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message here that an act

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can reach the heaven, the sky

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because of the intention behind it, regardless of its size, how big or small it is.

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If the person is sincere,

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Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah will make this act.

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Simply reach everywhere. And take, for example, a SATA module, the story of this man

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who wanted to give a shot of her in secret

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Hadith, and the Muslim police, Abu hurayrah.

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So he went, and he placed the soda in the hands of a prostitute.

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He didn't know

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he wanted to do something between him and Allah subhana wa, so the hands of a prostitute.

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Imagine he wanted to do this in secret. Allah Subhana Allah rewarded him that everybody in town actually spoke about his acts, but

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made him sad because he assumed that Allah Subhana Allah did not accept his act because it ended up in the hands of such a person.

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So instead, I'm gonna try again.

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The following day, he ended up giving the sadhaka to a thief.

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Again, he he didn't know it's dark, he needs somebody in the streets. And he goes,

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again, he wanted this to be in secret, right? But yet everybody in the morning started saying that the thief received what

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a sadhaka. Now he assumed that

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maybe Allah did not accept my act.

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So I'm going to try one more time. So the third time he given it to who?

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wealthy person,

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the wealthiest person in town.

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Imagine this.

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You know, he said, he got upset and he thought,

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That's not good. I'm not a good person. And so Allah Subhana, Allah sent to him and Angel

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would that be up to 70 Israel, this could happen in Venezuela, or Allah Subhana Allah Allah revealed to the messenger at the time to inform him this year had also and so your sadaqa was accepted in the three occasions.

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Look at this now because of the sincerity of this man because of his near the sincere about it.

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who caused the corruption in the society to begin with?

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That rich person because he was what?

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This woman was prostituting because she needed money. And nobody would help her. No sort of

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this thief was stealing because, of course, this is not a justification. But this the scenario here.

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Now that it's seeing you doing this in secret, guess what?

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He will start spending now. So imagine the sincerity of this man corrected what

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the society the society was corrected, that he fought the way that Allah

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instructed them to be fairly near who

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we are, and even didn't have the moon card. At this, our times. Now, the government's back home, like the facility and these places they arrest the schools or in Egypt

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or they deprive them from giving lectures, or teaching the crowd the masses, guess what,

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the time they were giving lectures before they stop, they still receive the same reward. Because they can give lectures if if they let them give you they will give like imagine he will be sitting in his house. And he's getting very old of giving a lecture and not as though he

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because he used to do that before what

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what is my evidence for this?

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Russell salovaara Russell Sallam when he was returning from taboo,

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he said to his companions who are returning with him, listen, there are people in Medina

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Every move that you mean

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they receive the same exact reward like you

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while they are in Medina

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while they are

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in Medina, why because

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they wanted to be here but they were prevented. They could not because men are homeless.

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Men are homeless.

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I don't know the name of the schooler, but he was arrested.

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So, and they would deprive them from bringing a observing human and then the jail.

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So every Juma right before Salatu, Juma leather, he would put his clothes on

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and he would go out there for the guard guard. I want to go and pray Juma.

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They said no, you can, sir. JACK allow. Then he takes it off and he goes back.

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Yeah, you're gonna have to do that. But he's emphasizing that.

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I want to breed Yama but he prevented me. So it's it's a new and Allah what what

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is the intention behind it?

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Look, yes, well, and this is what I want to discuss tonight and inshallah we'll we'll finish it tomorrow so I don't keep you for long. Likewise,

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if you have an ill intention,

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you will be punished by getting the opposite.

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So you have a good intention you receive what?

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Likewise, if you have a bad ill intention in your heart

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terrible will tell you I am Illuminati because Li Shan waka Dara,

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someone who want to trick a law, who will do something that is haram and he has a bad intention. A law will give him the opposite to what he intended in the Sharia and in the other

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Let's take for example, let's deal with the brothers refusal.

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When they wanted to get rid of us, what was their intention?

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Not to get rid of users.

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That was not the intention. What was the intention behind the act getting rid of use of what?

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Let him call him follow up to Lucifer with perahu r1 yakni laka module Avi.

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That's their intention. That's what they want. They want their father exclusively for what?

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For them, kill us

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or throw him someplace?

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So that your father will be what?

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How did Allah punish them?

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Zed I hope we lose

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the love that yaku had for us mounted increased to the extent that he lost what

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at the at the at the end is called OTA lajitas, the otaku sofa una hora

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Zegna avenues.

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You keep talking about use of us with us?

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over the punishment to the opposite of what if the intention is bad to the opposite of the intention? If the intention is bad, you get the opposite exactly the contrary Exactly.

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Be here

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and if this brothers are smart,

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they asked the the Arab women mother, men habla de la key.

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Which of your children are the most beloved you?

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You know what she said? A severe or

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the little one until What?

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He grows? Well, Marie,

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and the sick until what

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cures one law

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and the absent until what

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they can

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take for example, another one. You want another example of Harbhajan the people of Elgin

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Why did they go in the middle of the night to harvest the gin to harvest the garden? What was their intention?

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You know the story right sort of the question

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Am noon welcome in Kelowna homecare Bella Bella jannetty in Somalia Simona Hamas mahina

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so they they woke up in the middle of the night and they want to go and harvest their garden what is the intention behind this act? Tell me what was the intention? And yet hula nahal yo Mara la

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miskeen they want to deprive

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the people the Messiah keen from their chief

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so that they have more What? What is their intention? Yes. So they would have more work more harvest more fruits. What is the law due to the agenda?

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All of it is good. So their intention is to get more money right. A law treated them with the opposite with the contrary of their intention. Exactly.

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You want another example

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Abu hurayrah Robbie a loved one and they'll go hairy men unwell and Nancy yen we said that

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said the law one

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woman or the Amal and Nancy and we it left her left of a lot when you go and vote or let's say I'm one of our friend for example a friend Can you give me $1,000 when I take that money from you

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alone Yeah, I'm kidding. Okay. I don't need any money. So while I'm taking it from friend My intention while he's handing me over the money, you have to build me a pagan backyard Europe my intention is

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to pay it back. Allah will help you

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Allah will help you

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but when you're taking it your your intention is to be wealthier okay. I added $1,000 to my account forget about Frank. Allah will destroy all what

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all the money

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another example

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let's go into we said we said Catherine so this is a quarter here. What about

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the sherea

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sherea actually deal

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if you are to inherit look at the look at the ruling if you are to inherit somebody

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and you go and kill the person

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Guess what?

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You're deprived from the inheritance?

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Sure, I will look at either sabetta Luca Allahu lefteris

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a lavalier lm Muslim

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you are

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so if you want to get the and if I'm inheriting and I go and

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so that like the story of lol, Baka Baka Baka Hakuna Matata Baka Casa de la if you go down to the Israelites and if you wish to inherit his stingy uncle

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and his uncle is not sharing his wealth with them and he said you know what? Let me just get rid of the guy and get the money and it's no big in him and he's not giving me any money. So the Sharia treated the person to the opposite likewise if somebody wrote in his will that you get third of his inheritance

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you could

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monkey and Toshiba fulfill Allah retroviral virus to someone who is entitled to your inheritance to any of your inheritance and you okay I wrote a third for you help me

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and help me comes and he gets rid of me so what

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so he can help me doesn't get it. The ship there is another ruling which is very interesting.

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Someone while he's dying.

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Rajan obey

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Allah saracino TV

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and he wants to punish his wife he wanted to bribe her from the inheritance. You read one yeah, Mohammed Al Mira.

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For you For Lupo has a lesson tala convey.

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Then he would divorce her three times the revoke Jani Fiera. In

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an order what what is his intention?

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They have many mentally, mentally ill see to the bride her from the inheritance. Terry

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shiraga lactarius

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either Sabina, Teddy Teddy.

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They there is an opinion By the way, Mazda let fileted she will inherit as long as she's still into the three months.

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There is another opinion even after the and he died, he still she still inherits. There is another vignette that even if she goes and marries someone else, she's still entitled to the policemen

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because she didn't want

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to divorce the high rate of ah

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that's that's that's an example right

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Take for example

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someone who has money which is acceptable

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he is to pay 2.5% and the How will the annual How will you know that for you to be to be eligible for Medicare you have to own a minimum amount and more and it must be owned by what own For what? For one year now right before the air hits you go on what

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you decrease the song

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you make that wealth and the catapult doesn't qualify because lesser than what 75 grams of gold at 530 grams of gold or 555 grams of 95 grams of silver you're getting the point you're tricking Allah

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you tricking Allah the ruling that this person has to pay this again

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even though his money is not there. It was Panama

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In closing it will add more to this tomorrow inshallah.

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Then he saw Ed Potter will MBA

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and he did all type of things.

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But the one thing that Allah subhanaw taala did not like from them at all, was what

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freaking Allah

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when he said to them, don't fish on Saturday. And what did they end up doing?

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turn them into

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It's a sign if you think that you can trick them more that's a sign that you don't know what lions you don't know what lies or, or the greatness of Allah is not present in the heart that you can go and do a business transaction or do something that can you trick the Sharia with it. No, it doesn't go this way. inshallah we'll continue with this tomorrow. In the night Allah does I cannot wait to see you again.

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I miss you. I I was in Canada and San Diego 10 days tool and hamdulillah you know sharing the knowledge with a lot of people from the MiG da

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will continue to monitor Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed aka shadow Allah Allah Allah

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