Mirza Yawar Baig – Jewels from the Seerah – Part 8 – Ridha bil Qadha of Rasoolullah(s) by

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the ways of reacting to incidents such as failures, loss, and success, emphasizing acceptance and engagement in life. They also touch on the success of Islam and the importance of dressing up to appear as a Islam person. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of staying true to one's values and not being an evil person.
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Then we come to

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rely will come up where

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Allah subhanaw taala we are talking about, as I mentioned, do

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refer you to the story of life?

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Now, in question of time, as I mentioned to there are several lessons, three ways of reacting to incidents in life. And we are talking here about failures.

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People react in three different ways. One is, of course, people complain. So something happens, there's a loss, there is failure and so on. And you know, you more and groan and you scream and so on so forth, the why the why b and so on and so forth. All of this, of course, is completely negative, as Muslims we do not do this.

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Second way of dealing with failure is where you don't complain,

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but you accept.

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So if somebody says, How are things

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but you can people you can see from the face of somebody that they're obviously unhappy about it, and so forth. Now, this is a second level this is not bad, you enter the day you are human, if it pains It pains.

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But resemble Kedah is a level beyond this. This is the level of the Gambia This is the level of the surface here. This is the level of a civilized salams.

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approach to life.

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Reliable Allah is not only to accept the color of Allah, because we have no choice. You are you moan and groan about it or not? The color of Allah is the color of Allah, if it happened, it has to happen, it will happen.

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So reliable color is not just accepting the color of Allah but actually being happy about what happened.

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Pleased with the color of philosophy.

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Now, you might say, well, there's no there's like pushing it, because how can you be pleased about loss?

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How can you be pleased about

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some, you know,

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bereavement, or somebody close to me dies, or I make a lot of effort, years and years of effort behind something, and he doesn't,

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doesn't there's no success, I do not achieve what I want to achieve.

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Now, when this kind of thing happens, especially with bereavement as far as different, but especially if you are engaged in good work, whether it is directly the work of Dawa or something else

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I mentioned to you the issue of dive, what are the three things we said that sincerity? Did you really have sincere diva? Do you have a class? And you say well answer is yes, or Hamdulillah. I know to the best of my ability, I did this only for Allah.

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Not for my name not for fame. My name is nowhere nothing only for Allah did not take any money. No money involved, no material benefit involved. I was working only and only for the pleasure of Allah. So inshallah since you already had your classes there, Allah Allah

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second one the thing that you were doing was it for Islam? Yes 100% Only why Islam there's no other material benefit in that there's no business deal in it nothing was doing it only for Islam. Number three, did you make enough effort? Yes, I made enough effort I was working day and night on it. Thanks to that all my other works got neglected but this work got resilience. I did all this to all three conditions are satisfied. Then what happened? Nothing happened.

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Did not get success.

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So looking at these three things. First one, you can complain I did all this nothing happened. But but but we don't complain. Second one. We accept

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the ticket.

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But what is the best way? The best way is to sell Hamdulillah I thank Allah that this did not happen. I imagined this crazy Oh Why do you think Allah if you are going to thank Allah did not happen. What would you have done if it happened? today?

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So what is his tagging Allah did not happen. thanking Allah did not happen because how does it happen? Because of what Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala said whatever one kombucha you mineral how people jewelry were not similar Lumba was he was savara over she saw very Allah Xena isa Saba Tomasi baton cardhu Paulo in alila. He was in LA he rod you own Willa ecology him Salah to Mirabai him Baraka, Willa Iike homeroom

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why do we thank Allah? Allah is specifically mentioning failures? Allah is mentioning tests Allah is mentioning been Allah has mentioned in laws yes and truly are Verily We will test you one another one.

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With what we show you mineral health with fear we're Joe with hunger 1x in middle and one by the destruction and loss to your wealth where I'm foresee to your health, your self worth and to your children and your family. We will test you in these ways some of them all of them

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and then what

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that's doing what plus

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for Bashir is very

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good news Glad Tidings Bashara for the people who do suffer and who are there either cyber to masiva tone when they have this Musa Messiah when they have the bousema What do they do?

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Rila here in Isla here Raja they say We are from Allah to Allah is our

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and then what are the lessons? We like? Him Salah to me Robin

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on them is salam from the Arab Jalla jalla

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wa Rama and the mercy of Allah is for them. Whoa like a homer Mata don't you truly they are rightly guided people.

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Now you can be situation you made all the effort, it was sincere.

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You're doing it for a good cause for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and you failed

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What are you thanking Allah for? thanking Allah that because of the way Allah helped you because of the support Allah gave you because of how Allah allowed you and permitted you and enabled you to act in the face of failure.

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You are now are Inshallah, in the position where Allah said ally him Salah to Mira

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battle of Lubbock now he's a wrestler is asking for donations.

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rubella Welcome to the login lung. How many of you have heard about that I'm talking about one piece of it how aggressive they are they'll and who comes dressed in rags literally is you know dude hessian cloth sack you he made all of the saggy put it on his to his head through that like a poncho and he

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secured the side with pods

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even his clothes yes gummies brought it now which is what what have you left for your family? Yeah, Baba. He's a gr Allah and he's gonna be sufficient for me and my family.

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So what happens now? GBL Islam comes

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and comes in and says Ya rasool Allah, your rubbish and Salah on your friend Abu Bakr and your Rob wants to know is Abu Bakr pleased with him?

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Allah wants to know if I am living with him

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Allah also if I agree, how can I not be pleased with Allah?

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And then looks at God really salah?

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What does he see? He sees Gibreel so I'm dressed in the same clothes.

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Who is

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the king of the Malaika Lucara born from the era of Allah subhanaw taala

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the one to whom Allah speaks directly

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Julius Salam is dressed in

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a sack

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that's one of them. What is this your clothes?

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Today your RAM has ordered not only me, but all of us. The billions that zillions of like on the seven heavens to dress like your friend Abu Bakr you are Rob loves his dress so much.

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This is the meaning of ridable Telangana Allah

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Alhamdulillah I did not succeed Alhamdulillah I did not succeed and my Arab allowed me to be in a position where I do not complain. allowed me to be in a position where I'm not only accepting the cover of Allah but I see Al Hamdulillah Europe I'm very happy that I did not suffer because of this insha Allah I'm close to that.

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Era have to have to rugby be firstly, as I am. Imagine, these are people who got the therapy of Muhammad salah. He said I recognize

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My era by the breaking of my aspirations, by the failure of my desires, or after Rob D, I recognized by Rob, I got the fan of IRA, the first real desire, because of my eyes, my desire, whatever I wanted to do, did not happen. It did not succeed, despite my best efforts, despite my sincerity, despite all my dua, it did not happen. That is where I recognize that my Rob is the one who runs this world, not me.

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And then, of course,

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the one that will hurt you know, what you also recognizes? He recognizes the fact that all the DUA he made for that thing to succeed.

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He's waiting for him

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on the day of judgment,

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what is the value of that?

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This thing, whatever it was in this world, if you'd have succeeded, would it have given him the same value as this dua?

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with Allah subhanaw taala, which is with Allah.

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Not a billion is not in 1 million years.

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Because this dua which waits with Allah subhanaw taala, the day of judgment, and I'm not saying this, you know, I'm saying it, because this is what I was told us,

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that dua the Day of Judgment,

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Allah that I will say my slave, you asked me for this, I did not give it to you now asked me what you want

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what is the value of that?

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What is the value of that?

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That is why the one who

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understands this the one who knows his rock jelajah, who may Allah make us all among those

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he makes the best effort

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and if he succeeds, Alhamdulillah Hara banana, but he fails, still our hamdulillahi

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rabbil Kedah is that is why it is so so important.

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Third point Mr McCullough which I want to say and with that, which is that just because you and I do not see the effect of our efforts immediately or in this world, I do not believe that there is no effect.

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Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah Himself. When the soul has passed away at the age of 63, in Medina,

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the sum total of Islam was within Jazeera talara.

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Well, only within the Arabian Peninsula.

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Even there, it was not completely in their best because people like to sell magazines or was there with them, those people who are not Muslim.

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You're talking about the effort of the NABI SallAllahu, alayhi, WA, he was I was

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even he did not see the fulfillment of his effort during his lifetime. But that did that mean that nothing was happening? Everything was happening, because in the same generation, as an

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rolled over him an empire from Medina, all the way up to Jerusalem,

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rolled over an empire from Medina, all the way into Iran,

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the whole of Syria whole era of Persia.

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And then when you're ready to lay next next, not in Marathi on January 7.

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Muslims were in China,

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Muslims were in India, Muslims were in India long before that. But I'm saying in actual, the army of

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which game to sin.

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My mom has been passing game and the time of

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the game at the time of in the time of asthma. And then if you look at North Africa, all of this happened in the time of

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with the same generation.

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Mr. McCarthy was not there was a little it was in the in the way up here. But anyway, the point being that in the sambucus, went to China, and that was in the time of being a fan of the law no during his tariff.

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So the point I'm saying is that just because you make effort and you do not see the result or you find that it just didn't happen. One is number one is to remember that Allah subhanaw taala insha Allah Stan is is pleased and therefore what what is happening is what pleases Allah

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and also that don't think it's a very it's not a very it's everything takes time. And this is part of the process.

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If a farmer plants are

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See the dice? Has he failed or succeeded?

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He succeeded because he planted the seed. If he had not planted the seed, then you might have said, well, you know, he sure does. But if you planted the seed and die, the seed will germinate.

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The seed will germinate.

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Finally, point this is why one of the Salafi said when I make dua, and Allah grants it to me, I'm happy.

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But when I make dua, and Allah does not grant it to me, I'm even more happy.

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So somebody asked him, What do you mean by that? He said, because when I make dua, and Allah gives me then what I wanted happened. But when I make dua and Allah does not give me then what my wrap wanted happened, and therefore I'm even more happy because I am able for for me, what happened was what might have bought

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some people

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that is the meaning of Dominica We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who are always pleased with his color insha Allah.

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Then we come to the issue of generosity.

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