of young, it's a Christian tradition. The Jacobite church actually accounts this tradition, about 70 years before the birth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This story was translated from Aramaic into Arabic, and it was spread among the Syrian churches and the Syriac churches across the region. These people were turned into since they were called the seven sleeping saints. And the Jacobite Church of the region was now celebrating every year, the Festival of the saints, where they would actually fast

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and then have a feast, commemorating the sacrifice of these young men. This was actually entirely a Christian holiday. It is as it was, as Christian back then, as you think of Black Friday today, you know, or you think of like something purely Christian, like, you know, Christmas break or something like that. And what it is has nothing to do with Muslims at the time, nothing to do with them. And what does the Quran do? The Quran comes along and takes the story that is only being celebrated by who,

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by Christians a purely Christian holiday literally, and says, actually, we own it. And these are our people, and they were Muslims. And they weren't Christian at all. And they weren't saints. They were just young men, and they were very normal young men. What made them awesome was their confidence and faith. Otherwise, they were not hovering in the air only sporting iaat

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they were just pretty normal people. In order to be great in the sight of Allah. You don't have to only spew out wisdom. A lot of young people when they turn towards the religion, they lose their personality.

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Like even if they hang out with a bunch of guys and everybody's having a good time to like a suffer loss after loss after loss after loss of having a good time clearly haraam you know, it's gonna hurt my mind. Oh, wait, hold on, you can relax. You can be yourself. You can be yourself. And one of you can ask about food. I'm hungry.

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I started a lot earlier, we were discussing how long we were sleeping in which a Baba we should do. And here you are worrying about the No, there's no reprimand. Let's go eat, man. Let's go eat. The In other words, you when you turn towards the deen of Allah, you don't have to become a social outcast. You don't have to become weird. You don't have to be depressed all the time. Because if you're a person of the ASPCA, and you have nothing to do with the dunya these people yes, they left the world. They went into a cave because their lives were in danger, but they still went back to the restaurants.

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You understand? We paint an extreme picture that the Quran itself doesn't paint. And our youth suffer from this. Sometimes they feel like turn becoming serious about Islam must mean you can't have a life anymore. You can't have friends anymore. You can't have a personality anymore. You have to drop all of those things. Please. It's such a beautiful religion. It brings color to your life. It adds it gives you reason for joy. It's not a reason to be depressed.

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the topic of the youth and how when we talk about youth, we talk about the problem segment of our society.

Youth has become synonymous with the problem and it seems like they are the weakest link in our community. But Allah highlights the youth and makes us realize that they are not our weakness. young people are our strength. And they will find their strength in the Word of Allah. When a young generation goes back to the book of Allah, the world changes. The map of the world changes.

There are ‘ulama, scholars, that have spent their entire life worshiping Allah, studying hadith, fiqh, Usul, Aqidah, tafsir, etc and have lived a life of learning and teaching. these are some of the most noble-dignified-symbols of Iman in the community, the elders. The older scholars of this Ummah are a treasure of this Ummah. Yet, the scholars of this Ummah, for fourteen centuries are learning about a bunch of young men who knew nothing, except there’s one God. These scholars wrote books, and articles, and papers, and reflections, on the lives of those not knowledgeable, not scholarly, no ijazah in any tajweed category of young men. Pause for a moment and understand the profundity of this! Knowledge is not something that is exclusive to the elders. It is the Iman in the heart of a Muslim that counts.

We paint an extreme picture that the Quran itself doesn’t paint. And our youth suffer because of this misconception. They feel that becoming serious about Islam means that we must let go of our existing life devoid of friends, a personality and much more. But the youth needs to realize that Islam is a beautiful religion that brings color and joy to our life.

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