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The guests are waiting for a presentation on Islam, with the host providing a brief list of the five pillars of Islam, including deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, deeds, de

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Just give the rest of the guests another couple of minutes to join and then

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we can begin insha Allah?

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Okay Amanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi mursaleen Syedna Mohammed Nora Alico psychodrama aina. So they want to come once again to everybody hope you had a good week.

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As the customer, we start with any questions that came up and a couple of questions did come through

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some big questions, actually. And we will just look into them quickly. So, last week, we spoke about

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almost the

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prioritization within Islam, so erode Makoto. roadmap to Jana. So we said okay, so far, if we look at the series, we've spoken about what Islam is, on a high level, we spoke about the principles of Islam. We spoke about the existence of Allah and why it makes sense. And now if we get to the point where someone says, Okay, fine. I want to be a Muslim. I want to be, I want to embrace Islam. Where do I start? Which class do I go to? Should I start by learning Arabic? Should I start by memorizing the Quran? Should I start by reciting this to our that dua give me sort of a framework that gives things in prioritization, because in Islam, not everything is equally as important as everything

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else. So yes, everything is important in the Sharia, that everything is there's nothing trivial, insignificant, but they are priorities. And we then said, Okay, fine, how do we know what the priorities are? We had a look at Kiana we said, Okay, how would Qiyamah go, you know, and we spoke about, you know, the outcomes of Kiama, there'll be different types of

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people, and depending on the deeds, would be dependent on the destination. And so we know that the most serious issue is the issue of, of the hate or the Oneness of Allah and to worship Allah alone. And this is really, if you were to read the Quran, with this lens, that everything in the Quran focus around this one single concept, that La ilaha illallah, that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, you'll begin to realize that this is without a doubt the priority and that is the thing which needs to be preserved and defended. Everything else Allah subhanaw taala is willing to forgive, except that except if you compromise you or hate, you find for example, in Surah Look, man,

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look, man was a pious man, and he gives his son a was here. You know, he's giving him advice was he is actually the bequeath that you give before you die. So it's your final statement, your wool is your your wasa? Yeah, and so even though it wasn't his his, you know, his advice to his arm, his deathbed, but it was so profound, that it was like he's giving his final advice to his son and he begins like to shake Billa you know, don't don't come and shake with Allah worship Allah No. And the same, the same with Nebby Iacob. When he gives advice to never use of any brothers or Nambiar Kabbalah says where you they would never Yaqoob was on his deathbed, and yet maybe I could call his

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sons his 12 sons. And he asked him very simple question, this is what Mother taboo mean but what are you going to worship after me? What is your what is your what are you going to worship after I pass away? And they said We will worship

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If your Lord and the Lord of alpha your father Ibrahim, and it's mine, one, Allah, the law either hate Allah basically. So this is the critical point and anything else that compromises your towhead doesn't count it nullifies. And therefore, the Oneness of Allah and she'll go hand in hand, the other side of of the hadith of course, sure. And so if you were to want to study Islam and prioritize Islam, you need to understand what issues there are many aspects of Sharia many types of *. And I gave a brief list last week I said of the type a type of * because atheism when you deny the existence of Allah, and another type of Sharia is to ascribe powers, knowledge, abilities

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to things other than Allah. Looking at your horoscope, for example, the fact that you know, the stars influences my future, the energies out there can influence my future that certain people have the ability to control things in the cosmos, these are a tightness a type of shake. And then of course, the most common type of shake is where you go to an entity other than Allah and UBC to them for help or assistance for forgiveness, to kill you, whatever is beyond the power, but it's belongs to Allah to ask them of it and to put them in a position of an ILA you deify them to the point of a god, this is * and this is the most common shade again, sadly, the vast majority of humanity is

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falling into this trap, and this is Shakedowns primary objective. So that is, that is a priority. We then said after that, what is the next thing? It is to focus on? The pillars of Islam and we mentioned this hadith where the prophet the hadith of Gibreel Oh, that's the video the Hadith of the wedding, where Allah Himself says that the closest you come to me is compulsory. And if you were to really ask yourself, what are the things Allah has made compulsory on me?

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It's really the five pillars of Islam the the excluding the Kanima, of course, by now you shouldn't Karima but your Salah you're forcing your head to Zakah those are the compulsory things. Everything almost after that, from a ritualistic perspective is novel. You don't have to make tagit you don't have to make a multisite do us other than Salah you don't have to fast on a Monday and a Thursday. Those are all optional. These four pillars are the fundamental priorities that if you don't have it, your Islam comes into question if a person comes to Allah, and he has not fulfilled his obligation of Hajj or fasting or Salah was then a pillar

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in what what understood if one of the pillars are missing, the entire building falls down. So you have to get these pillars in order to have a structure and to be called a Muslim ready to really be for Islam to be firm is for you to have that but that is why it's analog. If anyone's been on hodgen Mela grande those who are going on had success and for those who have been there, that is why up until you have reached the plains of Arafa.

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Your Islam is not 100% complete because you have been performing salah of course you have been paying us a car and fasting but you have not yet fulfilled the obligation of Hajj Of course this is for those who are able to do so if you're not able to do so then Allah Subhana Allah pardons you. But for those of us who are able to do so and for no other reason other than just timing we have delayed it until you reach our offer. And because once you get out of your head is almost complete your Islam is complete that moment is the culmination of your religion, you are now without a doubt every single box that needed to be ticked for you to be a Muslim has been completed what hamdulillah

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it's just about preserving it and maintaining it. And so that that four or five hours on the plains of alpha are the most important hours of your life, everything comes down to that moments panela Of course as we said this is for those who are able to do so. And what's beautiful all these pillars are three of the five pillars, fasting Zakah and hatch. There is also an element of if you're able to do so if you're too sick too fast you don't fast if you're unable you know you're too poor to pay Zika you don't pay Zika if you're too sick or too poor to go and hatch you don't go and such and so it really And subhanAllah if you want to

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bring Islam down to its strip away to its absolute essentials, you need to worship you need to not come a chick and you need to make Salah consistently if you do those two things. And this is that this is the view of the Sahaba some there's a lot of talk about you know people courting each other your coffee and better carfit The the scholars they write the the Sahaba did not deem anyone who said the Kanima and made Salah irrespective of what they did they didn't do as an unbeliever if you do those two things that you test if I am a Muslim and you perform your Salah there is no Islam is without a doubt without any question Alhamdulillah you are a Muslim there is between you and Allah

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subhanaw taala and so it really it comes down to as we said salah is a special kind of pillar above the others. And this is the focus for all of us and for many of us this is really our our daily challenge is to make sure our fire so

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Last on time done properly and correctly, we then spoke about the other obligations that you need to fulfill. And some of them are more serious than others. And most of these obligations are not to Allah, any sort of your contract with your wife in terms of Nikka your contract with your parents, your children, and that it takes a discussion all on its own.

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This is where we're going to get into the questions that we spoke about where we stopped last week we spoke

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it is around avoiding major sins against Allah and against mankind. So before we talk about sunnah salah, before we talk about the hatchet and Witter and Doha and giving sadaqa and charity, that is not a priority before this, this aspect of avoiding major sins becomes more of an issue than a person than doing a lot of good deeds. Of course, those things go hand in hand. But it's more important to avoid major sins, then to do extra now I feel right now I'm not talking about the fall of the fire, it comes first, then avoiding major sins, and then comes the Sunnah. So I have a number of questions. The one question was around, how do you how much sooner must you do and how do you

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increase your Eman through now I feel we'll talk about that when we get to know our field. The other question that was was raised was around homosexuality, and we'll talk about major sins and perhaps that's a good good segue. In this discussion, Allah Subhana Allah says,

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In Touch the new book about uromodulin Hona Anhu that if you avoid the major sins which I have a button for you, Luca Frank Messiah to convince every other minus and Allah says I will forgive you I'm an FTM. So one of the great

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comforts for us is yes, Allah will weigh and measure every single atoms weight of sin that we do every thought every statement everything will be weighed and presented to Allah and we can't hide anything on that day but Allah says if you come to him with no major sins of course it's for the believer who didn't come and shake obviously, Luca Farah uncle say African then I will wipe out every single one of those majors and every sorry minuses every one of the minuses. One who the Fill come with 100, Karima and I promise you, I will enter you into Jannah. And so avoiding the major sins becomes your next priority. And so here's the question, what are the major sins? What are these

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major sins, they are sins any anything that is sinful is something which is displeasing to Allah and carries with it a penalty. Certain things Allah is displeased with, but he doesn't carry a penalty, those things will be called in macro. But there are certain there are things that we are they are displeasing to Allah, and they carry with it a type of penalty, some of those sins are more serious than others. So and this goes without saying that to

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to Subhanallah say something wrong, or to look sorry to look at something Haram is obviously less of a sin then to murder someone.

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To insult someone verbally, is obviously bad, but to harm someone physically, you know, to actually shoot that person is obviously worse. So we understand that not all sins are equal. We don't trivialize our sins, even the smallest of sins we should not trivialize because in that we are trivializing Allah's displeasure. So we don't do that either. But we definitely have this concept of major and minor sins. And Allah is the One who measures in the Quran. Allah himself says in the Quran, that there are major sins and if you avoid the major ones, then he will forgive the minor ones. Now what are the major sins? Well, they are there is no clear list Allah did not list all the

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major sins nor did the Nabil Salam list them in a you know these are the 1020 30 major sins avoided. Rather, we can extrapolate from the Quran and the Sunnah, which sins are serious and which ones are not as serious so for example, there's a hadith and abysmal says, avoid the seven destructive sins, right the seven sins that will destroy you avoid them. Now we know that the seven is this like the seven deadly sins, right? So even in Islam, these we have the concept of the seven, a sabbatical movie called Movie caught or like the destruction of the deadly sins. What are they? Allah says, well, the Prophet says, to come and share what Allah said number one, the most serious one is to

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worships others besides Allah number two is to practice magic and sorcery. And then really the reason why magic is haram because it is it involves ship and harming people. Number three, killing someone you know, to murder someone without any just reason to kill someone. And you can obviously even in in the world of men, the most serious crime is to murder to kill there's nothing more serious than that. And number four, Subhan Allah how many of us trivialize the sin? How many of us don't have on this list? Perhaps all Muslims. Sin number four is the one that we should be most scared of, because it's the one that goes most unnoticed, consuming rebar, involving yourself in

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rebar not consuming, of course, as you take riba but we also know that the rebar isn't only the one who takes it, it's the one who pays it and many of us how many of us have bond

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and loans and car insurance and all these kinds of things which might have an aspect of Riba, our pension, you know, all these things we need to be careful of. And it's one of the major sins, consuming the property of orphans and as part of corruption and all that takes, so stealing the money of not just stealing, but to take the money of the poorest of the poor, fleeing on the day of in the battlefield serves Pamela, if the man is on the battlefield, and he flees into medicine, and then number seven, to accuse to accuse a chaste woman of Xena and she's innocent, right? So to accuse someone of immorality, and they are innocent. Now, it's interesting the things that are not

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on here that we give a lot of priority to. We give a lot of priority to those people commit Zina, they're bad people. And yes, you know, it's a major sin without a doubt, they take drugs or they drink alcohol, they're bad people, it's piling up that's not on the list.

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you know, they they're not wearing the hijab, or they're not, the beard is not long enough, or they feel that all those are sins, and let's not, let's not trivialize them. But sometimes we have prioritize certain sins over the others. And we've made certain sins bigger and overshadowed the things that are even more serious. For example, as I said, earlier, vice versa the most of you listen, in spite of its seriousness. And so

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the scholars have basically said that, to know if a son is a major son or a minus. And then there are certain telltale signs certain hints that it's major. So for example, if Allah calls it a major sin, so in some iClicker, I will say, to do A, B, C, and D is a Kabir, it's major, it's big, in obvious you know, it's a major sin. Sometimes Allah will say whoever does that, then acquirable, the other of the angle of Allah or the Lana or the curse of Allah is on them or the punishment or Allah is upon them. So when Allah expresses his extreme anger at a certain sin, and Allah mentions them in the Quran,

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you know, then it becomes a medicine, or if there is a penalty attached to it in the dunya. So if we lived in a Islamic State, certain sins carry a capital punishment, that if you stick, your hand gets chopped off, that if you commit, if you drink alcohol, you need to be naturally become a type of Xena, you should be stoned. Now, if there's a punishment in the dunya, then of course, it is a serious sin. And at most Subhanallah many, you know, some I've said that it's about 10 of those of them are major sin, some 20 some scholars have listed 70 major sins, nonetheless, they are a list of major sins and everything besides those major sins are, are minor, and even though those minuses do

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carry a penalty, so long as Allah subhana you present them to Allah without the major sins in show of his hope that it will be forgiven. Now, the question came about along the lines of homosexuality. And one of the most difficult discussions not really difficult, actually an easy discussion, but it's one of the most it's one of the discussions that raises a lot of a lot of feelings and emotions and and strong kinds of positions. Now, I am presenting Inshallah, a topic on homosexuality, but this is before the ages of 13 to 25 at the panorama Masjid on Thursday, so this Thursday coming the 16th of June at the panorama as you

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if you have, you know any kids or grandkids in that age bracket and you want to have a discussion in a safe place about six and sexuality, in particular the LGBTQI movement, then that's the place to be and we'll discuss the inshallah but let's talk about this question. So the system messages and says, What is Islam supposition basically on on homosexuality and because it is very, very prevalent now?

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People ask that question, but they don't actually mean that question because the