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Late ham loadable Alaminos salatu salam ala Shaka mousseline. So you now have an idea of spreading rain once against an American everybody hope you had a good week of your family. So well, mother's Pantalon bless you in your new dean in your dunya and our deen our dunya and our families and all of the all of our fears. I mean,

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I mean Alhamdulillah we are I think lecture number 12 Al Hamdulillah has been exceedingly just kept on. And as is my sunnah my custom is any anyone who has a question or someone would like to contribute? Before we get into bytes into tonight's lecture?

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I did actually see a comment. Okay, but it says he's got a comment. What is the comment? The comment said that they would follow there's always an unlimited amount of names. But in one of our previous lessons we said up to 99 and he just

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fantastic question. So by the way, it says it was a question we someone asked that on easy read up who is her that Allah has an infinite or an unknown number of names. And then we also have Hadith we also have traditions, we the Prophet peace your party mentions the Prophet Allah having 99 names? And the answer is, it's both so that Allah subhanaw taala. He has 99 names which he has shared with us. So there's 99 names that Allah has named himself with. And each name is is an attribute or characteristic of him, you know, it's it describes something almost nature. So obvious names are Razzaq, the one who feeds and does not that himself is not fit of His Names on honey, the one who is

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self sufficient, and independent and sustains others. So those are each name of Allah has a meaning. And those 99 names are those the names which the prophets Allah mentioned, and they they are found in the Quran and there are some that are found outside of the Quran. However, we also know the Prophet peace upon him when he would make dua, when he would ask Allah He would say to Allah, Ya Allah, I asked of you on all your names that you have taught me, so all the 99 that you've taught me, and all the names that you have taught any of your creation. So maybe there's some creatures, maybe God who knows a name of Allah or names of Allah, that is unknown to us. And then he also says,

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and I ask of you on all the names, which you have kept hidden with yourself. So there are certain names which Allah has not revealed about himself. It's only it's in Allah's knowledge. And so he definitely has more than 99 names, and the extent of them, we don't really know. But that is, you know, because ALLAH SubhanA himself is without limits. These are obviously aspects about him that we will never be able to understand or comprehend. And so, those names of Allah subhanaw taala, the important for what is relevant to us and we take this, this discussion more than just an academic discussion. Allah says in the Quran, DeLisle as well personally to Allah belongs the most beautiful

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and perfect names, federal and so ask him make dua to him with his names. And so how do you make dua to Allah with his names and I'm also assuming that Allah, Allah Allah give me this, Oh ALLAH forgive me, oh Allah grant me and we say Allah, Allah, Allah and it's fine, no problem. Allah is the the name and we'll maybe talk about what is the name of Allah actually mean? But what is more, more beautiful, is to take the name of Allah that is appropriate for that dua. So if you say yeah, Allah

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I'm having problems in my marriage. You know, my wife and I are fighting and yeah, what do we do it is the one who is most affectionate, most loving the one who brings love so you ask Yeah, well, dude, please put love in our marriage. If they are if you're in pain, right then you mentioned

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the one who gives Shiva if you want wealthier Razzaq, the one who gives risk, and so, Allah subhanaw taala is the one you know when you when you call upon Him, use the name that most suits that's that da. And of course, the name Allah is the genetic one which encompasses all of it. Allah is the One who is worshipped. And because He is the Creator, because he's a rasa because he's a Holic, because he's a rock man, because all of that He is Allah, the One who deserves to be worshipped. So are there any questions on that on the names of Allah? That's mountain hasna. Anyone else? Comment on that?

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Okay, there's like luckily, thank you for the question. So tonight, let's start in jump into tonight's lecture last week, we had discussed a couple of things we spoke about.

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The concept of we will see we're going to introduce the hadith of God, right the hadith of Gibreel. And before we actually got into the Hadith, we have to speak about what is a Hadith Okay, and

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And, and of course, in that discussion, we can spend a lot of time talking about the evolution of Hadith. When was it recorded because one of the start one of the criticisms of, of Islam is that, you know, the Hadith was the Prophetic narration was only recorded many, many centuries later. That's not true.

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It was in the there were some books of Hadith already compiled within the first you know, listed 100 years after the prophets Allah Okay, under the is still a long time. But there is a chain or the chain of people between the compiler, the one who put it in the book, like, for example, the very famous Imam, Imam Malik of the Maliki madhhab. His book on Wallclock is one of the earliest books of Hadith. And between him and the prophets of salaam were only two people. Okay, so his teacher was the student of the Nabil Salah. So his teacher, make the direct student I'm going to be salah, and so it was quite an easy link between him to compile the Hadith in a book. And, of course, the fact

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that the hadith is an act of it's a human endeavor, they are criticisms, they are issues. But the process as a whole, is something unique to Islam. And therefore one of the things which, which, for those of us who, you know, you study Islam, which you can take a lot of pride in, I think that you can take a lot of comfort in is the veracity is the level of rigor that our scholars of Islam have done to preserve the texts of Islam. Whereas in other religions, we know that there is no the original Bible doesn't exist anymore. We don't say this, the the scholars of the Bible will say that, if you read articles by, for example, the Harvard School of Divinity, they'll say, We have no

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idea who wrote the Bible, there are many authors over 40 authors, no one knows who they are, but some of them we know some of them, we don't know. And it is even worse in other other religions more difficult. Whereas Islam, we have a high level of credibility in terms of the evidence that you're getting, and that's very good. And it's not linked to one group of people. It is, it is a broad group of scholars. And so they, it almost takes out the bias, you know, so we spoke about what is the Hadith. And then we spoke about this amazing Hadith, the hadith of Gibreel, perhaps one of if not the most important hadith of all, the Hadith of the Prophet Salam.

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That is speaks about the pillars of Islam, What is Islam and the Prophet, the respondent, Islam, those five pillars? What is Iman, what is faith, the six pillars of iman, and we say, to summarize this hadith, this hadith, this narration, this prophetic tradition, it gives you a very holistic framework as to what it means to be a Muslim. So if a non Muslim wants to learn about Islam, you would basically speak to them about what Islam means the purpose of worship, Who is Allah? And then if the person says, Well, okay, fine, great. I like what I hear, where do I sign on the dotted line? What do I need to do? Do I have to like if someone asks you, I want to be a Muslim, but I'm not

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ready to wear hijab. I want to be a Muslim, but I'm not ready to circumcise or change my name, or I still drink alcohol, I might still drink sometimes we will say, okay, look, those things are not permissible. But if you can accept the fact you can do the five pillars, and you believe in the six pillars of EMA, and if you can do that, then you're a Muslim, then you are a Muslim. And that is really what's important. Also for us, many of you, yeah, hamdullah are born Muslims. Those things are the areas which we need to focus on. And we need to perfect, those are the things which is going to determine Jana and Jana, everything else is extra, everything else is additional. And so

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sometimes, we lose focus on the priorities, and we focus a lot on the things that are not priority.

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How many of us have done a class on, you know, on on understanding the pillars of Islam or understanding the pillars of of iman, understanding the questions of destiny, the questions of the angels, Kiana, those things are fundamental to our our beliefs. It's what makes us a Muslim.

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So today, Inshallah, having said that, if you want to prioritize your life, we say, look, I've got 6070 years, I believe I have a purpose to life, I know I'm going to die, and not look good on all of us a good death. I mean,

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how do I know I passed this exam of life? I think we spoke a little bit about this. But on Kiama, there are certain, you know, grades, like, you know, if you're at the University also, look, these come louder. There are those who pause with the first second and those who just make it those who are going to get a sub those who are failing those who are going to be expelled. So there's different levels of people on the dev Kiama based on the way they live their life. And so and we know how Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran, if you want to get this level, then you need to do this. If you don't, if you do that, you're going to fail. So, in summary, if you were to say what

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is the outcome of Kiana when we stand before Allah, there will be people

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These are the best of people, they will enter Jannah without even being questioned on Kiama and lawmakers amongst them a very select group. This is a very small group of people who are so devoted in the worship of Allah they have reached the level of SR, the level with a single taxon is online. They have reached the level of the Sun way. They worship Allah they live their life as if they can see Allah they trust him completely. The Prophet peace be upon him in a very famous Hadith. This hadith is called the hadith of Akasha Akasha because the sahabi asked the question, his name is Marcia, Vinny. I've never met someone with the name Akasha with Sharla for those of you are having

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kids, maybe name your kid off the Akasha This is a great Sahabi and Elisa Lam says the Companions he says they will be a group of people on the Deaf Kiana will not be of the MBM not prophets, they will enter Jannah without being questioned, they 70,000 of them. And the prophecy will lift lifted like that. So the Sahaba began to debate and discuss what the 70,000 some of the Sahaba mentioned, it is a Sahaba we are going to be of that 70,000 Because we are the best generation the best people. Others have said no it can't be asked because even though we are Muslims, remember, we lived our life in the past committing Sheikh, maybe it is our kids who are born Muslim, they never ever did

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check. They were born worshipping Allah. And so in the discussion that are businesses, this 70,000 The quality that they will have is complete dependency in Allah subhanaw taala nothing happens except that they feel a sense of comfort with Allah when something bad happens. I said Hamdulillah this was my 13th they, this is what Allah has. It's a it's an examination of my faith in Allah. And I will thank and thank Allah and be patient. If something good happens to them. They're not they don't become arrogant, or they become unappreciative. This is Allah's doing, I got a raise, I got the new job, this was purely from Allah, and they become more grateful. And so the people have that

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level of Yaqeen, that level of sun, they will be of that 70,000 They don't fear anything in the they don't worry about anything at all, because everything is in the control of Allah subhanaw taala it's a very high level of iman very high level of spirituality to achieve, may Allah make us amongst them. And why is it called the hadith of Akasha because at the end of the Hadith, once a Javi say, Dr. Rasool Allah, let me be that let me be of that 70,000 Make dua that I am of them. And so there'll be something you will be amongst that 70,000 And then another Sahaba said, Me too, we are also Allah, and the Prophet said no Akash has beat you to it already, meaning you're not going to be

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amongst him. But Akasha the first hobby he is going to be amongst them are the a lot of money. Okay? So that is the first category of believer the highest category, there is another category of believers, one listing that they are those who fulfilled all the obligations to Allah, they did everything that they were required to do. They did everything that they were required to do for Allah and to mankind. Remember we have to Islam as two sides of the coin, there is an obligation to Allah, we'll talk about those obligations Inshallah, minimum and over and then there's obligations to people, you have an obligation to your parents, to your kids. And so there'll be people will come

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on the Deaf camp, and they will have no deficiencies in the Ybarra to Allah, and they will have no deficiency in the obligations to others, and they would not have committed any major sins. Now we're all going to commit sin. No, it certainly is, is between human every single one of us commit sin, but they will not stand before Allah with any major sins or any major sins that are not they have not repented for. So maybe there are those who committed major sins but they've repented fully of it and so it is expunged. This kind of person will go directly to Jana inshallah. So there is no detour via Johanna, they will come they will go straight to Jana. The scale will be heavy on the right

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side, and they will go straight to Jana mela makers amongst them, these of us how will you mean the people on the right side Allah speaks about them. Those are the people that have passed the exam, basically, with flying colors, so do your obligations to Allah, do your obligations to mankind and avoid the major sins and you will almost you will definitely inshallah intergender without any punishment.

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The next category are believers, who are deficient in some obligation, they did not perform all this on us, they did not do what they need to do as a husband, or as a mother or as a father, there is some serious, something lacking in the obligations, or they have committed major sins. So yes, they will worshipping and make their Salah and all of that, but they will also drinking alcohol yesterday also committing Zina, and this sort of

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you know, they've mixed good deeds of bad deeds, and now they stand before Allah, what's going to happen to them. So now, Allah subhanaw taala, who will judge the punishment, either he forgives them, thy sins, all he ascribes a penalty, whatever that penalty is, it could be a penalty on Kiama it could be a penalty in Jannah. It could be a prescribed time

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of punishment in jahannam. May Allah protect us from that this, these people are called the US horrible Cabal, the believers who committed major sins and we'll talk a little bit more about one of the major sins. So there are sins that are big. And since there are small, if you avoid the major sins, and you're a believer in sha Allah, you hopefully will not enter in jahannam. But as for the one who commits a major sin, and he's a believer, then he is liable for a temporary punishment in Jannah, not a permanent punishment because a believer will Exogen will will always go to Jannah. But he's liable for a time to be speaking Johannes Hahn, Allah, who can be even a moment in jahannam. We

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know that skinny skinny Hadith, within a reasonable says, Allah subhanaw taala. If he took the person who was the most blessing, the happiest person in the dunya, the person with the most blessings, the happiest person, and he was brought close to Johanna for a moment for a second. And he was just dipped in it for a second. And then Allah asked us man, have you ever experienced happiness in your life, he will say never, I've never experienced anything of happiness, just that one second, and Jana will make you forget completely everything of goodness. And of course, the converse is true for Jana, the person who had the most wretched and miserable life, if he just spent

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one second in Jannah, the joy he would feel he would forget all his miseries. So Subhanallah for those who have a very difficult life, know that Inshallah, if you're a patient, there is a place where there'll be eternal happiness, that is just the perfect dose of Allah. Okay, the next category of people and nobody likes to speak about them is find this very intriguing. These are the people call the people of a lot of these are believers. People who believe in Islam, people who believe in Allah subhanaw taala. But the good deeds and the bad deeds overs cancel each other out. And in actual fact, this category needs to be put as number three, because they are better than category

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number three, the people of the art off, they the the scales will balance it will be level good and bad is equal, but there'll be levers. So now Allah is not going to see Olympic agenda. But also they don't deserve to go to Jana just yet. And so Allah will put them on a on a an area called The Art of an innovation. I think of it as a a mountain or is a wall between Jana and Jana, there's a boundary between Jana Jana, and they will need to stand the and on this standing This in itself is a type of punishment because they will see Johanna they will feel Jana will be close to Jana, but there will be inside it. And of course just being close to Jana is in itself a punishment and also they will

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see Jana but they won't be able to enter it and so standing there not knowing if they're going to fall into Jahannam or wanting to into Jana waiting if Allah knows how long they're going to stand on the on off versus the punishment, but eventually Allah subhanaw taala will grab all the people that are off to interject them. And the the seventh I think the seven songs are off in the Quran. It speaks about this category of people.

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Any questions so far?

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To see if there's any questions on online?

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Any questions, guys? Nope.

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Okay, then. Now we get into people, dangerous areas. So those are all believers. So for all the people we discussed are believers. We then have

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the disbeliever that this believer is the one who learned about Islam understood Islam, but rejected Islam. A person who or someone who Allah things very, very scary. They on the outside were Muslim, but they had serious issues so serious they come at the cheating for example. And, you know, this kind of sort of the, these the conscious disbelievers at least they undergo the unknowing this believer Allah says in South Africa.

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Let me tell you of those who are the most the biggest losers on Kiana Serena, Angela, the people who are the biggest losers of Kiana is not around anybody's fear only bliss yes, they're the most severely punished people creatures, but they knew what they were doing was wrong. They at least you know, they lived as this believers, they are some people who are will believe they are believers. They think they are believers, but they come achieved for example, they have some serious problems in the in the belief system, that they are rendered disbelievers that is the most saddest category of person. You know, the open disbelieve Okay, fine, you know, he made his choice, but the person

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who thinks he's going to Jannah he believes going to gender but he's not doing the basics of Islam. This person is the Biggest Loser on Piazza. So as for the disbelievers they will not be allowed to intergender anyone who comes with a chick who doesn't believe correctly and Allah subhanaw taala, who doesn't fully believe in the five pillars, the you know, the six pillars of Eman

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they would not be allowed to

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into into Jana. And the punishment in Jahannam would be determined by Allah based on the life that they lived. So if they were good people good in the sense of human ly good spiritually, they were not good because they didn't believe in Allah. They would. Allah says the prophecies, they will get that which they intended. And Insha Allah, those who are good disbelievers.

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There are some scholars that says that they would have a light punishment. But of course, even in Jannah, the likes of punishment is severe. Some people that will just stand in, you know, ankle length, in the fire Janam Allah protect us even that is severe. And there'll be those who are terrible human beings, they will take they obviously they were just believers in Allah, but also on Earth. They were horrible, horrible individuals caused evil, murdered, hurt people, they will be in the depths of of Jannah. Will the punishment come to an end, there is a theological discussion, the Quran mentions in most ayat, hardly enough here, but that there will be the in forever we know that

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the believers will stay in gender forever, they will never ever cease. The ayat that hint at as Allah says, As long as he chooses, they will remain in jahannam. And so perhaps there will be an end to the suffering of the people of Ghana. And Allah knows best. And obviously Allah, we also believe everything Allah does is with complete justice, he will not be unjust, even for a atoms wait. So anyone who did anything good, will get the reward with Allah subhanaw taala. Even if we were just believing Muslims believe that we believe in every single person who needed some good deed, even if they were this believer, Allah will compensate them somehow either this world or in the next.

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And we know that, for example, the prophecies uncle's will have two categories. They were those uncles who were extremely, they were extreme enemies to him. They had severe well, they would have and a severe punishment, I will thought it was this believer, but the base of this believers, he has a different position in Janome. And he will be saved from a lot of the punishments in Jannah. But still, he will not be in Jannah. And that's very difficult. And Allah guide for those of us whose parents and friends of Muslim, Allah guide them to the beauty of Islam. There is another category of persons, the believer, who is the disbelievers or the rich, rather call them the non believers,

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right, the non Muslim who is sincere, but they never received the message correctly. So someone who lived, you know, lived in some country 5060 years ago, they never met a Muslim, they never saw a book about Islam. They never heard about Islam, or those people who heard about Islam, but they got it in a very warped way. The only thing they know about Islam is bombings and killings, and they never got to see the truth about Islam. So for these people, they will have a special exam on Kiama, Allah is going to teach them on key Emma. And if they pass the test to Jana, and if they fail the test, then Allah will decide what becomes of them. So these are sort of the outcomes. Right? These

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are the six possible outcomes for all of us. And we make dua that Allah grants us to be the first and the foremost people closest to him. And Allah protect us from ever going to Jana with a punishment agenda. So the question of, you know, actually the question for tonight, and of course, we're not going to finish it, how do I pass this exam? So that I am of the first category or the second category? How do I ace the exam of life? Where do I focus my energy and my attention? What are the steps I need to take? What is the you know, give me a recipe, give me a list, I need to do these five things. 10 things if I do them, I will be successful on camera. So that is what we're

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going to discuss now in a minute. But as always was thinking a little bit of a break. Any questions? Anybody would ask a question?

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About Kiama about anything else?

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Sister, Nadia.

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But the sharp shemail Sharmila was right at the bottom

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Am I pronouncing your name correctly?

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Okay, let's move on. So,

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so our objectives if I if someone if a non Muslim or a person wants to embrace Islam, well, they've embraced Islam, they knew Muslim and they said Wait, do I focus on do I focus on hijab? Do I focus on jihad? What is my priorities? This inshallah these 918 focus areas are what we need to focus on what we need to put our mindset to succeed in life and the first objective we call it the primary directive. The reason why we spoke about this so many times, and this theme appears if you if you really if you go through the Quran, or if anyone has read the Quran

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In English, and you read the Quran with this understanding that the number one theme is to worship Allah alone and not to commit cheek, when you read it, you'll see Subhanallah how much of the Quran is dedicated to this message, how much of the Stories of the Prophets is all about this one, one single theme, it's it really stands out in every single chapter of the Quran. And we know Allah says, The only reason that you are an earth of jinn or people is that you should have a worship relationship with me that you should interact with Allah, through worship, and therefore, people that live their life,

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never speaking to the Creator, never worshiping him, never knowing him. What is the purpose of your life? What is this, there is no success in that life doesn't matter how much you are, you have, in terms of money, how many holidays you've went on how many, you know, fun things you've done. If Allah is not part of your life, then it is a wasted life. It is a life that has no meaning as no purpose, it is an empty and empty life. Very interesting statistic. You know, all of us last week, we were quite shocked when we saw that, you know that, you know, that teenager who shot up the primary school in America and killed those children. You know, as we also believe that children who

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pass away before their macula, all of them go to Jannah. Then no matter even if they grew up Islam, so we'll go to Jana, of course, it's our belief you born on the fitrah. And one of the statistics that came up in the study is that 85% of these mass murdering mass shooters, they have no no religious affiliation at all. They don't go to a mosque or church, they have no God in their life 85% of serial killers, mass murderers, they don't have any religious affiliation. And that tells you that if you take away your link, that relationship with your Creator, the emptiness it leaves in you, you basically can become a monster, without without that deep void that is inside of you. And

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so religion, even you know, you know, being a Muslim or Christian, whatever, religion provides such a good grounding, it gives you a purpose in life, it gives you a reason to get up in the morning and to work and focus on something more than yourself. And of course, in Islam, that purpose is just to constantly journey towards Allah. The way I like to think about life is you are walking and journeying on the path. The second step is to Allah and He is the goal, he's the destination at the end, if we live our life, well when we die, we go to Allah subhanaw taala. And link to number one, worship Allah and then of course, the opposite of worshiping Allah is to come achieve and so to

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avoid Sheikh and that is why for many of us, born Muslims, we don't give enough attention to this. Allah Subhan Allah says, that it is has been revealed that

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been Kominek also revealed this now and before this, this message this decree has been the author's law in Ashoka, Leia retana. Amma look that will ever commit an atom's weight have shared with me, your entire good deeds, your Ema is null and void. Your Islam is zero, no matter how much Salah you make. So if a person makes the most Salah ad cites the most Quran, he gives the most charity, but he does one little aspect of shift and he dies committing that ship, he hasn't stopped and repainted everything becomes null and void, that some might, what are the types of stone? If she if she completely nullifies your Islam? What? How do I know what she is there's many aspects of shake, and

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she has its entire and maybe we should do a whole series, just unshared. For example, reading your horoscope is a type of shake. So for those of you who still log on and check, I'm a Sagittarius and you know, my soulmate is going to be meeting in the next couple of days. This is a type of shift.

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Going to fortune tellers type of shift, believing in superstitions is a type of shake. Of course, they are the types of shield which is even more pronounced than that going to graves and shrines, and asking that person who's dead to forgive your sins to bless you to weigh certain amulets, and believing this power in those amulets to protect you and save you is a type of shake. So all of these things Kamala is worse than Xena is worse than adultery is worse than drinking alcohol. Because this can nullify your Islam completely. Broadly speaking, we she falls into a number of categories. The worst option is of course, to be an atheist to deny Allah altogether. That is the

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worst type of ship. The second type of Sheikh is to ascribe certain of Allah's unique qualities and giving it someone else for example, Allah and Allah alone knows the Unseen, Allah and Allah alone can forgive sins. So if you ascribe to the Prophet SAW Salem, you say to that, Mr. Seller, you are the one who forgive sins. That's the type of shift because only Allah can forgive sins.

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If you to sway for example, so I saw you about on my mother I see

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be on my father. That's a type of ship because only Allah He has the right that you should invoke him in, in a custom in a in a vow. And of course so the type of ship that that that you'd find is people ascribe certain qualities or attributes or names of Allah to someone other than Allah shake. And then of course, the most common shake is where people have a type of worship, a type of reverence, a type of

00:30:28--> 00:30:43

connection that is worship for something other than Allah subhanaw taala and that is the most dangerous this is this is the most dangerous threat that you have. The most dangerous thing that you must be scared of, is this issue. In fact, you find in the Quran,

00:30:44--> 00:31:26

the man who is credited for being the monotheistic the greatest month UC Santa Barbara, in fact, even in Christianity and Islam and Judaism is called the father of one of the eyes of the father of Tawheed. The man who removes chic look at his daughter in the Quran. He says, Oh Allah, protect me and my children from worshipping idols. Now you and I would think there's no way I would ever worship an idol. Now the Brahim is saying I'm scared I could fall into worshipping an idol I am scared I could come and shake how many of us make dua Allah save me from shake. Save me from Cooper. Save me from the rock we always ask about give me money health is all good. No problem. Fantastic.

00:31:27--> 00:32:05

But these things are the priorities. Yeah, Allah protect our Emad yo EMA and my Eman is constantly being infected with different things being polluted, being attacked, being harmed, and it is only through Allah's Mercy without us even knowing that's why we will make Salah in a Serato Mr. Tamia Allah protect and preserve our Eman, keep us on the right guidance because of that thing is wrong. Everything else falls apart. And so your focus as a Muslim is you need to understand Sheikh quite in depth you need to understand what Sheikh is, how to avoid it, how to save yourself from it. This will take months to learn all the aspects of ship and to how to avoid it.

00:32:06--> 00:32:46

Right so that is the two most important priorities to preserve, preserve your Tauheed your oneness in Allah and to avoid schicke the next level because the if someone comes with shield we know that is the unforgivable. The next thing that you need to focus on what is the next priority. There's a beautiful Hadith, let's import it. It's called the Hadith of the Wali, the Hadith of the Wali, the only What's the worry or what is someone who is dear to Allah, someone beloved to Allah, someone who Allah loves. And so Allah says in this hadith, Allah Himself speaks, so this is a side note here. This is called the Hadith could see a hadith could see is the spirit it's Allah speaking, but it's

00:32:46--> 00:33:39

not in the Quran. So the Prophet says, I would say, Allah said, Allah says this, Allah says, I declare war on anyone who shows any kind of hostility to one of my earlier to one of my pious worshipers to one of the people closest to me, when Allah says, and the most beloved way in which a person my slave comes to me, Allah says, the way you become one of my earlier the best way is to do the things I have enjoined upon them to focus on the compulsory stuff. Don't focus on the novel or the Sunnah or the optional. Focus on the compulsory things focus, for example, to spend the whole night in gadget is not one like 1%. The reward or the importance of budget among people shy to

00:33:39--> 00:34:13

recite the whole Quran back to back is not 1% as important as the compulsory things of fasting of going on Hajj, once in your life, these things are the priority. So Allah says, the things I love the most the things that are important are the compulsory things I've made upon them, when I was is now the one who does that my slave keeps coming closer to me through performing the additional things after you've done the compulsory. Now you do the extra, then Allah starts to love you. The more sooner you do, the more Knuffle you do, the more

00:34:14--> 00:34:57

optional things you do on top of the product, that's when Allah loves you that our speaks about a person at a very high level, high level of immense panela. And if you ever meet someone like this is very eerie, but you meet someone and you always feel that this person is of a high spirituality, not because there's anything mystical about him, but because of the deep connection with Allah. Allah says when a person becomes so devoted to his worship in Allah, when I Allah becomes the sense of yearning, that which he is the sense of sight with which he sees the hand with which he grips the legs with which he walks. Whenever a man or a woman that have reached this level of belief. were to

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

ask me who asked Allah anything? I will give it

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

To him whatever he wants, Allah gives it to him. And whenever you raise his hands to ask Allah for prediction, Allah will protect him. So the only year that we understand in Cape Town are the very pious people, our forefathers who came to bring Islam to South Africa. And because of the high level of spirituality, the high level of worship of Allah, they trust in Allah, they love Allah, they reach what you know, and Allah Allah knows who are the only, but they were some kind of extra blessings that came from them. Nothing, nothing divine or holy in them. But because when they would make dua, Allah would answer the DUA. Because if they were to do something Allah would assist him

00:35:36--> 00:36:13

and he would Baraka in it. That is, when you reach that level of being a wedding, our growth has to be of those who are very close and dear to Allah subhanaw taala. Right. But the takeaway thing of this hadith is to focus on the priority focus if someone is not yet performing the five Salah on time, this is your focus. If you haven't got an hajat make a near I need to go unhygenic saving, I need to start learning about Hajj Hamdulillah. I think most of us we forced the Ramadan. If you haven't performed you know, you haven't paid soccer yet. You don't know am I eligible was like I don't know. You need to sit in class and you need to understand how do I perform Osaka, Osaka is

00:36:13--> 00:36:38

more important than the other things that maybe becomes you might think is important. And of course, the most important of all the priorities. And it's the one that is so of the five pillars the Kalama interview to its into Islam. The Salah is the number one obligation that determines if you're a Muslim or not the Sahaba when they wanted to know

00:36:40--> 00:36:47

when they wanted to know if a person was a Muslim or not. They will basically ask Does he perform the salah? And I think

00:36:48--> 00:37:30

one of the brothers asked I think his brother Mohammed asked how do I know what level of my email? We do? How do I know is my Eman strong or weak? Where am I as Muslim? The answer is look at your Salah, Salah is your litmus test to the level of your iman, this hadith the Prophet Allah says the very first thing that people have the people are going to the Muslims are going to be accountable to Allah FGM the first thing was going to ask you the first question on the exam is your Salah. Did you perform your five scholars on time every day for the man his whole life for the Lady of course exempted which has a height? Did you perform your Salas or were you deficient in it for the believer

00:37:30--> 00:38:12

if he was if he passes this question, we know In another Hadith, the Prophet says, if you're able to fulfill the question of Salah then you have basically passed Kiama so this is the you know if you want to, if you want to ask what is the most critical point of Kiama two points. The first point is that you can achieve yes or no if you pass that thing and Hamdulillah you know you're going to gender. The next thing is did you perform your Salah on time? If you pass that question, then you know, you're basically one foot inside China now the rest is easy. You've come over the hill, so Salah is your critical focus, and therefore again what for me what is the takeaway point of this?

00:38:12--> 00:38:52

The series Islam from scratch? So I want to go beyond the basics of Islam. Where do I start? Start across on salah, and we're taking wudu properly. I learned how to take Abdus when I was five six years old in madressa Am I think we do properly? Am I pronouncing the words correctly in my salah? Am I doing all the Sunnah as I'm supposed to do? This is where we need to prioritize our learning is my salah. Correct? And so if this is correct, Alhamdulillah insha Allah this is a a indication that the person is Jana. Of course for those of us who you have any deficiency in Salah it is of Allah's mercy, you will look at the Sunnah that you do so many people will say, and youth days coming up, we

00:38:52--> 00:39:13

look at our youth and our own times as young people. Did we perform all our solos on time when we were McAuliffe. Some of us became Columbus 1013 Whatever it is 15 When did we start becoming punctual on our Salah. So we've got a lot of debt that we owe to Allah we need to make a lot of sunnah level Salah to show up our Salas

00:39:14--> 00:39:53

right so those that is the focus the important priorities that we need to offer your towhead after the oneness in Allah and avoiding Sheikh focus on the obligatory the primary obligations which are basically the five pillars of of Islam. The next step is that one step below this now one step less are the secondary obligations to Allah, and the obligations to mankind. There are certain things which you must do to your fellow man, your parents, your spouse, your children, because they will be Allah is going to give our family members and our neighbors and opportunity to testify for us or against us. And so

00:39:55--> 00:40:00

it doesn't mean that you have to, you know, Kay for the, you know, the penguins and look after everything.

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

But you need to do the basics of a husband, the basics of a neighbor, the basics as a son, those things you have to make sure you are doing those obligations. And of course to Allah, there might be specific obligations to you, for example,

00:40:14--> 00:40:50

if you are, if you are, you've learned the Quran, half of the Quran, now you have an obligation in terms of of using that knowledge. If you're a wealthy person, you have a special obligation in terms of how you use it. So there are specific obligations to us, but they are the general obligations of the five pillars, then almost immediately, the obligations of mankind becomes important and these are the people that will have a testimony for you or against you on the Day of of PM. i It is it is the anatomy shy. So we'll have to cut this lecture lecture but short of any questions

00:40:52--> 00:40:56

any questions that we raised this evening? Something new

00:40:57--> 00:40:59

things that anyone anyone else the COVID?

00:41:04--> 00:41:05

See, who can I ask

00:41:09--> 00:41:17

for the Nasser? Is that a it's a new name? I don't know if you've been in the class before I do just popping up for the first time. Do you have any questions?

00:41:22--> 00:41:25

So I'm gonna go Mona Halima

00:41:26--> 00:41:29

saving me. We work with music with

00:41:30--> 00:42:14

people that are Christian. And, you know, generally mix with them. What what happens on the day of gamma when they say, but I worked with a Muslim person, I saw that person every day and they never convinced me to become a Muslim. You say I saw some of the activities they did. And whenever I asked him a question they would answer, but they never actively convinced me to become a Muslim. What happens? Very, very, very good question. Very scary question. And subhanAllah they are definitely going to say that. They will say that and FPM they will tell it Allah subhanaw taala our neighbors, our our colleagues that we never as Muslims we never shared with him. Aspects of Islam now doesn't

00:42:14--> 00:42:51

mean that you need to give them you need to give them Dawa. Like you know the Doublelift Gemma or something, at the very least, you need to show a good you're the ambassador for Islam. And you need to you should you are the one that will either put them onto Islam or of Islam. And you should find ways way you encourage them about Islam. So if you love something, I mean all of us have Allah. If our friends were to ask us our colleagues at work, um, tell me about Muhammad. Also, Muhammad is a Liverpool fan is a Manchester fan. He's a, you know, he likes to eat his favorite food is this because we talk about the things that we love. If you don't mention your Islam, and you're not proud

00:42:51--> 00:43:09

to speak about it, and put it in a conversation somehow, you know, we were you. I mean, how's the force going? Okay, that's good. They picking up the topic. So I'm going to talk more about it. If you don't do those things, then you don't really care about your friends, your neighbors. So we need to think about very, I mean, our sponsors

00:43:11--> 00:43:54

call to federal Elizabeth Rebecca, Bill hikmah. Call to people to Islam with wisdom. So yeah, you can't have a you can't give out in a in a conventional sense to your to your colleague at work, but you need to give her with hikma encourage them to become Muslim. And so each one of us needs to think about it. And you raise a very, very good point, that if we know people are on a pathway to Allah protect destruction, then you have to find a way to bring Islam forward in a because we love them and we care about them. So Ty, is anyone is there any rivets here? That maybe can answer this question better than I can anyone who has a non Muslim you interacted with Muslims and you say you

00:43:54--> 00:44:01

don't I wish Muslims did this or did that sometimes we're very shy, but actually the non Muslim would have loved that you you raise that any rivets here.

00:44:02--> 00:44:07

They want to comment on that on that point. I think it's a very good angle to to discuss with with you, but

00:44:09--> 00:44:30

just go ahead for I've never answered the question, but the answer is you need to, you need to make a plan. I need to make a plan with my neighbors. Maybe like for example, II time, make sure that we take those brackets to our neighbors, our friends, you know, and because it opens a doorway of conversation someone was What is this for? You know, it's for Eid. What happens on eight? Now we talk about Islam, we talk about things that Hamdulillah you know,

00:44:31--> 00:44:58

if a person tells you okay, you're going to come with me lunchtime, say no, no, it's one o'clock. I need to go pray. What's What do you mean? Let me explain how we pray five times a day. And now the discussion is going you just need to plant the seed. Then you never know someone might say I want to learn more about your religion. What can you tell me? Then of course you guide them to lectures, you skim him some literature and then of course that is how it goes. But you need to be proud of your Islam and you need to express your Islam. Love your Islam as an ambassador.

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

Any other questions?

00:45:04--> 00:45:11

So in sha Allah, as I said this this this week we were talking about the priorities. Today when we speak about we spoke about

00:45:12--> 00:45:48

the status of different people in the FTM. You know, the different categories of people on key fob outcomes. And then we see the how, what is give me a roadmap, a plan to make sure that I'm of that first category, the closest to Allah. What are the focus areas we spoke about the heat, the Oneness of Allah and avoiding *. And I raised this for many, many of us born Muslims, many Muslims, most Muslims never ever studied Schilke as a subject, you were asked anyone here? Have you ever studied shift in depth? We haven't done so. Right? This is the most dangerous disease, that's the scariest thing you should we need to prioritize that when we say off the ship, or after the Oneness of Allah

00:45:48--> 00:46:21

to hate. The next things are understanding the pillars of Islam, and you have to make sure you're fulfilling your pillars of Islam correctly. Am I making my salah properly and my fasting correctly? Am I Am I ever made Hajj? If I haven't, do I have a plan for Hajj at least then of course, it's the obligations. The other obligations are secondary, there are many obligations. When we talk about obligations, you might struggle I think, what else does Allah obliged me to do? There's not many things if you actually think about it, trying to think you know, besides the five pillars of Islam, what are the things that are compulsory? Everything else is Knuffle, as soon as extra, but there are

00:46:21--> 00:46:53

many obligations to mankind that we need to fulfill. And I mean, it's like the system isn't even the obligation to anonymous thing, friends and neighbors to give an element of the Dean over the East a small obligation that we have to do. And then of course, Inshallah, we'll talk about the major sins we have to avoid the major sins, which talk about next week we'll talk about what are the major sins What happens if I committed a major sin? How do I get away from it? What is going to happen to people commit to the major sins and then what are the minuses? I will talk about that inshallah. Next week be Nila Zack Allah Hi, thank you so much. May Allah bless you and your families. You have

00:46:53--> 00:47:00

a wonderful week. I mean, what sort of Allah say no Mohammed well, it also happy Salam, serene and handload of anatomy as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh