Yasir Qadhi – Pearls From The Quran 08 – Ramadan 2017

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The belief that suffering and pain are not the cause of pleasure and joy is a part of human history and a goal to achieve. The importance of strong relationships with Allah and others is emphasized, along with the need for a culture of giving thanks to others for their suffering. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing faith in Islam and avoiding evil behavior.
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Bill Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy woman wa Hammarberg uncertain Nisa, verse 147. Allah subhana wa tada says, My final law will be either become in Chicago to momentum, what kind of law? Who shall Kiran alima? What will Allah gain by punishing you now your fellow law vi though? It's a rhetorical question, why do you think Allah will punish you? What's the purpose of Allah punishing you? If you are thankful? And you believe in Him, and indeed Allah azza wa jal is shackle. Allah is the one who returns more for no matter how little you have done, and Allah is on him. Now this beautiful verse, it lays for us the foundation of why this

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world is a world of pain and suffering. The concept of us suffering in this world is something that has puzzled mankind from the beginning of time. All theologians, all scholars, all philosophers, they wonder, why is there pain? Why is there suffering? Why do bad things happen in this world? And this question has led many millions of people to reject God. The number one reason why people are turning away from God in our times, becoming atheist in our times, is because they say How could a God allow suffering? Why is there pain there should be no pain, and others, religious folks, sometimes even Muslims, they have a very bizarre understanding of religion, and they will only be

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religious when they are in good situation. When the negative happens when pain happens, they become irritated. Why should I worship Allah then Allah mentions in the Quran woman, a nasty man? Yeah, Abdullah Allah. There are people they worship along with a condition final Saba, who hired if he's in good, it's never he's happy. Why not Saba to fitna. But if he's in a bad situation, then he turns around and he leaves a lot and he has left and casilla dunia what after he's lost dystonia, he's lost the Acura. So this ayah illustrates for us that every single suffering that takes place to us is in fact because of a higher wisdom, there is a reason Nothing happens without any cause or

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reason. And the wisdom is outlined in this verse. What will Allah gain by punishing you, if you are thankful, and you believe in Him? So this ayah tells us that there are reasons why we are in suffering and pain. And of these reasons from this verse. And for many other verses. Number one, one of the biggest problems that people who reject religion have is they assume that this world should be gender. They want a world with no pain, with no suffering with no calamity, with no death, they want to world with no famine, with nothing at all negative. That world they describe it is called gender. And they want to be given gender free of charge, just because they have been created. They

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want to be in gender immediately. And when they're not in gender, it will cause them to reject a lot of our data. And that is arrogance that is nonsensical, this world is a stepping stone to gender, you want that world of peace, you can earn it in this world, you want that world of no pain of no suffering, excellent, you will be able to get it by combating the pain and suffering in this world in the appropriate number no manner. Number two Allah subhana wa tada mentions of the causes that were in pain and suffering is we are not thankful Maya follow the eye that become in Shackleton. When we are in pain. When we are suffering, what happens we appreciate the blessing how we are

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brothers and sisters, that we don't appreciate a blessing until it is taken away from us. We don't appreciate how fortunate we are until that fortune is taken away from us. We don't appreciate our health until we fall sick. We don't appreciate our time until we get busy. We don't appreciate our wealth until our wealth becomes constricted on us. And so of the wisdoms of little bit of pain, a little bit of suffering, it jolts us It makes us awake, it makes us understand that this is a blessing that Allah has given us and we need to thank Allah for those blessings of the wisdoms as well is to remove arrogance. We are so weak brothers and sisters just because we have a little bit

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our hearts become so big as if we are a little off semi divine and Allah subhana wa tada will show us we are more tools. We are the abbot and there is a Rob above us. And every one amongst us has to come to that point in our lives where we have to humble ourselves in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala even Iblees even shake on he had to ask Allah subhana wa to Allah and he said, Oh Allah allow me to live until Judgment Day in that humility is

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Our saving, of course at least only asked that one thing and that's it he turned away, but in humbling ourselves to Allah is our salvation of the wisdoms as well. Is that in that humbling? We discover the importance and the necessity of the law of prayer. Allah says in the Quran, fellow Allah is the sooner tadagra Why didn't they call out to us when they tasted our punishment? Why didn't they call out to us when they tasted our punishment, what I can asset guru boom, but their hearts became hard. So Allah is wanting you to make up at times of calamity of the wisdoms of calamity is you raise your hands up to Allah, you rediscover the sweetness of believing in a lot of

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making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is not a problem to make dua at times of calamity. The problem is, after the calamity is over, you forget a lot. That's a problem. But Alan never criticizes, making drop when you're in suffering or in pain. In fact, this is a part of human nature. Allah says in the Quran, that mankind when any calamity befalls him, he makes drop call him and okarito whether he's standing or sitting or lying down, he's gonna make drop, Allah doesn't criticize that Allah then criticizes, once I remove the calamity, then he forgets about me that is the problem, but to think of a lot of times of stress, this is the essence of a man and it is the

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goal and one of the main goals. Sometimes life becomes so sweet, we forget about Allah. So a calamity takes place, almost an affliction and we are forced to rediscover a lot that rediscovering a lot is the wisdom of the calamity. Am says any disaster that causes you to come closer to Allah is not a disaster, it is a blessing. Because anything that brings you closer to Allah is worth any costs. Nothing is more precious than a relationship with Allah and Allah He brothers and sisters, I asked every one of you to think about when you were the closest to Allah, and I guarantee it will be at a time of great stress in your life. At a time of great calamity. When the situation was very

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tough. You had to have a strong relationship with a law, that relationship is the purpose of the calamity. A law does not take pleasure in punishing Maya follow law Have you either become a law as originalism merciful God, but just like a parent at times has to inflict pain on the child for a greater good, we take our children to the doctor for shots, we discipline our children, but we love our children for their greater good what in law his methodology to Allah belongs the better example than this one. Just like a loving parent at times has to inflict a little bit of pain for a greater good, infinitely more. Allah's wisdom dictates that there is small amounts of suffering for a much

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greater good of the wisdoms as well for that pain and suffering is that we have to earn our place in gender and by earn I don't mean a tit for tat because our deeds will never earn genda rather, what I mean is we need to demonstrate to Allah with whatever meager results that we do, that we are worthy of Allah's mercy to enter agenda, our deeds will never earn genda in and of themselves. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, There is no one amongst you who will enter Jannah just because of his deeds, they said not even you O Messenger of Allah, He said not even me. unless Allah envelopes me in his little hammer. So we don't earn Jenna However, what we do is we earn Allah Rama and then

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Allah will give us gender and we earn a lot Rama by demonstrating whatever meager good that we can do. And that's why Allah says what kind of law who shall give a lot is shocking of the names of Allah is shocking, shocking means you do a little bit and Allah will give you much more than what you have earned. Because if Allah gave you what you have earned, you would get nothing of Jenna, you do a little bit and Allah is shocking. So of the wisdom of the pain and suffering is that we combat that pain, we combat that evil with good, there could be no good unless there was evil, we need evil and to combat it, we need to demonstrate our good simple question. How will you be charitable? How

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will you give food to the hungry when there are no hungry people? How will you sponsor the orphan when there are no offers to sponsor? How will you feed the needy when there are no needy. So there the wisdom of evil is not the evil it is to bring the good it is to show the goodness and in that goodness is our salvation. And the final point will mention and obviously there's so much more. This is a very deep philosophical and theological talk, but I just wanted to remind myself and all of you of some of the wisdom. The final point that we'll mention is that of the wisdoms of this pain and suffering is to alleviate the real pain of the hero. This pain of this world is bearable. The pain

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of this world is bearable, the pain of the Hereafter is not variable and the righteous the good Muslim, will embrace this pain, he won't want it. But once it happens, he will thank Allah that okay, this is going to be a means of cofounder, a means of forgiveness so that I don't have to face the real pain of the ark here. Our Prophet sallallahu I said said do not curse the fever, do not curse when you're in fever, don't curse it for that is going to eliminate the height the fire of jahannam. The fever for the believer will eliminate the fire of jahannam. And the fever is a terrible thing. Nobody likes it. But the President said don't curse it. Because when you have that

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fever, if you're patient and you expect a large reward, it will eliminate for you the the fire of jahannam. So, in these pains and sufferings, Allah azza wa jal is testing us testing our faith, testing our patience, testing our Eman And in those tests, we shall rise up ranks, the end The end result brothers and sisters Simply put, there is no pure evil for the believer, there is no negative for the believer, any negative any pain, any suffering can be converted by the believer to be infinitely more good it is in your attitude and your response. It is in how you react to that negative. If you react with that positive if you have a positive attitude, you are patient, you put

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your trust in Allah, then there's never going to be negative and evil, you will get much more out of that negative so much. So our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that there will be people on judgment day they have suffered so much when they see the rewards of their suffering on Judgement Day. They will wish they would have suffered more in this world to get that reward in the era. So do not take a negative as something that is evil for you. Lotta Sabu Shara Lacan Bell who highroller come, don't take a negative as something bad, it will be for your betterment. Yes, you make do out to lift the knee evil, we don't like pain. But when it happens, we have to stand up like Muslims, we have to put

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our trust in Allah have Subhan Allah have yaqeen and Allah and yes we make dua to Allah to alleviate but we always have a positive attitude with a law we have the firm faith that this is simply a stumbling block to test me and in sha Allah who tada I will rise up to the test. I'll answer the challenge and at the end I shall be a better person, a higher believer my reward agenda will go up because of the response to this test. May Allah subhanahu wa tada make us of those who are able to pass each and every test with the highest of colors and inshallah we'll resume later on

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves on verse 147 of Surah Al-Nisa, where Allah asks the believers a rhetorical question – “What would Allah do with your punishment if you are grateful and believe?”

This Ayah lays the foundation as to why this world is one of pain and suffering and also what leads mankind to become atheists. This Ayah illustrates that there is pain and suffering because of a higher wisdom. Nothing happens without a cause and reason.

Of the causes we are in pain and suffering are as follows:

  • We are not thankful when we are in a blessed state.
  • To remove arrogance from within us.
  • In the humbling of ourselves when in calamity, we discover the necessity and sweetness of Dua.
  • We have to earn our place in Jannah with whatever meagre good we can do in this world. Allah will give you with much more than what you have earned.
  • To alleviate the pain of the Akhirah.


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