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Avila Donna rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jermaine. We love it brother sister Mr. Mr. Mr. de como la la vida cattle.

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are y'all doing?

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Why don't I see anybody with the workbooks. I see Auntie Fatima as a workbook, especially one first hamdulillah. But we see that you have to follow in sha Allah, the section and the workbooks are available to go through the stuff seed, because as we see the sutra is quite in depth inshallah. So,

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before we begin actually sort of calf question came through with regards to fasting. So someone asked, What is the ruling with regards to ladies who are breastfeeding or pregnant, they pay a fee do do they make up the day? So basically, just quickly, quick summary. There are two types of people who are exempted from fasting two types of people. The one type of person is the permanently ill, or the permanently aged person, a person who is so weak, they can't force and they will never ever be able to force right. So if granny is too old to force today, in a month's time, she will be even older. Yes. So that person will never ever be healthy enough to force for such a person. They pay a

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fee for every day that they must feed. Yeah, basically, they feed somebody, they feed somebody to the meal to the value of dinner and right so you can give a loaf of bread, whatever it might be, you can do it upfront. 30 people on day one, oh, at the end of Ramadan, every day, if you wish, that's how you do video. As for the person who is temporarily unable to force, meaning, they only unable to force today, tomorrow, but in a few days time, there'll be better after Ramadan, they need to make those days up. So this is the sick person, or was a temporary illness with the traveler. And therefore the breastfeeding Lady and the pregnant lady. She's only temporarily unable to fast insha

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Allah once she's done breastfeeding once she's done, when she's given birth, she would be healthy again too fast. So she just makes up the days that she has missed. So also breastfeeding in itself doesn't break your force. So if you're able, you're strong enough to fast and breastfeed, and that's fine. That's permissible. No problem. Okay. Any questions on that? As you move from upstairs and from downstairs? And I want hamdulillah. Okay, this is just to clarify a question that came through. Someone asked me with regards to breast feeding. Yesterday, we're talking about the second section of pseudo calf and the story of the sleepers in the cave, which was one of the questions that the

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rabbi's asked the Prophet peace upon him. And we said, what it appears to be that these were a group of people in the area of emphasis in Turkey. And that was the answer to yesterday's question that the people were pagans, they worship the old Roman gods. But these young girls, seven youths, young men, they embraced Christianity, not really Christianity, just the fact that they said, We don't want to worship anything besides Allah. So they were persecuted and they ran away and they decided, look, tonight, we're going to spend the evening in the cave and we're going to avoid our people. So Allah subhana wa tada summarizes the story we see if 1011 and 12. Allah summarize the story. And

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then Allah said, this is all rabbis, oh, clergy. This is all the facts you have. These are the facts. Now I will tell you the story now.

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I will tell you the story in truth, that they were a group of young people who believed in the Lord, so Allah increase them in guidance, and Allah tied down their hearts when they stood up and they said, Our Lord, the one we worship is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Never ever will we ask worship anyone besides Allah. If we did that, then we would have entered into a grave mistake lacuna, even shadow we would have made a huge mistake if we worshipped anyone besides a lot, a lot and continues in the dialogue. They say that the youth of the fifth year these young men visit ecomondo. Holloman dooney he earlier our people these are people have taken besides Allah other

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Ella's other deities, other objects of worship. Lola tuna, Allah sukwon invasion? Why don't our people, our forefathers, our Buddhists, our Imams, our chefs, bring some evidence? Where did these idols come from? Why are these idols holy? Who gave them these names? Where is your evidence from another manufacturer Allah He can be about anything they are asking and who is more unjust, who tells basically a bigger lie than one who invents a lie against Allah, the shows you and this theme from the beginning of the surah throughout, is that we are indeed have the deal of evidence we don't want blind following. We don't just follow what the Imam says blindly or what our forefathers have

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done. blindly. We ask for evidences we asked for we use our mind Allah says so many times in the Quran of Allah is that burn Do you not think you're not ponder? Does it does it make sense that you worship, statues and stones and graves and people that have died?

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Long time ago, does it make sense that people who live and die you worship them? Isn't it more likely? Isn't it better to worship the one who created everything? Isn't that more logical? Doesn't that make more reasonable irrational sense? When you find traditions and and habits in our culture, we need to ask where do these things come? Where do these things come from? And if they're not from the dean, and they've been incorporated in the dean, we should not be afraid to break from that. That tradition in that tradition goes against the Sharia. And many cultures you'd find, for example, certain oppression to women you find not part of Islam, but it is a culture that puts that the you

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find certain customs. for protection. We say if it's not part of the deen, we should separate from that. Because we're people have evidence of Delhi, you know, Subhanallah I must admit, you come to the masjid right Friday. most brilliant people, doctors, lawyers, engineers, very intelligent people, but they come into the masjid and they completely switch the brains of it's like tomorrow, time is a time to neck or something. And they just accept whatever imams chef say, our job is to with respect, of course with respect to interrogate what our dilemma and how she you say, and that's why once again, who are the people that are deceiving the message in from the story from those who

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said Alas, they can ascend from those who are telling the people worship others besides Allah, it is the clergy that Allah when Allah invent lies when Allah deceive the people, this is when the spirits so both what amount is a great warning to them. And of course to the to those of us who listen, we should we should follow evidences we should follow that he so lost his way the desire to move him when I buena de la

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la cumbre, Baka Marathi, well you hate America, America. And when you have withdrawn either this is Allah inspiring in their hearts, or one of them see to one another. And when you have left the meaning of people, when we have run away from our people, and we have left all of the things they worshipped other than Allah, why do they say when we have given when we lift and boycotted everything they worship besides Allah? Why do they say that?

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With me,

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it shows that even the people of Sheikh worship Allah, yes. Understand, understand this Abu Jamal, the worst of the worst, they worship Allah. They believe in Allah, they believe in one creator. Believing in one creator doesn't make you a believer. It is who you worship. So they believe in Allah. They believe in one creator. But when they were in difficulty in hardship, when they went to Jesus, when they went to the idols, then they went to the climax, then they went to the gallery for protection. So they, these young people said, we live our people and all the things they worship except Allah, the only thing that we keep worshiping with our people is a lot for caphyon Shula

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Kumara buco morality, are you a locum in America, Morocco, when retreat into the cave, go into the cave for prediction, your load was spread out for you His mercy. Now remember right at the beginning of classes, the first thing they asked the city Allah give us mercy and make easier for us show us a way out. So the minute they got up and they ran away, so Allah says, Now I'm going to split my mercy upon you, and I will prepare you for you make easy for you your face. Alright, question here? When should we break away from our community? So these group of people, they shun the community and they ran away? So it's a question to think about? Should we is it better to say, you know, what, out of

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safety for me and my family, I packed my family up, and maybe buy a small farm in the middle of the Kuru. And I'm going to live the rest of my days and that's where we're gonna live. Is this Is this better? Or is it better to live in society? There's a Hadith of the Prophet also says that some of our solemn the best of you is the one who lives within the community and you deal with the the fitna the evils basically of others, but you continue to do your good, right. So we see certain tribulations you don't put yourself in the fitna, but we also do not become an isolated gated community only us we have a small little shady a stake in the book up and no one is allowed to come

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in you play the kalama then you can come in if not, you're not allowed to come in. That's not how that's not how the dean is. And in fact, the MBA by law. They didn't do that the most pious of people the Prophet peace upon him, he didn't go sit in a cave and say, Carlos, this is how I'm going to worship Allah because part of our responsibility is to be in the community. to uphold your deen in spite of the fitna and to improve and encourage others. That is, what is the best. So Allah says they land into the cave now. They never planned it was perhaps just for one evening they got into the cave. And Allah Subhana Allah says, What are shumsa is a toddler act as our own caffeine that

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tell me what to do that she mad at me, and if you saw them so now the in the cave, you would have seen the sun when he rose inclining from the right side meaning the sun rose from the right and when it says passing

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On the left, meaning the East was on the right. So imagine in your mind the cave, so the opening is facing this direction north, and the sun is on the East or the east is on the right, and the sun would rise up and then it would sit on the left. So it was one night, one day they stayed in the cave, was the and they were lying and it was open the cave was quite open. This is a lot of Valley coming, it led this was from the signs of a lot. Why? Because I was actually describing a place which direction it's facing. It's open. It's basically geography and the Prophet peace be upon him never saw this, those of the aroma of the who knew the story, and they knew where the cave was. Now

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this is an evidence for the policy This is a clear evidence that this is where and how the cave look like. May the level know that whomever Allah wishes to guide will be guided or manually for them to Judah, who will Yama*a, but he whom Allah leaves stray, never will he find a predictor and a guidance other than Allah, what a color code and you would have thought them awake. So they came to the cave, they fell asleep. And then Allah says, but if you came upon them, if you came into the cave, you would have thought that they were awake, when only boom that means that Ashima and we move the bodies left and right we made the move were called boomba to either even was seen and the dog

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stretch his legs out at the entrance. So these are group of young men and they brought the dog with their dog with him. And the dog was also sleeping and its legs will stretch out at the entrance of the cave. So these men look like they were awake with Allah Allah. Allah continues lower later mean who Ferraro would mean that if you came upon them, if you had looked at them, you would have turned away in flight and who would have been fooled with Kira, you would have been freaked out if you came into that cave. Because they look like like The Walking Dead like zombies or something right? They sleeping but they moving they are physically alive. And obviously they fall asleep. So you would

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have been shocked if you came in late. And that's why was for a long period of time. People believe this cave was wanted, whoever went in there and they got to see these people they ran away and therefore there was an inscription, a tablet on this cave and look, whatever goes in here. It's dangerous, whatever. So Allah subhana wa Tada. kept them like this will continue about them. But just a point to make once again, Allah continues to mention that these were young men a fit Yeah. And all doesn't mention one of them. He mentions them in a group. These are seven young men, seven friends. And the last we leave for this understanding that Subhan Allah, look at what good friends

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do. But if you find yourself having a good friend, I mean Subhanallah we heard rather bad friend we heard in the third week tonight. In the third week tonight yacine recited a lesson on the day of pm when the disbelievers will bite on the hands they will physically bite the fingers and they'll say, Why did I take this person as my friend? Yeah, Allah, why did I take him as my friend, I am now going to I am lost. I'm in Ghana. Because of him. You find that these were a group of young good friends that guided one another. And Subhana Allah Allah made this medical put them to sleep. And we'll see how Allah wakes them up how long they spent in the cave, and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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caused him to be an ayah for the people and until now we decide the story. We continue in sha Allah tomorrow. I mean, we just some questions. We said yesterday, where is if it says we should these are the youth of Ephesus, if this is of course in Turkey, it is in Turkey. Tonight's question, something you have to basically think about visualize which direction was the dogs for legs facing in the cave? north south east west, right. Which direction was the dog's legs facing right in the cave?

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Right inshaAllah should be an easy one. I mean, I see these a slide up here just to remind everyone is finalized every day I'm thinking of raising funds for something. Remember we have a daily cup of soup program. People who don't have anything to eat or struggle to eat the soup kitchen Burano Islam soup kitchen offers them a meal a soup basically and some bread I assume some bread and soup and data as well so people break the fast there. So if you'd like the reward of contributing to that, please speak to the tally board you can directly donate insha Allah zharkova Hey, we continue tomorrow. Solomonic market light over here, too.