Dua For Gaza

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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The transcript describes a violent terrorist attack on Muslim countries, including the use of deadly methods such as guns and deadly liters to destroy enemies and weaken their bodies. The terrorist's actions involve violence and intimidation, with references to Islam and the Holy Spirit as weapons.

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Give it to the Muslim

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or give it to the Muslim.

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Oh Lord, destroy

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all these enemies who are attacking our Muslim mothers and sisters, our brothers, our fathers our kids all love the very hands they use or love disabled

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or love that they walk upon with pride and arrogance or Lord of the earth to open and painted like you took in all love the enemies or killing innocent Muslims or loss in a mosquito to go in the ER to land on the brain and to eat up the brain Killian come to the knees, or send mannequin mo

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blood or face or anything else from his mouth coming down from his mouth with a full time rod with 500 Angels behind them with ever made or lost since these angels upon this enemy for killing Muslims.

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Oh Allah the plane, mic your sky or long order the skies to throw that later. Oh Allah, you are the mighty, you're the king, you're the powerful or

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that they are walking upon all law on the earth to shake or love break the group's apart or Law Order the times to blow up or the Muslim

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or Muslim

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or the Muslim.

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Allah you are the powerful you are the mighty or Allah you will the strong or longer to use more powerful than you Oh ALLAH in order

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to eat of their body or ALLAH breath and the oxygen they can give or lock this oxygen into poison for them. Oh Allah is innocent people who are dying in your path or love

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or love these people are walking and dying in your path saving and protecting mosquito Hamza Allah elevate the status of judges, give them a house in general, give them a palace in China, give them a place where they will go and drink from the fountain and from the hands of the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu ala raised him with the shahada, or raising them with the prophets on a raised in the new routine or not raised him we call it and will lead it's Allah de Amin O Allah